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Fire Harte
29-07-2008, 19:21
Hi Warseer!

This is my painting log so enjoy!

Firstly, leman russ with FW commissar as the overall command tank in my tank company.
Comments and Critiscism Accepted!

Fire Harte
29-07-2008, 19:26
Here is a Chaos Vindicator as well.

Comments and Critiscism Appreciated!

29-07-2008, 19:36
Nice stuff. I like the vindcators weathering.

Also , great log title. :p


29-07-2008, 20:19
Yea, thats a cute title :P

Id like bigger photos though. Its hard to make out details and it seems like your work is def on the level where one wants to see details :D And Im lazy. Dont attach photos. Include them with the img-tag. Like so [ img ] url to photo [ / img ] without the blank spaces inside the brackets.

Fire Harte
29-07-2008, 20:32
Thanks guys!
I'm currently taking pictures on my laptop, so it is a bit tricky!
xedrix- I'm no photographer!
Plus I have no Idea ho to do that!

Fire Harte
30-07-2008, 13:59
I aplolagize for lack of quality piccys, but I'm currently using natural light and a labtop webcam. :cries:

Ok here's a daemon prince and Terminator from my chaos army. (Apostles of Minthras.) Also a command squad for one of my cadian command platoon! :cool:

Marshal Caligula
31-07-2008, 22:08
Nice log you got going on here. Really like the vindicator and the demon prince is looking good. Care to share anymore about your Apostles of Minthras army. Fluff? Anyways good work and keep it up.

Fire Harte
31-07-2008, 23:15
Hey marshall, thanks, still developing fluff for the army, but comments and suggestions are available. The daemon prince is minthras, and the marines are his apostles, thats all I've really thought of so far! :)

Marshal Caligula
01-08-2008, 00:25
Anyways very nice stuff and don't worry you have plenty of time to work on stuff like fluff. Thats when long hours at school or work come in handy :p

Fire Harte
01-08-2008, 11:03
Marshall, don't forget 6 weeks summer holiday!

Ok then Warseer members, here are a few Space Marine Characters for you.

Marneus Calgar and High Marshall Helbretch.

01-08-2008, 11:25
Though I like what I see, the quality of your photographs isn't great. So you have yet to live up to your log title! SO GET CRACKING!!

I like your Chaos Vindicator best!

Fire Harte
01-08-2008, 11:32
Thanks Daniel36!

Here is an outpost I made!

C & C accepted!

04-08-2008, 16:56
Hey gideon hows it going? its chris:angel: here i like the vindicator looks better in real life though. Did you go to hull on sat have any good games? i should be in on sat with my blood angels if u want a game gunna post a list in a bit

Fire Harte
12-08-2008, 21:27
Ok Warseer, Haven't Posted in a while, but here are few bits and bobs (I do what I want really, not very organised!)

Idol Of Gork, Chaos Spawn (In ten minutes, more or less a pratise model) and a few chaos space marines for my Apostles of Minthras.

THIS FLUFF IS RUBBISH IGNORE IT PLEASE! ********Some fluff for the apostles- Led by the Daemon Prince Minthras- Formerly Geoffery Minthras of the Imperator Eagles Chapter, they managed to get to 3000 apostles, but soon stuck on a world fighting the Iron Warriors and numerous tides of orks on the planet Paradox VII, the Apostles suffered huge Casualties, bringing them down to less than 200 warriors, It was also on the planet of Paradox VII that geoffery Minthras ascended to Daemon Hood, utterly destroying the Iron Warriors and securing Travel off world, leaving the planet to the Ork warboss Tiny Teef (I'm going to do a new ork army to!). Later the apostles engaged with the Aquila Spartans, a chapter of marines who had sworn to destroy the legion piece by piece, and have also enlisted alpha legion specialists and indoctrinated traiors from the Iron Warriors, Space Wolves and the Aquila Spartans themselves.******** THIS FLUFF IS RUBBISH IGNORE IT PLEASE!

Thats all the Back Ground for now!

But comments and critiscism on all of my stuff please!

Note that since taking the photo the model in the middle has accquired another servo arm, this one has a chainsword attachment.

Fire Harte
14-08-2008, 14:37
Actually forget the above Background, it is naff.

Here is the good stuff!

Apostles Of Minthras Back Ground

Formerly the Chapter known as the Imperator Eagles, the Apostles were one of the first chapters to fall to the false wispers of chaos. After carving a bloody path to the eye of terror, the new renegades soon allied themselves to the Word Bearers, adopting similar colours. Soon however the renegades had grand plans of their own and set about getting to legion strength. Later in the 33rd mellenium they helped in the aid of trying to overthrow Cadia, but pulled out quickly when the tides of battle turned upon the chaos forces, stealing the geneseed and power armour of fallen marines both those who were loyal to the Imperium and Against it.

