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27-07-2008, 05:26
Hello, as per McMullet's challenge thread, etc. I've joined and started getting things together. This post is a tad early, but I wanted to get at least something started on the forums here. I've basically said I would slowly paint 1500 points of Eldar, IG, Sisters, etc. This may very greatly, but will all fall under my current project goal. That being, "Get models painted"
Mind you I have been redoing some painting, and had lots of success in making drab into cool. I'll start to post some stuff once August actually hits. In the mean time, here is a few links to some stuff you may have seen me post on the forums:



Father of Iron
27-07-2008, 08:19
wow excellent sisters! i'm surprised nobody has posted on this yet, these are really well done! i really want to see more of them or any of your stuff, subscribed!
and also, is the order u said in ur post the order how ur doing things?
really wanna see more of you're work
btw YAY fellow canadian!! *high fives*

27-07-2008, 13:53
No, there won't be much order to anything. Depending on how much extra cash, and what I feel like painting that day will determine order. So one day it might be IG, the next Eldar. I might even have Space Marines to paint at some point ><
At least my table is done.

Father of Iron
27-07-2008, 17:06
:O that's a dope table!! how lond did it take you to make that??
i've tried and failed at making tables a couple times, i wish i could do one cool like that
can't wait to see more still

27-07-2008, 17:41
Uh, i honestly don't remember. I slowly built it whenever i had a day off from work. So about maybe a week's worth of time.
I used an Imperial sector, and a Sanctus Imperialis box. The rest is foamboard, polystrene and LePage crack filler. Oh, and a friend build the greek style ruins in the forground of picture one. They're made out of dental cement.

31-07-2008, 05:59
Finally finished up my Seraphim squad, at least the first one. I wasn't happy with the original scheme i went with, so here they are.

I stuck in my Living Saint, cause she usually travels with them.
The two Veteran Superiors, I use the models to represent one Character in my army. Sometimes she throws off her helmet before taking the field, though only when she's in a really zealous mood. Which seems to be more often lately.
Note the flames on the helm and boots.
You wouldn't like her when she's angry.

31-07-2008, 06:01
Nice paint scheme and sweet table.

Is it modular? Looks it.


31-07-2008, 06:16
Had to make a new reply in order to post another pic. Here is some extra details on the Seraphim.


31-07-2008, 06:18
Nice paint scheme and sweet table.

Is it modular? Looks it.


I put pretty much everything on Masonite board. Most are 12" x 12". So yeah, kinda modular. Some combination's don't look very proper though.

01-08-2008, 03:09
August is here, and its time for ppl to either get to work, or cough up something for the "Tales of the 40k painter". I've been tinkering around a lot lately with various things, but my August opener is a Squad of Sisters of Battle I put together to add more troops to my army. Well, without further a due I present, Sister Squad Annette.

I converted the backpack of Annette, the Veteran Sister Superior. Gives her more oOFM!


Enjoy! :)

CC more than welcome.

01-08-2008, 06:00
Very nice! I like the way you do the parchment, looks very cool. Oh I'm doing Sisters too for the Tale of painters! :)

06-08-2008, 04:28
Got some more pics for the log. Cannoness Okura, while she is ready for gaming, she's part of a diorama i'm building. The complete thing will be next month's Tot40kP entry. As always, C&C welcome.

See what happens when you get a chance to sit and paint for a few hours. :D

06-08-2008, 17:09
Those are some stellar SoB's, I'm rather impressed. It's cool to see some other Nova Scotians trolling around Warseer, heh.

I'm gonna take a stab, and guess you're from the Halifax area?

[Glory] Wulf
12-08-2008, 19:20
First, wow! That's some impressive painting there. I really dig those flames and flashes. They look awesome.

But secondly, in my opinion it's all a bit over the top. I mean, the blue doesn't fit those Sisters. And all the different hair colours, to me it's dazzling...
If it were me, I would've just stuck with the flames. They really rock! and are a great touch to the black/red scheme.

12-08-2008, 23:13
Thanks! Over the top was some what the effect I wanted. Seeing as Sisters are zealous almost to the point of being considered insane, and the fluff story of my particular Order is a bit off the norm. I figured they would be "over the top" in at least looks. Being less fanatical in actions/psychologically and making it up with tattoos, dyed hair, etc.
Than again, I really didn't like the look of seeing 20 Sisters all with the same hair color.

