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31-08-2008, 17:44

So here it is. The thread for posting your first months pictures.


This is the thread on which you post your first months painting. (The work you have done in the month of August).

Each painter should initially only make one post for each army they are painting.

Your must post must include:

1)The description and points of the unit.
2)Any additional information you care to share with us about your painting.
3) Up to four photographs (the max allowed in one warseer post) of your months work.

You can, if you wish, also share with us your army list if you have thought about it and/or a painting plan if you have one.

So the minimum requirement for a post might look like this:

UNIT: 15 Goblin Wolf Boyz. Inc Std, Mus, Boss.
POINTS : 240

And some pictures.

However, Last year many people adopted the following format for posting their work to share more information about the background for the unit, the conversion work undertaken or the painting and basing and the ‘Highs and Lows’ of their months painting.

Please see my posts below for different examples of the format we used.
Please feel free to copy or adapt this format for your own posts.


You can use up to four photographs (the maximum allowed in a post by warseer). To show us your months painting.

The best size for showing your work is 640x480

It can be smaller or you can use ‘thumbs’ which link to bigger pictures but they must not be bigger or it takes too long for the pages to load.

The best thing to do is to resize them, wherever you are hosting your images, and then drag and drop the ‘img code’ directly into the text.


Now, this thread will eventually become the normal :

Comment and crit’ of others work, Work In Progress (WIP) pictures of your work as it develops, how you are getting on, seeking advice and encouragement for your ideas and your painting and generally chatting about the project, life and the cosmos.


This is to give everyone a chance to post up their finished work before it gets lost amongst a sea of chat and WIP shots.

I hope everyone has had a great first months painting.
I look forward to seeing everyone’s work and can’t wait to start commenting on as many as possible in a weeks time. Please don’t be offended if I do not comment on your work. The numbers involved (currently) will make it almost impossible to comment on everyones work.


All the best

31-08-2008, 17:44

The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete an army in the next twelve months.

We made a decision early on to split the Tale into two separate 'halves' one for 40K and one for Fantasy. They have continued to evolve in slightly different ways but this is how the Fantasy Tale works.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with their first post on the last day of August 2008 and finishing with their last post on the last day of July 2009.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the end of each month a new thread will appear for the painters to post your previous months painting.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.


These are all the painters who have signed up to try and paint one or more armies this year.

75hastings69 : Bretonnians
75hastings69 : Vampire Counts
Aelyn : Daemons of Chaos
afghanwhig : Night goblins
Aflo : Dark Elves
Alathir : High Elves
Almindale : Wood Elves
ampao : Dark Elf
andrea gangrel : High Elves
Andymeechan : Dark Elves
Animerik Daemons
Ankellagung : Dwarf
Arduhn : Empire
Arhalien : Warriors of Chaos.
Azarkhel : Bretonnians
Azhagmorglum : Orcs and Goblins
bane2160 : Tomb Kings
Barrebobby : Tomb kings
Barrebobby : Warriors of chaos
Ben : Bretonnians
Benevolent-wyrm : Vampire Counts
BigJon : Ogre Kingdoms
BDJV : Warriors of Chaos
BDJV : Ogre Kingdoms
Blogrot Squigbreff : Daemons of Chaos
Bluesabre : Dark Elves
Bob Monkey : High Elf
boosterburn : Ogres
Braad : Goblins
Bra'tac : Ogre Kingdoms
Bry : Wood Elves
Calibretto Tomb Kings
Catferret : Dark Elves
Cerion : Orcs and Goblins
Chaos Dune : Undecided
Chicken Pig : Dark Elves
Colonel Haizelhoff : Dogs of War
Coolhand : High Elves
Cosmic nat : Warriors ofr Chaos
Count Sinister : Vampire counts
Czechsensation : Dark Elves
Danny 76 : Empire
Darnok : Zombie Pirates
Dead Orc : Wood Elves
Dead Orc : Ogre
Dead Orc : Dwarf
Death korp : Warriors of Chaos
Death from shadows : Chaos Daemons.
Derv : Dark Elves
Devolutionary : Wood Elves
Digital-Punk : Dwarves
Dino : Chaos Dwarves
Doi : Goblins
Edahlo : Vampire Counts
Ego Ninja : Chaos Warriors
Eka : Wood Elves
Emperor Norton : Wood Elves
Empire Norton : Vampire counts
Enlightened : Dwarves
Ethriel : High Elves
Extension : Vampire counts
fbi boy : Vampire Counts
Fenix Felder : Dwarves
Fenix Felder : Vampire Counts
Fideru : Dwarfs
Filie : Khorne beastmen
Finnigan2004 : Daemons of Chaos :
Firestorm Falcons : Vampire Counts
Fluffystuff : Vampire counts
Frahill : Wood Elves
Fredmans : Warriors of Chaos
Frgt/10 : Vampire counts
GabrielAngelos : Daemons of Chaos
GalenArtorius : Empire
Gazak blacktoof : Dark Elves
Geep : Orcs and Goblins
Genic : Orcs and Goblins
Geratsu : Skaven
Geratsu : Tzentch Daemons
[Glory] Jelmie : Empire
GMilar : Warriors of Chaos
Godfiend : Lizardmen.
Gonzo-Ork : High Elves
Gralph : High Elves
Greyseer : Dwarfs
Griffon Claw : DOW
Grimtuff : Warriors of Chaos
Happy_doctor : Undecided
hard 94 : Undecided
Harry : Warriors of Chaos.
Harry : Lizardmen
Harry : Orcs and Goblins
Hawkmoon : Tomb Kings
Heid : Dark Elves
Hespithe : Tomb Kings
Hippo2112 : Orcs and Goblins
Hollopoint : Beasts of Chaos
Hollopoint : Lizardmen
huinipachutli : Lizardmen
Huw Dawson : Undecided
Iziuth : Warriors of Chaos
Jahorin : Tomb Kings
Jahorin : Deamons of Chaos
Jimbobodoll : High Elves
Jim Jim : Orcs and Goblins
JimReaper : Daemons
Jollyboy42 : Lizardmen
Jonahmaul : Dark Elves
Jonahmaul : Lizardmen
Joseph Vintila : Warriors of Chaos
jme : High Elves
JRGumby : Wood Elves
Jullevi : Lizardmen
Kamizanate : Daemons of Chaos
Kamizonile : Daemons of Chaos
Kaine : Warriors of Chaos
Kaine : Dwarfs
Karlon : Tomb Kings
Kraal Lord of Blood : Goth-Viking-y Vampire Counts
Knighta : Orcs and Goblins
Kodamas : Chaos Warriors
Kraxnar : Daemons
Kraxnar : Undecided
Kris sherriff : Dark Elves
Kroqgar : Lizardmen
Krzyek : Empire/Dogs of war
Leonathion : Undecided
Lardidar : Empire
Laurela : Vampire Counts
Lavieth : Dark Elves
Leonathien : Lizardmen.
Lionofthebegs : Chaos/DoW
Lomore : High Elves
Lorcan : Orcs
Lorcan : Daemons of Chaos
Lord Dan : Dark Elves
Lord Marcus : Bretonnians
Lord of Death : Orcs and Goblins (Goblins)
Ludwig von Rictoven : Tomb Kings
Magus explorator : Skaven
Magus explorator : High Elves
MalusCalibur : Vampire Counts
MalusCalibur : Warriors of Chaos
Math Mathonway : Deamons of Chaos
Matthias Thulmann : Dark Elves
Menepthah : Vampire Counts
MIGHTY panhead : Lizardmen
McMullet : Lizardmen
Montstallion : Dwarfs
Mooncow : High Elves
Mr.terinatorbob : Empire
Mutantmaggot : No idea? He didn't say. (Mad as a stick. But a lovely chap).
Nagged : Bretonnians
nathanonicus : Lizardmen
Nephlim of sin : Orcs and Goblins (Orcs)
Niibl : Zomie pirates.
Nightsword : Warriors of Chaos
Nitz : Ogre kingdoms
nkicik : Orcs and Goblins
Odmiller : Warriors of Chaos
Papa Dan : Empire
Penguin663 : Orcs and Goblins
Prince Sarion : High Elves
Raka : Skaven
Reaper of souls : Skaven
Ravenseye : Vampire Counts
Ravenseye : orcs and Goblins
Redd : Wood Elves
red/winter :Ogre Kingdoms
Reik : Warriors of Chaos
Rev : Orcs and Goblins
rkunisch : Tomb kings
Rob_bot. : Vampire counts
Sainthale1988 : Vampire counts
Saltpappa : Dwarfs
Saulot : Lizardmen
Scarlet squig : Empire
Sergeant Uriel Ventris : Orcs and Goblins
Shadowphrakt :
Sideorder_of_Chips : Ogre Kingdoms
Silverstu : VC.
Sir_robin : Warriors of Chaos
Skavenman : Daemon
Skott : Dark Elves
Skott4991 : Wood Elves
Slaaaaaanesh : Warriors of Chaos
Sluntlunt : Undecided
someone 2040 : Empire
Sparks : Undecided
Spikedog : Beasts of Chaos
Steffo : High Elves
Stormcrow : Tomb kings
SuavelyDunn : vampire Counts
SuavelyDunn : Tomb Kings
Szlachcic : Dark Elves
Tauren : Beasts of Chaos
Thedruglordx : High Elves
the eater of pie : Vampire Counts
the eater of pie : Ogres
Tizz : Dark Elves
txamil : Beasts of chaos
Valaraukar : Warriors of Chaos
Vermin swarm : Skaven
WargamesEmporer : High Elves
Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull : Orcs and Goblins
Wib : Dwarfs
wise guy sam : Dark Elves
Wotsnik : High Elves
Xarius : Orcs and Goblins
Xaskus : Warriors of Chaos
Xaskus : Dwarves
Zark of the Dammed : Dogs of war.
Zilgorn Zeypher : High Elves
Zujara : Orcs and Goblins

If I got anything wrong please let me know.
You will get used to it over the next twelve months but let me know anyway.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say ‘thanks’ to everyone for signing up and for all the enthusiasm that has already been shown for the project.

All the best,

31-08-2008, 17:45


UNIT: 4 Kroxiogors

BACKGROUND/THEME: This is a 5th Edition Lizardman army meets “One Million Years B.C.” (With added plastic ‘B Movie’ Dinosaurs and Lizards). They are a Lizardmen of the Southlands army (Just so I can include my 5th edition Skinks with bows.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Nearly straight out of the box 5th Edition Kroxigors. Just moved the arms on one of them for a bit of variety.

PAINTING: A couple of coats of Bilios green, Washed with Green ink, Highlighted with Bilious green and white. Scales, teeth and Nails scorched Brown, bleached bone, white. Soft underbelly scorched brown, snakebite leather, bleached bone. Weapons and Jewellry and job done.

BASING: Gritty sand, painted scorched brown and dark flesh, highlighted with lighter browns. Little stones and fallen ‘stonework’ painted in greys. Finally, static grass, lichen and fish tank plants were added for jungle vegitation.

STILL TO DO: These guys are finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: These were pretty straight forward. Except my first experiment with the new washes was on these guys and I have messed up the scales a bit. I will redo them next time I am in scale mode. I was pleased with how the bases turned out.




Closer look at the bases:


Original test mini finished also. (Bonus points)


31-08-2008, 17:46


UNIT: 15 Goblin Wolf Boyz. Inc Std, Mus, Boss.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Badcuzza’s badlands boyz and the Wolfskullz Goblin Horde.
This is an all cavalry army. Made from classic Marauder Wolf Boyz and Brian Nelsons Gribbly Orc Boar Boyz.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box Marauder Wolf Boyz.

PAINTING: Step-by-Step for wolves near start of my Plog. Nothing clever about the goblins. Base coated with Goblin green, snakebite leather and codex grey. Shading with a wash of darker colour, highlighted, and ‘the jobs a good un’.

BASING: Gritty sand, painted bestial brown, highlighted with Snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes little stones painted in greys with static grass added after.

STILL TO DO: These guys are finished except for shields.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Because the wolves were already done it made this unit very quick to finish off.



Orc Great Shaman (180) Level 4 (35) Boar chariot (80) L. Armour, Shield (4) (299)

Orc Big Boss (70) Riding Boar (16).
Goblin Big Boss (35) Riding Wolf (12) Light Armour, Great axe. (6)
Goblin Shaman. (55) Riding Wolf (12)

Core Units:

15 Goblin Wolf Riders with Spear/shield Including: Std, Mus, Boss. (240)
15 Goblin Wolf Riders with Spear/shield Including: Std, Mus, Boss. (240)
15 Goblin Wolf Riders with Spear/shield Including: Std, Mus, Boss. (240)
7 Goblin Wolf Riders with Bow. Including: Boss. (103)
7 Goblin Wolf Riders with Bow. Including: Boss. (103)

Special Units:

7 Orc Boar Boyz. Including: Std, Mus, Boss. (185)
7 Orc Boar Boyz. Including: Std, Mus, Boss. (185)
7 Orc Boar Boyz. Including: Std, Mus, Boss. (185)

(TOTAL: 1986)


Month 1 : Aug : 15 Goblin Wolf Riders (240)
Month 2 : Sep : 15 Goblin Wolf Riders (240)
Month 3 : Oct : 7 Riders Wolf Boyz (103)
Month 4 : Nov : 15 Goblin Wolf Rdiers (240)
Month 5 : Dec : 7 Goblin Wolf Riders (103) + Christmas Gobbo
Month 6 : 7 Orc Boar Boyz (185)
Month 7 : 7 Orc Boar Boyz (185)
Month 8 : 7 Orc Boar Boyz (185)
Month 9 : Charcaters
Month 10 : Characters





31-08-2008, 17:46


UNIT: 10 Warriors of Khorne.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Complete Khornage. This army is an all khorne army. Built very cheaply using ‘Battlemasters’ (an old Citadel/MB games joint venture) plastics for the majority of the army.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box old Battlemasters plastic Chaos Warriors. Just changed the champs weapon to make him stand out and added a standard and horn for the musician.

PAINTING: Painted Blood red. Washed with red and purple Inks. Some parts Black undercoat again. Metalics added.

BASING: Lava bases. Glue sand to the base leaving little riverlets. Paint base black then dry brush with greys then paint the riverlets in Scab red, Blood red, Blazing orange, sunburst yellow.

STILL TO DO: Nothing. These guys are done.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I like that they sit so well next to the Daemons of Khorne army I did last time. They should make an impressive combined force.

POINTS: 190 (In the ‘get you buy list’ … will be more in the new book).

ARMY LIST : (WD Warriors of Chaos ‘get you buy list’)

Lord of Chaos riding Jugger OR Daemon Prince? (350)

Champion of Chaos
Champion of Chaos
Champion of Chaos

Core Units
10 Warriors of Chaos Including: Std, Mus, Boss. Mark of Khorne(190)
10 Warriors of Chaos Including: Std, Mus, Boss. Mark of Khorne (190)
10 Warriors of Chaos Including: Std, Mus, Boss. Mark of Khorne (190)
20 warhounds of Chaos (120)

Special Units:
5 Knights of Chaos Mark of Khorne (230)
5 Knights of Chaos Mark of Khorne (230)
5 Knights of Chaos Mark of Khorne (230)

Rare units:
2 Spawn of Chaos (x60) (120)
Hell Cannon (270)

(TOTAL: 2000)


Month 1 : 10 Warriors of Chaos (190)
Month 2 : 10 Warriors of Chaos (190)
Month 3 : 10 Warriors of Chaos (190)
Month 4 : 20 Warhounds of Chaos (6) and 2 spawn of Chaos (60) (240)
Month 5 : 5 Knights of Chaos (230)
Month 6 : 5 Knights of Chaos (230)
Month 7 : 5 Knights of Chaos (230)
Month 8 : 1 Hell Cannon (270)
Month 9 : Heroes
Month 10 : Lord





31-08-2008, 17:47


UNIT: 25 Marauders of chaos with the mark of Nurgle. Inc Std, Mus, Champion. “The Disciples of the Rotting Redemption”.

BACKGROUND/THEME: I see it all so clearly now. Sister Duvallier was right. We push the lame and the sick from ourselves, because in out pettiness and conceit they provide too painful a reminder of our own mortal frailty. How pathetic we are! How vain. We drive the afflicted from our towns and cities and force them into the waiting arms of Nurgle - and why should they not seek comfort in him? … Now I see how shallow we are. Now I understand that we are all puppets of the Chaos powers. We push the desperate from us and call them dammed, forcing them to band together and wander the countryside. It is only a matter of time before they seek the comfort of Nurgle or are converted to his worship by some wandering heretic. Indeed how long is it before one who suffers from the daemon-plague of Nurgle’s rot, joins a wandering band of the mad and leprous?

Somewhere deep in the heart of the Empire such a wandering band of shunned and desperate souls make their way trough a dank and putrid swamp forced to travel by ways unseen. ‘The enemy within’.

BUILD/CONVERSION: These are straight from the box vintage sculpts for one of the first Regiments of Renown. “The disciples of the red redemtion” Clearly I have painted mine to represent a different brotherhood.

PAINTING: Washes of various greens and browns with ‘camo green’ being the base colour. And scorched brown for many of the details. (Full details on my Plog)

BASING: Split red lentils stuck on base. Washes of various greens and browns. Gloss varnished. Patches of sand added on to and painted scorched brown then dry brushed and static grass added.

STILL TO DO: Loads. Highlights on skin, drybrush and wash armour, finish gold masks, rope belts and pouches finished …. Loads still to do. But they had three colours and were based so I thought I would post them.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High: How well the idea with the washes worked out on the robes and the bases. Low: Not finishing how much there is still left to do!





I will update these pictures fwhen the unit is finished.

31-08-2008, 17:51

UNIT: 20 Dark Elf Warriors with Spear, Shield, Full Command
CHARACTER: Dark Elf Sorceress (Level 2)

BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard build straight from the box. The standard bearerís pole has been lengthened so the flags donít get in the way of the models next to him. Itís also pinned so that the banner can easily be removed when captured leaving the model in place. It also makes the model much easier to fit in a carry case.

The Sorceress is the beautiful sculpt from Avatars of War. No modifications at all to her. I went with the outstretched hand option as it just felt the right thing to do.

PAINTING: Iíve gone for the classic purple scheme and this will be themed throughout the rest of the army. The flesh on the Sorceress is bronzed flesh basecoat with ogre flesh and Baal Red wash, then highlighted up to Elf Flesh. The reddish tone from the Baal wash really brings out the skin, although the photo doesnít do it much justice.

BASING: Gritty sand inked with Chestnut Ink, highlighted with Bleached Bone and then snow flock added.

STILL TO DO: Ďardcoat varnish topped with Testors Dullcote.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No lows at all as Iíve had plenty of time to get these done. Iíve wanted to start a Dark Elf army for a long time and have thoroughly enjoyed painting them. Things will get more difficult as the months go by, but Iím determined to carry on to the bitter end!

TIME SPENT: 6 hours per 5 Dark Elf Warriors (completed over four days). The Sorceress also took around 6 hours.

POINTS: 155 for the Warriors, 135 for the Sorceress without extra items. 290 points total. Many of my future units will be under 200 points so this will eventually balance out.

PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH: A unit of 15 Witch Elves, although I tend to use them as a 7x2 unit. I may also beef up the Warrior unit to 25 as the Sorceress needs a few extra bodies to slaughter in the magic phase!!!





Ego Ninja
31-08-2008, 17:56
First up im doing Warriors oF Chaos not wood elves ;)


UNIT: Exalted Champion (Mark of Tzeentch, Additional Hand Weapon, Shield, Crown of Everlasting conquest) and the first two Chaos Warriors (Additional Hand Weapons)

BACKGROUND/THEME: None as of yet





Colonel Haizelhoff
31-08-2008, 18:04

this month: scar vet as BSB 190 points w/banner and spawnings (is that ok? Had to cheat a little as I ran out of time :D)

notes: converted from a regular saurus was otherwise nice, except the skull helmet which worked out a little bad. sry the seond pick is blurry.


31-08-2008, 18:12

x16 Dwarf Thunderers with FC

BACKGROUND/THEME: As a newbie to the hobby, I wanted to combine the models I already had - a mixture of the BFSP dwarves and the classic Marauder miniatures, which I think have merged together quite well.

BUILD/CONVERSION: All figures are standard GW minitaures.

PAINTING: Again, a rather newbie approach I should imagine! Base coated with Chaos Black, then very carefully painted flat coats of the base colours. Shading is courtesy of trial and error with the new GW washes!

BASING: Movement tray and figure bases have a mixture of light/small tallus and sand, immediately sealed with brown ink to hold everything together. Drybrushed with bestial brown, then Snakebite Leather and finally Bleached Bone to give the finishing highlight. Small areas of static grass added for finishing touches.

STILL TO DO: The movement tray eventually needs to be made magnetic to hold the figures - still got to figure out the best way of doing this - any advice is appreciated! Also need to varnish / seal them.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs - a fantastic learning experience thats given me pleanty of ideas for future units/figures. Lows - I hate the lack of detail on the BFSP plastic miniatures, so I dont think they're as well presented as the metal figs :(



Comments and critiques appreciated, although please bear in mind that this is my first ever painted unit!

31-08-2008, 18:14

UNIT: Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain

BACKGROUND/THEME: This army will represent a horde of mainly goblins with a some 'elite' orcs as back-up.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Avatars of War Goblin King as Grom, old Grom chariot, one of the normal gobbo chariot drivers as Niblit, with an empire regimental flag as BSB.

STILL TO DO: Finished

HIGHS AND LOWS: Lot of work but rewarding!



Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain (255)

Goblin Big Boss (best basha, collar of zorga, shield, light armour, 59)
Orc Big Boss BSB (Best boss 'at, 127)
Orc Shaman (Level 2, 2x dispel scroll, 150)

Core Units:
24 Boyz (2 choppa's, 198)
29 Gobbo's (hand weapon + shields, 146)
21 Gobbo's (bows, 104)
5 Spider riders (spear, bow, shield, 100)

Special Units:
10 Boar Boyz (258)
Rock Lobber (75)
Rock Lobber (75)

Rare Units:
4 Stone Trolls (240)
Giant (205)

(TOTAL: 1992)




31-08-2008, 18:24
Month 1 Painting

Unit: 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers and crew

Points: 200

Background/Theme: Retinue of Denemhir the Exile. Dispossessed of Ghrond. The full background of Denemhir will be posted when I come to paint him. This is all you get in the mean time. ;)

Build/Conversion: Straight from the blister

Painting: Nothing fancy. Just a darker variation on my usual blues and silvers. I tried to keep highlight colours tied to the main colours so used Hawk Turquoise for highlighting the black on the crew.

Basing: Sand, gravel, static grass, snow

Still to do: Nothing.

Highs/Lows: Got them done very quickly for me. Was worried I might not finish on time with work and the 40k Tale as well but I had Mr Meechan cajolling me which helped.

TOTAL POINTS: 200/2000


I have only partially decided on the army list so far so I won't bother posting it. The Reapers were the only thing that are absolutely fixed so I painted them first. Handily enough they were also exactly 200 points.

31-08-2008, 18:27

ARMY NAME: The Host of the Puppet Master (Tzeentch mortals)

THIS MONTH: 12 Warriors with hw+s and mark of tzeentch, full command
225 points

BUILD: Straight out of the box

BASING: Sand sprayed black, drybrushed codex greywith patches of a snow mix (baking soda, pva and water) on top.

PAINTING: Armour was boltgun metal washed heavily with badab black and devlan mud and drybrushed chainmail, blue is regal blue and black, highlighted up in several stages to enchanted blue then dulled down by a wash of regal blue. OSL.... never mind about that for now.


HIGHS: Painting the warriors; these things were great fun to do, and I'm really happy with how they turned out. The OSL is another matter and will take some more work, but I'm still reasonably happy with that too.
LOWS: The snow bases... I've finally realised that I;ve been using too much water in the baking soda mix with the snow I've stuck on the movement tray, but only after doing about half of it, so it's still quite patchy in places. Hopefully that shouldn;t be a problem in later months.

NEXT MONTH: The lord, which i fear I;ve already mostly finished. Not sure if I'll get anything new done before christmas.

31-08-2008, 18:44


UNIT: Dwarf Organ Gun + crew (110pts).
UNIT: Dwarf Cannon + Crew (90pts).

BACKGROUND/THEME: This army is going to be a dwarven army from the cold north. More on the army fluff over coming months.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Mix of mini's from the current range and skull pass box set.

PAINTING: Metals are boltgun metal, then black wash or P3 brass followed by mud wash. Green areas are Snot green, a large mix of browns used.

BASING: Base is microbead snow effect.

STILL TO DO: A few highlights to tidy up.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Really enjoyed painting the dwarfs this month.

POINTS: 200 pts (before runes)

ARMY LIST : To follow in the future.


Month 1 : Organ gun + Cannon
Month 2 : Dwarven Warrior Unit




31-08-2008, 18:45
Iím going with Lizardmen, please add to the list of painters and armies.

Hi! My name is Leon, my nick is from a Larp character I played as a kid, unfortunately, I carried it with me here to warseer. Iíve been into warhammer for ten years, but started playing seriously about six years ago, since then, Iíve had a few armies of both fantasy and 40k and played some Mordheim and Necromunda as well. Due to a lot of moving around and wanting to sell my stuff and start new armies, a lot of stuff have gone, but three things still remain, my eldar army for 40k, my WHFB WE and my Lizardmen, which I started collecting when they first where released in 5th. I donít have a lot of the old stuff left, but some remain (mainly as junk in a bitzbox). The only one model from that range Iíll be using in this army will be oxayotl, the cameleon skink, heíll probably make an appearance as a rather different skink attendant. Iíve never had the whole army painted and playable before though, so this will shure be a welcome project. Iíve been a dino freak since I was four, so this army is very appealing to me, I just borrowed a few dino-books from the library for inspiration and believe it or not Ė Iím currently reading a course in paleontology at the University of Stockholm, itís mostly dinos, but I would rather have wanted sedimentation processes and marine invertebrate fossilization since Iím about to take a bachelors in Marine BiologyÖ

I currently live in Gothenburg, Sweden but Iíll be moving to Wilmington, North Carolina in January. Other than above facts about me is that Iím a frequent larper (you donít have to laugh, larping in Sweden is ages ahead of US or the rest of Europe for that matter, itís seen as an art form, like theatre without audience and every costume, armour and attribute is the real deal, made by hand from medieval descriptions, to top that, fighting is always at least secondary for the games, and we do it purely on acting, rarely if ever with hit points, and then you get like two or three, even in full plate armour). Iím also a student at the University of Gothenburg, studying Marine Biology and Sustainable Development. Right now Iím planning a career as a scientific illustrator for a few years, then Iíll probably end up working in third world countries with coastal management, also working part time as an underwater photographer. I find a big interest in Environmental politics and love outdoor life like kayaking, scuba, skindiving and hiking.

For this army, Iím planning on building a core force of a few saurus units (2-3) and some skinks. Later on this will be expanded into three different directions by characters and support units. First of, regular slann based magic army, 2 priests, heavy slann (or kroak, sharing palanquin by magnets or pinning), and large blocks of stuff. Second, regular fighting saurus army, oldblood on carnosaur, lots of dinos, you know the drill, and third, the red host of Tehenhauin, with some redcrested skinks (a unit of 30) a lot of skink skirmishers and support like salamanders, swarms and terradons. Basicly, all units put together will probably add up over 4000 points, so Iím probably going to post a lot more than 200/month.
I post some concept art for a few conversions Iím about to do for the army as well. Below is some scetches of slann posing, palanquin conversion.


UNIT: 17 Saurus warriors

BACKGROUND/THEME: If one spawning doesnít change a unit to special in upcoming rules, Iíll play this unit with a blessing of Sotek. Otherwise, theyíre just saurus with some nice color.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Some conversions, but nothing with parts different than from the box. I wanted to give them a more aggressive feeling and besides try out to make them more ďsaurusĒ. In my mind, saurus arenít really static troops, theyíre aggressive reptilian killing machines, fighting with everything they got, put a weapon into the hands of a Velociraptor and they would probably use it half as much as anything elseÖ Right now, Iím having a lot of problems placing them behind each other, and the unit will be expanded, so hopefully, the remaing saurus can be converted to ďfill up the gapsĒ.

PAINTING: Skull white priming, Azurmen blue wash, blood red scales and shields with a simple highlight of blazing orange. Shining gold for gold and the obsidian was done by hawks turquoise with a thin wash of watered down skull white. Standard was painted with with blazing sun, drybrushed and highlighted up with mixing skull white. Banner eyes made with blood red base, shading with black mixing and highlighting with yellow mixing. The whole model was then washed with armypainter dark dip.

BASING: Simple flock before priming. As now, you might as well see them as snow bases, and we donít have to discuss that further...

STILL TO DO: Another 13 saurus, Iím planning on having a skink chief with the Skavenpelt banner in the unit as well, if it turns up in the new armybook. Otherwise I might play a red host instead. Iím also going to finish the bases when the rest of the unit is done since Iím going to go for a diorama style with each unit. This one will be running over jungle floor with some cracked pavestones and a lot of ferns around them. A tzunki saurus unit will be marching up from a beach or a swamp. My salamanders will also have swamp basing and the templeguard and slann will have pavement stones (with sculpted dinosaur fossils in them! The inspiration came from a trip with my gf to the paleontological museum of Uppsala).

HIGHS AND LOWS: The painting went really fast but the results could be debated upon. Iím a fan of very bright highlights and ďDisneyĒ color on armies, next unit will probably have a lot more highlights.

POINTS: 222 pts (whole unit will be 384 pts (418 with spawning) kind of all eggs in one basket but if Iíll play MSU I can divide it into either 3 or 2 units, a lot of saurus is always nice).


Concept art:

Some real dinos:

NEXT MONTH: The rest of the unit, 4 test ups for the Tzunki saurus, and probably some other stuff as well.

Cheers guys! Awesome pics up here already!

31-08-2008, 18:48



A bit of explanation. I've deliberately decided to use a Joke for the Warriors of Chaos this month because i dont want to start the army properly until after GDUK.

The GDUK should have the new mini's on display and maybe even an army book to have a quick read of. This will help me choose a chaos power and shape the army so i decided to wait until after GDUK to make a proper start on the army.

I have made some initial progress on assembly and conversion of some models but you'll have to wait til next month to see the results ;)

31-08-2008, 19:26

UNIT: My General, Grimzug.

BACKGROUND: This is my general. He come out of the Blasted Wastes around 2290 I.C, and settled in the mountains around High Pass. After conquering some tribes up in the mountains, he wanted a goal. After some time he found the Dwarf Hold of Karak Vlag, and in true Orc fashion, "Get Sum". Grimzugs tribe launched several attacks on the hold, but never even came close. The boyz were killed before they even reached the Dwarf line, and the stones from the Rock Lobbas didn't leave a scratch on the walls of the hold. As Grimzug understood, this was the most fortified hold in the whole Worlds Edge Mountains, and he came obsessed with capturing it. Around 2301, he had gathered a vast horde, and marched on to Karak Vlag. But when arriving, he found that the hold was vanished, as it never had existed. The only thing he found was a golden trinket, which was quite shiny, so he attached it to his armour. Shortly after,he noticed several of chaos warbands spread over the nearby area. After slaughtering them all, he was finally met a Tzeentch army, and as he believed they were the ones who had hidden the Hold from him, he ordered his army to charge. After many hours of insane violence, Grimzug was challenged by the Tzeentch Lord. Grimzug accepted, walked over to the lord and disarmed him, and bit his head of. His mouth became full of sparkling feathers of strange colours, and he decided to attach them to his wooden mask, as a reminder of his painfully easy victory.
Ever since, Grimzug has remained in the area, fighting chaos trying to make them show him where his ultimate goal of conquest is hidden: The location of Karak Vlag. As he lives close to the Chaos Wastes, his lifespan is unnaturally long for an Orc, and he is alive, even to this day ( 2523 I.C ). Hence his white beard.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Grimgor Ironhide model, with Wurrzag's head. Some GS attached to fill the gaps, and to make some beard.

PAINTING: Chaos Black sprayed over whole model.
Skin: Snot Green, Devlan Mud wash. Goblin Green. Highlight Scorpion Green.
Metals: Either Tin Bitz or Mithril Silver, drybrushed with each other to create a "worn" look.
Empire Shields, blues: Mordian Blue, Devlan Mud. Enchanted Blue. Ice Blue highlight.
Leather Straps: Khemri Brown, Devlan Mud. Snakebite Leather. Graveyard Earth Highlight.
Gold: Shining gold undercoat. Gryphonne sepia wash. Burnished gold highlight.
Bones, skulls etc: Bleached Bone, Gryphonne sepia, Skull white highlight.

BASING: Sand and pellets from the playground outside my house:) Black Ink directly on the unpainted sand/stones. Drybrush Fortress Grey. Drybrush Space Wolves Grey. A few dots of Static Grass.

Army List:
Black Orc Warboss(145), HA (6), Imbads Iron Gnashas (30), Amulet of Protectyness (25): 206

Orc Shaman: (65), Lv. 2 Upgr. (35) , Horn of Urgok (40): 140
N. Goblin Shaman: (50) Lv. 2 Upgr (35), Nibblas Itty Ring (20): 105
N. Goblin Shaman: (50) Lv. 2 Upgr (35), Staff of Sneaky Stealin (50): 135

30 Orc Boyz (150), Shields (30), FC (30): 210
30 Orc Boyz (150), Shields (30), FC (30): 210
25 Orc Boyz (125), Shields (25), FC (30): 180
10 Arrer Boyz (60): 60
5 Wolf Riders (60) : 60

Goblin Wolf Chariot (60), Extra crewman (3), Extra Wolf (3): 66
25 Black Orcs (325), FC (38), Noggs Banner of Butchery (25): 388
4 Spear Chuckas (140), Bullyx4 (20): 160

Doom Diver (80) OR 2 Pump Wagons (80)

Total: 2000pts.


Points Painted: 206/2000

31-08-2008, 19:28
Will be submiting a 600pt lord on dragon next month or november, if i post it next month can i buy an extra joker?

31-08-2008, 19:40

Painter: MutantMaggot (or 'Master of Puppets', 'Scorpius', or whatever name I'm under atm)

Army name: I'm not quite sure. 'Undead-things-that-i-had in my-bitz-box' would be best, but somehow "Forwards the Undead-things-that-i-had in my-bitz-box!" doesn't quite work ... I think I'll stick with "The Avengers" for now.


CHARACTERS: A vampire and a vaghulf

BACKGROUND/THEME: Bugrit, do they expect me to write another 180 pages for a single undead army? I hope not ...http://www.roundtable-bretonnia.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=4&id=66&Itemid=27 ... was for the first half, and be damned if I'm going to do it again.

Yes, I will write something, though. Wait a moment.

The hooded figure let out a soft hiss, eyes blazing from within a deep black hood, and Arthar stepped back warily – he prided himself on nigh-fanatical devotion to his gods, yet somehow the sight of the figure standing in front of him, a good foot taller than him and swathed in a midnight-black cloak, made him shudder. There was something magical about the figure – not a tzeentchian way; he could cope with mutation and a twisted sense of humour. It was more ... Sorcerous.
Arthar swallowed as the lanky figure took a step towards him, so close Arthar could see the clouds of mist left by the figure’s steady breathing. Painfully aware that his own breathing was rushed and his heart pounding against his armour, Arthar let his hands reach down to his sword as the cold, quiet yet piercing voice that he had heard earlier emerged from the hood.
‘You will serve me, mortal, be it alive or dead,’ the figure hissed sibilantly, his words carrying menace that made the warrior – usually so deaf to the real world – swallow inside his encaging helmet and tighten his grip on the sword.
Arthar forced a laugh, however, as the figure did not explain himself. ‘You will never – never! – have my service, whatever creature you are. Arthar of the Kurgan serves no master other than the gods themselves!’
A cold laugh interrupted him, and he frowned, detecting something akin to real mirth in the blazing red eyes that cast shadows on a hooded face. Trying to ignore the sense of unease that had crept over him, he focussed his eyes on the distant, snow-shrouded mountains, and raised his voice to disguise his fear and smother the devilish laughter. ‘I have warriors who no mortal can best, creature! I have beasts that shake the very world as they stride to war that obey my every whim! You cannot defeat me!’
Arthar let out a soft growl, slowly loosening his sword as laughter sounded again. The tall figure raised a hand, gesturing to the skyline thousands of miles away. ‘And where are they now, Arthar? You stand on the roof of the world and yet – and yet – they are nowhere to be seen. Perhaps your gods have failed you, mortal?’
Arthar had no response, and stepped back as he realized what the cloaked being had said ‘mortal’. This being was – no, it was not possible! His gods would have warned him ... should have done ... if they had known. Arthar’s armour clanked as he took another step backwards, half-tripping over a rock as the imposing figure strode towards him, cloak swept forwards by an unearthly wind.
The chaos warrior blinked, realizing his foe held no weapon. In a flash, he was on his feet, and his sword was pointed at his enemy’s chest. The figure laughed. ‘Go ahead, Arthar, son of Durar ... it is only you that you would harm.’
Arthar barely heard the words as he swung his sword in an upwards motion, leaning forwards and letting his own momentum and brute strength swing it into unprotected flesh. As thin blood splattered onto his face, his eyes widened. It had worked! But something was wrong. His foe had not staggered back, nor had he moved. The blood on Arthar’s forehead slowly ran down his face, cooler and thinner than it should be.
Arthar had already turned to run when a thin laugh ran out. But he did not turn: he kept fleeing, away from the nightmare apparition that haunted him, away from the creature with blood chilled water. He was nearly there now – nearly at the hollow where he could hide, the mound disguised from the hilltop. If he could get there before – he stopped, and a slow smile spread across his face. He could see banners, decorated with white dragons, and black snakes that stood out on the blood-red background of countless standards hanging from banner poles decorated with festering trophies.
His tribe! For the first time in his life, Arthar felt a rush of gratitude for his warriors, and ran towards then, sword sheathed as he yelled familiar names. ‘Karrin! Garnor!’ he yelled, even saying the name of his “pet” centaur, Akathan in his wild excitement and relief.
But there was no answer, no replying call.
Arthar slowed. ‘Karrin?’ he asked quietly. There was someone there – Karrin, almost certainly. The same armour. But no reply. Arthar swallowed, dread seizing his troubled mind. He licked his lips, tasting the cold blood of the tall figure as he did so. ‘Karrin?’ he asked again, but still no answer. Sudden doubt struck him, and he ran towards his captain in panic.
But Karrin was – no! he thought, falling to his knees and staring at the army, which replied to his panicked gaze with a steady look, blue fires burning inside shadowed eyes that did little to make them look more alive. They stared straight ahead, every one of them motionless, and clad in their normal black armour. Every one of them dead, stripped of flesh, skeletal frames barely noticing the chill breeze that blew through tattered cloaks that looked older than time itself.
Even his centaur was dead, its flesh pale and blue fires burning where its eyes once were – it had its body, but little more. The army stood, staring ahead, chill winds whipping seemingly ancient cloth into motion that did nothing to hide the static age of the army.
Arthar covered his eyes, salty liquid slipping from an eye as he contemplated what had happened, sick at the world for doing this, yet even more sick with himself for his disgust and how reviled he felt.
A voice sounded from behind him, and he snarled, standing to glare at the cowled figure, who stood calmly watching him. ‘There they are. All under my command ... all mine, as you will be. IU could make them to anything for me – they have no power to resist. Watch,’ he said, and raised a shrivelled hand that looked as emaciated as the thinness of the figure seemed to signify. He pointed a long, thin finger at a warrior, and the former chaos devotee fell to his knees, and began to grovel on the floor.
The figure smiled, and watched Arthar intently, the chill wind fanning the chaos lord’s fur cloak out beside him. The chaos lord swallowed, and finally words returned to him. ‘You bastard,’ he said simply. No statement of defiance. Nothing. ‘Necromancer ...’
The figure smiled, drawing back his hood to reveal pallid skin beneath thinning, jet-black hair. But it was the teeth – those white, long canines – which attracted most of Arthar’s attention. ‘No,’ the tall immortal said simply. ‘Vampire.’

(Part two next month)

BUILD/CONVERSION: The vampire was fairly simple - a bit of GS, and I had a chaos lord with a vampire head and a flaming sword.

The Centgulf (is Varghaur better? ) was almost as simple - Archaon's torso, a knight's horse tail, an old wood elven horse, a lot of GS, and a few chaosy bits that were in my bitz box.

PAINTING: A basecoat and a highlight on everything - nothing special, as I don't want these heroes to stand out from the many I already have.

BASING: My usual methods ... sand sprayed black, drybrushed codex and then fortress grey, with clumps of static grass.

STILL TO DO: For these? Nothing. I'd like to do more, but I haven't got enough models to paint until October as it is ...

HIGHS AND LOWS: On the plus side, I did then quickly. However, it doesn't quite feel satisfying, though it was really all I could do this month.





More in a moment ....

31-08-2008, 19:41
And why I didn't have the money to buy any more models ...



And teh army as it is, including the first half:



31-08-2008, 19:46

Marius Leitdorf - 280 points

Alternatively an Empire general costing around 200 points.

Background: Marius Leitdorf's background can be found on the GW website, but I will say that he was the Elector Count of Averland, where my Empire force will hail from. He is now deceased in the official background.

Conversions: I used the general's horse, I cut off the skeleton from the horse's head armour and replaced it with a plume. I also glued a pistol and sack to the horse.

I really enjoyed painting this miniature, because it gave me a chance to have some fun with colours. Often when painting troops it can get monotonous, but with characters, and especially flamboyant Empire characters, you can go crazy a bit, and it keeps it interesting.


http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/2576/006wi2.th.jpg (http://img257.imageshack.us/my.php?image=006wi2.jpg)

http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/3825/009wi2.th.jpg (http://img153.imageshack.us/my.php?image=009wi2.jpg)

http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/7158/misc005oj0.th.jpg (http://img75.imageshack.us/my.php?image=misc005oj0.jpg)

http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/8918/misc007ez0.th.jpg (http://img115.imageshack.us/my.php?image=misc007ez0.jpg)

Lord Dan
31-08-2008, 20:00

UNIT: 9 DE Warriors, 1 Assassin, 1 Cold One Knight

BACKGROUND/THEME: I'll post some overall army fluff when things start coming together more.

Warriors: Little conversion work here. I chopped up the arm of the champion to have it look a little more relaxed.
Assassin: Some putty work on his right arm to have it fit better.
Cold One: Plasticard armor and some bitz on the cold one.

Warriors: I was really tired of painting silver armor, so I decided to give most of my infantry a black laquored armor instead. I also wanted to give my troops more "pop" than purple on black would provide, so I gave them green tunics. I then painted random nic-nacs gold and purple to match the army theme.
Assassin: I originally painted him almost all black, but then realized he blended way too much in my unit of warriors. To give him a little more color, I decided on a cloak that changed colors with its environment (inspired, obviously, from MGS4 and LOTR) so I painted it to look like it was changing from black to tan. (Or is it tan to black? ;))
Cold One: The armor is still somewhat bulky for a DE, but I decided that with some decent armor intricacies it would look a little more elf. I painted the armor silver to help stand out from the infantry, and gave some panels a small green vine detail. Armor of the rider was painted in a similar fashion to the warriors.

BASING: Grit sand before priming. Drybrushed shadow grey, space wolves grey, and white to create a cold, mountainous look to the earth. Finished off with patches of static grass.

STILL TO DO: 16 more warriors, and 4 more cold ones to complete the two units.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Painting the warriors was really easy when I got a rhythm going, however the cold one proved to take far longer than I originally anticipated.

POINTS: 248 (78 for the Warriors, 27 for the Cold One, and 141 for the Assassin)




31-08-2008, 20:00
Dark Elves:

Lokhir Fellheart - 250 Points

Background can be found in the army book. The background for my army is a Black Ark crew with many Corsairs, and other suitable raiding troops.

I enjoyed painting Fellheart as well. He was easy to paint, and I like the result, even if it isn't all too creative as I copied the book for the most part. I tried out using purple ink on the gold, and it worked fairly well. I can't remember where I heard about using purple ink, somewhere on here anyway.


http://img377.imageshack.us/img377/8466/misc003eu6.th.jpg (http://img377.imageshack.us/my.php?image=misc003eu6.jpg)

http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/6353/misc004fi6.th.jpg (http://img75.imageshack.us/my.php?image=misc004fi6.jpg)

31-08-2008, 20:21
PAINTER: Spikedog
ARMY: Beast's of Chaos


UNIT: 3 x Minotaurs with Great Weapons and The Mark of Khorne = 203 Points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Basically the army is a tribe of Minotaurs with a small contingent of Gors that follow them around basking in the blood of battle and feasting on the carnage that follows in their wake.

I will flesh out this section with a little more detail and some in character junk as the tale goes on and I get more ideas.

There are several themes in this army that I plan to take through every model, such as:

* Every model is armed with an axe,
* Every model has hooves,
* Every model has horns,

BUILD/CONVERSION: The two left models are stock, the one on the right has had a weapon swap to keep in theme.

PAINTING: Lots and lots of browns! But seriously several layers of drybrushing on the fur, several layers of highlights and washes for the skin and other parts.

BASING: I have used resin cast forest bases with various types of plants both real and brass etched. I have also some water effects for some of the bases but it is not done on these yet.

STILL TO DO: They need varnishing and a couple more plants are needed on the bases plus there are a few details I missed like a nose ring on one and some metal studs. Oh and TAKE A BETTER PICTURE! :D

HIGHS: I love these models, I know other people hate them but I really enjoyed painting them.

...AND LOWS: None really, took a while to get the details right but I like the way they turned out.



More pictures including WiP's in my project log, link in my sig.

31-08-2008, 20:26

UNIT: 12 (Un)divided Chaos Warriors with shields

BACKGROUND/THEME: Whenever I think about chaos I have the image of them from good old “Enemy Within” campaign. Those who played WFRP and encountered a chaos warrior probably remember how their were chewing on your precious destiny pionts /or maybe it was because my GM:D/ I wanted to show that ferocity and uniqueness of each warrior by modeling and painting them all in a different style. As for the background I want to stay with the Enemy Within feeling so no Northern touches in this army:D

BUILD/CONVERSION: They are a kit bash of old plastic warriors /from the time when GW gave metal parts and movement trays to the boxes/ with the new static warriors with some minor parts from other units such as black orcs and flagellants

PAINTING: Each of them is painted in different style to emphasize the different gods they are serving.

BASING: Sand painted in the standard way /scorched Brown,bestial b.,bleached bone/, old bricks, stones/fortress Grey dry brush/ and static grass

STILL TO DO: My gold paint supplies were empty so gold trimming,finish the drum. I must confess that I did’t realize how little time I had to the end of the month /I’m having an exam on Monday so my time sense is dead/ So I pated them on Friday night for H so there are some touch up still to do.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Painting each of them differently really slowed down the work but on the other hand the was really little monotony in there. Speed painting is not my strong site so sorry for showing you them in poor quality I promise to work better over the next months

Points: 174 ( I’ll add 8 more of them inc std next month giving all together 303pts for this unit)


So what do you think??

THE Dark schemes:
Month 1 : Aug : 12 warriors with shields
Month 2 : Sep : 8 warriors and std, plus 2x Spawn
Month 3 : Oct : 20-22 Marauders/Mutants
Month 4 : Nov : Lord
I’ll plan the rest when I get my tentacles on the WoC book.

31-08-2008, 20:26
Surprise! I bet you didn't expect to see me. I mean, I have posted both my armies, what am I doing? Is this spam? Nope! It says post one post per army, well I obviously went completely insane because I also decided to do...

Vampire Counts:

Vampire Lord - About 400 points

Background: Still in progress. She is obviously a courtly Vampire from Bretonnia, but the majority of the army will be raised Empire and normal Vampire Counts stuff, including the Black Knights in my signature. The Vampires will all be the old Lahmia ladies, and all female, except if I do some Blood Knights, which will be their thralls. The idea is that they are enchantresses who lure unsuspecting men to their doom. I plan to do spirit hosts composed of the tortured spirits of their victims, who, despite being tricked and killed, are still falling for the trick, and follow the vampires around in the afterlife, and attack anyone who would do them harm. I might do a necromancer out of that old Mordheim sisters of sigmar auger (I think that's what she's called).

Conversions: I used the Bretonnian mounted Damsel riding side saddle. I replaced the fleur de lise (I can't spell in French, sorry) on her staff with an old corsair banner top. I put her on an empire horse with a head from the old Manfred von Carstein model. I had to cut and file the ridge on the empire horse barding for her to fit.

I am having a bit of trouble with this mini in choosing a colour scheme and such. I want to strike a balence between beautiful and corpsy. If I lean too far one way, she just looks like the damsel, but too far the other way and there's no way she would trick men into thinking she's not a monster. Still, I am enjoying painting her and the googling I am doing on make-up, medieval gowns, and of course vampires.


http://img357.imageshack.us/img357/258/misc001kn0.th.jpg (http://img357.imageshack.us/my.php?image=misc001kn0.jpg)

http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/7190/misc002ag6.th.jpg (http://img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=misc002ag6.jpg)

Almost done, I just need to paint the little bottles on her belt, and the saddle. Still, it's got 3 colours and it's based, so it meets the requirements. I will probably finish it up and then post some better pictures.

31-08-2008, 20:38


UNIT: 16 Hammerers with shields including champion


PAINTING: Black undercoat. Goblin green with Thraka Green and Badab black washes. Highlighted with goblin green and Golden yellow. The gold parts where painted with Shining gold and a Gryphonne sepia wash.

BASING: Sand washed with the old GW brown ink. Highlighted with Graveyard earth and bleached bone. Fianlly I added some static grass patches.

STILL TO DO: Iím not satisfied with the shields so I might switch them later on.


PLAN: I have no plan yet, just a bunch of old metal minis.



31-08-2008, 20:44
First off, here's my rough list for the next year with what I plan on painting. I know it's pretty character heavy and there's only 2 core choices, but what could change as things move along. I'm not starting a new army, all this will be going towards making my current army completely painted.

20 Corsairs with 2 handweapons and FC = 225
5 Dark Riders with crossbows = 110

20 Desciples of Khaine with FC (witch elf conversions) = 230?
19 Black Guard with FC = 273
5 Shades with Bloodshade = 98
5 Cold One Knights FC = 180

War Hydra and handlers = 175

Master on a Manticore with Seadragon cloak = 273
Dreadlord on foot = 80
Dreadlord/master on foot = 80
Sorceress = 100
Sorceress = 100
Sorceress = 100
Assassin = 90
Assassin = 90

and if I'm really lucky I'll have the slow progression of my Cauldron of Blood conversion finished too, but I wont count that, it's just a bonus


Corsairs (Dark Elves)

UNIT: 20 Corsairs with full Command

BACKGROUND/THEME: Only have a tiny bit of theme going with my army, they based further north in the Land of Chill so there actually snow on the ground, hence the bases. Got the idea for their cloaks by looking at Sea Horses (Sea Dragon/Sea Horse, pretty close ya?)

