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Cirrus the Blue
22-07-2008, 10:13
So, I'm getting prepped for a new league with a much anticipated Chaos Pact team and have the starting roster all set up and ready to go! Everyone starts off at zero Fan Factor and I don't need something too diverse to begin with as it's good to start things off slow, but I'd enjoy some input on the team I've got and afterwards, which players to hire first, second, etc.

Minotaur - 150,000
9x Marauders - 450,000
Skaven - 50,000
5x Re-Rolls - 350,000

Total - 1,000,000

Yes, I need to purchase an apothecary ASAP, but I can easily accomplish that bit after the first game. Skilless Marauders, after all, are pretty expendable anyways. ;)

I'm rather satisfied with this roster to start off with, but am a little bit stuck on whom I should be hiring on next to get a decent idea for when the league starts up. Should I concentrate on the smaller players first, or the other two Big Guys, or mix and match? Any thoughts?

For those who aren't familiar with the list, besides the positions I've already filled up I have access to a Dark Elf, an extra Marauder, a Goblin, a Troll, and an Ogre to fill up the rest of the spaces on the team's roster. I'd enjoy hearing your guys' thoughts on this and any others you might have on the newest experimental teams in general! :)

- Cirrus

the anti santa
22-07-2008, 19:41
I think 5 Re-rolls may be a bit too much to start off with, sure they are cheap now but i think getting a better starting team matters more.

I'd be tempted to drop down to 3 and get another big guy, the Troll makes great LOS fodder and is a lot more reliable than the Mino, who is overpriced and a bit of a liability really.

Not sure what use the skaven is either, with animosity he's not much use as a ball carrier and the extra MA doesn't really make up for the losss of AV. I think the goblin is worth it to mutate and throw and the dark elf makes a good ball carrier for running and his AG4 makes up for the animosity rule.

For the team, after you get an apoth the 1st thing to save for is more big guys, the ogre and troll go great on the LOS and a jugger mino is pretty tasty at blitzing if a little risky.

Cirrus the Blue
22-07-2008, 22:08
Juggernaught was definately going to be my Minotaur's first skill assuming he didn't get Block on Doubles, especially with Frenzy considering he won't fall down on a Both Down result, and works significantly better if that happens on the sidelines!! ;)

But I see how you mean about the Skaven, however, he's the same cost as the rest of the Marauders anyway (50,000), so I figured I'd leave the extra Marauder out for the moment as a result. I 'might' turn him into a ballcarrier depending on what I decide to give him on skills choices, but most likely he'll be there to add more crazy blitzing action with some Frenzy instead, 'cause as it stands he's the only one on the team who can effectively run down the faster players.

The biggest reason I took 5 RRs instead of less was for the fact that nobody has any skills yet to prevent them from screwing up (Big Guys included! lol), but I'll definately take that into consideration and opt for a Troll alongside instead or even the Ogre as he adds up to 140,000 (same as 2 RRs) and can throw the Gobbo with more reliability.

There's a couple of reasons I'm set on the Minotaur on my starting roster (one of them being the fact he's my Team Captain. :p) as he's got Frenzy and Horns is a juicy big deal for what I want and putting him on the field all by himself would keep the sidelines pretty clear due to his Frenzy so other guys can rush on through with the ball practically unhindered. Also the fact that even though Wild Animal is a bit of a pain, if it fails, he doesn't lose his Tacklezones which is fantastic! My playstyle doesn't normally leave a Blitz as the most critical move in a turn (unless I have to rush a guy holding a ball, of course), so when I'll decide to put one of those on him chances are I'd be able to deal with it if he eats it up on the '1'. ;)

A Troll I think would be a great bet though considering the beefy Tacklezone aspect and also the fact he can lob the Gobbo downfield whereas the Minotaur can't (just yet anyway). I might even take down another Marauder in place of the Gobbo considering he's only 40K instead of 50K to get a bit more diversity in the starting roster.

I'll seriously consider the pros and cons of less re-rolls and better guys though whatever I end up deciding. Thanks for the input! :D

- Cirrus


Okay! So after some number crunching calculations, I've come up with this and am EXTATIC that it adds up to 1,000,000!!!

1x Minotaur - 150,000
1x Troll - 110,000
1x Dark Elf - 70,000
1x Goblin - 40,000
1x Skaven - 50,000
6x Marauders - 300,000

4x Re-Rolls - 280,000

Total - 1,000,000 Gold!!!

I think this'll work out just fine! Also saves me a game or two to get my Ogre on board before needing to pick up more RRs.

- Cirrus