15-08-2008, 15:13
Great stuff. Can we have a close up pic of the cannoness' flaming sword?

16-08-2008, 02:46
As per requested, a close up of the sword. Standard Canoness bit with some green stuff flames build onto it. While the color still comes out blurry from the camera, its not a bad picture.

Sadly no updates yet. I've been pretty busy with work, and real life. Also my graphics card fan exploded, almost literally. I did get some items in the mail today, so I should have something together sooner or later.

19-08-2008, 04:47
Hola everyone thats been peeking in here. Another model more so on the done side and post worthy. I present, Veteran Sister Superior, Melody.




I thought this would be a great way to inspire the modelling of Books of St. Lucius. :D
Such an awesome piece of war gear deserves some love.

C&C Welcome.

22-11-2008, 23:26
I'm moving into the city soon, that way its not an hour drive to and from work. Hopefully once I find a place and move, I'll have more time to work on my Sisters of Battle army. Dark Elves have taken priority until I actually have 2000pts of em painted. Which I'm getting close to having! :D
So perhaps after X-mas, I'll have some new Sisters to paint up. Couple projects for them that I have in the concept stage (rough sketches basically) are;
Sister Boltgun Mary, she's bad, she's a nun, and she rides a motorbike. Idea from http://image.milehighcomics.com/istore/images/fullsize/74288745942.1.GIF

Another idea I've been working on, is a 3rd Exorcist. This one will be more of an Immolator style Turret. Simple, but should look pretty neat.

30-06-2009, 03:28
Long time since I did anything with this thread. Time to dust it off a little, because I will have an update for it. And a few more once I pick up my new digital camera. I finished the 3rd Exorcist, that will be the first thing updated.

01-07-2009, 14:38
Alright, I know we've had many threads about Exorcists and how they should look. Personally I like the pipe organ model, but decided to go with an idea posted around here somewhere (forget the person that posted it).

"I'd like to see a turret style Exorcist with a woman gunner. Her face covered in ash, staring at the destruction she caused with an almost euphoric look on her face."


In know what your thinking, "That's a rhino!" Well, Gotta have options.

Gonna need another post for more photos

01-07-2009, 14:42
My converted Exorcist.


The cute little gunner. Ash coated and all.

06-07-2009, 14:50
That's a well-executed Exorcist conversion. Well done!

07-08-2009, 14:59
Alright folks, this should be interesting. **Warning** Fluff Nazies, you will take a fit. Women in power armor. /**Warning**

I've been bothered by some art work on Deviant art page for some time now. Always wanting some models to look that cool, but never having the skill to sculpt, or models to kit bash. Just so you know what picture has been irking me for close to 8 months, here it is.
Nachoman, on Deviant art gets much thanks for this piece of work.

07-08-2009, 15:33
Now, after lots of kit bashing, some green stuff, and way more patients than I thought I had. Here is the model inspired by Nachoman's artwork.


I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully Nachoman will find this tidbit, though I don't know how to contact him.
Ok, now, let me go through the kit bash recipe: Fantasy Dwarves, Deamonette, Glade Riders, Cold one knights, Eldar Guardians, Marine backpacks, and IG chainswords.
I'm going to make 9 more of these. I plan to use them as Space wolf assault squad (Valkyries), and Sisters of Battle Seraphim. Considering how much money and time are going into these, I wanted more than 1 use.
C&C more than welcome. Thanks!

08-08-2009, 19:54
It looks more like a squad banner, edged with chainsaws.

The model herself is excellent, but that weapon looks far too unwieldy for me I' afraid.

15-11-2009, 17:49
Always nice to see work on Sisters. I like the idea behind the Exorcist, but the ash on the marine head looks too much like a 4 'o' clock shadow at this point. The kit-bash is also pretty nice. I would just add some prayer beads and fur de lis to it to make fit with the Sisters a bit more.

16-11-2009, 09:09
I'd forgotten how much I was enjoying this plog.

anything new Copella?

