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Captain Hook
31-10-2005, 20:18
Hi to everyone!here's my question.The life lore's spell "howling Wind"says that every unti within 12" of the caster have their moviment halved until the leave the 12"range.How this rule apply ot flying models?the spell halves their flying moviment or they cannot fly and see their normal movement halved???:confused:
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31-10-2005, 20:39
The Howler Wind will indeed halve the movement of even flying models, but it will not deny them the ability to fly.

The spell does mention that the area is treated as difficult ground. This may cause some confusion, as difficult ground will typically be ignored by fliers, deny regiments the ability to march (in addition to further halving the unit's move) and is likely to destroy chariots force to move within it.

It seems reasonable to assume that the reference to difficult ground indicates that all movement within the area of the howler wind is halved and the ground conditions are themselves unaffected.

Thus a unit can fly, move, march or move-at-the-double (skirmishers) at half speed while within the area of effect.