View Full Version : 2000pts Wood elf list.

god octo
31-10-2005, 12:54
This is my 2000pts wood elf list. Please tell me what you think.

Heroes- 658 points

278- Highborn +wildrider kindred+steed+amaranthine brooch+spear of twilight
150- lvl 2 mage + dispel scroll
140- lvl1 mage + 2x dispel scrolls
90- Branchwraithe+ Radients.

Core- 336

120-10x glade guard
120-10x glade guard
96-8x dryads

Special- 845
160-4x warhawk riders
280-4x treekin+ ancient
162- 9x wardancers
243- 7x wild riders+full command+ warbanner


144- 6x waywatchers

Points- 1973

I dont know what to do with the last 17 points, so help would be very useful.

The Judge
31-10-2005, 19:00
Why Warhawk Riders? The models suck and I haven't seen them being used well...prove me wrong!

Drop a scroll and get a second level for the level 1.
Get a command for the Wardancers.

Other than that, seems like a fairly solid list. Enjoy!

god octo
01-11-2005, 16:51
i use the older models as the new ones suck. As for proving they dont suck, in my last game, they killed off my friends bolt thrower crew and distrcted his archers for the rest of the game, letting me move in for the kill unharmed. Earlier, they had his dragon chasing them around the board.

02-11-2005, 18:07

I have tried a Wildrider setup very similar to yours but have struggled to use it successfully in a tournament style army.

The idea of a nasty unit with character to autobreak enemy units is very appealing but in your case you are committing 520 or so points to one unit.
If I was your opposition I would be rubbing my hands - 500+ points in a unit that can't flee and is just going to die to magic missles.

Wild riders will break most enemy with a flank charge without needing a character in the unit. With their fast cav rules that should not be too hard to manage. So why do you need the character.

I've ended up going for 2 units of 6 wildriders [full com] without characters. They have done really well for me so far and the character is not missed.

The hardest part of creating a wood elf army is where to put your characters so that they add real and necessary value to the army.
In my experience putting them in a wildrider unit is overkill and the character can best be used elsewhere.

my 2c