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31-08-2008, 21:17
Please read this post before replying!

Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the fifrst 2008 Tale of 40K Painters monthly update extravaganza!

For those of you who don’t know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155584). For those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in the last month. Over the next seven days, participants in the Tale should post the work they have done over the last month.

Please don't post anything else in this thread until the 8th of September! Feedback, quetions and so on shoul be posted in the current working thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155584).

For your official monthly post, please try to follow the following guidelines.

You should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit. Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW don’t like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators. If you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted, and of the army as a whole. Photos should be cropped or resized to around 1000 by 1000 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesn’t take too long to load.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc., and any additional photos you wish to show (although try to avoid mulitple posting if it's not necessary). Also, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread can give you some feedback if they want to.

Feel free to use this post (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1870139&postcount=11) as a template for your update.

If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next seven days, then you will automatically count as having jokered November.

Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work!

Sam (McMullet)


So far we have:

188 Armies
(of which 174 are 40K, 9 are Epic and 5 are BFG)
329002 points signed up (if everyone who hasn't comfirmed paints 1500).

This month we painted 17846 points and played 107 jokers.

145 Paint 1 army
17 Paint 2 armies
3 Paint 3 armies
165 Painters in total

By Faction:
23 Chaos Space Marines
12 Daemons
1 Dark Eldar
13 Eldar
17 Imperial Guard
1 Imperial Knights
3 Imperial Navy
10 Inquisition
5 Lost and the Damned
4 Necrons
18 Orks
55 Space Marines
2 Squats
7 Tau Empire
8 Tyranids

And here they are! If you aren't on this list but either should be (i.e., I've missed you off) or want to be (you haven't joined yet), just let me know!

NOTE: If you haven't decided/told me how many points you're planning on doing over the year, I have put down 1500 for the moment. If you want to change this then PM me or post in the thread.

[Glory]Jelmie : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
AdmiralGrave : 40K Tau - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Aenarion : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1500) Month #1: 225
aenimosity : 40K Tau - (1500) Month #1: 200
agio65 : 40K Daemons - (expansion) (2000) Month #1: 374
agio65 : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Almindale : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: 110
Anodyr : 40K Lost and the Damned - Slaaneshi (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Azarkhel : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (1500) Month #1: JOKER
azhagmorglum : 40K Tyranids - (1500) Month #1: JOKER
Badgobbla : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1500) Month #1: 235
Baron_Konrad : 40K Space Marines - Black Templars (3000) Month #1: NO SHOW
bassmasterliam : 40K Imperial Guard - Traitor Guard, that is (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Ben : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Blagrot Squigbreff : 40K Tyranids - (1500) Month #1: 162
BLARGAG!!! : 40K Imperial Guard - (2000) Month #1: 650
blazed99 : 40K Necrons - (2000) Month #1: 180
bloodsbane : 40K Orks - (1500) Month #1: 160
burtnernie : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Dark Angels/Chaos Pirates (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Caelas : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Caelas : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Captain Ardias : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters (1500) Month #1: JOKER
Catferret : 40K Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: 200
Chicken Pig : 40K Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: 200
Chicken_Funk : 40K Orks - (1500) Month #1: 172
Chris_Tzeentch : 40K Orks - Blood Axes (1500) Month #1:
chrismisterx : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Colonel Haizelhoff : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised Mordians (1000) Month #1: 93
Coolhand : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Copella : 40K Inquisition - Sisters of Battle with Imperial Guard allies (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Copella : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Cypher, the Emperor : 40K Space Marines - Crimson Fists (1850) Month #1: NO SHOW
Damokles : 40K Imperial Guard - and Space Wolves (1500) Month #1: 322
Danny76 : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: 0JK
DarkstarSabre : 40K Tyranids - Hive Fleet Nemesis (2000) Month #1: 165
darkstonelich : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: 0JK
Darnok : 40K Daemons - (1000) Month #1: 177
dave is the best : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Dazed and Confused : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Dead orc : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (1500) Month #1: JOKER
Death Korp : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: JOKER
derv : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: 85
devolutionary : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Discord : BFG Imperial Navy - (2000) Month #1: 180
Discord : BFG Chaos - (2000) Month #1: 180
Discord : Epic Orks - (4000) Month #1: 350
Doctor P : 40K Tau Empire - (1850) Month #1: 190
Drakemaster : Epic Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons (4000) Month #1: 415
Earthbeard : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard (3000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Earthbeard : 40K Squats - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Earthbeard : 40K Lost and the Damned - (2000) Month #1: 245
Eckshale : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Slaanesh (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Edzard : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (1500) Month #1: JOKER
Enlightened : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1st company (1500) Month #1: 120
Ethriel : 40K Imperial Guard - ith Witch Hunter allies (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Extension : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
fengor : 40K Eldar - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Fenriz : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: 205
Fle : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (2000) Month #1: 200
fluffystuff : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: 225
frahill : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels or Black Templars (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Fredmans : Epic Tyranids - (5000) Month #1: 500
Fredmans : Epic Imperial Guard - Steel Legion (5000) Month #1: 500
Frep : BFG Imperial Navy - (2000) Month #1: ?
Frep : 40K Dark Eldar - (1500) Month #1: ?
G.Hawke : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (1500) Month #1: 100
G.Hawke : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Lost and the Damned (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Geratsu : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
give_me_a_d : 40K Daemons - (1500) Month #1: JOKER
Gralph!?! : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Green Grot : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
greyseer : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Hauk : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: 216
Hawkmoon : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Häxjägare : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: 240
Hena : Epic Lost and the Damned - (3000) Month #1: JOKER
Hespithe : 40K Necrons - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Hollopoint : 40K Tau - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
IceWind : 40K Imperial Guard - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Imus : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: JOKER
Jim : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters (1500) Month #1: 210
jme : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Jonahmaul : 40K Tau Empire - (1500) Month #1: 120
jpobrich : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1500) Month #1: 245
jullevi : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
kammek : 40K Orks - (1750) Month #1: 222
Keadaen : 40K Space Marines - Silver Skulls (1000) Month #1: JOKER
kenny3760 : 40K Daemons - (1500) Month #1: 170
Keofoxglove : 40K Tau Empire - Kroot (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Khrangar : 40K Space Marines - The Emperor's Word (1000) Month #1: JOKER
Knighta : 40K Inquisition - Daemonhunters (1500) Month #1: 160
kris.sherriff : 40K Tau - Kroot heavy (1500) Month #1: 126
Kroot Lord : 40K Inquisition - Sisters of Battle (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Krootman : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Lame Duck : 40K Space Marines - (1000) Month #1: JOKER
Lardidar : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Laurela : 40K Necrons - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Lavieth : 40K Inquisition - Grey Knights (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
LemonPotato : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: JOKER
liamrob : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
LionoftheBegs : 40K Imperial Guard - The Desu Brigade (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
LionoftheBegs : 40K Inquisition - Legion of Ecchi Sisters of Battle (1500) Month #1: 177
lonepilgrim : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (2000) Month #1: 190
lord marcus : 40K Tau - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
LordKhaine : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Deathguard (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
loyalist42 : 40K Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
loyalist42 : 40K Imperial Guard - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Magos Explorator : 40K Imperial Guard - (1000) Month #1: 100
malkkis : Epic Eldar - (3000) Month #1: JOKER
Max Keeren : 40K Eldar - (1000) Month #1: 115
McMullet : Epic Orks - (4000) Month #1: JOKER
meneptah : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Slaanesh (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Metaphorazine : 40K Orks - (1500) Month #1: 167
meta-ridley : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1500) Month #1: JOKER
MIGHTYPanhead : 40K Salamanders or Tyranids - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Mikari : 40K Tyranids - Genestealer Cult (2000) Month #1: JOKER
MistaGav : 40K Tau - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
MistaGav : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
misterboff : 40K Orks - Deathskulls (2000) Month #1: 167
mochi-kun : 40K Eldar - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Mr Feral : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Alpha Legion (1500) Month #1: 105
Mr. Shine : 40K Inquisition - Grey Knights (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
mrsurgeon : Epic Space Marines - Ultramarines (4000) Month #1: 400
nkicik : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Norsehawk : 40K Daemons - (1500) Month #1: 149
Norsehawk : 40K Space Marines - (2500) Month #1: 255
Norsehawk : 40K Tau Empire - (2000) Month #1: 175
Ocid : 40K Space Marines - Fleshtearers (1500) Month #1: JOKER
olean : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1500) Month #1: 240
Overt_Spy : 40K Tau Empire - (2000) Month #1: 210
Overt_Spy : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1000) Month #1: 145
Parthon : BFG Tau - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
penguin663 : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Night Lords (1500) Month #1: 205
Pite : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1200) Month #1: 130
plantagenet : 40K Space Marines - Imperial Fists (1500) Month #1: 130
Playwithbob : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels-based (2000) Month #1: 335
Rabid Monkey : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines, with Imperial Guard allies (2000) Month #1: 504
Radish : 40K Space Marines - Brotherhood of Infallible Iron (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Raka : 40K Space Marines - Deathwing (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Rasmus81 : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: JOKER
razormasticator : 40K Imperial Guard - (2000) Month #1: 215
ReaperOfSouls : 40K Tyranids - (2000) Month #1: 210
red/winter : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Romanus : 40K Imperial Guard - Elysian Drop Troopers (1000) Month #1: 231
sainthale1988 : 40K Imperial Guard - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Scott : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: 528
Shadowphrakt : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Shadowphrakt : 40K Space Marines - Deathwing (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Shaman Monk : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Sheena Easton : 40K Orks - Deathskulls (1000) Month #1: JOKER
ShotAtDawn : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
sigur : 40K Orks - from back when they were "Space Orks" (2000) Month #1: 214
sir.spamalot : 40K Inquisition - Sisters of Battle (1751) Month #1: NO SHOW
skidrow : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
skott4991 : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (2000) Month #1: 250
Slaaaaaanesh : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Solun Decius : 40K Tyranids - Genestealer infestation (1500) Month #1: 133
Somnicide : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
SonofUltramar : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1st company (1500) Month #1: 130
spikyjames : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: 280
ssorck : 40K Lost and the Damned - Slaanesh/Slaaneshi Daemons (1000) Month #1: 240
susu.exp : 40K Squats - Varyngr (1500) Month #1: JOKER
susu.exp : 40K Imperial Knights - (5000) Month #1: JOKER
swifty2 : 40K Space Marines - Imperial or Crimson Fists (1500) Month #1: 450
syrme : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Tarsus : 40K Necrons - (2000) Month #1: 156
Tarsus : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised (2000) Month #1: 205
Tatanka : 40K Space Marines - Angels of Redemption (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Tatanka : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
tehgeist : 40K Orks - (2000) Month #1: 235
TeldurUK : 40K Imperial Guard - Including Inquisitor (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Temozarela : 40K Lost and the Damned - Mutant Freedom Fighters (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
The boyz : Epic Space Marines - Blood Angels (4000) Month #1: 400
tortoise : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1750) Month #1: NO SHOW
TwoKingMick : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Black Legion (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Verfallen : 40K Daemons - (maybe) (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Verfallen : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Vimes : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: JOKER
VoicelessFlu : 40K Tau Empire - (1851) Month #1: JOKER
Voltaire : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Red Corsairs (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Voltaire : 40K Orks - Speed Freaks (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW
Waddle Dee : 40K Orks - (1500) Month #1: JOKER
warflag : 40K Orks - Mad Max/Heavy Metal theme (1500) Month #1: 140
WickedClown : 40K Space Marines - Scythes of the Emperor (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Wise Guy Sam : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW
wotsnik : BFG Imperial Navy - and Eldar (3000) Month #1: NO SHOW
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Daemons - (1000) Month #1: 240
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders (2000) Month #1: 200
Zilgorn_Zeypher : 40K Imperial Guard - (3000) Month #1: 500
Zujara : 40K Tyranids - (1500) Month #1: 155

31-08-2008, 21:20
First from me: A joker. Didn't quite manage to finish the Orks before I went on holiday.


31-08-2008, 21:32
Second from me: Aproxy post from mrsurgeon who is unable to access Warseer at the moment. I can't speak for his highs and lows, but he's painted an Epic Space Marine Tactical Detachment with the Supreme Commander upgrade and Rhino transports, for 400 points.




31-08-2008, 21:39
Tsk tsk. Sounds like it's up to someone else to proudly wave the banner of the Epic orks. That said, here's a big mob of goffs, 350 points worth of the little blighters. Yeah, I painted some crud on every single banner, that's forty little freehands total. Some might not show up too well in the picture due to the red/black combo, and these guys being really small. Mostly bull horns, grim jaws and a few checkers (those can drive a man insane). All in all, painting these was pretty fun. Didn't take too long, but I liked being able to take my time and not rush.


And another view of the horde...


Here's a carnage class cruiser for chaos and a lunar class cruiser for the imperial navy, too. 180 points each. Starting out with useful ships that won't be left on the shelf too often (I hope).



31-08-2008, 22:03
Here's some 40K stuff from me.

Tau Empire - D'Yanoi Sept

12 Firewarriors - 11 Shas'la, 1 Shas'ui all armed with pulse rifles
Transported by a Devilfish Troop Carrier w/ 2 gun drones and a burst cannon.

Point total: 210 Pts

The whole enchilada, as they say:
Just the walking fishes (the FW closest to the camera is a little fidgety hence the blur):
The floating fish, and the drones:

Good times painting these guys, after the first two, I really found a rhythm for painting, so they infantry didn't give me a whole lotta trouble. The Devilfish was an experience though, it being my first vehicle ever. I'm happy with the turnout, just wish I could've made the doors work, but alas, forever shut they shall be.

Waddle Dee
31-08-2008, 22:05
Yeah, real life got in the way i'm afraid, hopefully i'll do better next month...

31-08-2008, 22:16
First squad!

Weapon config is wrong from the endlist, but I had a neat idea I had to try and finished it with this bunch instead!

10 Chaos Space Marines
Icon of Khorne. AC: Power Weapon. Flamer and Plasma gun on the picture, but the flamer fella will go and in comes the Lascannon later. Flamer fella will be in the second squad and I still have the rhinos to do, but will launch them in now and then to bump my points up!

Aprox 240p, will try and keep it as close to 200 each months as I can.





31-08-2008, 22:17
Here is mine

Orks - Bad Moons

19 Boyz one Nob with powerklaw (155) and a Big Mek mit forcefield (85)
total (235)

group pic

Big Mek

At first painting the boyz was fun, really but then it was hard to pull of. :)

Next month I am going to do things easy by only painting one Big Mek with SAG and a Deffdread.
I do not have the whole army figured out but it will contain one more deffdread, some killa kans and flash gitz. Everything entertaining and ramshackeld

best regards

31-08-2008, 22:17
Force: Brotherhood of Steel (Dark Angel successor Space Marines)
Background/Theme: Mechanised strike force. Army inspiration from the Fallout games.
Unit: 10 Squires (Scouts) with a mix of weaponry
Points: 200
Build/Conversion: Combination of sniper/regular scout parts plus a little GS here and there.
Painting: Desert camo, khaki fatigues, BoS Grey armour (4:1 Graveyard Earth:Shadow Grey mix).
Basing: Sand, wire mesh, pits of plasticard, dead grass (added after the pics were taken)
Still to do: Squad/Company/Chapter markings
Highs/Lows: n/a
Total points: 200/2000


WiP pics are available in my log.

31-08-2008, 22:18
Gonna have to be a joker from me. Been getting ready for Uni. and buying components for an uber awesome PC.


Also, not sure how much time I'll have to paint and make stuff so don't hold out for stuff from me.


31-08-2008, 22:38
This month ill be submitting a Landraider, straight out of the box build painted mechrite red and highlighted with blazing orange.

Points so far - 250/2000



Sorry about the bluryness.

Lame Duck
31-08-2008, 23:00
A joker as planned from me, but I do have some stuff on the way.

Solun Decius
31-08-2008, 23:05
1500 pts. Genestealer Infestation

I'm not quite painting whole units here.
There will be 2 main types of stealers in the army, regular ones with no upgrades and ones with ext. carapace and flesh hooks, some of which will also have the scuttlers upgrade or toxin sacs.
They'll all be in 8 to 10 stealer units. There will only be 7 units in the army so I'll have to split the units up for the 12 month tale.

This month I have done one of the more expensive stealers and 7 of the regular ones. I just put them all in the same photos, at least for this month.


1 genestealer, ext. carapace, flesh hooks: 21 pts. (enough models in unit will have actual flesh hooks showing)
7 genestealers: 112 pts.
total: 133 pts.


I meant to get another one of the blue patterned ones finished this month and reach 150 pts but it doesn't really matter. I hope I can have updates all 12 months rather than 10 of them, so I'm allright with being a bit under 10%.

Magos Explorator
31-08-2008, 23:06
First off, my Imperial Guard. The plan's to paint 1000 points this year; I need to get hold of a few models but am sadly having a few issues on a trade, which has held up painting and gaming a little. But I did manage to get a ~100 Command HQ finished:


(The Commissar, vox-caster and medic were previously posted but the rest is new. The Commissar was the first or second model I finished after a 5-year break from the hobby.)

I'm fairly pleased with how they all turned out, although the Senior Officer's face was fiddly to sculpt. The standard bearer is likewise a little prone to falling over and chipping. I've gone for a largely brown palette to match the terrain on the bases. Fluff-wise, they're going to be an Imperial Army contingent to go alongside my pre-Heresy Space Marines. None of the models are converted because I liked all the sculpts as-is; the psyker is a 2nd Edition model, painted in purple to echo the colours of that time. I also tinted his flesh with purple to make him look a little 'different' from a regular human.

31-08-2008, 23:09
Army: Tyranids

Units: 15 Spinegaunts and Deathleaper used as a regular Lictor

Points so Far: 155/1500

Painting: Sprayed white, then based with Iyanden Darksun then drybrushed with Golden Yellow then a light brush of Sunburst yellow, then washed with Gryphonne Sepia and highlighted with Sunburst Yellow. Carapace done with Vermin Brown washed with Badab Black then highlighted with Vermin Brown.

