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Mr Feral
25-07-2008, 16:06
Greetings and salutations!

As my previous (and rather successful if I say so myself ;)) 40K project is on hold for a while, I’ve decided to start on my next themed project because I certainly do like my 40K indeed. Anyway, getting to the point this project shall entail the progress of my next two armies, being Daemons and Orks.

As with my Badab project, there’ll be a clear theme running through both forces (and whatever else comes up) and that’s of the event of the invasion of the feudal world called Finrasal. I’ll update this log with fluff as I go along, starting with this;

“Dav’mak’aath the Delightful arched his flabby neck upwards to stare at the crack in reality. Though it was small, he could make out the small village, surrounded of vibrant fields of grass and crop, the gentle whistling breeze. There were groups of civilians about, blind followers of the Corpse God, going about their daily business with nothing inking of what was about to happen. The though of the destruction and the pestilence about to be gifted upon them filled Dav’mak’aath’s twisted psyche with delight, but he was not alone in his thoughts. He observed the disgusting rabble of Daemons surrounding him, like children desperate for a parent’s attentions also clambering and cavorting in excitement at the destruction to come. A small gangly creature shrouded in robes wandered around the area, gibbering like the small cohort of Tzeentchian Daemons following him. As Dav’mak’aath observed this strange one, a gleeful pack of Nurglings shuffled by his feet. The Great Unclean One easily scoped the playful entities into his mighty hands, and gently stroked each one with his finger. Dav’mak’aath looked back up, his gigantic face cracked into a most sickening smile as he observed the crack expanding ever faster. The invasion was about to begin, but he knew not that his host was not alone with the intent of bringing ruin to Finrasal…”

“A toothy grin cracked across the gnarly-skinned Ork’s face as he observed the tiny planet, hidden miles above from the sanctity of his personal spacecraft anchored in orbit. Screeching high-pitched voices in the distance broke his train of though, as he turned to face whatever dared disrupt his cunning planning. As he turned, the jingling and clashing of his many golden trinkets and medallions that adorned his gigantic worn leather greatcoat broke the silence of the cavernous room. A pair of petty Gretchen, unusually well-dressed for such insignificant runts, met the stare of the Ork. He said nothing, but his beady eyes hid no signs of a brutish cunning and rage. The grots stood there like statues, until one removed the tatty tri-corn hat form his head and bowed deeply to the Ork. He enquired, “Are we readys to attack yet, oh great one?”. The Ork still didn’t utter a word, but the snarl that adorned his worn face conveyed messages that mere words could not. He turned back, hands held behind his back in authority, to again observe the vibrant yet simple planet of Finrasal below in the distance. He knew it was time, twisting his strong neck back, the Gretchen still frozen in fear, sweating profusely in the Ork’s ostentatious presence. The giant greenskin slowly twisted his fat neck to meet the terrified gaze of the pair of runts. In a deep guttural tone, he boldy stated, “It’s time for lootin’, and nothin’ will get in the way of Kaptin Gutspilla”. Silence befell the command deck, then the Gretchin stared to squeal in delight at the prospects to come. From out the blue the Kaptain spun around with unexpected speed and booted the closest Grot straight into the adjacent wall a good dozen metres away, Gutspilla’s roaring laughter filled the room. The other Grot was already by his master’s side, shining his boots with as much enthusiasm as to avoid the same fate as the other slave-runt. The Kaptain looked down at the scrawny thing and commanded “Bring me my hat, we’re going ta war!”

So, the scene is set and the introduction has been done, so what comes next? Pictures of course! I’m starting with the Daemons first (it’s my Tale of 40K Painters army too!), but Orks will come later on sometime.

Always being one to try and push my skills in new directions I’ve decided on fully-converting each model in both forces. The first thing I‘ve started with is the Plaguebearers as I’m going to be needing several units to accompany Dav’mak’aath on the field (or else it’s not a proper Nurgle contingent is it?) Being fussy about metal models and the lack of conversion opportunities, I decided to use the lovely Bloodletter plastics as the basis instead (great kit BTW). Yah, more work for me but each model is expensive enough points-wise to justify it.

