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15-08-2008, 00:44
Holy crap ive got a shiny new camara and that by default means that i have to make a project log.....just as soon as i can figure out how to take a good pic.

The List:
DIY Marines

Ya i know small list compared to some of the others round here.
theres a local turnie coming up for Sept for 40k set for 2000 points.
Theres also a fantasy one coming up in Oct. Same point value.

15-08-2008, 17:40
ok, ive tired loading pics to the log tiwice now it isnt working. my modem isnt working and neither is the wireless. And im quess if i cant load a pic here that i cant load a pic through a 3rd party photo site.
This sucks:eyebrows:

15-08-2008, 18:05
Hmmm. That's annoying. I have no new suggestions to fix that I'm afraid.

15-08-2008, 19:52
Have you tried uploading a really small photo? Resize the picture so it's 600 pixels or something, even dialup should be able to handle that (and it's big enough for most purposes).

If that doesn't work then I can only assume you have chronically poorly internets, and leeches must be prescribed.

15-08-2008, 20:59
My cable modem is shot and my wireless signal isnt strong enough to allow to upload pics. Through it is strong enough to allow me to email uploaded pics. So as soon as Catferret has the time he will be uploading a sample 2 with the Goblin shaman and warlord from the box set. CC more then welcome.

15-08-2008, 21:20
Here is a pic of Mel's first Gobbo characters. As he said, give him some feedback. Just don't be too mean! He's Canadian and likely to cry. ;)


15-08-2008, 22:35
Cheers again CF. Before anyone points out that these are test models for a O&G army that im not sure will be finished, but on that note that the squig is done and the robes need another highlight or 2. Im not going for an overly high level on painting, im more interested acctually getthing them on the table and not wanting to spend the rest of my life painting an army that will never see the light of day.

15-08-2008, 22:58
Pretty good for speed painting! The robes are nice, as are the crazy squig eyes.

I might paint the skin a bit brighter green, as it is you can hardly see their lil' faces.

15-08-2008, 23:20
the gobbs arent green their blue , ya lost my steams on the gobbs and left them half finished the blue still needs some more highlights. Too many peeps have green one thought i'ld some what differant and have blue ones

16-08-2008, 20:38
Yeah! Update and it didnt blow up the interwebs or needing McM "fancy pants leaches"

16-08-2008, 20:42
Looks no bad. The Farseer is just in need of a wee bit of neatening where the white inner robes meet the blue outer ones.

Scorpion and Warlock look fine though.

06-09-2008, 04:16
pics and update to follow in the moring, Stay tuned.
Sorry been lazy and WoWcrack. But went down to the local shop tonight and got in afew good games so it re-sparked my interest in my armies again.:D

06-09-2008, 11:04
About time you planned an update mister! Get to work! :p

06-09-2008, 23:10
Camara batties died as i took pica of the farseer ive been working on and my harlies for sale so updates will be post poned till tomorrow or later this evening.

06-09-2008, 23:12
Bah! I could be dead by then! ;)

07-09-2008, 08:17

Bah! I could be dead by then! ;)
Quick someone call a doctor...er i mean vet







07-09-2008, 12:57
The glossy black on the Farseer's Ghosthelm works quite well. Where's his other arm gone? You been practicing your medical skills again? :p

The scouts will look good on the table. Nice simple paint job. Great solid white as well.

The Chaplain looks mean. Nice use of bits for the crozius.

07-09-2008, 16:38
the white i got from the tips from spikyjames, as for the skill levl i go back and farth some days between piccoso or finger paintings from a retared kid.
I dont know how the black came out as gloss. As for the arm it needs to be pinned as the whole model is still wip. Ya the chap i got from starlight as with all the bits and the resin base.

10-09-2008, 06:46
So by the looks of it i will be keeping my 2nd ED Harlies. (As no one has sent a post or whisper.) I have this thing about storm squad gaurdians so the extra 7 harlies i have will most likely be used for bits.
Also i am planning a conversion for my Autarch and am stuck in what to use for the opwer weapon. I have an extra biting blade from my scorps or i could use the power spear/glave from the dire avengers. Thoughts?

10-09-2008, 10:29
I'd go with the spear thingy on the Autarch. The Biting Blade isn't very power weapony. Shame really because it looks far cooler.

Stick the Harlie trade thread in your sig as a link. Maybe it'll get more notice. Or try Ebay.

11-09-2008, 07:39
Hm... tried the new washes? Quick way (and easy) to get some good shading.

12-09-2008, 17:54
no i havent tried the new inks. on a tired bugdet at the moment, as sad as it is i got a foundtion box that i rarely use.
log updates will have to wait till about monday or tuesday. Starlight, Codsticker and speacial quest McMullet shall be coming on down to my place tomorrow for beers and 40k....thou it seems that McM is coming a long way just for beers :eyebrows:

12-09-2008, 19:24
speacial quest McMullet

Bonus xp for bringing him The Greathammer of Smiting +3! :p

12-09-2008, 19:36
Crap all i have is Knife of +1 Buttering

12-09-2008, 20:17
Bring on the toast!


*levels up*

13-09-2008, 00:28
... thou it seems that McM is coming a long way just for beers :eyebrows:

Canadian beers though, I'm impressed. I've tried a few local microbrewed ones and I've yet to be disappointed. :D

I like the look of the scouts - nice choice of contrasting colours and the white is really solid. I like the camo cloak too. The Chaplain conversion is cool, look forward to seeing him painted!

13-09-2008, 06:02
Wife gave me the A-OK for getting the Eldar spearhead so thats is something to look farward to in the near future of this thread. Ive got some special in mind for the Dire Avengers. No spilling the beans McM.:p

02-10-2008, 00:30
Sorry for the long wait be cought up in life and had started a new job awhile ago and been working my butt off and just now getting time in for painting. battires are recharging so pics to follow tomorrow. Putting some work in to a pair of falcons, thorns too Bael-Tann?

21-10-2008, 02:13
Sorry for the lack of updates I fired my laptop afew weeks back and and getting a new one in about 5 weeks, will try to get an update in by then but on the plus side will have a bunch of pics to go with it.

21-10-2008, 02:54
That's funny- I missed this one the first time around. A good start young fella'- I guess we can expect a fair amount of progress in 5 weeks. ;)