Basing: Vermin brown, then glued on modelling sand and brown inked it. Drybrushed on Bestial Brown, Vermin Brown then some highlights with Snakebite Leather. Stuck some static grass in a few places as well.


31-08-2008, 23:12
ORKS ( total 1000 points, or more if I can manage it )


UNIT: HQ Ghazghkull Thraka

BACKGROUND/THEME: A mixture of various ork clans, united by the 'ardest ork of all time. He will eventually be backed up by 5 mega-nobz and a host of green skins.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I repositioned his twin-linked shootas to point forwards ( they look daft pointing at the ground ), and extented the cabling with a piece of brass wire. His power-klaw fell off after undercoating and had to be double pinned in the end.

PAINTING: Took some time. His iron jaw was added after his face was completed, and his power-klaw was re-attached after his torso was completed.

BASING: Pinned to a few pieces of slate from the garden centre :rolleyes: Base edges painted dark angels green ( I think it's the best edge colour) Dull-coated to take the shine off and to give the metals a really old and worn look.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Low point was having his arm fall off . High point was the copper pipe-work looking spot-on. ( Base of scorched brown/shining gold, then add more gold and finally add a bit of mithril silver for the edges. Then 2 washes of Gryphonne Sepia )

POINTS: 225 , which is 125 over my original target. That gives me a bit of breathing space to knock out a load of boyz.



Magos Explorator
31-08-2008, 23:12
My second offering is my Beast of Nurgle for Chaos Daemons:



My plan was to paint the contents of a Spearhead over the coming year, so not point-based. Sadly due to time, space and money I am trying to sell this guy and the Spearhead he came in (there's a thread in the trading forum here; not my regular trade thread linked, though). Which is a shame, as I really like the range of figures. Still, I thought I may as well post him, even if I have to withdraw the force from the Tale!

I tried to go for a slime effect on his base, which is red paint and various inks mixed in with the Citadel water effect (after basing). I think the model's turned out well, although all the Daemons I've put together so far have suffered a lot from gaps and flash in the mould.

01-09-2008, 00:34

Real life got me bad, only got about 2/3 of the way through an Iron Warriors 10 man squad, hopefully next month works out better.

01-09-2008, 01:08
Army: Orks 1750 (? Blood Axes ?)

Models done this month:
2 Trukks (Both with Grot Riggers, Armour Plates, Boarding Planks & Reinforced Ram)(120pts)
2 Nobz (Both with Power Klaws, 'Eavy Armour & Bosspole)(102pts)

Points done so far: 222/1750

Built/Conversion: The 2 Trukks are standard, and so are the Nobz. But I did get a start on a bunch of Boyz (36) got them built, based, and removed the major mold lines.

Painting: All are primed black. The Trukks are then base coated Tinny Tin (VGC) then dry brushed Pig Iron (P3). Then the panels are coated ether Mechrite Red (GW), Black (VMC) or Adeptus Battlegrey (GW). They are then Highlighted with Flat Red (VMC), German Grey (VMC), and White (VMC) respectively. The Nobz are painted with Black Green (VMC), highlighted with Knarloc Green (GW), then added a little Flat Flesh (VMC) for the extreme highlights. The metals are painted the same as the Trukks. The paints are Necron Abyss (GW), highlighted with Oxford Blue (VMC), then added a little Ivory (VMC) for the extreme highlight. The leather areas are painted Leather Brown (VMC), highlighted with Beige Brown (VMC), with a little Bone (VMC) added for the extreme highlight. The "Urban Camo" shirts are Basalt Grey (VMC), with White (VMC), Black (VMC), and Stone Grey (VMC) spots. The bases are just a Basalt Grey (VMC) dry brush over the black primer.

Basing: Just sand with some of the 40k basing kit parts mixed in.

Next Months Plan: To get the 22 Boyz done for these Units.

01-09-2008, 02:05
hey all!!!!

here is my submission for this month!

Army: Imperial Guard
Points: ~650
Stuff Painted: 2 Ogryns, 1 LRBT, 2 Chimeras, 20 Guardsmen
Chimeras and Guardsmen

and here is what im going to try and get painted for next month
(a list of whats in this pic..... 2 LRBT, 1 Full Platoon of Guardsmen... ie 55 guardsmen)

hope that everyone had as great a month as i did!

PS: sorry for the crappy pics!

01-09-2008, 05:34
Hey everyone Scott here.

Scott's Daemonic Horde: August 2008

I started painting this army up this month, then saw the thread and thought I should catch everyone up to where I'm at right now.

Unit 1: Skulltaker
Cost: 140 points

Unit 2: 6 bases of nurglings
Cost: 78 points

Unit 3: 10 plaguebearers of nurgle
Cost: 150 points

Unit 4: Great Unclean One
Cost: 160



No real theme at the moment, I love the look of the models, the troops look amazing and greater daemons are fantastic. I have included a bit of old and new in my army, there will be 20 old bloodletters and 20 old daemonettes when finished along with all the greater daemons.

So far there aren't any conversions, I get a bit lazy when I'm building things so I don't do many conversions, maybe after I get some stuff done I might convert up some heralds or something.

Skulltaker was pretty basic, using the guide provided in white dwarf. Nurgle was fast to paint, I think I spent 5 hours total for the PB's nurglings and GUO. Mainly just foundation green to start, drybrushed once then a series of washes, along with picking out details. I might go back and redo the GUO's sword. I'm thinking of something that looks like stone but not too sure

I'm not overly fond of basing mini's. They never really turn out how i forsee them, right now I'm going to wait a bit then see what kind of basing I want to throw in in the future.

Basing nurgle models, fixing the basing on the skulltaker, possibly redoing the sword on the GUO, and learn how to take better pictures.

Highs: Nurgle paints really fast thanks to the new washes.
Lows: Not happy with my test colors for my daemonettes.


Picture 1: Skulltaker, the first model painted for the army

Picture 2: Nurglings, the first nurgle units painted.

Picture 3: Plaguebearers, just to note, I have painted the base black since taking these pictures.

Picture 4: GUO in all his glory (took about 2 hours to paint, again the base was painted black after photos were taken, also I was showing a friend so the inks not 100% dry in places).

Up next month: Some of the new bloodletters, possibly flamers or daemonettes. And learning to use my camera.

Keep up the good work everyone!

01-09-2008, 07:00
Hurrah to everyone who made it to the end of month 1. Really like the epic stuff makes me want to hunt out and finish off my guard....(must stay focused). Great looking Thraka fluffy and the Nurgle demons you have done look superb Scott.Blagrag you must have been livign at your paint table to get all of that stuff done. Well done.

PAINTER: Plantagenet
ARMY: Space Marines (Imperial Fists)


UNIT: Tactical Squad


BUILD/CONVERSION: Very minor stuff. I filed the shoulder pad rims off the models I used the shoulder pad with studs on so I could give a look a feel more akin to that seen on the very first plastic marines.

PAINTING: Mechrite Orange all over. Blood Angels Red all over. Then block painted with fiery orange. Highlighted with Fiery orange and white mix. Then covered in Sunburst. Then highlighted with suburst and white mix.

BASING: Really not decided how I am goign to do these yet. Will steal the idea I like from other submissions I think.

STILL TO DO: 2 more Marines and I noticed when I was varnishing I had forgotten to paint parchment area on the Sergeant.

HIGHS: Seeing the unit come together. Really enjoyed last day wen I painted the varnish coats on as had a good sense of accomplishment.

...AND LOWS: Takes a long time to paint the orange. Good in short bursts but can become slightly tedious. Goign to try and mix in a few other miniatures I need to paint that ahve no yellow on them.


Rabid Monkey
01-09-2008, 07:29



Reclusiarch Chaplain; w/ jump pack, frag & krak grenades
108 Points

Veteran Squad; 5 man w/ frag & krak grenades, Veteran Sergent w/ power weapon
130 points

Tactical Squad; 10 man w/ missile launcher, flamer, frag & krak grenades, Veteran Sergent w/ bolt pistol & chainsword.
211 points

Transport Vehicle; Rhino w/ extra armour
55 points

504 points total for the month.
I was on a roll and didnt want to stop. Is it ok for me to post the extra stuff? I'll probably have to use it to make up for a joker sometime down the road (credit?). Anyway, I'm waiting for the new Space Marine codex to finalize a list so I dont really have a plan for this army, I'm just gonna paint what I feel like for a while. The veterans I painted this month will be mixed with the new sternguard vets when they come out to fill out the squad. I'll pick up assault on black reach in a week or so, so thats whats on the agenda for next month.

Looking good everyone, keep it up. On to the pictures.....


Veterans (ok, so the bases arent flocked yet)

Rabid Monkey
01-09-2008, 07:30
Picture limit... :D

Tactical Squad


Army Shot

01-09-2008, 07:44
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: August 2008

12 Sluggaz inc. Nob w/PK and Bosspole, Rokkit
Truk w/Rokkit+Ram

TOTAL PAINTING FOR AUGUST: 167 POINTS (if I spread my 2000 points over 12 months with no Jokers then I need to do 167 points per month - how lucky is that?)


No good thievin' Deathskull gits - plain and simple. Lots of blue faces and the occasional sign of something looted from another clan or race...

The Boyz were pretty much straight from the sprue. The Nob uses some parts from the Warbiker Nob, and the Truk's Big Shoota has rather crudely been replaced with a spare Rokkit.

After getting a test Boy finished earlier on, I settled on the following:
Skin: Orkhide/Goblin/Camo
Face: Necron/Enchanted/Ice
Black: Chaos/Adeptus Battlegrey
L.Brown: Tau Sept/Bubonic
D.Brown: Calthan/Snakebite
Metal: Boltgun/Black Ink/Mithril

The clothes are a mix of black, light brown and dark brown to give them a rag-tag look, but the Nob has managed to loot a few bits (and a Truk!) from some Evil Sunz.

Piece of squig-cake. Simply painted Vomit Brown then covered with Citadel Sand straight from the Tub.

Varnishing the Truk, but it's raining at the moment and it can wait...

Highs: Having a mob of the lovely new Ork Boyz (compared to all my weedier Gorkamorka Boyz).
Lows: Taking about 2 hours per Ork! I really need to speed up - maybe I'll have a play withs the new washes and drybrushing?

Next month, the same again, but I will be mostly looting Bad Moons...


(Check out the To40kP - Orks WiP thread in my sig)

[Test Boy+Nob+Rokkit, 9 Boyz, Truk, Mob/Army to date]

01-09-2008, 07:50
Hey guys,

Nice work so far everyone, heres month 1's crimson fists;
Firstly a squad of 10 tactical marines with a flamer and lascannon and a veteran with a plasma pistol and power fist;
Secondly 2 units of 5 scouts, 1 features 4 bolters and a heavy bolter, the other 4 sniper rifles and a missilie launcher;
The commander of my force captain Cortez (I realise the old Cortez didn't have a storm bolter but you know, he didn't really have a waist either);

01-09-2008, 08:03
Heres the army shot;

At the moment this all works out at about 400-500 points. When I get a chance this week i'll get a better photo of the sniper scouts and a better army shot. I'll also try to get a better shot of the captain as he's since had the chisel tooth situation resolved.

I'm trying to stick quite strictly to the crimson fist background here so i'll be including as few tactical marines as possible, backed up by lots of scouts and specialists such as techmarines.

I'm using a method given to me by a friend which involves overhighlighting then dulling bown;
Undercoat: Chaos Black
Basecoat: Necron Abyss
Drybrush: Mordian Blue
Highlight: Ultramarines Blue
Highlight: Ultramarines Blue + Skull White
Wash: Badab Black

Slate, painted black, drybrushed with codex grey and finally drybrushed with fortress grey. The rims are painted khemri brown.

Not being yellow they don't take very long :-)

The last batch of 5 marines refused to co-operate and I had to paint the blue about 3 times :-(

01-09-2008, 08:12
Here's my months submission, 12 boyz inc nob with powerklaw, trukk with plates, riggers, red paint job, reinforced ram. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good photo of them! But here we go.


Mr Feral
01-09-2008, 09:12
DAEMONS (1000 total)

Painting Month 1:

Herald of Nurgle with Breath of Chaos


BACKGROUND / THEME: A Nurgle / Tzeentch Daemon force, all models to be extensively converted. (There's fluff in my Daemon log if you want to read more about it.)

BUILD / CONVERSION: Rather a lot of it actually, mostly converting the legs to be more humanoid, repositioning limbs and lots of Green Stuff.

PAINTING: After I found a good colour scheme, it was easy. I used Scorched Brown as a basecoat and mixed in Graveyard Earth from there.

BASING: Used a pebble for both bases and then the standard brown sand technique with light patches of snow to finish.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The high was being really pleased with the finished outcome, particularly the long tongues and the colour scheme. The lows came from how slow I seem to getting through these! At least I got quite far through the construction phase of the rest of the unit, so less work for me. :)

POINTS: 105. I have the rest of the Plaguebearer unit to finish for this month and the beginnings of a Flamer conversion I want to do as well.


Dk'muk'aari, Herald of Nurgle:
(This old picture doesn't show that he has the snowy base like he has now)

A lonesome Plaguebearer:

01-09-2008, 09:24
Hive Fleet Nemesis : August 2008

3 Tyranid Warriors - Scything Talons, 2 Deathspitters, 1 Venom Cannon - 85 pts.

8 Termagants - Fleshborers, Without Number - 72 pts.

1 Spinegaunt- Spinefist, Without Number - 8 pts.

Total For August 2008: 165 pts.

Ahem. Nothing at the moment. There's no real underlying theme or background apart from a horde of Tyranids being painted so that I finally wind up with a completed army of sorts.

Not a one. All pretty default as the Tyranid plastics are beautiful in their nature and don't need a whole lot doing to them.

Ah, here is where I cheat. A while ago when the Citadel Washes and revised How To Paint Citadel Miniatures were released they put an article in WD which also appears in the book. It's a simple method involving white undercoat, washes and some layering and extreme highlights. The difference is....I use blue rather than purples...and decided not to have an extra colour for the hooves, talons, claws etc. as that made no sense for me.

It's simple. White undercoat, Asurmen Blue wash. Layer Bleached Bone onto the 'skin', being careful not to get the vents etc., then apply a second wash of Asurmen Blue. Highlight/layer with Bleached Bone again. The carapaces are then undercoated black and the edges are lined with Midnight Blue, Regal Blue and Ultramarines Blue finally. Eyes are Iyanden Darksun with Golden Yellow highlights. Teeth are Dheneb Stone with Skull White highlights and tongues and certain pipes are Hormagaunt Purple, shaded with Leviathan Purple wash and then touched up with Hormagaunt Purple.

The real liberty taken is mainly on the barrels of the Deathspitters, Venom Cannon and Spinefists. Leviathan Purple wash, coated with gloss varnish. Somehow that works to suggest the fluids undoubtedly left behind when the bioweapons fire.

Over the next few months there will be some challenges with things like Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands forcing me to figure additional colours out.

Er...inked sand, overbrushed with Codex Grey, patches of Bestial Brown, then Fortress Grey and finally tufts of Scorched Grass to finish off.

Nothing. Some varnish to finish them off but they're pretty much done. I may go back and purple wash the Fleshborer barrels in the end.

Big high in the scheme working. They're quite striking and everyone who has seen them both on here, other forums and in the real world loves how it turned out. The fact it applies just as well to other critters besides gaunts is a plus. The real challenge comes with bigger creatures....

The big low? Gaunts. So many finicky little details on them. Bone layering becomes a chore and I still have tons more of the blighters to do. The fact I haven't even planned an army list doesn't help either.


Here goes.

First up we have an army shot, just showing that it works in numbers. Hurrah!

Then the warriors. Wow, I really like these guys.

The spinegaunt. Yes, he is Without Number. More of his fellows shall follow in September.

And finally, the real stars, the Termagants.

Coming next month?

More Spinegaunts, Hormagaunts, perhaps other things.

Good armies all!

01-09-2008, 10:03
Chaos Daemons:

9 Bloodletters + Instrument of Chaos - 149
Fast Attack:
Heavy Support:

Total Army: 149


01-09-2008, 10:07
Space Marines: (Using Dark Angels points until new codex)

Fast Attack:
Assault Squad
Sarge has Power Weapon, Combat Shield, Melta Bombs - 155
Heavy Support:
extra armor -100

Total Army: 255


01-09-2008, 10:09
Tau Empire

Fast Attack:
Heavy Support:
Railgun, Gun Drones, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod - 175

Total Army: 175


01-09-2008, 10:47
hi everyone!
agio65´s Chaos Deamons month 1
- 5 Horrors, ikone and Changeling ( only a proxy till i have a better one ! )
- 6 Deamonettes plain and simple to reinforce my initial unit
- 2 Fiends of Slaanesh
- mounted Herold of Slaanesh , ikon, unholy might and ( sorry only have the german dex "einlullender Duft " )

total 374 pts this month
Armytotal 1370 !

This army has no special theme atm. i collect whatever i like not going for must haves.
the whole slaanesh stuff is as it came , but i have a strong dislike for these metal arms the Horrors come with, so i go for tentacles instead of pinning these arms .

Painting :
i undercoat white all the time so it´s only a small wonder that i ´m in love with the new washes. the skin of my deamonettes and the fiends are just a couple layers of ogryn flesh ... and for those who wondered yes the metallic green is the trusty glittering green .

for all my bases i work with "wood repair filler " , so i only need glue for some static grass , this method also results in slightly heavier bases ( so no rolling downhill ) As basic colour i use charadon granite drybrushed with dheneb stone .