Enough talk, bring on some pictures!

WIP Plaguebearer:

(more sculpting to do!)

I very look forward to hearing your feedback and comments, and there’s lots more to come over the future too! :D

25-07-2008, 16:16
very nice start, it looks like i've got myself a nice little benchmarker to meet.

May the wars of Nurgleth commence!


25-07-2008, 17:08
Nice fluff and even nicer use of the bloodletter.

Consider me subscribed!


25-07-2008, 17:25
yayyyyyyyyyyy another feral log, awesome start mate, good ideas already and good use of the bloodletter kit. I thought I read on the tale of 40k painters that you weren't doing the orks anymore.

Mr Feral
26-07-2008, 09:12
Thanks for the comments everyone!

G. Hawke, I tip my hat to your challenge sir! I've got a lot of catching up to do now ;)

redstarone, I found the fluff a lot easier to write than some from a human's perspective. How odd. I love what you're doing in your log as well BTW :D

swifty2, I will be doing the Orks as well, but not for the Tale of 40K Painters. I'm going to be doing a lot of sculpting / conversion work on them and I don't think I could keep up with the pace with such a horde. The Daemons on the other hand are points-intensive so it shouldn't be too hard to hit the deadline each month.

I'll carry on work with the Plaguebearer tonight so there should be more pictures tomorrow. I'll try and aim at getting the construction work done and ready for painting.

Hey ho, look what I've been painting:

In case anyone didn't notice, I tried NMM on the sword but then went and choked it in rust and gore. Typical of me!

26-07-2008, 09:18
nice model feralchild, though you know nurgles green right?

love the modelling though, and the eyes well painted.. a little flat in terms of gs'ing, but still pretty cool!


26-07-2008, 09:20
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, that looks really cool, how many plaguebearers are you making?

26-07-2008, 12:28
nurgle doesn't need to be green hehe my nurgle army is yellow :p nice plaguebearer, i used bloodletters to make mine also. can't wait to see what else you shall be doing if your gonna convert all the models in the army ;)

30-07-2008, 22:52
Great-ly done conversion. Would never had such an idea, but as I see it worked very well.

Mr Feral
31-07-2008, 10:20
G.Hawke, I think the amended colour scheme might be more to your tastes. The amount of Green Stuff I use on the other hand might seem limited, but then again I'm not the kind to drown every model I own in the stuff :p

swifty2, there'll be two units of seven (sacred number!) with all the unit options. That as a start anyway, but I might do more later on if I need too.

bertibop, thanks! Hopefully you won't be disappointed at what I have lined up in the future. *suspense*

Lu&Pu, cheers!

Between not painting much, the stifling weather and not having charged camera batteries, progress hasn't got that far but I have something for you now.

The first completed Plaguebearer

(I added some green into the colour scheme, which I rather like the look of)

WIP Plaguebearers:

Still lots of Green Stuff work to do!

31-07-2008, 10:22
Well, looks like I have to go buy a box of bloodletters today. Thanks alot..

No, really, your bearers look excellent and very plaguey. Youve captured to emaciated look perfectly with them. Its a nice change to the fat and bloated look.


Ludwig von Rictoven
01-08-2008, 13:55
As always Mr Feral you are a scholar and a gent.....dispite the fact I wish I was good at converting as you. :cries:

01-08-2008, 14:04
how bizarre

Mr Feral... I've just got back into the office after a late lunch, and popped into my local GW whilst out.

There is a young lad doing a daemon army there, but cant afford the metal plaguebearers... and we were discussing whether or not you could turn bloodletters into plaguebearers easily.

I have to say... you have done a fine job and loving the conversions so far.

Ill keep my eyes peeled on this one for future developments.


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Mr Feral
01-08-2008, 14:07
redstarone, thanks! The artwork in the codex helped me a lot to get the right vibe to them.