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box 6th ed Dark Elf Corsairs

PAINTING: Over Black GW primer:
Cloaks: Base coat Bronzed Flesh with a heave Delvin Mud wash over it. Then careful application of Kommando Khaki and Charadon Granite over the scales then Bleached Bone, then Skull White loosely following my Sea Horse inspiration.

BASING: Medium Ballast added on before priming then just a progression from Fortress to Codex Grey then Skull white

STILL TO DO: Just need to do a cool design on the banner and eventually change the bases to my new recipe

HIGHS AND LOWS: I was very happy figuring out my own original idea for my Sea Dragon Cloaks. I love Washes! The bases suck though, but they are good enough for now until I do a new batch of super snow.






31-08-2008, 21:02
Orcs & Goblins


UNIT: 1 Black Orc Warlord

BACKGROUND/THEME: Mixed Orc & Goblin army, mostly 6th ed. and later models, called The Bloody Skull tribe.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Simpel Grimgor Ironhide conversion. Head swapped for the one from the plastic Warboss kit, and hand swapped for a plastic holding a choppa. Added a plastic shield on his back.

PAINTING: Armour is mostly Boltgun metal covered in the new washes and more metal. Infact, most of the model is covered with different shades of the new GW washes. He has the same motif that will be seen alot on the rest of the army, skulls/symbols with one side red, one bone.

BASING: Sand, painted brown, highlighted with lighter browns/bone. Static grass on top.


POINTS: 214 (with magic items).


NEXT MONTH: Forest goblins on foot with Shaman.

31-08-2008, 21:11

Lords and heroes:
Slann - 325 pts
Skink Chief: 55pts has not decided equippment yet, as the model is in progress
Saurus Scar-Veteran -85
16 temple guards with shields and full command - 323
20 saurus warriors -270
Loads of skinks - at least 280 pts
4 kroxigors - 232
I could bother painting some terradons as well.
3 Salamanders -195
Stegadon -235



UNIT: Basic Stegadon with giant bow and 5 skink handlers

BACKGROUND/THEME: My army consists mostly of 5th edition models. I have still to think of a good background of the army (but i promise i will think of one).

BUILD/CONVERSION: I haven't made much of a conversion on this giant beastie, i just wanted this stegadon to be done quick, leaving my other two stegadons to be converted and experimented with :evilgrin:.

PAINTING: Glazes of various browns for the skin, scourched brown leather, yellow crests and eyes. Weapons are of bronze.

BASING: this one dont have a base as its 5th edition, but i may come up with one later on.

STILL TO DO: Some finishing touches on the stegadon, a few things on the howdah and and 3 of the skink riders.

HIGHS: I Love 5th edition skinks! They are so cute!

LOWS: i could not find the last skink handler and therefor i had to replace it with a normal plastic skink.
I still cant think of what grusome fate that could happened to the poor skink... :cries:


sorry for blurry pictures

31-08-2008, 21:44
PAINTER: EmperorNorton
ARMY: Wood Elves


UNIT: 1 Treeman

BACKGROUND/THEME: None, I'm afraid.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Again, none. Simply the model as Ultraforge makes it. Well, I glued on the arms.

PAINTING: Basecoated with Charadon Granite, drybrushed with a mix of Charadon Granite and Graveyard Earth and then just Graveyard Earth. Parts drybrushed with a mix of Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone. Several washes.

BASING: The model comes with a scenic base, as of yet unfinished.

STILL TO DO: 85 points worth of work on the base.

HIGHS: I've wanted this model since it first came out and finally had an excuse to buy one (the Tale and the sale Ultraforge has had). The texture made this really easy to paint and I like the result, someting that doesn't happen often with my painting.

...AND LOWS: After their initial sale Ultraforge lowered the price for the Treelord and I could have saved an additional $5. Also, the model doesn't look all that imposing when seen from the side. See picture below.




Size comparison:

31-08-2008, 21:47
Well, sadly I'm going to have to joker. I've not had any time at all for Fantasy this month. :(


31-08-2008, 21:56
PAINTER: EmperorNorton
ARMY: Vampire Counts


UNIT: 3 Wraiths and a Banshee

BACKGROUND/THEME: Although not apparent in this unit, my Vampire Counts stem from Bretonnia.

BUILD/CONVERSION: None, just as they came from the blister.

PAINTING: Basecoated with Codex Grey, drybrushed six or seven times leading from Codex Grey to Skull White. The final layer of drybrushing had a tiny bit of Livery Green in it to make them appear to glow somewhat (which of course can't be seen in the pictures at all).

BASING: Sand, painted with Graveyard Earth, washed with Devlan Mud, drybrushed with a mix of Graveyard Earth and Bonewhite. And some Scorched Grass.

STILL TO DO: They still need to be varnished, probably glossy.

HIGHS: It took about two hours to paint.

...AND LOWS: They look like it.

Group shot:

The one looking the least bad of the bunch:

31-08-2008, 21:59
ARMY: Wood Elves


UNIT: 8 Dryads + 10 glade guards

I's a real simple color scheme and a real newbie style. Hope they're good enought!

31-08-2008, 22:45
ARMY: Orcs & Goblins



THIS MONTHS PAINTING: Level 2 Goblin Shaman with 2 Dispel Scrolls and 21 Night Goblin Archers with Command. Fanatics will be painted later on.

PAINTING: Simple stuff as I am not too experienced yet, goblins are done snot green over a black basecoat, then drybrushed goblin green and highlighted scorpion green. The black is done with a black basecoat, drybrush of codex grey and then washed with badab black.

BASING: Very simple as well to match the furry fantasy table I play on a lot. Goblin green bases then glued on glade grass static grass.

HIGHS: They look a lot better than I had thought they would, got a lot of useful tips here at Warseer.

LOWS: Eyes, I had a lot of trouble with them.


Magos Explorator
31-08-2008, 22:47
Some really good stuff so far in this thread!


UNIT: 1 Archmage



BACKGROUND/THEME: I've always loved this model, so thought it'd make an excellent choice for my army. The army's themed around Nagarythe so will be darker than normal for High Elves--although this guy isn't so much, as I wanted the characters to stand out.

PAINTING: Foundations and washes, largely; I am enjoying this new paint range a lot!

BASING: Sand painted black, then drybrushed Adeptus Battlegrey and then Dheneb Stone. A little grass added. I wanted the bases to make them look like they could be scouting around a mountain, or the battlefields near Anlec, or perhaps even Naggaroth.

STILL TO DO: He's all done.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I think it's turned out quite well, though as the new washes are different from the old inks they take a little getting used to!

POINTS: ~300

31-08-2008, 22:49
Vampire Counts


UNIT: 28 skeletons armed with spears and shields with full command and magic standard.

BACKGROUND/THEME: None at the moment, although it's a mainly skeleton based army. Will include at least 2 core skeleton units ( possibly 3 ).

BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard plastic 2007 skeletons. Unit commander has 2 swords ( left hand is from the grave guard box ). All have round shields.

PAINTING: Base of bleached bone/dwarf flesh 3:1, drybrushed with bleached bone and details like teeth and knuckles etc picked out with skull white. Then dipped with FAP strong tone. Metal work was stippled with scorched brown, then scorched brown/blazing orange, then blazing orange, before adding scratches with fine lines of mithril silver.

BASING: Vallejo pumice with a few bits of fine ballast for extra texture. Painted dark grey and drybrushed up to nearly straight skull white. A few blobs of pva and then static grass. Base edges painted dark angels green ( I think it's the best edge colour) Dull-coated to take the shine off and to give the metals a really old and worn look.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Low point was painting that much bone in batches of 7 at a time. High point was finally seeing the unit completed.

POINTS: 297 including magic standard ( sorry it's a bit over, but I wanted to show the complete unit ).


Spears in phalanx formation



Everyones work looks fantastic, great to see so many different armies painted in different styles. They should show this thread in White Dwarf :D

31-08-2008, 22:50
I bring no painted minis but instead a monkey with facepaint:

And a humourous image from the darkest depths of the intarwebs

I've been on holiday for 3 weeks of this month and have been painting up a corpse cart and a beastlord for charidy. Oh and the small issue that I don't have any O'n'G minis yet..yeh...

Will have a fully painted regiment of Orc Boyz next month if all goes to plan...

Magos Explorator
31-08-2008, 22:55
And the second force...


UNIT: 1 Grey Seer, or 2 Assassins



BACKGROUND/THEME: The Grey Seer is one of my favourite miniatures of all time, ever since I first saw him in one of the 4th Edition Warhammer books. When I got my hands on him, I knew I'd have to get one for myself. I also painted two Assassins as the Grey Seer can't be used in small games, and it's a horde army so more models is better!

PAINTING: Foundations and washes on both. The Seer's in a purple and white scheme, washed with Devlan Mud; I wanted to make him look regal but at the same time very ratty and unclean. The Assassins are in the classic black, brown and grey scheme, which I will use on the other Eshin troops in my force. Warpstone throughout (e.g. on the poison blades) is Dark Angels Green up to Scorpion Green, then Dark Green Ink.

BASING: Sand painted Scorched Brown, then drybrushed with Khemri Brown. A little grass, for colour. Some areas of the base were not sanded; these were painted with the two browns, and after varnishing the Citadel Water Effect was used to give the impression of muddly puddles of water. Being Skaven, they're probably coming out of the sewer or swamp in the middle of the night.

STILL TO DO: They're all done.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I'm very pleased with these three, especially the Grey Seer. I hope I've done the figure justice. I just need to work on my photography a bit more. The only low is looking at the pile of Clanrats I want to get through over the next month!

POINTS: ~300 (for either the Grey Seer or pair of Assassins)

31-08-2008, 23:50
Core: 12x Dark Elf Warriors with shields & full Command (99)
Rare: Reaper Bolt Thrower (100)

I've had these Citadel/Marauder models sitting around since 5th Edition, but Catferret reckons they're a 4th Edition sculpt (and I have to agree). The Champion is converted from the alternate Standard Bearer model by replacing the standard above the cloth with a spear (pinned, of course). The banner/pennants are from the Dark & Wood Elf plastics. There are a further 6 Warriors to be added to the unit.

Flesh is Tallarn Flesh washed with Ogryn Flesh; Dwarf Flesh; Elf Flesh (3:1) Dwarf Flesh; Elf Flesh (3:1) Skull White.

Chaos Black wash over grey gravel; Codex Grey overbrush; Rotting Flesh drybrush; Scorched Grass.

High: Loving the finished models! I'm finally happy with fleshtones.
Low: Not knowing what paint scheme I would actually enjoy painting - this lasted for almost two months! This meant I got the models done over two days when I should have been focussing on commission work!

Work out what colour the gems should be...

01-09-2008, 00:34

Real life got me bad, got 9 horses done and that was all i could manage this month. Should be able to get the riders done next month and get back on track.

01-09-2008, 01:05
Core: 1 x Sorcereress
Core 1 x Priestess

Sorceress: Regal Blue, Ice Blue, Golden Yellow, Burnished Gold, Bolt Gun Metal, Beastal Brown, Camo Green, Bleached Bone

Priestess: Camo Green, Desert Yellow, Blood Red, Bleached Bone, Beastal Brown.

Goblin Green paint over Reaper Base

High: I love the Reaper Models!
Low: Each one is not easy to paint faster so points can't be made up.

Alot plus basing!



01-09-2008, 01:57
This is my entry for the month. It is shy of 200 pts, but as an Ogre army
my points will be off as my army will be small.

Special Leadbelchers X3

If I need to upgrade the unit with a Champ its the one with the
helper on his shoulder and the Bellower is the one yelling.

With unit upgrade points come to 185

Skin is Vallajo Model Color Iraqi Sand with a home made magic wash
and highlight of Iraqi Sand lightened.

Base is a couple of different grays, I do have snow on order to scatter
on the base (I'll update it later)

I love the size of the Ogres, but hate all the flesh lol.
On the back I do have some Tattoos. They are from the Bloody
Tooth tribe so a blood red triangle is common on them. Also you will find
blood red on the teeth and lips.

Sorry for the bad photo, working on that as well.


01-09-2008, 03:08
Ahoy! I am doing a zombie pirate army. So yeah, I joined kinda late, so I decided for my first model to be none other than Luthor Harkon himself. So...

UNIT: 1 Arch Grand Commodore Luthor Harkon

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nothing terribly original, I'm just using the fluff from WD 305. For those who aren't familiar, Harkon was a vampire whose corpse was being transported on an Empire ship. This ship was attacked by some Vikings near Lustria, and Harkon's body passed into their possession. Harkon, it turns out was not dead, and soon the Norse ship crashed and Harkon had reanimated the corpses to do his bidding. He then went about Lustria's Vampire Coast, reanimating the remains of dead sailors to serve him. Harkon, let it be said, was very ambitious, and wanted to augment his magical powers. This led him on an expedition to the Lizardman city of Huatl. Long story short, Harkon no longer has any magical powers, so now he uses his undead pirate fleet to pillage the Vampire Coast, on a quest to regain his lost powers.
Oh, and also, he is schitzophrenic, and sorry if I spelled that wrong.

BUILDING/CONVERSIONS: I used the Sartosan Pirate model. The hook was cut off and replaced with a hand from the Zombie sprue. It is holding one of the extra pistols that comes in the Long Drong's Slayer Pirates box. The tassely things on his shoulders I sculpted with Greenstuff to denote him as the general.

Skin:Midnight Blue. Leviathan Purple wash.Midnight Blue/Liche Purple highlight. Regal Blue/Liche Purple higlight. Liche Purple highlight. Enchanted Blue/Warlock Purple highlight. Ice Blue/Warlock Purple highlight. Final Highlight of Ice Blue/Tentacle Pink.
Beard:Scorched Brown Basecoat, then painted each individual hair Camo Green. This I highlighted with Sunburst Yellow and then Skull White.
Metallics:Boltgun Metal, washed with Asurmen Blue and highlighted with Mithril Silver
Coat:Scab Red, highlighted first with Red Gore, then with a Red Gore/Bleached Bone mix, then with a similar mix with slightly more Bleached Bone.
Wood:Basecoated with a mix of Codex Grey/Fortress Grey/Scaly Green. Washed with Leviathan Purple. Then, I painted the grain with a mix of Scaly Green/Fortress Grey.

BASING:Pieces of Balsa Wood cut into diagonal shapes and clued to the base. I then scored them with a hobby knife.

HIGHS & LOWS: I always 'ardcoat, and then Matte Varnish my metal models to prevent chipping. I learned that matte varnish acts all funky when exposed to drect sunlight. I learned this by having this model ruined by aforementioned matte varnish. It ended up having flecks of white all over it. Fortunately, my local GW staff taught me how to fix this problem. So yeah.

Points: 260

http://i517.photobucket.com/albums/u340/_Sharke_/war034-1.jpg http://i517.photobucket.com/albums/u340/_Sharke_/war035-1.jpg
Let me give my sincerest apologies for the slightly blurred pictures. I have been amazed by some of the work I've seen. Props to Emperor Norton's Treeman!

01-09-2008, 03:59
Orcs and Goblins


UNIT: 10 Black Orcs with full command and Gork's Waaagh! banner (I think that's the name...)

BACKGROUND/THEME: These Black Orcs hail from the Chaos Dwarf lands of Black Peak, and brought their standard with them. The 'Black Peak' is also conveniently similar to a black tooth- the main symbol used throughout this army (although the Black Orcs would never purposefully show affiliation with the low-breed orc Warboss, Blacktooth Gitface).


PAINTING: Pretty much nothing other than flat colours and washes. Quick and simple to suit the rest of my orc army.

BASING: Dirt painted with Burnt Sienna, drybrushed and with static grass added. Also pretty simple.

STILL TO DO: Finished- other than the rest of the unit.

HIGHS AND LOWS: These guys were quite easy to do- I already have the other 10 painted. I had to greatly simplify the banner from my original plans, but I think it's acceptable anyway (as a magic and captured banner it's far more intricate than most others in the army). I haven't been able to photograph these guys in daylight yet, so the flash is a bit annoying.



Papa Dan
01-09-2008, 06:27
ARMY: Empire, Nuln (2250p)


10 Empire swordmen with duelist, musician and banner. 85p

1 Great Cannon with crew

1 Empire General: Johann Van Haelsing

BACKGROUND/THEME: A basic nuln army led by one of the town Nobles. Haelsing is the old word used about the people living in the parish where I live in Sweden (from medieval times), the rapant buck is the heraldic animal and as they both seem fitting for the Warhammer universe I decided to adopt them.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Some simple conversions done. Mostly bit swaps from different empire kits.

PAINTING: Not much to say, very straight forward, I paint for competitions some times and it is a bit of a relief to just paint for tabletop standard. I'll put some more effort to the characters though.

BASING: Glued sand, painted brown and drybrushed. Added static grass and some leaves at the characters stands (duelist and general)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I really enjoy painting this army and no lack of motivation yet, I'm abit scared about the pile of swordmen though but I'll take some each month.






10 Handgunners with Marksman and Hochland long. 105p
10 Archers (using halflings for the empire archers as it fits the fluff and Nuln beeing quite near the Moot). 80p

So 15p short that month but as I made almost 400p this I feel that it is OK.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
01-09-2008, 07:19
Unit: 14 wolfriders, with full command 226pts

BUILD/CONVERSION: I gave the riders night goblin heads, spear heads from dark elves and tomb king shields

PAINTING: scab red for the clothes+ a highlight, bleached bone dags, bestial brown for spear shafts( was to lazy to paint the wood grains this time). and the skin was done with dark angels green, snot green, goblin green.

STILL TO DO: Nothing, except reglueing some shields

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs this was the last unit for my 1500pts wolfrider force, I took it to a tourny and the army got the second place in a tourny where there where 12 deamons players on 44, and it got nominated for best painted.

This unit is actually not part of the force I'm going to paint. Next 2 months I will work on my wyvern and the other characters.



Nephilim of Sin
01-09-2008, 08:13
Sorry about the bad pics, I tried and tried and may have to change them later. Note that there are no highlights on the clothes, that is the light source and me being bad with a camera; they are shaded with washes, however, so depth is there! Once I get my awesome set-up done after the move, this will no longer be a problem!

I am aiming for a table-top quality Orc Horde which is part of my 10,000 pt. WAAAAGH. So far I now have 24 models done for this goal....


UNIT: 24 Orc Boyz with Two Hand-Weapons, full command

BACKGROUND/THEME: The rumored 'White Orcs' who have fallen under the banner of the 'Once and Future Git...Maybe'. These are actually the Skulltaker (SkullTaka?) Tribe, who paint their faces to resemble skulls. Due to their lighter skin combined with their facepaint, they appear to actually be 'White Skins' instead of Greenskins.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Basic Orc Boyz, sadly, except for the champion who has fallen victim to a animosity experience, and the banner is decorated with more trophy skulls.

PAINTING: Skin is Knarloc Green, then Gretchin Green in all but the recesses. Further highlights are Gretchin Green/Rotting Flesh up to tiny bits of pure Rotting Flesh, while all the clothing is made of neutral tones. Random splashes of red make them go faster.

BASING: GW sand/rock mix: Bestial Brown/Vomit Brown/Rotting Flesh with a Scorched Brown wash. Patches of Scorched Grass haphazardly strung about in my first experience with it. Clumps a lot more than I had expected.

STILL TO DO: Highlights and minor details, like eyes. Honestly, this was the best I could do in the past week which I have worked on them, but I also did not want to play a joker. Therefore, highlights all the way round.

HIGHs: These guys were repainted from a horrid color scheme I had tried when the foundation paints first came out, and I am very happy with the direction they are going. Plus, I have noticed my speed has picked up a little bit. This is of course helped by the Foundation Paints and the Washes, which are excellent (but taste horrid....). Also, this was my first attempt at painting free-hand (banner), and I don't think it turned out that bad!

LOWS: Back pain makes painting for long periods incredibly difficult, not to mention hectic life getting in the way. On the model front, I was disappointed I was not able to get them completely done, but I can see the direction the army will be going. I will rethink how to paint the skull face paint for the helmeted Orcs, as it does not look right without the bare-headed ones next to them. Lastly.....never, ever try to put Orcs on regimental bases. It makes them incredibly difficult to paint! Also, the second painting of the skin seemed to take longer than the first, for some strange reason.

POINTS: 198 I believe

Da Plan :

Month 1 : Orc Boyz (24)
Month 2 : Orc Boyz (24, same as this month)
Month 3 : Orc Spearmen (30, all converted!!!)
Month 4 : Big Un's (30, hand weapon/shield and converted)
Month 5 : Black Orc Boss (da second in command) on Chariot
Month 6 : Orc Boyz with Hand Weapon/Shield (30)
Month 7 : ?
Month 8 : ?
Month 9 : ?
Month 10 : 'Da Once and Future Git...Maybe'

Total Models: Unknown yet, but a lot :D. This is the general idea, but the army list is subject to change.

Da pics:


Front-Angle to show Banner:

Top-down view to see grass pattern and such:

01-09-2008, 09:19


UNIT: 20 flagellants, one is a prophet of doom

CONVERSIONS: Simple facial hair.

PAINTING: You can ask me in my log






NEXT MONTH PAINTING: Knightly Order / DoW Heavy Cavalry


01-09-2008, 09:33
ARMY: Hochland Empire army

UNIT/S: 2 units of 10 Handgunners with Marksman and Musician (220pts)

BACKGROUND/THEME: No specific background for these units, but I did want to make these appear to be irregulars, rather than dedicated Hochland infantry, so have tried to give them a more rugged appearance (black breeches, leather coats, etc.)

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box.

PAINTING: Hochland colours
- Green: DA Green basecoat, black wash, DA Green + Catachan Green for highlights.
- Red: Red Gore basecoat, black wash, Red Gore, Scab red then Scab red + Bleached bone for highlights.
This is the formula I will be using across the army for the uniform colours.

Leathers: Scorched Brown + Bestial Brown base coat, brown wash then bestial brown for highlights. Use mixes with bleached bone, snakebite leather, codex grey to get different browns for variety.

BASING: Sand - Painted Scorched Brown then drybrushed with increasing amounts of Graveyard Earth and a final light brush of Bleached Bone. Static grass added after. Graveyard Earth edges.

STILL TO DO: Plan on doing movement trays in the future, and need to change the standard bearer for a regular handgunner when I have some spare parts. Still a few details that need doing and the standard, but as he is being replaced I will do this when I have some spare time.

HIGHS: Had a head start with part of one unit already painted. Seeing 2 units of handgunners actually finished!

LOWS: Painting all of the fine details - This has always been a problem with me (and probably why I never have a finished army). Also, Iím using a new camera, so the photos are not as good as I would like them, but I will work this out for next month.

First unit

Second unit

Both units together

The Empire gunline

125 General of the Empire (80) - Marshal Gerhardt Schoendorf
Sword of Might (15), Warhorse (15) with Barding (6), Shield (3) and Heavy armour (6)
Fights in Swordsmen unit 1 - Greyfeathers

104 Captain/Battle Standard Bearer (50+25) - Castor Ulbricht
Great Weapon (4) and Armour of Meteoric Iron (25)
Fights with Swordsmen unit 2

130 Battle Wizard Lv2 (100) - Kortz von der Schwarzwalde
Rod of Power (30)

123 Warrior Priest (90) - Pater Detlef Laubrich
Great Weapon (4), Heavy Armour (4) and Icon of Magnus (25)
Fights with Greatswords - The Gallant Freeswords

220 25 x Swordsmen (150) - Gerhardtís Greyfeathers
Full command (25)
DETACHMENT: 9x Halbediers (45)

220 25 x Swordsmen (150)
Full command (25)
DETACHMENT: 9x Halbediers (45)

110 10 x Handgunners (80)
Marksman (5) with Hochland Long Rifle (20), Musician (5) DONE

110 10 x Handgunners (80)
Marksman (5) with Hochland Long Rifle (20), Musician (5) DONE

139 5 x Knights (115) - The Broken Brotherhood
Preceptor (16), Musician (8)

139 5 x Knights (115)
Preceptor (16), Musician (8)

100 Great Cannon

100 Great Cannon

134 5 x Outriders
Champion (16) with HLR (5), Musician (8)

255 20 x Greatswords (200) - The Gallant Freeswords
Full command (30) and War Banner (25)

TOTAL: 2009 (If Lords / Heroes in units, then displace the extra points by losing state troopers).

I will be on holiday for a week in September, so I am doing one of the units of Knights and finishing my Battle Standard Bearer Castor Ulbricht. Both of these units are started to some degree, so should be finished with plenty of time to spare. There should also be a bit of fluff for these guys to make them a little more interesting.

And, of course, there is also going to be a Pirate for Talk like a Pirate Day!

Death Korp
01-09-2008, 09:49
*ARMY: Warriors of Chaos
*UNIT/S: 15 Slanneshi Chaos Warriors
*BACKGROUND/THEME: Unknown as of yet... (meaning i haven't bothered making it yet....)
*BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard (very) old plastic Chaos Warriors with the metal command bits.
*PAINTING: Doing bits of touching up and re editing, as the old paintjob on these is horrible...
*BASING: My basing techinque and flocking with bestial brown base edge.
*STILL TO DO: Erm... lots? (have no list yet as i am waiting on the new book to come out, objective as of now is to finish the army i have at the moment.)
*HIGHS: Fairly easy to do, and they have come out great.
*LOWS: Still have more of these guys to do... (14)

Edit: Ahahaha! Picture!!!!!



01-09-2008, 10:38
Vampire Counts


UNIT: 4 Ogre bulls including Crusher, standard and bellower. Armed with iron-fists and have light armour.
BACKGROUND/THEME: I'm still working on it but here it is .The raw-sun tribe likes fire. Very much (why not, how else would you cook meat). So much in fact that the tribe's first Tyrant devoured the flaming blade of Blood thirster (his lads only got scraps of their dead comrades)
BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard top was made from a gut plate with four spikes from an Uruk-hai siege ladder on it.The iron-fist swaps had the hand hollowed out and then crudely re-did the hands.
PAINTING:Weapons. Started with two coats of blood red then going higher up the weapn with each colour went through blazing orange and into bad moon yellow. Skin. Fortress grey 1:1 with chaos black, then highlighted with fortress 2:3 chaos black.

BASING: A few pieces of slate (broken up with a hammer) and sand. Painted black dry brushed with skull white.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High points: very much fun to paint. No real low points...
POINTS: 222 points


List of Meat
Week1 - Bulls
Week2 - Tyrant
Week3 - Iron guts
Week4 - Lead belchers
Week5 - More bulls
Week6 - 1+ Butchers
Week7 - Maneaters

bob monkey
01-09-2008, 11:11
Yeh Im sorry i didn't know how much the exams will hit me. I'm going to have to play a joker as well. (are we meant to post an image?)

Well to let you know what I am working on. I'm still putting some finishing touches on the lord (base) and then ill work on the BSB or a unit of spearmen.

01-09-2008, 11:29
Army : Brettonian rules Chaos army

Unit : 8 Knights of the realm with full command = 213 points

Background theme : Kaldours Knights a character from the liber chaotica an all cavalry army of templar knights and traitors from the Empire Tilea and Brettonia who have sought favour in the realm of chaos.

Build/ Conversion : Just swapped the heads

Painting : I wanted to paint the whole army as if templars as a homage to archaon who will be commander in chief ( although Kaldour will be this army general)

Basing : Talus, rubberised horse hair and lichen mot very exciting

Still to do : Pretty much finished but will go back and neaten up once some more units are added

Highs and Lows : Painting white (feeling the pain mooncow) tried to paint the heraldry on the horses flanks as though they had been embroided, some are better than others quite happy so, far knew August would be my toughest month time wise so happy I made it


01-09-2008, 11:47
I submit-16 spearelves with command and an eagle-219 points.There is a little bit of customising on the champoin and eagle, Im quite happy with the speckled belly on the eagle too.
Im not happy with the skin on the elves, it messed up so its kind of half done now-I hate fiddly bits.
the gems are done very basically too but overall I think they work.

Also...I know I havnt based them yet, sorry! I plan on doing a bunch all together so will wait-bear with me!

on to the pictures...



edit- finished bases now


Chicken Pig
01-09-2008, 12:48
Dark Elves:

Core: 10x Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen 100pts.
Core: 5 Dark Riders, Herald, musician, repeater crossbows: 131pts.

Repeater crossbow elves, these were pretty much standard from the box with the addition of the odd Wood Elf cowled head.
Dark Riders: Glade rider steeds and legs, topped with Dark elf warrior bodies/weapon arms and heads. Again the addition of the odd Wood Elf Cowled head.

Black basecoat, mithril silver, badab black wash. The turqoise is Necron Abyss with Hawk turqoise and additional highlights on top. Flesh is bestial brown through to elf flesh then the odd bleached bone highlight.

Sand. Black with codex grey then skull white drybrushing. Static grass.

High: Loved the builds, conversions and painting. No lows thus far, I hope this stays the same throughout the tale...

Add the repeater crossbows onto the Dark Riders.




01-09-2008, 14:04
Dark Elves.

15 x Shades, including Bloodshade, light armour and Assassin with extra hand weapon.

Points: 369
Background: None finalised yet, part of an attempt to complete and upgrade an army started when the last DE Army book was released.

Build/Conversion: Straight from blisters.

Painting: Regal Blue and Brass colour scheme across army, all highlighting done by adding Vallego GC Stonewall Grey to base colour.

Basing: Sand, GW Charadon Granite, Vallego MC Stone Grey, flock/static grass.

Highs/Lows: Srtipping the paint off them and thats it.

Still to do: They're done.



Next Month: 7 Dark riders & Mounted Sorceress.

01-09-2008, 15:31

Sry, but havn't been able to complete this months painting. Learning how to paint NMM took far more time than I thought it would...

01-09-2008, 16:33
Dark Elves
This Monthís Painting;
Unit: Level 2 Sorceress
The army is inspired by the Dark Elves in Raymond E. Feistís books and I wanted to go for a more nomadic feel to the army. The list is based around a core of Worriers and Corsairs with some fun stuff thrown in to the mix representing the Clan ready for war.
The mini is stock from Freebooter but has been rebased on to a GW base. I then added strand of power using parts from the wood elf kits.
Simple really didnít want to get to complex on the first model just in case. Only new things I tried were with the skin tone, where I started from a shadow gray and staged it up to an almost elf flesh and the Staff/strands of power, where I did some random inking and dry brushing to give an mix of tones.

Still to do: Well it was one model so I somehow managed to get her done.
Highs and Lows: Was quite a nice run actually most of this month has been spent green stuffing for next month but I will leave that for now.
Points: 185





Ludwig von Rictoven
01-09-2008, 16:51

UNIT: 3x 10 skeleton archers

BACKGROUND/THEME: What I am doing is a Tomb kings based on the first chinese emperors terracotta army (or Cathayans)

Nearly all the models in the army are going to be using the LOTR easterling models. Real easy conversion this one. Clip off the bunny ears and then stick on a square base. Sorted.

Once again a real easy colour scheme her. Batter Scorched Brown. Batter Terracotta. Batter 50/50 Terracotta/Kommando Khaki. Applu Devlan mud liberally. For the eyes paint a bit of regal blue then highlight ice blue then highlight 50/50 ice blue/skull white

BASING: Bird sand glued on after painting. Scorched Brown base. Drybrush Graveyard earth, drybrush Kommando Khaki. Paint the edge in Graveyard earth then apply flock.

STILL TO DO: This months complete

HIGHS: I managed to get all of them done in next to no time and as I got too much paint out I even did a bit on my units of tomb guard.

LOWS: Missing the clothes bin with my shirt and hitting all the models that are built so far sending them all flying.

POINTS: 240 (10 Skeleton archers 80pts x 3)



NEXT MONTH: 4 Ushabti (converted out of ogres with easterling style armour.

01-09-2008, 17:04

UNIT: Dragon Lord

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight outta the box High Elf Lord on Dragon

PAINTING: Started with scaley green then used a 50%/50% mix of Scaley green and Snot greet, wings are kommando Kaki with chainmail for the armour and two shades of grey for the rock perch..

BASING: one coat of grey not finished

STILL TO DO: Still have to do lord and highlighting ect on the dragon

HIGHS AND LOWS: first time painting the fey folk so took me forever to decide on a color pattern



Zark the Damned
01-09-2008, 18:20
THIS MONTHS PAINTING: Brobdignagian, Dogs of War Giant

BACKGROUND/THEME: My Dogs of War army has been hired by a rich noble from Averland and will display Empire themes in future units, and the Averland black and yellow colours will be common to the army.

BUILD/CONVERSION: It's the classic old Marauder Giant! I got it pre assembled second-hand from a mate as part of a trade. Only nonstandard bits are he's missing his sword, and has a cartwheel in place of a barrel.

PAINTING: My first major foray into the new GW washes. This guy was a lot of fun to paint, especially the face - this is helped by it being a great figure with tons of character!

BASING: Same as my Ogres from the last TOFP. Sanded, painted Scorched brown, drybuished (and edged) with Calthan Brown and a highlight of Khemri Brown, with clumps of flock added.

STILL TO DO: I may go back and retouch the bottles on his back, but I'm generally happy with him.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs - getting to paint a fantastic OOP figure. Lows - Nothing I can think of really

POINTS: 205 - total so far: 205

NEXT MONTH: Next month will be a pack of burly half naked men! By which of course I mean Norse Berserkers!

PHOTOS: Once again proving I need a proper rig for taking pics...

01-09-2008, 19:45


UNIT: 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spears and Shields; including full command (CORE unit)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nothing special yet. This is simply an army like it is pictured in the army book

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box.

PAINTING: Primed white. Washed with Gryphone Sepia. Highlighted the bones with Bleached Bone. Reundercoated metal parts with Chaos Black. Painted all metals with Brazen Brass. Picked details in Hawk Turquoise. Spears were painted Mechrite Red. Shields have been painted separately. Added Highlights for the metal (Shining Gold) and the blue (Hawk Turquoise with Skull White).

BASING: Glued sand and stones to the bases. Primed White. Further work waits until I decided on colour scheme for them.

STILL TO DO: Bases need to be painted.

HIGHS AND LOWS: These were pretty straight forward. The new washes worked like magic on the bones. Shields have been unexpectedly the most (boring) work on this unit.



01-09-2008, 20:06
Tomb Kings

165 points

10 Skeleton Warriors (with bows) = 80 points
Tomb Scorpion = 85 points

No real background story here. Just plain old boring dead things.

Straight out of the box.

I use the Wargames Foundry Paint System so my colours will be a little different to the GW names.
Base coated white, gold (bow tips, bangles & helmets) drab (bandages) spearshaft (wood on the bows and arrows) buff leather (on the leather!) and tomb blue (arrow fletching & helmet decorations).
Scorpion was white undercoat, black (spiders & beard) gold (plaques & crook) madder red (pots) and drab (bandages).
The whole lot was then painted with FAP Strong tone.

Using the Desert bases from Back-2-Base-IX. Undercoated white, washed with Gryphonne Sepia GW wash. Edges painted with Graveyard Earth. Will probably add some static grass to them, but as yet have not seen a ďscorched brownĒ set. Drilled, Pinned, Glued & Magnetised!

Need varnishing (will use Matt). Considering stringing the bows, but no decision made on that yet. Tomb Scorpion needs basing but it hasn't arrived yet.

Army Painter - what a fantastic product!

Mould lines and realising that I hadnít quite caught all of them!



Tomb King - Light Armour, Shield, Destroyer of Eternities, Collar of Shapesh (271 points)

Tomb Prince - Light Armour, Shield, Spear of Antarhak riding Chariot (182 points)

Liche Priest - Hierophant, Heiratic Jar, Cloak of the Dunes (160 points)

Liche Priest - Staff of Ravening riding skeletal steed (168 points)

3 Chariots (standard - Banner of the Undying Legion) (165 points)

5 Skeleton Light Horsemen (70 points)

20 Skeleton Warriors with bows (standard) (170 points) 10 completed

1 Tomb Swarm (45 points)

3 Carrion (72 points)

1 Tomb Scorpion (85 points)

1 Tomb Scorpion (85 points)

19 Tomb Guard (full command - Icon of Rakaph)

1 Bone Giant (220 points)

1991 points.

Will be attacking the Heirophant Liche Priest and the remaining 10 skeleton bowmen.

01-09-2008, 20:22
So, here is my BIG BESS (250 pts) and if I manage to get home before dusk tomorow I will replace the pictures with better ones.
On the other hand, Zombies in broad daylight doesn't sound right does it?

About the paintjob:
quick'n dirty (Thraka Green and Badab Black have become close friends)
Leading colour is Sombre Grey/Shadow Grey.
Bases: seasam- and linseeds with some snail shells and crab claws added.


01-09-2008, 20:35
Vampire Counts

180 points

20 Skeleton Warriors (with hand weapons & shield with full command) = 180 points

Sort of a lord being turned and his loyal retainers have risen from the grave to serve him in all eternity.
Either that or he just leads a load of dead people...

Straight out of the box.

I use the Wargames Foundry Paint System so my colours will be a little different to the GW names.
Bone undercoat spray, chainmail (all metal) shiny (gold bangles, sword handles) buff leather (leather!) merchrite red (shields) scarlet (shields highlight).

Using a mixture of bases from Back-2-Base-IX (dirt) and Foundations of War (battle debris). Undercoated black, drybrushed with all three drab colours, with the stones picked out with all three granite colours. Varnished (dullcote) and static grass added. Drilled, Pinned, Glued & Magnetised!

Nothing on these.

Army Painter - what a fantastic product!
First attempt at a painted banner - harder than it looks and I was quite pleased with the result.

Mould lines and realising that I hadnít quite caught all of them!
Bone spray going a bit grainy has spoiled the result on these skeletons, but they don't look too bad (in the flesh so to speak).



Vampire Lord (205 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Vampire (Dread Knight) (125 points)

Necromancer (55 points)

Wight BSB (100 points)

20 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) (180 points)

20 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) (180 points)

10 Ghouls (including Ghast) (88 points)

10 Ghouls (including Ghast) (88 points)

5 Dire Wolves (40 points)

5 Dire Wolves (40 points)

20 Zombie Horde (including standard & musician) (92 points)

5 Black Knights (full command and barding) (180 points)

4 Fell Bats (80 points)

20 Grave Guard (including full command) (270 points)

4 Spirit Host (260 points)

5 Blood Knights (including full command) (325 points)

5 Cairn Wraiths (including Banshee) (275 points)

1 Varghulf (175 points)

2918 points...........

Figuring out how I am going to paint sooo many points...

01-09-2008, 21:36
nevermind this post

01-09-2008, 21:57
You don't have to joker
You still have plenty of time to get these done for this thread.
You don't have to post in the first week.
You will just be up against it to get next months done in time if you don't get on with it. ... so get on with it.

Sorry to interupt.
Wonderful work everyone ... carry on.

01-09-2008, 22:22
ok, awsome, didnt know that. By sunday I'll hopefully have them all done. I shall be getting on with it then.

02-09-2008, 01:42
Character: Exalted Champion of tzeentch points vary depending on the list used i'm still using the book not the WD.

http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/4488/minis003io2.th.jpg (http://img115.imageshack.us/my.php?image=minis003io2.jpg)

http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/9946/minis004lb5.th.jpg (http://img115.imageshack.us/my.php?image=minis004lb5.jpg)

02-09-2008, 02:14

They think they can rule even from death? They are dust. It's our turn now.
- Beastlord [Bob]

I think I'll work on the name for next month

ORIGIN: This started after being introduced to the elephant men and rhino men made by MSB toys on these forums. I was mulling starting a beastmen list when I walked into my LGS and found these Rackham models on sale. They seemed prefect to be ideally minotaurs (yeah no horns. I don't expect any problems though). And so I'm off.


5 Minotaurs (?)

BACKGROUND/THEME: I wanted to do a Southlands Beastman list, and when found these models on sale it morphed into a Beastman list based on a Khemri theme. The colour scheme is deliberate in 'matching' the classical Khemri colours. I do have some with two hand weapons and some with 'great' weapons. I just wasn't smart enough to paint the similiarly armed troops at the same time.


STILL TO DO: Basing! I was at the store this week and forgot to pick up true 40 bases. Oh well.





Next Month: A beastherd and Tzeentch Wargor. I was going to use Crocodile's Augyptus line for the beastherd models but chickened out and will just be using GW beastmen. I regret it a little, but we'll see.

02-09-2008, 02:55
First of all, I have to apologize, I was set to paint Dark Elves.

But I have been working on some commission work.
Was working on an Empire army, and my first post will be with a Dark Elf War Hydra and an Empire War Altar.



02-09-2008, 09:02
High Elves

This Months Painting

Models: 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers – The Talons of the Golden Dawn

Points: 200

Background/Theme: This force is known as the Host of the Golden Dawn and is led by Baralei Athreal – an elf of common descent who was awarded princehood after he inherited the mighty spear of his dying lord. The army hails from the realm of Yvresse and so will feature a decent amount of spearmen in each list I write (usually anywhere between 40 - 60 in a 2250 list). The basic background for the force revolves around Baralei and his view that the High Elves are not a race in decline, but a race simply awaiting a new dawn. He believes he can bring that to his people with a new form of thinking that isn't bogged down by clinging to what was but instead looking to what could be.

Having defended his realm many a time from the white shores of Ulthuan, Baralei learnt long ago the power of the Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers, remembering his days as a humble Sentinel and seeing entire battles swung with a well placed hail of white fletched arrows. The prince often employing two or three in most of his forces, he is loathe to engage any foe without their support.

Building/Conversion: Very simple stuff, simply putting together the models as they come. One of them are the older Bolt throwers before the release of the plastic kit, it is a little smaller but I like to think it’s one they’ve taken directly off a warship. I also like the variation in the crew.

Painting: My color scheme is quite different to the average high elf army. I always thought a high elf force would look great in red and gold and I also did it because I was sick to death of painting white and blue (which is the scheme of my Bretonnians). I made use of the foundations on these mainly as basecoats, I hate painting eyes so I simply left them undone as I don’t rate myself highly as a painter and think it would only ruin the model. My current philosophy is if it looks good on the table then it’s pretty much done.

Basing: The basing was quite simple. Started with the citadel sand which was then coated with Scorched Brown, which was then drybrushed with Graveyard Earth and finally drybrushed very lightly with Dheneb Stone. Then it was a simply matter of putting the static grass where it looked good, I wanted the bases to look fresh and vibrant and so I went with the green that stood out the most, I think it offsets the red quite nicely.

Highs and Lows: Overall, I am quite pleased with how these guys turn out; they look great on the table. Of course, I’m still nowhere near the standard of most of the painters here but I’m hoping to improve over the course of the tale. Painting the crew was quite a bit of fun and I think the gemstones turned out alright, they were done quite lazily but the overall effect seems to get the job done. I think I will eventually go over some of the gold with the new washes as it could use a bit more work.

Total Points Thus Far: 200

Next Month: I plan to have a full unit of spearelves ready for next months work...

And here are the photos of August's work.




02-09-2008, 12:22
Vampire Counts


1 x Varghulf

A VC army led by Manfredd Von Carstein (mainly so I can get him painted)

Straight out of the box.

Skin = Necron Abyss, Shadow Grey, Fortress Grey, Badab Black
Fur = Vermin Brown, Vomit Brown, Rotting Flesh, Badab Black, Devlan Mud.

Basic at the moment, I plan to finish all the bases at the end and tie them into a graveyard type theme.

Base needs finishing.

The model itself, which is one of my favourite recent releases.

Mould lines and a few areas where detail appeared to be either missing or obscured by heavy flash.


02-09-2008, 17:27




UNIT: 20 Skeletons, armed with hand weapon/shield, including full command.

BACKGROUND/THEME: An army led by blood dragons, that will have an assortment of the different units available.
The first 2 heroes are drugar, the general, and varlek, a necromancer. Eventually, drugar will turn varlek into a vampire, and he will become the bestial winged vampire model.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I chose all the most basic skeleton bodies and skulls that came in the box. I wanted as plain as possible for them, to really make the future graveguard stand out, in all their armoured glory.

PAINTING: A black undercoated was base coated with vomit brown. This was given a devlan mud wash, and then a highlight with vomit+kommando khaki. next was straight khaki, and then final highlights with bleached bone. The metals were based with tin bitz and highlighted with boltgun, to try and give more of a rusty feel. I did all the cloth bits red, as I wanted that as my unifying colour throughout the army. I ended up doing the shields grey, in an attempt to tone down the unit a bit, as the red ended up being quite prominent.

BASING: Gritty sand, painted scorched brown, then highlighted with bleached bone. Then static grass in patches. very basic!

STILL TO DO: nuttin.


NEXT UP: a unit of 20 ZOMBIES!!! and a blood dragon vampire on foot.


i also painted a mounted blood dragon!
but I didnt work out points or anything for him yet because im not sure exaclty how I will use him yet.

02-09-2008, 18:58
Khornate Beastmen


1 x Chariot of Khorne
7x Gors
3x ungors

Angry goats?

Nothing of note

Skin = beastial brown, Devlan mud wash, adding highlights with bleached bone as one went on
Fur = scorched brown,dark flesh, blood red.


the bases, but i will pretty much try todo that one with the entire army.

The beastmen models are gorgeous

afew mistakes here and there, but heeey!



02-09-2008, 21:45
Vampire Counts

300 (THIS IS SPARTA!) points

10 ghouls
Konrad Von Carstien
Blood Knight Castilian

Renforcements for my might vampire Constantine Von Carstien's might (if unpainted host)

Straight out of the boxes.

nothing particualarly special, used the (new) washes on the ghouls, Konrad was my first attempt at highlighting (huh 10 years collecting, took my time) and the armour of the bloodknight was a mix of tinbitz and red gore to get a red metalic look that realy worked as far is i'm conserned

sand and old black ink i have lying round. i'm eventual going to get some minature fallen leaves from ebay and stick them on my whole army.....also AM DESPIRATE FOR GOOD UK SUPPLIER OF MAGNETS + TUTORIAL HELP PLEASE!

hey there luck they got this far!

i actual painted something!

realising how much i still have to paint......

P.S. Here a photo of Konrad about to rip Teclis a new one from a game i had a while ago (18 wounds in one turn!)

03-09-2008, 02:11
Sorry this is later than usual I had some laptop problems but now I'm ready to show of the only chaos dwarfs on this tale.

Magnie Taurus's Raiding Army

Units: A chaos dwarf sorcerer, and 6 chaos dwarf warriors.

Backround/Theme: Chaos dwarfs that are wandering the lands fighting whoever comes infront of their path.

Building/Conversion: I don't even know were to begain with this one. Well I guess I start with the BFSP dwarfs and cut of their heads, arms, and beards(if I feal like it). Next I glue on marauder right arms and cut half of the left armsso I can fit it behind the sheild(or I just glue either a chaos marine or marauder shoulder pad on the left side). The head I attach are either chaos warrior, chaos space marine(the ones with out being part of a specific group), or I just make them myself. Then I sculpt on the brick pattern armour and the curly beards any way I please. As for the sorcerer I started with the cannon crew man with the giant wrench fron the BFSP and cut of the head, and wrench top. I made the top of the staff from a dwarf hammer and some spare parts I just had lying around. The head is made from one of the chaos warrior helmets and the mask from the dwarf cannon. And I sculpted the beard and covered up the chain mail. Finally I gave it an IG flamethrower backpack and cut away the skulls on them until it was one smooth surface.

Painting: I'd be to much to type it all out so i'll just start with the bronze this time. I started with Tin Bitz as a basecoat and went over with Brazen Bronze. Then I highlighted with a mix of Brazen Bronze and Mythril Silver. Finally I washed it with chesnut ink.

Basing: Just look at Harry's khrone warriors and thats how I basicly do it but a little darker on the ground and I dont do as great of a job on the lava.

Still to do: Not a thing.

Highs: Getting it all finished.
Lows: Might have done something a little different on one of the chaos dwarfs helmets.

Points: Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer with staff of sorcery Pts. 150
6 Chaos dwarf warriors Pts. 51
Total for this month 201
All around grand total 201
Lore of metal Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
6 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Army shot
Next stuff I'll be painting is another sorcerer and four warriors with great weapons.

03-09-2008, 09:32

I realize I have created a Chaos Fantasy backlog, and if I do not pull a joker, I guess it'll follow me right through the tale. The good news is that I've started this month's painting already.


Firestorm Falcon
03-09-2008, 17:13
The Vampire Elves of Tor Anthir

Units: A hero level Vampire(elf)

Backround/Theme: Elves who have been seperated from ulthuan and have aquired the curse of undeath.

Building/Conversion: A grand total of nothing really I just took a diplicate elf mage i have and vampire painted it :)

Painting: Lots of blending, Blue was a mix of enchanded and black, something like, Black, 8:1 black, enchanted 4:1, 2:1 1:1 1:2 1:4 1:8 enchanted. Black was black + codex grey, going from black to about 3:2 black codex. jems were pretty standard fare. Flesh was Dwarf, ogre flesh wash, dwarf, 2:1 dwarf, elf, 1:2 dwarf elf, elf flesh

Basing: slap sand with battlegrey

Still to do: Nothing

Highs: realising i don't have to start converting skelies yet.
Lows: thinking about the amount of skelies i have to do...

Points: Vampire, dark acolyte, lord of the dead, dispell scrolls 195pts
Total: 195 (close enough)


Next shall be some black knights methinks. Or wariths. Anything to put of those skelies.

04-09-2008, 06:33

UNIT: 5 Pistoliers

BACKGROUND/THEME: My main theme is an Empire Witch Hunter army. They hail from Stirland and are marching upon the Vampire Counts to put an end to them and the threat they pose upon the Empire. Not that they won't stop to burn a few witches on the way.
These pistoliers are led by the Witch Hunter Maximillian Scharftireur who is renown for his horsemanship and sharp shooting with his pistols.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Some work was put into converting these. Those who have made Pistoliers probably know, the cloaks are made for the Outriders and not the Pistolier arms. Phooee I say to that! What's Witch Hunters without their cloaks? So off I went, chopping up bits and pieces here and there, green stuffing to fill the gaps. The Witch Hunters hat is also greenstuffed.

A variety of stuff goes in here. Greens were done generally from base coating Snot green. Watered down dark angels green and regular dark angels green for the shadows. Highlights were goblin green with watered down snot green over the top.
Yellows were basecoat Iyandan Yellow, shadows were snakebite leather (A few bits are devlan mud, but I thought it looked a bit too 'muddy' so didn't use it on most of them) and then highlighted kommando khaki.
Nothing really special about any of this stuff.

None yet. I'm not sure how I want to do it yet. My original thought on the army was 'Angry villagers marching through the town to burn the witch' kind've thing. So I'm not sure if I want to still go with that on everything, or certain units, or scrap it altogether.

The horses aren't completely done. I need a new paint or two to finish them off. Especially the black horse for the witch hunter, I need a dark grey to highlight it with. Basing obviously still needs to be done as well. I may paint up a few doodads for WYSIWYG purposes, and then stick them on. Witch Hunter needs a repeater pistol dangling around somewhere, and the musician needs another pistol.