Still to do : use them in the next game

Ups and downs : sorry no downs , ups is clearly the small amount of time due to the new washes

Pictures :

Armyshot : sorry the are in two different places right now , warpstorms you know

But then again i have an other armyshot for you , so here is my Orkarmy atm.
yes i know he is lonely and he is checking the mail every 5 minutes or so to see if his buddies from the BR box have finally arrived.

Next month to do list:

-Bluescriebes , Masque

-lots and lots of orks together with an overview of this force ( promised )

so enjoy and keep the bruhes whet


01-09-2008, 11:35
My name is Chris and I am going to be painting a Choas Daemons army.
I am using a Joker this month.
Expect to see some nice conversions next month though. ;)

01-09-2008, 11:58
19 Boyz n a Nob with power claw. One big shoota at this time. 160pts
O, and yea, they're Bad Moon.

The official final plan is 1500pts, to allow for other projects to get in the way, and have the time to sink my teeth into some real proppa conversion work. Big plans for the buggies.. remains to be seen wether I can do them justice though.

Thank god for this Tale-project, there's no chance I would've grinded through and gotten these boys finished without that deadline! So it's been real good to break through my mental block of finalizing a colour scheme and getting something worth plonking down on the table done.

You really can't drybrush your way to victory with leathery browns n blacks.. it's a good thing I'm in no great rush to have my orks a finished army, because this scheme will take quite some time methinks!

From a black undercoat, the skin is Charadon Granite - Camo Green - Almost-White, with a couple of middle steps, and a bit of Granite in all the layers.
Browns are VMC872 Chocolate Brown, a bit of smoke, then chocolate + Snakebite Leather up to Bleached Bone.

Sorry for the crap picture quality, I'll see what I can do about that 'til next time.

01-09-2008, 12:50
Ssorck's Slaanesh Lost and the Damned/Daemons/Emporers Children

I'm working on a combined force of 3 armies:
1) Slaanesh based Lost and the Damned (Will use Witchhunter rules since GW canned the LatD ruleset

2) Slaanesh based Daemons

3) Emporers Children CSM

Unit 1: 3 stabby daemonettes (Count as Death Cult Assassins)
Cost: 120 points

Unit 2: 3 stabby daemonettes (Count as Death Cult Assassins)
Cost: 120 points



LatD (Witchhunter rules) - 240 POINTS
Daemons - 0 POINTS

Started this army eons ago - going to try and make some major porgress finally. Theme is to do a very large combined army (Apocalypse anyone?) that can be broken into 3 seperate armies for smaller gameplay.

Theme is basically a Slaaensh based horde from a daemonworld - a mix of Beastmen and Daemons. They have been joined by a Emporers Children warband.

Nothing on these beauties, stock models. There will be a significant conversions in the coming months.

Skin is done from a base color and a lot of successive layers added a little white to each layer. I use very thin layers - use alot of water in my painting.

Pink is basically the same technique.

Gems are standard GW style.

Metals are a dumbed down version of the metal master Jakob Nielson technique.

Gold is a layer of Shining Gold, Shaded with thin purple ink, highlight with layer one Shining Gold, layer 2 Shining Gold mixed with Mithril Silver, layer 3 Mithril Silver. Then I hit glaze Tamiya Clear Yellow and a final highlight of Mithril Silver again.

Silver or Steel is a basecoat of Boltgun Metal, followed by a wash of thinned Chaos Black. Highlight layers Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, Mithril Silver. Next hit with a very thin glaze of Purple and Green ink mixed. Final Highlight Mithril Silver.

Both metals take a bit of time but I'm a big fan of the result. Again, all the credit goes to Jakob Nielson for the technique.

Will eventually be based with snow/winter bases - I like to do my basing at one time so will likely wait until I have a sizeable chunk to base.

Just varnish, again will wait till I can d oa good sized batch.

Highs: Finally painting models that have been been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years...
Lows: Just real life work....sigh...

6 Daemonettes who count as Death Cult Assassins for my Lost and the Damned 'count as' witchhunters'




I want to try to keep my colors consistent - first two daemonettes in the pics were done awhile ago, the otehr 4 are new. If you look close you can there there is more of a purple hue in the first two. In order to keep the colors more consistent I'll likely concentrate on my 'female' models for now. So expect daemonettes, seekers, female heralds, etc...

01-09-2008, 15:57
McMullet, I would like to add that I will also be doing 1,000 pts of Blood Angels, in addition to my Tau. I'll be updating them both together, from here on out.


Painted: Commander Dante / 6th Company Captain

Points: Commander Dante - 200 pts
Captain - 145 (Equipped with Jump pack, power weapon, combi-meltagun)

I intend for this mini to be Commander Dante, but as goes with Special characters, I understand that some players may not want me to field him. As such, he'll also count as a mundane captain with said equipement, so he's WYSIWYG. Also, since this army is going to be 1,000 pts, he may be a little too costly.

Painting was a bit difficult, since I'm not that good with metallic paints, and frankly, Dante is all metallic. Still, I feel he turned out well, and cannot find many things I would like to do over, with my current skills at least.


Next month I'll probably do the marine squad that comes with AoBR, and I'll be doing a squad of Vespid for my Tau.

01-09-2008, 16:12
Aenimosity's red and grey gribblies of doom.

Painted for August 2008:

1 unit of 8 genestealers with scything talons, extended carapace and (unmodelled) flesh hooks.

Cost: 200 points

Conversions: None on these guys.


I'm trying to make as varied an army as possible. There's roughly about a 50/50 mix of CC and shooting in this army, with shooting being slightly more emphasised.


Skin: Primed black followed by a Mechrite Red basecoat. Then a 50/50 coat of Scab Red and Blood Red. Then they're progressively (and badly) highlighted with the same mix, adding more Blood Red each time. Finally they get a wash or two of Gryphonne Sepia

Carapace: 2 coats of Codex Grey, followed by highlights and streaks of Fortress Grey.


Will be done after everything's been painted.


Still to do:

Varnish and bases.

Getting these guys done quite quickly... even though there's only 8 of them.

and Lows:
Realizing how many gaunts I have to paint still.

01-09-2008, 16:45
Omecron Theta 231st mechanized brigade "The Wildcards"
Points ~500
Regular baneblade no special stuff to it as it's 200 pts more than what I need to do in a month it's not 100% finished the tank commander needs to be painted properly yet and the shrine on the back requires some more work


01-09-2008, 16:54
Well my force is based around the idea that an Old Tau commander has seen the benefit of the Kroot way of war and after embracing it has become a bit of an outcast. Left to rot on a backwater with his Fire worrier and Kroot Garrison.

This month I have done.... Kroot.
A unit of 15 including the Shaper.
As I plan on using it as a Kroot Merc army in addition to a normal Tau force the Shaper has a power weapon and slugga.

This unit is as good as stock on the whole only the shaper has had any work done on him. Other than the weapon swaps I had to re sculpt his fingers to be holding the power Axe.

Painting wise this is going to be my fixed color scheme through the army with different colored quills being used to distinguish units apart.




01-09-2008, 17:37

Moving 130km across the country takes a little more time then I thought it would, also without internet and uni starting here my time was spent rather quickly. I'm hoping to make up for this failure by winning back a joker next month, yes! 300 points of blue power armoured nuns with guns! (it is possible to win back a joker, innit?)

Awesome job on everybody that did finish their monthly quota!

01-09-2008, 18:36
hi all

Well, i've managed to do a few bits for my own project this month.(i have been painting others bits aswell)

just so you know what i'm doing.

Ultramarines 1500 points although i will be doing more as i intend to have the initial 1500 done by the end of november(you never know i may end up doing a whole company).

anyway, onto a couple of pics

First up is the first mini i did, way back right at the beggining of the month(had to break the painting for other people habit)

Chief Librarian Tigurius

secondly the first tactical squad for the army

i have actually done another member for the squad but not got round to taking a pic yet, they will eventually be ten strong, hopefully within the week!

i believe that puts me around the 280 point mark, so not too bad for the first month.

for next month i'll be concentrating on getting another tactical squad and 2 transports done.



01-09-2008, 19:05
Hi all! All the pics are looking great :)

For this month I have painted just over 200 points in the form of a space marin tactical squad.

Originally they were meant to be Blood Angels. I painted a full command squad and a nice banner too but then decided the bright red scheme didn't do it for me so I have switched to an as yet unnamed Space Marine chapter.

Basecoated them black, drybrushed them up to a light grey. The gaps in the armour plates are painted to look as though they are glowing a neon blue colour. The Bolters are a light codex grey highlighted with fortress grey.

Still to do
I need to come up with a chapter badge for the shoulder pad....any ideas?

Highs and lows
Well I really enjoyed building and painting these guys...I especially like the detail (which you cant see) on the auspex and also the dirty look of their armour.


Next Month

I'm thinking my chaplain and assault squad!

Me, Tarsus and TeldurUk have also been busy building a 'Stalingrad' inspired apocolypse board in my garage. You can see a little bit of it in the picture. Its looking great nd I'll hopefully get some pics posted later. Keep up the good work guys!

01-09-2008, 19:23
Hi my first 10 Necrons, really happy how they truned out.

Just want to keep them simple and metallic looking.

I feel the bases frame them nicely.


01-09-2008, 19:35
I joined a bit late so I didn´t have that much time on me to paint my Vindicator but after pushing it last night it´s finished. I´m still a bit hesitant on wether I should put on some DA-markings or not. There is really just the left side-door where there is some room to play and for the sake of symetry I would like some marking on the other side as well. I will have to see what I do, suggestions are welcome.

Vindicator with dozerblade: 130 pts enough for my monthly quota of 120 pts.

On to the pics:




I must say that I enjoyed to paint this tank...it´s the first one I have painted ever and it was much easier than I imagined. The lows I must say was the highlighting of all the sharp edges.

I must also say that I´m really impressed with everyones work so far, great job everyone.


01-09-2008, 20:15

Sorry, got to pass joker on this month, guys:cries:. I've had pretty hard time for a while, and having issues with my work and studies at local high school(writing an essay at 1:00 am is not so funny), without speaking of my issues with my mental health. Got to get painting, is there btw anything decided on winning back jokers?

01-09-2008, 20:56
lone pilgrim's Blood Angels: August 2008

Unit 1: Landspeeder with multi-melta
Cost: 65 points

Unit 2: 5 Tactical marines, missile launcher
Cost: 85 points

Unit 3: Rhino
Cost: 40 points



I used a mix of snap together marines from the 4th edition boxed set and regular Tactical marines. The Landspeeder was bought second hand already constructed.

The big question with Blood Angels is how do you paint YOUR red? I used Mechrite Red over a black basecoat then a coat of 9 parts Blood Red to 1 part Mechrite Red. I washed it with Baal Red then gave it a further layer of pure Blood Red. Highlights were Blazing Orange then Fiery Orange

The army is based on the BA 2nd company during the Third War for Armageddon so the bases are rocky/sandy. I plan to paint a matching Ork army next year with the same bases.


Highs: Finishing on time to a high quality.
Lows: Still getting to grips with my camera (and the rubbish summer light).






You can see more pics of individual models on my blog lone pilgrim (http://blog.lonepilgrim.co.uk/2008/08/painting-pledge-kept.html).

01-09-2008, 21:52
Unfortunately the Librarian didn't get finished until half way through the month and then work took up the other half, that jerk.

I must regrettably use a joker :(.



01-09-2008, 22:04
Using a Joker.

Due to health I haven't been able to paint half as much as I wanted and I didn't even get 1 model finished. Maybe next month I'll do better.

Sheena Easton
01-09-2008, 22:11

Have to play a Joker this month due to me forgetting that I needed paint and brushes in order to paint...

Death Korp
01-09-2008, 22:39
@ Everyone: Great work guys, i am envious of your ability to paint to deadlines unlike i...

As for me...


I couldn't afford to buy what i wanted to paint, and with school starting, GCSEs to do and a ToFP AND ToLotRPs to do too, its not looking good for the 40k side of things for me... :(

But, i'll try and make it up next month with some Chaosy daemons, they'll be fairly easy to paint i suppose! :D


02-09-2008, 10:10
Well i did 2 marines and just under half done baneblade, so i won't be playing a joker as i say that is about 200 points done :P. Will get pics hopefully tonight otherwise in the following week ;)

Great work everyone and i can't wait for the army pics in 11 months time!

02-09-2008, 11:07
Unfotuanately my camera isn't workin so you'll have to imagine stealth suits painted like this firewarrior till I can get it fixed.


Chicken Pig
02-09-2008, 14:14
Chicken Pig's Doom Eagle Space Marines: August 2008

Unit 1: 1O Man Tactical Squad, Vet sgt with power fist, meltagun and missile launcher.


Straight from the box space marines with the odd Dark Angel veteran bit thrown in for good measure.

Black basecoat. Mithril silver with Badab Black wash. Red is blood red (multiple coats).

Sand drybrished from black, to codex grey, to skull white. Static Grass.

All done.

Highs: My first 40k army, loved making and painting the Space Marines.
Lows: Wanting to do another 500 pts this month alone.





02-09-2008, 14:42
Damokles Imperial Guard: XII Adorian Army Korps: August 2007

Unit 1: Anti Tank Support Squad:
Six guardsmen forming three heavy weapon squads with missile launchers
Cost: 95 points

Unit 2: Special Weapon Support Squad
Six guardsmen, 2 meltaguns, 1 demo charge, 3 lasguns, all carry krak-grenades
Cost: 87 points

Unit 3: Platoon Command Squad
Junior officer with laspistol, close combat weapon and iron discipline, 2 guardsmen forming a mortar team, 1 veteran with heavy stubber (counts as stormbolter), 1 guardsman with flamer
Cost: 72 points

Unit 4: Infantry Squad
One Sergeant and nine guardsmen, 1 grenade launcher
Cost: 68 points



The Army is a low-tech imperial guard regiment from the planet Adoria (“warglory”), a hive-planet in the galactic north of segmentum solar; The Adorian society is very strict and no abnormities physical, psychical or societal are accepted or tollerated and are fiercely prosecuted by the death squads of the Adorian prime governour. To earn the citizen rights for their families (and keep their honour), many males join the ranks of the army korps. Those that are dishonoured or flee prosecution often end up in redemptionist-cults, which are the only group of society the governour has no direct control over since they are under protection of the ministorum, but these groups are often “encouraged” to join the adorian army on a crusade and their consequently used as cannon fodder by the adorian officers. The Army korps has access to only few high-tech weapons, especially plasma technology or expensive weapons such as meltabombs or lascannons, since a rebellion on the nearby forgeworld New Uranus. The army korps therefore makes extensive use of easy to produce projectile weapons and masses of (easy to replace) infantry.

Technically, this army was started years ago, and was nearly “finished”, but about
1 year ago I decided to give them a proper paintjob and replace their plain black bases with structured cityfight bases, so the whole army was ripped from the old bases and underwent conversions and repainting, which continues. This batch of miniatures had minor conversions to get more variety in the poses, the missile launchers had their barrels shortened to give the impression that one soldier coud carry it, since I didn’t like the gun carriages on them, also I wanted to get more heavy weapons from one box-set. The mortar team was repositioned also. The infantry squad was built plain out of the box. The veteran with heavy stubber has catachan legs, which got the flak-jacket greenstufed on, as well as a catachan head, and the heavy stubber from the tank-kit was shortened and combined with flamer bitz. He and the flamer guy, who had the flamer repositioned and a space marine auspex added were inspired by the movie Aliens – The return. The special weapon squad has parts from Forgeworld thrown in and the meltaguns are basically the same conversions as the heavy stubber before.

As mentioned before, this is not the first layer of paint this army gets. I had them based black with a rough drybrush-coat of codex grey earlier, armour black, details silver and the black, red, black adorian colours on the left shoulder, white troop insignia on the right shoulder, but it didn’t feel quite right,

I since repainted the uniforms with a base of foundation paints, adeptus battle grey, followed by a 70/30 mix of water/chaos black for recesses/lining, then highlights with fortress grey, armour is still black, but got highlights in the same grey tones as the uniform, the red parts were switched to mechrite red, which is really nice to work with, very good coverage, and also shines more than the older crimson gore, which makes the miniatures much more lively, also I got rid of the white troop markings, which I used to do with fineliner, and replaced them with the grey XII of the army korps, as I had the impression that it would more strongly create the feeling of a huge mass of bodies pressing in on the enemy instead of many different little squads, since all my infantry squads are basically identical, sergeant, 9 soldiers, grenade launcher and the other squads are easily distinguished by their equipment the missing squad markings shouldn’t be a problem.

Also I added details in gold, which I based on dwarf bronze which adds more depth, but the gold details are mostly reserved for officers, banners, etc., since I wanted to emphasize the depreciation of the normal soldier (and his life!).

Also I tried to invest much more time and care into the converted models of the command and special weapon squads as the standard infantrymen are not so interesting anyway and the highlights take like forever!

Bases represent a ruined city, which I hope to be building sometime. Cardboard tiles, sand on pva, and some rubble, painted with various grey and browntones, and boltgun metal covered with flesh wash for rusty metal parts. I didn’t however attach all the bases, as I recently did all the missing bases for all the cadian miniatures, and I will attach them all at once when they are painted.

Well, attaching the bases and some assembling work which only makes sense once they are on their base, talking mostly bout the mortar team.

Highs: really pleased with how the highlights on the special weapons squad turned out
Lows: painting grey uniforms, lots and lots and lots of grey uniforms, makes you wanna break your fingers on purpose so you won’t have to do another


Apart from the pics here I’m planning on updating my log (see sig) more regularly, well ok, at all I should say. And the group shot will be done once they are all on their bases. But here you have

Anti-Tank-Support Squad:


Special Weapon Support Squad:


Platoon 2 Command Squad (next two pics):



02-09-2008, 14:45
Sorry for double post, but pic limit: so here come

Platoon 2 Infantry Squad:




02-09-2008, 15:56
This is the first wave of many brood creatures during the next year.