Ludwig von Rickoven, aah you're too kind :angel:. It's mostly practise and patience, but I'm happy with what I've going with this.

gonzosbignose, the conversion process technically isn't too hard, it's mostly just the gap filling between the knee and arm joints as well as trying not to snap the fragile parts accidentally :rolleyes:

Right, nothing new but I do have a question for all. I'm going to make a Nurgle Herald sometime down the line and am looking for ideas. It is obvious to say I'll be working off the Bloodletter plastics to start with but some creative thoughts to chuck into the melting pot would be appreciated!

I'll try and see if I can whip up something progressive to show you over the next few days. ;)

01-08-2008, 14:38
Give me nurgle herald licking the skanky puss from the blade of his sword, with severed victim at his feet.


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Mr Feral
02-08-2008, 15:33
gonzosbignose, great idea! Consider it to be used.

A small update, I've been working on the unit leader (the Plaguebearer upgraded with "Noxious Touch") and I felt like showing you where I'm going with this:


Does he opposing enough? I still have another layer of guts to work on and other small details. I'll probably use some PVA to get a "dripping ichor" effect on his hand too.

Mr Fulgrim
06-08-2008, 14:17
Wow they are awesome, I really like your plaugebearers they look a 100 times better then GW's metal ones!

As for the herald question, I would follow gonzosbignose advice and make him lick his sword and have a decaying victim on the base that have been exposed by the heralds foul blade. I would also give the herald a big belly with all kind of nasty things hanging out from it :P

as I sad I really like you plaguebearers, maybe you could give us a quick tutorial on how to make them?? :angel:

06-08-2008, 14:52
Mr Feral... we meet again...

Im defintely thinking that a sword licking extravaganza will look spot on...

Im loving the herald with noxious touch... his entrails are gruesome... and he looks like he is about to touch someone... in a 'Haleleuyah.... praise the lord' style preecher man stylie!

looking good!


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Bjorn Stormwolf
06-08-2008, 15:31
Great idea, executed superbly. Can't wait to see a unit of these 'guys'. Just need some sleeping tablets to get rid of the nightmares they'll give me ;)

06-08-2008, 15:59
oh a thread by ol good Mr.Feral that Ive missed? Damn vacation messes up my usual warseer scans. Anyways great start mate, the bloodletter PBs looks great and quite unique. My only problems is that they look to strong they should be more skinny and lots of more poxes and such IMO but these have a diffrent look wich is growing on me so maybe I will regret writing this later ;)

paintjob looks great as well, great to see more stuff from you. Keep it up mate cheers

Mr Feral
06-08-2008, 17:57
Ooh unexpected comments, how wonderful!

Mr Fulgrim, thank you for your kind words. I shall write up a detailed tutorial sometime in the future.

gonzosbignose, hello again! That particular Plaguebearer isn't the Herald, but merely an unit "champion" as it were. I'll be more extravagant with the Herald in the modelling process, who will look even better when I start him once I've put the standard Plaguebearers together and hammered a few ideas into place. ;)

Bjorn Stormwolf, cheers. Sweet dreams :evilgrin:

Animerik, glad you found me here. :) As for the skinniness, I think the sheer height of each one adds to that perception.

I can't seem to locate my camera at present, so pictorial updates will have to wait. I was working a bit on the "Noxious Touch" with lots of little strands of Green Stuff which were going to represent it coming from his hand, but I'm not too sure on it at the moment. More work is needed!

Metal Fingered Villain
06-08-2008, 19:19
nice, nice! I've got some half painted bloodletters and you've made me double think their usage. Those conversions are ace! oh man, very very clever.

Colonel Haizelhoff
11-08-2008, 16:33
Very nice, and I can't wait to see ur pirate orks, that warboss must be great :D

11-08-2008, 16:43
Looking really really good, Mr. F. Great sculpting touches. I'm surprised at how well the 'letter models work here.
Must be your skillz.

