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04-08-2008, 14:55
Well, here I am, making another plog. This time I figure the best way to not end up ditching on the log is to not make it to any army in perticular, that way when I change my mind on what army I feel like painting (which happens regularly), I don't have a log dead in the water. So to start out I'll give you all a list as to what I'm working on at the moment....*Deep Breath*

Crimson Fists
Death Korps of Krieg
Legends of the High Seas crew
Several Odd bitz as well.

Thats all for now, likely to change often, as I regularly get random urges to paint something completely random.

As for my Crimson Fists I have more than 3k points worth of them, and suprisingly so, most of it is painted, for that army I'm only doing them to a TT standard so I'll get more done by the time I get bored and start on a different project.

My Vostroyans are an old army that I'm re-doing, they are either all stripped of are taking an acetone bath now. I want to take my time with them this time around and make sure I use a scheme that I enjoy.

For my Daemons, I'm making a small army, pure slaanesh for the first 1k, if I go bigger Ill be adding a fair bit of tzeentch for some shooting.

For my Death Korps, I only have 2 squads of them, but I want to paint them really well.

The Undead are a really small army for now, Only 20 Skeletons and 10 Grave Guard, these will be the begining of my next fantasy army, if I ever get around to finishing them.

The Pirate crew is just for myself really, no one I know plays the game I just wanted a reason to buy some pirates, and these will be the slowest project of all.

As far as randoms go, I cant say anything, I may just end up painting something at random when I'm bored.

While we're waiting on my pictures to upload to photobucket, I'll talk, give a little back ground on my self. I'm 19 from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thats in Canada for any one that doesnt know where that is. I'm still living there, I've been collecting warhammer for nearly 11 years now, and played historical before that with my father, so since I was about 5, wargaming has been in my blood, and its so well grained in there now I don't think I could ever give up.

Ok Pics finished...


This is just a taster of my Crimson Fists, I have finished....

Terminator Captain
Power Armor Captain
2 Terminator Squads
3 Tactical Squads
Scout Squad
Assault Squad
Land Speeder

Still to go
Terminator Assault Squad
Tactical Squad
Bike Squad with Attack Bike
Devastator Squad

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04-08-2008, 14:57
Ok the rest of the pics...

The front one is finished the other 3 are wip

fuzzy pic of a warrior priest I painted up or a painting comp, I placed, but didnt win, the pic doesnt show the details very well.

And a bad pic of some pre-heresy Imperial Fists, the yellow and red got washed out alot in the pic, one of these days I'll get a proper pic of them.

04-08-2008, 16:06
i like your daemonettes colour, its nice for them, wounder how i am going to paint mine

and yay another crimson fist painter, thank you for your kind words about mine, yours are good, only thing i would have to point out is that basic tactical marines only had one fist lol i made the same mistake when i started, unit leaders have 2 as they are veterans

and nice lysander model, i will have to get my hands on him at some point

04-08-2008, 16:14
Ya that squad was originally sposed to be veterans, but the other tac squads, and the assault marines are all left hand red. Im not sure if the scouts are sposed to have red fists or not, mine have one any way, just to tie them in with the army, and in all the games ive use them theyre more effective than any other unit in the army. Unfortunatly I have miserable picture taking skills. I can never get my camera to focus properly.... grumble grumble

04-08-2008, 22:19
Ok so Ive finished the test model for my vossies... tell me what you think. Sorry bought the pics, a little blurry, and the colors dont show the best. I'm going to make a photo box next time I get paid.




05-08-2008, 02:13
Loving your painting so far. The vostroyan in particular caught my attention

05-08-2008, 06:48
Must aggre with hallowed here and say the Vossi'e are nice. First time I've seen the Lysander moel painted as a Crimson fist too and looks good.

Cheers, Rom

05-08-2008, 13:21
Well hopefully some one can help me out a bit here. I've been trucking along on the rest of the command squad that this guy belongs to, and I've come to a bit of a delema, I have to paint their skin, now mind you this doesnt sound like a difficult task, but hear me out. I want to do it in a muted way as to better flow with their armor and tunics, which though hard to tell from the pics has a fair bit of green tinge to it. Any one know a good pallid skin recipe that doesnt look nurgley or zombified? any help greatly appreciated.

05-08-2008, 14:50
the daemonettes look great keep up the nice work

and lets see some more

05-08-2008, 15:56
I'll be working on the deamonettes when I finish this command squad, I'm powering through them so far, lots of progress, all the metal and tunics are done, all Ive got left is the black, purity seals, and white eagles, oh an well the skin. The banner is turning out to be alot easier than I had expected, but the bastards sword just wont stay glued on. I've been experimenting on a possible skin method, im not sure on the results, I like how it looks but I think it might be a little dark, I'm going to try and lighten it up a bit. Hopefully I'll have them finished tonight as well as pics. I've got a job interview this evening, wish me luck.

13-08-2008, 13:02
Ok, a small update, I havent been painting much at all lately, RL seems to get in the way alot.

This is the progress to the command squad. Still WIP

Ive taken a liking to using the DA codex over the old marine one. This will be my counts as Azrael.

13-08-2008, 13:55
Heya. Of everything on this log so far, I have to say the daemonette and the vostroyan has caught my eye the most. The daemonette looks great, and I think with a lighter highlight on the face, and with the eyes done, it should look the business.

I love the brass on the vossie, how did you do that?

As for skin, I could give you a recipe for something that is fairly muted, but avoids being nurglish or zombified as you put it. It's quite light, and doesn't have a green tinge to it, but makes use of fairly neutral colours, with very limited flesh tones that gives it a pallid look. I used it on my Elladan on page 6 of my log if you want to check it out. The recipe came from Razza, though I can't blend nearly half as well, so mine became lighter, creating what you see in my pic. The colours were:

Basecoat bestial brown/dwarf flesh (70/30)
Dwarf flesh
Dwarf flesh/bleached bone (50/50)
Skull white

See here for razza's guide: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47550&page=2

Hope this helps :)

13-08-2008, 14:39
Wow, that log is awsome, too bad, half the pics are mixed up or missing, and well overall its dead. Thanks for the recipe, I figured one out on my own, its P3 hammerfall khaki, followed by a glaze of ogryn flesh, then 50/50 ogryn flesh and thraka green, then the ogryn again and a watered down badab black. The brass was based boltgun metal, just a solid layer, maked sure to get into all the recesses, then washed with gryphonne sepia twice, then badab black.

Thanks for looking.

13-08-2008, 15:00
That log should be awesome, razza is 'eavy metal. and yes, it is a shame the pictures are missing, but it is quite old.

And thanks for the recipe :)

14-08-2008, 09:23
love your work. subed

14-08-2008, 23:03
So I finally took a whole army picture.

Whole Army.


Though its hard to see, there is: 4 Tactical Squads, Devastator Squad, Assault Squad, Scout Squad, 3 Terminator Squads, Bike Squadron, Landspeeder, Vindicator, Whirlwind, 2 Dreadnoughts, Librarian, Chaplain, Terminator Captian, Power Armourd Captian, And finally my new "counts as" Azrael.

Pt. 1


Pt. 2


Pt. 3


14-08-2008, 23:35
Very impressive Tsen, i wish i had the patience to make an army fully :( Loving the blue, very nice.