Painted this month:
4 Termagaunt Broods (4x4 Stands)
1 Hormagaunt Brood (1x4 Stands)
Assault Synapse Brood (3 Tyranid Warrior stands)

Total: 500 points

Models: Basic plastic tyranids, collected, recycled and scavenged.

Colours: Inspired by the Anphelion Project IA book, I have devised two distinct colour schemes, which in some way will recur throughout the entire army. Bodies are painted bestial brown to khaki, carapaces are either dark leather to vermin brown or cayman green to camouflage green.

Bases: To help the feeling of camouflage despite two different carapace patterns, I have opted for bases that contain both red/brown and green elements. Base colour is scorched brown, sand is highlighted with bleached bone. Then patches of model grass is applied.

Highs: Those plastic tyranids are cute, and somewhat larger than other epic infantry, making them great fun to paint.

Lows: Basing epic infantry is tedious work.

PICTURE #1: Tyranid Warrior Synapse Brood

PICTURE #2: Hormagaunt Brood

PICTURE #3: Endless swarm

PICTURE #4: Assault Swarm


02-09-2008, 15:57
Aenarion's 3rd company Dark Angels

Unit 1: 1O Man Tactical Squad, Vet sgt with power fist, plasma gun and lascannon.

A few greenstuff robes to add a bit more character into the squads and a filed down chaos power fist and shoulder pad.

Black Undercoat, Dark Angels green base, then successive mixing with bad moon yellow for highlights.

Not finished

Basing and banner for the sgt.

Highs: First things painted in quite along time
Lows: Not to happy with the sand I bought, seems much to big.


Another tactical squad

02-09-2008, 16:13
Fredmans proudly presents: Epic Imperial Guard 160th Steel Legion Mechanised Infantry Regiment

Painted this month:
1st Company - Black Helmets
Regimental HQ (Armoured Fist Company)

Total points: 500

Background: The 160th Steel Legion is a veteran regiment, which has proven its worth on the Armageddon battlefields numerous times against the Ork invasion. The 1st Company is renown for its ability to get stuck in the worst of the fighting, yet still come out on top. The Black Helmets refer to the ancient Terran myth of the God of Death, lending his black helmets to human heroes, rendering them invisible. It is led by General Manfred Vilsmaier, who was given the command of the 160th by Commissar Yarrick before being assigned to aid in the defense of Tartarus. His 1st platoon is led by Commissar "Nein" Steiner, nicknamed for his usual answer when asked if reinforcements or artillery support are on the way. Commissar Steiner has painted an imperial eagle on the back of his Chimera turret so his troops can follow him towards the enemy.

Models: Standard IG infantry with the addition of the character blister (highly recommended) and some additional converted Cadian standard bearers, Valhallan missile launchers and vox-casters.

Colours: Uniforms are painted from filthy brown to sunburst yellow. Chimeras are highlighted to Fortress Grey or Rotting Flesh.
Bases: Bestial brown. Sand is wetbrushed with desert yellow before drybrushed with khaki.

Highs: Finally getting to paint an Armageddon data sheet. (I know, the third platoon is missing, but in Epic it is optional)

Lows: Those guards are tiny.

On to the pictures:

PICTURE #1: Supreme Commander (consisting of Vox-caster, Sanctioned Psyker, General Manfred Vilsmaier, Company Banner Bearer and a regular guardsman). The banner boldy proclaims the invincibility of the Black Helmets.

PICTURE #2: 1st & 2nd Platoon led by Commissar "Nein" Steiner (his will ruthlessly enforced by his intimidating partner Yessir) and 1st Lt Kretschmann respectively.

PICTURE #3: Dedicated transports, 7 Chimeras.

PICTURE #4: The glory of the 160th Regiment's 1st Company


02-09-2008, 17:16
Playwithbob's DA based DIY Space Marines: August 2008

Unit 1: 5 man SM Tactical Squad Upgraded with:
Power Fist(s), Shuriken Catapult (counts as a Bolter)
Cost: 115 points

Unit 2: 5 man SM Tactical Squad Upgraded with:
Power Sword
Cost: 105 points

Unit 3: Chapter Master Upgraded with:
Power Sword
Cost: 115 points



I give you "The Lost Legion" The chapter symbol is a yellow sun with an inverted Y embossed in black. The sun represents the light that is the Emperor and the inverted Y are 2 hands pressed together in prayer.
Thousands of years ago they were marked as "Lost" and were cut off from any logistical support and have had to make do with what they had.

These old figs dont require building so much as cleaning. Many were painted and needed stripping before they could be worked. I decided against converting to preserve my collection in their original poses. While I could have chosen any space marines for this project, I limited myself for figures made before 1992. That date was selected so that I could include some terminators that I have in my army.

I plan to select and build figures based on building a legal, field able army list. Next month most likely will see another 10 Marines to flesh out the squads to 10 men each and a Fast Attack or Heavy Support of some sort.

After experimenting with several armor color schemes I finally went with the original pre heresy world eaters pattern. I however swapped their blue with the DA green. To be totally true to my theme/timeline I should have went black but I did not care for the look. I am happy with the "old school look" that I ended up with.

I am a LAZY painter. I primed white then quickly brushed on a light coat of white over the entire fig. I blocked on the green then picked out the details on each fig. NO dry brushing, blending, highlighting, lining, or any other civilised technique. Once the color was blocked on and some touch up done where I noticably went over the lines, every fig got the dip. I dip first in clean water then in water based min-wax wood stain. I have found this method works well for me on everything I paint.

When everything is dry (24 hours) I base the figs then seal with Krylon Matt.

Elmer's glue with a little brownish green paint is slathered onto the base then the base is dipped in sand. I then apply a drop or 2 of super glue and sprinkle a little static grass for effect. The edge of the base is cleaned of any sand or grass then painted black.

Nada, this batch is table ready.

Highs: Finally getting to these guys. I have been collecting RT era SM for years and finally, they will get to see action.
Lows: Nothing really. I wish I had more time to paint, but slow and steady will get me through.


Tac 1 Front and Back

Tac 2 Front and Back

Chapter master on the next post. (4 pics per post...)

02-09-2008, 17:18

The army thus far.


02-09-2008, 19:30
Danny76's Ork Mob

1 Ork Boy. With Black Reach not out in time, i am stuck with just this one guy. Next month i shall be paining up lots of the box set so there is plenty for me to catch up with. as i'm 94 points short this month. But i didn't want to use my joker up so early, so a post is a post, and next month will be 194 points worth of stuff.



I don't have much of a background for these guys yet, there wil be one to follow.

Well it is an old Ork model someone had spare that i thought i could use to get a rough paint scheme ready for when my Black Reach bits arrive.

Basic colours here really, bit of highlighting on the skin and a few washes to various bits, unfortunately it is night and the camera doesn't pick up the detail well in the poorly lit room i have available.

My usual three colour browns w/ green edges. then a bit of flock

This one model is done :)

Highs: Being able to paint up something differentto my usual models.
Lows: Only having one model to do. Black Reach can't come sooner!


Ork Model 1 :)

02-09-2008, 21:07
Finally I am able to post this months stuff. Starting my new job yesterday has unfortunately left me quite powerless in the last two evenings so I haven't gotten everything done on the models, but they are ready enough to be presented and to go to the tabletop at least. So, here goes:

ReaperOfSouls hivefleet "name pending"

10 Spinegaunts: spinefists, without number
2 Zoanthropes: Synapse, Warp blast



Haven't made any background for the army yet, but it might develop during the tale.

Not much converting done on this batch of models. Pretty much stock with a bit of greenstuffing to fill some gaps on the zoanthropes.

Skin: Base coat tausept ochre, heavy wash with flesh wash, very rough highlight in rotting flesh, glaze with rotting flesh/bubonic brown mixture and final highlight bleached bone.

Carapace: Base coat catachan green, rough highlight with scorched brown/bleached bone, paint streaks with rotting flesh, glaze with rotting flesh/catachan green and final streaks with rotting flesh again

Tongues + brain etc: dwarf flesh + highlight towards elf flesh (still to be done. need to buy elf flesh)

Claws/teeth/hooves: Rotting flesh basecoat, highlight rotting flesh/skull white and final highlight skull white.

Not yet done. Will try to make them in a swamp scheme, but need some supplies first. Hopefully I can get my hands on some tasty water effects and whatnot when my paycheck arrives in the end of september.

Bases. Some minor details like some tongues and hooves/claws on the gaunts, another skin highlight on a few of them and the teeth that I seem to keep forgetting on one of the zoanthropes.

Highs: Seeing the army start to take form. They really look quite ok when standing in group in my display case.
Lows: Having to speed paint the last bits while being tired enough that my hands where not steady enough to do the carapace streaks justice.


Sorry for the poor quality but they pictures where a bit rushed since it's a bit late. They are also a bit dark because Sweden in at night is not ideal for taking pictures, at least not this time of the year. Will put up some better pictures in my log in the weekend when I hopefully can get some sunlight.

The gaunts:

The Zoanthropes (notice the unpainted teeth on the right one. I for sure didn't):


Group shot:


02-09-2008, 21:34
LionoftheBegs Ecchi Sisters of Battle: August 2008

Unit 1: 10 Woman unit with Heavy Flamer and Flamer
Cost: 177 point



Well, the Legion of Ecchi is the allies of a Chaos god called Tentaclerabbi who seeks dominion over the universe. By calling in the Legion of Ecchi, Tentaclerabbi seeks allies who will stand by him ready to stop anyone who stands in their way. The only one who can stand up to them are the Desu Brigade!


Lots of green, such as Camo Green, Snot Green and Goblin Green alongside Tentacle Pink. The Pink is to show thier allegence to Tentaclerabbi.

Haven't finished that yet.

Finish most of the weapons and then fix whatever is left and I'm done.

Highs: I like Greens so it was green! I love the Sister's models.
Lows: Not getting to actually spending time painting and now I feel like making a new sisters army.





02-09-2008, 22:57
The message you have entered is too short.

03-09-2008, 08:14
Rom's Elysian Drop Troop Company

HQ: Heroic Captain with power fist, Veteran Sergent, medic, master vox, frag and krak grenades - 146 pts
EliteS: Hardened Vetern Squad, Veteran Sergent, Vox, 2 x Sniper Rifles, frag and krak grenades - 85 pts



Company part of a larger force combating tendrils of Tyranid hive fleets on the eastern fringe. Overall command lies with that of an Inquistor, with other units in the force consisting of Tallarn Light Infantry, Death Korp Mechanised and Armoured and Strike Detachment of Red Scorpions Marines.

All units are as they come from forgeworld. Aerials are however made from brass wire purchased seperately from models.

Fatigues: Base coat Denad Stone, washed with Devlan Mud, then highlighted with Kommando Khaki.

Armour Plates: Base coat Codex Grey, washed Badab Black, then highlighted with Fortress Grey.

Skin: Dwarf Flesh, washed Devlan Mud, highlighted with Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh then washed with Ogryn Flesh.

Visor: Red Gore followed by Blood Red highlighted with Sunburst Yellow then inked with Red Ink

Gloves: Painted with Bestial brown then washed with Devlan Mud

Weapons: Chaos Black with Codex Grey highlights. Boltgun metal used in places.

Will probably be painted with Desert Yellow and left plain though this may change to a Savannah type base. Not sure so left black at the moment.

All completed for this month.

Highs: Watching the force come together and being confident enough with my paint skills to be able to do these models justice.
Lows: Relising that I need to spend more money to properly fill this army out (/cry)

Also included in the lineup is a teaser of this months models which is a multi melta armed sentinal. Was wanting to get this fella finished but not quite.

Cheers, Rom

03-09-2008, 09:12
Sorry, joker time

03-09-2008, 11:13
Hi McMullet. You missed me on the list of painters. I am doing Chaos Space Marines. I am aiming at about 1500 points.

To the rest of you. As I said in the working tread, I am jokering this month.

Colonel Haizelhoff
03-09-2008, 11:43
1000pts.: 131st Mordian Tank Company:

for this month: 1 chimera w/autocannon , HF and smoke launchers (the thing in the side of the turret) 93pts. and some other random stuff, see i'm leaving out the leman russ =)

Modelling: scratch built

highs, lows: It was fun, but it takes a lot of work to do it from scrap


03-09-2008, 15:53
Hey there!

I don't have much time as I'm writing from a McDonald's restaurant (only pace which would give me free internet access in this greedy town. ;)

So in the course of the past month, I topped-up my army-to-paint to 2000pts, this means 200pts a month.....oh wait, the template!

Borgut's Da Old Boyz (2000pts painted by sigur):

Unit 1: Redgit's Red Gitz; 12 Space Ork Goff Slugga Boys including a boss with Powerklaw.


Unit 2: Badbag Grimsnaga's mob; 12 Space Ork Goff Slugga Boys including a boss with Powerklaw.


Sorry, no army shot this month.



Uh, I have a backup of it on a DVD somewhere.....you can also read it in my project log. Basically, the plan is to do an Orks army of 2000pts using only miniatures from 1987 to 1994.

The background basically is about a bunch of Goff mobs having gotten lost in the warp. Now they reemerge, meet up with a Snakebite warband which happens to include a great shaman (Warphead). Both Warbands team up to meet up with Ghazghkull's big Waaagh since this was the original plan of the Goff Warband.

Apart from the Bosses, it's all plastic Orks from the 1990 plastic Space Orks box. They are all more or less built straight out of the box with only tiny conversions here and there.

I guess I finally got a plan about painting Goff boys so the next bunch of boys will get done faster. The new washes are a great help but won't revolutionize the way I paint. It's just nice not having to bother with dishwashing liquid any more. Highlighting black still is a bit tiresome but you get used to it.

The painting on the bosses was a little rushed.

This makes me think of something: I might have to have a look at how my paintpots dealt with the flight to the UK.

BASING: "Martian desert", I think it's called. Chipped, flat rocks (made form milliput), two kinds of sand, Hull Red/Scourched brown base, drybrushed with lighter tones of the colour.

Backplate glyphs on Badbag's boys, Boss banners on the Nobs.

Highs: When I got everything done.
Lows: For some time, I was sure the bosses wouldn't arrive in time and I wouldn't make it.

So thanks for the attention. For further information, feel free to check out my project log. Not sure if I'll be able to do much this month as I don't even have a room to stay yet.


03-09-2008, 16:05
Hi all!

Jim here reporting for month 1...first off congrats to every one who has posted so far, I've really enjoyed seeing all your work!

ARMY: Pre-Heresy World Eaters (using the Chaos Codex)


UNIT: 8 Man Tactical Marine Squad

BACKGROUND/THEME: Inspired by Horus Heresy books and various pre-heresy sites (The Great Crusade & Bell Of Lost Souls mainly) I wanted to do a pre-heresy marine army.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I have been building up all the bits I need over the last few months. I will be kit bashing various marine and chaos marine kits together. I want the whole army to look unified so I will be making sure every marine has a studded shoulder pad and sticks to the older marks of marine armour.

PAINTING: World Eaters were white and blue before the heresy. The blue is easy enough, Mordian blue foundation with ultramarine highlight and final highlight of ultra blue and skull white. I have recently got my hands on the new washes and have been experimenting with a blue wash to blend my (fairly poor) highlights together. White has been built up using astronomican grey with layers of thinned white over the top. This has proved to be quite time intensive and I'm now experimenting with other ways.

BASING: Mostly a mix of fine sand and larger gritty sand with some small pieces of slate. I recently got the 40K basing kit so expect to see some bits and pieces from that on future bases. Painted the rims black.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I'm really pleased how they look as a unit and the vet. sarge has turned out well. On the downside I think the white armour could be improved.

POINTS: 210 which is pretty much spot on!


Group Shot


Vet Sarge using parts of the Chapter Masters models


Detail of the freehand of the standard bearer

Next month will be either a squad of 8 Berzerkers or a Dreadnought...


03-09-2008, 20:23
I’m ashamed that I’ve not been able to post up a full 10% of my army this month. I have been close to dropping out of this tale many times, however I’m going to try and stick with it and see how things pan out. I must confess and say that my main focus is on my Dark Elf army for the TOFP, however any spare time I get will be put on the Eldar.

Perhaps I should learn the rules and play a few games – that might get me motivated! That and looking at how much money I’ve put down for this army already!!!

Anyway, on to my entry for this month…

UNIT: 10 Eldar Guardians with Weapon Platform

BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard build straight from the box. I’ve glued the weapon on the platform with PVA so that I can pop it off and swap with something else if I feel the need.

PAINTING: I’ve gone for the classic Saim Hann scheme. Sprayed white, basecoated with Mechrite Red, washed with Baal Red and then drybrushed up to Blood Red. Armour highlights are Kommando Khaki. Black are highlighted up with a Shadow Grey/black mix. The gems are done very simply with Dark Angels Green and highlighted up to Scorpion Green.

BASING: Gritty sand inked with Chestnut Ink, highlighted with Bleached Bone and then grass added in patches.

STILL TO DO: ‘ardcoat varnish topped with Testors Dullcote.

HIGHS AND LOWS: This is probably this quickest unit I’ve ever painted, however I’ve not put in much time doing the intricate details like I usually would. The biggest low was the Dark Elf release which I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time and this has almost consumed me! The biggest low for me is finding the motivation to carrying on and keeping up with 10% per month!

TIME SPENT: 10 hours on the whole unit.

POINTS: 85 (5.66% completed)

PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH: A Falcon Grav Tank. Possibly some Dire Avengers or Guardians if I get time.





03-09-2008, 20:47
Frep's Inivisible Dark Eldar and Imperial BFG fleet

Well I'm afraid I don't have any photos for this month my models are at holme and I forgot to get a picture before heading of to University. It's pretty basic though

The Lunar cruiser I painted is nothing more than blood red and mithril silver dry brushed over chaos black with some details pick out shining gold and boltgun metal

For the Dark Eldar I painted my Archon, oh and a test scheme warrior (yeah another 8-ish points) the armour is dark angels green, with all of the cloth and lower half of the warriors face mask in goblin green. All metallics are either boltgun metal or shining gold. I'm trying to she how far I can get using an EXTREMELY limited colour pallet.