I really like how the capes turned out. I really do, I think it's the best part of this unit by far. That and I think, when looking at them overall, they do look quite impressive.
As for lows, I don't think my armour turned out too bad, but it could be better I think. Some of the horses are an absolute pain, I'm not liking doing horses.

POINTS: Only a mere 114 points.

This is the plan, minus the general. Haven't decided whether it'll be a General of the Empire or Arch Lector yet.

Warrior Priest Mounted
Warrior Priest on Foot
Warrior Priest

Free Company (20) - Angry Mob, 120 points
Free Company (20) - Angry Mob, 120 points
Swordsmen (20) - Induced Local Soldiers, 145 points
Flagellants (20) - The End if Nigh, 210 points
Crossbowmen (10) - Mobs with Xbows, 85points
Crossbowmen (10) - More mobs with Xbows, 85 points

Pistoliers (5) - Guns, 114 points
Pistoliers (5) - More guns, 114 points
Inner Circle Knights (8), Knights of Sigmar's Fist, 273 points

A few points discrepency once I add in my Lords. Probably flesh out the Knights and maybe the Flagellants more to complete the army.

I'm thinking short term at the moment! Everything requires conversion, so it really depends on what I feel like doing. I'm thinking this coming month, some of those angry villagers and a hero to gain back some of those lost 86 points this month.


04-09-2008, 10:46


UNIT: 3 Salamander packs

THEME: The Tribe of the Sun God - Based near the borders of Khemri, these Lizards have taken up new gods in order to survive these hostile lands. So the tribe will consist of yellows, oranges, reds etc, the darker the colour, the older the creature...

BUILD: Straight out of the Blister, even though I would love the old models (with the sails) for my second unit, if anyone had some for sale, PM please..

PAINTING: Skinks: Base of foundation Darksun, washed with Sepia, scales and weapons and jewels, picked out and highlighted. Salamanders: Based with foundation Purple abd then washed with purple, scales and fins picked out with various shades of blue.

BASING: Grit, drybrushed shades of brown, plants attached, static grass and foliage clumps.. Made some fallen plaques out of blue foam..

STILL TO DO: Finito!

HIGHS & LOWS: I love my eyes on the skinks


Month 1 (AUG) - 3 Salamander Packs - 195 PTS
Month 2 (Sep) - Saurus Scar Vet - 198 PTS
Month 3 (OCT) - 6 Terradons - 210 PTS
Month 4 (NOV) - 3 Koxigor + 10 Skinks - 234 PTS
Month 5 (DEC) - Stegadon - 235 PTS
Month 6 (JAN) - 19 Saurus Warriots , Full Command - 258 PTS
Month 7 (FEB) - 6 Saurus Cavalry, CMD - 260 PTS

Hoping the New book is out by then, so will not plan past this point..


Top Shot:




Oh and Harry, please can you add me to the list of TOP entrants sir?

04-09-2008, 14:52

Unfortunately real life problems had the best over my free time for this month. So I have to start the tale with a joker for both my armies. Good news though I have started to take a hold of thing and I have started my units for September.

04-09-2008, 17:54

Didn't get started on this months submission till the other week. Hopefully next month

04-09-2008, 18:23
6 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Next stuff I'll be painting is another sorcerer and four warriors with great weapons.

MINI SPARTANS, YOU ARE A GENIUS! (sorry, just couldn't resist)

anyway, my camera died so here is all i got picced so far.

04-09-2008, 18:50
JOKER for me, and probably also for next month. I haven't been home for 6 weeks now, and I'm going to spend 4 more weeks away soon

@ Fatolaf : I like how you painted the eyes on your skinks

04-09-2008, 19:19

Unfortunatly i'm in the process of moving house so I got very little in the means of painting done. Hopefully everything will be cleared up sooner rather then later so I can get back to painting.

04-09-2008, 21:35
Danny76's Empire Army


UNIT: 15 EMPIRE KNIGHTS, 385 points

BUILD: Standard models, shields still to be added.

PAINTING: Based blue and metal with a Black wash. The horses were done in various greys and browns.

BASING: Three colours of brown with flock. Green edged.

STILL TO DO: Month two sees the finish of these and the last five knights added.

HIGHS & LOWS: Time constraints were a bit of an issue but it all went ok. Got over half the unit done which was month 1's plan.


Months 1&2: 15 Knights - 385 points
Month 3: 15 Flagellants - 160 Points
Month 4: Helstorm + 5 Crossbowmen - 155 Points
Month 5: 20 Spearmen + 11 Handgunners - 253 Points
Month 6: General - 216 Points
Month 7: 5 Pistolliers + Wizard - 264 Points
Month 8: 18 Swordsmen + Wizard - 283 Points
Month 9: 20 Militia - 120 Points
Month 10: Warrior Priest - 148 Points

I know the picture isn't the best but its as good as i culd get on the day.
I'll try to get better ones later. but you can get the jist of them for now.


05-09-2008, 04:02
ARMY: Dwarfs


UNIT: 12 dwarf warriors(Sh,Std,Mu,C)

UNIT: Dwarf Dragonsalyer


THE PLAN:next month:D

05-09-2008, 04:19
Life as always has a habbit of getting in the way.
http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/8384/gauntletap6.th.jpg (http://img337.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gauntletap6.jpg).

Hopefully i'll beable to catch up next month.


05-09-2008, 05:48

05-09-2008, 06:40


UNIT: 10 Skeletal Archers & 10 Tomb Guard

BACKGROUND/THEME: The Golden Legion of Thumu-Ra is a highly decadent family of tyrants and despots that owned and developed an estate on the shores of the Inner Sea. Their fortune came on the backs of hundreds of slaves they acquired through the expansions of Setep. These men and women were sent to mine the surrounding area and unearthed vast quantities of gold, buying the family's ability to involve themselves in politics and become one of the more influential families of Nehekhara.
By the time Thumu-Ra became the Patriach, the estate had flourished into a fully fledged city. He had a citizen's levy to carry out his commands, as well as exremely well trained mercenaries loyal to a man with seemingly endless expanses of jewels and precious metals to offer them. His father had even taught him in the ways of the priesthood of Ptra the Sun God - Most glorious of all deities, so that he might enjoy the splendours of eternal life. It is said that to commemorate the birth of his heir, Thumu-Ra's father even had a golden likeness of each and every god displayed as a guard of honour on the steps to their palace.
But by his 21st year, Thumu-Ra would be a witness, commander, and ultimately a casualty during the greatest cataclysm known to human history...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Nothign special here, straight out of the box.

PAINTING: The archers were very simple; Dheneb stone for bones, Calthan brown for the bows and quivers, dwarf bronze for the brooches and metal details, and Astrnomicon grey for the quiver details. After that it was simply a wash of brown ink and hey presto!
The tomb guard were similar, but with their armour painted liche purple and given a devlan mud wash. Also the metal details were drybrushed burnished gold.

BASING: Citadel sand with a layer of PVA glue over the top to seal it, with dead grass placed in tufts here and there

STILL TO DO: the tufts of grass on the bases

HIGHS AND LOWS: The high this month had to be seeing the tomb guard completed, talk about intimidating! Also realising how easy skeletons are to paint. This tale is going to be a breeze...
Low point would be looking at the sea of grey left to paint!






And the plan for the 12 months:

Month 1: 10 archer and 10 tomb guard (200)
Month 2: 4 ushabti (260)
Month 3: Bone giant (220)
Month 4: 20 skeletons (180)
Month 5: king and prince (270)
Month 6: 10 archers and 10 tomb guard (200)
Month 7: 6 chariots (240)
Month 8: 20 skeletons (180)
Month 9: 5 carrion and 10 archers (200)
Month 10: 15 tomb guard (180)
Month 11: catapult and 2 scorpions (260)
Month 12: 15 tomb guard (180)

I'll try to throw some liches in along the way for a total of around 2700 points

Blagrot Squigbreff
05-09-2008, 16:42
Augusts painting.

UNIT: 15 Daemonettes

BACKGROUND/THEME: A mix of Deamonic warbands following a Keeper of Secrets or just teaming up for the carnage, heavy Slanneshi bent on a lot of models.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Nothing unusual for these just a mixture of the new plastics and the last set of metals. I have done some simple conversions of Furies and possible Heralds from the Plastics but they aren't painted yet.

PAINTING: 2 layers on the skin of Shadow Grey/Ice Blue - 5/1 then 5/3. The claws are Dwarf Bronze washed with Badab Black and drybrushed Shining Gold. The other metal is Tin Bitz then a 2/1 Tin Bitz/Shining Gold. Finally the hair is just Scorpion green washed with Thraka Green.

BASING: Playing with the new washes, none of the pics show it clearly though. It's just sand washed with Badab Black and then a couple of layers of Thraka Green and Leviathan Purple.

STILL TO DO: Nothing on these unless I find a better way to do one of the colours.

HIGHS: The new washes are great for people like me, giving excellent shading or tints without great effort. Getting them painted early enough to give me a headstart for September.

LOWS: Getting pictures at all, the dodgy quality of the pictures.

POINTS: 210 including command models.

ARMY LIST: You mean some people here have a PLAN?!? I have a pile of models and a tendency to randomly buy more models, the army list is subservient to this.
I'm going to paint more Daemonettes next though.





05-09-2008, 21:05
Well I must give a joker ... I got 85% done my first spear unti, but needede to finish painting a gift for my gf and dad .... oh and University graduation got in the way :D

*inserts joker card*

I shoudl be able to catch up this month though. Everything else so far is looking excellent!

05-09-2008, 21:46


UNIT: 30 Night Gobbos, 5 Hoppaz, 3 Fanatics


BUILD/CONVERSION: Night gobbos had some weapon changes, such as sleavless arms from common gobs, some icons filed off, but nothing too serious.

PAINTING: Gobbos: Skin was basecoat gobbo, highlighted up to scorpion.
Squigs: Skin was basecoated various colors, and highlighted to the brightest i could get them. They are supposed to be crazy on the eyes...

BASING: Not done yet (sorry), but will be done by next month, i promise. Thought it would be better to show them as they are than get them lost in walls of text

STILL TO DO: The Bases...

HIGHS: Getting so many models done in a month, to a high standard (well, for me anyway)
LOWS: Not getting the bases done in time

POINTS: 190 (not including fanatics)





05-09-2008, 22:02
There is almost more jokers than people that got their painting done...

06-09-2008, 01:29

UNIT: Night Goblin Shamen; Night Goblin Big Boss; Night Goblin Unit (minus command)
POINTS: @200-ish

This is more of an intro army. My first army was dwarves, so I figured I would go with the antithesis. This first list is meant to give me some diversity of units to discover how I would like to play. Any suggestions on the list would be appreciated (please PM me so we don't crud up this forum)


(Anything with a ! means I still need to get the models)

!Black Orc Warboss on Boar;
!Orc Shaman
Night Goblin Shaman
Night Goblin Big Boss w/Shield

28 x Night Goblins w/Spears; Full Command
!3 x Fanatics
19 x Night Goblins w/Shortbows; Full Command
5 x Goblin Spider Riders w/Musician
!9 x Goblin Wolf Riders w/Shields; Full Command
!19 x Orc Boyz w/Shields; Full Command
14 x Orc Boyz w/2 Choppas;Full Command

5 x Orc Boar Boyz
Boar Chariot
!2 x Squig Herds
!Spear Chukka

4 x Leadbelchers w/Light Armour
!3 x Stone Trolls

I need to go short term... I still don't actually own everything yet.

Month 1 : Aug : Misc test figs, Goblin characters and Gobbos w/shortbows (200)
Month 2 : Sep : Rest of Gobbo command, Gobbos w/Spears and Boar Chariot (210)
Month 3 : Oct : Orc Boyz w/2 Choppas, rest of gobbo spiders (200)
Month 4 : Nov : Leadbelchers (220)
Month 5 : Dec : Boar Boyz, Whatever else I can get (Spear Chukka and 2nd Squig Herd?) (200-ish)

Thanks everyone, and keep painting!

06-09-2008, 08:45
First post here... long time lurker.

Vampire Counts

This Months Painting

Models: 20 Skeletons - Hans the Treacherous' Minders

Points: 205

Background: The bodyguard of necromancer Hans the Treacherous who in a campaign betrayed a city to High Elves and then went renegade with another city, inciting the citizens against their undead lord, Ishavor. These skeletons guard/watch this fickle servant of Ishavor. The champion has strict orders to kill him at the slightest sign of betrayal.

Building/Conversion: Straight out the box 6th edition Skeletons with a shield swap for the champion.

Painting: I used a white undercoat then Bubonic Brown with a brown ink. Followed by another coat of Bubonic Brown then I added Bleached Bone in stages until finally the consticency was entirely Bleached Bone. The shields were Necron Abyss and Chaos Black and weapons were Boltgun Metal with brown, green and black inks with Chainmail highlights.

The army's color scheme are a deep Regal Blue and silver.

Basing: Covered in sand which was painted Chaos Black then Calthan Brown was drybrushed onto it then finally Bleached Bone.

Next Month: 10 Black Knights are on the way.



06-09-2008, 09:12
Well it's about time I posted this month (my goal for this Tale is to post on day 1 atleast once, never did it in the last Tale).



UNIT: 14 Wolfriders with Spears and Shields

BACKGROUND/THEME: In the works, just not written down yet.... Plus a lot of it is based around my General so I don't want to give too much away before I post him.

BUILD/CONVERSION: There are a few conversions spattered amongst the unit. The banner is from a Brettonian kit, the musician was a squig herder, I've mounted two gobbos on one wolf a couple of times (something I plan to do throughout the army, as I like the more congested/hordy look it gives teh units) and just other random conversions.

PAINTING: Goblin skin is Snot Green, 50/50 Snot Green/Goblin Green, Goblin Green, 50/50 Goblin Green/Bleached Bone. The wolves are a white undercoat, a codex grey wash, white drybush. The cloths are various combinations of browns and bleached bone

BASING: My usual snow method. I promise I'll make an army without it. Someday. Maybe...

STILL TO DO: Shields and touchup the severed head on the banner bearer.

HIGHS: I'm pretty happy with how the unit turned out, a nice to start to a brand new army.

LOWS: Not getting the shields done, not posting until this late into the month, and I'm not really happy with how the banner turned out (you can't really see it in the pics, but it just doesnt seem very Gobliny in the paint job, something I'll need to try and fix)

POINTS: 226 (212 if you don't count shields)






Prince Sairion
06-09-2008, 10:04
Better late than never . . .


UNIT: Two units of 12 archers.

BACKGROUND: My dining room table . . . joking, about 7 years of red and orange elf painting, but no real storyline. This is the army led by my namesake Prince Sairion.

BUILDING: Straight from ebay

PAINTING: Yep, did that. Three stage colour for the orange and red, foundation and either highlight or shade for the rest.

STILL TO DO: Finish the banner, BUY SKULL WHITE PAINT!!! Didn't have any for final highlights and the banner.

HIGHS: Posting ;)

LOWS: Discovering the lack of skull white paint. Who'd have thought it, 125 pots, no skull white!

POINTS: Without the banner I make it 264. Although I'm without army book.


Next month, Silver helms!

06-09-2008, 11:14

15x skeletons w/ spears, shields, light armour and full command 155pts
5x Dire Wolves 40pts

BACKGROUND: Archetypal vampire force from Sylvania. Will include all von carstein at some point

BUILDING: old skeletons straight from box; wolves from gobbo wolf riders.

Skellies: Black undercoat, drybrush bestial brown, drybrush bleached bone. fill metal details and done. The front rank look incredibly dodgy due to them being painted several years ago...
Wolves: Black undercoat, drybush codex grey, details and done.

STILL TO DO: Static grass on bases; movement trays

HIGHS: Finishing a unit that was started nearly 6 years ago...

LOWS: they look rubbish due to quickness of painting






06-09-2008, 17:38
Darnoks WHF Zombie Pirates - Paining of August 2008

Unit 1: 2 Deckhands (getting the original unit from 18 to 20, and thus legal) - 12 points (120 now for the full unit)
Unit 2: 4 Bloated Corpses - 120 points
Unit 3: 1 Carronade with crew - 70 points

Total Army Size: 310 points

Background and Theme

Details will follow, but the main idea is to have a normal ramshackle zombie pirate list, with chunks of "press ganged" units form the Imperial East Lustria Trading Company - only one of the PotC references to come.


The Deckhands are pretty normal, WHF Zombies mixed with WHF Imperial Somethings. A shaved WHF Ogre was added as a unit filler. At some point I'll do an Animated Hulks unit, with more ogres, but this one will always stay in that unit.

The Bloated Corpses were easy work as well. WHF Zombies with heads from the WHF Ghouls, and bloated bodies made from bits and Green Stuff.

The cannon is a WHF Imperial Great Cannon, with added zombie heads. The base got some additional love, with a palm tree and a skull on the cannon balls.


Almost all of my ZP units get the same basic treatment: black basecoat, follow by two drybrushing of dark and lighter grey, and a wash with Vallejo Sepia Ink. The sepia only comes onto the models, the bases stay grey (and are from there mostly done, static grass follows after varnishing). Anything living/undead then gets green skin. Together with details like weapons and differently painted clothes(extras, those parts get another sepia wash. Eyes are done in Snotling Green, hairs tend to be grey/white.

The cannon comes from a former ship of the infamous East Lustria Trading Company, and gets the related "uniforms". I found muddy yellow and red to be imperial enough, and contrasting to the green skin (without hurting in the eye), so whenever you see those colour elements, you know where the unit comes from.

The Bloated Corpses got some more blood on them, after all they are falling apart while lurking around. They also got some very subtle green highlights (Snot Green), to make them a bit more distinct from the normal zombies. But infact those highlights are so subtle, you don't even see them on the pictures!

Still To Do

The models aren't varnished yet. Things like the blood will get the usual glossy treatment. There will also be some static grass to be added.

As said elsewhere my skills in making photos of models... needs work. I hope to soon find a method to make better pictures, as at the moment I lose quite a lot of the colour depth during the process.






More pictures and even more stuff can be found in my plog over here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=161412).

Jim Reaper
07-09-2008, 10:35
It's taken me an age to sort out my colour scheme and get a hold of the bits and bobs I need. So for this month I'm afraid it's...


Joker! Erm, whoops.

I hope to have 400 points for next month though as I've made a start on a Shaggoth, so that'll make up for this month's lameness.

07-09-2008, 11:17
IF you complete the shaggoth and post 400 points next month you don't infact need to use a joker.

You can exploit a loophole in this, otherwise, very tightly run shambles which allows you to paint expensive models over two months and put your feet up for weeks at a time. :D

Obviously most can only exploit this loophole once when they paint their lord and still hope top end up with a playable army at the end.

07-09-2008, 13:21
Heh, that helps me a lot ... because I already have at least one unit I can use that won't count as part of my 2000pts I'll be painting, I can paint another lord. Good, good ... I like converting undead ... well, depending on the missionary. :angel:

Does that work, or will I have to end up with two seperaste 2000 point armies, not one extended 4000pt one?

07-09-2008, 15:33
Afraid I will have to exploit that loophole aswell ;) I have not had a lot of time for my skaven this month but atleast I have a grey seer about half done, so it shouldn't be impossible to finish him up together with some wip clanrats or something to make next month 400 points. I will do my best in any case.

Math Mathonwy
07-09-2008, 16:34

UNIT: Khorne Herald Battle Standard Bearer on a Juggernaut

BUILDING: The Mail Order only Herald on Jugger with an arm swap with a Plastic Bloodletter. Held to the base with pins and magnets so as to allow changing to a round base for 40k use. Building the thing was super painful and took me many long hours. Urgh.

PAINTING: Some parts have dip on them, some don't. I was rather fed up with the mini after the building of it, so it isn't as nice as it probably should be.

STILL TO DO: Finish the banner with a jagged chaos star (my army isn't going to be all Khorne). Also, I really should go back and make pretty much everything look nicer, but I'm not ashamed to put that on a gaming table.

HIGHS: Getting it finished, I guess. Also, painting the tongue of the Herald was kinda nice.

LOWS: Building the thing!

POINTS: 215 with Daemonic Gifts



Next month, Bloodletters and probably something else, too.

07-09-2008, 17:09


UNIT: 2 Salamander Hunting Packs, 1 Jungle Swarm

BACKGROUND/THEME: Still working on it. They live near the swamps, that much I can tell.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box. Swarms have an added tablet (and lizard) from Tenehuain's base.

PAINTING: Bodies: Scorched Brown, Bronzed Flesh, Fortress Grey, Skull White. Scales: Bronzed Flesh, Sunburst Yellow, brown wash.

BASING: Glued Cork and sand prior to basecoating. Left a few patches of bare base for water effects. Added plastic plants and clumps of green flock and static grass. Base: Scorched Brown, Bronzed Flesh, brown wash. Water: Dark Angels Green, glue+Dark Angels Green+Scorched Brown.

STILL TO DO: These guys are finished.

HIGHS: Start of a new ToFP! First time trying out new basing techniques (thanks Monsterzonk for the inspiration!)

LOWS: My crazy obsession of not posting anything until it is completely finished!!

POINTS: 130 (Salamander Hunting Packs) + 60 (Jungle Swarm) = 190pts.





07-09-2008, 18:09
Vampire Counts


UNIT: Vampires

BACKGROUND/THEME: Goth vikings, slightly fluff based. Mostly things i like model-wise though.

The mage is a chaos sorceror with his horns clipped off. The warrior is a mix of the following:
Old skeleton upper body (GS'd)
Zombie legs (GS'd leg paddings)
Marauder arms, with a blorc mace head and heads from the zombie sprue.
And the head of a daemonette.

Not much to say about this, astronomicon greż as a basis for the skin, then white layered upon this, the rest is quite plain and simple.

Not yet to be done, as i haven't decided upon how i should base them..

STILL TO DO: These guys are finished, finito, done (except the bases xD).

White skin!


POINTS: 200 2x Vampire


I photoshopped them slightly as the pics were blurry, but nothing was altered. The bad lighting still kills most of my highlights though.

The Plan?
There is no such thing!
Next month: Most likely skellies and ghouls.

Count Sinister
07-09-2008, 19:19
Spectacular work from everyone! I'm afraid that this month (and perhaps the next month or two as well), I'll be pulling the injury card. I've managed to injure my remaining good shoulder, so no painting for me for a while, at least until I see the surgeon. I'll be watching the thread with interest, though! A lot of great stuff going on here.

07-09-2008, 20:43
Hey guy's Looks like I'm gonna have to blow both of my Jokers for this and next month. I was in a car accident last weekend my neck is messed up plus my right arm and ankle are broken. I had a nasty concussion and just got outta the hospital on Thursday.

I'm ok but doped out on pain killers.

Everything looks great! Congrats on an outstanding first month guys.

07-09-2008, 21:22
So sorry to hear that. That sounds like a bad one.

Hope you and anyone else involved are all OK in the long run and make a speedy recovery.

Likewise Count Sinister.

When you guys get fit again if you ever get ahead of yourselves and want to 'buy back jokers' i think we can make an exception in this case.

All the best guys,

Dead orc
08-09-2008, 00:12
Everything is looking awesome so far! Most of my sumbissions are not fully finished because i've been preparing to move to uni in less than one week now, enough of the excuses and on to the models:


20 Dwarf Warriors, with Shields and Full command.

BACKGROUND/THEME: None developed yet.

PAINTING: A Variety of greens and browns. Everything has had a coat of devlan mud.

BASING: As you can see i've only had time to glue the sand to the bases on all of my submissions for this month. When I get time i'll paint the bases on these guys as rocky I think.

STILL TO DO: Shields on some of the older warriors, and the bases.

HIGHS: Finally figuiring out how I was going to paint the army.
LOWS: Not having enough time to do the bases.




Dead orc
08-09-2008, 00:18
Wood Elves
10 Glade Guard and 5 Scouts (sorry for the bad picture)


BACKGROUND/THEME: Autumn themed, thats about it so far.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I used some way Watchers as Scouts but no conversions.

PAINTING: Oranges, Browns, Yellows, Reds... Autumn Colours with a small amount of late summer green on a few models.

BASING: Will be painted muddy with something to look like leaves, when I find something.

STILL TO DO: One of the scouts is not finished, some glade guard need metals painted on them and most models need highlights.




Dead orc
08-09-2008, 00:26
2 Units of 2 Leadbelchers


BACKGROUND/THEME: Desert Ogres therefore tanned. Following an old dwarf road (or a cheese road as my girlfriend calls it.)

BUILD/CONVERSION: Nothing out of the ordinary.

PAINTING: Chardon granite as the skin, highlighted with increased amounts of bleached bone. I wanted them to look like the GW ogres who had gotten a sun-tan.

BASING: The road will be lightened to look like sandstone, these were sculpted into milliput.

STILL TO DO: Most of the skin still needs doing aswell as the bases and highlights on the pants and boots.




08-09-2008, 01:35

3 Ogres w/ Bellower-115pts
8 Gnoblar Trappers-48 pts

At some point will be coming back and adding tattoo's to the ogres, marking them as clan moulder. Going to be a force of ogres that works for them.

Ogres were already assembled ebay buys, gnoblars from the box

Ogre skin, scorched brown, graveyard earth, gryphonne sepia wash, kommando khaki, flesh wash

STILL TO DO: Tattoo's, lots of things I'd like to do with the gnoblars but time investment for so few points isnt worth it right now

HIGHS: Loving painting the ogres.

LOWS: Ran out of time almost jokered, didn't get the gnoblars to standard I like, bad pics for right now, will have better next month

POINTS: 263 :( Will make up points for it with irongut unit next month


Group shot


Count Sinister
08-09-2008, 02:35
Sorry to hear about that BDJV. Hope you're well soon.

08-09-2008, 05:24
Dark Elves


UNIT: Characters

BACKGROUND/THEME: Essentially I ended up picking up the army for $150 cnd. I got a bunch of stuff way back for 50 bucks then the new spearhead minus one the mounted dreadlord and he added the assassin special character for 100 bucks. So I'll probably flesh out the units a bit eventually but that's where the units come from

Basic assembly.... There is a conversion planned for later in the army, but that'll be revealed later.

Pretty much oldschool black silver and purple. I added jade green and hawk turquoise to fellhearts cape. Again i'm trying to find the best settings for pictures with my camera.

Not yet to be done, as i haven't decided upon how i should base them..

STILL TO DO: Basing will be done later in the army's completion. The picture shows the handles of the swords as not finished but the pics were taken before completion, they are finished now.

Cape turned otu fairly well picture doesn't do justice.
needs minor touch ups, I'm thinking about fixing a few things, might play around with a few ideas then see where they go and judge things accordingly

POINTS: 250 - fellheart, 90 - assassin

340 total

(I have been tossing around colors too don't think i'm skimping out just by painting two models). I've included a pic of the bolt thrower crew I have painted. I plan on tackling a unit or two of spearmen this month, I just finsihed assembling them and need to prime them, I've been quite busy in the last week assemblying 4 sets of the orks from black reach along with some more daemon stuff. Anyways on to the pictures!!!

Fellheart and an assassin picture 1

Fellheart and an assassin picture 2
Fellheart and an assassin picture 3

Bolt thrower crew (Will be the color scheme for the army

Sorry for the crappy pictures still trying to find the best settings for my camera.

08-09-2008, 08:00
Here come the Dark Elves! I'm going to go through all the Dark Elf posts (alphabetic, rather than when posted) and then talk about my choice for "Inferior Race of the Month" (see bottom of the post).

PS Harry was right - keeping a running log of commentaries made this post easier.

@Aflo: (post #38 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2911106&postcount=38)) Jokered, but says he's doing O&G? Harry - the list in Post#2 may need amended...

@ampao: (post #72 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2914230&postcount=72)) I really like the way the light grey came out and the horns/spines work very well with the darker root. The markings are a lovely touch and help the model to look great.

andymeechan: (post #40 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2911246&postcount=40)) Er, that's me...

@Arduhn: (post #23 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2910679&postcount=23)) Good to see you playing with different colours over metals. The purple works well - my standard Gold is finished with Yellow then Chestnut inks, but you're making a good point for me to experiment. Thanks - and good luck with your first unit!

@Bluesabre: (post #57 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2912650&postcount=57)) Nice close-ups and I'm going to steal your painting on the Shades' crossbows! The blue is commendably SOLID. Did you consider posting 200 points and keeping the rest for next month - that's a free month to play games :)

@Catferret: (post #12 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2910469&postcount=12)) Looking forward to seeing the full background. The snippets you've told me so far are pretty awesome. I'll work up my backgound in, er Months 11 & 12! A pleasure to paint with you and looking forward to cajolle you over Month 2 :) The snow works well. I mentioned you may need bolder highlights, but notice how my green ones disappeared in the pic? Nuts! Lol!

@Calibretto: (post #245 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2939948&postcount=245)) Jokered.

@Chicken Pig: (post #56 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2912508&postcount=56)) I think you've nailed my Month 2 or Month 3 selection! Did you consider using the Glade Rider cloaks? They work quite well once the quiver is clipped off. The Turquoise works well and using the Glade Guard cowelled heads on the Crossbowmen look great. Inspired!

@derv: (post #7 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2910401&postcount=7)) Love the flesh tones as they're hard to nail over such an area. Did you consider a Baal Red wash after the final highlight? I run Witch Elves at 7x2 as wikjn ell: have you considered 6x... for the Warriors?

@Heid: (post #257 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2941027&postcount=257)) Jokered.

@Jonahmaul: (post #125 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2929147&postcount=125)) Jokered. Thanks for chipping in with the comments, mate. I have more of those old-school models to come! (post #304 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2947069&postcount=304)) Nice work on that skin colour. Why blue? Easy! They're garrissoned at one of the northern watchtowers that are edging the Chaos Wastes...

@kris.sherriff: (post #59 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2912964&postcount=59)) Mate, the basing is lovely! Have you considered a very watered Shadow Grey or Asurman Blue Wash for the skin after the final highlight? Is the thong deliberately close to flesh-tones; have you considered a darker colour (perhaps dark purple through black)?

@Lavieth: (post #94 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2923371&postcount=94)) Jokered. Mate, you didn't manage to post a joker picture, so let's see the WIP for the Warrior unit so far! (post #270 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2942085&postcount=270)) Good work catching up mate! It'll be interesting to see how they spring to life once based. Top tip: you can use the 'cloth' near the spear blade to mark different units.

@Lord Dan: (post #22 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2910678&postcount=22)) The edging on the shield i'm tempted to nick, the freehand is great, but... why only one pic of the Cold One Knight? It's looking awesome, but you should show off the lance too. The laquered armour came out looking fine indeed!

@Scott: (post #117 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2928385&postcount=117)) Solid work on the characters. Why not only post Lokhir Fellheart and add the Assassin to next month's painting. That would mean you'd only need to do 110 points of Warriors! (Besides, the rest of us are going at a leisurely 200 points per month...) The Macro setting seems to be working fine with your camera; just slip some white paper behind the models and they brighten up!

@Tizz: (post #28 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2910781&postcount=28)) Good work finding the colours for the cloaks; they're seriously cool. Hope to see the recipe for that flesh in a later month... Have you considered a red or purple wash over the armour to help warm the colours to the brown/purple?

I didn't notice posts from these fine folks... Calibretto, Czechsensation, Gazak blacktoof, Heid, Jonahmaul, Kodamas, Matthias Thulmann, Szlachcic, Wise Guy Sam. (Did I miss anyone?) Hope you're still with us, folks; or are you having trouble finding this Thread? (I recognise the inherent paradox in that question!)

I thought that, since I shouldn't comment on every army that it would be remiss if I couldn't identify my favourite!

Runner up is Niibl (post #65 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2913462&postcount=65)) who has given us an amazing display!

Month 1 winner is ... fluffystuff (post #37 (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2911105&postcount=37)) who has given us a totally solid unit of Skeletons. Awesome.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
08-09-2008, 08:01
Hello great work guys:) congrats to all who made the first deadline.

So are we already allowed to post wip pic's from the stuff we will paint this month?


08-09-2008, 09:32
I didn't notice posts from these fine folks... Calibretto, Czechsensation, Gazak blacktoof, Heid, Jonahmaul, Kodamas, Matthias Thulmann, Szlachcic, Wise Guy Sam. (Did I miss anyone?)

I think you did miss a few, with there being over 200 painters in the Tale and not even 120 posts :p. Admitedly I didn't even pick up on who it was that hadn't posted, you've got a good eye (or a heck of a lot of spare time checking people off a list as they post :p)

Well since people have had their week of posts I guess I can post up my comments. And yes, Harry's suggestion of keeping a word file of comments as I went helped immensly.

Here we go...

@ Harry (Lizardmen): Very nice, if the rest of the army turns out as good as these guys I can see it fast becoming my favourite of your armies this year (like your VC were last year)

@ Harry (O&G): So this is the start of the army Iím up against this year. I can see Iíve got my hands full then. They look really good. The only bit of criticism Iíve got is the blood on the mouth of the standard bearerís wolf, it just seems a bit too pink for blood

@ Harry (Khorne): They do complement your Daemons from last year donít they. What is the design on the shields supposed to be? I canít quite make it out.

@ Harry (Nurgle): I really like the background for these guys, it was so well written. I canít wait to see the unit finished

@ derv: Those Druchii look great. That AoW sculpt is quite good, must get around to picking that up (I already have the DE lord from there)

@ Ego Ninja: Well done. The dull look of the armour really suits the models

@ Colonel Haizelhoff: The scar vet looks good from what I can see. You can be yet another to join us in the blurry picture camp

@ Wib: Fantastic looking Dwarves. And I have to agree the metal models do trump the BFSP dwarves, but I suppose that is what you get with them being the start set models

@ Braad: Thatís it, Iím sold on adding that model as Grom to my army by the end of this Tale, and I didnít even have plans to use Grom at the beginning. The effort you put in was well worth it

@ Catferret: Very nicely done, it makes me want to find some bases to add to my reaper bolt throwers

@ Arhalien: Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, the OSL on those warriors really makes the unit stand out. The eyes on the banner are quite well done too

@ Kaine: Good job, I really like the colour scheme

@ Leonathion: Ooh I like them. The colours contrast quite nicely with the base

@ Jimjim: Never thought of combining the Grimgor and Wuzzag models, it turned out very nice, well done

@ MutantMaggot: Varghaur definitely sounds better. Havenít had a chance to read the background yet, running low on time, but congrats on putting in so much effort to it

@ Arduhn (Empire): Very nice, quite colourful too (though what do you expect from Empire?)

@ Arduhn (Dark Elves): Lokhir is very well done, especially the cloak

@ Arduhn (VC): The link doesnít seem to work, but from what I can make out of the thumbnail it looks good

@ Lord Dan: Very nice, the Warriorís banner is awesome

@ spikedog: Ooh a (nearly) all Minotaur army, Iíll have to keep my eye on this army. Keep it up

@ Reik: There is quite a lot of character in that unit of warriors you have there, well done

@ saltpappa: Nice Dwarves, look very Irish to me with all of that green

@ Tizz: Very nice, that Corsair champion model is probably one of my favourites that GW has made and youíve painted it well

@ Cerion: While youíve done a fantastic paintjob on that model, I canít help but feel that he looks a bit dopey with that mask, I think it is the large black eye areas that do it. Nothing wrong with it though, it will sure give your opponent a surprise when he starts ripping through his units

@ huinipachutli: I canít see the pictures, not sure why

@ EmperorNorton (WE): I can only begin to imagine some poor Empire chaps face when that thing starts running out of the woods at him! Well done

@ EmperorNorton (VC): I quite like them, the eyes on the close up wraith make him look quite sinister

@ McMullet: Too bad, hope you have better luck next month

@ Redd: I like that youíve gone with different coloured Dryads in a unit, not something Iíve seen done before

@ Zujara: Very nice. I canít help but laugh though at how small that champion is to the rest of his unit though

@ Magos Explorator (HE): Very nice, the gems turned out fantastic

@ Magos Explorator (Skaven): Yes that Grey Seer model does have quite a lot of character. The orb is painted fantastically too; it looks like itís full of smoke

@ flufystuff: Very nice, itís quite an intimidating unit that one. The bone looks amazing

@ andymeechan: Now those are some old school models there. Canít wait to see a whole army of these done up

@ LionoftheBegs: Good job, Iím quite fond of the parrot on the second model

@ BigJon: Great job, I love the Gnoblar in the cannon. There for aiming purposes I assume? ďOi! Up and to the left! Thatís right, FIRE!!Ē

@ Sharke: Luthor looks great, I really like that red robe

@ Geep: Well done. The banner looks great

@ Papa Dan: Wow, just wow. Those Empire models are absolutely amazing. I canít believe how you can get white to work out so well. I hope you donít mind if I sit in amazement waiting for the next batch of models from you

@ Warlord Ghazak Gahzkull: Very nice, I like the combination of the night goblin heads with the wolf riders, might have to steal that idea

@ Nephilim of Sin: Iíve always loved the Once and Future Git story, canít wait to see how you develop it

@ Krzyek: I like that unit a lot, the new and old flagellants mix quite well

@ GalenArtorius: I think you pulled off that irregular troop appearance quite well while still having them look unified as a group, well done

@ Death Korp: Now those are some eye catching chaos warriors. The purple works quite well with the bronze

@ sideorder_of_chips: As Iíve said before I really like what youíre doing with this army. The only thing Iíd suggest is to highlight the banner top so it is more in line with the gut plates colour wise, as it stands it seems a bit dark

@ nagged: Now that is an idea I havenít seen before, using the Brettonian book for a mounted chaos army. The face (I think?) design worked out well on the shields, but not so much the banner, it seems like it needs something extra

@ Mooncow: Very nice, the eagle turned out really well (though I can see some green stuff or something through the flying stand!). What happened to the standard bearer that we saw in the last thread though?

@ Chicken Pig: Those Druchii look great. The somewhat unorthodox DE colour scheme has turned out really well

@ Bluesabre: Very nicely done. But arenít you getting a bit ahead of yourself by painting nearly two months worth of models already? Not that Iím complaining or anything, but I just donít want to see someone burn out too early

@ kris.sherriff: Good job on the sorceress. Nice to see some non-GW models showing up

@ Ludwig von Rictoven: I quite like the theme for this army, probably the first non-Egyptian themed TK army Iíve seen

@ Zilgorn_Zeypher: A solid start, canít wait to see it finished

@ Zark the Damned: Ooh very nice, youíve done that old model proud. And what a name!

@ rkunisch: Nice skeletons. What is your plan for the bases? Are you going to go with sand or something different?

@ SuavelyDunn (TK): Very nice. Iím particularly fond of the Tomb Scorpion

@ SuavelyDunn (VC): The simple shield and banner design work quite well on this unit. Well done

@ Niibl: I still reckon the sticks-for-arms zombie is my favourite. Well done

@ Ebodine: Very nice, is that Ahrimanís head?

@ txamil: Those Rackham models do work quite well as Minotaurs, do you have plans for any more Rackham models in this army?

@ ampao: That hydra is stunning. Makes me want to get mine painted (though I really should be working on my goblinsÖ)

@ Alathir: Red High Elves? Not something one sees very often at all. Youíve pulled it off nicely though

@ 75hastings69: Ooh I really like that Varghulf. Iíll have to keep that skin recipe in mind as it looks really good

@ fbi_boy: Good job. Only criticism I have is the green movement tray, a black/grey like the top of the bases would look much better IMO

@ Filie: Looking good. What plans have you got for basing?

@ sainthale1988: Very nice. Konrad looks quite good for your first highlighting attempt

@ Dino: Another stunning army coming from you I see. Do you foresee any problems time wise for getting things done on time each month if youíve got to convert each model on top of painting it?

@ Firestorm Falcon: While the painting is excellent, I still donít get a Vampire/Undead vibe from it. It just seems like a High Elf in dark robes tbh. But then I canít suggest a way to make it look more Vampire-y. Iíll wait and see how it looks amongst the rest of the army before I make my final judgement though

@ someone2040: Very nice, I really love the Witch Hunter hat on the middle model

@ FatOlaf: Those Lizardmen are lovely. While the bases are quite good, Iím personally not a fan of the base texture going over the edge of the rim (only time I like it is on lava bases really)

@ Xarius: Looking good, hopefully we can see some better (and updated) pics soon

@ Danny76: Looks like youíre suffering from the same Ďhorrible picture syndromeí that plagued me all through the last Tale. From what I can see the knights look good. Hope you can get some better pics next month

@ Digital~Punk: Very nice. The bases look very striking. The heart tattoo on the Slayerís **** is a touch of genius!

@ StormCrow: The TK look great (especially the Tomb Guard). What is it the Tomb Guard are based on? It just seems different form a normal slotta base (and have I asked you this before?)

@ Blagrot Squigbreff: Another one for the Ďhorrible picture syndromeí I see! While I canít comment too much on the painting because of the pictures, I really do like the colour scheme. The hair especially is quite striking

@ Knighta: Very nice. I especially like the yellow squig. How people can get such a bright yellow to look so good annoys me, I canít get bright yellows to work to save my life.

@ hippo2112: Looking good. Any plans for the basing? Or are you just leaving it as a painted base?

@ Benevolent_wyrm: Looking good. The colours seem a bit washed out in the pics though. Taken under an ambient light (like a desk lamp) perhaps?

@ Prince Sairion: Very nice, I really like the colour scheme of this army, nice to not see a stark white HE army for a change

@ Frgt/10: I wouldnít be so harsh on your painting. Put a nice contrasting colour on the skeleton banner ( a nice dark red perhaps, though any red except blood red, too bright, would work well) and give the dire wolves one more highlight (applied only to extreme area like the brow, ears, the raised tuff of hair that goes down the back of its neck etc) as they seem a bit too dark and youíve got two nicely painted units there. Maybe a little extra detail on the bases (some grass maybe?) on they will really start to take shape. Have a look at Harryís VC army from last years TOFP for some inspiration

@ Darnok: Very nice, the conversions are great and youíve got a very unique colour scheme happening. Canít wait to see the remainder of the army take shape

@ Math Mathonwy: Looks great. The base needs a little extra something though, seems a bit empty at the moment

@ Saulot: Very nice, loving the bases.

@ Kraal_Lord_of_Blood: A Viking theme to them, eh? Iíll be looking forward to how they turn out

@ Dead Orc (Dwarves): Looking good, the older models look quite good mixed in with the new ones. Keep up the good work

@ Dead Orc (WE): Well at least the background for this army is more developed than that of the Dwarves. Good job

@ Dead Orc (OK): Itís probably just the pictures, but the skin tone seems to vary a lot. The first and last pictures seem barely highlighted at all while the closest model in the second picture looks to have some lovely blending going on. Nothing wrong with any of the paint jobs (though I do like the look of the blended one the most) but I canít tell which one is accurate of what you actually painted

@ Scott: Looks good. As for basing have you got any ideas or thoughts? I reckon snow bases would suit the look of them (Iím not biased I swear *shifty eyes*)

Now that *should* be everyone who has posted so far. Hopefully we can get a fair few more people posting by the end of the month, otherwise we've got a roughly 50% (maybe a bit over) turnout of those who signed up, mind you it is still more people than signed up for last year's Tale in total.

Now back to assembling some more goblins so I can get painting again...


08-09-2008, 09:46
Looks like I have to joker this months. I'll submit what I was going to this month next month. I was doing a chaos sorceror. If I have time I\ll paint up a unit to go with him.

So far all the work I've seen is really great guys.

08-09-2008, 09:48
I'm pulling a *I'm a liar* card as I finally organised my 2000pt Wood Elf list, and the Glade Guard unit I painted before are part of it! As such here is what follows...

Wood Elves


UNIT: First Glade Guard Unit

BACKGROUND/THEME: The thaw, the general idea is that the whole army is getting ready for Spring, but it's still Winter thawing out. That's the idea behind the white cloaks, but normal spring attire underneath.

The bases will be explained in the next couple of weeks, so I'll make sure I show you all how I did it. I also had to have large pins in the feet of the Glade Guard and also had to make sure the bark didn't break on the bases (that's what the rocks on the bases are made from)

Lots of different colours! I do love my Green
Leather:Scorched Brown, Vermin Brown, Wash of Scorched Brown
Light green: Catachan green, Camo green
Medium Green: Dark angels green, Half Dark Angels Green Half Snot Green, Snot Green
Dark green: Dark angels green, Half Dark Angels Green Half Snot Green
Skin: Dark Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh, Wash of Scorched Brown

Ok I'll give you a quick guide now. Find some appropriate pieces of bark and lay them on top of the pre-arranged formation your unit will have. Using a Texta/Permanent Marker, line up where the grid of the bases is and draw it on top of the bark. Number the bark from 1- the unit number (eg for me it was 1-10) so you know where they go unless you like jigsaw puzzles! Using a fine saw (I just used a hacksaw :P) slowly cut through the bark. You'll find if you have smooth motions and the bark isn't brittle that it will saw nicely.

Stick to the bases and stick on sand etc. I also added flock to the bases before I undercoated so that the flock could soak up the paint and really look swollen. Also I can paint it how I want :D Do people want pictures for this?

STILL TO DO: Some actual painting (oh snap)

Getting to paint my treeman next month :D
Being a lying git. I said I wouldn't count this unit, but it's an integral part of my army :(

POINTS: 144, but with full command 168


Next month I'll be doing some actual painting on a Treeman, which will bring the points up to just over 400 for the two months.

EDIT: For those of you who like using emotes, remember they count as a picture in your post according to Warseer, so if you wonder why you've posted 1-2 pics and it won't let you post make sure you check if you have emoticons!!

08-09-2008, 10:15
Huzzah, comments time started! But I won't even try to post on everyones work. Instead some words of gratulation to everybody posting so far: you all did the first steps on the road to a new army, and nearly everybody did it very well. With a few exceptions I was impressed by the works seen so far, and the overall standard is really high.

I will comment on my personal Top 3 of last months painting. Please, if you are not among them, don't feel offended, as I most likely like what you have done too. But the following three painters were outstanding in my opinion, and without further ado:

1. Arhalien - Chaos Warriors ... Simply amazing. The choice of colours, the painting itself, the bases - everything works together so well. And the glowing eyes! I don't even want to know the levels of awesome you'll reach with the new Chaos miniatures coming. Absolutely excellent so far!

2. fluffystuff - Undead ... First class painting as well. I'm totally in love with how you did the metals. The smoothness of the other colours and the nice bases add together to an overall impressive unit. You're only a close second, and I can't wait for what you do next month. :)

3. Leonathion - Lizardmen ... Also some very fine painting. The choice of colours and the painting itself look great. I just like the look of what you've done so far. I also like the second thoughts you had, like the concept scetches and the inspirational photos. There is indeed more to an army than just the models!

An honourable mention should go to both Wib and saltpappa, for some oldschool dwarfs. Full of character, and well painted too. Again, thumbs up!

We also have:

Best Conversion: Niibl - Zombie Pirates ... Mate, that Big Bess is just daunting. So many great ideas in just one conversion, together with a stunning paint job. The only thing lacking is the picture itself. But the awesome conversion remains. I think I'll have a hard time coming even close to that.

Last, but by no means least, I want to thank Harry for bringing all this to live. We'll see where it goes, but so far I'm only positive about me making some progress at last. Now off to the painting table again!

P.S.: Of course I'm well aware that Harry should get some comments as well. But as he's painting more stuff in a month than I do in a year, and to such a high standard as well, I feel like I could spend the month with only doing comments on his awesome works. His stuff speaks for itself, my babbling wouldn't do it justice. :D

08-09-2008, 11:42
I think you did miss a few, with there being over 200 painters in the Tale and not even 120 posts :p.

Ah, right, I was restricting my comments to those signed up to paint Dark Elf armies only. That way I was able to quickly deduce who I had to keep track of and stick it into my 'notes' file. It also means we don't see 120+ posts on 120+ people... ouch!

Yeah, my models are pre-white metal so all have lead in them. I try not to chew them :P

08-09-2008, 13:33
right, first of all i need to apologise for my own slackness, i was well on track in August but seem to have taken an age to finish the second half of my Fire Warrior squad for TO40KP so haven't finished my elves or even started to think about this months stuff. To add to my woe i'm moving house this week & then i'm not going to be able to paint for most of October due to being in hospital/recovery. I hope to finish my fire warriors today & start the last 5 elves so i'm hoping to get pictures posted before I move over the weekend.

First of all some general comments & then i'll copy in my word document to two seperate posts, one for Dark Elves & Lizzies which are the armies i'm doing & then one for the other armies (although some might be in the wrong section as i saved all my comments in a word document but not always what the miniatures were & i haven't got time to go back through them all!). The standard here has been phenomenally high this year & some of the stuff posted is mind blowingly good. In particular the Undead & Lizardmen armies posted this year I have found to be of a very high standard (this isn't to say that there aren'tother armies of a very high standard but these are the ones that have stuck in my mine).

A comment on jokers - we no like jokers & it is a shame to have to use them in the first month. Remember that due to the number of people we have this year you can post your miniatures at any point during the month so you've effectively still got three weeks to post stuff & then not use a joker.

I'd also like to re-tract my comment re: bases that was aimed at Harry! Just because i'm generally quite slack with my bases (they look good but nothing oustanding) i made the assumption that everybody else went for the quick option on bases too but this thread has well & truly sunk that argument in the water & some of the bases people have put effort into are really exceptional. So, enough waffling, here's my comments on everybodies work...

08-09-2008, 13:34
Dark Elf

@ Derv Ė the first DE post of the new TOFP & an excellent way to start the Druchii off. Really well painted & the picture with the board/building really sets the army off (even if the board hasnít got any snow on it!)

@ Catferret Ė excellent looking bolt throwers, looking forward to finding out some info on the background/story of your army too.

@ Lord Dan Ė some good looking stuff there, I think I can guess the unit champion!! The cloak idea sounds really good but itís hard to make out the mini because of the glare from the model

@ Arduhn Ė copied the book or not youíve definitely done the model justice, an excellent attempt.

@ Tizz Ė very nice corsairs, the first weíve seen this month so far! Like the grey coloured skin youíve gone for & itís nice to see someone else going for non-standard skin too! Bases look fine at the moment but looking forward to seeing this Ďsuper snowí (it best be good now!!)

@ andymeechan Ė thatís some old school elves!! Very nicely painted & I love the alternative colours that youíve gone for, it works very well

@ chicken pig Ė lovely DEís, really like the blue colour scheme youíve gone for & the dark riders are awesome, Iím stealing that idea as well for mine so I hope I can get them somewhere near the level you have (weíll find out next month!)

@ blue sabre Ė another alternative colour scheme (Iím feeling those of us whoíve gone for traditional purple are getting outnumbered!) & some more lovely painting

@ kris.sheriff Ė nice miniature there & some nice painting to with it

@ ampoa Ė awesome looking hydra, he also seems to be missing something though!!

@ Scott Ė excellent colour scheme & some very good painting, looking forward to seeing more


@ Harry Ė beautiful looking Kroxigor & the bases are extremely nice too (no wonder it takes a third of your time doing them!).