11-08-2008, 17:11
Great sculpting and an excellent idea well executed! Really nice work mate! :)

11-08-2008, 21:38
Great work! cant wait to se more=D

Mr Feral
12-08-2008, 07:49
Metal Fingered Villain, that's quite the compliment what with the Nurglesque stuff you churn out. :)

Colonel Haizelhoff, I'm waiting on the Assault on Black Reach to be released before I start on them. That and learning how to sculpt greatcoats would be helpful too :p.

tinfoil, cheers for acknowledging my "skillz" (sounding a bit egotistic here) :D.

doghouse, I'm glad you like what you see here!

Girr, thanks! There should be quite a significant update soon enough.

Still my camera is unavailable so I'll just have to describe what I've been up to. If you look back at the last picture I posted, the Plaguebearer on the right has been worked on extensively (more tentacle guts, tentacles coming out his hand and his sword repositioned so he's licking it with his massive tongue. Yummy!). I'll run him as a Herald now because he's too mean looking to be a mere unit champion. The paintwork on him is nearly done, yah!

The Plaguebearer on the left is being reworked to be the unit champion instead so I'm redoing his guts to make it more impressive then the rest of the unit and then I'll redo the skin tones because I'm not too happy with them. Actually it was quite strange because I forgot how I painted the first one when I got around to doing the Herald, so he's now I've gone for a sort of light brown colour with pale purple tentacles (which looks much better if I do say so myself). Still, the test paint job always look shabby in comparison before you work out an easier way to paint them. Typical!

So, by whenever I find my camera I promise pictorial updates of a delightful kind. Hopefully by then I should have the majority of the unit (and the Herald too) done, which is convenient since that's my first month's work done for the Tale of 40K Painters too. Good times!

So, I'll stop talking now and get some more work done on them. Thanks for reading!

I forgot to thank whoever gave me my first five star rating for this log. Now I have high expectations to meet!

Captin Korea!
16-08-2008, 13:21
Were those.... Bloodletters? I might have to try that, cheaper than buying 20 metal plague bearers. Where are those horns from, maybe the spawn set?

Happy Chappy
16-08-2008, 14:12
Awesome use of ex-bloodletters, I may have to use this idea with plaguebearers being really expensive compared to new bloodetters

Mr Feral
16-08-2008, 16:21
Captin Korea!, they were once indeed Bloodletters. The horns are merely cut down ones from the plastic heads (Bloodletters have two horns where Plaguebearers only have one) and stuck back on.

Happy Chappy, it's not too hard to achieve well if you keep the conversion work simple.

I bring pictures of not particularly great quality:

Nurgle Herald

WIP Plaguebearer Icon Bearer (http://s239.photobucket.com/albums/ff167/CaptainMolo/Games%20Workshop/Daemons/Plaguebearers/?action=view&current=WIPPlaguebearerwithIcon16thAugus-1.jpg) and Instrument Bearer (http://s239.photobucket.com/albums/ff167/CaptainMolo/Games%20Workshop/Daemons/Plaguebearers/?action=view&current=WIPPlaguebearerwithInstrument16t-1.jpg)

Yep, you could say I'm pretty happy with how it's all turning out. Pale purple tentacles FTW!

Colonel Haizelhoff
16-08-2008, 20:11
Very impressive herald you got there. The colors are very nice. Really loving the guts coming from his stomach.

16-08-2008, 20:43
Fantastic Herald, the gut eating is very well modeled.

Captin Korea!
17-08-2008, 23:35
now your tempting me try and make a block or two of papa nurgles children. That herald is very cool looking, how did you do its tongue, pin it?

18-08-2008, 02:58
Awesome herald. That conversion is sick!

18-08-2008, 18:36
I love that herald. It's gorgeous. You should call it Cthulhu. The banner bearer and musician are good inspirations too, I really like them.

Mr Feral
18-08-2008, 19:01
Colonel Haizelhoff, his tentacle guts were rather fun to do!

