View Full Version : Anyone got any decent siege rules?

07-08-2008, 23:01
Just had a go at the Warmaster siege rules.
Didn't go to smoothly.
So does anyone have any home rules that work a bit more elegantly?

Here are a few pics of the battle.

2 Greater daemons assault a wall while the gate house is one shot away from being breached.

Daemon hordes and a sige engine assault the other wall.

The daemon general looks on with glee.

Slayers move to defend the threatened wall.

Getting the oil bath ready [:p]

Slayers and a flame cannon get ready for when the gate house is breached.

Dwarf warriors repel another attack by the daemon siege tower.

As it turned out the attacking daemons breached the gate tower after an unlucky charge against a unit of daemon flyers in the flank above the castle walls over ran the dwarven lines and the dwarves were broke on the same turn.

Cpt. Drill
08-08-2008, 16:12
Those are some really nice pictures! It would be nice to see some more battle reports on here! Especially with nice painted armies too!

Sadly we have not come accross any decent siege rules... We also found that the released ones are a little... clunky!

I would also be interested in finding some as we have tried a few sieges in the past aswell! (the battles were truely epic as we were using the warhammer plastic fortress....) Something a little smoother to match the rest of warmaster would be great!

12-09-2008, 13:03
There will be siege rules included with the WmA medieval supplement. As a playtester of them, and a big fan of siege games, I feel they are quite possibly the best ever done, certainly better than anything I've tried.

Elegant is a good adjective-- they're written in a way to allow for nearly any type of castle/fortress model.

What fortress model is that? It's very nice for a 1/72 kit if that is what it is. Great looking siege game!

13-09-2008, 08:50
Thanks for that Grant.
I have a copy of amalgamated rules that we have yet to test.
I look forward to seeing the new medieval expansion for WMA.

As for the castle there are 2 different models
This one http://www.modelsforsale.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=85064
and the one pictured is the fortress by miniart (same company).
They are 1/72 scale but work well with WM just need to make some collapsed/breached sections.