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19-08-2008, 08:50
Hey all, I'm new to Blood Bowl, but I'm thinking of starting because it sounds really fun and a change of pace from the other war games.

What do i need to start? I've had a quick look at the downloadable rules and stuff, and it would seem that one needs various templates and special dice. Am I right in thinking that the only way one can get this is by buying the old boxed set from GW (rediculously expensive for me in Australia) or by eventually finding something on eBay?

And is there any post that has different pros and cons for teams? I like the idea of the more agile teams, and being a "goody" player, I'm thinking about Lizardmen (though it seems everyone likes them :rolleyes:) or Wood Elves, though I hate the Wood Elf BB models. Has anyone successfully converted some from the Fantasy range (which are brilliant)? My second 2 choices would be High Elves or Humans...

Cirrus the Blue
19-08-2008, 15:50
I'd actually start off with the Pro Elves due to the fact of their well-roundedness overall being very similar to the same positions found on a Human team minus the Big Guy and higher Agility factor and a couple of better stats, skills, etc. Those are pretty decent looking figures I think, but of course this is due to the fact that they're a very recent team addition to the game. Humans are my choice though as they are indeed the most well-rounded team in the game. They're not really 'great' at anything, but they're by no means bad at anything, either (in League play, Humans can become deadly powerful). Also the fact they've got a freaking OGRE to punch things on the front line works great, too. :D

As for the conversions of Wood Elf figures from the plastics, I've seen a few people do up teams of a box of Glade Guard without their weapons and it looks rather sharp, I must say. :) Treekin work fantastic for the Treeman on the team also because they're much shorter than a full size Treeman and still look intimidatingly large all the same. They're actually about the size of any of the other Big Guys in Blood Bowl anyway, so it works out quite well in that respect. The best way to make something look like a 'team' so to speak, however, is to make sure that you can get most everyone with some sort of shoulderpad going on that you can put the team numbers on. Trust me, it makes all the difference. ;)

Lizardmen are a great choice of a team, however, due to the bi-polar aspects of the squishiness and the beefy strength, it's fiddly to work out the game mechanics when you're concentrating on the type of strategies that inevitably have to go with a team such as them. Keep them in mind for a later date though once you've got the game down as they really are gobs of fun to play with.

As for the 'stuff' you need, pretty well just go onto ebay for a set of Block dice and then look for a D8, a couple of D6, the throwing templates are sometimes sold seperately on there, too and then a board. You can make the board, dugouts, etc. but it is far easier to just break down and buy the boxed set for all the junk that comes with. It's worth the investment if anything, but it shouldn't be very expensive at all considering how expensive any other wargame they've got going most definately is. haha Welcome to Blood Bowl! :D

- Cirrus

19-08-2008, 16:41
I see you are in Australia, so not sure how much postage would cost but copies of blood bowl sell on Ebay UK for half price or less. You can also sometimes fine people selling bits and peices. If you do not want the box, but just the board/templates you may be able to sort out a deal with someone to just post those. The board should fit in an A3 Envelope, or just check Oz Ebay - You may get lucky!

Do not buy Block dice of Ebay they are expensive, Join the NAF and you get a free set each year! http://www.bloodbowl.net/ it only cost 10 USD.

To learn more about team join www.talkbloodbowl.com there is lots of discussions about them there.

the anti santa
19-08-2008, 20:23
Marlow's advice is very good, especially about the blocking dice that go for silly prices on e-bay. But you will need a board and template so getting the boxed set from e-bay OZ would be good and you'll get a plastic human team as well!

I have to disagree with Cirrus about Pro Elves being a good starting team, they are the weakest of the 4 elf teams. They rival Wood Elves & Skaven for the scoringest team in BB, but are a bit poor on defence and tend to die really easy.

Humans are a solid choice, there are quite a few stronger teams out there, but using humans will make you a much better coach and you can find out what style best suits you. High Elves are also a good choice, better at scoring than humans though less bashy, but they still have AV8. Wood elves are a strong team too but have some very expensive players and fragile who can be hard to replace if you get stomped early.

Lizzies are cool too and in my opinion the best designed of all the races that came in after Deathzone. They can be hard to get used to, but being able to bash and score makes games with and against them interesting.

If you really want to improve then look for online leagues, MBBL is a play by e-mail league that uses the most up to date rules (LRB5 with some test rules that may come into the next version too) whilst FUMBBL uses LRB4 but is played live and has some of very good players on there.

19-08-2008, 20:39
Well, for a start, here is the problem.

yes, 165 AUS$ may look expensive, but remember that a space marine battlebox is 150. then you need codex, rulebook and another 200-300$ worth of model.

The box looks expensive, but it is a very good buy. you get some model with which you can play straight away (2 teams) and the field, the dugouts, dice and templates which you wont find on their own (or for an extra premium on ebay).