@ Colonel Haizelhoff Ė nice to see you over on TOFP, a good first effort so far. Is definitely not cheating to count points with spawning

@ Leonathion Ė well you sound like youíre gonna have an awesome career! Iím very jealous! I learnt to scuba dive in Australia a few years ago & I loved it but Iíve been unable to do it for a couple of years due to medical restrictions but Iím really interested in marine biology. Anyway, on to the models!!! Absolutely gorgeous Saurus, possibly the best Iíve ever seen. I love the colour scheme & the painting standard is absolutely phenomenal.

Saulot Ė excellent lizzies & bases (Iím beginning to regret my Ďargumentí with Harry about bases!!)

08-09-2008, 13:37
And everybody else: -

@ Harry – Excellent wolf riders, really like the blood around the mouth, a nice extra touch, bases are a bit plain though!!! Great warriors & bases again, didn’t we see this army last year…. Finally some excellent Marauders, never seen those minis before & looking forward to seeing what else you use, nice bases again!!!

@ ego ninja – excellent warriors there, I particularly like your champion

@ wib – well if that’s your first attempt at a unit then ****** me sideways!!! That is probably the best first attempt I’ve ever seen. I was a red-shirt for two years so spent a lot of time teaching people to paint & I’ve never seen something so neat & of high quality first time round. Keep up & at this rate you’ll be taking Golden Daemons home at some point in the future

@ Braad – excellent Grom, is really good to see AoW minis making an appearance in these threads & yours is painted very well. Like the extra effort you’ve put into the base & the old school Goblin Green on the sides is cool!

@ Arhalien – gorgeous looking Warriors & the bases look just fine to me, hope that you get to stay with us until the end again

@ Kaine – very nice dwarfs there & really like the snow based look to them

@ jimjim –good idea for a conversion & very well painted

@ Mutant Maggot – minis looking good but pictures are a little blurry…

@ Arduhn – excellent general, no problem with him being dead as there’s nothing to say that your army has to be based in the ‘current’ time period. Good looking Vampire to & a good proposition for the army theme, looking forward to seeing more

@ spikedog – grrr, angry beasts!! Excellent minotaurs & the extra effort on the bases really makes them stand out

@ reik – a great looking unit, if you can keep it up across the whole army it’ll definitely be a unique & good looking army

@ saltpappa – excellent looking Dwarfs. The description of how you painted the green really didn’t sound good but it definitely worked & they look really good!

@ Cerion – excellently painted BO, looking forward to seeing more from you

@ EmperorNorton – it may not look that imposing from the side but it’s an awesome miniature & very well painted. I think you’re beating yourself up too much over those undead because they look very good

@ Redd- excellent start to the army, I think that the bases probably need a little bit more work though.

@Zujara – another excellent start, models are all painted to a good standard & if you’re not very experienced them I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re miniatures do turn out like when you are experienced

@ Magos – excellent mage there as well as grey seer & assassins, you really need to get some troops painted though or you’re gonna be playing major catch up, especially with a horde army!

@ fluffystuff – those skellies are absolutely gorgeous, what is FAP strong tone? Whatever it is it’s certainly good stuff!

@ Lionofthebegs – some nice non-GW stuff there, will you be mounting them on standard GW bases?

@ Bigjon – excellent looking Ogre’s from what I can see but show us some more!!

@ Sharke – loving the theme for the army & an excellent first start

@ Geep – excellent looking BO’s

@ Papa Dan – those are some awesome Empire miniatures, absolutely gorgeous painting, I can’t wait to see the army finished

@ Warlord Ghazak – excellent wolf riders there

@ Nephilim of Sin – from what I can see those Orcs look really good & the attempt at free hand is very good, now show us some better pictures!!!

@ krzyek - excellent looking flagellants

@ GalenArtorius – really nice handgunners, the standard for Empire armies this year is really high!

@ side_order_of_chips – seen these guys develop through WIP shots but finished & as a unit together they look awesome

@ nagged – very nicely painted miniatures & an interesting them, looking forward very much to how the army develops

@ mooncow – gorgeous high elves you have there, they’ll look even more awesome when they’re based!

@ DrugLordX – hey, that’s me!! Hope you have more luck next month, looking forward to seeing some more NMM

@ Ludwig – excellent painting there & really good idea for the army, looking forward to see it develop, it inspired by a certain Mummy film at all…

@ Zilgorn – can’t really make out because of the pics but as it’s not finished that can just build the suspense until the finished article!

@ Zark – another good theme & I love that miniature, you’re painting has certainly done my fond memories of it good!

@ rkunisch – really nice skellies & I’m really impressed with the way the new washes have worked for painting the bone

@ SuavellyDunn – some excellent skellies for both armies & scorpion

@ Niibl – awesome zombie pirate cannon (?), really characterful & some excellent painting

@ Ebodine – nice champion there, I think that’s Arhiman’s head? I think it is but whatever it looks cool

@ txamil – I love the Rackham Wulfen models & I certainly wouldn’t object to you using them as Minotaurs, very nice painting & looking forward to seeing your army theme develop

@ ampoa – cool looking war altar, seems to be missing something though….!!!

@ Altahir – really like the theme/background around the army, really need to put some thought into mine! Nicely painted & based too

@75Hastings69 – man it’s good to see you back & an excellent re-entry into the Tale, hope you can stick with us until the end this time dude, looking forward to seeing what you do with the bases. You’ve got pressure though, I loved Harry’s VC army last year so you’ve got to match up to it!!

@ fbi-boy – that standard of VC armies in this year’s TOFP is exceptionally high & yours is no exception, some excellent skellies there & a lot of effort put in with all those layers. Blood dragon is also excellent

@ fillie – beastmen are looking pretty good but can’t really make them out too well, any chance of a closer shot?

@ sainthale1988 – I really like the new Ghoul models & you’ve certainly done them justice, I like the Manfred a lot too but in particular I like the blood knight. Cool picture fighting Teclis!

@ Dino – a bit late, you’re normally the first to post!! But the wait is definitely worth it. A lot effort has clearly gone into those Chaos Dwarfs & although it’s going to take a lot more to finish the army it’s going to awesome when it’s done, really looking forward to seeing it.

@ Firestorm Falcon – nice looking elf/vampire, liking the theme for the army, looking forward to see how it works out

@ Someone2040 – nice theme for the army & some excellent painting to go with it as well

@ Fat Olaf – nice looking salamanders & I like the extra effort you’ve gone to on those bases

@ Danny76 – look pretty good from what we can make out but picture a little blurry, any chance of some clearer ones?

@ Digital~Punk – excellent Slayer & Warriors

@ Stormcrow – Gorgeous skellies & Tomb Guard, really like the purple colour you’ve gone for

@ Blagrot Squigbreff - very hard to make out those pictures dude, any chance of some better ones as from what I can make out they look very promising

@ Knighta – did you not learn your lesson about doing a horde army from last years TOFP?!?! However those gobos are looking very good. Your standard of painting has improved an awful lot over the last year & I’m looking forward to seeing how much it improves this year

@ hippo2112 – also some good gobos from you (funny how armies seem to get posted together all the time!)

@ Benevolent_wyrm – slightly blurry pictures but some good looking skellies

@ Doi – know how you feel, I’ve managed to fall well behind somehow! Some excellent work for you again there, those bases look familiar somehow though!

@ Prince Sairion – a really nece colour & some excellent painting

@ Frgt/10 –excellent painting on both the skellies & the wolves

@ Darnok – I love this army & some excellent painting, especially the cannon crew

@ Math Mathonwy – very nice herald & juggernaut

@ Kraal – two very nice Vampires, especially like the one with the tattoos

@ Dead Orc - three armies & all painted to an excellent standard, keep up the good work

@ Alimdale – excellent looking WE’s there, looking forward to seeing more

I've commented on everybodies work so i hope that you can find your comments from me!

08-09-2008, 15:18
Hi all, First a quick question for the mods, I thought I posted my units last night, I got the message saying the post must be approved before it is listed. Could you tell me if I should just repost since it is not here?

Now for the comments, went through quickly at work and jotted down some notes. I will edit in more comments later for the many I missed.

@ Harry, I can't believe how much you are doing! I like the lizardmen best, especially the bases. What did you make the icons from?

@ego ninja, Nice colors, is tzeentch just this month or is it the whole army?

@Braad, Nice conversion, what a perfect mini to use for Grom.

@Arhalien, Beautiful painting, but I have to agree I am not a huge fan of the snow consistency but as you said should be easy to clean up.

@ Lord dan, I like the barding on the cold one a lot!

@ spikedog, Nice to see people still use beasts ;p And good looking ones at that :)

@ EmperorNorton, Unlike most people I am not a huge fan of the ultraforge sculpts, however this one is my favorite. You have done it justice with the paintjob.

@ Magos Explorator, I agree that skaven grey seer is a top 10 GW mini in my opinion.

@ Bigjon, Hooray ogres! I too am going to have some months with more considerably more than 200 pts and some with 50 or so less, thats just how our lads are costed. Look good from what I can see.

@sideorderofchips, I like the dark skin, I like the theme, and I especially like the gut plates. Look forward to more.

@ Zark the damned, I love seeing old models :) Nice work.

@ Niibl, Zombie pirates, what more can I say. I love it!

@ Dino, Incredible conversions and painting. Will they be all conversions, or will you use classic chaos dwarves as well?

@ someone2040, I like this theme a lot, nice start looking forward to seeing the them grow.

@ Dead orc, Nice looking skin on your ogres, and I like where you are going with the bases. Should look very nice.

Ego Ninja
08-09-2008, 15:30
@ Boosterburn - Im not quite sure yet, I was thinking about doing a mixed mark army, but who knows, ill decide when the new models/book are in my hands :p

08-09-2008, 18:14
Have not got time for individual praise (but well done to all those who have!), I would just like to say well done all, for a great first month and Keep it up everyone!

08-09-2008, 18:19
Ok, I am trying to post again since I appear to have screwed up the first.


UNITS: 3 Bulls w/ bellower and 8 Gnoblar Trappers

BACKGROUND/THEME: Will eventually be an mercenary ogre army that works for clan moulder of the skaven. They sell slaves and sometimes some of their own to the rats in exchange for loot and warpstone.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Ogres are ebay rehabs, gnoblars out of the box

PAINTING: Pretty basic, ogre skin is scorched brown, graveyard earth, gryphonne sepia wash, komando khaki, flesh wash. Pants are crimson gore with blood red for highlights. Metals are gw metals over black with assorted washes.

BASING: Gritty sand, painted scorched brown, highlighted with graveyard earth then vomit brown. Add static grass to taste.

STILL TO DO: Tattoos on the ogres. Gnoblars have lots of little things I'd like to add, but they are 6 point models in the end and I don't have the time right now.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs are the ogres, the flesh is a lot of fun to paint. Lows are the gnoblars, didn't get them up to a standard I like, but they will be dead after turn 1 anyways ;p Also poor pics due to non stop rain.

POINTS: Bulls-115 Gnobbos-48. Will make up points next month with butcher plus ironguts unit.


with his pals

with the weedy liluns

Will try and get better pics next month.
Edit-So i just realized there are only 6 trappers in the picture....there really are 8, I guess they are just that sneaky!

08-09-2008, 18:49
@Doi, thanks for the nice comments; that's strange that the link doesn't work. It's working for me. http://img507.imageshack.us/my.php?image=stuff022kb5.jpg maybe that will work, hopefully. I will try to get a few more pictures up there for that model as well. I am glad you like the cloak, I think the scales might need a bit more highlighting, but I really like how the front skin turned out. The best part about that is that I simply painted it with one of the foundation colours, I think Khemri Brown, then used the new red wash colour. I was experimenting and it worked out really well. I tried highlighting again with the khemri brown, but it looked better with just the wash over the colour, which is great, because I plan to do a bunch of corsairs, and now I know how I will do their cloaks quickly and they should look nice.

@Jonahmaul, thank you for your kind words, and I shall do my best not to disappoint.

@andymeechan, thanks for the the comment, almost missed it. Although I think the purple over gold worked out okay, I think I will probably go back to chestnut, but we'll see.

I will go through and post comments on everyone's work as soon as I can, but for now I will say that I have seen some amazing, inspiring pieces on here, and everyone should keep up the good work. To those who haven't finished something yet, don't worry, and keep at it. To the injured people, my condolences, and I wish you each a speedy recovery.

I must be off now, but I will leave with a hint at what to expect from me for next month. Let's just say cavalry will form the vanguard.

08-09-2008, 18:50
Sorry that I’ve not commented on everyone’s work but I’ll end up writing a novel otherwise. I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s hard work in a thread like this – so much variety and so much to look forward to over the coming months!

There have been many more jokers played than I’d hoped and I’m looking forward to seeing work from you guys and gals next month. Please don’t drop out at this early stage – post up some work in progress pictures if you haven’t managed to finish what you were working on. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of encouragement to finish things off.

Now on to the comments:

@Harry – I’d love to know how you find the time to paint so much stuff to such a high standard. The Kroxigor are just fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished army at the end of the tale.

@Colonel Haizelhoff – Try using more natural light and/or macro mode on your camera to get a clear shot. The scheme looks good, however I’d like to see a symbol painted on the circle part of the banner – he is the BSB after all!

@Braad – The AOW Grom model is perfect, he was always destined to end up on a chariot and you’ve done an excellent job. The basing is effective and fits in perfectly. Like the freehand work on the banner, it will make this stand out as a nice centrepiece. Looking forward to seeing how your army progresses.

@Wib – I love the neutral colour scheme throughout the unit, very Dwarven! For your first unit I must say I’m very impressed and cannot wait to see more of your work.

@Arhalien – Love the glowing eyes on the banner, simple yet so effective. I quite like the snow effect on the tray, it seems more natural with some of the brown showing through from beneath. I would personally stick with it.

@Leonathion – I’m really liking the dynamic poses and colour scheme. Looking forward to seeing the unit fully finished and ranking up properly. What is your plan for the bases?

@spikedog – I’ve never been too keen on the GW Minotaur models but you’ve really done them justice. I think your theme is great and I’ll be keeping a close eye on this army.

@Reik – As a WIP this is looking promising. I’d like to see the models in the back rank more closely. If they are anything like the ones in the front rank this is going to be very impressive. Looking forward to seeing the finished article!

@saltpappa – Very well painted and full of character. I’m not keen on the green though, it’s never felt right on Dwarves. It’s quite an overpowering colour and takes the attention away from the excellent work you’ve done on the rest of the model. Keep the green for the greenskins!

@Tizz – I’m not a fan of the skin colour, I find it too dark but I really like what you’ve done with the cloaks. The rear rank of the unit almost looks like there is a word in there made up of white scales. Could be a good opportunity to write a cunning little message to the High Elves!

@fluffystuff – Wow. One of the best painted units in this months TOFP, beautifully done. Yet another army added to my ‘watch-very-closely’ list! I’d be interested to know which other units you plan on painting up over the coming months.

@Papa Dan – If that’s table top standard I’d love to see your competition work! The general on horse is particularly good and shows how much hard work you’ve put in. Lots of detail that you don’t see at first glance.

@Chicken Pig – Good conversion work, I like what you’ve done with the Dark Riders. I may have to steal that idea for my own Dark Riders if you don’t mind. Great colour scheme too, this will look excellent when your whole army is lined up on the battlefield.

@Zark the Damned – I do love this giant, although it weighs a ton. Can’t beat a giant with ginger hair and a big red nose – brilliant!

@Niibl – Absolutely love it. You’ve clearly put in a lot of work and it has really paid off. This is another army at the top my my watch list. Yarr!!!

@SuavelyDunn – Really good work on the banner. I like all the different shield designs too – simple yet effective.

@txamil – How tall are these models? They seem quite small from the photos, but they can often be deceiving. It’s a shame you didn’t stick with the Augyptus line as it is really refreshing to see an army full of non-GW models.

@ampao – I’ve not been too impressed from the Hydra model from the pictures I’ve seen by GW but you’ve done a fantastic job, well done. I’m planning a similar scheme for my own Hydra and think I’ll have this printed out on my desk to give me inspiration. I might not leave mine until last to paint up after all! I’m interested to know what you have on the base, it almost looks like some sort of coffin.

@Alathir – Don’t put yourself down on the standard of painting, it looks pretty damn good to me. I think red will be quite difficult to pull off on the High Elves in such quantity, but that’s probably because I’m so used to the usual white they tend to wear.

@75hastings69 – Beautiful job. I assume you have some big plans for the base as the Vargulf is positioned further back than I would normally expect. Post up some pictures at different angles too, I want to see it all!!!

@Dino – You must be dedicated to convert up all those dwarves! This is a great start, they’re looking really good.

@someone2040 – Loving the Pistoliers. Be sure to post up the unit again once you’ve finished them off. They will look excellent once finished and based.

@FatOlaf – Interesting paint scheme on the Skinks. It’s simple yet works so well. Good job on the bases too.

@Xarius – These are looking very similar to your WIP post a while back. Time to get the paint and brushes back out!!!

@Danny76 – A good start, and a scary sized unit. I rarely see knights in anything more than 5 or 6.

@Digital~Punk – The BFSP Dragonslayer is one of my most hated models but you’ve done an excellent job on him. Overshadowed by the unit though, so full of vibrant colour. Brilliant!

@Knighta – Love the multi-coloured Squigs. You’ve captured the randomness of the O&G with this lot!

@Doi – Love the musician, fantastic! No harm keeping a non-goblin banner. It’s quite in character for them to steal an enemy flag and run off with it. Don’t forget you are supposed to be a deputy, so set a good example and get your post in early eh!!!  Are you using GW snow flock on your bases? I’d like to know your method.

@Prince Sairion – I really like the paint scheme. It all blends in together nicely and looks really good. Good work on the bases too.

@Frgt/10 – Good start to your army. I’d suggest giving the edges of the bases a coat of paint, they are looking a bit messy without it. What’s your plan for next month?

@Darnok – Yarr! Like it all, a lot!

@Math Mathonwy – Good work, and good idea with the base. Are you planning on the whole army being on removable bases.

@Saulot – Absolutely loving the paint scheme and the bases. The skinks eyes really give them an evil look. This is going to be one awesome looking army once it’s finished!

@Kraal_Lord_Of_Blood – Nice models, I like the extra faces on the staff and the sorcerers back. All you need now is a decent camera!

@BDJV – Wishing you a quick recovery. Take it easy.

@Dead orc – These are coming along really nicely. I like the skin tone, it’s come out very nicely in the second picture. Looking forward to seeing the unit once the final touches are done.

@boosterburn – The skin on these Ogres is particularly good. I’d like to see a closer shot of the Gnoblars, they look like they are up to no good!

@Scott – Another fellow Druchii painter. The small white lines on the Assassin’s cloak are such a brilliant idea, it makes him look more animated. I may have to steal this idea for my own assassin when I get round to painting him up.

@Almindale – Perfect colour scheme, this is how Wood Elves should be painted. I’m keen to see more of your work.

And most of all thanks to Harry for setting this up and putting a lot of time in to keeping things going. This tale has given me the motivation to keep painting and I love seeing he work from everyone else. I wish I’d seen this tale last year, I might have a painted army by now!!!

08-09-2008, 19:39
Thanks for all those who gave me encouragement! Thanks alot!

I'll have more WIP pics today

@Jonahmaul Yes these will be mounted on Chaos Warrior Bases.

08-09-2008, 22:10
Here's a special 21 birthday post from me.

Here is this months 200pts. as stands.
Lore of fire sorcerer
Warriors with great weapons
They coming along nicely I think. And before I forget I think i'm gonna try another army but i'm not telling wich one.

@Harry: All around your armies look great. Of special notice to me is the kroxigors and their bases. I'm definetly want to try that for my lizzies.

@derv: To put it simply your dark elves look amazing.

@Ego Ninja: Your warriors of chaos are of to a great. Keep up the great work.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Nice conversion work on the BSB. Can't wait to see more.

@Wib: If this is your first painted unit then it looks great.

@Braad: You've learned that AOW can be our freind. Nice work.

@Catferret: Once again you've done some incredible work. I seriously hope to see some cold one knights soon.

@Arhalien: Very nice job on the warriors of chaos. I'm hopping to see more of your stuff soon.

@Kaine: Interesting that you've started of with war machines but their dwarfs so it's OK. Nice job by the way.

@Leonathion: Nice paint job.

@Jimjim: Nice work on the Warboss.

@MutantMaggot: Interesting conversions. I can't wait to see what ther things you try and make for your VC.

@Arduhn: Nice Paint job on your empire, dark elf, and VC characters.

@Lord Dan: More dark elves that look really sweet. I find the cold one knight rather interesting. I hope to see more of those in the future.

@Spikedog: All I can say about youre minotaurs is WOW!

@Reik: Interesting unit of chaos warriors. I can only imagine what the chaos knights are gonna look like.

@saltpappa: Nice work on the dwarfs.

@Tizz: Nice work on the older corsairs.

@Cerion: Interesting black orc warboss.

@huinipachutli: First you have a long and hard to remember online name. Second like the stegadon.

@EmporerNorton: That a very nicely painted and interesting looking tree man. Wraiths look nice as well.

@Redd: Nice start. Painting looks really cool.

@Zujara: The night goblins are looking really nice. Neep up the good work.

@Magos Explorator: Nice job on the Archmage. If this is what one of your elves is gonna look like I can't barely wait to see a whole army of them. The skaven guys look sweet as well.

@Fluffystuff: Nice dip work on the skeletons.

@andymeechan: Nice work on the old school dark elves.

@Lionofthebegs: Hope to see your guys finished soon.

@BigJon: Nice start on your ogres.

@Sharke: Luthor looks really cool.

@Geep: The black orcs are looking really nice I hope their'll be more.

@Papa Dan: This is a really nice piant job. It puts the work I did on my Empire army to shame.

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Nice to see your still working on night goblins. But why are you working on more night goblins?

@Nephilim of Sin: Nice work on the orcs.

@Krzyek: You already know what I think of your guys and it's all good.

@GalenArtorius: Same goes with you.

@Death Korp: The warriors are looking good so far. Keep up the great work.

@sideorder_of_chips: Interesting idea. I'm looking forward to see how they turn out.

@nagged: A very interesting way to have a bretonnian army. Hope to see more knights like this in the future.

@Mooncow: Very nice HE. I can't wait to see a whole army painted like that.

@ChickenPig: Nice dark elves.

@Bluesabre: You already know what I think.

@kris.sherriff: Very interesting choice for a dark elf.

@Ludwig von Rictoven: Youre TK are coming along nicely so far. Can't wait to see the Ushabti.

@Zilgorn_Zeypher: Nice dragon. Can't wait to see it's rider.

@Zark the Damned: Great to have you back. And nice work on the giant.

@rkunisch: The TK and VC seletons look good besides the fact the bases need to be painted.

@SuavelyDunn: Your dip makes your TK look a lot like fossils. Nice work.

@Niibl: Big Bess looks really cool. I might have to try and make my Earthshaker cannon like that.

@Ebodine: I like the head you've chosen for your chapion. Might have to try that on one of my chaos dwarfs.

@txamil: Interesting miniatures for minotaurs. But They look really nice none the less.

@ampao: Nice job on the war hydra. Sad to hear you didn't finish the handerls though.

@Alathir: Nice reds on your elves.

@hastings: Nice work on the varghulf.

@fbi_boy: Nice work onthe skeletons. The Vampire looks really cool as well.

@Filie: Youre beastmen look fantastic. Can't wait to see more.

@sainthale1988: I really like the work you've done on your ghouls. Konrad and the blood knight look great as well.

@Firestorm Falcon: I like the work you done. The skin and blues look really nice.

@someone2040: I like the idea for youre army and you seem to be of to a great start with it.

@FatOlaf: Your lizardmen are looking really cool so far. Hope to see more soon.

@Xarius: Hope we can see your finished orcs soon. And I never noticed that beofore about my chaos dwarfs but it's inetresting that you point that out.

@Danny76: Glad to have you back and nice to see that you have so many knights.

@Digital~Punk: Nice work on your dwarfs. I hope to see more of them in th future.

Sorry theirs just so many to comment on. I'll get back on this later so sorry if I missed you.

09-09-2008, 01:12
Month 1 Summary after 1 week period.

Total Active Participants: 51% (109 of 215)
(Count includes those who actively posted to say they are using a JOKER. Last name added to the count: boosterburn, of the Ogre Kingdoms)

Zombie Pirates: 100% (2 of 2)
Chaos Dwarfs: 100% (1 of 1)
Beasts of Chaos: 60% (3 of 5)
Orcs & Goblins: 57% (12 of 21)
Wood Elves: 56% (5 of 9)
Dark Elves: 55% (11 of 20)
Empire: 55% (6 of 11)
Vampire Counts : 52% (12 of 23)
Dogs of War: 50% (2 of 4)
Lizardmen: 46% (6 of 13)
Ogres: 44% (4 of 9)
Dwarfs: 38% (5 of 13)
Tomb Kings: 36% (4 of 11)
High Elves: 31% (5 of 16)
Warriors of Chaos: 29% (7 of 24)
Bretonnia: 20% (1 of 5)
Skaven: 20% (1 of 5)
Demons: 13% (2 of 16)
Jokers: 9% (20 of 215)

In order to more closely compare each Armyís performance, I decided to group them into 3 broad categories based on the number of players initially signed-up for that Army. 1 to 7 Painters, 8 to 15 Painters, and 16 to 24 Painters. (Can anyone suggest a catchy name for these groupings?)

With that, we get the Best Performing Army per category:

1 to 7 Painters
1. Zombie Pirates: 100%
1. Chaos Dwarfs: 100%
3. Beasts of Chaos: 60%
4. Dogs of War: 50%
5. Bretonnia: 20%
5. Skaven: 20%

8-15 Painters
1. Wood Elves: 56%
2. Empire: 55%
3. Lizardmen: 46%
4. Ogres: 44%
5. Dwarfs: 38%
6. Tomb Kings: 36%

16-24 Painters
1. Orcs & Goblins: 57%
2. Dark Elves: 55%
3. Vampire Counts: 52%
4. High Elves: 31%
5. Warriors of Chaos: 29%
6. Demons: 13%

Good show, people!

09-09-2008, 01:26
So I'll just quickly reply to the people that have commented me, I don't have the time to sort through all the painters and comment everyone so I'll stick to replying to comments directed towards me and commenting dark elf posts.

Here's some replies for those that have commented me so far.

@Doi I was thinking snow bases. I just kind of want to get a bit more painted then mass base them one day so it looks consistant. I do have a tub of snow just sitting there though.

@Jonahmaul There will be more, I'm working on a few units of spearmen this month so I won't take the easy 2 model speed exit, mind you I painted them the first week of sept since I didn't see the thread until 2 days before the end of Aug.

@Derv glad you think it looks good, honestly I had too much paint on my brush and dabbed it off with a kleenex, next thing you know it brushed against his cape and I didn't notice till it was dry. I think it looks somewhat cool so I left it there!

@andymeechan Thanks for the comments about the pictures themselves, I'll grab a white sheet and try it for next time, I find my camera zooms in too much so half the models in focus and half is out of focus. I will play around with it though, Also I love your color scheme you chose. Also with the amount of models I want to paint this year, I have to go higher than 300 points a month, I did about 500+ for my 40k TOP, and I'm going to be working on other things that I'm not even posting in TOP. With the conversion I have planned for this army I might need a little comfort room so I might save something later but it should all be good.

09-09-2008, 03:57
Well its great to finally see everyones work for this month, and I must say this thread has some of the best painted models I have seen in a wile.:D
I cant wait to start seeing this months WIP pics.

Anyways keep up the great work everyone.

@ Harry: love the Lizardmen and all your baseing, i cant beleave how much you are painting.

@ Wib: Nice to see some dwarfs! Love the colour scheme very detailed.

@ Leonathion: Fantastic Lizardmen, brillant colours.

@ saltpappa: Nice dwarfs, I like the beards

@ fluffystuff: Great stuff, I love seeing so much detail go into skeletons.

@ Almindale: Very dynamic looking wood elves, the baseing really sets them off.

Ill try to post some more later, there's just so many to comment on.

Papa Dan
09-09-2008, 06:04
Thanks to everyone participating in this great tale! A bit of a shame that only 51% have shown their activity yet but I hope that atleast 20% of us will be here till the end (...and the start of a new year and a new army).

I would also say thanks to everyone who have been giving me some positive comments. That keeps me going.

A special thanks to Harry for beeing the main engine in this matter.

I wont comment on everyones work. But for this first month four people have impressed me the most with their great tallent.

So this is the first month hall of fame acording to Papa:

@Harry: I was really impressed with both your Kroxigors and goblins. The kroxigors for the over all feel with som exellent basing and a lovely bright green shade to their skin, very clean paint job. That goblin rider pack of yours... well, who cant be amazed by them? Really really nice painted fur... and man... that size of a regiment. Awsome!

@Leonathion: The vivid colours of your lizardmen really caught my attention. A really nice contrast between cold and warm, skillfully painted and that totem/banner is insane!

@Fluffystuff: You have used simple but powerfull colours on your undead, wich works great on this kind of army. Very well executed painting and what impressed me most was the metal wich you got just brilliant looking.

@Ampao: That hydra is wicked, very natural and lifelike colours without looking dull. Hope to see more of that kind coming from you.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
09-09-2008, 06:48
@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Nice to see your still working on night goblins. But why are you working on more night goblins?

It aren't night goblins, it are common ones. But if you ask why I still work on greenskins. Then the answer is simple: its because I'm a greenskin lunatic.


Math Mathonwy
09-09-2008, 07:20
Looks like Daemons didn't do all that well this month... :p

Some random comments:

@boosterburn: I love the skin colour on those ogres! Very real looking. And the variations between the ogres are awesome. The gut plates could do with a bit more definition - perhaps a quick wash of Badab Black? I like the metallics on the weapons, though!

@Blagrot Squigbreff: My fellow Daemon painter! The pics are unfortunately not all that good. The camera seems to have focused on the background (the plastic cups in the first pic, for examlple). Did you have the macro on when taking the pics? It usually a small pic of a flower. Anyway, what I can see of the colours I like - very otherworldly, especially the hair.

@Knighta: Shame about the bases, be sure to show us pics of the unit when you've done them, but I'm really liking the brown robes. The multicoloured squigs look very interesting - the yellow one is my favourite!

@Niibl: Absolutely brilliant, mate! The pics are a wee bit dark, but there is just so many awesome things going on in that model that I don't know where to begin. The faded red-striped shirt is fantastic. The mermaid familiar as decoration is very clever. Great stuff!

@SuavelyDunn: Those shields make these models really pop. Those bold heraldic patterns done in that striking red and black look really great. Some of the skulls look a bit too brown - usually the face of the model should be brighter than the rest of it to draw the attention, but other than that I really like your bone colour. The banner is fantastic!

@Papa Dan: I really, really like your style. It somehow reminds me a bit of French animations - very clean and flows seamlessly. The black is extraordinary! The general is especially striking and I like the base work you've done here. Also congratulations on doing so many points!

@sideorder_of_chips: Vampire Counts? Looks like ogres to me :p Anyway, a very original and very striking colour scheme. A thin yellow, orange or red glaze might smooth out those fires a bit, thought the more jagged look suits the sword, for example, very well. Makes it look like metal whose impurities show in the heat.

@Mooncow: that basing work goes to show how much even relatively simple bases can do for a mini. Clean lines and a nice colour scheme - very high elf. The skin colour is a bit darker than is usual for the elves, but OTOH it works as a contrast for the white and the bright metals.

09-09-2008, 07:25
@everyone: GJ on getting stuff painted on time :D

@Doi: TBH i wasn't too worried on how that unit came out; i have plenty of the new skelllies to put a better scheme on. thanks for the tips though :)

@Jonahmaul: cheers mate

@derv: this would be next:



cant have a von carstein army without the von carsteins...

09-09-2008, 07:27
Zombie Pirates: 100% (2 of 2)

Otherwise impressive statistics work (please do it every month, it is appreciated), but this caught my eye. So while rotting and looting, the Zombie Pirates nevertheless manage to do their thing in time. Arr! Now we have a reputation to lose, thank you very much. ;)

09-09-2008, 08:01
Vampire Counts? Looks like ogres to me

Cr@p, I just copied the layout from someone else and filled in the blanks, but missed out the Ogres part.

09-09-2008, 08:10
@ Doi Ė know how you feel, Iíve managed to fall well behind somehow! Some excellent work for you again there, those bases look familiar somehow though!

Really, I wonder where from... :angel:. I promise my next fantasy army wont have the same basing scheme, mind you I have a 40K army to do before that which will have the snow bases... :D

@Doi Ė Love the musician, fantastic! No harm keeping a non-goblin banner. Itís quite in character for them to steal an enemy flag and run off with it. Donít forget you are supposed to be a deputy, so set a good example and get your post in early eh!!! Are you using GW snow flock on your bases? Iíd like to know your method.

Sssshh, if people realise I should be posting earlier they might come after me...

I've got no problems with it being a non-goblin banner, just the fact that I havent made it look like the goblins have done anything to it other than loot it from a corpse, but I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it.

As for the snow bases, no I don't use the GW flock. I use the following tutorial (slightly modded to suit my needs, mainly in terms of attaching the
model to the base after the base is done, if you want to know my mods in more detail just ask)

Month 1 Summary after 1 week period.

Total Active Participants: 51% (109 of 215)


Dark Elves: 55% (11 of 20)


In order to more closely compare each Armyís performance, I decided to group them into 3 broad categories based on the number of players initially signed-up for that Army. 1 to 7 Painters, 8 to 15 Painters, and 16 to 24 Painters. (Can anyone suggest a catchy name for these groupings?)


16-24 Painters
1. Orcs & Goblins: 57%
2. Dark Elves: 55%
3. Vampire Counts: 52%
4. High Elves: 31%
5. Warriors of Chaos: 29%
6. Demons: 13%

Good show, people!

A 51% show rate isn't too bad (especially since we'll see more people trickle in over the course of the month, and it still leaves us with more painters than we had sign up in the beginning of the last Tale.

And a 55% show rate for my beloved Druchii isn't too bad either. I might have to send the no shows a PM to see what happened. Glad to see that DE and O&G (the two armeis I'm involved with) took the top two spots in the largest group of painters.

As for catchy names for the size groups... all I could think of was small, medium and large :(

@Doi I was thinking snow bases. I just kind of want to get a bit more painted then mass base them one day so it looks consistant. I do have a tub of snow just sitting there though.

Looking forward to see how they go

@ Almindale: Very nice, the touches of snow on the bases really sets the unit off

@ boosterburn: Looking good, I realy like that skin tone

@ Dino: Happy birthday! :D And a nice set of Chaos Dwarves to celebrate, good job

@ Frgt/10: No problems, I hope the tips help. Vlad looks very nice, the bone armour especially


09-09-2008, 09:46
Congratulations to everyone who got their stuff posted for the first month, some seriously awesome work is going on in this thing. I haven't been able to comment on everyone's work (I've commented ones that really appealed to me and all the High Elf painters) but I encourage everyone to approach each month with the enthusiasm you've all shown in this first foray.

@Harry: Awesome work on all those armies, I prefer Lizardmen painted realistically but its hard to not appreciate the amount of work you put into the overall model. The bases on the Kroxigor are great! I'm looking forward to seeing your armies progress.

@Derv: Those druchii bastards look stellar, I love the work you did on the banner.

@Ego Ninja: Man I love those Chaos Warrior models. The way you've done their armour is awesome.

@Wib: Woah, thats your first painted unit ever? I dont think you should have much to worry about... those thunderers turned out amazing.

@Arhalien: At first I wasnt sold on your idea of their glowing eyes but as a whole it actually works really well, that will be a fine looking army once its done.

@Leonathion: I dont really dig colorful lizardmen but those really are awesomely painted models. I love how the shields really make them 'pop'.

@Arduhn: Averland is my favourite Empire province so I will be keeping a close eye on your work, Leitdorf turned out great. Looks suitably pompous!

@Spikedog: Those minotaur look freaking sweet, I dont really like those models but you've changed my opinion of them. Plus, your bases are fantastic, the painting on that tree stump is very impressive.

@Reik: You really nailed the individualized feel of a group of Chaos Warriors, definitely makes them 100% more intimidating.

@Saltpappa: I love dwarfs and yours are no exception. An entire army of those will look great.

@Tizz: You nailed those Sea (horse) Dragon Cloaks! they really make the unit stand out. I dont really like the blue skin all that much but thats just down to personal taste, keep up the good work!

@Cerion: A simple but highly effective conversion, thats one scary orc.

@Magos Explorator: A fellow Asur :D That Archmage looks pretty sweet, to me though he doesnt look 'grand' enough to be an Archmage but that doesnt detract from the paint job at all. Well done!

@Fluffystuff: Good lord, those skeletons are incredible. Your army is going to be simply stunning. Kudos to you.

@BigJon: Great Ogres! If I had an army I would probably paint their skin that color as well, thats a really nice unit you have there mate.

@Nephilim of Sin: Those orcs look awesome, the warpaint on their faces is really effective. I love the background of your army, looking forward to seeing it develop.

@Mooncow: Ugh, stop painting high elves so well and making me look bad! :D Those spearmen turned out fantastic. I love their white spears!

@Ludwig von Rictoven: Thats a fantastic concept you have there, I myself have recently wanted to try something like that and I can see here it works very well. I just dont know about the color of their eyes, if it were me I wouldnt color them at all. Still, fantastic work there.

@Zilgorn_Zeypher: Dragon is looking pretty sweet so far. I know your pain when it comes to elven paint schemes, its tough to find one that really works. I'm looking forward to see the rider of that dragon.

@Zark the Damned: Awesome giant there, he turned out very nicely. Plus, I'm loving the background of your force.

@Niibl: I really love the work you've done here. That cannon looks absolutely revolting! (in a good way..) Its such an effective scheme and the shells just add so much! Consider me a big fan.

@someone2040: I don't see many empire armies from Stirland so its nice to see those ruffians getting a bit of love. The green is very effective and I really like the background you've laid out. Loving the hat conversion as well.

@Stormcrow: You know I think those skeletons look great, the Tomb Guard in particular are intimidating to the max. Plus, your background is freaking great. Looking forward to seeing the army and the background progress.

@Knighta: Goblins are always hilarious. Really nice, effective paintjob you've done and I love those colorful squigs!

@Benevolent_wyrm: Hilarious background and despite the blurriness of the pictures I know for a fact that the unit looks freaking sweet.

@Doi: Well done on this unit. I like Orc and Goblin armies to look as ragtag and as unruly as possible and yours is doing that excellently. Keep it up!

@Prince Sairion: Some great looking High Elves there, our schemes are kinda similiar. I've seen your other painted models and so I know your force looks awesome on the field.

@Almindale: I love those glade guard, their scenic base just adds so much character. Very well done!

Again, well done to everyone.

09-09-2008, 11:25
Hey Harry, could I become a chaos player please? Iím sorry to Hespithe and all the TK crew, especially for you kind words during last month, but I really canít face painting all that bone, even when cheating. That and the new book will put my painted 500 point list as illegal, so I need more stuff.

So here is a 2500 point-ish list, including what Iíve already done (in green). This was calculated by mashing the get you by list and GodlessMís roundup together, mainly getting the options from the WD list. This is all subject to change, as the book reveals more stuff in November.

Green Ė Previously painted Red Ė Not painted Orange Ė In Progress

ďArchaonĒ Ė 675pts (or Chaos Lord on Daemonic Steed depending on Points)
Exalted champion Ė Chaos Runeshield Ė 140pts
Sorcerer Ė Level 2, 2 Dispel scrolls 160pts
10 Chaos Warriors Ė Shield, Full Command 190pts
10 Chaos Warriors Ė 2 hand weapons, Mark of Khorne 260pts
20 Marauders Ė shields, light armour, fc 150pts
20 Marauders Ė Flails, Light armour, full command 170pts
5 Marauder Horsemen Ė Flails, Musician 86pts

5 Knights of chaos Ė Full command 250pts
5 Knights of chaos Ė Full command 250pts
10 Forsaken Ė 180pts

Spawn Ė 60pts


So can I be jokered for last month please, and Iíll get started on this.

09-09-2008, 11:49
Wow, so many entries. This is gonna be tough.

@Harry - Lizardmens
I really appreciate these Lizardmen. For some reason, you don't seem to see Green often these days, even though it was the mainstream colour back in 5th edition. Mine are blue (but that decision was made before blue was the new green). You've really done justice to the old 5th edition models, and I really love how the bases turned out.

@Harry - Orcs and Goblins
Again, impressive. I like how the wolves with mouths open are all bloody like, adds to the aggressiveness of the army I think. The wolves also look extremely nice, I like how the grey fur blends into the whiter fur,

@Harry - Warriors of Khorne
The lava bases look amazing. One of these days, I'm gonna have to do one of these gloomy evil armies so I can paint me up some lava bases. I think the painting on the warriors is good, but maybe too much red? It's of my personal oppinion, maybe a red overload. I possibly would've made the cloaks a different colour to add a bit of contrast in. But maybe you're digging the entirely red thing with the complete Khornage theme.

@Harry - Warriors of Nurgle
I like those models, they look very cultist which is pretty unique. I always do envision cultists as you know, lurking in the back alleys of streets, all hooded and garbed. These fit perfectly for me.

These look pretty nice. I especially like the shading on the Sorceress' loincloth thingy. The highlighting really brings out the purple.

@Ego Ninja
The blue seems interesting. I don't think it's something you'd see every day on Chaos warriors, that kind've brightish blue, but I think your guys pull it off.

@Colonel Haizelhoff
Yay, Lizardmen. The Battle Standard conversion certainly looks like an impessive standard when you compare it to the regular ones. I like the pelt hanging down off it, very tribal. It looks like you've done some form of helmet on the head? It's kind've hard to tell in the picture. Also from the back view, some light armour on him? I think it's good that you did a few things to differentiate him from regular Saurus. Since we can't really see the base, can't tell what's going on there, but may want to have him standing on a rock, or tilting upwards to give him some more height. You know, make him stand out even more.

Wow for a first unit painted ever... I think that's pretty impressive. I can certainly tell you, my first painted mini's were nowhere near that level. The colour scheme works very well I think for your Dwarves, a prime choice there.

That chariot looks very impressive, I'm loving it. Niblit and Grom look pretty amazing as well. A good job well done.

I like how those snow bases turned out. I can't get mine to work properly, which makes me sad. The highlighting on the black/blue really shows up I think, and makes it look really good.

These look amazing. I love the glowing eyes, and it makes them look really cool.

Looking good. I like the added items to the Cannons base, adds more to the flavour of the warmachines.

More Lizardmen, excellent! They look really stunning. I'm more a fan of the 'paint the scales a different colour or at least shade of the main colour' but I think your Lizardmen look stunning even without that (And you do paint the main row Sotek's Blood Red). Your idea's for Tzunki themed Saurus also look rather nifty, I can't wait to see what you can do modelling wise to show those fins.

He certainly looks intimidating, and a fine general. Too me, the only fault I think, is that the skin colour suddenly jumps from a very dark green, to a lightish one. I think it looks a bit odd. Other than that, the rest of the model looks ace.

Those models are impressive. That Vampire looks very vampirish with that head, and it's one of those things that is hard to believe it's just a simple head swap. The helmet makes me thinkg Gladiatorish, don't know if that's the intended effect or not, but that's the impression I get from the front view image. The Varghaur looks almost like I'd picture a Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur I think - of course it'd need to be a bit more Bullish and have one of those Chaos Dwarf beards, but quite close. It's really interesting and looks excellent. A unique and interesting theme to boot and it looks like you're on the way to making a fine army.

@Arduhn - Empire
Hmm... I'm mixed about this mini. I like your painting, but I dislike the conversion. The guy on top, looks like he's very relaxed, disinterested even, holding his sword like that. But the steed chosen, you know, looks like he's about to topple backwards. I just personally think the steed and rider don't fit in this case.

@Lord Dan
Wow, the painting on these mini's is geogeous. Throw in the conversions, and it's made of very much win. I really like what's been done with the Cold One, very impressed with that model.

@Arduhn - Dark Elves
No complaints here, the painting looks excellent. I can't really tell, maybe it's there, maybe it's not, but the scales on his cloak could do with a highlight. It's hard to say, because they may be highlighted since it looks like some of them are in the picture, but a lot of them don't look like that... hrmm...

The minotaurs look good, and the bases work very well. I really like how those bases are painted up, and they really add to the models.

An interesting bunch of Warriors! The painting so far looks good, and I can't wait to see them finished.

@Arduhn - Vampires
Nice use of the Bretonian Damsel. I think it goes very well, and the horse and vampire certainly look evil enough. She very much looks like she's lazily saying "Go forth my minions, bring me something to feast on".

Nice, putting old metals to use. I think the painting is very good, and hope to see more next month.

They look pretty awesome. I like the very blue skin, reminds me of Drow. The champion looks very sinister, and the cloaks look lovely.

Looks like a very impressive Boss to hopefully lead a very impressive army! Hope to see more of the army in the months to follow.

That's one heck of a name you got there. I agree about the 5th edition Skinks, especially the Stegadon riders and Salamander handlers, lots of character in them! Stegadon looks very impressive, and let's see more of that 5th edition army.

@EmperorNorton - Wood Elves
That's one nasty looking treeman. Wouldn't want to run into that tree in the middle of a forest. I guess it's true about the side thing though, but hey, who looks at models from the side! All the more surprise when the victims come around to the front to be used as toothpicks for the treeman. Overall looks pretty ace to me.

@EmperorNorton - Vampire Counts
Not sure how I feel about them, I'm somewhat mixed. You know, on one side, I think, yes, they look ghostly. But on the other, they seem to look a bit bland. Perhaps instead of shading to grey, a more ethereal colour may have better better, a blue or green perhaps.

No need to be ashamed about the 'newbie scheme', what works works, and yours certainly seems to work. Looking good.

Mixed again I think. The painting works well, good job there. I don't think I'm convinced about the mixed style of models though. There's a very big difference between the insane style command with their open mouths and large heads, and the regular boyz who look kind've... well regular.

@Magos Explorator - High Elves
Looks quite impressive. Let's hope your theme of slightly darker high elves works!

Man these skeletons look ace. I dunno, I just get really good vibe from them as soon as I scrolled down and saw the first picture. Just really stood out, and I thought "Wow, these are amazing".

@Magos Explorator - Skaven
All 3 very impressive models. The Grey Seer looks very nice, I like the look of that model. Maybe though, this is just me, try to bring out the eyes a bit more. Maybe it's the photography, but you just don't seem to notice them much. I noticed it on the Grey Seer when I thought 'Hey, his eyes might look pretty cool if they were all glowy'.

Those green's are really good. The red and green, although I first thought looked a bit odd, has grown on me, and I think looks very impressive now that I've taken a better look at it. Hope to see them finished in future, gems and all.

I think some washes would work quite nicely on these models. The painting done just isn't quite there to me.

Haha, I love the little Gnoblar about to be shot out of one of the cannons. Pure gold. Can't tell too much from the picture, hopefully a better one next time around.

Zombie Pirates, Yarr! Loving Luthor here, a very good choice of model and conversion. I'm going to look forward to more Zombie Pirates updates in the future, I do love everything Lustria after all.

Hmm... let's see. I like the black armour, it works very well. The skin however, I'm not sold on. I think a wash or something could work well, but I don't see much attempt add shadows or highlights here. Nicer skin I think will improve the models a lot.

@Papa Dan
First Empire in, nicely done. The models all look lovely, even got the reddy cheeks going on the General. The models overall do look quite ace, and I look forward to seeing next month's stuff.

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
Oooh, Night Goblins riding Wolves. Is there some kind've theme to the unit? As there seems to be a lot of bit-swapping going on here. Looks like a very impressive unit from what I can tell.

09-09-2008, 12:21
@ boosterburn - excellent bulls, can't really make out the gnoblars but i'm sure they're of the same high quality

@ Dino - bloody hell, i haven't even got August's stuff up & you're already posting WIp pictures of Septembers stuff! Excelletn stuff it is though!

@ frgt/10 - another excellent vampire!

@ Doi - my Druchii should be joining the show later today or tomorrow!

09-09-2008, 14:27
@Nephilim of Sin
They look pretty good to me! Heck, I think most people would easily consider them tabletop worthy, if not better. Theme sounds really cool, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the White Orcs in the following months.

Ahh flagellants, who doesn't love em. I like 'em. Very colourful, but at the same time, they still look very dirty.

The 2 units of Handgunners look good. I'm really impressed about the woodwork on the handguns, I know my Pistolier's woodwork is lacking when compared to those.

@Death Korp
Wow, that's some bright purple there. The painting looks top notch, but I'm not sold on how bright it is when compared to everything else on the models. Maybe it'll look better to me once I start seeing more of them standing around, who knows.

Nice. The fire theme works nicely and contrasts the black skin really well. I think they look pretty ace, and hope the rest of your army turns out just as well.

Looks good, and I like the theme. Do you reckon we could get a close up of the heraldry which you tried to make look embroidered? I'd be interesting in seeing what it looks like, since the only one we can see the sides on we don't get that much detail on as it encompasses the whole unit.

Nice looking High Elves. The armour really does shine, which makes the models look a bit dazzling and very High Elvish.

@Chicken Pig
The units look nice. I think the hooded Wood Elf heads work very nicely with the Dark Elves.

Haha, I like how you've got them all lined up like that, so each mini has it's own row. The painting looks pretty good, let's see more.

I think you chose a pretty good model for your Sorceress. The tentacly things coming out the ground work well with the model. Painting looks pretty good from what I can see.

@Ludwig von Rictoven
Wow this should be impressive. I like the archers and can't wait to see more of your army in the future. Definately going to be a unique fantasy army out there.

Well, can't really say much. Photo is pretty bad, so can't tell, and you say there's still highlighting to go. So hopefully, more useful comments next month :)

@Zark the Damned
Haha, nice Giant. Definately one of those giants you think about when you read fairy tales and what not. I think you've done a pretty good job on him.

Looking pretty good. I think you're the first pure Tomb Kings army so far (Terracotta warriors don't count as pure Khemri in terms of models) so props to you. Skeletons look like they've been painted well.

@SuavelyDunn - Tomb Kings
And right after that, more Tomb Kings! Looks pretty good. I'm not sure if I dislike or like the shininess of them yet, I'll have to decide when I see more done.

Wow, this is one nice piece of work. It looks spectacular! Obviously quite a lot of work and effort has gone into this piece, and it really has paid off. Can't wait to see what the rest of your Zombie Pirates turn out like.

@SuavelyDunn - Vampire Counts
See now these look dirty. I think they look really good, and my only complaint would be the shields look a bit flat. Some highlights I think would go well with the shields and really bring them to life.

Is this a conversion? I don't think I've seen it with that head before. Granted, I don't really know much about Chaos. It looks very nicely done, let's see more of the army in the future.

The models look really nice, a good choice. Your painting also looks pretty good.

Have to say, both of these models look really nice. Hope to see more of your models in the future.

Looks nice, certainly a bold colour scheme to try out. I think I see some shading on the reds, but it's a bit hard to make out from the photo, but it looks like it's just the photo, so no issues there.