Slaaaaaash, well he's more sword licking but thanks for the compliment. ;)

Captin Korea!, the tongue was rather simple to do actually, I used superglue to affix it actually. It was done in the same way as all the tentacles. Roll a bit of Green Stuff out making sure the ends are a bit thinner, then fold in half and twist a little bit. Superglue it into the mouth and very carefully twist each strand separately to effect. :D

Dictator, cheers!

Satan, everything in this army will have some sort of Cthulhu influence. It's because thin tentacles are probably the only thing I can do well enough in large numbers. :p

18-08-2008, 22:25
holy crap feral thats pretty stunning work! keep it up!


19-08-2008, 00:36
Ugh! Those guys are disgusting looking!

And I mean that in a good way! Good job, I look forward to seeing more of these nasty creatures! :D

19-08-2008, 10:36
Hmmm.Your very talented indeed with that GSing. My only thoughts for these plaguebearers is more puss and boils all over their skins atm they look abit to smooth. Anyways good work. I love the champion XD

Inquisitor Konig
20-08-2008, 19:44
wow it took a good minute before i figured out what those PB are based off of!!!
Thats how you know you are using good amounts of putty and it is looking good!

Mr Feral
21-08-2008, 10:28
G.Hawke, well I can't let you outshine me can I? :p

vladsimpaler, thank you!

Rangatank, cheers! I steered away from the puses and boils look because I wanted to emulate a different feel from the GW metals. The picture below might show you my "stripy" style of layering so the skin doesn't look too smooth.

Inquisitor Konig, you're too kind! It's the legs that throw you off the scent :p.

Dodgy picture:

Can you make out the skin texture now?
I found a nice technique for the bases now, brown with light patches of snow :)

Mr Fulgrim
21-08-2008, 17:39
It just keeps geting better and better ;)

I really like you herald, it turned out nicely, now you really have to teach us how to make those awesome plaguebearers.

I'm staring a deamon army myself and it would really help me out if you could make a tutorial on how to make the plaguebearers. :)

I hope you don't feel like I'm nagging to much about that tutorial :angel:

keep up the god work, and thanks in advance !

Nicolai H
22-08-2008, 08:44
Damn this is so cool, seems like I just stumbled unto something really great and inspiring. I just have to try and build my own plaguebearers.


22-08-2008, 09:55
Mr Feral

Sorry its been a while since i last left a message, but between work, and eating, ive barely had 5 minutes to myself for sleep... let alone Warseer.

The herald looks fab....

My mom always told me not to lick my knife... and this is proof that Old Father nurgle is not a good parent!

Cant wait to see more


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Mr Feral
22-08-2008, 10:48
Mr Fulgrim, see below...

Nicolai H, I'm glad you've found some good ideas!

gonzosbignose, welcome back! Thank you for the compliment, the sword-licking was your idea I believe :p. I like things with long tongues, it's always creepy.

Rangatank, yep I will be doing a model of Dav’mak’aath. In fact, pretty much any character named in my fluff extracts will be made too. The words indeed have all the answers...

A PIP of the Plaguebearer champion:


I much prefer this colour scheme to it's previous one.

Also, a glimpse of the chaos that is my painting desk!

22-08-2008, 11:16
Yea I can see now. Thats much better to my liking Mr. Feral. You gonna end up doing a Great Unclean ONe??? I would love to see what ideas you have in store for that!

Mr Feral
22-08-2008, 11:16
So, a tutorial was demanded by the fair people of Warseer, so a tutorial you'll get!

Plaguebearers the Mr Feral way
(members of Warseer that have been around a while might get the reference!)

Stage 1: Construction!

Two points to start with first:
- Clean ALL mould lines before you even consider going for that glue! Mould lines ruin painted models!
- Shave off all the scales on the arms, legs and chest. I use a knife then file to smooth the parts for this.

