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Cirrus the Blue
26-07-2008, 08:23
So, I'm not exactly certain whether or not this belongs in here or the Warhammer Fantasy GD, but all that aside - I'm trying to write up some of my own fluff for an update to a historical Blood Bowl team and need to know what year it is in the Warhammer/Blood Bowl world to properly portray appropriate dates to certain events and such like that throughout so that it kinda makes a little bit of sense for what I have in mind. Cheers. :D

- Cirrus

26-07-2008, 08:32
2508 This year if we were in the Blood Bowl/Warhammer world.

Cirrus the Blue
26-07-2008, 10:02
Awesome! :D Thank you so much for the info!

- Cirrus

26-07-2008, 12:45
Only he is wrong... the "current year" of the warhammer world (and so the Blood bowl parallel universe, I'd guess...) is around 2526.

The storm of Chaos was in 2523, and the timeline has (more or less) advanced one year for every real world equivalent.

27-07-2008, 00:19
If you check in the Blood Bowl Background pdf at specialist games.


You will find all the relevant information there, you won't find a date in it after 2505 and the cup sections of the original rulebook (same link) show real winners for the latest ones. For example: Chaos Cup - 2505 Men in Tights, Spike! - 2505 Stub'ees, Blood Bowl - 2505 Conquerors of the New Worlds and Dungeon Bowl 2504 + 2505 - Cheeky Berliners.

The Blood Bowl universe has finally and most solidly parted ways from the Warhammer one and its date is the same as ours but 500 years in "the future".

Edit: To confirm, here's it direct from the man who wrote LRB5 himself.

So perhaps, we could retire Griff Oberwald and instead put Dunk Hoffnung and other characters of the book. So we would have new personalities.Considering that Griff is one of the few stars who still has a miniature for sale .... I'm guessing this isn't going to happen.

Also since the Handbook is currently only at 2508 ... Dunk character would be completely out of time synch to include.

I understand your points.

Cirrus the Blue
28-07-2008, 18:52
Innnnnnteresting... Well, from how it seems, I can go a little bit loosely on the timeframe depending on which timeframe I'm going with as it sounds from the quote that the novels were even out of sync. lol :p Thanks for the information, everyone!

- Cirrus

28-07-2008, 20:59
The novels are written with very little attention paid to the BB Background. It's one of the (several) reasons why they're not very good.