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28-07-2008, 08:20
Hey guys, Redstar here, yet again. This time with a log that will just house completed things, hence the title.

First up is a commission order for a fellow warseer. He wanted 6 ogre bulls turned into 6 imperial guard ogryns with 1 being a Bone 'Ead. He also wanted a "Lackof" warhound with no detail since he is going to do that himself to better match his army. So that being said..

First picture show the models shortly after taking them out of the package and removing the bitz not needed. The rest of the pics pretty much speak for themselves. Well maybe not the last one (in this post). The blue circles show off random gubbinz the client wanted scatter in amongst the squad.






28-07-2008, 08:21
More pics including the warhound. Its the basic design with only minor changes as the client wants to add his own detail when he gets it.




Next commission that will be done is the Nurgle Demonic Legion for another fellow warseer. WIP shots can be seen in my other log. Check my sig for the link (shamless plug I know)


Hive Fleet Typhoon
28-07-2008, 08:38
ooo titan looks good :P as well as the ogres. love the detail in the ogres especially, suburb greenstuffing.


28-07-2008, 14:56
YAY!!! all of my stuff is finished!!

it all looks amazing Redstar. i cant wait to actually get my hands on them and paint them up. (ill probably start a log when i get my camera).

this log should be fairly interesting to watch, even tho my stuff is already done.


got the minis today and was so amazed that i just had to start painting as soon as i could!

01-08-2008, 11:27
I said id pop by and have a look and i have...

Orgryns... great

warhound.... great

all in all... great

Looking forward to seeing more.


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20-08-2008, 20:52
Oh I think I've seen your titan before. Someone wanted a scratchbuild, and they talked about getting one from you or something. So are the ogryns the only thing you have finished? =-D

20-08-2008, 21:27
Oh I think I've seen your titan before. Someone wanted a scratchbuild, and they talked about getting one from you or something. So are the ogryns the only thing you have finished? =-D

You might have seen the titan before but probably not from me. I got the templates from LackOf and then modified them for my own needs. And yes, this is the only order thats 100% completed since ive started keeping an online log 6 weeks ago.That said, ive also completed countless projects for local people over the years.

Since moving online ive also been lucky to have clients that arent in rushs for thier orders. It allows me to take my time.

Ive currently got the following commissions in progress:
Nurgle Demonic Legion 85% done. Pics in the Chaos Loggy.
Demon Prince - Done
Great Unlcean One - Done
11 Modfiied plague bearers - Done
9 Custom scuplted Beasts of Nurgle 1 completed 3 others started

Guard Batch #1 95%done. Pics in the chaos Loggy.
1 10 man squads - Done
6 radnom guardsmen - Need basing
1 Junior Officer - Done

Scratchbuild Knight Paladin for 40k 70% done. Pics in the Chaos Loggy.
plus basic warhound like above - Parts made. Pics are pointless at this stage.

Another warhound - Hull Built and Parts made. Pics are pointless at this stage.

3 Thunder Hawks for 3 diffrent clients - Hulls built. No pics yet.

Plague Tower - Not started, parts assembled. No pics yet.

4 Scuplted Mushroom Men - Armature started on 1. Pics of this project soon to hit the log.

Plaguereaper (a diffrent person then the plague tower order) - Just got the commission last night, waiting for the baneblade to start.

As always, progress on any of the commissions above can be seen in my Chaos Loggy, located in my signature.


20-08-2008, 21:31
Oh okay, I thought the titan looked awfully familiar.

You have a massive list for your chaos...good luck