The Good- I'm proud of my archons agonizer, I basecoated it shining gold and dry brush goblin green, boltgun, more gold and boltgun metal on top. The whole effect makes the weapon "shimmer" like theirs a power field on it.

The Bad- Well I'm several hundred miles away from home and am not certain when i'm going to get another chance to paint them. Oh and the bridge on the lunar is kindof a nasty mettalic red now as I decided to experiment with mixing blood red together with the mithril silver.

Conversions- None on my two painted models, but I have 40+ warriors built with some basic conversions built in, spike removal, weapon swaps and dark lances bastardized from splinter cannons, spikes and splinter rifles.

04-09-2008, 11:04
More pictures of Deathguard soon.

But so far my mostly finished Traitor Guard tanks (for this month anyway)

Basilisk + Heavy Bolter - simple and easy


Leman Russ + Heavy Bolter
Did a standard Battlecannon and Demolisher Cannon turrets.


I'll add more Text and paint breakdown and hopefully more figures (with better pics over the weekend, weather has not aided me recently, nor has work).

Doctor P
04-09-2008, 13:39
Doctor P's Mech Tau: August 2008

Unit: 6 Stealth Suits
Upgrades: Shas'vre
Cost: 190 points


I've decided that my Tau hail from the T'au sept, but instead of going with the usual orange, I'm going with a blue colour scheme. This would be used in night fight / urban type scenarios. My basing theme is going to be rocky/snow with patches of grass, another departure from the traditional. I thought it would be cool to represent a different area of T'au, other than it's vast deserts.

No conversions done this time, I'm quite happy about how they look from the box.

I started with a Chaos Black base, the dark part of the suit was simply highlighted with a mixture of Chaos Black and Codex Grey. The blue bits had a base colour of Chaos Black / Regal Blue, then a layer of Regal Blue followed by a Regal Blue / Enchanted Blue highlight.
The lenses and part of the arm were done using Liche Purple and Warlock Purple. Part of the arm was also colored using Dark Angels Green and Snot Green. Skull White was used for accenting these features.

I've not done this yet, waiting for some basing material that seems to be lost in the warp, I mean post.

Varnishing and basing, maybe some unit markings.

Highs: Finally getting some painting done!
Lows: Doing the fiddly bits, lenses and highlighting, still haven't really got the hang of this yet.


Here's a group shot:


A pic of the dashing commander:


Stop. Hammerhead Time!

P. S. Sorry for the late post, work got in the way.

04-09-2008, 14:16
Derv those Eldar are fantastic!

Captain Ardias
04-09-2008, 15:52

Sadly I have to play a joker this month (hopefully the one and only). I haven't really had time time to paint as I moved last month. I don't have a decent workspace yet, but I'm planning on getting my hands on one as soon as possible.

04-09-2008, 19:00
JOKER for me too, sadly

05-09-2008, 01:49

Blagrot Squigbreff
05-09-2008, 16:37
Augusts Painting.

UNIT: 12 Spinegaunts and 6 Genestealers


BUILD/CONVERSION: Other than using the Hormagaunt bodies they're straight from the box.

PAINTING: The bodies are 2 very thin layers of Hormagaunt Purple washed with Leviathan Purple. The carapace is Hawk Turquoise brushed with Ice Blue. The claws are just Tin Bitz and the Spinefists/hands are 2 layers of Dwarf Flesh washed (repeatedly) with Badab Black but I think I've found a better looking idea since :(.

BASING: Just straight Sand.

STILL TO DO: May do more elaborate bases if I have a brainwave, otherwise redo the flesh colours.

HIGHS: Getting a squad of Gaunts done for the first time in 5 attempts, also I really like the new washes.

LOWS: Realising that I hate one of the colours on them, also having trouble finding a camera and then taking low quality pics when I finally did get hold of one.


ARMY LIST: Not set in stone but the current plan is: a Flying Tyrant, a Broodlord after I work out how I want to convert one (I'm considering starting from a Tyrant Guard), 60 assorted Gaunts, 16 Stealers, 3 fexes, 2 or 3 Zoanthropes and 6 warriors. The rest of the Stealers will be painted next month.




05-09-2008, 17:10
Badgobbla’s Sons of Sanguinius: September 2008

Unit 1: 6 Death Company marines with Rhino (extra armour)

I’m a bit in a pickle as to the points cost of these guys, since BA’s get them for free for each unit of Honour Guard, Terminator Squad, Veteran Assault Squad, Assault Squad, Tactical Squad and Devastator Squad. But seeing as you can buy them for a set price, I put the total cost at 180 points.

Cost: 235 points

Total Army Size: 235 points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nothing up till now really, I just wanted a Blood Angels army (I like marines). I’m thinking about making the background up as I go: adding bits and pieces after each battle that I play. The army will be centered around Corbulo and as much marines as I can cram into it (well, maybe some tanks as well, since I like tanks too much and maybe a dreadnought or two…).

BUILD/CONVERSION: The models are the old metal Death Company models (which are strangely enough sold here as regular Blood Angel marines) with all different close combat weapons to represent the Rending USR. I also made sure that every model has all the necessary equipment (grenades, pistol pouches, etc.) on them.

PAINTING: Death Company are basically painted black with grey highlights. If you look closely I used two different kinds of grey highlights (one starting from GW Shadow Grey+Black and one from Vallejo’s Dark Grey+Black). This is just because I screwed up: I painted them in two batches and somehow got my colour combinations wrong (since I’m using pure GW Shadow Grey for the eagles, crests, skulls, etc.). As Sigur said before: highlighting black is a pain, but somehow I quite like it (I like to put very stark contrasts on my models). The weapons are painted with GW Mechrite Red, simply highlighted by adding Skull White, and shoulderpad-rims are painted with a mix GW Dark Flesh/Blood Red, highlighted until GW Blazing Orange, after which I added some layers of Baal Red Wash.

The Rhino was just sprayed black and highlighted. The markings were also painted in the same way as the rims of the shoulderpads.

BASING: By chance I discovered my LGS had these 40k-basing sets for sale and I thought I’d give them a try. I just glued one bit of resin detail to the base and then added some slate (1 or 2 bigger ones and then enough smaller ones to fill the base). These were then drybrushed with Vallejo Earth and GW Dheneb Stone. The details on the resin detail were then picked out and painted randomly metal or normal colours.

I’m also considering adding snow to the base, but I’m not sure about this.

STILL TO DO: the odd detail here and there on the bases and small details on the models themselves.


Highs: finishing these guys in time, getting some freehand work on the shoulderpads and Rhino.

Lows: not being able to keep myself on one project, as I already started on some tactical marines for next month as well.






Jan Polder
05-09-2008, 19:26
Max Keeren's Iyanden Eldar Warhost: August 2008

Unit 1: Autarch



The setting for this army is simple an Iyanden warhost. The tale of 40k painters will hopefully encourage me to get on with the painting since I have a lot left to paint. There will be little to no conversions in this army.


Uniform: Fiery orange base coat with drybrushed bleached bone, another layer of bleached bone drybrushed top-down direction. Then touch up with some watered-down bleached bone and eventually a skull white drybrush. Then several layers of yellow ink.

Cloak/ helmet: Regal blue basecoat, succesive layers with enchanted blue mixed in. Iceblue highlights and finally washed with blue ink.

Cloth and plume: Either astronomican grey or ice blue basecoat. This is then painted successive layers of skull white onto. The plume was then inked with red ink.

Sand, dark flesh drybrush vomit brown and final drybrush bleached bone.


Highs: The power sword worked out okay

Lows: Not to fond of how the cloth interacts with the rest of the model. Worked better on the dire avengers. Also during varnishing some yellow ink started to run again.

PICTURES: Fron-side and back view of the autarch and WiP for next month.

05-09-2008, 21:55
Here we go

Daemonhunters (1500)

5 Grey Knights in pa with justicar + incinerator (160)



These guys are my first 40k. I've been playing/painting fantasy for ~8 years, but am just starting 40k after finsishing 4000 points of skaven.
Were fun too paint, and it was good having more time for each model.

Next month, 3 Terminators

PS. Sorry 'bout the bases, going to base them all after i've finished the terminators. Thats ok yeah?

06-09-2008, 16:41
Darnoks 40K Chaos Daemons - Painting of August 2008

Unit 1: Herald of Nurgle - 50 points (90+ with reasonable upgrades)
Unit 2: 5 Plaguebearers - 75 points
Unit 3: 4 Bases of Nurglings - 52 points

Total Army Size: 177 points (+X)

Background and Theme

I want my Daemons to be as diversified as possible. The only guideline is: if I use one gods units, it has to have an appropriate leader - so no GUO leading Flamers and Bloodletters. Anything else goes.

For the first four months I want to follow the idea "Herald plus stuff". It is Nurgle for the start, and even with a little legal army! That Nurgle contingent will of course get bigger; the Plaguebearers have to get more bodies, as do the Nurglings, I need a GUO, maybe Ku'Gath, some Beasts of Nurgle... later! And that's only the Nurgle stuff...

Background might be made up while the army grows, battles fought will be a good first inspiration.


The Herald consists of: one Chaos Troll (body), parts of the plastic Chaos Spawn (left "arm" and head) and WHF Ogre parts (right hand). Everything glued together, with some added armour made of Green Stuff at the head and the right arm. The sword handle also got some added "jewels". Unfortunately, while painting the model, gravitiy jumped in, and the model jumped out of my hand, breaking into pieces. I had to reglue the tentacle, and added some GS work to stabilise it a bit more.

The Plaguebearers are pretty straightforward: WHF Ghouls without heads, with swords from the WHF Skeletons, and GS slime. I just head the ghouls flying around without any purpose, and found that their headsocket looked like a big eyeball. So why not use that? I'm now quite happy with the results. Same holds for the slime, which was added only because the swords didn't go into the ghoul hands so easy; stabilisation was needed.

No conversions were done on the Nurglings.


Different greens and browns, washed with green and sepia ink. Pretty straightforward as well. Horns and spikes on all the models were left black, and will get gloss-varnished later. If you look at the eyes, you'll notice irregular pupils. This is intentional.

The bases are Khemri Brown over the black basecoat, highlighted/brushed with Bleached Bone, and washed with Ogre Flesh Wash. The models are meant to fit with the desert board I did recently, and the result is okay.

Still To Do

They need varnish, matt overall, and glossy on certain areas (horns, eyes and slime). Maybe I'll add some kind of static grass, but so far I have not found a fitting sort.

I also need to figure out a method of making better pictures. Especially the Herald lost lots of details and depth of colour. It is said easyily, and sounds stupid, but the models look so much better in real life...




More pictures, together with even more stuff, can be found at my plog over here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=161412).

06-09-2008, 19:50
Chicken_Funk's Ork Army: September 2008

1500 point army
150 points each month

Slugga Boyz
12 orks
1 Big shoota(upgrade)
1 Nob w/Power Claw and Boss Pole(upgrade)

armor plates
wreckin' ball
55 pts

TOTAL PAINTING FOR September: 172 pts

I don't have a backgrond for this army yet.

Out of the box build for the Slugga Boyz
Basically out of the box for the trukk, minus a few pieces

Basic ork colors. painted some fantas orcs before and just drybrushed the skin. This time I went and painted the skin and highlighted without drybrushing and I am very pleased with the results. I also like the metal look that they have and it was very easy to make.

For the trukk, had a little problem thinking of how to paint it without it standing out too much, but not just metal. I think I am pleased with it, but may come back to it at a later time.

There is no basing yet, I tend to leave that until after I have a bunch of models done so I can get them all the same. I will try to have some based for next months submission.

Just basing

Highs: Getting the Ork skin to look good
Lows: No lows this month.




07-09-2008, 09:40
Well the good news is I got a couple of pictures but just with my phone so please forgive the quality, anywho month 1 is the HQ, Captain Agemman of the Ultramarines 1st Company.


August 08

Unit - Captain Agemman (Belial)

Unit 1 - 130pts
Army Total 130/1500

I really like Terminators and wanted to build up a good chunk of the 1st Companys Terminators, to do this I've used the Deathwing list from Codex Dark Angels.

The force is set after the Battle of Macragge and has been re-built following the loss of the Company defending the Polar Fortresses.

For the most part they are straight out of the box as the models are preyty damn good as is, there will however be extensive work done for the Command Squad and I may even splash out for some FW shoulder pads.

Well they're Ultramarines so it's a basecoat of Regal Blue followed by Ultramarines Blue. Shading will be done using the "black lining" method although some ink washes may be used to help define certain areas.

The white areas are basecoat Shadow Grey highlighted with successive layers of Skull White added to the mix.

Gold is rather time consuming as it is a series of highlights starting with Tin Bitz then Shining Gold followed by Burnished Gold with edge highlights of Mithril Silver.

Standard GW sand, black inked then drybrushed Codex then Fortress Grey. Rim Chaos Black, then some Static grass for some contrast. I am thinking of adding some Snow effect as well but i'm going to wait and see how the painted units look first of all before finalising this.

Still to do
Might redo the edge highlighting at some point but as the model is done for now i'm going to concentrate on the September stuff

Highs - Actually getting something finished, also really happy with the shoulder pads

Lows - None really, just focusing on doing whole units now


The boyz
07-09-2008, 10:58
Hi everyone,

I would just like to say, congratulations on completing your first months worth of painting.

And here is my first months worth of contribution to the Top's40K.


Epic BA's


As yet, I dont really have much of a background or theme for my Epic BA army. I'm just painting it partly because, I have always wanted a large BA force.


It's pretty much a straight out of the box build for these chaps, the only thing I have done, is to stick the Rhino's on a base and thats it.


It was standard BA paint scheme really, just a black undercoat, then several layers of Vallejo 'bloody red' and then pick out the details in their various colours.


Again this was fairly simple. Flock was glued to the base, then undercoated black and then drybrushed with various shades of grey, until I was happy with the finish.


No lows really this week, painting the black trim on the shoulder pads and the company markings on the shoulder pads was a bit fiddly. Other then that, I didnt have any low points.

High points, I quite enjoyed painting them really. Its quite nice to work on miniatures of this scale, where you dont have to be to fussy, as to how each individual model looks.


400pts of completed epic BA's. Apologies for the bad photo. It was taken ina bit of a rush.


07-09-2008, 14:07
UNIT: 10 Marines, veteran sergeant and 2 plasma gunners

BACKGROUND/THEME: Haven't gotten that far.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Mostly loyalist pieces with acouple of conversions to make them look more pre-heresy

PAINTING: Midnight blue base , layer of regal blue and the a highlight of enchanted. Metal is chainmail or shing gold washed with Devlan mud

BASING: None...yet

STILL TO DO:Bases and some touch ups

HIGHS: Painting again

LOWS: Losing three games in a row... by a LOT of points:(



I apologise for the crappy quality of the pic(taken with my mobiles camera as I lost my camera memory card...again) but if you squint hard enough it looks vaguely like a space marine:p

Character next month, probably a Chaplin

07-09-2008, 14:08
Here is my submission for August. These will be added to my Dark Angel army.

Tactical squad 2: 5 Marines, meltagun, meltabombs. 105 pts

Assault squad 7: 5 Marines, plasma pistol. 140 pts

Total so far: 245 pts

Still to do: Clearcoat and dullcote the models. The humidity has been very high lately, so I cannot do this without risky frosted marines. Once clearcoating is finished, I will glue the jump packs on.

Next month: Finish one or both squads and start on a Scout squad with sniper rifles.


07-09-2008, 20:00
I have to pull not one, but two wildcards this month. Life got in the way (I got an extension for a contraxt doing fieldwork and spent the month away from home digging up fossils - which meant next to no painting, though I did manage to assemble some models on the weekends, so I should be able to get everything done on time next month).

So no Knight and no Varyngr to show for now. But there´ll probably be some WIP shots in a week.

07-09-2008, 20:30
My stuff will be up tonight for sure. I am putting the finishing touches on my basing as i type this. But I have to stop to bring my daughter home, so it will be posted later for sure.

07-09-2008, 22:18
Augusts Painting.

UNIT: 5 termies


BUILD/CONVERSION: Part new plastic termies, part old plastic termies converted to match new ones. AC converted from HF arm.

PAINTING: Most parts undercoated with Fanatic Army Painter red spray, then a quick brush with Blood Red. Some arms undercoated with cheap silver spray, then Mechrite Red and Blood Red. Cables etc Charadon Grey (?). Guns and other metal parts Mithril Silver. Waterslide transfers treated with Sol/Set. Then the entire minis where washed with Badab Black, certain areas (eg shoulder pads, top of back) where quickly swapped of most of the wash with a wet brush to give a lighter colour.

BASING: None, will do all in one go later.

STILL TO DO: Bases, maybe some light touchups on armour parts when I see how other squads turn out later in regard to colour hue.

HIGHS: Seeing how well Badab Black wash could work on marine armour, using Sol/Set for the first time - I highly recommend it!

LOWS: Getting crappy pictures because of my current camera situation - better pics with DIY lightbox is a must!


ARMY LIST: All infantry, much Jump Pack goodness.


07-09-2008, 22:23
Hi all!

This is warflags submission for August.

Army: Orks, fast forward style

Units: Waaghboss, mob of boys.

Points: about 140

Theme: Heavy metal / Mad Max and other action/scifi stuff
The big mass of this army will be boys. Four mobs of boys, consisting of heavy metal fans. Some of them will be famous movie characters.
The Pick ups and buggies will be Mad Max style.

Conversions. This is a mass conversion project. The least is sculpted mullets. Mostly made t-shirts, skull-rings and more suitable stuff. Most helmets are altered to look more like WWII helmets.
Vehicles will get even more rebuilding...

Painting: All the colours you need to depict this theme. Much layering and wetblending.