The painting on the model is impressive. I hope we get a pic of him at the end when his basing is complete, as obviously very bare at the moment.

Nice job on both the Skeleton and the Blood Dragon. The Blood Dragon looks really impressive.

Kind've hard to make out a lot from the pictures, but hey, I can tell there's some shading going on in there, and the colours seem to work, so it's all good.

The ghouls look so... ghouly! I really like them, I personally like them more than your Konrad or Blood Knight. Blood Knight looks really good as well, but the pictures of Konrad I get the feeling don't do him justice.

Ahh, the lone Chaos Dwarf. Kudos for doing such an army. It'll be tough, and a lot of effort to convert all that stuff, but I'm sure it'll be rewarding in the end. I think the painting is overall good, but my thoughts would be. The shields look like they need a wash or something. I think the choice of grey used to highlight the black is too bright. A darker grey would be more suitable I think, I have this same problem with my Pistoliers horse.

@Firestorm Falcon
Vampire Elves eh, another interesting theme. The paint scheme of the Elven mage definately makes him look dark, but he doesn't scream Vampire to me. He doesn't even really scream Necromancer to me, more like a Dark Mage of some sort. Maybe if his skin was paler or you know, maybe some greyey or bluey colour it might work better. I think the painting of him is really well done, but yeah, doesn't say Vampire.

New gods? We already have a bloomin Sun God :P Blasphemy! I'll feed ya to the fires of Chotek himself, hehe. In all seriousness though, the painting is really good. I'm not sold on the combination of the yellow skinks and the purple Sallies, but the painting is really good.

Aww, camera died. I hope those poor orcies are nice and painted by now, and we'll get new pictures soon.

The Knights look pretty good. It's nice to see some things that'll eventually make it into my own army, gives me a bit of time to see what the models are like, and what I can do with them.

Lookin good. Can't do much with Battle for Skull Pass, but do what you can with what you got. The naked Slayer model is pretty classic.

Can't say much about the Skeletons, the pictures aren't so great. But hey, they look muddie, dirty and everything Skeletons should be. Why would something that's clawed itself out of the ground be nice and clean anyway! Tomb Guard look impressive, I think the purple works very well with your chosen colours.

@Blagrot Squigbreff
Pictures are bad, but the Daemonettes look interesting. I'll keep my eyes peeled if you post up any better pictures in the future.

Ehehehe, Gobbos, you gotta love them. Looks pretty good, and can't wait to see them based up and all.

Looks pretty well. I was gonna say that maybe there's too much grey, but now I think that it adds to the raggedness of the Night Goblins. Good job.

Kind've hard to tell what's going on from the pictures. Personally that looks more black than regal blue to me. So hopefully you can get some better pictures next time around.

Hehe, the unit looks pretty cool. I think it's interesting the little bits and pieces throughout the unit that make it unique, like the 2 goblins riding one wolf. Adds to the goblin flavour I think.

@Prince Sairion
Wow, those High Elves look nothing like your regular High Elves at all. Not a spot of white to be seen! I personally think that's a good thing, it makes your Elves look pretty unique, and I personally don't see anywhere on the models where it's needed - unless you're using it for the banner, I dunno.

Well, Skeletons look like Skeletons, Wolves look like wolves. Personally too me, it's a tad boring. I like doing interesting things, and I think your Wolves could've done with you know, maybe some blood on the mouths, a bit of green stuff maybe? I guess this isn't the Tale of Fantasy Converters though, so it's all good so far. My only other thing is, on some of the front line models, they look quite dirty, but then they have sparkle-sparkle, teeth whiter than anywhere else on their body. I think it looks a tad weird, might wanna throw a few washes over that area.

3 Zombies pirates! Hold up! Wasn't there only 2 in the stats. Well, 3 adds one more ARR to the lot, maybe other's will join the band wagon soon and you'll start sounding like a Zombie Pirate mob. I think they look really good, especially that cannon. Regular bases obviously need a little extra something, but you've already said static grass is to come, so I can sleep soundly tonight!

@Math Mathonwy
I have to agree, the tongue on the herald looks very nice. I wouldn't be ashamed putting that model on the tabletop either, it looks nice enough to me.

You know, I don't think I've seen Skinks that colour before. Strange, but it definately works to your advantage. I love the bases, feels very Lustria.

Goth Vikings eh. Sounds like a plan. I really like the warrior. He looks so good. It just... works, everything fits together nicely on him I think.

@Count Sinister and BDJV
Sorry to hear about your injuries. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

@Dead Orc - Dwarves
Those dwarves look very nice. It's good to see Battle for Skull Pass looking good, as well as those older models as well.

@Dead Orc - Wood Elves
Certainly looks very Autumn to me. I hope to see both sets of your bases finished sometime, as it'll definately add to the models.

@Dead Orc - Ogres
Even more! I thought I'd gotten rid of ya! ;) The ogres look good I must say. Again, hoping to see the bases finished, I am not convinced the 'Yellow Cheese Road' makes a convincing looking road.

Ooh, the skin on the ogres looks nice. Much better than the ones on my Ogres I have lying around. The trappers also look good, I love those models, very amusing indeed.

I think they look good overall, but may I suggest blending up to your highlights on the cloaks. I found that the Cloaks on my Pistoliers look so good when they're blended, and I think it'd do a lot of justice to your models if they were as well.

I really like those Wood Elves. I am very convinced about the 'Thaw' theme you have going, as it really does look like the snow is just melting, and your armies plodding around in it.

Aannnndd.... That's it? Wow, that sure took some time. I think I started some 2 hours ago doing this, sheesh. I had to cut my post into 2 posts, even when I cut out the useless parts, ouch. Anyways, I thank those who have posted comments about my work. It's really appreciated.

As a status update on what I've been doing. If all goes well, next month there will be witches a burnin! I have started work on my Militia (Angry Mob) by starting to scratch build my Witch Hunter (Champion) burning a Witch (Standard Bearer) alive at the stake, while the Angry mob crowd around. This is gonna be a lot of work, and I hope I managed to get it all done even with me starting my new job next week. So far I've started on the platform the Witch will be getting burned on. For the mob, I think I may play it safe this month and not do much on them. Burning torch here, pitchfork there, make them look more like angry villagers and less like Militia I hope.

09-09-2008, 15:50
I am still in with the Wutang Clan Orges. I had a bit of a crazy august. I was going to joker, but I've got a majority of the work on my 4 ogres done, so based on the recommendations given, i might try to pop them out this week, post them, and still hit the 200 point mark for the month of september. then'd I'd be right on track. Great work and inspiration by all! This is once again a great thread!

09-09-2008, 19:06
New gods? We already have a bloomin Sun God :P Blasphemy! I'll feed ya to the fires of Chotek himself, hehe. In all seriousness though, the painting is really good. I'm not sold on the combination of the yellow skinks and the purple Sallies, but the painting is really good.

Aah but's it a new and improved Sun God (TM), as for the combo of purple and yellow, it going with the age of the race, so I think it will get less odd when you see the army with yellow skinks, orange terries, red saurus, deep red / purple dino's etc...

Or at least here's hoping! :D

09-09-2008, 19:17
Umm, any room for one late comer? Managed to finaly finish my first unit of deamonettes for my Slaaneshii deamon army. I'm intending to get 2000 points ready by the end of the year but the pace set by tale of fantasy painters seems more likely as school might get pretty hectic during autumn with bachelors thesis and all...

So without waiting your permission here is my painting from august (and start of the september to be honest):

12 Deamotettes with musicant for total of 150 points. Yeah it is little sort of the intended 200 points but hopefully this months painting will fill the gap.


Sorry for rather bad pictures hopefully those get better when I finally manage to buy second lamp.

To bring the new plastic deamonettes closer to old ones look I removed their hair and sculpted a horn and tentacles. I'm pretty pleased with the effect as to my mind they look more like punks than deamons straight from the box.

Unusually for me all minis were basecoated white and skin washed with new citadel inks which really speeded things and provided smoother finish than my usual method of layering. After the wash I just higlighted skin with white instead of four layers of paint as in my first colour tester without the use of washes.

Basing is cork sheet and some sand with thick layer of baking powder PVA and water snow which is topped with GW's snow scatter. Every deamon has magnet at the bottom of their base and movment tray is sawed from sheet metal, which was extremly tedious progress.

Cheers Cactuscheff,
(and sorry for bad english)

09-09-2008, 20:17
Firstly a few thanks.

Thanks to everyone for posting and for posting such wonderful, inspirational stuff.

Thanks for everyone for understanding and following the 'rules' and NOT posting other than this months painting for the first week. (I think it gets the thread off to a cracking start ... all the back to back photos).

Thanks to Saulot for this great post.

Month 1 Summary after 1 week period.

Total Active Participants: 51% (109 of 215)
(Count includes those who actively posted to say they are using a JOKER. Last name added to the count: boosterburn, of the Ogre Kingdoms)

Zombie Pirates: 100% (2 of 2)
Chaos Dwarfs: 100% (1 of 1)
Beasts of Chaos: 60% (3 of 5)
Orcs & Goblins: 57% (12 of 21)
Wood Elves: 56% (5 of 9)
Dark Elves: 55% (11 of 20)
Empire: 55% (6 of 11)
Vampire Counts : 52% (12 of 23)
Dogs of War: 50% (2 of 4)
Lizardmen: 46% (6 of 13)
Ogres: 44% (4 of 9)
Dwarfs: 38% (5 of 13)
Tomb Kings: 36% (4 of 11)
High Elves: 31% (5 of 16)
Warriors of Chaos: 29% (7 of 24)
Bretonnia: 20% (1 of 5)
Skaven: 20% (1 of 5)
Demons: 13% (2 of 16)
Jokers: 9% (20 of 215)

In order to more closely compare each Army’s performance, I decided to group them into 3 broad categories based on the number of players initially signed-up for that Army. 1 to 7 Painters, 8 to 15 Painters, and 16 to 24 Painters. (Can anyone suggest a catchy name for these groupings?)

With that, we get the Best Performing Army per category:

1 to 7 Painters
1. Zombie Pirates: 100%
1. Chaos Dwarfs: 100%
3. Beasts of Chaos: 60%
4. Dogs of War: 50%
5. Bretonnia: 20%
5. Skaven: 20%

8-15 Painters
1. Wood Elves: 56%
2. Empire: 55%
3. Lizardmen: 46%
4. Ogres: 44%
5. Dwarfs: 38%
6. Tomb Kings: 36%

16-24 Painters
1. Orcs & Goblins: 57%
2. Dark Elves: 55%
3. Vampire Counts: 52%
4. High Elves: 31%
5. Warriors of Chaos: 29%
6. Demons: 13%

Good show, people!

I love that folks are so into this that they take the time to come up with stuff like this.

Finally thanks to everyone who has made such nice comments about my painting.

@ Harry (Lizardmen): Very nice, if the rest of the army turns out as good as these guys I can see it fast becoming my favourite of your armies this year (like your VC were last year)

@ Harry (O&G): So this is the start of the army I’m up against this year. I can see I’ve got my hands full then. They look really good. The only bit of criticism I’ve got is the blood on the mouth of the standard bearer’s wolf, it just seems a bit too pink for blood

@ Harry (Khorne): They do complement your Daemons from last year don’t they. What is the design on the shields supposed to be? I can’t quite make it out.

@ Harry (Nurgle): I really like the background for these guys, it was so well written. I can’t wait to see the unit finished.

There is no design on the Khorne shield it is just 'blood splattered.

The Nurgle Background was not mine. The majority of it was lifted straight form the Liber Chaotica.

Of course I'm well aware that Harry should get some comments as well. But as he's painting more stuff in a month than I do in a year, and to such a high standard as well, I feel like I could spend the month with only doing comments on his awesome works. His stuff speaks for itself, my babbling wouldn't do it justice.
My painting pales in comparison to some of the other work here .... there is just lots of it. :D

@ Harry – beautiful looking Kroxigor & the bases are extremely nice too (no wonder it takes a third of your time doing them!).
Worth it though ... to make my often very ordinary paint jobs look a bit special.

@ Harry – Excellent wolf riders, really like the blood around the mouth, a nice extra touch, bases are a bit plain though!!! Great warriors & bases again, didn’t we see this army last year…. Finally some excellent Marauders, never seen those minis before & looking forward to seeing what else you use, nice bases again!!!
Thanks. I have an 'interesting selection of minis lined up for the Nurgle army.

@ Harry, I can't believe how much you are doing! I like the lizardmen best, especially the bases. What did you make the icons from?
The Lizardmen icons are a set ... produced quite a while ago. They are, however, currently available again as a set as part of the 'direct only'/'bits range'.

@Harry – I’d love to know how you find the time to paint so much stuff to such a high standard. The Kroxigor are just fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished army at the end of the tale.

And most of all thanks to Harry for setting this up and putting a lot of time in to keeping things going. This tale has given me the motivation to keep painting and I love seeing he work from everyone else. I wish I’d seen this tale last year, I might have a painted army by now!!!

Reading comments like this and knowing the motivation and inspiration it is providing makes the little bit of effort required to keep it going well worth while. It also provides me with bucket loads of motivation to get my own stuff painted.

Here's a special 21 birthday post from me....

... before I forget I think i'm gonna try another army but i'm not telling wich one.

@Harry: All around your armies look great. Of special notice to me is the kroxigors and their bases. I'm definetly want to try that for my lizzies.
Happy birthday.
Love the Fire sorcerer.
Did you ever get that stuff I sent you?
Look forward to seeing your second army.

@ Harry: love the Lizardmen and all your baseing, i cant beleave how much you are painting.
Well ... Its true. How long I will keep it up is another matter. :D

A special thanks to Harry for being the main engine in this matter.

@Harry: I was really impressed with both your Kroxigors and goblins. The kroxigors for the over all feel with som exellent basing and a lovely bright green shade to their skin, very clean paint job. That goblin rider pack of yours... well, who cant be amazed by them? Really really nice painted fur... and man... that size of a regiment. Awsome!


@Harry: Awesome work on all those armies, I prefer Lizardmen painted realistically but its hard to not appreciate the amount of work you put into the overall model. The bases on the Kroxigor are great! I'm looking forward to seeing your armies progress.

Mmmm ... giant, 12 foot tall, axe wielding , walking lizards ... painted realistically. :D

@Harry - Lizardmens
I really appreciate these Lizardmen. For some reason, you don't seem to see Green often these days, even though it was the mainstream colour back in 5th edition. Mine are blue (but that decision was made before blue was the new green). You've really done justice to the old 5th edition models, and I really love how the bases turned out.

@Harry - Orcs and Goblins
Again, impressive. I like how the wolves with mouths open are all bloody like, adds to the aggressiveness of the army I think. The wolves also look extremely nice, I like how the grey fur blends into the whiter fur,

@Harry - Warriors of Khorne
The lava bases look amazing. One of these days, I'm gonna have to do one of these gloomy evil armies so I can paint me up some lava bases. I think the painting on the warriors is good, but maybe too much red? It's of my personal oppinion, maybe a red overload. I possibly would've made the cloaks a different colour to add a bit of contrast in. But maybe you're digging the entirely red thing with the complete Khornage theme.

@Harry - Warriors of Nurgle
I like those models, they look very cultist which is pretty unique. I always do envision cultists as you know, lurking in the back alleys of streets, all hooded and garbed. These fit perfectly for me.
Thats a lot fo comment and it is much appreciated.

The khorne guys. I know I could paint them more realistically and with more variety I was just after the 'impact' on the table. (The scheme is also fast to paint!

Hey Harry, could I become a chaos player please?

So can I be jokered for last month please, and I’ll get started on this.
Yes I will go change you entry now.

So are we already allowed to post wip pic's from the stuff we will paint this month?
Keep posting.
Really looking forward to all the great stuff to come this month.

09-09-2008, 20:27
OK Here is the first page of my comments on everyone elses stuff:

Love the warriors. Purple looks great and so do the shields.
Sorceresses dragon skin loin cloth especially impressive. Snow bases do seem to work ever so well with Dark Elves.

@Ego Ninja
Lovely crisp painting. Great metalics. Look suitably hard core and very realistic. (Not too shiney). I feel your blue could take another extreme highlight for dramatic effect.

@Colonel Haizelhoff
love the standard and the leopard skin and some nice jungle trees going on in the back ground. Is scenery part of your plan for this project? I am thinking I will try and make some.

can’t believe that’s your first unit. Great job. Love the use of neutral and earthy tones. Perfect for dwarfs. I love thos old marauder minis. Got a bunch of them myself. After using the washes. 9like the flesh wash on the face. You neeed to come back and apply a final highlight. But great stuff for a ‘newbie’.

Great looking Grom. Lovely crisp painting. A thin wash would smooth out the slight texture on the goblin and wolves skin areas.

Lovely stuff … as I was expecting. Same dark, gritty, ‘real’ feel I liked so much about your ogres. Snow bases are beautifully done and very effective as contrast to the DE

Absolutely lovin this army already. I love the very tight scheme and like your elves the very dark, moody feel seems to work so well. The armour the cloaks the fur … all top notch. I love the blue but I think I would have stopped at the eyes rather than gone for the source lighting. Love the banner now. Keeps the theme tight.

Another very dark, gritty, ‘real’ looking army. I love the colour choices. Now THAT is what dwarfs should look like. The snow seems less convincing than some others … maybe you can steal a method from someone else?

wowsers. They are as bright a blue as mine are green. Beautifully painted as clearly demonstrated by the close up of the standard. I am not sure my work would hold up under such close scrutiny as this. Try and stick to 200 points if you can 9as you have this month) so everyones armies grow together.

Apologies for missing you off the list. You are there now.

Joker. Noted. Look forward to seeing you get going on these guys next month.

I am liking Grimzug. That is a great head and a graet choice for a general. Look forward to seeing his boyz increase around him.

No buying an extra joker but you can have a month to get ahead on the rest of your army so you won’t need any jokers. Look forward to seeing the Dragon.

I knew you were twisted but I had no idea you were a twisted genius. :D
I love the centigulf. Truly an inspiration. I look forward to more creative conversions, more literary masterpieces and less superfluous posts from you in the future.


I will get around to everyone eventually.

09-09-2008, 20:33
@ CactusCheff - welcome to the tale & an awesome first entry.

09-09-2008, 20:49
Sorry for the delay, I was gone on Vacation until yesterday. Here is the Unit:

11 temple guard with full command.
Aproximately 216 pts. (I think.)


They will be detailed up this month as I work on the Slaan to go with the Unit.

*edit* Didn't realize that the other thread was being replaced by this one, I thought it was going to continue. So here's my project for September, which I will use as an excuse to finish up this unit as I go.


Blagrot Squigbreff
09-09-2008, 20:54
Thanks for the comments and I apologise for the awful quality of the pictures, I have some better-looking ones of individual models on my phone camera, hopefully they'll be big enough and I'll upload those once I'm near a computer with Bluetooth again. Other than that part of the problem is my camerawork and I have some idea what I did wrong so I'll try again next time I can borrow a camera.

@Math Mathonwy - It's not a good month for the Daemonspawn so far but it makes my plan to mostly comment on other Deamons easy ;). Hopefully they're all just a bit delayed and there'll be plenty by the end of the month. I like the different colours for the Jugger to just bright red, the rider stands out much better. Also I feel your pain with assembling the pesky thing, I called the bloodcrusher I'm using every name under the sun and I didn't try anything clever with the base or any real conversion yet.

@Cactuscheff - Take a look at my pictures and then say yours are bad :D. Nice to see more Daemons and the tentacles look excellent, especially the one 2nd from the left in the back with them wrapping around the 'Nette.

@Dino - The burning hair on that mage looks great, also where are all the helmets from? Old chaos warrior helms?

@Harry - Others can say it better but those models are all brilliant and it's a blast from the past to see the old BattleMasters models, still a game that gets dragged out when we're all feeling nostalgic.

@Jimjim - Fantastic idea for a conversion, are the runes on his base meant to be translations of his name into other languages?

@Ludwig Von Rictoven - I'm afraid I thought the army would look bland and mono-tone when I saw you wanted to do them Terracotta but they look excellent.

A lot of other excellent work but I only have so much time to post so sorry.

09-09-2008, 22:28
OK well I guess it is about time for me to fulfil my obligations as the Beast Deputy!

@ txamil - First of my Beastlings to post aye, glad to see another person doing some Minotaurs. Interesting choice of models and I think with your theme they work very well. Here's hoping that with the new book they give us the chance to have heavy armoured Minotaurs, because if they do yours will be perfect! Your scheme seems to be hinting at a mix of maybe Tzeentch and Slaanesh. I know you mentioned going for a Tzeentch Wargor next but do you have plans to go for any more marked units? Also how about your bases, do you have any ideas for the theme yet? Good start to the army though and I look forward to seeing your next months painting.

@ Filie - Ah my fellow Khorne Beasts General! Really liking what you have done so far. Your skin scheme seems very similar to mine and I am glad it looks so good on the Gors/Ungors as I have yet to try it on them. I agree with you on the niceness of the Beastherd models, they are pretty simple models when compared to some of the newer sets but I think they look very good when built. I especially like the wood effects you have done on the chariot, it has a nice deep feel to it. So have you started on this months work yet, could you let us in on what we have to look forward to?

Good work team, I know we are few in numbers compared to some of the others but that just means that we have to kick that much more butt in order to stand out. However after the first month of work I don't see that being a big problem! 60% submission rate is good but I'm sure we can get it up to 100% next month. Hollopoint, Tauren where were you guys? Get in here and join the fun!

Sorry to everyone else but I simply don't have the time to comment on everyone's work but I do plan to make another post later in the week and comment on some of my favourites. Just reading every post took me ages let alone writing something about them all! Still I do have a chance to write just one more comment...

Spikedog's pick of the week (Not including my own Beast Team as that would be a little unfair!) is...

@ Doi - Those snow bases are some of the best I have ever seen! The snow looks so real and fluffy it almost seems if you poked it, that it would be cold! They work really well against the bright greens and reds of the goblins and wolves. I can't wait to see this effect on some larger bases where you have more room to show off!

09-09-2008, 22:56
someone2040, thanks for you input, put I believe these reaper figures that I paint don't need washes. Once agian thanks for you input.

09-09-2008, 23:22
I like Harry's idea of posting comments for one page at a time, so I will start with page 1.

@Harry (Lizardmen) - I like the colour scheme, although it is very bright, I think that works for the jungle. The bases are, as ever, stellar, but I think the aquarium plants could and maybe should be painted.

@Harry (Orcs + Goblins) - I love the wolf rider horde! I assume the shields in your plog will eventually go on them, and if so I can't wait to see that, and more in september.

@Harry (Khorne) - I am not such a fan of those miniatures, but I think you have done well on them.

@Harry (Nurgle) - These guys look great. The relatively small size of the miniatures to the base has an interesting effect that I can't quite describe, but it's a good thing.

@Derv - great looking stuff, I love the bases, the painting is well done, and the sorceress model is well converted. Nothing wrong with a 3/4 naked lady, no siree!

@Ego ninja - I like the colour scheme, and you pull it off well. Nice, tight work, and the hero fits in very well with the regular troops. I am excited to see more of this army.

@Colonel Haizelhoff - a bit blurry, but it looks good. I like the jaguar skin.

@Wib - not bad at all for your first unit! The pictures are a bit dark, but I can tell from the close ups that you have painted them well.

@Braad - Nice! Now there's a Grom! He's fat, but still looks like he could kick ass. I like the placement of the standard bearer (I forget his name...nibits?), and I like the base and it's all well painted to boot.

@Catferret - I still think you should paint the edges of the bases, but the minis, though dark, are well painted, and the snow looks great!

@Arhalien - A well done unit. As you said, the snow didn't work out as well as it might have, but it's not too bad. I see you have left the top off the banner, but I can't fault you for it, those things make it hard to fit the mini in a carrying case, and they tend to break.

@Kaine - nice war machines. I am not totally sold on your snow bases, but the machines and crew themselves look great.

@Leonathion - amazing paint job, great concept art, and I am excited to see how those conversions turn out. Good luck with the move.

@Jimjim - interesting conversion. I don't like some of your colour choices, but the painting itself is not too bad. I think if you reversed the colours on the axe blade, so the silver is on the blade, and the brass is on the rest, it would look better. Good job overall.

@MutantMaggot - nice conversions, and they seem fairly well painted, but the picture quality makes it a bit hard to see. I haven't had time to read the background yet, but I want to, it looks interesting. The army pics look great, I like the spirit hosts and the mounted character looks great. I would love to see some closer-up pics, but I assume that's coming next month. Love the Mousillon theme!

@all the organisers - I just want to thank the guys who got this going, Harry et al., and who keep it going and keep us motivated. I am a slow painted, and although I enjoy painting, I often procrastinate on getting stuff done, so it's great to have this to motivate me. Good luck all for next month. Page 2 and so on to come.

Fenix Felder
10-09-2008, 03:19
Sorry for the delay guys! I was in exams and it was a really tough week for me , but here is my entry for the first Month hope its not too late!

I Lost my camera, so I’m using a new one for now, the lightning looks off. its way too dark!!! doesn’t show the colors at all , but i couldn’t figure out how to change it. next photos will be better. Hopefully next week i'll take better pictures

BTW Everybody is doing an outstanding job, I promise as soon as I get the time I’ll comment on everyone’s excellent job!

Go team Dwarfs!!

UNIT: 10 Dwarf warriors with shields and veteran. 100pts
1 cannon with various runes 105 pts

BUILDING: Mix of normal 6th edition dwarfs, and BFSP dwarfs, with weapons and shields swapped for newer ones to look more unified.


NMM on the metallic areas, the cannon uses the wider amount of colors.
Blue parts: with different tones of enchanted blue and ice blue mix.
Skin: Dark flesh, Dwarf flesh, Dwarf flesh mixed with bleached bone, bleached bone, to finish.
Beards: various tones of browns and grays all mixed up,
If you want specifics go to my plog
STILL TO DO: I really should go back and make pretty much everything look nicer, these fellas were a bit rushed at the end. Finish the bases.

HIGHS: I love dwarfs! And NMM is awesome!! Great fun to paint. I’m still learning the basics, and I know it didn’t came out perfect, but I think I’m heading in the right direction.
LOWS: BFSP dwarf warriors are some of the worst dwarf miniatures out there, quite boring to paint, with miscasts here and there, without any character and very poor in detail, painting the NMM on them was HARD!!
Couldn’t finish the engineer that was planned to accompany the cannon.

POINTS: 205 pts


Hope you guys like!

Lord Dan
10-09-2008, 04:40
Everybody gets one (and I do, literally, mean everybody!). If I missed you, let me know, as you can bet I have something to say. Next month I'm only commenting fellow DE painters, though. This was exhausting! Great work to absolutely everyone.

Harry (Lizardmen)- As other people have mentioned as well, my favorite models this month from you are the Kroxigors. I love the colors you used (a yellowish green, more than a dark scaly green) and am impressed that you made the bases so busy without distracting from the painting on the models themselves. They look like theyíre at home. Well done.

Harry (Orcs ní Goblins)- Great work on the wolves themselves (and a nice touch with the bloody maw of the standard bearer). Your model choice couldnít have been better, as I simply donít see the newer plastic goblin wolf riders having the same rugged feel youíve given this lot.

Harry (Warriors of Khorne)- Youíve taken models I normally wouldnít have looked twice at and made them very interesting. Red armor, red capes, red trinketsÖand yet itís the perfect amount of red. The bases are exquisite, and thereís no doubt theyíre walking around pools of lava (Iíve seen some people try the same thing and have it look like pools of blood. Önot so good.) I love the jade green look to the swords on the bloodletters as well.

Harry (Warriors of Nurgle)- When you first posted your WIP for these guys in your painting log, I admit I was skeptical. ďSurely that much green canít look goodĒ, I said. Shame on me, Harry. Shame on me. The bases are great (you even added slime bubbles!) and your color progression from a nasty green color to a nasty yellow color was very well pulled off. Good show.

Derv- Great freehand on the banner! I particularly like the detail you put into the shields, and the bases are very well done (It looks just like melted snow.) Your sorceress has a wonderful, smooth progression to her skin, and the purple on her skirt is nice and vibrant. I might add, however, that she looks rather cold. :P

Ego Ninja- Wicked head swap on your exhalted. I absolutely love the blue capes, as they contrast so drastically from the dark armor. Great work.

Colonel Haizelhoff- I love the simple addition of the jaguar pelt to the totem. Great work on the red scales, as well. Canít wait to see what your units look like!

Wib- Absolutely fantastic work. I love the cream color on their tunics, and the small amount of that pastel green color simply round out the models completely. The models you used are fantastic. What edition are they? 5th?

Braad- This is undoubtedly my favorite rendition of Grom Iíve seen yet. The blue banner is a brilliant contrast, not to mention the great work on the freehand. I love the addition of the slate road on the base, as well. Grom has never looked meaner.

Catferret- The bases complete these models. The snow looks so real- what method did you use? Iím also falling in love with that dark, rich purple you use. Way to uphold the Druchii honor!

Arhalien- What isnít there to love? You pulled off snow bases, a great banner, a wonderful color combination, and glowing eyes. All around genius. If your infantry look that intimidating, I canít wait to see the puppet master himself!

Kaine- You kept your green colors prominent yet subtle, and the skin tones give the models a very real appearance. You took your time with the bronze, which really shows. Great work. Now letís see some infantry.

Leonathion- Simply stunning highlight work. Youíve taken us through the whole spectrum of blue and red just with some scales and skin. I also love the subtle use of blue in the weapons instead of some earth brown or tan color. Obviously your metal work is simply fantastic. Tell me your process for working the gold on the totem up like that? And the gemstone eye? I see itís a slightly different pattern than Iím used to?

JimJim- Great choice in colors, they work so beautifully together. Not only do I love the model, but I love how youíve made it your own by adding on that mask, and somehow made it look like it was originally part of the model. Great work.

MutantMaggot- Wicked conversions! Was that just a head swap on the vampire on foot? I love the blues you used in the sword, as well. The ďmountedĒ vampire is undoubtedly my favorite. I love how youíve modeled him to look as though heís basically about to lob someoneís head off. Awesome stuff.

Arduhn (Empire)- I love how many colors youíve successfully pulled off on this model. If the colors arenít placed right it usually makes it look tooÖtropical. There is none of that vibe here. Heís still nice and masculineÖyet devilishly stylish.

Arduhn (Dark Elves)- Represent! ErÖsorry. DE painter here. The purple armor is simply stunning, and the scales are nice and earthy. Great contrast from your other submission, as this really shows off your versatility as a painter.

Arduhn (VC)- You sure surprised me! Here I am thinking ďNo way Arduhn could pull off a 3rd army. Itís just not doable when heís painting to such a high level of detail.Ē Then you come around and prove me a liar. Well done, again. The blue found scattered about the model is just fantastic work. I look forward to next monthís submissions for all three armies. (Though mostly for the DE. :P)

Spikedog- Those minos look pissed. Great work on the base. What materials did you use? Iím also enjoying the smooth highlights on theirÖskirts. The hooves and horns are also extremely well done. Nice progressions.

Reik- Aww man, awesome conversions. This unit reminds me of a picture from the 6th edition warhammer fantasy rulebook, where a unit of Khorne warriors is basically tearing through empire swordsmen. Each model looks like it could be a character. Fantastic stuff, and I hope you keep up with this theme throughout your army.

Saltpappa- If I could have two words to describe that unit, they would be ďAwesomeĒ and ďAwesome.Ē I love the models, wherever they came from (Like little Russian dwarves). The green highlights are all kinds of good, and the highlighting on the beards stands out and is quite smooth (particularly on the orange one up front).

Tizz- I regret to inform you that youíll be my inspiration for the sea dragon cloaks on my own corsairs. Itís so refreshing to see some that arenít different shades of green. What colors did you use? The blue skin is just icing on the delicious cake that is this unit.

Cerion- Orcs of Talabheim! Perfect highlighting, and great use of colors. How did you construct that mask? I also dig the choppa a lot more than the severed head the model comes with.

Huinipachutli- I think I spelled your name correctly. Iím really liking the colors you chose for this model, particularly the ones used on the Stegadon itself. The vibrant colors on the skinks really stand out, yet flow nicely with the colors of the model theyíre standing on. Good work.

EmperorNorton (Wood Elves)- Awesome model, awesome painting.

EmperorNorton (Vampire Counts)- The white is so simple but so striking. Youíve managed to avoid letting the models look like white blobs, and instead made them stand out quite well.

Redd- Loving the color scheme so far. All the models are looking great, and I love the simple conversion of turning the bow sideways on the glade guard. It adds a lot of character.

Zujara- Great work. The shaman looks wonderful, and the unit is somehow striking and subtle at the same time (perhaps itís the black and red?) Cool goblin free-hand on the banner, as well.

Magos Explorator (High Elves)- This model is near and dear to my heart, as it was the first one I ever painted for warhammer fantasy (Yours is a lot better than mine was). I really like the dark blue and light blue contrast on the cloak. Itís very crisp and clean.

Magos Explorator (Skaven)- Nice use of all neutral colors on the seer, and the contrasting dark green of the orb heís holding. The assassins are particularly cool, because it looks like they just Samurai-blocked flying paintballs filled with green paint.

Fluffystuff- Best skeletons Iíve ever seen, hands down. You make the red look so smooth, and the armor look dirty and rusty yet retaining a clean highlighted feel. Brilliant work.

AndyMeechan- Old models. New hotness. Beautiful work on the gold chainmail, and a great job highlighting the shields. I literally canít tell if theyíre green or black, which is how it should be.

LionoftheBegs- Iím really liking the colors you used on the sorceress. (Not to mention itís a cool model to begin with.) Canít wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the army.

BigJon- KAPOW! Great work on the skin tones. I wish the picture showed what you did with their trousers, but I suppose weíll just have to wait.
Sharke- I love the red on the cape, not to mention the conversion itself. Your highlighting on the coatís trim makes it almost look gold. Very nicely done.

Geep- Black orcsÖfor once actually wearing black armor. Quite refreshing, somehow. And is that mountain on the banner freehand?? Even if itís not, youíve made it look like it is, which is equally commendable.

Papa Dan- Theyíre alright, I guess. ;)

Warlord Ghazak Gahzkull- Love the red, and love the tomb king shields in place of the normal goblin ones. The dark elf spears make them look pretty nasty. Great job.

Nephilim of Sin- The white makes the Orcs look absolutely terrifying. I mean that, too. Probably some of the more intimidating models Iíve seen. So great work!

Krzyek- I love that youíve used just about every color I can think of on the different models, and yet still made them look like a cohesive unit. So uhÖwhat is your actual color scheme? :P

GalenArtorius- Very nice, realistic (yet colorful!) color scheme. The simple act of changing the color of the feathers was both brilliant and aesthetically pleasing.

Death Korp- Itís funny, before I even looked at your name, I saw the picture and thought: ďThatís one scary look death corp.Ē Then I saw your name (though more probably I subconsciously saw your name and attributed it to the unit. NeverthelessÖ). How suiting. Purple and gold is the way to go. Keep it up!

Sideorderofchips- Those weapons/ gut plates and brilliant! They really look like theyíre glowing and contorting in color. I canít wait to see more of the same (just imagine leadbelchers with magma cannonsÖ).

Nagged- Great idea with an equally great execution. I particularly like the color scheme you used.

Mooncow- That turquoise color is absolutely perfect for HE. I canít believe I donít see it more often. Great choice, and great work on the chainmail.

Chicken Pig- Great idea with the Glade Rider conversions. Iím also really enjoying the colors you used. Very different, yet still harboring a necessary DE feel.

Bluesabre- Stunning highlights, particularly with the skin and blue. Iím curious as to whether your other infantry will incorporate the same blue color, or if this is just for the shadowy nature of the shades?

Kris.Sherriff- I love the model, and love that youíve made it look like it belongs in a GW army. Cool color selection- the blindfold and red leather makes her sort of look like a Daredevil/ Elektra combination. DarelektraÖ

Ludwig von Rictoven- Awesome idea. I love to see great themes come through with simple model swaps, and this is a clear example of just that. They look just like what youíre trying to make them be, and the blue glow to the eyes is simply an added bonus. Awesome stuff.

Zilgorn Zeypher- Great work. The picture is sort of blurry, but from what I can see youíve got a great color scheme developing there. I hope to see some closer pictures later on.

Zark the Damned- I love this model, and I love seeing him with an Empire tunic on. The highlights on the skin are very well done, despite the fact that my clearly uncultured Americanized English canít find a way to pronounce the giantís name.

Rkunisch- Beautiful models. A very nice, clean, and simple color scheme with smooth highlights. What more could we ask for?

SuavelyDunn (TK)- The fletchings on the arrows was a very clever way of tying them in with your color scheme. I also really like the reddish brown hue youíve given to the dirt on your bases.

SuavelyDunn (VC)- Excellent freehand on the shields. Youíve found an excellent way to add some spice to a unit that could be rather boring. Tired of painting bone yet?

Niibl- I donít have to tell you how stunning this model is. Öbut I will. I canít think of a single way it could be improved. I canít wait to see what you have in store for your deckhands.

Ebodine- I donít know what it is about it, but the blueish hue to the fur on his cloak is just drawing my attention more than anything else (all of which is very well done, obviously). Great work, here.

Txamil- I usually read through what people have written before I look at their pictures. Yours happened to be an exception. I saw a wall of Confrontation minis and started drooling. Great choice, great colors, great paintingÖgreat. Great, great, great.

Ampao- Flawless. Whatís your technique for snow? What about your color progression for the grey part of the skin?

Alathir- I love the red bolt throwers. Iím so used to seeing bits and pieces of a color scheme scattered about HE models in the form of armor trim and gemstones, but this is just a refreshing blast of ďRED IS MY COLOR SCHEMEĒ. I like it a lot.

75hastings69- That looks better than the picture that comes on the box! Beautiful highlighting on the musculature and face.

Fbi_boy- These look awesome. Itís nice to see people capable of highlighting red well, as itís a color that is notoriously hard to blend. Very well done. Your technique for bone is also very refined. (The vampire isnít half bad, either. :P)

Filie- I canít see the Gors, mate! The chariot looks right awesome, though. The subtle amount of red is a nice change for Khorne Beastmen.

SaintHale1988- Hey, you made them look like ghouls are supposed to look! (Painted much like the old 6th edition sculpts) Itís nice to see something other than rotting green for ghouls. Mannfred isÖbloody. Insanely bloody.
Dino- Absolutely awesome conversions. Though the sorcerer is my favorite, I like the bronze shields on the warriors. (As has been mentioned, they have a very ď300Ē feel to them)

Firestorm Falcon- You make HE look good in black.

Someone2040- Iíve seen this theme tackled multiple times, but never pulled off as well as youíve done here. Great idea with the capes, and I love the hat on the middle rider.

FatOlaf- Those salamanders are stunning, both for the vibrant blues and the contrasting scales. I love the eyes on the skinks, and that they have such a nice neutral color to them.

Xarius- Looks good so far! Lets see some more pics.

Danny76- Somehow I missed your knights on my first run through of page 5. Exceptional work, particularly on the gold.

Digital~Punk- Oh come on, thatís just awesome. The Slayer screams Braveheart more than most any model Iíve ever seen.

StormCrow- I love the Tomb Guard models, and I love the color purple with gold. You pretty much made my evening.

Blagrot Squigbreff- I canít really see the models too well, but I can see green hair. Lots of awesome, awesome green hair. More pics!

Knighta- Iíve never seen such happy looking squigs. Great work both on the colors of said squigs, and on the skin of the goblins themselves.

Hippo2112- I love the way you painted up those characters (the squig in particular looks like a bundle of fun). That plastic shaman is probably my favorite model from the newest O&G release (random, I know), and Iím glad your painting has done it more than justice.

Benevolent Wyrm- Welcome! A great first post, indeed. Wonderful work on the bones. Those shields look like little palettes begging for some freehand work. Do you have anything in store for them?

Doi- Those goblins actually lookÖintimidating. I love the shields you used (old empire spearmen ones?), and my favorite model has to be the bloke on the left with the WW1 doughboy helmet.

Prince Sairion- These guys remind me of desert archers from Medieval 2, total war. Nice work with the red and orange combination.

Frgt/ 10- For some reason youíre the first person Iíve ever seen take all black dogs in a VC army. I know itís strange, but usually people take them with greys and whites in them as well. All black is quite striking. Very nicely done.

Darnok- Letís see what youíve gotÖUndead ogreÖcheck. Green, yellow, and red color schemeÖcheck. A cannon that fires human skullsÖcheck. Yeup. You passed the Ridiculously Awesome Test.

Math Mathonwy- I love not only the colors you used, but the fact that the bloodletter (sorry, the herald) appears to be jumping headfirst off of the bloodcrusher. ďI donít even need this thing to kill you! RAH!Ē

Saulot- Gorgeous. The purpleish color with the yellow on the skinks is particularly noteworthy.

Kraal_Lord_of_Blood- That vampire is the most hardcore thing Iíve seen in a while. What model did you use? ďCould you hold these severed heads while I smash you in the face with a club the size of your torso?Ē Doesnít get more BA than that.

Dead Orc (Dwarves)- I love the green/ green-blue combination. It just goes to show you that even if you understand color theory, it takes the imagination of another painter to show you other possibilities. I love the old warriors, and whatever model is lurking on the right hand side of them.

Dead Orc (Wood Elves)- I really like the use of multiple colors here. Itís nice to see something other than a line of camo green capes. Very impressive.
Dead Orc (Ogres)- The yellow brick road? Indeed! The black skin is rather refreshing. I copped out with my army and went with the old graveyard earth + goblin green trick.

Boosterburn- Gorgeous models. The highlighting on the skin is extremely well blended. What colors did you use?

Scott- I love the cape you gave to Fellheart. (Though the blue fever picture still has me smiling.) The assassin is also quite impressive, and Iím liking where youíre going with the infantry. Letís see some warriors!

Almindale- This unit is stunning. Not only is the painting fantastic, I love that youíve modeled them to look like theyíre defending a hill to the last man.
CactusCheff- Perfect. The green is flawless, and the snow looks like it might melt off the bases. Great work.

Nathonicus- Do you have them up on 25mm blocks of marble? Thatís the coolest thing Iíve ever seen!

Fenix Felder- A beautiful vibrant blue. That engineer hiding in the back is exceptionally well done. (Maybe itís the red beard) I also really really like the white cannon. Really. Great NMM work here.

Lord Dan
10-09-2008, 04:46
All that being said, it might as well be September's sneak peak time!

What could that be? Only time will tell...

Is it some kind of tank? No! It's clearly a...

Some sort of shadow? A trick of the eye? Perhaps...

The real Dark Knight...

As you can tell I spent way too much of my sick day home today flipping through pages of other people's work. Now I'm off to get back on track myself.

10-09-2008, 05:44
To my fellow Greenskin painters

Nice wolf riders- I’d like to know how you paint your wolves. Is most of your army going to be old models?

I like the look of the three wolf chariot, and that’s a good choice of model for Grom.

A simple way to make the Grimgor Ironhide model unique, and I like that the model is colourful (and not mainly black or silver).

Another good way to make Grimgor Ironhide unique. You’ve done a nice job of getting rid of the empire head without having issues with the streamers.

Old style painting on old night goblin archers- I remember when most ‘Eavy metal models looked like that. Well done.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull-
The head and shield swap is a unique way to make the wolf riders stand out. It’s a good looking unit.

Nephilim of sin-
That’s a fair few orcs you’ve got through in one month, and a very interesting army theme. I like it.

Looking forward to seeing a pic of the finished unit. Your colouring looks very neat so far.

Love the colourful squigs, and the unit-filler fanatic attacking his own kind. What are your plans for the bases?

A good start on the (mostly) goblin horde. The army should look effective once the goblins are up to proper horde numbers.

I like the painting of your goblin skin and the simple conversions- especially the squig-herder musician.

Congratulations also to all other participants who achieved their goal this month- there’s too much for me to give everyone their own comment, but rest assured all efforts are admired.

10-09-2008, 07:19
@Doi: Well done on this unit. I like Orc and Goblin armies to look as ragtag and as unruly as possible and yours is doing that excellently. Keep it up!

Thanks for the comment

@ Doi - my Druchii should be joining the show later today or tomorrow!

About time :p. Looking forward to seeing what you've done

Hehe, the unit looks pretty cool. I think it's interesting the little bits and pieces throughout the unit that make it unique, like the 2 goblins riding one wolf. Adds to the goblin flavour I think.

Thanks for the comment, it was all the little interesting bits that made the unit fun to make. Really looking forward to seeing how your Witch burning unit turns out


There is no design on the Khorne shield it is just 'blood splattered.

The Nurgle Background was not mine. The majority of it was lifted straight form the Liber Chaotica.

Liber Chaotica, eh? Should really get around to reading the copy I bought a couple of weeks back (just so much more I've got to read aswell...)

Spikedog's pick of the week (Not including my own Beast Team as that would be a little unfair!) is...

@ Doi - Those snow bases are some of the best I have ever seen! The snow looks so real and fluffy it almost seems if you poked it, that it would be cold! They work really well against the bright greens and reds of the goblins and wolves. I can't wait to see this effect on some larger bases where you have more room to show off!

:o You're going to give me a big head... Thanks for the really nice comment, especially since I've been a long time admirer of your own work. You wont have to wait too long until you can see some larger bases done either, I've got two planned for this month.

Doi- Those goblins actually look…intimidating. I love the shields you used (old empire spearmen ones?), and my favorite model has to be the bloke on the left with the WW1 doughboy helmet.

Intimidating? Goblins? Someone needs a cowardice check :p ;). Thanks for the nice comment. As for shields, I really need to get those done for this unit (only one is done, and that's because I was stupid enough to glue that one to the model before painting...). I'm assuming the one you were referring to was the one on the lion rider I showed in the last thread? That one was one of the old empire shields, I've got a couple of them kicking around and I thought they'd look good on that unit.

I like the painting of your goblin skin and the simple conversions- especially the squig-herder musician.

Thanks for the nice comment. The musician is my favourite one too

@ CactusCheff: Very very nice. The conversions to bring the new Daemonettes in line with the old ones are stunning, didn't even notice it until you had pointed it out. The bases (which are also spectacular) are also amazing, people who've commented so nicely on mine need to take a nice long look at yours. If Harry doesn't add you on to the painters list straight off dont worry, you wont be missed, he just has a large load to work with so it might take some time

@ nathonicus: Looking good. Really looking forward to see how the unit looks with the accompanying Slann (and skeleton dinosaurs!)

@ Fenix Felder: Those Dwarves are stunning (and I'm not normally a Dwarf fan). The NMM suits them well. Good job

@ Lord Dan: Would that 'tank' happen to be a Reaper bolt thrower and that 'shadow' a Shade with a Great Weapon?


10-09-2008, 08:08
Sideorderofchips- Those weapons/ gut plates and brilliant! They really look like theyíre glowing and contorting in color. I canít wait to see more of the same (just imagine leadbelchers with magma cannonsÖ).

Thank you!

For the leadbelchers, I was planing on flame-throwers aswell as mini-guns with the word 'sasha' on th side.

Maybe a Team fortress 2 theme. The heavy (mini gun), Demo (eyepatch and smiley face?), Pyro (flamethrower, fire axe, gas mask?).

10-09-2008, 08:15
Well, Skeletons look like Skeletons, Wolves look like wolves. Personally too me, it's a tad boring. I like doing interesting things, and I think your Wolves could've done with you know, maybe some blood on the mouths, a bit of green stuff maybe? I guess this isn't the Tale of Fantasy Converters though, so it's all good so far. My only other thing is, on some of the front line models, they look quite dirty, but then they have sparkle-sparkle, teeth whiter than anywhere else on their body. I think it looks a tad weird, might wanna throw a few washes over that area.

that would be cause the front rank was done a couple of years ago as apposed to a month ago :p
i couldnt really be bothered changing it as these will mainly be used for raising, with the new ones being used for the initial on table units

Frgt/ 10- For some reason you’re the first person I’ve ever seen take all black dogs in a VC army. I know it’s strange, but usually people take them with greys and whites in them as well. All black is quite striking. Very nicely done.

thanks; that dreadlord looks great btw :D

10-09-2008, 08:57
Just some quick replies to comments, then on to page 2.

@Alathir - Thanks, glad you like him! I will do my best not to disappoint a fellow Averland fan.

@someone2040 - I see what you mean about Leitdorf on that horse. I think the picture makes it appear that he is leaning back further than he actually is, and as for the seeming contradiction, I like to imagine that he is such a skilled rider, and so pompous that he reacts to his horse rearing with little more than an annoyed look. I would love to have changed the pose of his arm, but I would have just made a mess of the sword, and the arm, and my (practically non-existent) sculpting skills wouldn't have been enough to fix it afterward. I was hoping that a good paint job would compensate for the contrast.

As for Fellheart, the scales probably could use another highlight, but I will get back to him when I can, right now I am scrambling to get my stuff done for this month, and get my "dark knights" finished as well.

@Lord Dan - I am glad you like my Marius. I am pleased with your comments about him, because that's exactly what I was going for, so it's nice to know someone thinks I pulled it off. Dark Elves are my first ever army and also my favourite army, so I'm right there with you. I am loving your stuff too. Your conversions are so bold, and the paint job is icing on the cake.

Heh, yay, I surprised someone! I am probably most pleased with this model out of the three actually, in spite of the fact that she isn't quite done yet. I am leaving a few of the details unfinished, the major one being the glass bottles, because I want to learn how best to paint glass before I attempt those.

Okay, page 2:

@Lord Dan - Well, I already commented in this post, so just see above.

@Spikedog - Nice Minos, I really like the bases! This army will be one bad-ass axe-wielding beastly force to be reckoned with.

@Reik - This is one chaotic regiment of chaos warriors. Lots of interesting conversions in there, it does make the regiment a bit busy looking, but not in a bad way.

@Arduhn - yes, this is me, but I am seeing two broken links in my posts now, which is lame. I better repost some pics.

@saltpappa - Welcome to Warseer! Nice lookin' Dwarfs, well painted and with a bold choice of green. Good stuff.

@Tizz - Nice work, and yes, magnets are great, I should really invest in some actually. The close up looks good, the regiment as a whole even better. Interested to see what the bases will eventually look like cause that's imo the one area which is below the high standard you set with your painting.

@Cerion - Welcome to Warseer as well! Nice conversion, stellar paint job. Nice, neat highlights and a good solid choice of colour scheme. I like it! Can't wait to see more.

@huinipachutli - Nice stego. Bold colour choices, but they work well. Will you put him on a base?

@EmperorNorton - dude! that's one crazy treeman! Much better imo than the gw versions. Nicely painted too. The wraiths are good as well, you resisted the temptation to put a green or blue wash on them, which is in vogue right now. They look good, but to be honest I like the green/blue hue, even though it is jumping on the bandwagon.

@Redd - another new warseerer! Welcome! Nice job on the wood elves. The Dryads bases still need to be painted, but they look pretty good, beginner or no.