Believe me, I bought my box at the premium 75US$ but I feel like it has been worth it. It is actually quite useful to run the game by yourself and getting used to the tempo.

After that, I have to say lizardmen are great. They are my main team (along with humans and orcs which I made better by grabing a few models from ebay and mixing the models that come with the box).

Lizardmen sauruses hit very hard with St4 and AV 9, although you have to be careful with their AG 1. They wont dodge.
Skinks are your TD scorers: Mv8 and dodge will allow you to score TD in your first few games. That is nice when you play veterans.
kroxigors, some people dont like them, but I do. St5, mighty blow and prehensile tail is awesome to anchor the middle of the field.

Honestly, I say take a big breath, and buy the box. You will feel ready to start. The LBR5, just get it printed and bound by some printing stores. It is much better to have a good quality rulebook.

19-08-2008, 23:30
Just broke down finally and joined the NAF.
What colour dice do they have this year?
The faq says green, but there is the picture of orange dice on the front page, which look much better IMO.

20-08-2008, 07:58
I think they are Yellow this year... but I do not have mine yet so not sure.

20-08-2008, 08:06
I also live in Australia and the $165 is a bit to expensive though they had a limited release of Blood Bowl in some of the better indies like mind gamesthere you can buy it for $125 though they might of gone seeing they started selling in Febuary.

Hope that helps..:D

27-08-2008, 04:24
Thanks for the help guys.
My main hesitation with buying the big set is that I don't know that I really want the Orc or Human teams, and I don't want to be paying for stuff that I'm not going to use...
Maybe I should see if I can sell the Orc team off to a friend and find the set on ebay...

27-08-2008, 09:22
My main hesitation with buying the big set is that I don't know that I really want the Orc or Human teams, and I don't want to be paying for stuff that I'm not going to use...
Orcs are a good team, and you will want to have two teams so you can play with Friends and get them addicted. :)

I sold my Plastic Orcs once I got some Metal ones.

125 AUD is a lot, it sells for about 55 AUD on UK Ebay, but you then have to factor in shipping and any inport tax you might get. Might still be cheaper...

27-08-2008, 10:00
If you look around at online stores and such based in Australia, you can get the core game for much cheaper! I managed to get it for $88 in fact. Just need to look around, and you can get it much cheaper than what Oz GW sells it for.

I haven't really touched mine yet, been busy putting together my team before I actually play a proper game. But from the looks of it, it's pretty good money for what you get. You need a board to play the game, the dice and templates, and it saves a lot of trouble by just purchasing the box.

27-08-2008, 14:22
If you look around at online stores and such based in Australia, you can get the core game for much cheaper! I managed to get it for $88 in fact.
88 AUD sounds a decent price for a new copy, you can always sell off the Orc team you do not want for 10-15 AUD

28-08-2008, 06:56
Thanks. Any suggestions for where I should look?

28-08-2008, 07:07
Honestly, I don`t know why anyone would buy the boxed set new anymore. There are plenty of used ones on Ebay. The rulebook (in the boxed set) is outdated and the new one can be downloaded for free. You only need the template and counters (and dice). Orcs and Humans are good starting teams, but very, very common. If you want a team with a little more flare, you can get that off Ebay as well.

I`d say go with Wood Elves. The other Elf teams can`t use big guys. Wood Elves can use a treeman (quirky rules, ugly model, but fun) and wardancers which are (possibly) the best guys in the game pound for pound. They are fragile, so the first few games of your league might be rough, but by the eighth or ninth game, you can own the league and score at will on some of the slower teams.

That` my two cents. Enjoy...it`s a great game

Almighty Nocturnus

Olaf the Stout
12-09-2008, 03:59
There are a few places you can buy the Blood Bowl boxed game from in Australia.

MilSims (http://www.milsims.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=108_444&products_id=21290) is in Melbourne. They sell the boxed game for $99.99 AUD. I think shipping is $5.50 AUD, no matter what you order.

Games Paradise (http://www.gamesparadise.com.au/product_view.asp?pid=2009) are in Sydney. They sell the boxed game for $99.95 AUD. Shipping is free for all orders within Australia over $85 (unless the boxed game is over 5kg, in which case shipping is $9.50. I don't think it weighs that much though). In addition, if you join their e-mail newsletter list each month you get sent a code entitling you to 5% discount on any one order for the month. That will bring the price down to $95 AUD.

Maelstrom Games (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=blb_0001_000) is in the UK but offer free shipping worldwide. They sell the boxed game for 45 pounds. That works out to about $100 AUD at the current exchange rate.

Those are 3 options for you, all around $100 AUD. You really shouldn't pay any more than that. I would recommend you get the boxed set. The board, dice, range ruler and 2 teams are worth it in my opinion.

Olaf the Stout

29-09-2008, 11:50
Make your own board, using big enough squares and use the throwing calculating squares thingy update on the SG site, it will allow you to play without the majority of templates and you can make the squares big enough for ogres :)