17-11-2009, 15:16
:DI should check this thread a little more often. Sorry for the delay in response. Yeah, I just finished a new VSS model, which I will have pics up in a few seconds (uploading now). I purchased another Immolator kit as well. So I'll be able to run either 4 Immolators and 2 Rhinos, or 6 Rhinos. Slowly creeping up to that Immo spam list capability. =P

"Canon-ess Oh-kurrah" the servitor muttered, "the ship azz just arr-ived."
Okura nodded, and gently placed her pen on her desk. Blood dripped off it's sharp thorns as it lay motionless. The parchment she had been working on, was safe from being stained. It detailed orders of surrender to the Emperor's servants.
Okura slowly made her way to the dockyard decks. Her body was still wracked with pain from the last battle. It didn't matter though, she knew she had to prepare for the next conflict. This time it was a rebel outpost on the moon of a Shrine world. It worked out well enough, they where on route to drop off prisoners to the garrison on that particular Shrine world. The rebels would be a quick stop on the way.
Arriving on the deck she was filled with pride. The Order of the Valorous Lady was busy doing drills, and working diligently. A small parade group was ready to meet the esteemed Preacher Mason Artoras. The ship rumbled to life and the cargo hold opened up it's back ramp. Staring at them was a brand new, pristine Immolator. It roared to life, and pulled it's way down the ramp. It stopped for a second when it cleared the transport ship, as though it bowed in respect.
Once it got out of the way, the Preacher began his descent down the ramp. Flanked by Sisters of battle, all wearing their finest non-combat uniforms. They marched along side the Preacher and came to a stop infront of Okura.
"Ahh my child," Mason began, "look at the beautiful woman you've become. The last time I saw you, you were only this high." He smiled as he held his hand off the about a 3 feet off the ground.
Returning the smile, "Indeed Preacher Artoras, it has been a long time."
He lifted his walking stick and whacked Okura lightly on the head, "Mason, just call me Mason."
Okura shook her head, "You haven't changed a bit."
"Why should I!", he paused and cleared his throat, "Down to business, I'm afraid. I've come to speak with your Lady."
"Coppella has not been seen in months I'm afraid."
"Is that so," Mason pondered, "None the less, I am here to speak with her. I shall wait until she shows up. In the meantime, I believe these belong to you." he stated as he turned and poked one of the flanking Sisters on the shoulder.
On que the girl stepped forward and took off her helmet and dropped to a knee. "Veteran Sister Holly Samson, we've requested to be under your command."
Okura stood stunned for a couple seconds, "Holly, impossible, ..."
Holly continued, "Hi Oku, I didn't know if you would remember me or not."
"That was so many years ago, I thought you were dead."
"Your father showed me, and my mother a place to hide. I can remember how frantic he was, asking me over and over where you had gone off to play that morning."
Okura lowered her gaze to the floor, thinking about her family. "Everything happened so fast."
"Yes, it did. Not a day goes by that I don't thank your father for saving me. That's why I'm here. When I heard you were a Canoness, I figured serving under you, would be the best way to repay him."
"I welcome you to the Order of the Valorous Lady." Okura choked on, memories still haunting her thoughts.

Picture time!

17-11-2009, 15:20
Always nice to see work on Sisters. I like the idea behind the Exorcist, but the ash on the marine head looks too much like a 4 'o' clock shadow at this point. The kit-bash is also pretty nice. I would just add some prayer beads and fur de lis to it to make fit with the Sisters a bit more.

Yeah, I've been tinkering with the ash coating for awhile now. I added ash coating to the nose, and blended the lines a little more. Also added a smudge patch to take away from the 4o'clock shadow look.
I'm not sure I follow what you mean by adding prayer beads and Fly de lys to it though. It has all the same iconogy as an Immolator.

Edit - I just noticed this thread has had zero votes, lol. It would almost seem like a fresh thread if not for the # of posts and time stamps. =P

22-11-2009, 04:16
Finally another update. Yeah, it's been slow going. I haven't had a reason to purchase anything new in awhile. When I saw Immolator kits back on the shelves, I got one.
As usual, I built it so it can be either Immolator, or Rhino. More likely to get used as a Rhino, but what the hey. You never know when I may try out an Immy spam list.

Rhino top first.

How about some Immolator top now?

Than the dozer blade.

23-11-2009, 10:23
oooh. I really like this.

flame effect on dozer blade? check.

supercilious hazard stripes? check

did you edge highlight around the various sections of vehicle so they stood out against the stripes?

23-11-2009, 12:46
I can thank multiple coats of Foundation paint for the high contrast on the stripes. The big ones where a lot easier, I used painters tape to mark the black sections. The small ones, well, it was a lot of steady hands.

This little beauty has already proved intself in a game. Took lots of fire, but refused to go down. It finally went down from being assaulted by krak, and powerfists, in which case it exploded. Allowing my Sisters inside to open hell on to them.