Still to do: Finish the mob, base the rest.

Highs, lows: The converting is big time fun. When things turn out you want them to it´s a great thing. But screwing the deadline ain´t. I started too late, only the last week of August. That´s not enough time for such a project.

Result: I fear I have to pull a joker. I did my best, but I failed to finish the last three boys. Some of the others still need some work aswell.

The pic. The leatherjacket guy is the Boss. The dude with claw is a nob.
Included bands: AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Dio, Pantera, Slayer and Obituary.


That´s what I have so far. This month will see good progress. I just have to choose something worth more than just a few points.


Dead orc
08-09-2008, 00:35
With moving to uni in less than one week and spending more time on my fantasy armies this month i'm going to have to use a joker card.


08-09-2008, 03:50
razormasticators 75th Logres Prime Ice Drakes Veteran Squad & Fire Support Weapon Team: August 2008

Doctrines: Storm Trooper Squads, Sharpshooters, Iron Discipline, and Special Weapons Squads, Light Infantry

Hardened Veterans: (10 men/5 with shotguns; 3 plasma guns, vet sgt
power weapon & plasma pistol+2 Lascannon Team, Krak Grenades. = 175 points

1 Fire Support Anti-Infantry Autocannon Weapon Team.= 40 points


Army List: All I have painted so far for this army is the Regimental HQ, which I feature in my log.

Regimental HQ: (Senior officer w/ power fist, meltagun, master vox, medic, standard bearer)


Color schemes: Vallejo Magic Blue, Fortress Grey Fatigues. Forge World Respirator Helmets.

Logres Prime is a ice world, sort of like Hoth. There is a spring season with Tundra like thaw that features lichen, scrub and foliage on that nature. The Ice Drakes are specialists in hostile frozen weather and often fight along side Vallhallan Regiments and the Vostroyan 77th Rifles regiment, whom they have shared many theatres of war with.
When the Ice Drakes need more infantry support for close urban fighting they call upon the 77th Vostoryan Rifles. The regiments fight in the same campaigns often. The cold climate grouping of these worlds has made for a mutually supportive situation for both the Logres Prime Ice Drakes and the 77th Firstborn Vostroyan Rifles.
The 77th Vostroyan Rifles are specialists in cold weather combat as well as urban, building-to-building assaults which compliments the larger 75th Logres Prime Ice Hawks hostile weather combat gear and experience

Both Regiments share the same support Armor the 163rd Logres Prime Arctic Wyrms & 127th Vostroyan Steel Menace.

Not a lot to mention here, custom basing on the Autocannon team. I want all my static support weapon teams to be narrative in look and or feel. In other words the fire support teams will have diorama like qualities, meanwhile the squad-based heavies are just standard weapon teams, as if they were hastily placed. The support weapon teams are much more static emplacements.


I paint with the dry brushing technique because I don’t have the patience to do layering.
I love the new GW washes, they have really taken the painting to a new level. I like the darker nature of the blue wash a lot, and it covers so well.

One slight variation here, my original command squad the standard bearer has a grey bed roll, this does not affect the squad just finished the vets because they have different backpacks. But the other squad that I have been working on is being painted and I mistakenly painted the bedrolls blue.


Elmer's glue with standard basing stuff, then a dry brush to wet brush of graveyard earth. When that’s dry I go to Bleached bone, once again starting with a dry brush then a wet brush. And finally I dry brush to wet brush on white, add the static grass with some Elmer’s and paint the rims of the bases shadow grey.

Some grey on the three plasma guns, the white for the eyes and the tightening up of the black. Either way they are table ready.


Just painting ten models at a time, plus the weapon teams is a low for me. I would much rather plaint on a smaller scale. I prefer to paint 1-2 minis at a time. That seems to work best for me. But for the case of speed and accuracy I pushed myself this time.

I think the blue wash really helps the models have some depth they didn’t have prior. I overdid it with the highlights a bit. But I think they still look good and are successful.

Group Shot:


Plasma Gun Spec Weapons:


08-09-2008, 03:52
This month I will either be finishing my Russ in addition to painting a commisar or Painting a Commissar and my Macharius Vulcan Mega Bolter... VMB Nastiness.

08-09-2008, 04:15
Well done everyone, great turnout for month 1! Let's hope we can kep this up for the next 11.

It's the 7th now so you can post all comments, feedback, advice and banter here - I'll close the oldworking thread. If ayone still has updates to post don't worry about it, stick them in here, they might just get a bit lost in the static (I'll find them though, don't worry).

08-09-2008, 08:09
sorry i'm late....

Hawkes army: Iron warriors of warsmith Honsou.

Army so far:
Chaos Dreadnought with heavy bolter 100pts (if memory serves...)


Color schemes: rusted iron with marks of the megragard and cortix hydra (sp?)

Following his assestion to warsmith, and his battle with two of his fellow warsmiths, honsou set out to make his power base secure, and to commit more daring assaults upon the imperial cretins. For this he gathered warriors from the remenants of the two iron warrior armies he had defeated. Millenia old warriors gathered, ready to wage war under their charistmatic half-breed leader

i cut apart the chaos sharcophogus, move the head up, created a new lower chest and switched the two sides around. the heavy bolter is made from standard arm with two infantry heavy bolters and chainsword attached. THe power-flail is made from guitar wire and the original claw endings, the chest has also been given extra height.


theres alot of paint washes in various shades of brown over the boltgun metal and gold that make up this model, theres also some green highlights for power feeds and such. Chevrons use the standard technique of leather base coat with a golden yellow highlight


pretty standard sand flock painted in a sickly industrial desert scheme which also carries up to part of the shins

i might touch it up with another wash on the base to add some depths and bring out some of iron warrior helmet and imperial fist door details


not much to say, i thought i'd start simple.

Final mini:


08-09-2008, 09:28
Army so far:
Autarch (110pts)

Color schemes: Iybraesil Craftworld
No theme as such, just after exploration on the crone worlds, hence their bases :)
Standard Autarch, but I kit-mashed him so that he's got Mandiblasters, Power Sword, Shuriken Pistol and Swooping Hawk wings for a nice total of 6 attacks on the charge :)

Black undercoat, attempted zenithal lighting to give some direction to the highlights. Probably can't tell because the light I used is too bright...
I can't remember how I did the cloak, but it's mostly done with the new foundation paints for fun.


The Autarch's have a big amount of crap on their bases, but I still managed to fit in the obligatory tiles in. The tiles are obligatory as it's a running theme in my army.

I can't decide what colour to paint his powersword!! Any ideas?


I wished I could have finished him, but I got promoted at work, had 21st birthdays almost every weekend and assignments at Uni!!



08-09-2008, 09:53
Right, well a little late, but I managed to get them done in the end...

Epic Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons


Assault Detatchment - 175 points
1/2 a Land Raider Detatchment - 200 points
1/5 a Bike Detatchment - 40 points
Total Points - 415

I think the title says it all really - the forces of the Thousand Sons Legion prior to the outbreak of the heresy. The army will avoid using any pre-heresy vehicles (so no razorbacks, predator annhilators etc) and will use Librarians for characters, in particular avoiding chaplains as they were responsible for enforcing the Nicaea Edict regarding use of sorcerous power, which the TS were in the process of ignoring.

Assault Marines unconverted. For the Land Raiders I used the older Epic:40K models as they match the Forgeworld Pre-Heresy design (this will be a theme continued throughout the army - older Rhino models, older dreadnought models etc to match the artwork in the Collected Visions as closely as possible). The Jetbikes are converted from the old plastic marine bikes - I chopped down the bottom of the bikes to remove the base and weels, bulked it up again with GS to form the basic shape, then added a jet exhaust made from the tube inside a biro and booster jets on the side cut from old skeleton spears. Then I stuck them on bits of paperclip and glued them to the base.

Basic painscheme for everything is white undercoat, basecoat blood red, wash with thinned down red gore & black ink with a touch of washing up liquid, then highlighted up again. Details in black, gold, and silver, and markings in white.

Sand, painted scorched brown. Not finished.

Unsurprisingly enough (for anyone that has seen my logs before) the bases are unfinished. They need drybrushing up to vomit brown/bleached bone and having some green flock added. I want to tidy up one or two of the shoulder pads on the Assault Marines as well.

Highs: I was dreading painting the rims on the Assault Marines but knew I needed to do it (the white markings I feel are essential for these guys, both to make it clear they aren't just standard Blood Angels and to give the scheme a bit of 'pop' with the contrast with the red. In the end it was much easier than I feared though. I'm also quite pleased with the jetbikes, my first attempt at 6mm conversion.
Lows: I found the red on the Land Raiders much harder to paint than the vehicles I have painted for these guys so far, both due to the extra fiddly detail (rivets etc) and the fact they have larger flat surfaces. Took me a long time to get to a point I was happy with.

I still haven't got the hang of taking pictures of Epic models yet. There are more detailed (and less dark) pictures in my Log for those that are interested - see my sig.

Oh, and well done everyone for getting stuff done! Wil lreturn and add some proper comments later...

08-09-2008, 12:06
Surprise of surprises, i actually managed to get stuff done for this month. No joker for me! :D
MARINES (Total 1500pts )


UNIT: Terminators

BACKGROUND/THEME: Chapter of my own design. As yet unnamed, but ive done their chapter symbol. Basic theme is penitent crusade force.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Repositioning of all the arms. Sergeant cut in half at the waist and repositioned. Carved out stock head and replaced with one from the Dark Angel box. Stormbolter swapped for heavy flamer.

PAINTING: About 15 hours. Mainly around a regal blue base.

BASING: Sanded, then painted black. Drybrushing of browns and greys. GW Scorched Grass to finish. Black trims.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Low point was the sheer effort to paint all the blue. High point was the blue actually looking worth all the effort once they were done. Also very happy with the sergeants head.

POINTS: 205/1500.




Comments welcome. And well done to all on their work.

08-09-2008, 12:19
I'm playing cards and using Joker this month.

08-09-2008, 13:18
Army so far:
Autarch (110pts)

Color schemes: Iybraesil Craftworld
No theme as such, just after exploration on the crone worlds, hence their bases :)
Standard Autarch, but I kit-mashed him so that he's got Mandiblasters, Power Sword, Shuriken Pistol and Swooping Hawk wings for a nice total of 6 attacks on the charge :)

Black undercoat, attempted zenithal lighting to give some direction to the highlights. Probably can't tell because the light I used is too bright...
I can't remember how I did the cloak, but it's mostly done with the new foundation paints for fun.


The Autarch's have a big amount of crap on their bases, but I still managed to fit in the obligatory tiles in. The tiles are obligatory as it's a running theme in my army.

I can't decide what colour to paint his powersword!! Any ideas?


I wished I could have finished him, but I got promoted at work, had 21st birthdays almost every weekend and assignments at Uni!!



That autarch is sweet, great paint job man!

08-09-2008, 14:20
Great job, everyone. I'd comment on them all, but, uh, I have some painting to do. Yeah, painting! That's important, right? *weasels his way out of writing a bunch* I'll pick the three that popped out the most for me to comment on, though.

sigur, that's one good-looking bunch of orks. Love the old sculpts, they make those current clumps of muscle look so dull. Especially since you painted them so well, too! That fellow with the zebra-style hairdo looks really wild.

Sheena, best joker I've seen. ;)

fluffystuff, that's some neat painting you've got there. I dislike the model (too over the top for my tastes), but I really like that dirty, stained armour. It'll be interesting to see those more regular-looking orks if you'll keep that standard up. And if you do, how long it'll take for your head to pop while painting that massive horde to such a high standard. :p

And to break up this flood of painted models and remind you all to keep on painting, I took a pic of next month's stuff.


Yeees, more ork infantry. Amazingly, I haven't gotten tired of painting them yet, so I decided to paint more of them while I have the motivation and push other stuff until later. Actually, during this week with only finished pics for the first month allowed, I went and nearly finished everything in that picture. I'll post some preview pics in just over a week or so. Why not right now? You'll see. :angel:

09-09-2008, 00:29
Here is my contributions to my two armies: 1000pts of Daemons and 2000pts of Salamanders.

My daemons are going to be another boring epidemus list. this month its plaguebearers, 14 to be precise and next month is goin to be the same. 14 plaguebearers with icon and instrument comes out at around 240 pts.

My salamders army is going to be a standard army with the focus on tactical squads. I dont intend having many of the new toys although the redemer might complement the titanhammer squad. This months contribution is a 5 man devastator squad with 4 multi-meltas. Im not sure of the point cost because i dont have the SM codex, i'll wait till next month before i get one. Its clsoe to 200pts if i factor in grenades etc...




The pictures of the salamanders is old. I ahve highlighted the edges of the armour which looks a lot better. Will try and get that up sometime

09-09-2008, 09:42
@McMullet: Shame you had to use a joker! Mrsurgeon’s stuff is looking good though, especially all the little bits of freehand!

@Discord: Crazy amounts of orks, and all the freehand on the backbanners? Nice one :D I also like your BFG stuff, the imperial cruiser has a nice alternate colour scheme to the normal green.

@Overt_Spy: Gorgeous, you’ve really captured the clean feel of the Tau and the minimal use of metallic paint really helps this. They’re so nicely painted, Looking forward to next months figures.

@Häxjägare: Nice colour scheme, I like the red trim on the silver a lot. Keep it up.

@tehgeist: great work so far, I like the yellow trousers. Looking forward to the Deffdread this month.

@Catferret: Wonderful looking scouts, nice use of camouflage colours on the cloak and the minimal use of bright colours is really good. Also the Imp guard fist on the scout sergeant was a great idea.

@skott4991: Good start, so far. What chapter are you painting? What have you got planned for next month?

@Solun Decius: Old school genestealer colour scheme gets a big thumbs up from me. Top effort!!

@Magos Explorator: Nice work on the command, and cool use of the old school Necromunda Wyrd model (if I’m right). Keep up the good work.

@Zukara: Wow so yellow, but so damn cool! The colour scheme will look really good as a whole because the brown provides enough earthy tones to stop it from blinding you. Top stuff.

@fluffystuff: Bloody brilliant. Very very nicely painted Ghazghkull. The weathering is very nicely done and the model just smacks of top notch painting. Keep up the stellar effort.

@Magos Explorator: Interesting looking spawn, but cool nonetheless. Shame if you have to sell them off though!

@kammek: Cool colour scheme for the trucks, now just fill them :D Nobs are looking cool too. Good lucks on the boyz.

@BLARGAG!!!: You’re pics don’t work unfortunately, so I can’t comment sorry…

@Scott: Looking great so far, the plaguebearers are my personal favourite atm. Keep going!!

@plantagenet: So very very clean, but great looking imp fists. And the fists are freehand? Nutter!!

@Rabid Monkey: Nice Chaplain, and the veterans are great too. This will shape up to a great looking army. So much in one month too!! They’re already looking very coherent.

@misterboff: Good start, a truck and some sluggas. They look great!

@swifty2: Go the crimson fists, you’ve already done 2 squads and a commander, good effort.

@Metaphorazine: Great look Orks, all dark and dirty. Don’t you just love the new trucks?

@Mr Feral: Wow nice herald conversion, great paintjob too. Looking forward to the plaguebearer getting some buddies.

@DarkstarSabre: Nice nids, a good colours scheme too. And yes Gaunts have too many details, but you did a good job so it’s worth it!

@Norsehawk: Awesome bloodletters, the orange scheme looks really nice. Your marines also have a great colour scheme. The Tau hammerhead looks good too, but my favourite are definitely those bloodletters. Good on you for doing so many models at once!!

@agio65: So many demons, but they’re looking awesome. How great are the new washes!!

@bloodsbane: Nice start and I love the little details on the nob’s shoulder pads, makes him look very bad moon.

@ssorck: Great work on those daemonettes, they’re looking great! With the snow bases, great idea, perhaps you can also try to have patches of dark colours too in case the models get lost in all the white.

@Overt_Spy (again): Dante, what a champion. Looking forward to some good old Blood Angels. Keep up the top effort.

@aenimosity: Genestealers, does the galaxy need more? Luckily they look great though, what are your plans for the bases?

@Zilgorn_Zeypher: Wow a baneblade to start? I’ll be looking forward to some awesome tanks over the coming months as the baneblade looks tops atm!

@kris.sherriff: Great kroot, love the shaper conversion too. Where’d you get the foliage from btw, it looks really good. I’ll be interested to see the firewarriors from this garrison…

@spikyjames: Wow, amazing looking marines so far. The librarian is just ace, and the tactical squad looks ridiculously awesome. Cannot wait for more!!!

@Fle: Nice start and a cool colour scheme. The dirtiness definitely works for them. Keep it up.

@blazed99: Wow nice clean Necrons, what’s the plan for next month?

@Pite: For a first tank that looks bloody great, love the big fat hazard stripes too.

@lonepilgirm: Wow, great looking Blood Angels. Interesting idea with the grenades on the shoulder pads, I just hope they don’t get shot there! The dirty exhausts on the rhino look great too. Looking forward to more.

@AdmiralGrave: Looking forward to the group shot, get that camera fixed!!

@Chicken Pig: Another silver and red marine army, but these are loyalists! Looking great so far. Keep up the solid effort.

@Damokles: Great looking imp guard, the colours scheme looks good and the effort on the basing really ties it all together. Also the stubber guy gets my “awesome dude award :D”

@Fredmans: You’ve highlighted the carapace armour on epic tyranids? You’re a madman!! Keep up the great work!

@Aenarion: Nice Dark Angels, and nice freehand on the DA symbol on the shoulders. This army will look great.

@Fredmans: Same again but with guard, how can you highlight the little buggers? They’re looking really good so far.

@Playwithbob: Old school and very cool. They’ll look so rad when they’re all done.

@Danny76: Hurry up and get Black reach man, I’m looking forward to more!

@ReaperOfSouls: Nice nids, a very subdued and earthy colour scheme. The streaking has paid off, good luck next month.