@Zujara - Nice, solid goblin unit. I like to see those older minis getting done up. Shaman looks good too.

@Magos Explorator - Very nice job on the mage. Some of it looks a little matt and dark, sort of muted. I think this could be low lighting when taking the picture, not sure, but it sort of looks like it needs another layer of highlighting on the blue and purple, and the brown metal parts. Good job on the eyes especially.

@fluffystuff - amazing skellie regiment! wow! I love the poses and how the regiment looks as a whole, and the paint job and basing are stellar!

@Magos Explorator - the skaven look good, no complaints, and I can't offer any advice really. The only thing I notice is that you have left the edges of the base black, which is fine if that's how you want it, it's a style choice, but whenever I see that, it looks like the base isn't finished, but that's just me. The assassins cloaks look good, it's always hard to highlight black without making it look grey, but you have pulled it off here.

@andymeechan - nice dark elves, once again it's great to see some older stuff getting a paint job in a modern style, it makes me look at the minis in a new light. Also, the newer stuff seems to be harkening a bit back to the older style that you have here, so it should fit right in, which is cool. I like your colour scheme, and you execute it well. Excited to see more.

Good night for now everyone!

10-09-2008, 08:59
@ narthonicus - welcome home!! nice looking Temple Guard & that Slaan is looking very promising, what are you using as the palaquin bearers?

@ Fenix Fender - gorgeous Dwarfs there, you've really pulled off the NMM

@ Lord Dan - those DE's are looking pretty good but pictures are very dark, any chance of anything a bit clearer?

10-09-2008, 09:47
Well I promised to do it for the Warhammer tale like I did for the 40k, so here goes nothing!

@Harry: Firstly cheers for organizing this! Your Kroxigors look fantastic. The bases really look fantastic and certainly give the bases a nice addition. I also love the colour scheme, simple yet effective. Your OrcsíNíGobbos look wonderful, very nicely painted wolf riders. You are a god of batch painting! Iíd say theyíre my favourite of your 4 armies atm. The Khorne look dirty and brutish, just how you want them. Finally the Nurgle warriors, very cool and awesome bases again. You really are good at army painting. Good luck this month!

@derv: Great looking Dark Elves so far, theyíll look very good as a full army.

@Ego Ninja: Nice start, A good solid colour scheme which will set your guys apart for sure. Keep up the high standard.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Good idea combining the standards, he looks very cool at the moment. Keep going.

@Wib: Gorgeous dwarfs, nice muted colours, attention to detail and cohesiveness make it a fantastic looking unit. Looking forward to this months stuff for sure!

@Braad: Very cool so far, nothing beats a big fat gobo in a chariot. Grom has always been cool.

@Catferret: Wonderful looking start to the army, the reaper bolt throwers look great. Good use of snow scatter on the bases too, they tie it all together nicely.

@Arhalien: Great start, the army is very coherent and the source lighting makes them look VERY imposing. Canít wait for more.

@Kaine: Nice looking artillery, and a good start to the force. Your colour scheme is also muted, but I like that very much. Keep up the good work.

@Leonathion: Gorgeous work so far, youíve really poured the detail onto these saurus. A fantastic effort, Iím honestly hanging out for the next unit.

@Jimjim: Very cool conversion, I always loved that shaman head!

@MutantMaggot: Cool conversions, Iím a big fan of the centaur. Looking forward to more conversions from you.

@Arduhn: Very very nice indeed. He looks fantastic. Great start to your army, canít wait to see some units coming together so your general has some men to lead.

@Lord Dan: Nice start, and I like the plating on the cold one itís very different but suits it at the same time. The freehand on the armour is also very nice. Looking forward to more.

@Arduhn (again): Nice start, heís a cool looking model aint he :D

@spikeydog: Love the positioning of the Minotaurs and the painting looks top notch. Good luck with this months work.

@Reik: The unit looks awesome, and that Champion is a great conversion. Top effort!

@Arduhn (again): You nutter, as bad as Harry!! Lucky all your work atm is looking nice. Good idea for the Vampire counts too, the pretty damsel that sucks your bloodÖ

@saltpappa: Very cool dwarfs, old school but still cool. I canít wait to see what other old models you plan to paint because these look fantastic.

@Tizz: Wow, nice work. I had a mate who tried the same blue skin and didnít do so well, you however have nailed it. The scale cloaks also look great. Eagerly awaiting this month.

@Cerion: Very nice start, heís a very good looking model, and a good conversion too, I didnít notice the extra additions until Iíd recognized the Axe.

@huinipachutli: Great start. Youíve even used some verdigri. Looking forward to some more Lizardmen from you, the colour scheme will look great as an army.

@EmperorNorton: Very cool treeman, but sadly youíre right about the side on view. Still, Iíd be bloody scared!! Nice paintjob too, a good start to your Wood Elves. The Wraiths and banshee look good so far, nice simple paintjob but effective for these spirits.

@Redd: Nice start, your Wood Elves are looking ace so far. Youíve painted a lot more that me too!! The colour scheme may be simple, but it makes the army look much more effective when itís all together so youíre doing a great job so far. Keep up the good work.

@Zujara: Great start, and the old models still look so cool! Looking forward to many more greenskins.

@Magos Explorator: Ooh nice paintjob, I havenít seen that mage for years. He looks good too, and looking forward to more.

@fluffystuff: Wow great work fluffy. The unit looks incredible, The confined colour palette really helps with the overall unit as it keeps it nice and tidy, yet the weathering on all the metal areas still makes them very much skeletons. Great work indeed Iím very very impressed.

@Magos Explorator: Good start to your Skaven and good luck, so many of them to paint isnít there? Theyíre fun to play though and worth painting all of them so good luck.

@andymeechan: Ooh very nice work so far. They might be old Dark Elves but because youíve painted them so well they still look great. Looking forward to more for sure.

@LionoftheBegs: A good start. The reaper models are fun to paint arenít they :]

@BigJon: Very cool start and loving the gnoblar sticking out of the cannon barrel. A nice colour scheme too, I like their skin tones.

@Sharke: Nice start to the army. Iím looking forward to watching your Pirates shamble forth!!

@Geep: Good start, a fat unit of Black Orcs. Looking forward to more.

@Papa Dan: Absolutely gorgeous painting so far. The freehand is very crisp as is the whole force so far. Cannot wait for more this month.

@Warlord Ghazak Ghazkull: Nice start to the force, the night goblin wolf riders look ace so far. Good colours scheme too, something different and it works well.

@Nephilim of Sin: Good start, the unit looks really imposing. Good use of facepaint too and the banner is nicely done. Keep it up!

@Krzyek: Great looking flagellants to start with. The unit looks awesome completed. Looking forward to that knightly order.

@GalenArtorius: Another Gorgeous looking empire army. Iím really loving the Hochland scheme, you used a nice green and red, and the blue feathers really accentuates the uniform. Good luck with the knights and have a nice holiday.

@Death Korp: Nice start and cool colour scheme, purple and bronze screams Slaanesh or Tzeentch to me, but that must be a personal thing.

@sideorder_of_chips: Dark skinned ogres, very nice indeed. Looking forward to this months work.

@nagged: Very cool idea and well executed. Iím looking forward to seeing what else you come up with for this ďcounts asĒ army.

@Mooncow: Gorgeous colour scheme, this army is looking great already. Canít wait to see more.

@Chicken Pig: Awesome conversion with a very nice colours scheme to suit. I wonder what other conversions youíll think of, Iím looking forward to them.

@Bluesabre: Ahh doppelgangers! They look great though, very nicely painted. Good luck on the dark riders.

@kris.sherriff: Nice start, looking forward to more. Your colour scheme is good too, keep it up.

@Ludwig von Rictoven: very cool idea, nicely executed too. Iím looking forward to more of your army as the theme is good.

@Zilgorn_Zephyr: Nice start, canít wait to see the finished product this month.

@Zark the Damned: Very nice, havenít seen that giant in ages! He looks great.

@rkunisch: Looking nice so far, how awesome are those washes!!

@SuavelyDunn: great start, the army will look fantastic when itís completed as youíve got a good consistent scheme atm.

@Niibl: Big bess looks awesome, great work. Iím looking forward to more zombie pirates for sure. Your VC are also off to a great start. The red and black work really well.

@Ebodine: Nice start and cool conversion. Looking forward to some units.

@txamil: Great models and a nice colour scheme too. Keep up the top work.

@ampao: That hydra looks fantastic, great work indeed. Nice work on the war altar too, but Iím just in love with the Hyrda :D

@Alathir: Very nice work, I like the colour scheme a lot. Good luck this month.

@75hastings69: Awesome start, I love this model. Iím looking forward to more as your painting will surely make them all look good.

@fbi_boy: Nice job, the skeletons look fantastic so far. As for your vampire, good luck choosing what he is! He looks good to me though.

@Filie: Nice start, the herd is looking good and the chariot looks great as well. Good luck for this month.

@sainthale1998: Very nice ghouls, and a cool vampire too. The Castilian is awesome too, itís just massive as a model! Great start to the tale and good luck this month.

@Dino: Cool start, looking forward to more Chaosy Dwarfs.

@Firestorm Falcon: Good start to an interesting idea. Good luck on it and have fun converting units too.

@someone2040: Phwoar, nice pistoliers. The colours scheme looks top. Good luck choosing a basing theme too, Iím sure itíll look great.

@Fatolaf: Awesome work, the salamanders and the skink handlers look awesome! I love the last photo, the salamander is totally eyeing off his handler.

@Xarius: looking forward to some more pics.

@Danny76: Nice start, the colour scheme is nice and subdued but it looks great.

@Digital~Punk: Looking great so far, love the warrior unit and the trollslayer looks awesome too!

@StormCrow: Ooh nice colour scheme, nothing says tomb guard like a deep royal purple. Top job.

@Blagrot Squigbreff: Pics are a bit blurry but theyíre looking good so far. Keep it up.

@Knighta: Haha very cool, donít you love the squiq models. Keep it up Knighta!

@hippo2112: Nice start to the army, those gobos are looking great. Good luck this month.

@benevolent_wyrm: Nice start, good old black and white colour scheme is working well.

@Doi: very cool wolf riders, the bases look cool too. Good idea stealing the brettonian standard, it looks cool!

@Prince Sairion: very nicely done, the colour scheme is great and the bases look fantastic too. Very nicely done. Good luck this month.

@Frgt/10: Good start so far, should be a good looking army. Nothing looks better than a crazy amount of undead things romping towards you!

@Darnok: Nice start so far and I love the inclusion of the ogre zombie. Keep up the great work. The cannon is fantastic btw, the crew has so much character!

@Math Mathonwy: he looks great! Your army will look awesome when itís all done so keep up the good work.

@Saulot: Very nice start, your lizardmen are looking awesome so far and the colour scheme is great. The bases really set them off too with the water. Keep up the good work.

@Kraal_Lord_Of_Blood: Cool start, the models are looking very dark and awesome right now. Good luck this month.

@Dead orc: Fantastic looking Dwarfs, they really look awesome and the colour scheme is very nice indeed. Iím looking forward to another great looking piece this month. Your Autumn Wood Elves are also looking the business, nice colour selection with all the earthy tones. Your Ogres are really cool too, the bases tie them together very nicely.

@boosterburn: great start, your ogres look very nice. The skin colour is really nicely painted. Great work.

@Scott: Nice start, the colour scheme is looking great. Good luck this month.

@Almindale: Positively pathetic. Who the hell lies and puts up a pre-painted unit. Bloody slacker!!!

@CactusCheff: Wow nice looking demonettes. The snow looks fantastic! Keep up the good work as Iím sure this month will look awesome.

@Nathonicus: Nice start, love the stone base idea. Theyíre awfully tall models now though!

@Fenix Felder: wow I was hoping youíd finish on time. Those dwarfs are looking awesome and Iím very jealous of your ability with NMM. Keep up the great work.

For those who have commented on my stuffÖ

@Johanmaul; Thanks very much, Iíll see what I can do about the more bit.

@derv: Thanks very much. Iím having fun being very traditional with them!

@Saulot: thanks for putting up the stats, itís greatly appreciated.

@Digital~Punk: Cheers mate! The idea is to make them stand out a bit and the bases certainly help with that.

@Doi: Thanks very much, the snow is a bit ill place I think looking backÖ Iíll be a bit more careful this time around.

@Alathir: Thanks very much! Iíll be running the themed bases through every unit and model so they should all tie together nicely.

@someone2040: Thanks very much. Iím glad you can see the idea behind the Thaw theme, I was hoping someone might get it!

@Lord Dan: Thanks so much, glad you like the dramatic feel.

Wow, 2,084 and counting. This thread has made the 40k thread feel much shorter!!!! Great work again everyone and thanks again to the organisers.

10-09-2008, 10:33
Apologies for late posting- things have been a tad tricky[mind you this is my usual form- fashionably late!]

Vampire Counts- The Dead of Winter


UNIT: 25 skellies

BACKGROUND/THEME: This army marches under a vampire who's cold fury brings the winter snows with it.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box, a little tweaking of the standard- used a spear top and the horn comes from the graveguard set, plus i used 5 earlier plastic skellies with spare bits to fill out the unit.

PAINTING: White undercoat, sepia wash, devlan mud wash, bone, white, my magic blue mix.

BASING: Gritty sand, painted scorched brown and washed with devlan mud, microballoons and pva for the snow.

STILL TO DO: These boys are basically finished- just the odd wash and highlight[same old story..]

HIGHS AND LOWS: pleased to get them done- they look ok- lows where not thinking I'd get them done and realizing that the ones i had spent ages on looked the same as the ones I'd rushed....





phew! Right I'll try and comment on everyones later. Needless to say well done everyone and go team dwarfs!!

10-09-2008, 11:08
@silverstu: They look fantastic, I can see why you might have been a little delayed. This army will look fantastic as a whole with this colour scheme. What have you got planned next?

10-09-2008, 11:29
@ Fenix: First attempts on NMM? Keep it going, the results look awesome. I really like what I see. My only point of criticism would be to shade the blue more, it looks a bit "flat" at the moment, especially on the shields.

@ silverstu: Well done that. The contrasting colours come out quite well, and the whole schme just screams "death and despair" to me. Very full of character. Thumbs up!

10-09-2008, 13:28
Very nice work everyone!
Lovin' it so far, good luck to all in the coming month!
@ Lord Dan : It's actually a mix of undead and chaos bitz, and green stuff ;)

10-09-2008, 14:17
I am going to use month 1 of my Bret painting towards Louen Leoncoeur (as he is 700 + points - almost 4 months worth of painting!!!!)

10-09-2008, 14:22
@ Blagrot Squigbreff: Yep, all of my characters are getting their names in Reikspiel in front, Khazalid on their left side, and The Dark Tongue on their right side. :)

@Everybody else: Extremely much good stuff! I never expected this to turn out so darn good! :) Sorry that I can't give each and every one a comment, will try that later. My excuse is as follows: I discovered now the reason for my house stinking like ****, and that is because the sewer pipe has busted open and flooded my ENTIRE basement. YIPPIE.

10-09-2008, 14:24
As usual, real life drags you down and kicks you in the teeth, so I have been a little short on time and have only got about 3/4 of the comments done for my fellow TOFP painters. If I've missed you in this section, rest assured I'll be giving feedback for you all later on when I post again.

The standard of work throughout this experience is absolutely amazing, and I think that everybody should be extremely proud of what they've achieved in their first month - WELL DONE EVERYBODY!

Anyhoo - on with my tuppence worth. As you all may well know, I'm a total newb at this hobby, and I must admit I've felt a little weird trying to comment on others work, but I'll do my best, so here goes....

@Harry: I love your work all round - it's very inspirational and after reading your plog, shows that ANY army is in a hobbyists' reach if we only put the dedication into making it so!

@derv: Georgeous looking DE's - I'm especially loving the scenic background for your images - a really nice finishing touch.

@Ego Ninja: IMO the blue really makes this unit - will the whole army have the same colour scheme? I think when the whole army is done, it will make an intimidating foe to face on the field!

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Loving the leopard print on the standard - pity the second image is blurry - would love to see the detail you've put onto this guy

@Braad: Beautifully bright and colourful piece with some great detailing throughout - looking forward to seeing more!

@Catferret: Great effect with the snow, it looks like winter is at an end and the snow is melting.

@Arhalien: Great detail on the chaos warriors - loving the glow around the eyes / faces of the warriors, and the standard looks great - very effective colour scheme.

@Kaine: Great detailing idea having the 'accessories' next to the canon - looks like it's immediately ready to be loaded and battled! Great Dwarfy colours, too - looking forward to seeing more!

@Leonathion: Beautifully bright colours and exceptionally well painted lizzies - very inspiring stuff!

@JimJim: Wonderful bright colouring with great detail - cant wait to see more in the coming months.

@MutantMaggot: Pity that some of your images are blurry - would love to see the flame effect youve managed to get on the first figure, as it looks like it's pretty darn effective!

@Arduhn: (EMPIRE) Great colours, nice and vivid - personally, the only thing I'd have done differently is to have the horses tail and fetlocks slightly darker (greys?) as a contrast - thats just me, I'm no expert!

@Lord Dan: That standard is amazing! I want one! Is it freehand? Every piece is looking absolutely fantastic.

@Arduhn: (DE) Nice deatiling on the cloak - very effective. Eyecatching colours and great painting.

@Spikedog: Awesome minotaurs! How did you get the deatiling on the horns? Mine just turn out one big blob of mucky colour no matter what I try....(must learn to blend... lol)

@Reik: Great layout and bases - very effective in the way it adjusts the visual 'topline' of the unit. Figures are poised and ready to move - looks astounding!

@Arduhn: (VC) Great colours, all round a well presented piece - nice once! Again, I think a little more contrast in colours on the horse would really make this stand out.

@saltpappa: Wonderful colours - a visually striking unit - cant wait to see more!

@Tizz: Beautiful detailing on those cloaks, and the alternative skin colouring looks just great - almost tempted to paint some DE's myself! BTW - how did you line the magnetic bases?

@Cerion: A fantastic piece - nice complementing colours and a very effective conversion makes a stunningly unique piece.

@huinipachutli: Awesome beastie! The colours go so well on this - with your great attention to detail, this is one scarey steg!

@EmperorNorton: (WE) I love the harmonizing colours you've done on the Treeman - looks very 'woody' and natural.

@EmperorNorton: (VC) Wonderful effects achieved from what sounds to be a fairly simple paint scheme (I must try it) - looking fabulous!

@Redd: As a fellow newbie - If I can get that effect on my Dryads when the time comes to paint them, I'll be more than happy! Both units are looking fab - can't wait to see more of your work soon.

@Zujara: Loving the 'oldskool' painting and basing - I think it really brings out the character in these lil' guys! Looking great!

@Magos Explorator: (HE) Beautiful character - the skin looks flawless, and theres some great attention to detail too. Nice one!

@fluffystuff: Superb unit! The red really compliments the bone, and your detailing is awesome - looking forward to more!

@Magos Explorator: (SKAVEN) Adore the idea on the bases of the mud effects - and the mud splatters on base edge of the Greyseer's robes - very ratty and 'underworld'

@andymeechan: I'll be blatantly pinching your recipe for painting flesh!! Wonderful units that are full of character - I adore the older sculpts of all races, as IMO they always look like they have far more personality.

@Lionofthebegs: Nice bright colours - that parrot is sooooooo cute! Look forward to seeing these again when you've finished everything you want to do on them.

@BigJon: Painting Ogres scares the heck out of me with all of the flesh - you've pulled it off really well, though, and the 'blechers are looking great - be nice to see a few more pics if you can do it?

@Sharke: YARRR! What a wonderful pirate! Is that a shark's jaw on his back? The red coat is very piratey, and the highlights work really well - looking forward to seeing his crew!

@Geep: WOW! Wonderful banner! (And thats simplified? Eek!) Awesome painting throughout - a very inspirational unit to see.

@Papa Dan: Simply astounding painting! Love the leaves on some of the bases - did you make them yourself? The units' standard is an amazing piece of work, and your use of colours and blending is an inspiration to me.

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: I just love the greenskins! the red and gold look great next to the greens of the skintones - looking forward to seeing that wyvern!

@Nephilim Of Sin: The skull-paint faces on these guys is a spark of genius - and looks incredibly effective. A wonderful looking unit all round - I'm really eager to see the other additions to your army.

@Krzyek: The facial hair looks great, and the unit looks really well presented - I certainly would like to bump into these guys!

@GalenArtorius: Great colour schemes and lovely detailed work - nice one!

@Death Korp: WOW! Awesome purples on your Chaos Warriors - makes them a very eyecatching and unique unit - eager to see more in the coming months!

@sideorder_of_chips: Loving the brightness of this bulls unit. The dark skin is a really good contrast to the brightness of the weapons and armour - and there's a great new fluff theme to boot!

@nagged: Fantastic idea on the Bret/Chaos army - your painting is crisp and bright, and detailing looks fab.

@Mooncow: The turquise and white compliment each other very well, and the gold finishes the unit nicely. Looking good!

@Chicken Pig: Great idea blending the WE steeds with the DE riders - it works really well. Your chosen colours make these very eyecatching units - nice job!

@Bluesabre: Very effective use of colour - great highlights (I must learn to do highlights from now on, it makes all the difference, doesn't it..!). The figures look fantastic, and I'm eager to see more in the following months.

@kris.sherriff: Nicely painted fig - I'll bet all of the straps n' buckles took a bit of painting?! Effective colouring for the skintones - looking great!

@Ludwig von Rictoven: I am sooo in love with your ideas for this army, and I've been hankering after seeing them properly since reading your posts in the old tread. The images show that the first lot are looking absolutely wonderful - thanks for being such an inspiration to a newb painter!

@Zilgorn_Zeypher: Must be honest, I cant' really see much as theres only one image showing on my screen, but from what I can see you've got a nice combination of colours going - would like to see more of this figure

@Zark: the Damned Another wonderful old sculpt / fig brought to life with some excellent painting - you've given this giant a new lease of life - looking absolutley wonderful!

@rkunisch: I adore the classic TK colour scheme - the turquoise and bone just scream to be used together! You've done a wonderful job on these guys - looking forward to seeing more!

@SuavelyDunn: (TK) Awesome looking skellies - nice to see slightly different colours than the GW range in use. That scorpion is one scarey beastie - exceptionally well painted throughout - nice one!

@Niibl: I'm amazed - this is a truely inspirational piece of work which looks absolutely brilliant. My newb comments couldn't do this justice - it's just amazing.

@SuavelyDunn: (VC) /me thinks you're addicted to skellies lol Another great looking and well-painted bunch - loving the black and red contrasts on the shields and banner. Great work!

@Ebodine: Love the blue and green contrast on this fig - well painted and some great attention to detail - looking forward to seeing more!

@txamil: These guys look stunning - the Khemri theme looks great, and the colours just bring the minobeasts to life - great job!

@ampao: Beautifully painted pieces - that hydra looks so realistic it's scarey! Can't wait to see more of yoru work.

@Alathir: The red is an excellent change from the standard blues and whites of High Elves - love the nice contrast with the complimenting gold too. The units look super side by side.

@75hastings69: Beautifully painted Varghulf - your colours are subtle and it all blends together really nicely. Nice one!

@fbi_boy: Awesome skellies - another nice use of red to compliment all of the bone you get with these units - can't wait to see your graveguard!

@Filie: Angry goats! Cool! Love the detail on the chariot and your chosen colour schemes. Totally agree with your sig BTW lol

@sainthale1988: Lots of blood. Lots. Very effective finish with the blood - it's the first thing that leaps out at you! Everything is looking great so far!

@Dino: Woot! Chaos Dwarves! If I had the bottle to try some sculpting / conversion work, I'd have joined you with these guys - they rock! Looking fab all round - colours are great and the bases look really effective.

@Firestorm Falcon: Great idea with the vampiric elves - it's working really well with your colour scheme - eager to see more, as I think theres endless possibilities you can pull together for this army with the fluff you've created!

@someone2040: VERY nice looking unit - the vibrant greens you've got are just amazing, and compliment both the lighter tones of yellows for the clothing and the natural colours of the horses. Excellent work!

@FatOlaf: Loving the scales on these guys! Also like your idea for the age of the lizzie - the older it is, the darker the skintones. Both sets of colours look great next to each other.

@Xariu:s I look forward to seeing more images when you get yoru camera sorted - looks good with some solid colours so far.

@Danny76: Love the muted metallics on these knights - it looks most effective! Nice one!

@Digital~Punk: YAY! More Dwarves! Fab base on the slayer - it really makes him stand out (errr... is that a heart tattoo on his bum?!?) Loving the bright colours for the dwarves, too! How are you finding painting the BfSP Dwarves? Great work!

@StormCrow: I adore the purple - a nice change from the classic TK turquiose, and a very effective change at that! Gorgeous gold/copper-tones for the metallics makes this unit really stand out.

@Blagrot Squigbreff: Such a shame I can't really make out the images - from what I can see the units look really great, but I'd love to see some clearer piccies so I can see the detail you've put into these.

@Knighta: Looking absolutely great! I adore the brightness of the Squigs colours - very eyecatching and a great contrast to the gobbos green skin. Fab work!

@hippo2112: Cool looking figs! Nice colours throughout - are you going to do any more to the bases?

@Benevolent_wyrm: Sweet looking skellies you got there! The scheme of deep regal blue and silver sounds wonderful - looking forward to seeing more!

@Doi: I love the lighter coloured wolves - almost like arctic wolves to match the snowy bases. Bet the gobbos have frostbite on their toes lol. Love the whole scheme you've got going there.

@Prince Sairion: Red and orange high elves....... awesome! These guys look simply amazing - and the colours are so bright and vivid, they're real eyecatchers. A brave colour scheme that really works - nice one!

Thats it for the first installment of comments - I'll set too and get on with everyone elses feedback now!

(PS My greatest thanks to everybody who has commented on my work so far - it really is appreciated and has helped my confidence no end, so this months units are coming along really well... sneak peek will follow as soon as I've finished comments. Thanks again folks - really do appreciate it.)

10-09-2008, 15:38
Great stuff everyone, and thanks for all the comments.:D

@Fenix Felder: Great looking dwarfs, and your NMM looks amazing!

@ silverstu: Wow, nice skellies very impressive

@ Wib: Thanks and yes it is a heart i just couldnt resist(I thought a MOM tattoo might be a bit much):D as for the Bfsb dwarfs they could use a bit more varity but they make good practice.

Well here we go month two time for some more WIP pics, I cant wait to see what everyones got in mind for this month.

This month ill be painting up a unit of miners and a cannon, ill dig in to some of the conversion work i have in mind nextmonth. Anyways heres what i got so far.

10-09-2008, 18:12
Thanks to everybody who has taken the time to comment on my stuff.
I'm more than a little concerned that a third of the month is already over and I haven't found the time to work on this month's submissions at all. (All the time I had was spent on Blood Bowl. See link in signature if so inclined.)
Seeing all this fine painting and all the encouraging comments is a great motivation, though, and I'll do my best to keep going.

And now it's my turn. I hope I didn't skip anybody.

@75hastings69: Great skin tone for the Varghulf, tough and leathery.

@Alathir: I can absolutely get behind your philosophy of the minis looking good on the table top as the most important thing and you achieve that wonderfully.

@Almindale: Your Glade Guard are very nice and will make me feel ashamed when I have to reveal that mine just stand on boring, flat bases.

@ampao: The Hydra is perfect.

@andymeechan: The old Dark Elf Warriors look so much better than the plastic ones IMO. Great freehands on the shields. Thereís a small grey spot on the left leg of the RBT you might want to correct.

@Arduhn: - Flamboyant indeed. The peacock feathers left me speechless. Great idea!
- Lokhir looks good. Have to remember the purple ink, gives the gold an interesting touch.
- Iím all for using Damsels in a VC army. Morgiana will make an appearance in mine and I can only hope Iíll make her look anywhere near as good as you did with this sorceress.

@Arhalien: Perfect. I donít know what else to say.

@Benevolent_wyrm: The unit looks great. Iíd like to see a closeup of one of the Skellies to see the details, especially of your recipe for painting bone.

@BigJon: Very nice skin colour.

@Blagrot Squigbreff: Interesting choice of colour and I wish I could see more of it.

@BlueSabre: Very nice colours and great highlights on the black.

@boosterburn: The skin of those Ogres is fantastic. I usually donít like the minis very much but you make them look wonderful.

@Braad: Very good use of the AoW Goblin King. I love the horns on the chariot and the banner.

@CactusCheff: I think your alterations bring the different minis together perfectly and the painting is superb. The way you described your painting it sounds rather simple and Iím stunned by the outcome.

@Catferret: All that silver makes them look cold and ruthless, which is emphasized by the snow. They chill you to the bone, just like Dark Elves should.

@Cerion: Effective conversion, makes him look like a fighting machine. The red/white motif gives him character and Iím looking forward to seeing it in a whole army.

@Chicken Pig: The conversions are great, as is the painting. I donít think you see turqoise
often as the main colour of an army.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Regrettably the pictures make it hard to see the details, but what I can discern looks good, especially the leopard texture.

@Danny76: As far as I can tell the knights are looking good., but details are hard to make out in the picture.

@Darnok: I like the poses and the colours of the clothes very much. The skin is a bit too green for my taste, though, but then I donít really know what colour a bloated corpse is (and, thinking about it, I donít want to look it up).

@Dead orc: - Very good looking Dwarfs, although the colours clash a bit.
- The autumn theme is awesome, very good mix of colours.
- Ogres following the yellow brick road? I like the skin tone very much and I might try to copy those bases.

@Death Korp: The scale armor and the standard top are great.

@derv: Superb Sorceress and Warriors, extremely neat, clean and great highlighting. The only thing Iíd change is the musicianís instrument, which seems to have no way for the air to escape.

@Digital Punk: You make the BfSP warriors look really great, especially the red of their sleeves and the banner top caught my eye.

@Dino: Very cool conversions.

@Doi: Very cool Wolf Riders, I especially like the conversions of two gobbos on one wolf. The snow on the bases is a bit overwhelming for me, though, and I think a couple more stones or a bit of grass breaching the surface of the snow would not hinder, but rather enhance the snow theme.

@Ebodine: The cape looks very nice, as does the blood on the axes.

@Ego Ninja: The bright blue draws attention to them and the armor makes them look menacing. Works very well.

@FatOlaf: Normally stuff glued to the sides of the bases is a pet peeve of mine, but it works well for your Lizardmen. Itís a jungle out there and those bases show it. I also like the skin colour of the skinks very much.

@fbi_boy: Reading your recipe for the bone colour Iím surprised it came out so light. Looks very good, though.

@Fenix Felder: Your Dwarfs look better than I thought those minis could. I love that tone of blue and I canít wrap my head around the fact that you are doing NMM for the whole army.

@Filie: Looking very good, I only wish we could get a closer look of the beastmen.

@Firestorm Falcon: Looking very nice, I only would have expected a vampire elf to be paler.

@fluffystuff: Iíll probably steal your recipe for my own skellies, although I have little hope that mine could turn out so well.

@Frgt/10: I have to disagree with you in that I absolutely donít think they look rubbish. In fact they look very good considering you used very quick and easy techniques.

@GalenArtorius: Very nice how you made the units look distinct while keeping a unified army look.

@Geep: Fantastic banner!

@Harry: - The Kroxigors are fantastic. The green skin isnít as light as I first thought it would be and it works really well with the plants on the bases. The best thing about the bases are the stone plates.
- The Wolves are great. Iím just a little irritated that the riders seem to make their caps out of wolves as well.
- Itís astounding that you can make those old one pose Chaos Warriors look as good as they do. Iím particularly intrigued by the shields.
- Could you maybe take a picture of one of the Disciples alone? I donít know the minis. The bases are sickeningly well done and Iíll have to remember getting some lentils if I ever want to do bases like that.

@hippo2112: The Night Goblins look good, but adding a brighter green highlight could make them look even better.

@huinipachutli: Is that just a weird trick of the light or is your Stegadon indeed shooting beams from its eyes? Very nice skin and scales.

@Jimjim: The conversion is wonderful. The mask makes me smile while the model overall still looks menacing. Perfect combination for Orcs & Goblins.

@Kaine: Usually I favour bright colours, but I like the darker, more realistic look you have chosen.

@Kraal_Lord_Of_Blood: The minis fit very well into a VC army. I always liked that Chaos Sorcerer and never had a reason to get one. Now that may have changed.

@kris.sherriff: Good choice of model, great paintjob.

@Knighta: Hooray for bright and colourful squigs! The best way to paint squigs as far as Iím concerned.

@Krzyek: I like the mix of the new and old flagellants, it furthers their raggedy look.

@Leonation: The aggressive feeling you were going for improves the minis drastically. They look like they are storming into the fight. The banner is fantastic.

@LionoftheBegs: Iím very interested to see a whole army made from Reaper models, especially if you are going to paint them all individually.

@Lord Dan: Great stuff. The armor on the Cold One looks ace, as does the banner.

@Luwig von Rictoven: Very cool theme and good choice of miniatures and colours. Iím curious to see what other minis you have picked out for your theme.

@Magos Explorator: - The combination of blue and purple works very well.
- Love the Grey Seer, threatening and kinda filthy.

@Math Mathonwy: Iím not a fan of that mini, but you make it look good. The face of the Herald is fantastic.

@Mooncow: Lovely eagle. The white of the robes looks excellent.

@MutantMaggot: I prefer Varghaur over Centgulf. Either way, I love the conversion.

@nagged: Very good execution of an interesting theme. Iím curious to find out what other units you have planned.

@nathonicus: You just gotta respect a unit you could break windows with. The Temple Guard look very good and Iím looking forward to seeing more of the Slann.

@Nephilim of Sin: Interesting idea with the war paint, makes them unique.

@Niibl: The cannon, the striped shirt, the short guy with the cannon ball...itís all just perfect.

@Papa Dan: Absolutely fantastic, the sword on the general is very cool. Do you have a plog? Iíd love to see more pictures.

@Prince Sairion: As I already said, I love your colour scheme. The archers look fantastic.

@Redd: More than good enough, I think the Dryads are fantastic, especially the lighter/greyish ones.

@Reik: Your conversions are my favourite this month. The warrior leaning on his gigantic axe is just too cool.

@rkunisch: I especially like the way youíve done the metal parts. Makes them look more ancient.

@sainthale1988: The ghouls are fantastically direful.

@Saulot: The water on the bases is very good. And I like how the colour of the scales ties them all together while the skin colour makes them distinct.

@saltpappa: Seems I have to rething my opinion of these minis. I didnít like them on the picture in the catalogue, but you make them look fantastic.

@Scott: I like your Fellheart a lot better than the one in the army book.

@Sharke: The coat looks extremely good. I donít understand why you chose blue for the skin, though.

@sideorder_of_chips: I was sceptical about the colour scheme at first, but your Ogres turned out great. This will be a great and unique army.

@silverstu: The light blue is simply stunning and it works so well with the snow on the bases. Fantastic.

@someone2040: Great hat and good work on fitting the capes, too. The bright green clashes a bit with my idea of a witch hunter, but it will certainly look good on your army.

@spikedog: Simply fantastic. The bases are especially wonderful.

@StormCrow: The combination of purple and bronze gives the Tomb Guard a regal look I like a lot.

@SuavelyDunn: Iíll have to try out Army Painter, your superb scorpion has convinced me. I also totally love the banner of your VC skellies.

@Tizz: The scales are stunning. The blue skin will take some getting used to, though.

@txamil: Very nice models for your theme. How did you paint the metal? It looks good, but very unusual.

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Your Wolfriders make me think about replacing the heads on mine with Night Goblin heads. I like the scab red/bleached bone colour scheme, too. Will you be keeping that although the Wolfriders arenít really a part of the army youíre doing for the Tale?

@Wib: I donít know how many years were between the releases of those Dwarfs, but you make them look good together.

@Zark the Damned: I love that giant (wish I had one). Very good job on the nose.

@Zilgorn_Zeypher: From what I can make out you are having a good start and Iím looking forward to seeing more of your dragon.

@Zujara: Looking good and Iím sure they look even better in person (the pictures seem a bit grainy).

10-09-2008, 18:49
FatOlaf- Those salamanders are stunning, both for the vibrant blues and the contrasting scales. I love the eyes on the skinks, and that they have such a nice neutral color to them.

Thanks Fella, the contrast was what I was hoping for, wait till you see my Terries!

@Fatolaf: Awesome work, the salamanders and the skink handlers look awesome! I love the last photo, the salamander is totally eyeing off his handler.

Wish I could say that was intentional, but it certainly worked out alright in the pose department...

@FatOlaf: Loving the scales on these guys! Also like your idea for the age of the lizzie - the older it is, the darker the skintones. Both sets of colours look great next to each other.

Thankyou, Was trying to try something new in the theme of the army, hoping it works out in the end...

@FatOlaf: Normally stuff glued to the sides of the bases is a pet peeve of mine, but it works well for your Lizardmen. It’s a jungle out there and those bases show it. I also like the skin colour of the skinks very much.

Again thankyou, I think it works for the army, wanted to give them a real jungle theme, other units will have more old temple stuff, others will have wee beasties (got to put those defunct swarms to some use), so the overall effect will be very greeeen!

@ silverstu - Love the snow skellies mate, great job, keep it up... when you going to do some Zombieeees?

I have only 6 days off before my GT, so it's going to be tough getting my VC army finished in time and to do my Sep TOP entry but I am hoping that one Hero will be do-able!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
10-09-2008, 19:00
@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Your Wolfriders make me think about replacing the heads on mine with Night Goblin heads. I like the scab red/bleached bone colour scheme, too. Will you be keeping that although the Wolfriders arenít really a part of the army youíre doing for the Tale?

Yeah I will keep that color scheme on my common goblins, my night goblins ar another color, so don't worry I keep the color scheme in my army. And I need more wolfriders in that army so that scheme will stay.


10-09-2008, 21:46
Hi all,
after all these positive comments on my Bess I think ow you my comments
as well.
Well, don't mind if I write somewhat erratic as I have just glued up lots of pirate handgunners for the next month.:D

The VIP first (thanks for organising all this)
@Harry: Your Kroxigors and wolfriders are brilliant.
The choice of models and paintjob is ace, allthough you might enhance the Kroxigors by intensifying the contrasts a little bit more.
A little more highlighting might suffice.
Well, the models you took for the Khorne army are some of the worst possible choices. The base design is very simple but still very effective.
I am not sure if I like it but it fits the plain designed warrior models.
Then there are the desciples of the red green redemption...
I love the models (I know I have them too...somewhere:o) and what you made out of them.
The bases need some more attention though.
The bubble idea is good but they still look like lentils glued to a varnished surface.
I recommend some experiments with model water, epoxid glue or window colour.

@derv: Nice sorceress. To put Dark Elves on winter bases is great idea as it really brings out the puple of the uniforms.
Please try to drill the trumpet up though, at least paint it darker in the middle.
Ist the champion's blade really that bloody or is it just the picure?
Although it helps separating the champion from the mob, I think it is a little bit over the top.

@Ego Ninja: Nice brutal looking warriors.
Is the champion meant to rank up with a unit?
In that case, does he fit or do you make special models to stand on his sides when in a unit?
I ask because I will have that problem with my captain and have not decided on a solution yet.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: I love the jaguar shield as it reminds me of the good old days. Do you know that GW once had Slann Jaguar warriors?
Well, these were completely clad in fur but thats nit picking.

@Wib: Everyone who uses classic marauder dwarfs is a friend.
Someone who paints them that well and blends them so nicely with the new plastics has my fullest respect.

@Braad: Now that one is fat! I think I have to visit the AoW-page again to do some shopping. The static grass looks a little bit synthetic though.
Its not my taste and I would use something darker and less thoroughly.
A sanded area with some grass patches.
Still a truly great model.

@Catferret: Once again, I love Dark Elves in the snow.
The darker shade of purple makes them look more serious and deadly than derv's but I like both variants.

@Arhalien: Again a winter theme-with a cool idea and a very good paint job.
Try to keep all other colours towards black so that the only real colour comes from the eyes.
The blue coats are ok as they are on the back but as you can see on the shield next to banner, too much blue and the effect of the eyes is spoiled a little bit.

@Kaine: Well, I have a dwarf army with the same choice of colours in the works myself. I like it.

@Leonation: Lost for words. Perfect up to the detail of slit pupils!
I should say something about the plain bases but these bring out the colours so wonderfully that I shut up about it.

@Jimjim: Nice conversion. Best parts of two Orc models mixed up.
I wouldn't have expected them to fit so well.

@MutantMaggot: What ever you call it, it is a nice conversion.
The Vampire has blue and red flames on him?-the pic is a little bit blurry.

@Arduhn: Impressive Elector Count-You made the right decision on the colours.
The Dark Elf is good, but I don't like the coulour of the base rim.
IMHO the green does not go well with the winter theme but maybe it is only the lighing.
The vampiress...I think it is a classic choice of model and the best choice possible. Don't worry about the paint job. As long as it fits the rest of the army it is ok.

@spikedog: The minos are nice models, especially when painted that well.
In my 4000pts army I field 24 of them.

So what do you think??
Very chaotic with an XXL version of an old Chaos Dwarf model :D
An interesting variant to other, more static looking chaos units.
Try not to run out of conversion ideas.

@saltpappa: What shall I say-Marauder Dwarfs, very well painted.
No way that I don't like them very much.

@Tizz: Interesting choice of colours.
I like it, even the old school smurf elves-I prefere them a little more pallid though.
So, you didn't you use any metal colours on the scales? and have you thought about putting snow on the bases?

---sleepy time---

to be continued

Zark the Damned
10-09-2008, 23:51
OK, It's commenting time! I promised myself I would try to be mor constructive this time, rather than lurking and posting the odd picture, then getting whiny and emo about missing a deadline!

Apologies if I have missed anyone or gotten an army wrong - it's a big thread you know!

Harry - Lizardmen - Another sterling job - the bright greens look great and well suited to sneaky jungle camouflage.

Harry - Goblin Wolf Riders - looking good, great fur colouration on the puppies

Harry - Khorne Warriors - Looking good too - are those Battlemasters Chaos Warriors per chance? If so I think I have a bunch spare you can have, and knights, if you want to PM me to arrange.

Harry - Nurgle Cultists - Dunno about these guys... they're well painted, but the unit seems to lend together into a big green mass. I think it's the lack of contrasting details to outline individual models...

derv - Dark Elves - Great looking units, I really dig the extreme highlight on the Sorceress

Ego Ninja - Chaos Mortals - Nice warriors, the blue works really well!

Colonel Haizelhoff - Lizardmen - looks decent enough from what I can tell, but you need to adjust the levels on your pics so we can see it more clearly.

Wib - Dwarfs - Great painting on classic models! The dark scheme works really well.

Braad - Goblins - A great take on an old classic character, the AOW guy is a good Grom stand in.

Catferret - Dark Elves - Neat looking painting but I think they could to with another contrasting colour.

Arhalien - Chaos Mortals - Fantastic warriors, the glowing eyes work brilliantly.

Kaine - Dwarfs - Neat paint job, another dark scheme that works well for the underground blighters.

Leonathion - Lizardmen - Great take on a classic scheme. I dig the banner, it's really well done!

Jimjim - Orcs - Interesting take on a classic boss model, the contrasting feathers are a great touch.

MutantMaggot - Vampire Counts - Great conversion work especially on the Centaur.

Ardunn - Empire - I like the combination of the horse and classic Elector Count - great to see another Averlander too!

Lord Dan - Dark Elves - The freehand on the banner is well executed, andthe purple and green combination is effective. The gold on the champion rocks too.

Arduhn - Dark Elves - Painting looks neat, but hard to comment as the picture is very yellow.

Spikedog - Beasts of Chaos - Great looking Minotaurs, but I think your pictures need to be brighter to show off the highlights better.

Reik - Chaos Morals - The painting is well executed on the finished guys, but I personally dislike the unit composition. More Chaos Undecided than Undivided - I don't think followers of different gods would mix in the same unit.

Arduhn - Vampire Counts - Again painting looks neat, but the yellow picture distracts. I like the conversion though, it works well.

Saltpappa - Dwarves - Fantastic job on these guys, I really like the green colour scheme. Bonus kudos for using classic minis too!

Tizz - Dark Elves - I dig the blue skin idea, it is well executed on these guys. However I'm not entirely convinced on the bone & brown scale cloaks, they look unfinished.

Cerion - Orcs - Amazing work on this guy, the red/bone mask and shield is a great idea and executed flawlessly.

huinipachutli - Lizardmen - Decent work on he Stegadon, I especially like the weathering effect on the bronze shields.

EmperorNorton - Wood Elves - An excellent take on the darker side of Wood Elves, you've done a great job making him really sinister.

EmperorNorton - Vampire Counts - Well executed ghostly scheme.

Redd - Wood Elves - Decently executed, simple scheme. You could do with neatening up your base edging though, some of those GG are really patchy.

Zujara - Goblins - Great work on classic Goblin models. Could do with a wash on the Shaman' sword though to provide more definition.

Magos Explorator - High Elves - Very neat work on a classic Mage, I especially like the dark copper on the sword hilt.

fluffystuff - Vampire Counts - Fantastic work on those Skellies, the bone and red work really well together.

Magos Explorator - Skaven - Great work making them dark and sinister - the blades look really toxic with that green too.

andymeechan - Dark Elves - A good take on an unusual colour scheme - althouh maybe they look a bit like Christmas Elves :O

BigJon - Ogre Kingdoms - The skin is well executed and the bronze cannons are excellent, however I think you could benefit with lighting them more from the front for the next pics as the shadows are obscuring the details.

Sharke - Zombie Pirates - Great work on the jacket, the red works well. However, the skin looks like it's been left black in those photos, hard to tell if it's the painting or lighting causing that.

Geep - Orcs - Decent paint job, nice weathering on the armour and the freehand banner is a nice touch.

Papa Dan - Empire - Fantastic work - great scheme and neat painting, I especially like the blue flame sword.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull - Goblins - Interesting conversion work and colour scheme, and a well executed paint job.

Nephilim of Sin - Orcs - Great work, although the lighting makes them look really pasty in the first pic (rather than it just being war paint)

Krzyek - Empire - Good paint work, though I personally dislike the variety of colours in the unit. Would look more cohesive if they all wore the same colour.

GalenArtorius - Empire - Great work on these guys, although I would be worried about the overall look of the army if every unit is in different colours.

Death Korp - Chaos Mortals - Very bright warriors there - the purple and gold work well together and will certainly draw attention.

sideorder_of_chips - Ogre Kingdoms - Great looking Ogres, the black skin and bright oranges make a stunning combination. The bases could do with more highlighting though.

nagged - Brettonians - An unusual attempt to mix two very different forces, and I'm not entirely convinced it works. Still, the painting is neat and the models look decent as a unit.

Mooncow - High Elves - Well executed scheme, I like the choice of Turquoise instead of regular 'Enchanted' blue.

Chicken Pic - Dark Elves - Heh, these guys would fit right into Mooncow's High Elves. Well executed scheme, although perhaps needs more shading on the helmets.

Bluesabre - Dark Elves - Very nice scheme, and well executed painting.

kris.sherriff - Dark Elves - A very unique take on the army, and an interesting choice of sorceress. Will have to see what the overall army looks like.

Rictoven - Undead - Another unique twist on an army, these guys look great. The Terracotta and glowing eyes are well executed - can't wait to see more.

Zilgorn_Zeypher - High Elves - Hard to tell from the picture, but the dragon looks unfinished to me. Could do with more levels of highlight/shade and neatening up on the wings.

rkunisch - Tomb Kings - Well executed, classic scheme.

SuavelyDunn - Tomb Kings - Decent start to them, but could do with another highlight where the ink has pooled on flat areas - especially evident on their skulls.

Niibl - Zombie Pirates - Great conversion work and painting, although the pictures are too dark to make out all the details.

SuavelyDunn - Vampire Counts - As above, the bone could do with another highlight, although the freehand on the shields and banner is very neat and well executed.

Ebodine - Chaos Mortals - Generally good, although needs an ink wash on the metal areas. Good work on the cloak. Interesting idea on the conversion.

txamil - Beastmen - Interesting use of Rackham minis for a unique look - painting is generally good though could to with more definition between areas.

ampao - Dark Elves - Excellent work on the Hydra, looks truly monsterous.

ampao - Empire - Decent start on the War Altar, although the lighting on the pic seems a bit dark.

Alathir - High Elves - Certainly an unusual scheme for High Elves, and should look good on the tabletop.

75hastings69 - Vampire Counts - Great work on the Varghulf, very sinister.

fbi_boy - Vampire Counts - Another great skeleton unit, very well painted. The Vampire Count is well painted also.

Filie - Beastmen - Looks to be a good start, though the pics are a bit small to make out the details.

sainthale1988 - Vampire Counts - Great work on the Ghouls, they look truly filthy and beastly. Painting on Konrad looks decent too, though I hate the model itself.

Dino - Chaos Dwarfs - Fantastic conversion work and painting, these guys are going to look great as an army.

Firestorm Falcon - Vampire Counts - Afraid this guy just looks unfinished to me. Too many black areas for my tastes.

someone2040 - Empire - Decent looking unit, the green and brown work well together.

FatOlaf - Lizardmen - Very well executed paint scheme, very natural looking skinks (as natural as a 4' tall humanoid lizard can be anyway)

Danny76 - Empire - From what I can tell the models look good, but the blurriness doesn't help.

Digital~Punk - Dwarfs - Another great twist on the old stunties, I like the almost cartoony shading and the slayer's warpaint is a nice touch.

StormCrow - Tomb Kings - The archers would benefit from another highlight, but the Tomb Guard are looking great. Well executed royal purple on them.

Blagrot Squigbreff - Daemons - Can't comment on the details as the picture is too blurry, but the colour choice works well for me.

Knighta - Goblins - Looking good, I like the rainbow Squigs! Could do with more work on the banner though.

hippo2112 - Goblins - Decently executed so far, but could do with a wash on the metals and redoing the yellow to get rid of the blotchyness.

Benevolent_wyrm - Vampire Counts - Painting looks neat, though the yellow pictures have killed the colour - the banner and shields look black to me.

Doi - Goblins - Great Wolfriders, th snow bases are effective and the red is an excellent contrast to the Grey fur.

Prince Sairion - High Elves - An unusual scheme that is well executed - will be a formidable presence on the battlefield!

Frgt/10 - Vampire Counts - Well painted units, although could do with more highlighting on the black weapons and banner.

Darnok - Zombie Pirates - Excellent zombie unit, it's been a while since I last saw a bright green zombie horde! The Zombogre makes an excellent unit filler too.

Math Mathonwy - Daemons - Neat paint scheme, I like the dark bronze on the Jugger.

Saulot - Lizardmen - Clean, well executed paint scheme.

Kraal_Lord_Of_Blood - Vampire Counts - I like the conversion work on these guys, and the stark contrast on the 'Barbarian' is a nice touch.

Dead orc - Dwarfs - Another well executed green colour scheme.

Dead Orc - Wood Elves - I like the autumnal colour sceme, generally well executed.

