View Full Version : Fire Harte's 40k and Fantasty Terrain log.

Fire Harte
27-08-2008, 21:59
Hello to all of you terrain nuts out there!

I am an avid fan of terrain, and love to build lots of it.

So here are a few bits and bobs of what I do.

Also, I have the idea of making a bunker or two out of tissue boxes. You may think 'DAFTO', but I need to experiment on plasticard for my stompa. So please come up with a few suggestions.

First up, you may have seen this already, but it is an outpost of some description that I concocted a while ago.

Secondly, I have an 'Adeptus Astartes' potty pad, inspired by our member Arkaedin's potty on his stompa.

Lastly, I apologise for the photo quality, I recently lost my camera, so have to resort to my webcam.

27-08-2008, 23:00
Nicely done Fire Harte.
the painting looks especially nice and weathered,
I can't wait to see what you come up with next. :D

Fire Harte
28-08-2008, 21:49
Thanks dude!

There are a few bits and bobs, also considering getting a propogana poster on my bunkers.

Defo Cain, as he is cool and reeks of awesome, and maybe a marine one.

Also here is the BfSP Idol, to.