@LionoftheBegs: Good start, you need to get them finished when you can though because they’ll look better when they’re done. Good luck this month.

@Romanus: Nice start on your Elysians. Decided on the bases yet? Good luck this month.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Interesting army so far, how do you intend to sculpt 1000 points? Good luck though!

@sigur: Awesome old school Orks, you’ve painted them really well! Good luck finding a room too.

@Jim: Nice world eaters and great use of the Chapter Master hand with the helmet on your sergeant, it looks great.

@derv: Great looking Eldar so far, you mightn’t have done 10% but they look great so far.

@Earthbeard: a lot of tanks and a great start! Some better pictures would be great too.

@Doctor P: Looking great so far, I love the new stealth suits. Looking forward to seeing your basing too.

@Blagrot Squigbreff: Nice start, a good base for a nid army.

@Badgobbla: Awesome looking Death Company so far. Can’t wait for the tactical marines this month too.

@Max keeren: Looking forward to some pictures.

@Knighta: Cool Grey Knights, looking forward to the Termies too.

@Darnok: Cool start, some very awesome conversions that make them truly unique. Can’t wait to see what else you think of.

@Chicken_Funk: Awesome Orks, I like the darker Ork skin.

@SonofUltramar: It looks good but the photos are a bit too blurry. Keep up the good work though.

@The boyz: Nice start, that’s a good chunk of marines in one go.

@penguin663: Photo is pretty blurry, but they’re looking ok to me. Keep it up.

@jpobrich: Great looking Dark Angels. I really like the use of bone in the colour scheme and it’s not too white either.

@olean: very red, and that’s what Blood Angels should be. Good start!!

@warflag: wow some really characterful orks, The painting is top notch too, great work and looking forward to more.

@razormasticator: Good start so far, cool colour scheme and awesome bases.

@G.Hawke: Awesome dreadnaught, the hazard stripes are my favourite addition too.

@Almindale: God you’re awful, can’t even finish a half finished miniature, pathetic!

@Drakemaster: Good start! They’ll look great as an army.

@Fenriz: Nice colour scheme and awesome freehand for the chapter symbol. You’re also right, the sergeant’s head does look cool.

@Discord: Looking forward to see the next batch painted.

@Zanzibarthefist: Awesome plaguemarines and some nice Salamanders too. Keep up the great work.

Well I’ve written 1,342 and counting so I’ll have a rest now!!! Bring on month 2!!!

09-09-2008, 14:04
Great turnout so far guys.. Let keep up the momentum.

09-09-2008, 17:48
I wish tom cruise would use his voodoo magicks and help me take better pics, got so many goodies to show, well WIP ones.

09-09-2008, 19:42
@Damokles: Great looking imp guard, the colours scheme looks good and the effort on the basing really ties it all together. Also the stubber guy gets my “awesome dude award :D”

I'm really impressed that you actually posted a comment to every individual painter that posted here, thx for the effort! also thx for the "awesome dude award", will you be awarding it monthly ;)

also I like your autarch, really nice painting, though I have no idea for the powersword, I would have chosen a lightblue lightning pattern or something, but that seems a bit much blue for one miniature, maybe obsidian style?

09-09-2008, 20:24
I like the sword, maybe its off... LOL

09-09-2008, 22:07
There is some stunning work on this thread.

Well done to everyone who has posted so far.

Looks like being a good year for the 40K Tale of painters.

10-09-2008, 02:20
@Almindale: fixed the links, take a look and let me know what you think

an aside to everyone, sorry for the ****** pics that i took....

10-09-2008, 08:01
@SonofUltramar: It looks good but the photos are a bit too blurry. Keep up the good work though.

cheers, what i'll probably do is ask my friend if I can borrow his Digital Camera to take a couple of pics as the current ones don't do the model justice.

Well done everyone, it wasn't until Almindale replied to everyone that I realised just how many people were taking part, keep up the good work


10-09-2008, 08:36
@Damokles: hehe it was a mission, but glad someone appreciates it. Now to do it for the Warhammer thread...

@BLARGAG!!!: Now I can see them, and I think they look awesome so far. Great work :D I really like the colour scheme of your tanks. Also intrigued by the WIP on your Ogryns, keep it up.

@SonofUltramar: Good idea mate, I really want to see the model, as I can kind of pick out some detail that I'd love to have a closer look at.

10-09-2008, 12:15
@almindale please don´t be too hard on yourself:);)

and here is a little update :D

keep up the good work.

10-09-2008, 12:40
Haha Agio, I wondered if someone would pick that up :D Nice work so far, dark dirty Orks is how they should be!

10-09-2008, 12:42
Hello everybody. This has turned into a mighty fine thread indeed. I am no great painter, but I have some comments for all of you (based on impression rather than techniqal advice).

@McMullet: Sorry you had to pull a joker. Hoping to see those orks getting finished this month.

@mrsurgeon: From what I can tell, those marines look great. Shame about the pictures, but trust me I know how difficult it is to take photos of Epic stuff. I want another shot of the Supreme Commander.

@Discord: Great-looking Goffs. I especially love your Grots. They look undisciplined yet uniform. A great start. Looking forward to your next warband. The BGF ships look great too. Not familiar with the models or the game, but I plan to purchase some to use in Epic games. Lovely details.

@Overt_Spy (Tau): You make me want to collect Tau. Great-looking squad. Your army will look ace.

@Häxjägare: With your name, are you sure you haven’t got your allegiances mixed up? Dark and grim paint scheme, fitting for the Blood God.

@tehgeist: Impressive mob. The painting looks really good, although the pictures could be a bit better. The Big Mek looks really nice.

@Catferret: I believe you have received some praise already, but let me chime in with the rest. It is a great scheme, that looks mute, yet detailed.(Did that make any sense?)

@skott4991: You know the pictures are blurred, since you have commented on it as well. It looks as a solid paint job none the less.

@Solun Decius: I’ve said it in the Tyranid working thread, but I’ll say it again. Old school stealers make me sentimental. I like that you have retained the scheme, while not going too purple, like most of us did in the 90’s.

@Magos Explorator: Your retinue looks characterful. Would love to read their background and eagerly awaits the troops.

@Zujara: The scheme has really grown on me. Consider me persuaded.

@fluffystuff: Now that’s a warboss. No C&C, only C. Your work should be an inspiration to all of us.

@Magos Explorator: The slime looks great. Will try the water effect myself on my fantasy bases this month.

@kammek: The trukks look excellent. Now you just have to fill them up with boyz.

@blargag: Your pictures are back, and the tanks look great. I see an interesting ogryn conversion project going on.

@Scott: Your demons look great, and I especially like your Nurglings and Papa Nurgle. Are you using the new washes or dilluted colours? Just curious.

@plantagenet: Neat and well executed painting. Great armours and love the free hand (?) banners and shoulder pads.

@Rabid Monkey: Great army, fantastic bases. I really like the grim look of the Chaplain. The bright shoulder pad is a perfect contrast to the dark armour.

@misterboff: Your future’s blue. Good-looking mob.

@swifty2: Menacing bunch of Crimson fists. The red parts are really well executed. More, please.

@Metaphorazine: Your mob looks great and coherent. They will look fantastic in numbers. I’ve got to say that my ork fingerz are itching a bit after seeing all those trukks.

@Mr Feral: Amazing demons. Keep up the great work. Great sculpting AND painting. How long does it take you to convert one of them?

@Darkstar Sabre: The colour scheme works very well with your bases, producing a great overall impression. Given the number of nids you have to paint, I can only suspect that you are very busy at the moment.

@Norsehawk: Three armies? You are up for a busy year. I really like your demons, and it would be very nice with an individual close-up. The vehicles look really good too.

@agio65: A lot of demons and colourful painting. Your daemonettes stand out to me.

@bloodsbane: Dark and grim and orky. Bring’em on. I realize that the look of Orks have changed quite a bit since my old 2nd ed days. They used to look like parrots, now they all look like they mean to do serious business.

@ssorck: Love the old daemonettes, and your paintjob makes them justice. I think you are overly critical of your own work. If, and I mean if, there is a difference between your new and old ones it is negligible.

@Overt_Spy (Blood Angels): What a way to start to your blood angels.

@aenimosity: Good start. Now get starting on your gaunts…

@Zilgorn_Zeypher: A Baneblade for the very first month? What's next? A Warhound Titan?

@kris.sherriff: Great Kroot and and the Shaper looks phenomenal.

@spikyjames: Wow. 'Nuff said.

@fle: A great start. The blue ”light” adds a fine touch.

@blazed99: Great stuff, and the bases really add life to your lifeless soldiers, like you said. Keep it up.

@pite: Great first tank job.

@lonepilgrim: Awesome stuff, love your weathering and knowing how hard it is to paint red, I am very impressed.

@AdmiralGrave: I am imagining, now get your camera fixed.

@Chicken Pig: Great marines. Cannot wait to see more.

@Damokles: Great-looking guards. They will look awesome on those bases. Will your guards be glued to them or are you going magnets?

@Aenarion: Nice job. As you say, the bases need to be finished. Otherwise, a good-looking paint job so far. Very good details.

@Playwithbob: Those RT:s bring back fond memories. I remember the release of that Dark Angel’s Chapter Master (am I right?).

@Danny76: Loneliest ork of the tale so far. He needs Black Reach company.

@ReaperofSouls: Your colour scheme looks very camouflage, and the Zoanthropes look really great with some really good details.

@LionoftheBegs: As you say, great models. Good luck on finishing them this month.

@Romanus: I really love your models and great painting to match. Will follow this one with interest.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Are you planning on building and modelling an entire army? You are also in for a busy year.

@sigur: You make me want to strip my old 2nd ed space orks and 'booterz. Great paintjob on very characterful models (GW:s best model range ever. Will we see any old school Shokk Attack Guns and Pirate Ship Battle Wagonz?).

@Jim: I like your World Eaters and I have to say, that is a fantastic banner.

@derv: Your eldar looks great. I hope you find energy to stay in the tale.

@Earthbeard: I am a latent treadhead so I’ll be following your progress.

@Doctor P: Keep at it, good start.

@Blagrot Squigbreff: Try to use a bit more light when you take your pictures, since it is difficult to make out any details. Looks good though, and I love the Horma-spinegaunts.

@Badgobbla: That Death Company looks great. If you keep that standard the army will look great.

@Knighta: Looks promising, will we be seeing terminators and Inquisitors as well? I cannot wait.

@Darnok: Brilliant demons: love your plague bearer and herald conversions.

@Chicken_Funk: Another trukk? I think the Warseer warbosses all concur. The new kit must be great. More boyz, more pictures please.

@SonofUltramar: A bit blurry, which is a shame, because the model looks really good.

@The boyz: Great-looking blood angels. Hopefully we will se better and more photos at the end of this month.

@Penguin 663: Blurry picture, but your painting looks solid.

@jpobrich: Fantastic shoulder pads and banner.

@olean: Nice termies, looking forward to more angels.

@warflag: Greatest joker so far. Good luck on finishing those metal-heads.

@razormasticator: Great-looking guards. I really love the bases. I have high expectations on your Macharius.

@G.Hawke: Great dreadnought, full of chaos character. Impressive stuff.

@Almindale: Great autarch. What else can I say? Oh, I know, hey that sword looks unifinished. Seriously though, I was thinking of obsidian to fit in with the pistol.

@Drakemaster: As I said in your thread, I love your jetbikes.

@Fenriz: Nice terminators. Good first month's job.

@Zanzibarthefirst: Great demons, and nice marines, too.

And to keep in line with the new direction of this thread, I'll just post a WIP of a Tyranid bug for this month...

If last month was critters, this month is bugs. For my Steel Legion, I'll be assembling and painting a Tank Company.


10-09-2008, 14:32
@almindale please don´t be too hard on yourself:);)

and here is a little update :D

keep up the good work.

Those orcs are really nice Agio.

Mr Feral
10-09-2008, 14:35
@Mr Feral: Wow nice herald conversion, great paintjob too. Looking forward to the plaguebearer getting some buddies.

Thank you! You'll be happy to hear the Instrument Bearer and Icon Bearer are currently being panted, whilst the rest of the unit is half way through the sculpting stage. :)

@Mr Feral: Amazing demons. Keep up the great work. Great sculpting AND painting. How long does it take you to convert one of them?

Good question, about a hour I think. It's hard to estimate since I work on several at once.

On that note, great work everyone so far and expect an update from me sometime over the next few days :D

10-09-2008, 23:40
Army: Ultramarines 2nd Company

Units: 10 man Tactical Squad and 1 Land Speeder with Heavy Bolter

Points so Far: 216/?

Painting: Basecoat with Chaos Black, coat of midnight blue mixed with Blue Ink. Add in some Ultras Blue and build up colour. Then add in Skull white and do line highlighting on raised areas.

Basing: Nothing as of yet sorry :( Just don't have the materials.

Still left to do: Add Ultramarines insignia and 2nd company insignia.

Anyway, on to the pics.

Firstly a group shot of the Land Speeder and Tactical Squad.


Secondly, a close up of the Land Speeder. I'm not the greatest at macros.


And a close up of the Tactical Squad seargent.


Enoy the pics, and good work to all.

Next up for this month, I'm psyching out with a librarian.


11-09-2008, 02:45
@Hauk: Wow great job so far. They're looking great! What theme are you thinking about for basing?

11-09-2008, 06:28
Hey All

First, everyones stuff looks awesome sofar, makes a really good incentive to get my own painted and finished. Would love to comment u all (like some fearless people here) but i think id die before i finished.

anyhoo, my contribution ...

Ultramarines first company are up and under way, with no need for jokers

1 Space Marine Vindicator, 120 ish points depending


Working on a stock standard Ultramarines First Company, so obviously all vehicles are ancient and relics in their own rights. I've started on some normal marines but havent finished them just yet


Had the Vindicator lying around unpainted since the apocalypse release, is just a stock standard build. Scrounged bits for the dude on top with the pointy arm and the funky helmet.


Blue was done mordian, washed asurman, re drybrushed mordian and light drybrush ultramarines blue. The rest is pretty basic and straight forward so i wont bother elaborating.


Its a tank, none required.


Tossing up whether to add more gold edging/scripture stuff. Will have to wait for the moment, im pretty happy with where its all at now.


Mostly high, normally painting big flat areas sucks bum but it wasnt so bad this time.






still working on the quality of shots, so they arnt brilliant. Might try some in daytime in a couple of days.

11-09-2008, 14:34
@Hauk, the speeder looks killer!

@ Enlightend, love the Vindi.. its bad assed!

11-09-2008, 16:09
@Almindale: Thanks :) I haven't actually put much thought into the basing of it yet. I was thinking maybe either a rough earth, or a lava landscape of something similar like that.

@razormasticator: Thank you! It's a horrible mini altogether though. I didn't enjoy painting or assembling it one bit. It just doesn't fit :)

@Enlightened: That is gorgeous. May I recommend not doing any more scripture on the model. Any more would look overkill, and I think it looks perfect like that. Very nice.

Edit: Oh, if you look in the picture up in my first post there, you'll see only nine marines. I found number 10 when I was heading to bed. Unfortunately he met the wrath of a Doc Martens boot. He just needs to be glued together again.


11-09-2008, 17:09
Lava is a good idea Hauk, especially if you use some kind of red or yellow as they are complimentary colors to blue.

11-09-2008, 17:54
Whew. Just finished the last mini for this month today. Hopefully my mail order for next month won't arrive too late or my painting plan gets messed up. After that I luckily won't be needing any more minis to complete my armies. Well, at least not for this tale, who knows what I'll add in later. :p

11-09-2008, 18:16
Right then folks, sorry for (a) being late and (b) being slack & not commeting on other people's posts yet. I will try to post comments asap although i'm moving this weekend so may not be able to until next week. Anyways, enough waffling, here is this months entry from me:


BACKGROUND/THEME: Not thought of one yet

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straigtht out of the box

PAINTING: Fatigues are lightly drybrushed codex grey then given a badab black wash. Armour is watered down denheb stone (*), devlan mud wash, highlighted denheb stone, 50/50 denheb stone & white & then very final highlight of white on the corners. Black bits on guns were highlighted a mix of black & hawk turquoise. Red bits are scab red, blood red, fiery orange & then white dot. Face on the dude without the helmet i'm very pleased with because it was so easy, it's the old shadow grey then given a wash of 50/50 badab black & asurman blue & nothing else.

BASING: black ink, drubrush bestial brown then bleached bone then stick on static grass, sides are done bestial brown

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs = very happy to finally start to paint the army that i've had for years & happy with my colour scheme after thinking of loads of different schemes. Lows = was well on track with these but seemed to loose a bit of motivation with the second lot of six but managed to get it back & finish them

POINTS: 120 (i will make up the points in later months)

11-09-2008, 21:41
@Damokles: Great-looking guards. They will look awesome on those bases. Will your guards be glued to them or are you going magnets?

I'm gluing them on their bases, mainly because I a) have no experience with using/getting magnets for miniatures and b) don't think it is necessary, they will mainly stay on the shelf or get used in games at my place, so there's not much regarding easy transportation for me to consider. oh and thanks a lot for the appreciation, had many tries and different approaches in the past that didn'd work out before I came up with this bunch of bases, oh and updates on my project will follow over the weekend

11-09-2008, 21:59
I've nearly finished 4 of my 12 Boyz for this month, just a bit of highlighting and neatening (is that even a word?) up to do.

I'm guessing there's going to be a fair amount of AoBR stuff for this month?


[Boyz PiP]

12-09-2008, 15:31
I am still busy on my first squad of SoB :D, all base colours are done, the faces are done and the hair is done, im doing the 'dresses' now followed by the metals, washes and finally armour highlights. I think I will change the colour of the boltgun "casing" from bright red to maybe a coppery colour.
Once I have this first squad done I hope I will have gotten a good practice and will be faster with the next squads :P

Cheers to everybody that did complete this months painting, it is all looking very good!