Dead Orc - Ogre Kingdoms - Great skintone on these guys, although the teeth still need picking out. Hope you repaint the bases, they look like they're invading a giant Beehive at the moment!

Boosterburn - Ogre Kingdoms - Very good skin tones, very brutal looking.

Scott - Dark Elves - Good looking caracters and crew in a very traditional colour scheme.

Almindale - Wood Elves - Great looking unit, the mix of greens works very well.

CactusCheff - Daemons - Excellent work on these gals, the green hair is wonderfully executed and a fantastic contrast to the skin.

nathonicus - Lizardmen - Great looking unit, and I like the undead dinos supporting old toady :D

Fenix Felder - Dwarfs - Great work on these guys, the NMM is simply amazing!

silverstu - Vampire Counts - Fantastic work on the winter theme, them bones look really cold.

4. Dogs of War: 50%

Come on you slackers! Get painting! You're letting the side down! ;)

Ah well, progress on the Norse is good so far, but on delay until after Games Day. Hoefully I can get some shots off then. They're mostly done, though I may add some more models and some warpaint.

I may even get around to responding to some comments too! (but not now, it is getting late and I have work in the morning...)

11-09-2008, 00:18
Hey guys, I am still in for this month. I don't have a digi-cam, so I will try to borrow one as soon as I can, then there will be some pics up for me. For now I will tell you guys what my plan is for the next few months of painting.

August: A Night Goblin Shaman and a Night Goblin Hero, coming soon.

September: A big unit of Night Goblins with Spear, Command, Fanatics, and Netters.

October: Another big unit of Night Goblins with Spear, Command, Fanatics, and Netters.

After that I don't have it totally planned out, but it will be a Night Gobbo theme, with a few supporting units.

Lord Dan
11-09-2008, 01:03
Hey, and we're smoking the 40K thread by some 50 odd replies.

11-09-2008, 04:27
@Doi: very cool wolf riders, the bases look cool too. Good idea stealing the brettonian standard, it looks cool!

Thanks for the comment

@Doi: I love the lighter coloured wolves - almost like arctic wolves to match the snowy bases. Bet the gobbos have frostbite on their toes lol. Love the whole scheme you've got going there.

Yes, they do have frost bitten toes. Stupid gits thought of nicking a Brettonian banner but no socks :D

@Doi: Very cool Wolf Riders, I especially like the conversions of two gobbos on one wolf. The snow on the bases is a bit overwhelming for me, though, and I think a couple more stones or a bit of grass breaching the surface of the snow would not hinder, but rather enhance the snow theme.

Thanks for the comment. I thought of adding more rocks myself, but I wasn't sure if I'd end up with too much rocks. I'll add in a few more this month. I know how you feel about time too, I'm still in the middle of assembling things...

Doi - Goblins - Great Wolfriders, th snow bases are effective and the red is an excellent contrast to the Grey fur.

Thanks for the comment.

Hey, and we're smoking the 40K thread by some 50 odd replies.

The same happened last year too. And who says 40K is the most popular game system? :p

EDIT: Post 100 Wooooo! And most are in TOFP threads to


11-09-2008, 04:46
Thanks for the great comments everyone! I will post another long post soon for page 3 and all that, but I just wanted to say that I updated my pictures. I took them on a white background this time, as I had a complaint about the yellowy look created by the cardboard box and lighting, and some of the links seem to have broken. Now I have nice shiny new pictures up. Enjoy.

Papa Dan
11-09-2008, 05:53
@Papa Dan: Absolutely fantastic, the sword on the general is very cool. Do you have a plog? Iíd love to see more pictures.

First of all, thanks alot! No, dont have any plog Im affraid, Id love to create one but I am a lousy updater so I'll just stick with showing the final result each month. Although if ok with Harry I'll post att the very end of the post a teaser for the month to come.

11-09-2008, 06:52
Okay, I was able to swing by my buddy's house, Arduhn here on the forums, and borrow his camera to take some shots.

The first guy is from the collector's series, and I got him for my birthday back in March. He is a basic Night Goblin Hero, and I will also use him for my Pirate submission, cause he has a claw for a hand, so I figured he fits.

http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/6728/jamesagain001rw7.th.jpg (http://img204.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jamesagain001rw7.jpg)

http://img161.imageshack.us/img161/4002/jamesagain002xz5.th.jpg (http://img161.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jamesagain002xz5.jpg)

This guys is something I cooked up from the starter set bitz, and I will be using him as a shaman. His name is Snibbits!

http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/9000/jamesagain003oi2.th.jpg (http://img291.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jamesagain003oi2.jpg)

http://img161.imageshack.us/img161/336/jamesagain005fj3.th.jpg (http://img161.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jamesagain005fj3.jpg)

Edit: Sorry for the multiple posts, I guess my post was awaiting moderator approval and I didn't realise that before.

11-09-2008, 07:07
For some reason it won't let Genic post, so, since he is using my camera and laptop, I will post for him.

Okay, here we go again, I just posted a nice long post, and then it disappeared...anyway, here are my pics:

A Night Goblin Hero. He's from the collector series.

http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/700/jamesagain001mv5.th.jpg (http://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jamesagain001mv5.jpg)

http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/4651/jamesagain002nx0.th.jpg (http://img118.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jamesagain002nx0.jpg)

And my Shaman, Snibbits, made from bitz from the starter set.

http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/773/jamesagain003bx8.th.jpg (http://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jamesagain003bx8.jpg)

http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/6937/jamesagain005qr4.th.jpg (http://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jamesagain005qr4.jpg)

11-09-2008, 08:21
@ Silverstu - absolutely gorgeous looking skellies, if you keep that up for the whole army it'll look amazing

@ Digital~Punk - Dwarfs looking good so far

@ Arduhn - nice looking gobbos, i particularly like the Shaman

11-09-2008, 08:27
1 to 7 Painters
Zombie Pirates, Chaos Dwarfs, Beasts of Chaos, Dogs of War, Bretonnia, Skaven

8-15 Painters
Wood Elves, Empire, Lizardmen, Ogres, Dwarfs, Tomb Kings

16-24 Painters
Orcs & Goblins, Dark Elves, Vampire Counts, High Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Demons

Here are my extremely tongue-in-cheek alternative names:

1 to 7 Painters: Geeks (Dyed-in-the-wool hardcore gamers who love the background.)
8 to 15 Painters: Newbs (It's my second army, so I wanted something ... different.)
16 to 24 Painters: Kittens (Recent shiny new army book released! Mmm, shiny play-toy!)

I guess that makes me a Kitten with Newb pretentions that admires the Geeks...

Game Paint On!

11-09-2008, 08:47
@andymeechan: The old Dark Elf Warriors look so much better than the plastic ones IMO. Great freehands on the shields. Thereís a small grey spot on the left leg of the RBT you might want to correct.

Thanks for the comments and... I should be more careful when basing my models! Talking of which: does anyone have a 60mm circular base I could have? You can have multiples of almost any other kind of base in return! Was at Warhammer World yesterday and even they couldn't get me one :(

andymeechan - Dark Elves - A good take on an unusual colour scheme - althouh maybe they look a bit like Christmas Elves :O

[shakes fist & yells] "Daaamn yooouuu Zaaark!" (so that's why they call you Zark the Damned...)

Heh heh, at least I know what to get you for Christmas this year!

11-09-2008, 09:09
Well, I'm finally back with the second lot of comments for those that I missed yesterday (my apologies, but better late than never, eh?!)

@Frgt/10: Great work on those wolves - I think that a subtle re-position on the base may make them look as though their goblin riders havent just fallen
off and been left behind? As I've said I'm no expert, just suggesting what I would have done - great work though!

@Darnok: I'm soooo loving that cannon! Excellent work on every piece so far - and don't give yourself a hard time over your images, they're just fine!

@Math Mathonwy: There's nothing worse than getting fed up with a mini during / after building it, but you've produced one great fig there! Fantastic
detailing around the jugger - nice one!

@Saulot: Nice natural lizardy colour scheme with these guys - the swampy feel really does come through - wonderful detail you've got on the swarm & their base.

@Kraal_Lord_Of_Blood: Fantastic idea on the goth viking vamp theme - endless possibilities! Look forward to seeing them all with finished bases, but great work so far!

@Dead orc: (DWARVES) Loving the cute lil' guy in the last pic - what era/set does he hail from? Great painting throughout, with a nice mix of new and old
models... go Team Dwarves!

@Dead orc: (WE) I just love the seasonally themed WE armies - theres so much scope for colour combinations - and you've pulled this autumn one off in complete style! Great combination of complementing colours.

@Dead orc: (OK) Looking forward to seeing these guys finished - the sandstone road will look very effective.

@boosterburn: Everybody should have gnoblars! The trappers are my fave - and you've done an excellent job on them! They're so full of character, great job!

@Scott: Beautifully subtle combination of colours there - the turquoise really does offset the golds very well indeed. Look forward to seeing more!

@Almindale: Awesome idea with the 'thaw' - and an exceptionally well presented unit! And I for one would love to see in more detail how you've achieved the bases - do you have a plog?

@Dino: BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Those are some awesome looking CDs - you should be proud!

@CactusCheff: Wonderful looking daemonettes - the combination of green and purple is always a winner, and they're looking stunning!

@nathonicus: Awesome bases - very effective - makes you instantly think of a temple floor. Great painting on those temple guards.

@Fenix Felder: The blue is very striking and looks great on the Dwarves - and your NMM is looking fantastic (I had enough problems keeping the will to live
just painting BfSP dwarves with normal metallics rofl)

@silverstu: I love the really icy colour combinations, and your blending of these colours is wonderful. A unit so full of character and attitude - can't
wait to see more in the future!

@Arduhn / Genic: Wonderful detailing on those gobbos - I'm especially loving the shaman... nice bit of creativity there! Great work!

I think that's everybody.... lol

Congrats to EVERYBODY who has managed to get their first 200 (or so) points painted on time - I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished pieces of work for month two - go get em'!

11-09-2008, 09:22
Yes, I am impressed with Genic's shaman as well. I will let you guys know that it's his pet model right now, and although he rushed painting it a bit, I think he did a great job.

11-09-2008, 09:25
Thanks for the comments guys, hopefully it will let me post...Edit: yay!

11-09-2008, 10:45
Okay, time for page 3:

@LionoftheBegs - Which army will these ladies be for? I am curious to see how the army will look as a whole. Will you be using all reaper miniatures or a mix of several companies' minis?

@BigJon - I would like to see more pictures from other angles and such, but from what I can see they look pretty sweet.

@Sharke - Nice job on the Pirate. I like the flesh tones, looks like he drowned at sea, and the base looks cool, rotting wood of a zombie pirate ship. Nice evocative imagery, keep it up.

@Geep - Nice solid unit of black orcs. I like the dark armour and flesh tones. Well done on the banner, I can't do freehand to save my life.

@Papa Dan - I really like this colour scheme! The red and black works together so well, and a well done conversion and painting of the flaming sword. I am jealous of your freehand ability with that banner. Everything you have done has a very crisp, neat look to it. I will watch your army closely.

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull - Interesting and bold conversion, and well painted too. A nice looking wolf boy unit. The bases could use a bit of spicing up, but as it is they are alright.

@Nephilim of Sin - The orc boys look well done, but it's a bit hard to see them in these pictures. Picture quality aside, they look pretty good. I always like to see movement trays built specifically for a unit.

@Krzyek - A nice mix of old and new. The flagellants are well painted, and you even added a splash of colour in there, which is a nice change.

@GalenArtorius - another resplendant empire army. I like the colour choices, and you have painted them very well. Good for you taking the time to drill out the barrels, it adds so much to the overall look.

@Death Korp - very bold choice of colour. I can't say I like the purple, but I don't hate it either. It does look good on these older warriors, I have to admit. Colour choice aside, the painting itself is well done.

@sideorder_of_chips - that is unique! Very interesting colour scheme, and I think a whole army of these guys will look pretty fearsome on the battlefield.

@nagged - I always love counts-as armies that are well done, as yours is shaping up to be. The only thing that seems off to me is the bases. I think you overused the gravel, and at the least you should paint it. As ever, that's merely my opinion.

@Mooncow - A nice, simple colour scheme, it works. I have to say that they look much better once they are based.

@Chicken Pig - I like the use of the Wood Elf stuff, and I had the same idea of using the horses for Dark Riders. Mine are still a wip though. Good choice of colour scheme, well painted, and well based. Nice job!

@Bluesabre - another dark elf force that is shaping up nicely. The shades are well painted, and the assassin fits in nicely. I especially like the wood pattern.

@kris.sherriff - I really like the theme you have chosen, although I am not familiar with that particular book series. Your sculpting is very well done, and the paint job is not too shabby either. I am very excited to see more of this army!

@Ludwig von Rictoven - I like this army, it's unique. A nice simple paint job works well with your theme. This army will look impressive when it's all painted I think.

Okay, now I will just answer any comments I have recieved lately.

@Dino - Thanks, I missed this comment at first, because posts are piling up so fast, but I appreciate it.

@Almindale - Thanks, glad you like Herr Leitdorf, and don't worry, this month he will have a nice vanguard of cavalry to lead. Fellheart is cool, I love pirate models, and he has that vibe to him. Hehe, almost as bad as harry, I am only (haha, only?) doing three armies, not four. And I don't know if he's doing anything for 40k...maybe I should join the 40k log too, I have lots of takns, I could do a tank a month right? Anyway, thanks for the kind words, and I am glad you like my theme.

@Wib - good call, after reading that I looked at the horse tail and it could benefit from being a bit darker. Thanks for all the comments. The horse probably could be done better on the vampire model too, I will go back to her when I get some troops done up.

@EmporerNorton - I am glad you liked my peacock feathers, I wasn't sure if I had pulled them off, in fact I am still not sure. I saw a picture of Maximilian I in a book about Lansknechte that I bought in Germany, and I wanted to try out the peacock feathers since then. In fact, I will just scan that page really quickly...This is the first time I have actually used this scanner.

http://img396.imageshack.us/img396/8941/maxpp4.th.jpg (http://img396.imageshack.us/my.php?image=maxpp4.jpg)

I also just found this on google: http://www.mb-miniatures.com/images/2004_maerz/Maximillian%20I.jpg

Knowing a bit about the history of Landsknechte, and being able to read it in German helps me feel a greater connection with my Empire army.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments, I also had the idea to use the (old) morgiana model if I could get my hands on it.

@Nibl - Thanks for the vote of confidence on the elector count. As for the base rim colour, I wanted something dark, but not black, because to me that looks unfinished, same thing with white. I may make a change later, but I don't think it looks too bad. I actually am very pleased with how the vampire turned out, and she will be determining the colour scheme in some ways for the rest of the army.

@Zark the Damned - I have posted new pictures with a white background, and they look much better. Thanks for the comments.

Okay, all done, and it looks like Genic's post has made it through, hurray!

11-09-2008, 11:26
Thanks for all the kind words and advice. I will work on my photo taking skills
for the next go around and post more then one. I wish I could commit on everyone's
post but I only have one thing to say about them all "Good Job" I'm already
excited to see the next rounds post.


11-09-2008, 12:24
great job there i want to congratulate, all the people of this new version of tale of fantasy painters, i will keep an eyo on this thats for sure.

We have copy the tale of fantasy painters to a spanish version of it, we have been only working for 4 months, so i will link this thread, for us to get some ideas, there is a lot od ideas in this thread and will put a link to our version of the tale for you to take some ideas for us

0 month

1st month

2 month

3 month

4 month

sorry for my bad english

Its being a eon since the last time i wrote something in english

11-09-2008, 13:47
Just thought I'd respond to the great comments some of you have left for my first month's work

@Doi: Thanks for your kind words - I must admit, I was losing the will to carry on tackling the starter Dwarves, but they got there in the end - I'm
consoling myself by making ALL of this month's figs the classic metals

@Darnok: Thanks for the honorable mention, it's appreciated - you just can't beat the oldschool dwarves for character - obviously, I'm still very much
learning, but I hope I managed to do them a small justice....

@Jonahmaul: Thanks so much (my ego is well and truely stroked lol) Still lots to learn, but I'm enjoying this so much - and everybody's kind comments really do help to keep the drive to learn and evolve in my painting skills roaring along.

@derv: I originally wanted to paint the army in the classic 4th/5th (?) edition bright rainbow schemes that I still think looks kinda cool - however, I
thought for a first attempt that basic colours and flat coats was the way to go, so I decided to go with an almost 'natural' pallette of catachan green and
bleached bone. I'll be posting some sneak peeks very soon, so you'll not have long to wait to see more!

@Dino: Thanks for your support :)

@Digital~Punk: I just can't help but love the Dwarves! I'm pretty happy with the colour scheme, hopefully when the army is finished it will look nice and

@Alathir: *nods* it sure is my first ever! Thanks for the encouraging comments!

@Someone2040: Still lots to learn, but I feel I'm getting there (slowly but surely!) Looks like the colours are a hit with everybody so far!

@Harry: Thank you for your support - I'm still learning the skills of even basic painting, but I'm going to give your suggestions a go on the crew for the
stone thrower I'm currently working on - lots of bare Dwarfie flesh there! I've got a base coat of Tallarn Flesh, then I usually do a highlight of Dwarf
Flesh, and the lovely new Ogryn Flesh wash- I'll try with a highlight of Elf Flesh on top of this - do you think that would work ok while I'm still
learning? Advice is both needed and greatly appreciated!

@Arduhn: I need to sort out the settings on the camera, so apologies for the dark images. Will get it all sorted out for the next lot of piccies.

@Lord Dan: Thanks for your feedback on the first lot of Dwarves! I do adore the old sculpts, especially for the Dwarves... I'm not sure which edition they're from, they're c.1994(ish) if that helps?

@Almindale: Thanks for your encouraging words - as I've said earlier, sneak peek pics will be following soon - I hope you enjoy them!

@EmperorNorton: I'm so happy with the way the unit turned out combining the old with the new - the old metals are from around 1994 and the BFsP are 2007, so thats approx. 13 years (give or take a few - you never can tell with GW's release dates) difference!

@Niibl: Such a lovely inspiring and encouraging comment, and one that is truely appreciated - thank you so much!

@Zark the Damned: Thanks for your support and comments - appreciated!

@Saulot: I'm so glad I got back into the hobby after nearly 15 years away - so much has changed, but I'm slowly getting there! Now all I've gotta do is learn to play once I've got an army put together lol

Thanks again to everyone for your support!

11-09-2008, 13:56
Ok, this should be everyone...


Harry (Lizardmen): Great job on these guys! Loving the bases and the slight conversion work is rather brilliant!

Harry (Orcs and Goblins): Great to see those puppies again! They look properly menacing!

Harry (Khorne): Simple yet effective paint job! Love the way they match seamlessly with your Bloodletters! Loving the models by the way!

Harry (Nurgle): Love the paint job and the bases! Not to crazy about the models though. They seemed too small for their bases…?

derv: Crazy about your Sorceress!! Great paint job (especially the scales on her loincloth). The Warriors look pretty solid too! And oh, totally love that you stuck 100% to the posting format! Hahaha

Ego Ninja: Solid paint job, mate! Particularly love the way you did the horns and bones on your guys. Crisp colors and the Exalted Champion looks ace!

Colonel Haizelhoff: Pretty impressive standard that Saurus is carrying! Good job there. Hope to get better pictures next time so we can see that lovely paint job.

Wib: Wow! Pretty impressive for someone new to the hobby! Great job mixing BfSP and older Thunderers into one cohesive-looking unit.

Braad: Excellent mini for your Lord choice! Great paint job and I love the classic green base!

Catferret: Very nice Druchii! Bases are just perfect! Just the right amount of snow and grass! Great job there!

Arhalien: I like the metal areas of your Warriors. The snow would look better if it was not completely white. Maybe something like slushy brown-coloured mess that these Warriors had to plod through?

Kaine: Clean and crisp paint job! I have the same comment about your bases as I have with Arhalien’s bases.

Leonathion: Whoa… long intro. Hehehe. Very nice Saurus in classis colours! Painted on dip really helped bring everything together.

Jimjim: Great conversion work! Simple yet effective! Love the bright blues you got there!

MutantMaggot: Interesting fluff! Doubly interesting conversions! Really hope to see better pictures of those guys! I can’t wait!

Lord Dan: Lovely freehand on your banner, armour, and shield! Converted Cold One looks properly Elvish with those embellishments. Love your colour scheme as well!

Arduhn (Empire): Love your colour choices! The white horse, rich yellows, purples, and greens! And of course, Peacock feathers! Great job!

Arduhn (Dark Elves): Solid paint job on Lokhir. Can’t wait to see the rest of your Druchii!

Arduhn (Vampire Counts): Very interesting conversion! I totally see her as an aristocratic vampire ready to lure men to their (un)death! Hopefully you continue with this scheme and feel for the rest of your VCs! They’ll be my favorite for sure!

spikedog: Clean, crisp paint job! Great work as always! The specialty bases are a splendid addition!

Reik: Very impressive minis! So many little details! Can we have more pictures, please???

saltpappa: Those are some really characterful minis! Great paint job and kudos for choosing green! Just lovely to look at!

Tizz: You love magnets! Lol… I love the colour scheme for the sea dragon cloaks! Very original! I’m not too crazy about the Drow skin… sorry.

Cerion: Clean, crisp paint job! Another simple yet very effective head-swap! Great choice for the head by the way. Also, do you mind sharing your recipe for that awesomely-painted severed hand?

huinipachutli: Sorry to hear about your missing Skink! Hahaha. The Steg looks properly menacing and great job on those shields.

EmperorNorton (Wood Elves): hehehe interesting mini. Just add some clump foliage and it’s all set!

EmperorNorton (Vampire Counts): I agree, gloss varnish would make them more ethereal.

Redd: Nice looking Dryads and Elves. Great start.

Zujara: Loving the models you used! Your bases are a perfect fit as well! Very nice retro feel!

Magos Explorator (High Elves): I love the colour scheme!! Subtle differences between the blue and purple is awesome! I can’t wait to see more of your army!

Magos Explorator (Skaven): Very nice paint job! Grey Seer looks properly filthy! The globe he’s carrying is also very well done!

fluffystuff: Amazing attention to detail! Those spear tips alone are worthy of praise! Excellent colour choices and, again, dip really helps bring everything together.

andymeechan: FAVOURITE MONTH ONE ARMY SUBMISSION. Love the models! Love the colour scheme! Love the execution! ‘nuff said!

LionoftheBegs: Interesting minis you’re painting. They’re too flat and shiny for my taste though… sorry.

BigJon: I love the skin of your Ogres! Hopefully you get your pics sorted out by next month.

Sharke: Lovely mini you’re painting! Too bad the pic is on the dark side, would love to see more details! Loving good Harkon’s cloak!

Geep: Very nice freehand work on the banner. Love the simple black armour too!

Papa Dan: Clean, crisp paint job! Amazing to even call it “tabletop standard”. Can’t wait to see more pics!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Love the TK shields for your gobos! I can’t believe you’re still expanding this army!!

Nephilim of Sin: Love the color scheme of your Orcs! Very unique! I’m thoroughly intrigued!

Krzyek: Nice conversion work. Each mini is full of character! Great job!

GalenArtorius: Oooh… somber colours! Love the overall feel of the units so far! I think you achieved what you se out to do in the first place!

Death Korp: Yup! They worship Slannesh alright! Bold colour choice! Love the way you did your metallics. Love the vintage minis.

sideorder_of_chips: Really fun unit to look at! Great idea with the Raw Sun theme! I don’t think I ever seen this done before! Great job!

nagged: Wow! Very nice conversions! Something I’ve never seen done before as well! They look pretty imposing ranked up like that! Looking forward to more! Very interesting army! And congratulations for being the only Bret painter to post on time! Quite an achievement!

Mooncow: Sick! Sick! Sick! Those colours are just sick! I know you keep on repeating that it’s just base colour with the new washes. But, man do they look goooood! Your golds are pretty amazing!

Chicken Pig: Beautiful minis! Love the shade of blue you are using! Simple yet very effective conversions! Can’t wait to see this grow!

Bluesabre: Very clean paint job! I can’t wait to see more of your stuff!

kris.sherriff: I’m particularly excited to see how you develop the fluff for this army! I thoroughly enjoyed your previous account of your Gobbos! Great mini choice for your Sorceress.

Ludwig von Rictoven: Very interesting army! I’d love to see what else you have planned for these guys! So far, it looks pretty cool!

Zilgorn_Zeypher: Boy, you sure picked the biggest, baddest choice in the Asur bestiary! Best of luck finishing that Dragon!

Zark the Damned: Loving the giant! Great colour choice! I love the red hair! And the red-nose is also very amusing! Great details!

rkunisch: Looks like a solid entry for your first month! Great job!

SuavelyDunn (Tomb Kings): Another solid TK entry for the month! Best to get these things out of the way early, yes? Good job!

SuavelyDunn (Vampire Counts): Wow! More undead things! Love the simple shield swap! Adds a ton of character to otherwise boring models. Great job there, mate!

Niibl: Totally amusing!! Big Bess is chock-full of character! Love all the tiny details you added! Great conversion work! Can’t wait for the rest of the army!

Ebodine: Very nice! Very Tzeentchy! Love the way you painted the horns.

txamil: Very promising start! Love the unique models you are using! Love the colour scheme as well!

ampao: Gorgeous! You have to share your recipe for those grays and those browns! Looking forward to the rest of your Druchii!!

Alathir: Did you think of adding a little more white to the models just to break it up a bit? They’re looking a little too monochromatic for me, IMHO. Keep on painting!

75hastings69: Very nice Varghulf! You seem to have something big planned for the base… I’ll watch out for that!

fbi_boy: Great paint job! It captures the feel of those undead very well! Metallics and cloth areas are very well done! Can’t wait for the rest!

Filie: I’d have to agree with you, those Beastmen models are gorgeous! Hope to see better pics (ie close-ups) of those angry goats! They’re looking pretty good so far!

sainthale1988: Pretty scary! And gory! Perfect, really for Vampire Counts! Mind sharing your blood recipe?

Dino: Wow! You’ve impressed me with those Chaos Dwarfs! Great conversion work! Simple but very, very effective! And your painting has improved a lot since last year’s Tale! Those metallics are brilliant!

Firestorm Falcon: I like it. I think it works pretty well as a Vampire. Great job there.

someone2040: Very nice conversion work! You captured the Hunter theme very well! And extra points for painting them green! Bold colour choice and very well executed!

FatOlaf: Gorgeous paint job! The eyes are very well done! Those Salamander scales are also very imaginative! I love it! The Skink’s crests are also very well done! Great job! Can’t wait to see more of your army!

Xarius: Hmm… any updated pics of your boyz? Hope to see more of your painting!

Danny76: Hope you can post better pictures in the following months. Those knights look pretty impressive even in the dark.

Digital~Punk: Love the tattoos on the Dragonslayer! So adorable! Hahaha. Those Warriors aren’t looking too shabby as well! Great job on the beards! Very striking!

StormCrow: I love your scheme, especially on the Tomb Guards! Good job! Hopefully you could still call this Tale “a breeze” by next year!

Blagrot Squigbreff: Blurry and dark pics still can’t hide the awesome colour scheme! I love the Blues and Greens! Please post better pics next time! I wanna see those Daemonettes!

Knighta: Great job! Those Squigs are awesome! Crisp, bright clours! I really don’t know how you are able to do horde armies with such detail and quality! Great job!

hippo2112: Very decent start! A few tufts of grass and these gobos would feel thoroughly smashing! Keep on painting and we’ll keep on watching!

Benevolent_wyrm: Looks like you’ve got an interesting fluff going on there! Hope to red more about it in the coming months! The pics are a tad on the dark side. Hope you’ll be able to sort them out as well! Looking forward to more of your stuff! De-lurk! De-lurk!

Doi: As someone else have pointed out here, those bases are pretty well done! I love the conversion work as well! Feels pretty rowdy and noisy as a gobo unit should be! Btw, did you consider putting drops of blood on that too-virgin snow? Could be interesting…

Prince Sairion: Glad you could make it here on ToFP! I loved your plog and your Red High Elves! Great colour scheme, great execution, great job! Now, if only Doris were here…

Frgt/10: That’s an impressive “HIGH” you wrote down. The wonders of ToFP. Hehehe Anyway, keep on painting! Pretty soon you’ll have a finished 2000 pt army!

Darnok: I love that cannon and it’s crew! Metallics are very well done! Loving the old Empire colours on the crew as well!

Math Mathonwy: That Jugger looks pretty menacing! The Herald’s well painted too, but I can’t help but think it’s going to fall any minute now…

Kraal_Lord_Of_Blood: Very nice work on the warrior! I love it! That sick pale skin-tone also works wonders to add a “creepy” and “evil” vibe to the army! Good job!

Dead orc (Dwarfs): Love the green colour scheme! Good job mixing BfSP and old warriors into a single unit!

Dead orc (Wood Elves): Very nice colours! Those Waywatchers work well with those scouts.

Dead orc (Ogres): I love the way you based these! Very interesting (and unique!) I wonder if we’ll get a few Wizard of Oz references throughout the army…?

boosterburn: Yup, those Gnoblars look like they’re up to no good! Solid paint job!

Scott: Love Lokhir’s helmet (especially on the first pic!)! The assassin looks pretty good as well! Can’t wait to see more!

Almindale: Classic colours! Love the base and how it makes the elves not rank up uniformly! Great job!

CactusCheff: Welcome aboard! Those Deamotettes are awesome! Love the slight conversion work you’ve done! And your painting is just sick! More please!

nathonicus: Glad you could make it! Pretty imposing Temple Guard! Great classic colours! Hope to see more of your stuff! Love the converted standard hanging above your Slann.

Fenix Felder: Your NMM is stunning! The Thane looks very very nice! I can’t believe that’s the BfSP model! Great job! That’s talent right there.

Silverstu: Wow! Or I should say: Brrr! Very well done! Captures the mood very well! I’m getting chills just looking at your army!

Genic: I love Snibbits! Kooky character! Great conversion work! I wanna see more!

I think I hurt my brain...

I'll reply to comments soon, I promise!

11-09-2008, 14:03
Sneaky peeks as promised - feedback, as always, appreciated....

This is my first attempt at some form of scenic base - still very much a work in progress, but I think you'll be able to get the general idea:




These boys are one of my all time faves - I'm thoroughly enjoying painting them!

So what do you think?

11-09-2008, 15:22
Time for page 4

@Zilgorn_Zeypher - The picture is a bit hard to see, but it looks like you are off to a good start. I am interested to see which rider(s) you chose, and how they look.

@Zark the Damned - Nice looking Giant. I always liked that old uni-browed lug. How big is he exactly? How big is the base he's on? I have never seen one of them in person. I like the paint job, he's so characterful. He looks like he just got punched in the nose and he is ready to start whomping people.

@rkunisch - nice work, and I am surprised at the method you used. Other than the shields it sounds like a very simple paint scheme, and the effect is quite nice. I might have to try your bone recipe on my own skeletons.

@SuavelyDunn - Good start on the tomb kings. Nice solid work, keep it up.

@Niibl - absolutely stunning work! I would love to see this beast up close. You are clearly a man who puts love into his figures, and it's paid off for you here. I can't wait to see more from this army!

@SuavelyDunn - A nice, crisp looking unit of skeletons. I would love to see just a picture of them all ranked up in a unit. Good work.

@Ebodine - he's not bad, but I stick by the suggestions I gave before. The metal parts could use some washes, etc. Just keep painting though and you will get better. I also just noticed you forgot to paint the sand on the base, and the edge of the base...or did you paint the sand? Hard to tell. (this is my room mate, he is a beginner in terms of painting)

@txamil - cool models, and you have painted them well. I think you should have gone with the Aegyptus stuff, but oh well, if you paint them well, the GW beastmen will look good too of course.

@ampao - Oh man, that's one nice looking Hydra. It really ups the ante for me when I get around to painting my own Hydra. The Popemobile is coming along nicely as well. I have one of the war alters, but I won't be doing it up for my empire this time around. Can't wait to see the hydra crew and the rest of your dark elves.

@Alathir - Not bad, but I think they could do with a bit more highlighting. That could just be because of the darkness of the picture though. Also, the gold armour looks good, but I think it would benefit from a splash of silver, like the raised area on the helms, and maybe the scale mail.

@75hastings69 - Very nice work on the Varghulf! The only other thing I will add really is that I want to see more pictures, more angles, etc. I am looking forward to seeing more from this army.

@fbi_boy - A well done unit and character. The grave guard should look great if this is your simple job. I look forward to more. What other models do you have for the blood dragon vampires?

@Filie - the pictures are a bit dark, and a bit blurry, but so far the beastmen look pretty good. They'll look better when the bases are finished, of course, but not bad for now. The wood on the chariot looks especially good.

@sainthale1988 - A bit blurry, but the ghouls look well done. Konrad looks good, but the blood might be a bit overdone, then again, he is Konrad...I'm not sure about the purple gloves. The Castellan is looking good, can't wait to see the rest of the blood knights.

@Dino - it's always good to see chaos dwarfs refusing to go quietly into the night. These guys go well with the hellcannon crew look. The sorcerer is a nice conversion.

@Firestorm Falcon - I really like this theme of undead elves. I am not sure if this model fits so well as a vampire, I see him more as the necromancer type, but there's no reason he couldn't be a vampire. The picture is fairly dark, and the colour scheme is also quite dark, which obscures some of the detail. I would like to see pictures with more light on the miniature. Also, as I have said to everyone with black rimmed bases, they don't look finished to me, just my opinion. I am definitely excited to see more of this army.

11-09-2008, 15:30
@Wib, no worries man, I am no photography expert either, so I know how it can be. Looks like you sorted it out now for the wip photos, and they look great!

@Saulot - I am glad you like my stuff, and it's good to get another comment on the peacock feathers as I wasn't sure if they had turned out right. As for the vampires, I will be continuing the aristocratic theme for sure. I have a bunch of the old Lahmian vampires that I will be using, and I will try to make everything fit into that theme.

11-09-2008, 15:34
Oh my..
The comments iv'e recieved actually touched me a bit :cries:;)Serious thanks to those who commented, and a tremendous amount of applause to all the rest of you who commented everyone elses work so nicely and in large amounts (i can sadly not do this due to my lack of brain capacity)
Sorry about not replying much, i lack the skill required.
Keep it up people, and love to all :D

Colonel Haizelhoff
11-09-2008, 16:08
Alright loads of comments and I'm answering. here are better pics. I like the idea of a temple stone on which the BSb is standing and am working on it, also added a symbol to the gold plate. Also answers to a few other questions

@Harry: yes i only got those trees so I could show a ruined temple WIP on this thread

@Jonahmaul: glad i can show some skills on painting, since scratchbuilds are never the same as real GW models.

for me the winner of this month's Lizardmen is Saulot, great work on the bases, I like the giant leaves (and maybe there's something to do with them too being yellow :D


11-09-2008, 17:01
Finally found some time for painting again and I was experimenting a bit with the colour for vampire skin.
My first try was starting with Pale Flesh, highlights done with mixes of Pale Flesh and Skull White. The result was absolutely craptacular.
So I started with a darker, greyish tone, but I can't say that I'm particularly happy with the result, either:

If anybody had suggestions or tips, I'd appreciate that.

11-09-2008, 18:10
Wip pics for September.





11-09-2008, 19:06
OK folks, still finishing off my Dark Elves but here's the pictures for my Lizardmen, i'm spreading this out over 2-3 months depending how much time i get to paint other stuff. I'll hopefully get picture of the Elves posted in the next couple of days but i'm moving this weekend so may not be able to post until next week

UNIT: Kroq Gar

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nothing, boring i know!

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box with a bit of GS'ing to cover the gaps

PAINTING: Umm, i kinda painted this a while ago but from what i remember the skin is a mixture of scorched/vomit/bronzed flesh with a brown ink over the top. Scales are scab/gore/blood with a brown wash too.

BASING: black ink, drybrushed bestial brown then bleached bone & then patches of static grass, goblin green around the oustide of the base

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs = i paitned this a while ago so didn't actually have to do anything for my lizzies this month but hopefully it'll gimme a kick up the backside to get the rider painted! Lows = none :)

POINTS: 575 i think (army book has already been moved!)

11-09-2008, 20:27
I just wanted to post some wip pics so you guys can see what's in store for next time.

some pistoliers:

http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/7993/wip004gp5.th.jpg (http://img118.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wip004gp5.jpg)

cold one knights:

http://img379.imageshack.us/img379/9650/wip005lc8.th.jpg (http://img379.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wip005lc8.jpg)

and some black knights:

http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/557/wip006iu8.th.jpg (http://img111.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wip006iu8.jpg)

Lord Dan
11-09-2008, 21:49
I'm glad you're finally painting up those plastic BK conversions, Arduhn.

11-09-2008, 22:17
andymeechan: FAVOURITE MONTH ONE ARMY SUBMISSION. Love the models! Love the colour scheme! Love the execution! Ďnuff said!

You know, my Month 2 was going to be 6x Warriors (to complete the unit) and 6x Dark Riders. However, the Dark Riders are conversions and as such are one of the very few things in my army that are not terribly old.

I have to thank everyone for their comments and excitement about my dusting off these models. Because you seem to like this blast from the past i'm considering doing Crossbowmen before the Dark Riders - which will come later. More models, curse you all ;)

11-09-2008, 22:25
I'm glad you're finally painting up those plastic BK conversions, Arduhn.

Me too. :)

11-09-2008, 22:49
Cerion - A very nice Orc warlord. Although I like these helmets...somehow, they sometimes make me think of wombles (http://www.bbc.co.uk/bradford/content/images/2006/07/20/a_womble_465x370.jpg) (with tusks) not as much as Kaptin Hortwork's Freebootas with gas masks (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2752919&postcount=287), but still they do.
(Sorry about my wicked mind)
The ork looks somewhat clean though. What about rust?

huinipachutli - You have a hell of a nick name, did you know that?
Lovely stegadon BTW. Nice to see some ungreen Lizards, especially the nice 5th edition ones.
On first glimps I thought you painted the shields somehow like motherpearl-
Well, after I read that it is just bronze with some ink (and some cunning lights) it is still nice enough.

EmperorNorton -
I've wanted this model since it first came out and finally had an excuse to buy one
I know that feeling..but I will resist. Yes, I will-even after I have seen it painted now.:angel:I will resist until it is OOP and shell out thrice as much on ebay.
Will you add some flock to the base?

Vampire Counts - The wraiths look somewhat pale. I know they are ghosts, but still...-what about the classic eye glow effect?
You could choose a colour theme for the whole army and link the wraiths to it by this additional colour.

Redd - Well painted for a start. The lighter coloured dryads look better though as they are less shiny. The same goes for the bows or did you use metal?

Zujara - Now thats a mix of different styles.
I don't mind the ugly frog face archers as they die quick enough.:evilgrin:
The Kev Adams Gobbos look so much better amongst them.
Try to get a shaman from the same range though (Although it is nicely painted). In such cases I am somewhat monkish (http://www.tvshowsondvd.net/graphics/news3/Monk_S6.jpg).

Magos Explorator - Verrry nice. Try some light reflections on the blade as it will improve the good looks even more.
I also recommend additional sets of highlights.
I think the one finger is blotched(?).

Skaven- The grey seer is ace. No flashy dominant colours, just a good rotten paintjob.
I am not sure If the globe should be highlighted/toxified a little bit more.
It could improve the model or could backfire. So...I said nothing;)

fluffystuff - *dropps jaw* I am lost for words about what can be done with the new skeletons. Great!

andymeechan - Unusual paintscheme but well done.
Painted in two days? (Sounds like me before Games Day.)
Of course, now that you have decided on the colours we expect even better results for next month!

BigJon - A "home made magic wash" eh? Now, next month let us look a little bit closer, so that we might guess the ingredients.
I also want to see the tattoos!(like you said there is much flesh, so I expect some artwork (http://www.socialistunity.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/tattoo-face.jpg) here.)

Sharke - The purple skin is an interesting idea although it is a bit too dark
for my taste. I tried that once, painted some zombies purple and didn't know how to continue.
In reality some corpses develope a purple tint (refrained from linking here) but not that much.
So I would use a little bit more flesh tone(could be dwarven flesh) on him with a very thin green wash.

Geep - Simple but effective paintjob and a very nice banner. You said yourself that it is a simple paintjob, so I don't have to comment that, but why have the orcs with helmets such huge glowing eyes and those without haven't?
That is the only thing that vexes me.

Papa Dan -
I'll put some more effort to the characters though Yes, I can see SOME MORE effort.
Great work, especially the heraldic on the general and the unit.
Are banner and drum decorations free hands?
(Why has the general reins with different patterns?)

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull - That is a brilliant idea.
I never liked the concept of Night Goblins on wolves but these are very good looking.
A good way to use up all those king size NG from last edition btw.

Nephilim of Sin - On first glimps I thought they were zombie orks (never mind).
Well, they seem to be painted quite well.
With all the leather it must have been a pain to paint (I really hate it).

Krzyek - Nice flagellants but for my taste to colourful.
I always imagine such folk as poor unwashed masses so they would have more plain colours.
But that is just me and who says that nobles could not turn mad too.
With all the dirt around the knees it looks quite coherent anyway.

GalenArtorius - Great work. Reminds me that I should not spend so much time on warseer but start painting instead.
I ahve 30 handgunners waiting for me and now I see someone who even painted wood grain on the guns.
That is hard to compete with.

Death Korp - Slaanesh. Definitely.
The picture ia a bit blurry. Maybe you should work a little bit more on the skull shoulder pad.
The bone colour on gold looks a bit strange.

sideorder_of_chips - They do glow in the dark do they?
A brilliant idea pretty well executed.
I have problems painting black skin. It always turns out too grey.

nagged - I am not sure what to think of this.
Neatly painted but I think I still have to get used to that mix.
Maybe its the grey paint. It has such a modern military feel to it which makes it even more of a strange mixture.

Mooncow - Very nice high elves. The turquise is a good choice of colour and the armour is shaded very well.
I recommend the use of a different colour for the base rim though.
The green and the turquise don't fit.
Please try brown, a green with more blue in it or even plain black.

Chicken Pic - Dark elves camouflaged as high elves?
No wonder the dwarfs got confused.
A little bit more shading wont hurt, although the units are nicely painted.

Bluesabre - A solid paintjob. (Again someone who can paint black properly.)
The blue is unusual but easy to get used to.
The light brown bases distract a little bit from the models but I think that is just on the blue surface. On the table it shouldn't matter.

kris.sherriff - An interesting concept. I am curious about what other models will find their way into your army (well, Werner Klocke is always a good choice).
The model could be improved by some more highlights.
Try to pick out the edges a little bit more and try to work on the raised areas of the flesh (um*cough*)

Rictoven - Cool automaton look. It should look quite impressive on the gaming table.

Zilgorn_Zeypher - For a model of this size and importance the paintjob looks quite plain.
On the other hand it is worth two months of work and so I bet we will have better pictures next month.

Zark the Damned- A nice Giant, but like I tried to tell Zilgorn:
Big model= no excuse to avoid more highlights.
Especially yellow is easy to work on and will look great afterwards.
Why don't you try some chess pattern or something like that on one half of the shield and/or etiquettes on the bottles?
Little details like that will turn a good model into a great model.

rkunisch - Nice solid paintjob. It is good that you didn't stop after the sepia wash. It improves the looks of the skeletons very much.

SuavelyDunn - Well, that is a funny coincident.
Try to give the models an additional highlight after the FAP.
If you want to string your bows, I recommend thin copper wire.
Single strands from electric wires.
Your VC skeletons have the same "problem".
Wouldn't the shields look better if they were more uniform?
Were the shields FAPed as well? They, and the nice banner look so clean.

Niibl - Lazy bugger! Surfin' again? Look what you have to paint up:

Ebodine - Try to work on the Chain mail and the rest of the armour.
The coloured areas are quite ok but the metal needs some shading.

txamil - Hmmm, I think You have found perfect alternatives for Tomb King Ushabtis. Great find and well painted (what colour are the blades?)
What will your beast herds consist of? Also Rackham?

ampao - The Hydra is perfect. I never thought about buying it...until now.
The war altar is nice too but the very static plastic horses spoil the looks somewhat.
Different horses would look much better. Try gamezone, Rackham etc.

Alathir - High Elves - Redcoats? Will be see a unit with bear fur caps?
Aaargh, I think I won't get that thought out of my head until I built at least a command group. Well, never mind my ranting.
Nice idea, but it looks a little bit plain on the paint job side.
Your philosophy is a good one though and eyes are no necessity if you want that standard.

75hastings69 - Nice model, good, fitting paintjob.
I don't even think the base needs that much additional work.
It looks like dead, barren ground, some kind of ash waste.
Like everyting died around it.
Maybe some half buried skull and some dead grass bushels would be fine, but more should not be necessary.

fbi_boy - A very nice unit. The bright light spoils the shading of the bones a little bit but the rust and the banner clearly give away how much work was put into this great unit (well, I have an aversion against grey, so I think that grey was the wrong choice ;-) ).

Filie - Beastmen - More close ups please.
They seem to look good but it is difficult to tell.
Do yourself a favour and put some more effort in the bases, especially such large ones like chariot bases.

sainthale1988 - Nice Ghouls. Personally I am disappointed about the models as they are too small IMHO but that has nothing to do with the quite good paint job.
The vambire is a little bit too bloody for my taste, although the pose does not allow a much different paintjob.
The purple gloves don't go along well with all that blood I think.
On the mounted model it looks good but I think it does not work on the vampire. The colours are different.

Dino - Very nice. I have CD myself and usually side with the high hats faction but your variant is briliant.
I love that bionic eye sorcerer.

Firestorm Falcon - Sadly all the blending does not show in the picture.
Still, I am happy to know that there will be many dead elves.

someone2040 - Seems to be a well painted unit but the pictures are a bit unsatisfying (I would like to see the faces). The choice of colours seems to work quite well for a start and the armour doesn't look as bad as you might think.
Even if you don't like painting horses you should put some effort into painting them. They don't need that much of a paint job to look good (especially with the new inks). You don't have to paint dappled greys etc.
But in the pictures they don't look that bad anyway.

FatOlaf - Nice set of miniatures.
They look a bit toylike to me but if you keep this standard up for the whole army it will be great looking.
(BTW, I love the eyes-the salamanders look as if they are goig to eat the skinks any minute and the skinks look as if they haven't slept for a month because of this.)

Xarius-There seems to be quite a lot left to do

Danny76 - Blurry pic, but the metal needs some shading work.

Digital~Punk - Too much make up!
The dwarfs are nicely painted, not my taste but still good to look at.
I think I will never get used to metal handles on weapons.

StormCrow - The pictures are not that good.
The bones look washed without addtional highlights.
It wouldn't hurt to add them, at least to the skulls.
The bases look quite good.

Well, thats all folks (for today)

11-09-2008, 23:06
Everything in this post is purely my own ideas, and I’m not saying that they are right or anything, just how I look at it. I think everybodys done a great job painting to a deadline, I know how hard it is, but we’ll make this together! : D

OK, I’m going to try to answer some of the the posts, but mainly leave my own coments on peoples work here, a lot of great stuff. The order people appear in is generally the order they posted in. I have to warn you though, even if I’m a nice guy, I’m usually kind of a fascist when it comes down to painting. To contrast this side of me, I’m going to try to offer critique. Please don’t get put down by my words. If I leave criticism, it’s because I would like your army to look better, not because I believe you are bad painter.

I have to say that just because I don’t criticize it doesn’t mean I love your painting, so don’t feel any offended at all, whatever I say. Just being in this tale is a great start and hopefully, though I probably won’t have anything to do with it, your armies will look gorgeous when done!

WARNING – Im going to rant back and forth about to few highlights, please don’t feel offended and remember that this is just my opinion, not anyone elses.

As this thread wears of, my spelling will be worse and worse, it’s already really late here and Im typing errors all the time, sorry.

OK, lets go:

Harry – Crox are nice and all, but so big foliage? I think painting the foliage and keeping it smaller would make better models. I like the glyph-stones. Wolfriders look better IMO, Love the oldschool minis. It’s a shame they are all the same though. – same as with the CW. I like the bases on the swampmen, nice and effective. I’m kind of in the general impression that if you did one army, it would look splendid, shame you don’t really. They will be great for gaming anyway!

Derv – Great! Your DE look really promising, I hope they’ll grow into a massive force. The freehand on the banner looks a bit to far off on the corner, goes for both. Great blending on the sorceress, but the paint looks a bit corny or dry. Use enough water?

Ego Ninja – Nice and sharp, to a great effect, I would probably add more highlights to make them stand out more as characters.

Colonel Haizelhof – Nice converting, I like the straps on the back! If you wan’t some help with sculpting fur from greenstuff, I think there’s a tuitorial on the GW web page (UK).

Wib - Good looking! Mmm, I would like to see some more highlights in the faces, it would make the minis stand out as well-painted even more.

Braad – I dig this conversion big time! Great use for felix goblin, I’ve always loved the fluff of grom, this is like grom 2.0. I would like to see brighter highlights (or more shading) for the mini to stand out more. Banner could use some highlights as well.

Catferret – Sweet, I can’t find anything I would like to change, perhaps some rust on the metal to make them look more like a destroyed and broken civilization ;)

Arhailen – Lovely! Love it all except the banner, I think you could’ve made it ten times better, it doesn’t show of enough.

Kaine – sweet looking stunties there man! I’m really amazed at the sheer number of great looking dwarves in this tale. I think if you cleaned up the edges of the bases with some more black, the white would stand out to a better effect.

Jimjim – Nice convertion, the mask realy fits him. I think he would look better with a warm highlight on the mask, the rest of the mini has it and it kind of puts his face, the nr 1 focal point, without colour (as if a person would have sunshine on him but the face). Highlight up from the basic brown colour used, mixing it down with golden yellow, it will look awesome!

Mutant maggot – I really like the conversions, the chaos sorcerer look great as a vamp. As I say to almost everyone, I think it would look better with more highlights, or darker shading. Centaur convertion is ace! The whole army looks realy good from afar, what more to do?

Arduhn – Nice – I would like to see more highlights, Some parts look kind of glossy, matt varnish? Lokhir looks nice but could use some more highlights as well. Armour looks great, use that kind of painting on the scales as well ;) Vamp lord looks a lot better! That’s the way! A bit glossy as well though. Lots of minis…

Lord Dan – Sweet! The shields look great and really cought my eye. Don’t know about the COK convert though, looks a bit bulky, but I love those Godzilla coldones. Painting is great though.

Spikedog – Nice bases! Those minos look daunting, keep it up!

Reik – very chaotic! Doesn’t look scary and deadly but it’s fun to see some orginallity in whfb.

Saltpappa – har du nŚ salt till Ųvers? Looks really nice, love the old minis, keep it up!

Tizz – Painting is really great and the models to, I’m not to fond of the drow look on the skin, but each to theirs right? Great use of the magnes, might borrow that.

Cerion – great looking warboss – nice and effective with the red/white, whitestripes army? Looking forward to the forest gobos! Old minis?