Notably the Iron Warriors took this badly and conflicts between them would eventually happen between them. In the next century or so the Apostles had had rising conflict with the Dragon Warriors, as well as the Iron Warriors, on various worlds in the eye of terror and even the imperium itself. The commander during these times Ash'Har Minthras was slain, but then his successor Geoffery Vish'Ganor, one of the new promising commanders, renounced his eady name of Vish'Ganor and declared himself to be the new Minthras, he then set about making the legion ever grater in strength, and soon managed to obliterate the Phonnomenon Legion. The Star System of the Phonomenon Legion was drained of its resources, and now the legion itself hit over the 3,000 mark, through the recruitment of countless imperial citizens, smaller warbands joining the Apostles and traitors of the Phonomenon Legion itself, the legion was growing ever quicker, but other Legions and warbands were already plotting to bring the Legion Down.

In the late 36th milenium, the legion was called upon by the Desoiler to help destroy even more imperial worlds. Soon an attack upon the world of Antecanis. Although the Apostles suspected a trap, the Despoiler himself had led the attack on the world, so after many successful days of campainging, the apostles had slaughtered many imperials. Soon however the despoiler had left the world, and had abandoned the other renegades on the planet. Already weary of this, Geoffery seccured transport off world, and thanks to the successful defence of his lieutennants, he was able to transport a majority of his Apostles off world, along with the remnants of the world eaters on that world.

Later, Minthras decided that he would soon have to accuire more resources, and ravaged the forge world of Binaris Secundus. He was not however, expecting a seperate forces force of Dragon Warriors and Iron warriors to attack the Apostles of Minthras while on Binaris. What soon followed where seiges across the whole planet set each of the three forces upon each other. However, fate decided that this test was not enough, and a huge Waaagh! approached the system, smashing aside the would be Imperial Interlopers and only being halted by the engagements across the planet. Soon the chaos forces struck an uneasy alliance, and after three years of constant fighting, the orks were repelled. But before the other enemies could react, Minthras set about slaying them and the Gods rewarded him with daemon hood. Soon the remnants gathered together and re-painted their armour in the colour of the Apostles, and divided themselves into four companies.

The toll was terrible in the end for all three forces, as after four years of constant conflict only eight hundre warriors remained. With barely any resources left over. However, the new Apostle ordered all to reforge, re-equip and re-arm themselves, and in half a year the apostles were ready to fight the latest Imperial forces to the last, with huge stock piles of siege. Minthras however managed to counter attack a decisive blow , and with all of the terminators and daemons from the warp, captured eight imperial ships. Incredibly, the conflict was over and the Apostles were able to escape before the Imperium could re-engage. Over the next two centuries Minthras struck a healthy alliance with the Alpha Legion, and gathered another company of marines and many more cultists to aid him.

Now, nearing the end of the forty first milenium, Minthras has accquired millions of cultists, and launched a crusade of his own against the Aquila Spartans Chapter, to better replenish the resources needed for the ultimate goal.

14-08-2008, 17:22
I couldn't resist looking after i read the log's title :P

Fire Harte
16-08-2008, 14:33
Ok warseer, all in all this next vehicle is a chaos battle tank, made from a rhino, chimera and a defiler, the bits where all salvaged from the three vehicles that I had got a bit bored of. So enjoy!

Comments and Criticism on everything please.

Marshal Caligula
23-08-2008, 23:25
Good fluff I really enjoyed it and thanks for the heads up. I was on vacation and didn't have a chance to look at my PMs. Anyways, I really like your chaos battle tank. I was just wondering what you were going to use it as in a game. Please keep us informed with your work.

Fire Harte
28-08-2008, 22:53
I think a Vindicator, as I absolutely love them!

If i do a traitor guard army ever, I shall have it as a basilisk/hellhound (firing angry daemons), also, I shall be making some cheapo bunkers out of plasticard and tissue boxes for some terrain, complete with propaganda. So if anyone has any advice on it, please speak up! (Post it in my terrain log please!)

Also, for those who care, I shall be producing back ground for the Spartans and a few regiments. As for my guard army, I have lots of different squads and platoons painted in a variety of regimental colours, and I am temtpted to add some desert raiders, valhallans, vostroyans and DKoK to the mix.

Here are a few regiments I have in mind-
Catachan DXII (White american rapper anyone?)
Cadian Armoured 3rd (Mentioned once in 'First and Only', yes I love the books!)
Tiberian Sun Hive Legions (RA3!)
15th Kanara Fangs (Yeah, I know, wanted a regiment with a religious name.)

I shall aim to have more pics up tomorrow, as I need some natural light and require some sleep!)

dr.oetk3r- Glad you like the title! It was a gamble to be honest, was expecting to be ignored like!

Marshal Caligula
29-08-2008, 01:25
Lol sounds as amazing as my bunkers... except I used a graham cracker box. As for the regiments; the more the merrier. Can't wait for the Spartans stuff and the pictures. Oh and all ordanance vehicles are soooo much fun. Gotta love being random.