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26-08-2008, 21:54
hi all

I seem to be painting a lots of different bits as commission work (variety/spice/life/etc) and thought it was time I did a project log to show some of it off (and you never know I may just shamelessly drum up some more work :-P) anyway I hope this is of interest to someone out there :-)

this is the latest work I've been doing seems like a popular subject on here its those...........insert drum roll please............ World Eaters I've been asked for a heresy look not pre/post but on the turn just rebelled sort of thing I know there not strictly correct no -mk6 power armour etc but I think there looking good what do y'all think?

starting with an aspiring champion


26-08-2008, 22:39
Awesome looking model. Interesting choice of era/not era.

26-08-2008, 23:02
yea it all seems to be more pre or post nothing of the "big fight" well here's the missing link I suppose :-)

and here's the next battle weary trooper...........with a bit to much flash on the camera :-)



27-08-2008, 09:04
here's number 3, on a roll here....and why oh why are all marines right handed?


27-08-2008, 09:17
awesome models, you've painted them brilliantly.


27-08-2008, 13:56
Solved a bit of the "right hand holds the bolter" problem, I know he's still using the hand but at least the bolter is in the other one....maybe its part of the gene seed initiation I can only assume the emperor was right handed and as they've all inherited daddy's genetic makeup......

Anyway here's another pic


27-08-2008, 14:07
And here's a quick A TEAM style group shot


27-08-2008, 16:46
can anyone help with a colour scheme for world eater veterans? was thinking of doing bodyguard squad for captain (I'll put some picks of him up ASAP) thinking chainaxe bolt pistol combo but cant find any info for veteran markings???

27-08-2008, 17:24
id say add some gold bronze or red color markings to him for kill tallies or "honours" to his armor

27-08-2008, 20:17
Yea I was thinking something like a red and bronze arm/breastplate berserker style if there wasn't an official code...

here's what the captain looks like


I think any honor guard for him should be equiped with chain axe so they could be the first evolution of the berserkers, any coments/ideas?

28-08-2008, 10:01
was messing with some spare bits a while back and came up with a test model for a possesed world eater what do y'all think?


28-08-2008, 10:33
well as there mentioned in the title I guess I'd better off put some pic's up of my Imperial Fists, this chaps from a tactical squad im slowly working on they've been put on hold at the moment while I paint the world eaters and a load of fantasy orks that are destined for ebay (need the space....and hell the money would be nice as well)

as per comments always welcome




28-08-2008, 12:00
Nice work on the world eaters mate they look really cool, the posessed looks really good although I feel tempted to recommend a different head as that one has quite a tzentch feel to it. Very nice work on the imperial fist aswell I cant wait to see more of them.

28-08-2008, 13:36
Looks great! Just-post-heresy stuff is cool. :)

28-08-2008, 16:19
well just got a few hours to do some painting and managed to finish another couple of Worldeaters got another trooper done


and a heavy bolter I had to use that Nurgle head somewhere its just too good with the 3 eyes... tried to make it look like he'd just smacked someone with the front/side of the heavy bolter I leave it to y'all to decide if it paid off




28-08-2008, 17:21
That captain looks awesome and the detail on the banner looks brilliant.


28-08-2008, 20:27
wow! I love how you painted that arm print on the heavy bolter guy!!

28-08-2008, 20:41
right, im usually a BIG supporter of if things are pre heresy use all the correct armour and parts etc etc

but your world eaters

with the mix between chaos and marine pieces and the paint job.....

they are some of the best damn chaotic khorne loving pre heresy world eaters i have ever seen, i do say, i love these guys, i want to see more, More, MORE!


28-08-2008, 20:52
Realy like what i see, good stuff.

one thing though, if you do commissions double check your moldlines,
I have found several.:angel:

28-08-2008, 22:00
yea mould lines are a pain in the **** you think that you've got em all then you do a macro photo and.....grrrr :-) there not really noticeable on the actual mini's... but looks like im gonna need those micro files then :-)

29-08-2008, 14:53
Here's another one of my fists. I got these off ebay unpainted but caked in far to much glue :-( well they were cheap I suppose....I'll put some pic's of the others up ASAP


TigerBear MkIII
29-08-2008, 15:04
:)Really nice job on those eaters i like the beakie with one eye

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
29-08-2008, 15:09
Ohhh...pretty. The World Eaters are very nice, and the Fists appropriately awesome. I can't quite figure out how you paint them, though...black basecoat, perchance?

29-08-2008, 16:47
yea black spray then astronomican grey foundation paint mixed with skull white for world eaters and for the fists astro again for base coat over black(yellow from there on obviously) did that make any sence?!?!?

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
29-08-2008, 20:02
Wait...you layer yellow over gray? Brave man...I basecoat black, then highlight and shade a coat of Vomit Brown, then heavily wash it Golden Yellow. Results look similar. Still, both the Fists and the World Eaters look great, although the blue could perhaps do with a wash, to shade. Keep it coming.

Oh, and by the way- all Marines are ambidextrous, and bolters can be set to fire left- or right-handed with the flick of a switch. Most other weapons are only right-handed, though.

