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02-11-2005, 11:03
spotted this at the news page in George R. R. Martin's Website (http://georgerrmartin.com). I'm sorry if it's old news

Work continues apace on the new Song of Ice & Fire miniatures game and the various ranges of minis that the Testor Corporation plans to debut in the fall. Game designer Andy Chambers has delivered his first version of the rules for the skirmish game, and they are now being playtested at Testor's. Meanwhile, the concept artists and sculptors have been busy. Here's one of the latest sculpts to come in: a triptych of Bran and Hodor with Bran's direwolf, Summer. This one is for the large 1/18 scale range, which will be cast in resin and sold prepainted. The sculpt was done in China.

03-11-2005, 13:34
You can find a little more on it by going to Andy's site. http://www.redstargames.net/projektc.html