After preparation, I start with the legs (the hard bit). To make them stand more upright you'll need to remove the middle section of the leg (the bit that juts backwards) Make sure you cut it so when the other two parts of the leg are stuck back together it looks like a humanoid leg (check your own and how the knee works if you get confused :p) Get the pose you want and stick together and onto the base. There are most likely going to be gaps behind and around the knee joints which will need Green Stuffing, so what I usually do is file it down a bit to make the sculpting stage easier. Before I forget, the hooves were done by cutting off the toes and filing down afterwards. Sometimes I use Green Stuff if one hoof is bigger than the other.

Next up, the body. After cutting off the scales (if you haven't done so already) you'll need to straighten the back a bit so cut a V section out of the abdomen (so quite a large chunk out of the back). Stick together again and twist the top half if you want it to be turning slightly. After the glue has dried, file down any excess plastic as usual. (BTW the back flames aren't used, so the gap will need Green Stuffing over)

The arms are next, quite simple in comparison to what you've just done. The sword is where the main work is, mostly by cutting down the serrated edges, using a file to add in kinks and a knife the shorten the blade. As for the hilt, I cut down the Khornate symbol and use green Stuff to cover it with a crude Nurgle symbol (it doesn't need to be to fancy, it's Nurgle!)

Once both arms are stuck on, the last bit before the sculpting stage is the head. I only use the actual face for this bit, not the long bit coming out of the back (this will requite some Green Stuff to sculpt in the back of the head again. I also stick the head onto the body a bit higher than usual). For this I remove the horns (keep these to one side) and file down the eyes and nose so it's smooth. I also cut off the spikes on the side of the face and file down as usual. Take one of the horns you've just cut off, shorten it a bit and stick on to one side of the head at the top.

The diagram (with crude MS paint annotation too!)

Right, I think that's all for the construction phase. Some other time I'll discuss the sculpting phase and of course the painting phase too!

ps. If you have any questions or need anything else explaining, just ask!

22-08-2008, 13:19
Great work on changing bloodletters into beasties that cost almost twice as much! I may just have to try this conversion myself.

22-08-2008, 13:25
Thats awesome thanks for the guide!

Nicolai H
22-08-2008, 22:44
Man this just keeps getting better.
I just want to know if you ever considered to use the new plastic ghouls in combination with the bloodletters?

Great guide, thanks again!


Mr Feral
31-08-2008, 12:02
Norsehawk, feel free to try it. It gets easier the more you do.

Slaaaaaanesh, you're welcome!

Nicolai H, I haven't used the Ghoul kit as of yet, but I will be for a different type of Daemon sometime in the future ;)

I have a small amount of progress to report:



The Plaguebearer Champion is finally finished and that's my month's quota done for the To40KP (a whole two models as well :p)

Solun Decius
01-09-2008, 09:27
Congrats on making the Tale's deadline.
Somehow this thread had gone past me but I'll have to echo other's opinions here.
Very good conversions and excellent use of the plastic bloodletter kit! It's a very good amount of plastic, molded minis vs. green stuff gore. It'll make a superbly unique army in the end!

Now for the next month...

Nicolai H
01-09-2008, 21:50
Ill just post my copy cat work here, once again thanks for the inspiration.
Cant wait to see how you are going to use the Ghoul kit.


02-09-2008, 08:07
Well I'm back and man am I impressed! Those are simply the best Plaguebearers I've ever seen, and who'd have thought they could be made from the servants of Khorne? The sword hilts with Nurgle's symbol are an nice detail.

Mr Feral
16-09-2008, 14:45
Another slow update as usual..

Solun Decius, I only managed to contribute a measly two models for the deadline, but this month's shall be more productive.

Nicolai H, very nice! If I only had the sense to pin mine.

Supremearchmarshal, thanks! The blade hilts were just Green Stuffed over and jabbed at with my sculpting tool to make a crude Nurglesque symbol.

I've been working on things, so a few pictures were in order.

PIP Plaguebearer with Instrument:

The rest of the unit begins to take shape:

I want to get these done soon because I have other unrelated things to move onto (woot woot IA6!).