29-08-2008, 21:04
Great Stuff man! i love the muddy feel on the base of the Terminator, could you tell us how you painted it?

29-08-2008, 21:12
It's really nice seeing pre heresy world eaters; people always make them look so gritty and bloodthirsty and effect that you have also pulled off nicely.

Liking your fists too ;)

Looking forward to more.

29-08-2008, 21:17
The terminator looks really cool mate, I really like the mud effect that you've achieved on the armour.

30-08-2008, 00:48
I like your weathering a lot. Makes the models look very natural. Any hints and tips on the weathering?

30-08-2008, 09:03
the best hint I can give is use the new citadel washes water them down a little (black for over metal and brown for mud) and the new foundation paints make painting bases really easy calthan brown base coat devlan mud wash then dry brush with khemri brown

30-08-2008, 09:42
here's my take on Captain Lysander, I'm really not happy with his shield and face will need to do something about them especially the shield (lights catching it badly in the pic it doesn't look that crappy in the real world) I've left him "clean" as well.... will post some more pic's when I get chance to sort out the bits on him, so I'll class these as WIP :-)



30-08-2008, 16:10
your world eaters are really well-done, although that captains bolter drum-mag looks a bit too big for the captain to be able to lift with one-hand(oh right, it's a two-handed weapon:p)

30-08-2008, 17:47
Nice work on lysander mate, he looks really cool, I have to disagree with you about his face, I think it perfectly portrays the gritty imagery of 40k and at the same time that of an ageing warrior. On the matter of his shield i'd recommend painting the scroll as parchment or possibly gold and possibly black lining the gap between the eagle and the shield to seperate the colours a bit.

30-08-2008, 22:28
I don't know if it was deliberate or not, but on the chest of the heavy bolter WE marine you appear to have painted the shape of a hand in blood, as it his ruined victim clasped at his killer before sliding to the ground. If that was intentional its a truly great touch.

30-08-2008, 23:40
yep that was the plan with the hand print :-)

30-08-2008, 23:56
just for a little colour change thought I post a pic of this chap bit of a sore subject really as it sold on ebay but then got lost in the post :-(

I really liked this mini as well not very often that you get marines in a disco pose these days :-)

the pic's sort of hidden a lot of the highlighting on this one guess I got a bit carried away with the post editing :-)


I've only really just started painting again at the beginning of this year (after a +10 year break), I found this pic of a mini that I sold in January scary that I thought that it was well painted at the time.....


31-08-2008, 10:04
Its lysander's eyes, that I don't like the way I've painted, looks a bit like he's been kicked in the balls :-O.....will try and make him a little less startled

31-08-2008, 21:12
This was the chaos lord that started me with the World Eaters quite a straight forward colour scheme but I think it worked


01-09-2008, 08:51
here's a pair of lovely ladys for you just to make this an even more random thread (i will get back to world eaters soon i promis) i liked these minis so they got painted simple as that :-) dont really want to start an army of them although i do have a few others dotted around my home at the moment including but not limited to 3 pentient engines (ebay god dam you!!!! well 3 for the price of one what would you have done) will have to get them painted soon in the mean time....



This is one that I painted a few months ago would do a much better job now I think but I do still like it so here it is


01-09-2008, 18:39
Well back to the fists this is terminator two as always feel free to comment,

this is where the inspiration for the one eye beaky world eater came from, & it even shows off my shabby free hand fists symbol on the shoulder... Really wish I'd taken more time to remove all the mold lines on these as it spoils the end result :-(


01-09-2008, 19:21
I like that busted eye on the last termie, very nice touch.
Your weathering looks good too.
The helmet on the imperial fist on the first page, the one with the plasma cannon, is great, I'm gonna have to have a go at making one, if you don't mind. ;)

01-09-2008, 22:18
Thanks & be my guest glad that I can be of inspiration :-) I have no idea what the heads from I assume its a tech marine/driver head it came with a load of stuff from ebay, I thought it look in place on a heavy plasma gunner.... if anyone can tell me what its off that would be good..

02-09-2008, 11:07
I know that I've already posted some pic's of these but here's the full squad together in one place. I think this battle worn look worked out pretty well on these, now I just need to find a buyer for them........hint hint pm if intrested hint hint :-)





02-09-2008, 11:08
oops forgot only 4 pics per post well here's the squad leader as well


02-09-2008, 12:04
Your selling these???
If my parents let me buy stuff of the net I would buy them.
Your painting skills are wikked.
Honestly how do you people get this good at painting, seriosly.

02-09-2008, 17:03
Here's a link (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=160818) to the proper advert

02-09-2008, 23:15

there are people MUCH MUCH better than I am but thanks for the complement :-)

03-09-2008, 12:47
very impressive they look like theyve battled through hell and back

03-09-2008, 15:00
And back to the world eaters again got another one done, all tooled up with a meltagun tried to give him a scorched look due to the heat of the meltagun dont think it quite comes across in the pic's?? but im sure you get the idea....

can't say how much of pain this was to get anything like a good photo of it :-(



03-09-2008, 16:13
wow over 2000 views already!!

