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14-08-2008, 09:59
well, i started bretonnians becuase i was sick and tired of them being labled as "beard".

i aim to prove that you can have a fun ANDchallenging game against bretonnia without the bretonnian player being shunned for his army.

i have won most of my games with this list, and it has changed VERY little (in fact, i upgraded a unit of archers and swapped some equipment around since i first wrote the list)

this is the army i currently use:

Lord - Bretonnian Lord - 250pts
- Questing Vow
- Barded Warhorse
- Shield
- Sword of the Quest (ignores armour saves, used as either a hand weapon or great weapon)
- Gromril Great Helm (6+ save, re-roll failed armour saves)
- Mantle of Damsel Elena (immune to poison/killing blow)

he has T4, a 1+ re-rollable save (becuase of the helm) that becomes a 2+ if i use my sword as a great weapon (can choose each turn). plus he will have the blessing of the lady save (for those who dont know, i can let my opponent choose who goes first, in return all my knights - including pegasus knights/mounts - get a 6+ward that is increased to 5+ against str5 or higher). i think this is a pretty defensive setup for a bretonnian lord but he can still dish out the hurt against most characters.

Hero - Paladin (battle standard) - 239pts
- Grail Vow
- Barded Mount
- Battle Standard (banner of the lady - enemy units do not get rank bonuses in combat)
- Virtue of Duty (+1 to combat res if the lord is alive)

he cant take a shield because he cannot have any extra equipment when he has the banner. so i'm stuck with a 3+ save (not bad, but this guy is a bit of a weak-link if a charge goes badly). the banner combined with an automatic +1 to combat res means my opponents ranks/standard bonuses are negated the second i charge - VERY USEFUL! - especially against undead as they will not have the numbers/strength to take on the knights.

Hero - Damsel - 130pts
- 2 dispel scrolls

Hero - Damsel - 130pts
- 2 dispel scrolls

pure caddys for scrolls. they never get their spells off but their only task in life is to hold a SINGLE magic phase for me, allowing the knights to charge the turn after if all goes well. undead can raise all they like, its the damned dance of macabre i'm worried about and the scrolls will be used to stop that - REGARDLESS of what i need to dispel it!.

Core - 10 peasant bowmen - 60pts

Core - 10 peasant bowmen - 75pts
- skirmishers
- braziers (flaming arrows)

these guys have proven themselves SO MANY times that i just cant find a reason in my heart to get rid of them. their use in the army is to snipe mages from dragons or pester war machines. their low cost means that enemies will usually ignore them and give priority to the knights. this usually leaves me holding a couple of table quarters

Core - 20 Men At Arms - 127pts
- Full Command
- Halberds

they were originally included in the list becuase they come in the battallion set. but their Str4 has allowed them with some flank charging to take down enemy chariots and all sorts. they usually hang back and try to deal with any skirmish/flying units that threaten the trebuchet - claiming that table quarter for me :D

Core - 12 Knights of the Realm - 337pts
- Full Command
- Magic banner - Warbanner (+1 combat res)

Core - 12 Knights of the Realm - 312pts
- Full Command

the (obvious :)) assault element - two massive blocks of fast moving, hard hitting cavalry with almost every combat res bonus i can get (charaters included). with only 2 knight units, i NEED to break units on the charge, that is where all the bonuses are needed. the lord goes in the unit with the warbanner (i think it is in their points limit, i added it just now without the book to hand, if not i'll take the conquerors tapestry - double points for capturing enemy standards) and the paladin joins the other unit (so both units have 3 ranks, standard, war standard and normally outnumber before they even land a blow!).

Special - 4 Pegaus Knights - full command - 250pts
- full command

if the enemy have any warmachines - these boys will usually go hunting them. in the absence of them, they will aim to rear charge anything the knights are heading into - i am obsessed with breaking a unit on the charge and will normally not commit unless i think i can do it.

Rare - Trebuchet - 90pts

my guess range is legendary in my local gaming group :D. but so is my ability to scatter/misfire :( . i keep the trebuchet for the odd time when it does hit home and ruins an entire regiment. i have snipered tomb king general with this puppy

in total it comes to 2000pts bang on i think (i did change a few bits becuase the list was slightly over).

bearing in mind that i hope for a fun game - what do people think of this list