16-09-2008, 15:02
Man! I somehow completely missed this! Shame on me.

Great work, Feral! I love the way you do Plague Bearers! Very cool and definitely better than the GW ones. Plus not painting them green is also good!
Oh yeah! And I like the fluff! Good work on that!

Now where are those Orks? ;)

Monsterzonk :skull:

16-09-2008, 15:50
Mr Feral, here's an old RoC era picture of a Plaguebearer. I like this guy's pose (the hand holding his intestine is a particularly cool detail IMO) and I was thinking it may provide you with some inspiration.

Mr Feral
19-09-2008, 15:02
Monsterzonk, shame on you indeed :p. Thanks for dropping by, the Orks are coming soon, I promise. :)

Supremearchmarshal, cheers. I remember when Plaguebearers used to look like that (that cyclopean sea monster aesthetic, those were the days!). I think I'll use that intestine idea sometime.

In fact, here's a preview of what to expect sometime soon-ish.

PIP Freebooter Nob:
(I'm slightly annoyed at the way all my photos wash out the stripy effect I have on the skin. Oh well, needs another highlight anyway.)

He's going to have a lot of blue (cuz Orkes say bloo is lucky!). Plus I like blue. Blue is nice. Nice blue.

By the way, I finally picked up some Devlan Mud and it isn't too bad actually (not particularly strongly pigmented, but it does the job).

Till next time folks :cool:, arr........

19-09-2008, 15:16

awesome awesome awesome stuff!

the idea to use bloodletters for plaguebearers is very inspired - i wish i had thought of that!

i am so stealing this when i come to making PB's agian!

5 stars!

Dark Apostle
19-09-2008, 16:05
I just love your palgue bearers! Really awesome!

19-09-2008, 20:18
Love the Ork! Your gritty painting style really suits these guys! Looking forward to more! Are you planning to expand the fluff some more?

Monsterzonk :skull:

Colonel Haizelhoff
21-09-2008, 10:16
Woohoo Orks! Very nice, is that headwrap from a catachan :wtf:. I'm still waiting for that trenchcoat;). Very nice stuff!

Mr Feral
21-09-2008, 12:29
synapse, I'm glad you like them, and of course feel free to borrow the idea, no stealing required :p

Dark Apostle, thank you. :) I've seen some of your painting and it's wonderful!

Monsterzonk, I will write some more when I get around to it. So many ideas, so little time...

Colonel Haizelhoff, it's actually a bandana I (crudely) sculpted on. Only the Kaptin will get a trenchcoat because I've not a clue how to sculpt one yet (eep!)

I'll see if I get get some pictures over the next few days, since these Plaguebearers need to be done by the end of the month and I'm eager to move on to some Tzeentchian minions...

Terminator jax
21-09-2008, 12:40
good work so far if you wanted to increase the size of your army you could include the chaos renegade models from forgeworld to go with you awesome Plaguebearers

25-11-2008, 02:17
these plaguebearers are amazing! i saw your chaos militia thread and it is also awesome. as always, you continue to supply beautiful models and inspiration to other gamers. are you going to do a whole army of these guys or what? keep up the good work!

25-11-2008, 08:09
Great too see thinks are happening again on this thread!
Love the ork! Freebooters are great, i cant wait too see a army of those.

Keep up the good work!

28-05-2009, 21:34
aw heck
would you believe I was just flicking through my codex and old WD thinking "I wish plaguebearers weren't so expensive...hey..maybe I could convert some plastic ones...the bloodletter models would be good!"
and then I come on here and find this! and there I was thinking I had something original!

heheh anyways, they look really good, so I hope you dont mind if i borrow some of your techniques; tbh, i probably wouldn't be able to do anything without your tutorial!
PS *subbed*

Mr Feral
29-05-2009, 09:36
Ah, threadnomancy! :cries:

I'm glad you found my work inspiring though Barbarus. This thread is dead however, so you can find my current stuff here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=183233).

*thread closed*