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
03-09-2008, 20:22
It looks like he's covered in soot, which is appropriate. Keep it coming.

03-09-2008, 23:37
I imagine that blade might go through butter quite well after firing :p

Everything looks great.

03-09-2008, 23:50
if anyone can tell me what its off that would be good..

The "techmarine" style helmet comes from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue. It appears to have the Dark Angel symbol on the front part filled in.

04-09-2008, 11:51
thats were the heads from!! yea i removed the front of the helmet thanks that was bugging me :-)

09-09-2008, 17:06
Been a while since my last update managed to get some more world eaters painted starting with this chap...



Gone for a gun fighter pose with him, its hard not to make him over gunned while keeping a bayonet attached to the bolter, but I think it turned out ok. Gonna keep them all this way as its sorta inkeeping with there bloody nature.

Anyway only another two to go for a full squad!!

09-09-2008, 17:20
Nice looking fists and the latest eaters are looking brilliant!


09-09-2008, 20:27
didn't realise just how long each one would take to paint brief run down of each mini: is....

step 1 clean up/build/glue
step 2 black spray
step 3 astronomican grey/mordain blue/boltgun metal basecoat
step 4 badab black wash
step 5 repaint with light grey/white that I've mixed for these, mordian & boltgun as well
step 6 highlight
step 7 thin wash of badab again
step 8 glue base texture
step 9 calthan brown the base
step 10 devlin mud wash base
step 11 drybrush kheri brown base

that's just the basics not including drying time and painting the weathering, free hand chapter markings etc etc......phew

10-09-2008, 18:15
and number nine


better view of the helmet damage


10-09-2008, 19:23
Awesome minitures dude. just incase you dont know you, you have alot of talent at this. Well done mate they look great

10-09-2008, 20:04
I really like those world eaters alot, the imperial fists are painted well (but i hate imperial fists :P ), i really like the world eater commander with the massive chain axe :)

10-09-2008, 21:37
poor fists :-(


10-09-2008, 23:33
The detail you go into with damage is just extraordinary.

11-09-2008, 19:46
Here's something a little different its another commission I'm working, I've been wanting to paint one of these since I first looked at it on the forgeworld website got the chance now :-)...

Also there's a sneak shot of my side line project all ebay bargains (i.e. legion time +4 warhound 1 reaver and & 7ish warlords) if i'll ever get round to finnishing them i dont know can try and get some WIP shot's up if anyone's intrested?



11-09-2008, 20:16
Very pretty. I especially like the blue! What is that, a thinned down Ultramarines or something?

11-09-2008, 21:43
The carapace on the Warlord is the wrong way round. The sticky out bit should cover the neck and head.

Princeps looks good, if a little dirty. I'd make the coat a little more pristine. Princeps rarely get a chance to get dirty.

11-09-2008, 22:16
the blues actually Fernis grey with a black wash made a nice change from white :-)

yea I liked the look of the titan with the eagle at the back instead of over the head it sorta balances the top of the titan out a bit more I'll post a pic when my camera's charged back up (left it switched on after taking the pic's) need to strip the really thick paint from the other plastic titans before I can paint them also gotta finish the other missile launcher and volcano cannon for this one

12-09-2008, 16:53
And the crew member playing with what appears to be an original gameboy ......mars pattern of course :-)



13-09-2008, 12:52
here's the last member of the squad and a group shot to round them off roll on the next ones :-)



13-09-2008, 13:24
those world eaters are great - i love the aspiring champion on th first page and the blood splatter on the heavy bolter marine - cool stuff

power to the world eaters! :p

14-09-2008, 19:06
Thanks :-) Seeing the quality of your mini's that's definitely a welcome complement keep up the work on your world eaters :-)

14-09-2008, 20:06
Some lovely work, but they had white helmets :)

14-09-2008, 22:40
but they had white helmets

All except for the one's with blue helmets!! :-P

Yea bit of artistic licence :-)

or if that doesnt sit well we'll say they they got a shipment of ultramarines helmets by mistake, it was a bit busy back then..... chaos agents must have infiltrated the Adeptus Postanicus (???) :-) and that's also how those thieving ultramarines got white helmets for there veterans honest

16-09-2008, 09:54
Here's the first of the possessed don't know if i should stick with all 5 the same i.e. steeler arms or go for variety on them and have each one with different mutations? anyone got any thoughts?




16-09-2008, 22:22
Nobody got any suggestions?

23-09-2008, 20:22
Been a bit quiet with this as I've been getting ready to move house, but here's a quick update for the commission work with the titan crew

here's the last of the 3 crew, I would have liked to have got a better photo of this and a group shot but they've already been sent back to the owner :-(



TigerBear MkIII
23-09-2008, 22:22
Really love that possesed i really think Possesed go good with Nid CCWs
On one you should put The Warrior Rending Claws:)

24-09-2008, 07:58
yea they seem to mach up with the arm joints and a give a nice stretched look...... just need some ideas for heads