Huinipachutli – I like it, nice dino look on the steg, though I’m more fond of blue LM… :p I’ve might’ve added a few extra highlights on the skinks…

EmperorNorton – scary, I think some strait edges on the base would make it seem more like a gw mini and fit better with the we, but I like it! Realy sweet. Good and easy wraiths, simple and effective.

Redd – I honestly think the dryads look great, but the archers could benefit a lot from some extra drybrushing and highlighting, especially the faces.

Zujara – static grass and goblingreen base-edges, I already love this army!

Magos Explorator – sweet, I love the dark metal look on the HE. The skaven look good to, but not as good, give them more love, I concur with the thoughts on the greyseer, simply beautiful mini.

Fluffystuff – probably my favourite army so far, and probably will be throughout the log. I’ve soon to late comed to realize the effect of dipping (or washing with it) it makes great effect! The bases and tray look great too.

Andymechaan – sweet to see some old minis here as well! I think the gems should be orange, would make them stand out against the dark! Do you poi? I actually work as a fire juggler from time to time…

Lionofthebegs – sorry but I don’t agree on the thoughts on the minis. What makes them look so glossy? You seem to use gw paint…

BigJon – kind of a small pic but they look realy primising, nice tone on the flesh…

Sharke – Love most of it, but I think the dark face is kinda sad since it would look more, well… I don’t know but perhaps more alive, haha, with more colour…

Geep – I like them but the skill you show on the banner somehow fails to apply on the rest of the unit. More highlights? I think you should base the movement tray, things like that realy brings a lot to the unit.

Papa Dan – Great! Best looking empire army I’ve seen in ages!

Warlord Ghazak Ghazkul – Good looking! Don’t know about the shields though.

Nephilim of Sin – I think I like them, but the pics seems realy distorted color wise. Hope to see more stuff.

Krzyek – nice! I love the guy second most to the left on the fourth pic. Something makes me want to clean them up a bit, but I don’t realy know what.

GalenArtorius – Nice! I think the red coats look ace, on the other ones, do I need to say it? – I would like to see more highlights.

Death Korp – Fuzzy pic but I like the colors!

Sideorder_of_ships – The painting is well excecuted but I don’t think these ogres makes it into my world of warhammer. You got some fluff and all, but somehow it’s to out of the ordinary for me. If you like it, gogogo, but for me (a fluff fascist unfortunately) they just don’t seem “warhammery”. Sorry. Anyway, they can still be painted really ace! Have you ever tried highlighting skin with a very thin line of a very brighter color of the basecoat. Look at horses done this way, I think it would make your ogres look even better!

Nagged – I like the idea and the painting, but I would like to see some more highlights and individual heraldry. : D

Mooncow – Nice and effective, I like them. The hawk looks realy good. Id make the gems brighter to stand out more, probably highlight them up a bit for more effect.

Chicken Pig – great looking convertions! Makes more evil looking and cool DE.

Bluesabre – that’s a lot of nice looking shades, with to few highlights according to me : P

Kriss.sherrif – your painting is realy good but I don’t really like the highlighting up from gray idea… sorry, might work with another gray thoug, or a brown like graveyard earth. I think gray is cold and elfflesh warm, they don’t mix very well.

Ludvig won richtowen – A nice idea, its going to be fun to see how this evolves.

Zark the Damned – nice mini, fun to see so much people using oldschool minis. I think the bottles on the belt could be made awesome with a look at this tuitorial: http://www.coolminiornot.com/article/aid/205

Rkunisch – nice and simple, keep it up, add more highlights ; ) Love the bases, looks like realy hot (or night cold) dessert sand.

SuavelyDunn – Dipp is the s h I t! great tomb scorp, I really dig your bases to.

Niibl – bess is a wonder! Have you sculpted the mermaid?? The whole mini is by far the
best in this month IMO. Are the seeds on the base ment to be mussles? Great idea if that’s the case!

Ebodine – Nice idea with ahrimans head! I would like to see this mini tidied up a bit. Have you basecoated it? A good idea if you want the color to stick.

Txamil – I like the idea of these as tzeentch beastmen, thay look a lot like that.

Ampao – sweet! The new hydra model is stunning. I like the highlights on the scales- effective!

Alathir – do you use black coating? I think they would be easier to paint and look better if you used white.

75hastings69 – nice and effective, hope you play a bit more on the base though : D

Fbi_Boy – very good, looking forward to more!

Filie – your name reminds of a dear friend of mine, currently in france, but we call her phillie : ) I think your beasts look great but a bit of shading, either with dipp, wash or regular blacklining would add a lot of detail IMO. Youv’e maybe done it already and I might not see it though, probably due to the pics.

Sainthale1988 – great ghouls! Nice bdwamp as well! More highlights coming up? : p

Dino – great idea and well excecuted, love the sorcerer, is that a head from a chaos tank sprue?

Firestorm Falcon – looking undead, but all the darkness somewhat ruins the mini, theres a lot of details not showing, I belive you can do a great job of apinting them and still keep the undead style ; )

Someone2040 – I realy like the witchhunter idea, blazing sadles all the way! : D Theres a lot of action on that unit!

FatOlaf – I like tham a lot, the eyes are great, as you already pointed out! I’m not to fond of the big foliage, cut it down and make it smaller IMO.

Digital-Punk – Nice! I love that they are so colorful, totally my taste!

StormCrow – The purple realy fits! Try to find more light for your pics, they are really dark.

Blagrot Squigbref – I think I like them but the pics are horrible! Don’t you have a focus
function on your camera? Try putting them further away and look at them in the computer before you post them ; ) Looking forward to more stuff!

Knighta – Nice, I like them, but I also like more highlights. Banner basecolor is cold, and highlight warm = not good, other than that, keep it up!

Hippo2112 – I think you can come a long way with your painting, but some more drybrushing would make them stand out a bit, I think the bases would look better with an extra layer (hiding the balck underneath).

Benevolent_wyrm – Pics kinda to blurry and dark to say anything, but the bases look nice from above.

Doi – nice! They look like they are in for some action.

Prince Sairon – looks vary gameable, I like it, I like the bases. More light and focus for the pictures in the future right?

FRgT/10 – nice and simple, skellies could do with an extra bright drybrush, they look kinda fossilized.

Darnok – Im somewhat confused about the green zombies, cant really say if I like it, but I think I do. Keep it up!

Math Mathonwy – I love your avatar, it was ages since I played changeling but I loved the game, next best after wherewolf IMO. I think the book blood dimmed tides and the murdhuacha made me realy interested in my future career and diving. : ) I really like the color scheme of the jugger but as with everything else, I think it could benefit a lot from more highlights.

Saulot – Sweet! I love the scales! Most of your foliage seems to be an appropriate size, but I would still like to have seen it painted.

Kraal lord of blood – I like the idea, looks kinda nightmarish. Lets see some more : )

Dead orc – simple and effective, keep it up. Some static grass on the bases would make them even more realistic. Brown withered grass. WE look good but id really undercoat with white. Makes the colours more vivid, more autumn, you can alwas mak them darker from washing, but you wont need as many layers of paint.

Boosterburn – I really like them, and the skintone looks really ogry. Bases that large could really be used for some fun sculpting, diorama style or more flock and grass, high grass.

Scott – the cloaks look great! I think they would benefit from some more layering perhaps by washes. Starting with a light colour and then making the clothes darker and darker.

Almindale – they really blend in to the bases, I love it, Id love some more highlights.

CactusCheff – gorgous! And hot… and cool : P

Nathonicus – Love the slann! Great looking piece! The terradon skellie is a nice idea, I thought of sculpting a statue instead, lets see if that ever becomes real.

Fenix Felder – wow! Sweet stuff, Im again amazed at the top quality of every dwarf army in here!

Silverstu – your probably second most succesful on my list, this looks great, unusall colors painted very well.

Genic – Love the mushrooms! : D Hope to see even more in the next bash.

For now I have to say thanks to everyone for putting out so much effort and posting so much pictures, this will be a great tale! I would also like to thank everyone who has commented on my post, thanks a lot, all coments and positive and negative critique is more than welcomed. I don’t believe that Im fully taught as a painter, I have a long way to go.

Last in all of this I’d like to make the announcement that I’m going to go at another army as well instead of speedpainting my lizzies. It will be a very white (in general) looking high elf army, somewhat nagarythe inspired. Lots of mud and blood >: D I’ll post general before the next thread opens and then some shadow-warriors.

Cheers for now! Keep posting those previews ; )

11-09-2008, 23:10
@Wib- that base looks great! Very impressive first go[better than anything I've attempted] - and those ranger models are brilliant[have a big unit of them myself] looking forward to seeing you get them painted.

@EmperorNorton- you might want to do a thin dark wash[devlan mud] over the face first to define the face and add contrast, then build up thin layers to highlight up- should stop it looking too washed out.

@everyone else- i'm currently writing comments on everyones work- melting my brain-but hopefully I'll get it up in the next day or two and reply to the many nice comments I've gotten from everyone else[much appreciated ].

11-09-2008, 23:14
Finally found some time for painting again and I was experimenting a bit with the colour for vampire skin.
My first try was starting with Pale Flesh, highlights done with mixes of Pale Flesh and Skull White. The result was absolutely craptacular.
So I started with a darker, greyish tone, but I can't say that I'm particularly happy with the result, either:

If anybody had suggestions or tips, I'd appreciate that.

I can give you the recipe I used on my recent submission. I started off with black primer, so it might look slightly different over white, but I doubt it. I started with Tallarn flesh, then a second base coat with a mix of dwarf and elf flesh. Then heavy highlights with straight elf flesh. Then I mixed 1:1 bleached bone and elf flesh and dry brushed this on fairly heavily. I went back and did a careful blending of dwarf and elf flesh mix on the cheeks to look like blush, but you will probably skip this as your mini is a guy. Next I did another fairly heavy drybrush mixing a bit of skull white into the elf flesh and bleached bone mix. Last was adding a bit more white and carefully painting raised areas.

You could probably simplify this by painting tallarn flesh, then elf flesh, then highlighting with bleached bone, then another highlight with a bit of white mixed in with the bleached bone. Experiment and find something that works for you, I hope that helps.

I mail ordered this mini as well, so I wonder if it's arrived yet, my mail orders don't go to my apartment. Also waiting for my iPhone :)

Lord Dan
11-09-2008, 23:54
I've done two editions worth of vampires, so needless to say I've had my fair share of vampire skin to paint. I particularly liked two very different tecniques:

Grey Skin
I got the idea for this from the last edition book. One of the blood dragons (the one with two hand weapons in the flayed hauberk) painted up by the eavy metal team had this strange, dead-grey skin.

Step 1: Basecoat all skin with shadow grey. Get all the crevices and the like.
Step 2: Highlight with a layer of 50:50 shadow grey and fortress grey. I would get a palette for the mixing, which are 92 cents at Walmart where I live. If you're feeling lazy you can just use Codex grey, but be careful. Codex over shadow doesn't really look right.
Step 3: Highlight this with a layer of straight up fortress grey.
Step 4: If you're feeling particularly bold, go one more step and dot your highlighted areas with space wolves grey. This gives your lighting a nice ghostly palour to it.

Pale Skin
This also works rather well. I use it for my dark elf skin:

Step 1: Basecoat all skin with tanned flesh. Dark flesh also works just fine if you don't have this. (Honestly, any fleshy dark brown would work, since it's almost all covered up.)
Step 2: Highlight with dwarf flesh.
Step 3: Highlight with a 50:50 dwarf flesh to elf flesh mix. This is optional, it just creates a smoother transition from dwarf flesh to elf flesh
Step 4: Highlight with elf flesh.
Step 5: Highlight with a 50:50 mix of elf flesh and skull white.

Hope this helps!

Lord Dan
12-09-2008, 00:02
Seperate progress update. First of all I must mention that 100% of the credit for this idea goes to Tommygun, who inspired me with his far superior tyranid gargoyle conversions found here: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=126270 He was even kind enough to give me a step-by-step for the plasticard work.

So here is Harpy Mk1, as my wife calls it. I prefer to call it "Big Momma Harpy".

It's a tyranid warrior with some minor cutting work done to its legs and smaller arms. The wings are, obviously, plasticard.

A detail shot of the body. I haven't decided what to paint the skin, though the carapace will be the same black color as the rest of my army's armour.

Bone structure/ support system. The wings were floppy to start, so I added in whittled down pieces of thick GF9 plasticard to create bones.

Size comparison. I wanted this model to be imposing, yet fit on a 20mm base. I think I pulled it off alright. The other 4 harpies will be made from Hormagaunts (bitz are on their way as I speak), so will be slightly smaller. I still think this unit will be a hard 55 to ignore on the battlefield.

That's it for now. I have a ton of painting to do.

12-09-2008, 06:22
"My Lord, I hath seen it with mine own eyes and it is no Dragon!"

12-09-2008, 06:43
Good start to the year all.

This should be all, if not, apologies.

Orc's And Goblins
Harrry- Great stuff as always by you mate. Love them all to bits

Braad- Love the AoW gobbo king on the charriot. Never thought of using it as Grom, it's genius. Great paint job, keep it up

Jimjim- Grimzug... love it! Looks good, simple + effective. Keep it up

Cerion- Like the look of your black orc. Like the facemask/shield connection.

Zujara- Old school gobbos look nice, shaman looks impressive.

Geep- Nice looking b.orcs. Like the banner, and the red eyes through the helmets.

Warlord GG- Back for some more night goblin fun? Looking good mate.

Nephilim of sin- White orcs! Pulled it off well, you have. Like the banner as well, good job.

hippo2112- Like the boss, looks great. Shamen too, gj

Doi- Nice job on the riders, as expected. Looking forward to more of your work over the year.

Magos Explorator- Those skaven are a blast from the past. That grey seer is one of my favorite minis too, along side the chief with the jezzail.

Harry- Great looking kroxigors. Nice use of the fish tank stuff on your bases, looks snazzy

Colonel Haizelhoff- Love the look of the bsb. Good use of bits, there.

Leonathion- Nice detail on the sarus. Looking forward to the slaan.

Huinipachutli- Nice looking stegadon, the skin stands out as the best for me, looks good :)

FatOlaf- Salamanders look great. Love the use of the plants, which work so well with lizzies.

Saulot- nice looking reptiles yopu've got there. I like your basing technique, suits them well.

Harry- Khorne warriors, great execution of the red. Lava bases compliment your demons from last year well
Nurgle, they look awesome! Liking the look of the bubling bases

Ego Ninja- Warriors look good. What blue have you used there for the capes?

Arhalien- Holy Moly. Love those tzeentch warriors, particularly the 'eyes'. Feel good painting again?

Reik- Man, you've done a sick job on them! Looks good, keep it up.

Ebodine- Welcome aboard. Good work on the tzeentch champ, looks nice.

Dark elves
derv- Shamen looks spectacular, as does the detail on your warriors. Hope you can keep this up for the year, will look great when its done

Catferret- Bolt throwers look sexy. Keep up the good work.

Lord Dan- Good looking elves, keep it up. Particulary like the cold one knight, though the assassin is goos too.

Arduhn- Painting doesn't need to be creative here, it just needs to be painted, so don't worry. Looks good, keep it up.

Tizz- Interesting looking corsairs. What magnets have you used on thier bases?

Chicken Pig- The blue seems to go well with your dark elves. The wood elf heads go so well with dark elves.

Blue sabre- wow, that picture is trippy. Looks good, nice job.

Scott- I like the scales on the cloak, cameras are a pain in the ass though. Great job so far.

Wib- First ever painted unit? You've got to be kidding me! Bloody hell, they look good. Stick to it ;)

Kaine- Good start to the year. Looking good.

Digital~Punk- That dragon slayer looks nuts. warriors looking nice too. good job.

Dead orc- Nicely executed dwarfs there. Good unit, great to see you back again.

Vampire Counts
MutantMaggot- Good story, liking the look of your counts, though, pics a bit fuzzy

EmperorNorton- Great looking wraiths/banshee. Don't know what your talking about, they look fine

Fluffystuff- Nice looking skellies. Like the bone, which looks good next to your red. Great work.

Sharke- Arrrrggh! Good looking pirate you've got there.

SuavelyDunn- More skelletons...looking good, like you tk's.

75hastings69- More good stuff from you this year. Hope you can keep in the tale a bit longer, your painting was inspirational last year.

fbi_boy- Good looking unit. Are you going to paint a design on the banner or leave it blank?

Firestorm Falcon- works well, elves do look good as vampires.

Frgt/10- They look great. I dont know what your complaining about. Going to paint a design on the banner, or leave it black?

Arduhn- Nice looking lord. lol 'flamboyant Empire characters', you've pulled it off well.

Papadan- The general looks terrific. Like the sword.

Krzyek- The flaggelents look crazy good. I like it how they are all different colors, gives them the rag-tag appearence.

GalenArtorius- Handgunners looking great. The feathers in the hats look awesome.

someone2040- Pistoliers looking good, nice army theme, well developed.

Danny76- Nice knights. Big chunk of points to, that should take the pressure off a tad.

Beasts of Chaos
Spikedog- Like the theme of your army. minotours look great too.

txamil- Interesting theme you've got going there. Looking good, keep it up.

Filie- Angry goats indeed... Beast herd looks good, gj

Wood elves
EmperorNorton- The treeman/lord looks spectacular. never seen it before

Redd- Dryads looking good, like the look of your elves too.

Dead orc- Your wood elves look great. Obviously you've gone with the autumn theme, worked out well, congrats

Bigjon- Lead belchers look impressive. Possible to get a pic of the tats on thier backs?

Dead orc- Three armies, fair effort. Ogres looking good atm, waiting for the skin :)

boosterburn- Your ogres look fantastic!! I like the skin in particular, and the gnoblars look nice too.

nagged- The knights look just terrific. I like the story, it's different.

Tomb Kings
Ludwig von Rictoven- Chinese tomb kings? The army looks good, interested to see where your going to take it.

rkunisch- Good looking skellies. Those washes have worked a real treat, your right.

SuavelyDunn- I really like the tomb scorpion. Good start, keep it up

High elves
Zilgorn_Zeypher- Great job on the dragon. Thats a fair few points in that, so have a breather, and stick to it, but dont get complacent.

Prince Sairion- cool looking archers. red and orange high elves? it's different, but you've pulled it off nicely, gj

Zark the Damned- Love that giant,classic model, great paint job, good stuff again.

Niibl- WOW! that is a sick piece of artillery. Like the zombie mermaid on the top, good touch.

Dino- Nice use of the bfsp dwarfs as chaos dwarfs. I thought your engineer was giving the camera the bird for a sec then... Happy Birthday

Darnok- Thats a fair effort for the first month, well done. Green zombies look awesome, love the unit filler ogre.

BDJV- Sorry to hear that mate. Get well soon.

That took a lot...

Ego Ninja
12-09-2008, 06:50
@ Knighta - Its a basecoat of Regal Blue, followed by a layer of Mordian Blue, with a final highlight of enchanted Blue.

Thanks for all the comments guys :)

12-09-2008, 07:16
I think the gems should be orange, would make them stand out against the dark! Do you poi? I actually work as a fire juggler from time to timeÖ

I'm tending to agree with you in that - if they're bright - that I use orange as it will work well with the gold and green. If they're dark i'll be using a red or blue - totally undecided! I have a few months to procrastinate...

Yeah, been playing with poi on-and-off since 1999. I'm involved with Edinburgh's Beltane Fire Society (http://www.beltane.org), so get plenty of opportunity to dip-and-spin. (That's me in the Avatar pic on a camping trip in March this year.) I used to pick up occasional work with my friends at te-POOKa (http://www.tepooka.org/); our local performance freaks :)

12-09-2008, 08:56
@Doi: Thanks for your kind words - I must admit, I was losing the will to carry on tackling the starter Dwarves, but they got there in the end - I'm consoling myself by making ALL of this month's figs the classic metals

Nice to hear that you didn't give up (that'd be the Dwarf in you wouldn't it?). Now go and console yourself with some nice vintage models!

Doi: As someone else have pointed out here, those bases are pretty well done! I love the conversion work as well! Feels pretty rowdy and noisy as a gobo unit should be! Btw, did you consider putting drops of blood on that too-virgin snow? Could be interestingÖ

Thanks for the comment. While I wont put blood on the snow (only blood on a Gobbo base is going to be his own :p) I'm going to break the snow up a bit next time with some more rocks and such

Doi Ė nice! They look like they are in for some action.

Phew, dodged a bullet with that comment :p Thankfully the pictures didn't allow you to see the poor work on my banner. I might have copped a roasting! Atleast someone has the guts to play hard ball and really offer some criticism (atleast it is constructive).

Doi- Nice job on the riders, as expected. Looking forward to more of your work over the year.

As expected? Now I've really got to make an effort to have things look good. Stupid expectations :p

@ Genic: Looking good. Only real criticism is that it would ahve been better if the Shaman was flipping the bird to whoeer he was looking at

@ Wib: I see you've consoled yourself already! Very nice scenic base, check out those Harry made for his Dwarves last year for some more inspiration

@ Colonel Haizelhoff: Looking good. I quite like the leopard skin

@ EmperorNorton: I quite like teh skin tone. Maybe finish the model off first to see how it fits with the rest of the model before you redo it?

@ Jonahmaul: Very nice, can't wait to see how this finishes up. Though get cracking on those Druchii, I'm still waiting... :p

@ Arduhn: A bit of a cavalry fixation this month maybe? Can't wait to see them all done

@ Lord Dan: Ooh very nice wings. Was going to say it seemed a bit too big for a harpy, but the next few are from gaunts so it should be ok


12-09-2008, 13:19
LionoftheBegs: Interesting minis youíre painting. Theyíre too flat and shiny for my taste thoughÖ sorry.

@Saulot: No worries, I wasn't too impressed with your models either. Thanks for noticing though.

Lionofthebegs Ė sorry but I donít agree on the thoughts on the minis. What makes them look so glossy? You seem to use gw paintÖ

@ Leonathion: I use GW paints but I also use Glossy Coate as I like shinny minis.

@EmperorNorton: Thanks. I hope this project is liked. Reaper Models have a hand up on GW and an whole army would look awesome.

@Arduhn: These ladies are going to be used for an ancestor army, based on the list of Warriors of Chaos and DoW to cover the short comings of the Chaos list.

@Lord Dan: Thanks for the support!

@Almindale: Yes they are! Thanks for the Support!

@Jimjim: Thanks! I think the parrort is cute too!

Now for today's update:

First up I have the Saurus cold one with Saurus Rider. I'm covered the bone colour with a watered down beastal brown to make it look like muddy and worn instead of new. The saddle has been painted Camo Green, the foot rest has been painted Snakebite Leather. Burnished Gold has been used to paint the metal part, while the part under the Saurus has been painted Brazen Brass. The Saurus itself has been painted beatial brown and as you notice on the foot, a dry brush of yellow has been applied.


I think this is one of my many peices of pride and joy. Its my converted Saurus to feature Lotl Botl a character from 5th edition. He's been painted brown to make up for the mark of pych immunity since thats what's written in the fluff and wil have white scales for harder armour.


The rest can be found at: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=158787

12-09-2008, 14:23
Thanks to all that commented on my stuff so far, to those concerened about me burning out or running out of stuff to paint.
Fear not, I have more than enough Dark Elves and their extra's to keep me going, for starters I have 2 dragons for later on, amongst other things.

Sorry havent had time to keep track of everyones work so I won't be leaving comments this time, suffice to say all thye workthat is flying around at the moment looks amazing, well done to all.

Now onto this months wip.

I have 7 Dark Riders and a mounted sorceress. The mounts are all done as can be seen by the examples below.


Dark riders:


Unit next time.

12-09-2008, 14:53
Thanks to everyone who commented on my Lads and I will try and paint them up to a better standard this time (all one of them). This is the start of my Tyrant who is converted from a Maneater (the empire on). The BIG GAUNTLET as I will now call it is made up of two iron fists, a shield and a gut plate. In the other hand he will have a smaller gauntlet as well as a Cathayan longsword probably a trimmed down sword painted to look pretty.


12-09-2008, 16:09
Ok -here goes the comments- sorry for the spelling and grammar- it was a bit of a battle..

@Harry- once again leading by example- great work, wonderful bases – I am consistently impressed that you paint such quantities to such a high standard mate. Looking forward to seeing you add to these armies.[especially your unit fillers and classic models]. Lizzies are my fav so far- in a favourate child type of way- I like them all.

@derv- nice darkelves- nice clean painting of a classic scheme. Good to see the avatars of war sculpt painted up- I have one myself- definitely have to get her painted after seeing how great yours looks.

@ego ninja- like the blue your using there- very good start- really showing a good quality of painting- will look even more impressive as your army grows

@Colonel Haizelhoff- loving the leopard print standard- looking forward to see you develop your army.

@Wib- yeah go team dwarf!! Love seeing those old thunderers mixed in with the new ones- and you’ve painted them up extremely well- really like the fleshtone you’ve got there. As a first unit they are splendid- keep it up!!

@Braad- great work on Grom- brilliant use of the Avatar of war sculpt- he’s a bit of a beast! Perfect for Grom. Great stuff.

@catferret- snow bases? Just my thing! Nice reapers up to your usual high standard- looking forward to seeing more druchii from you.

@Arhalien- still with us I see :p as I said before- brilliant, brilliant work mate- you’ve really pushed your painting on – looking forward to seeing this army grow over the year.[I take it the sneak peaks have got you sold?]

@Kaine- more dwarfs! Good job- nice muted tones there- very dwarfish and artillery too- looking forward to seeing the warriors to back these bad boys up!

@leonathion- I really like the colour scheme on your saurus- very vivid and really well applied- they really stand out. Excellent work- show me more!

@jimjim- interesting alternative shaman- I like it! Nice paint job too- looking forward to seeing you do the ladz.

@mutant maggot- well you are certainly original! Centigulf!?? Really like your approach- simple and effective conversions well painted- I’m intrigued as to what you will treat us too next month!

@arduhn- very nice elector count- good bright colour palate- looking forward to seing the rest of the army.
- nice work on Lokhir- looking forward to seeing his raiding party expand. Keep it up[and two armies? Fair play to you!]
edit- 3 armies!! A bit keen? Keep it up mate[you’ll keep Harry under pressure]
@Lord Dan- great work on the darkeleves- I especially like the assassin and the coldone conversion is very impressive, as is the freehand banner- Great work & looking forward to more.

@Spikedog- as always mate- loving the work especially as you put such effort into the bases to mirror the great work on the minis. Your army will be a sight to begold- looking forward to seeing more.

@Reik- very imposing chaos warriors- I like the coversions and the way you’ve worked in older elements from the range. Very individual. Good stuff mate- and the basing really adds a lot[I’m taking notes!] Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

@saltpappa- nice to see the old hammerers make an appearance- nice vivid green you’ve got there as well- nicely done. What’s next?

@Tizz- interesting scheme for your corsairs- I like the blue skintones and the bone scale cloaks. Really good mate- looking forward to seeing your army fill out.[ps- good job with the magnets and the champ is one of my fav models- good work on him!]

@Cerion-I like our conversion- simple and effective- gives him a very indiidual orc-y look and nice work painting him.

@huinipachutli- nice steg- liking the bright scheme- interested to see how you apply this across the whole army.

@Emperor Norton- I love that treeman! Good sculpt and a great paintjob- very sinister- makes me think of something out of a Tim Burton movie. Loving the wraiths too- nice scheme well executed. Looking forward to seeing your next offerings

@Redd- brilliant woodies- good scheme wel ececuted and I like the basing- Keep it up!

@Zujara- got through a fair amount of gobbos! Good work they look great[nice to see the old models pop up too].

@magos Explorator-great mage and a good start to an army- keep it up and you’ll have a great looking army. Nice rats too- that grey seer model is brilliant and I like the painting.

@Fluffystuff- outstanding work[puts my skellies to shame!] – I love your painting- it really is a big inspiration for my VC. Looking forward to seeing what you post next.

@andymeechan- old school dark elves – great to see and love the painting- nice scheme- red and green is a bit different and your style is very individual. Really looking forward to seeing more in the same style. Good work!

@lionofthebegs- interesting models- Not familiar with them myself- looks good- nice to see something different.

@BigJon- really loving those ogres- nice skintones and muted metals- keep it up!

@Sharke- nice take on Harkon- really like how you’ve painted him up- looks very agedand decadent.

@Geep-nice blackorcs- looks like they are ready to rumble! Keep it up!

@papadan-those are good, clean empire colours- very appropriate and nice and bright too- these will make an excellent army so make sure you stick with it.

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull- like old times… love the wolf riders- nice combintion of bits – looking forward to that wyvern.

@Nephilim of Sin- the boys look good- like the lighter skintone and white warpaint looks great. Looking forward to your next batch.

@Krzyek- nice looking flagellants- like the muddy cloth and the extra fcial hair!

@GalenArtorius- I’ve said before- great work- your choice and execution of colours is impressive- strong colours but you manage to keep them muted. I’ll not gush too much- just don’t slack off!

@death Korp- purple warriors! And it works! Good work mate- keeping it old school- stick with it.

@sideorderofchips- inventive scheme and you’ve pulled it off rather well. Keep it up mate- nice to see someone take an off the wall approach and make it work.

@nagged-again- interesting approach- but it works really well- really like the heraldry and icons on the shields.

@Mooncow- nice elves there mate-slight twist on a classic schem and the eagle is a nice touch.

@Chicken pig- nice druchii- I really like the combination of DE and WE bitz and that’s a great scheme you’ve picked too.

@bluesabre- great work on the shades- very clean work and good colours- keep it up.

@kris.sherriff- love that freebooter mini- nice choice and well painted. Looking forward to more from your good self.

@Ludwig von Rictoven- interesting use of LoTR mini’s[always thought they where quite nice] –great idea for tombkings and good start to an army.

@Zilgorn_Zeypher – good start- looking forward to seeing him finished

@Zark the damned- nice giant! And one of the old fellas at that! He looks great—especially the skintones. Good start to the project.

@rkunisch- lovely clean tones on those skellies- the colour combinations work realy well- good stuff.

@SuavelyDunn- more lovely skellies- the tombkings are nice and mutted and with the VC I really like the work done on the shields- really makes the unit stand out.

@Niibl- standout post for me- big bess is just wonderful- great conversions and a very effective paint scheme and great basing. Wonderful patination- love the little mermaid and the stripy jumper! More please!

@Ebodine-nice champion- good bright colours. Good start – all he needs now is some back up!

@txamil-love those models- great alternative for minotaurs and very nicely painted- looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

@ampao- really like that hydra- very cold and brutal and good work on the war alter- really good bronze tones.

@Alathir- nice alternative scheme for your highelves- that’s a good strong red- looking forward to more.

@75hastings69- cracking varghulf- love the paler flesh tones- wonderful shading- up to your usual high standards- looking forward to seeing your brets next month.

@fbi_boy- nice skellies- great kit isn’t it? Nice reds too – really getting stuck in- keep it up.

@filie-nice angry goats! Good job on the painting- can’t see any mistakes they look spot on- keep It up.

@sainthale1988-nice ghouls- think I’ll be doing them soon myself and konrad looks pretty rockin’

@Dino- loving those chaos dwarfs- really good conversions and you’ve painted them perfectly- the sorcerer is my favourate. Really looking forward to seeing you do a whole army of these.

@firestorm falcon-nice vamp- don’t be scared of the skellies- they are your friend!

@someone2040-nice pistolers- I like the conversions and that is a great shade of green and good work on the horses.

@fatolaf- love those lizards- the vibrant colours on the scales really set the salamanders off and the eyes on the skinks are great- very lifelike.

@xarius- good start-get ‘em finished!

@danny76- nice knights- armour looks good and contrasts well with the darker tones.

@digital~punk-great work on the dwarfs1 Especially love the slayer’s beard and tattoos and the warriors’ beards are really splendid- Those miners and the cannon are looking promising already.

@Stormcrow-pics are bit pale but the tomb guard still look excellent – the dark blue and gold are a great combination.

@Blagrot Squigbreff- shame the pics aren’t clearer but I really like the colour combination- especially the green hair.

@Knighta- I love the multi-colourer squigs! Brilliant- very much in character and the fanatics are well cool too.- goblins always make me giggle!

@hippo2112- nice simple scheme on the gobbo’s – good start- you should give the washes a go-easy way to add an extra element to your painting- keep it up!

@Benevolent_wyrm- very gothy skellies- nice choice of colours- welcome to warseer and the Tale- looking forward to your next posts.

@Doi- good work buddy[beat me to the post to!]! Love the goblin swinging from his mount and the musician with the bandaged nose and the pale wolves contrast really well with the green of the goblins[plus winter schemes are the best!].

@Prince Sarion- red/orange elves? Not seen that before- they look good- that’s a fair amount of pointy ears for a months work- keep it up!

@Frgt/10- very dark and doom laiden VC – splendid start- they will look very menacing as a whole army.

@Darnok- zombie pirates! Great theme and I like how you’ve started- the ogre in particular is nice touch and adds a lot to the unit. Good work on the bloated corpses and the cannon crew as well- only thing I’d add would be the odd bit of detail to the bases- shells maybe and a bit of rust to the metals[says the lazy git when it comes to basing..]. Looking forward to the next instalment from the deep!

@Math Mathonwy- fair play to you for battling through building that sucker- big metals can be a pain- he looks good- I’d be well happy with that- the metals are really nice tone to- aged bronze. Good work and stick at it.

@Saulot- like the contrast of the pale skinks and the green creatures pulled together with the yellow scales- works really well. The jungle bases look like you put a bit of work in- especially good work on the pools. Nice start- gonna be a great army!

@kraal_Lord_Of_Blood- those guys are well creepy! Especially that guy with the big tattoo- the red/black/white combo works really well- very interesting take on vamps I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.
@Count Sinister- oh that’s too bad mate- hope you get your shoulder sorted soon and come back and join us- really looking forward to seeing your painting. Get better soon.

@BDJV- oh that sounds nasty mate- hope you are in better shape soon – for now enjoy the pain killers! Take it easy hope your back in action ASAP[and pain free].

@Dead orc- loving the greens on those dwarfs- they look very coherent –nice mix of minis- really well done- looking forward to seeing your hold expand.
-Love the Autumn themed woodies- the bright flashes of Autumnal colours work really well- lifts them from the muted browns- think they will shine even more when you get the bases finished.
-and the ogres- great- love the yellow brick road bases[sorry couldn’t resist!]- you could have the noblars as umpalumpas.. ok I’ll stop- seriously good work the grey skin looks great – nice unit and really hats off to you for going 3 armies very well. Very very impressive mate[and sorry for taking the P on your ogre bases]

@boosterburn-brilliant ogres- again the grey skintones are very impressive- looking forward to the tattoos –they will really set the models off. The gnoblars look fine[despite the pic]- keep it up!

@Scott-nice DE- really like the cloaks-the dragon cloak is a nice contrast to the rest- looking forward to seeing them based when you figure that out- good start!

@Almindale—BRILLIANT woodies- really like the bright spring colours and the basing is superb – really great work- your army is going to be exceptional.

@CactusCheff- lovely daemonettes- great models and you’ve painted them realy well- I like the punk green hair and off course a soft spot for snow bases- well done and keep it up.[all the best people post late..]

@nathonicus-nice templeguard and very unique bases- that’s what I call a heavy weight unit! Liking your post for spetember already- the wee dino’s are brilliant- keep it up.

@Fenix Felder- brilliant work on the NMM- those dwarfs are beautiful[well as beautiful as dwarfs get!]The grey metals look awesome- very dwarfy- looking forward to seeing the throng develop- very good work sir!

Right, hope i didn't miss anyone- I'll reply to some of the comments and comment on the WIP pics soon but I really need a lie down now!

12-09-2008, 16:19
Oh and a quick teaser-


He's in my log- comments would be appreciated- he is WIP and needs his base done.. I have a few plans...

More soon,

Stu out.

@bluesabre- really nice tones on your darkelves- especially the sorceress- she looks great.

@Lord Dan- THAT is a harpy?? definitely a big moma! looks great[and I'll possibly pinch that idea for plastic gargs myself..]- looking forward to seeing her mates.

@Lionofthebegs- good start there with the lizzies- keep it up.

12-09-2008, 16:38
Now for today's update:

First up I have the Saurus cold one with Saurus Rider.

So are you doing Lizardmen as a second army for the Tale then? Otherwise I have to say that this is not an expansion of your plog, and the Lizzies should stay there.

12-09-2008, 17:27
Hehe, thanks all. Been living in internetsfreeland for awhile.

My plans for the bases will probably be sand + flock, since i'm rubbish at anything else than stock value modelling.

And for what i've been working on this month:

He still needs abit of fixing here and there but he's pretty much done.




12-09-2008, 18:21
FatOlaf: Gorgeous paint job! The eyes are very well done! Those Salamander scales are also very imaginative! I love it! The Skinkís crests are also very well done! Great job! Canít wait to see more of your army!

Thanks a lot, really inspires me to continue with comments like that..

FatOlaf - Nice set of miniatures.
They look a bit toylike to me but if you keep this standard up for the whole army it will be great looking.
(BTW, I love the eyes-the salamanders look as if they are goig to eat the skinks any minute and the skinks look as if they haven't slept for a month because of this.)

Well they are toys fella..;)
But yes that was the look I went for, was hoping to try some scorch marks, will go back later and give that a go..

FatOlaf Ė I like tham a lot, the eyes are great, as you already pointed out! Iím not to fond of the big foliage, cut it down and make it smaller IMO.

FatOlaf- Salamanders look great. Love the use of the plants, which work so well with lizzies.

See some people like them, some not, I will vary the height and amount in the army, giving it hopefully a good overall look..

@fatolaf- love those lizards- the vibrant colours on the scales really set the salamanders off and the eyes on the skinks are great- very lifelike.

For starters, Liking the ghoul, look forward to the finished unit..

and thanks for the praise mate, your continued posts in my PLOG are a great incentive.. Bats are coming along nicely by the way, will hopefully get some pics up this wknd if i can squeeze it in between work and a 4 way battle on Sunday...

12-09-2008, 19:49
So are you doing Lizardmen as a second army for the Tale then? Otherwise I have to say that this is not an expansion of your plog, and the Lizzies should stay there.

Yes, this is my second army. Shouldn't that be obvious? I know you have a problem with my painting, but guess what, I haven't attacked anyone so far nor have I looked down upon them, so how about not hounding me for some sort of insult I might have done to you?

12-09-2008, 19:57
*Strolls in about two weeks late whistling*

Well here I am, with pics and everything! I'm sorry that I'm so late in putting up my pics but I had big internet/ computer/ camera problems. The painting itself was a bit of a challenge but looking through the great work posted so far has given me lots of renewed motivation.

There's no chance that I can comment on everyones stuff but I'd like to say that everyone is doing a bang up job. I'll post a bit latter and be a little more specific to those painters who are in my groups. So without further ado here's my Beastmen:

BACKGROUND / THEME: A brutal, cold, dark and blood soaked beast heard. This is a raiding force thatís quick, mobile and hits like a train. There will be slaves, sacrifices and did I mention blood?

BUILD / CONVERSION: The Herd command where built as normal but I stuck the shields to their backs. This was mainly a modelling opportunity as I think they look cool but it also allows me a little flexibility if I ever want them to have shields. This actually turned out to be a little harder than I first though as I had to chop of their hair to get the shield to lay flat and then had to sculpt some replacement hair.

PAINTING: I love GW washes! I love GW washes! I used a white undercoat. The skin is Bestial brown washed then highlighted, the Bone white washed and highlighted and the blood was done with inks

BASES: The bases are a mix of MIG pigments, baking soda and inky blood.

STILL TO DO: The little skulls on the top of the standard and on the captainís shield.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The aforementioned GS work with the hair and the shields was a bit of a low considering Iíve done another 20 Beastmen on top of this so I donít have to do it month on month. The high for me is when everythingís base coated and that first full wash of Devlan mud is applied and you really see the model coming together.





12-09-2008, 20:00
And my Lizardmen:

BACKGROUND / THEME: Vanilla Lizardmen with a little bit of everything.

BUILD / CONVERSION: No conversions of note, everything was pretty straight forward.

PAINTING: White undercoat, Enchanted blue base-coat and gore red fins and shields. Washed and highlighted.

BASES: Nothing special, just classic dry-brushed with a blob of flock.

STILL TO DO: Pretty much done but I’m tempted by those brass plants for the bases.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Doing 21 models and still not really hitting the point value needed is a little demoralising but then Lizardmen have big-ass point sinks and I plan to do my Slann next month.





12-09-2008, 20:29
Yes, this is my second army. Shouldn't that be obvious? I know you have a problem with my painting, but guess what, I haven't attacked anyone so far nor have I looked down upon them, so how about not hounding me for some sort of insult I might have done to you?
Please don't bring that here. (Either of you).

A simple "Yes, this is my second army" would have been fine.

12-09-2008, 20:36
Yes, this is my second army. Shouldn't that be obvious? I know you have a problem with my painting, but guess what, I haven't attacked anyone so far nor have I looked down upon them, so how about not hounding me for some sort of insult I might have done to you?

A simple "Harry, I'd like to add another army to the Tale, namely Lizardmen" would have done the trick. I really don't know why you're so agressive here. :eyebrows:

12-09-2008, 20:58
I'm serious.

Both of you pack it up NOW or I will remove all your posts from the Tale.

Take it to PM

This is where I come to get away from this nonsence.

No more posts about this.

12-09-2008, 21:04
@Hollopoint- wow! Beautiful work on both armies! Really like the beasts standard, nice muted colours on the furs and leather- obviously really like the snow bases.. And the lizards look great- strong, vibrant colours contrasting well with the pale tones of the weapons and spine scales.

@Fatolaf- no probs mate- I like your stuff and glad you like the ghoul- hoping to have 5 done this weekend. Haven't got the hang of the zombies yet- my testers aren't really grabbing me- but I think I'll maybe go for frozen corpses- that's how I plan on doing the corpsecart. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

@filie- beastlord is looking good- dark, earthy and bloody- looking forward to seeing him based.

Lord Dan
12-09-2008, 21:09
Hollopoint (Beastmen): More blood! :) I love the yellows you've used. They give the army a very earthy feel, but don't wash them out at all. That Lord is probably the best I've ever seen the model painted. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of your "Train".

Hollopoint (Lizardmen): More blood! AHHH!!! No, I'm kidding. The blue is extremely well done, and I admire the tan scales you added to their backs. (I'm so used to 2-colored skinks that 3-colored ones is just a sight to behold)

12-09-2008, 21:18
Two I missed
@Jonahmaul- nice big lizard to kick things off with- looking forward to seeing your dark elves mate.
@Genic - nice pair of gobbo heros- I especially like the shaman -brilliant- made me laugh- keep posting!

12-09-2008, 21:54
Wow, out on vacation for two weeks, and already so much I missed...
Here's some of my comments:

@ Leonathion
Really great stuff you got there. They caught my eye right away!

@ fluffystuff
I think yours are my favourite this month! Why? Dunno, they just look awesome!

@ Everyone who commented on my stuff
Thanks for the good comments, also for the more constructive ones. I'll surely try to keep them in mind. Got to say though that my current level of painting takes a hell of a lot of my time. I'm a slow painter... But hey, you'll never know!

@ Everyone else
So much amazing work! I really enjoyed looking at this months results.

@ Specifically my fellow greenskin painters
Keep 'm coming, boyz! Lets show those stunties/humies/whateveries that there's really more were we came from!

Also, next month more AOW. I'm gonna paint the orc shaman. Hopefully a nice WIP pic by the end of this weekend.

13-09-2008, 00:54
Hello all,

Obviously i will be jokering for this one:


but ive started on some stuff which will be done for next months deadline. I have switched armies to Tomb Kings as long as Harry doesnt object (dont see why he would). Everyone stuff looks great, i look forward to seeing more from everyone.

Lord Dan
13-09-2008, 03:03
Can we sell our jokers to people? I could get rich off of this! ;)

13-09-2008, 03:59
Thanks for the comments on my work people, I'm looking forward to posting more.

Oh and Harry, a friend of mine on this board, kroq'gar, would very much like to join this tale, he will be painting Lizardmen.

13-09-2008, 05:56
@Lord Dan
Whoa! Big momma lives! If you were going for "imposing" I think you got it!

Glad to see those Lizzies! Great paint job on those blue scales! So neat! Wish I could be more patient like that... (BTW, could you please share what colours you used on those weapons? I think I'm gonna outright copy them! hehehe)

Thanks for posting those links! Amazing painters! Good thing I speak a little Spanish! :D

@Everyone who commented on my stuff
Thanks for the feedback! It's really appreciated! (Colonel Haizelhoff.... you make me blush. :p) Bases are quite easy. Followed Monsterzonk's brief tutorial on his plog (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=136682&page=2). I was just careful to choose the right plants for that tropical jungle feel (which shall remain unpainted, sorry Leonathion, it's just too much work. :p)

I'll post an updated summary of month 1 performance at the end of the month to capture everyone's post. :)

13-09-2008, 06:53
Okay, time for page 5, and if that's short enough maybe page 6 and more, but first I will reply to the comments since my last big post. :)

@Leonathion - More highlights is certainly possible. I still use some of the older inks, so that would explain the gloss, and the camera/lighting adds a bit too. I do need to get some matt varnish though. And you are definitely right about the scales on Fellheart, they need more highlights. Thanks for the constructive criticisms, and of course for the compliments.

@Knighta - thanks for the comments, I am very glad you like my stuff.

@Doi - you know it! My only regret is that the Empire knights aren't ready, then I could have done all knight units, but as it is, I am doing all special cavalry units, so that works, and I don't regret getting to work on the pistoliers.

@LionoftheBegs - hopefully the new army book in November will be better than that get-you-by list, well, it sounds like it will be anyway.

@silverstu - Thanks, I try, hehe. I am a bit keen, yes, I have these three armies just lying around and I feel remiss if I don't put some paint on them to try to do justice to the wonderfully sculpted things. When I am done this project, I will have made a dent in my collection...maybe 1/4, or 1/5 of what I have. I don't know if anyone will match Harry, both in terms of the volume of stuff he gets painted every month, and the amount of stuff he has period. He takes the pie (cake).

Alright, now for page 5:

@someone2040 - I really like the witch hunter theme for an empire army. I notice some of the tabs aren't primed, do you use a brush on primer? I like the conversions, that pistol/sword is so cool! It's great to see it get used. Painting looks solid so far, I would like to see a more close up picture, but it's all good. Keep up the good work!

@FatOlaf - nice, colourful lizardmen, and the bases really capture the jungle look. With this kind of start, I can't wait to see the army as a whole!

@Danny76 - A bit blurry and dark, but looks good so far, I like the mix of panther and reiksguard heads.

@Digital~Punk - Nice Dwarfs! I like the slayer, and the unit looks pretty good too. I love seeing those textured movement trays. One worry I have is that you have the unit in ranks of 4. I assume however that the extra room on there means you will be turning the unit, and having it 5 by 4.

@StormCrow - I am loving that purple and gold scheme on the Tomb Guard. The archers look okay, but a bit dull. That is partly due to the picture quality though. No real complaints though, the basic-ness of the archers will help the Tomb Guard stand out even more.

@Blagrot Squigbreff - these look like they are well done, but it's hard to tell because of the blurry pictures. Hope you get the camera focus sorted out. I feel your pain, I recently got a better camera, and before that, I could never get my old one to focus on what I wanted it to.

@Knighta - hehe, night goblins never cease to bring a smile to my face. I like the colourful squigs, and the giant squig guy is one of my favourite O+G models. Keep up the fun inducing/good work.

@hippo2112 - Not bad, but I think the shading could use a bit of work. The metal could use a bit of black ink, and the cloaks look a little grey, but I won't fault you on that, cause I always have trouble shading black without making it look grey. Just keep painting and you will improve with time. It's good, tabletop quality at this point, and it will only go up.

@Benevolent_wyrm - The pictures are a bit hard to see, but from what I can see, the unit looks not quite finished. The banner needs some paint, and the shields could use something on them. The banner is the main bit. Other than that they look alright.

@Doi - I love the wolf hordes. The snow bases look pretty good, and the shading on the goblins is especially nice. Overall a well painted unit (horde). The wolves could use a bit of variation and a bit more contrast in their fur. I love the musician conversion!

@Prince Sairion - Picture quality's not the best, but not too bad. The painting looks great, and the colours you chose work well together and with the base scheme. The bases are very well done. The banner needs something on it, as you know, but I can't fault you for not getting it done, as my freehand skills are non-existent. Can't wait to see more!

13-09-2008, 07:27
Might as well keep going with page 6

@Frgt/10 - Nice looking skeleton unit. I would like to see something on the banner, and some of the helms are still black, which is okay, but I think they look better the other way. The shield icons are well painted in the bone colours, but I think they might have looked better in a metal colour, like brass/bronze. Although I really like the new skeletons, you have shown that the older ones still look great. The wolves look good too.

@Darnok - Ach, Berlin, meine Lieblingstadt Europas! Ich war dreimal dort, und ich glaub ich hab mein Herz hintergelassen.

Anyways, I have to be honest, I think that shade of green is a bit too vibrant for zombies; however, they are very nicely painted. I really like the bases too, and the movement tray looks like it's shaping up nicely. I like the idea of the ogre for a unit filler, and the cannon looks great! I especially like the paint job on the cannon crew's clothing.

@Math Mathonwy - Nice work on the herald of khorne. I would like to see more of the banner. I feel your pain on the assembly side. My roomate got superglue all over my clamp gluing one of these guys together. :(

@Saulot - Great start on your Lizardmen. I can see you put a lot of effort into the basing, and it's paying off! The painting is very well done as well, and I like your choice of colours. I think the aquarium plants should have been painted as it kind of looks like mixing mediums, but that's a small compaint really.

@Kraal_Lord_Of_Bl - Nice conversion for the vampire. Solid paint job, and I like the theme. Can't wait to see more.

@Dead orc - Nice looking dwarfs, as I said in the wip thread. I like the addition of the classic model.
When I get time i'll paint the bases on these guys as rocky I think. This gave me a funny mental picture, haha. *music from the rocky movies starts playing, Dead orc comes in, dressed as rocky, tries to pick up a paint brush in his boxing gloves, sighs* "maybe I won't do tham as rocky." ;) ...it's far too late to be posting for me I think, just about time for bed.

The wood elves and ogres look great too! Welcome to the three armies club. The basing on the ogres is unique. I haven't read through all the comments, but I am sure someone has already said it, so I will avoid the obvious Wizard of Oz reference.

@boosterburn - Nice looking ogres, very well painted. I love those gnoblar models, and you have certainly done them justice. The bases are simple but effective. Great look overall, keep it up.

@Scott - Nice start on the dark elves. They do look a bit dark, but I suppose that's as it should be. My only advice would be to paint the folds of the cloaks purple as well as the edges, and try to blend the purple into the black a bit more.

Now that it's into the comments from page 6 onwards, my next post I will incorporate all the new armies from after page 6 into one post...tomorrow, I'm off to bed for now!