12-09-2008, 16:54
Mcmullet, whats the deal? If someone posts something more than a day or two late ie. after the 7th are they considered taking a joker?

Or do we run this thing loose and fast? Just curious.

12-09-2008, 17:03
If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next seven days, then you will automatically count as having jokered [...]

This is what he said in the beginning.

I might get some problems for this months stuff, as I had a change of plans midmonth. Now I'm heavily in doubt wether I can make it. But we'll see...

12-09-2008, 22:02
Hey everyone! Fantastic work, I didn't write down comments for everyone, so I'll just have to do the broad sweeps, but hey, you all know you're doing very classy work. Next month, I'll keep all the comments in a word document so I can leave specific feedback.

I don't have my camera chord, so I'm not capable of posting pictures yet. Also this previous week I moved into uni, so my painting has taken a bit of a break. I'll do my best, but the Vespid are proving rather difficult to paint (they're so detailed! :cries:), so I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish both 6-bug squads. I'll be able to finish one though, so maybe I'll cheat a bit and do the HQ crisis suit, they're really points pricey. :D

For my Space Marines, I'll definitely be getting them done, since the captain from Black Reach is already 115 pts. Only problem is: What chapter will he be?

That's right, my incredibly fickle mind is now thinking about doing Salamanders! I can't say I've given up on the BA, but I might also want to make them Angels Encarmine, the successors, so that I could still field Dante. Anyways, once I get my camera chord, which should be tomorrow, I'll post pics.

12-09-2008, 22:27
Tortoise- Slaanesh chaos marines.

Its difficult to quantify how much work gets done on these since it is sporadic at best. And although there's only 4 finished models a fair bit of work has been done on readying the next batch for painting. Its a slow process, for no other reason than greenstuff takes ages to dry!

If you've followed my EC log previously this stuff will be familiar to you already. Sorry there's nothing new. I've got a fair bit of stuff started but hardly worth taking photos of yet.

Greenstuffed chaos bits and pieces. These are actually now finished and primed. There's also a couple more heads and shoulder pads done as well.

BACKGROUND/THEME.- I hate the plastic chaos marine set for being so stubbornly 'undivided' and lacking in real chaos flavour. I was inspired by the superb metal EC bits and lord model to create a more Slaaneshi style army. Above all I wanted each marine to be an individual- this means no duplicate heads and as much variation in torsos and legs as possible.

BUILD/CONVERSION- lots of greenstuff plus use of the possessed kit to liven the models up.

PAINTING- pink marines are given blue ink glazes to make them seem more decadent and to soften the colour. The blue marines are based in shadow grey mixed with space wolf grey. They get purple glazes.

BASING- ground pepper painted green with cork for rocks. I don't consider the bases finished yet though.

HIGHS AND LOWS- all highs. When I sculpt I can never tell how good it looks untill its undercoated (the undercoat really brings out all the mistakes and rough edges. I was so relieved to find the sculpted bits came out looking really nice and smooth. The painting was really enjoyable too. After years hoping GW would release proper noise marine models it feels really good to be able to make some myself to a standard that doesn't disappoint me too much. I'm really looking forward to painting more of them now.




Some painted marines. Pink guys are chaos marines (icon of Slaanesh), blue guys are noise marines. These guys also had the greenstuff treatment, though not as much as the parts shown above.



By next month I anticipate having 2 squads of marines. My dreadnought and predator that I've already done can be seen in the link in my sig.

12-09-2008, 22:40
Wow, awsome chaos marines! Impressive blending on those, keep up the good work. :)

13-09-2008, 00:02
Mcmullet, whats the deal? If someone posts something more than a day or two late ie. after the 7th are they considered taking a joker?

In theory yes... but really a few days doesn't matter. Try to get it done in a week but I'm not gonna come around your house and kneekap you if it's a bit late. It would be best if everyone posted up in a week, but I'd rather see pained minis on the 10th than a joker on the 7th if you get me.

Keep up the good work everyone, no time to comment on everything right now I'm afraid but you're all doing great. :)

13-09-2008, 00:08
In theory yes... but really a few days doesn't matter. Try to get it done in a week but I'm not gonna come around your house and kneekap you if it's a bit late.

Yeah it's my job to kneecap people :evilgrin:

@Johanmaul: Phwoar great looking Tau. I've always liked Tau with a white colour scheme, one of my close mates did it and it turned out really nicely. What are you planning on painting this month?

@tortoise: Holy crap! Those are looking fan-bloody-tastic! Great work on the greenstuff and the painting just makes them even better. How do you blend so smoothly? Just thin little layers of paint? Anyway great work and looking forward to many more.

13-09-2008, 01:43
not trying to be an **** or anything. I just know I busted my butt getting my stuff done by the 7th thats all.

I agree though, Id rather see more folks with painted minis on the 10th than jokers anyday.

Keep plugging away guys.

13-09-2008, 10:20
Sorry guys, would've made a better attempt to get stuff posted before the 10th if i'd known, in TOFP we're running it so that stuff can be posted at any point during the month. I am going to struggle to post by the 10th next month though as i'm having an operation in 2 weeks so gonna be out of action for quite a while

@ almindale - thanks for the comments, probably going to be doing stealth suits this month along with an etheral or a Shas'o depending how many stealth suits i go for, going for a dark blue scheme on the stealth suits

@ tortoise - i thought that GS'ing was extremely impressive then i go to the pictures of the painted stuff & oh my god they are phenomenal! They are some of the nicest painted miniatures i've seen, i particularly like the noise marines.

13-09-2008, 12:09
@ tortoise: I second the above commet, really impressive work, the green stuff as well as the painting, superb! *clapping hands*

regarding the deadline discussion, I agree that I'd too rather see painted minis on the 10th than a joker on the seventh, but, talking of my own experience, the deadline actually is what keeps me painting, if I had the option of posting at any time of the month, I'd probably get astray, and if there are real life problems that keep someone from painting I totally understand and that's just life, but that's what the jokers are for, I mean what is the point if everyone posts on 15th or so and technically still has his jokers at the end of 12 months? make of my comments what you like, I'm just babling anywho

13-09-2008, 14:07
thanks for the comments guys.

As deadlines go, I appear to be pretty late. This is mainly because of work I haven't had time to really browse the internet (the models were completed a while ago) so missed out on the opening of the thread. Maybe others have similar difficulties- not necessarily in getting painting done, but it getting images up online etc.

13-09-2008, 16:07
Ok sorry for the lateness but ive been having camera issues.

First up,

Amry - IMPERIAL GUARD - Mechanised infantry

Total points - 205/2000

Units added - Armoured Fist infantry and a hellhound (205pts)

Theme - Winter fighting season in a woodland warzone, infantry have had their armour lightned/removed to add to the mobile appearance and the tanks have been lightened to give the appearance of greater mobility.

Build - Helhound had outer track plates removed and suspension added, flamer barrels replaced and tank commander taken from a sentinal. Infantry have had shoulder armour removed and a head swap for a camo netting ww2 helmet, sarg is wearing a beret.

Painting - Brown areas on both tanks and infantry is deneb stone basecoat followed by 2 layers of sepia wash, the white is just a couple of layers of drybrushing over the same basecoat of stone, followed on teh infantry by a blask wash and a further highlight painted on.

Basing - Sand and static grass followed by a gloopy mix of pva, water, white paint and GW snow, and then the more snow sprinkled on to hide the glossy finish. The rims are goblin green but i may change them.

Still to do - Some models havent had any metals painted on yet, and the tank tracks and suspension need touching up. The blue stripe on the hellounds turret looks a little wierd in the picture but in real life it is fine.



13-09-2008, 16:13
Next up is,

Army - Necrons

Total points - 156/2000

Units added - 4 warriors and 3 immortals (156pts)

Theme - Generic necrons, clean steal skeletons with white ceramic armour plates.

Build - Built as normal right from the box.

Painting - Sprayed black, boltgun, chainmail, mythril and the white is just a couple of coats of skull white to get a smooth finish

Basing - Same as the guard, sand and static grass followed by a gloopy mix of pva, water, white paint and GW snow, and then the more snow sprinkled on to hide the glossy finish. The rims are goblin green but i may change them.

Still to do - The immortals arent based yet and still need the green tubes and gun tips glueing on.



13-09-2008, 16:45
not trying to be an **** or anything. I just know I busted my butt getting my stuff done by the 7th thats all.

Sure thing, and good for you man. The 7th is a good date to aim for and I definitely would like to see posts done by then; I wouldn't like you (or anyone else) to feel they'd put in an extra effort for nothing.

Of course posting before the 7th has the benefit of ensuring that your monthly work is in the first few pages of the thread, where it gets seen by everyone. Once the 7th goes past and the comments and WiPs start flooding in, a lo of work is going to go under the radar, feedback wise, for people outside the Tale at least. Plus, as Damokles says, it's working to that deadline that helps everyone get their stuff done! If the "deadline" bcame e end of the month, people would overrun that too, and we'd end up 6 months behind after a year.

It's to everyone's benefit to post ASAP, but I'm not gonna enforce the 7th as a hard deadline. Post at the end of the month though, and that'll just count as your next month's submission.

I'm being purposefully lenient this month since it's the first one and we have a lot of new people. :)

13-09-2008, 19:32
I'm being purposefully lenient this month since it's the first one and we have a lot of new people. :)

Good to hear that.:) I think that the 7th is a good deadline. And we need deadlines, this is why the Tale exists after all. If everyone just paints whatever and whenever he likes, he can post in his log and that great and all but this thing (at least to me) is about deadlines. Deadlines are what makes you stuff get done. If you don't meet the 200pts mark by the deadline, you have to pull a Joker, that's the deal. It's pretty easy and really makes you getting stuff done.

Apart from that, I see some great effords in here. Good work, keep going.;) Special kudos to people who actually commented on every singe entry so far (like the guy with the blue avatar picture who did the Autarch and the guy with the painting of the guy with the wig, sorry I can't remember your names guys).

14-09-2008, 03:06
Here are some WIP pics from me, as promised:

So I decided to now do a BA successor chapter, the Angels Encarmine, since I really enjoy their colour scheme, and it will allow me to use Dante, Death Company, and all the BA rules.

Here's a test marine:
The back pack isn't done yet, but it's going to be black, so it only needs a few highlights.

Here's whats happening on the xeno's front:
Here's Big Mama strain leader

Here she is with her boys, telling them to go shred up some fiends

14-09-2008, 11:11
And back on progress....



Roar I say.


I figured this months I'd go silly with points painted.

Jan Polder
14-09-2008, 12:34
Hi Guys,

Finally got around to adding pictures to my post since I had left the adapter of the laptop at the university :s.

You can find my post on page 5 and C&C is welcomed!



14-09-2008, 12:37
Argh some seriously wicked stuff coming up here.

Well i'm having a friend come by my house in the next couple of hours so i'll be able to get photos then for my updates ;)

14-09-2008, 12:46
@ Overt_Spy That is a very nice marine, I hope we will see some more pics once he is finished. One thing though. Think about adding in some sort of marking, mayby on one kneepad, in a contrasting colour to make it more "alive".

@ Max Keeren: Good looking Eldar you have there, nice clean colours. I would have wanted something more happening on his gun to make the model stand out abit more, but it's a very nice paintjob.

Keep the good work up.


14-09-2008, 15:34
Sooooooo sorry i have been late.

Well since i was sick with the flu and puking etc i was mentally not able to paint but i did get some painting done before that. Now that i am borrowing a camera off a friend i can get some shots!

The baneblade has had all the rivets shaded besides the left facing side and some on the back and i hope to get this done this month. So that'll leave me 10 months to do 1500 points of crimson eagles!

Also an army shot. Will boost the 2 center squads to 10 man and add in a predator with HB (85 points in new codex!) and a vindicator and anything else i like....



16-09-2008, 02:43
If it's alright, I'd like to switch the Space Marine army that I'm painting from Angels of Vigilance to The Emperor's Word.

If I can, then I have my month's 100pts painted.


16-09-2008, 06:43
Just wondering but where is the 2nd months WIP log?

I'll try and get another update on the baneblade tonight. Nearly have every rivet shaded and fixed up! Weathering come on :D

16-09-2008, 10:10
This IS the 2nd months wip thread as I understood, the wips just drown in a lot of late submissions for 1st month

16-09-2008, 12:33
Here is the 2nd completed unit for my Daemon army.
10 Bloodletters with Chaos Icon and Fury of Khorne 195 points.

How I painted them:
Primed with Halfords red primer then base coated with Scab Red. Did a lighter brush with Blood Red then washed with Baal Red. Highlighted with Blazing Orange, Golden Yellow and Bleached bone and finally washed again with Baal red.
Hellblades were based with chaos black and then heavy drybrushed brazen brass and washed with badab black. Drybrushed with burnished gold and washed with Gryphonne sepia.
I very seldom mix colours to keep things simple for me and have found the new washes great for blending colours together.

So along with last months Daemonettes I have 365 points ready. Next month will be The Masque for HQ to give me the start of a legal army. October is busy with 2 tournaments so don't know if I'll get anything else completed, maybe a Bloodcrusher.

Keep up the good work everyone.

17-09-2008, 05:10
Ok thanks Damokles ;)

17-09-2008, 12:41
Hello everyone, fantastic work so far.:)
here is a little update :


I started on the ´Grinder instead of my Bluescribes, i´m not in a GS mood right now ;)

17-09-2008, 13:47
My WIP shots taken today:

Finished-ish SoB


My Sisters rear


Showing my quota for 1 month (145pts)

Still a load of work, also I must not forget varnishing. They are damaged easily (moving houses got a nice few chips on them, and also I had my first game with SoB.. that caused some damage)

Anyways, I hope to finish well in time this month so I can start painting quickly for next month. They are really proving a lot of work for this simple and slow painter, and so is uni.. phew!

I am really amazed by the work I see other do, so much painting and so very skillfull. Great work everybody!

Edit: I forgot to ask, the boltgun casing is done in bronze now, is it better then bright red you think?

17-09-2008, 14:02
@ Edzard : imo bronze look´s way better .:)

Lame Duck
17-09-2008, 14:57
I finally started getting going on my SM.


Some of you would have noticed that they're all stepping on something or other, well that's MY version of truescaling marines. Actually I quite like it, by positioning the body you can even give the impression they're walking(!). Plus it requires the minimum amount of effort and is just right IMO, not as big as some giant ones you see (however beautiful they may be). (running legs are great too, theyre in the works).

For scale here's a pic next to a stock marine.


And one with a cadian (bear in mind he's in the foreground)

And one small, blurry pic of wips


17-09-2008, 15:15
Thanks Agio65, I will continue with the bronze ;) (also happens to be a little easier and faster to paint, hahaha!)

17-09-2008, 17:09

Progress is continuing for this month. I'm about 3/5 of the way through painting a librarian at the moment. I'll post a WIP pic later on tonight when I get home from work.


17-09-2008, 20:11
@ Tarsus - nice looking Imperial Guard & Necrons from you, looking forward to seeing the Immortals finished

@ Overt Spy - like the strain leader but in particular i really like that marine, really nice colour scheme & very good painting too.

@ Darkstar - nice looking Carnifex, looking forward to seeing the finished article

@ liamrob - excellent looking stuff there

@ kenny3760 - nice looking bloodletters but they look a little grainy, is that from the halfords spray? the standard is very very nice

@ agio65 - excellent looking Orks & deathcopter, what spray have you used to base coat? (i'm assuming you've used a green spray because of the sides of the bases?). The soulgrinder is also looking very good

@ Edzard - not a colour scheme i've seen before but i really like it, works very well with the sisters & very nice painting too

@ lame duck - nice looking marines & like the idea, they certainly do look imposing

My own views on having a deadline are that it's a good idea otherwise as McMullet & others have said we could just fall miles behind & there's not much point so i think the 7th should be made an official date. However, i know that it is very unlikely i'll be able to post by 7th October as i'm not sure i'll be out of hospital by then so i would like to beg leniance next month as i know when i'm out i will have plenty of time to catch up & would rather not play a joker. If not i might joker & then buy it back in a later month (if you guys do that idea over here?)

17-09-2008, 20:43
@ Jonahmaul - sorry to dissapiont you but the orks are basescoated with white while Grinder and Kopta have been done with black .
I hope all will go well in the hospital and i will support a wote for leniance in your case.

all the best

17-09-2008, 20:55
Very brave decision to paint Orks over white spray so i salute you sir as they're turned out excellent

18-09-2008, 00:14

As promised a few posts ago, a WIP Ultramarines Librarian as part of Septembers points quota:

First without a flash:


And with a flash:


C&C always appreciated. I plan on re-doing the sache/cloth thing hanging from his belt with a better blend and highlight.

This is still WIP :)



18-09-2008, 08:34
Ah thank´s a lot Johnamaul , but you see for an relic like me using white primer is more natural than using black. When i started to paint not a lot painters aim was the dark and gritty look we are so used today , witch might explain why something like this is still in my cabinet :
Yes i know it´s a fantasy mini ,but i think you get the piont , as during that time anything red ,yellow or orange needed multiple coats to even look deecent over a dark area . old habits die hard , i gess;):)

Oops, bad picture quality

18-09-2008, 11:17
lol, i remember the good old days of the bright colours as i've been a key hobbyist coming up for 15 years now but i find painting over black so much easier as it gives a lot more natural shades to work with, especially with an army that are dark & gritty like Orcs. Nice looking Librarian there too.

18-09-2008, 11:44
Meh "dark and gritty, dark and gritty". :eyebrows: Tabletop armies should look good on the tabletop so flashy, bright colours are important. If we wanted to do "realistic" or "dark and gritty" stuff, we'd be doing real modelling. ;)

18-09-2008, 11:55
You mean like this army , sigur ?

18-09-2008, 17:30
Sorry to all, but as i was on holidays, i will have to take a Joker for this month...

...but to show that i was not totally idle here the pics of the things to come:

I put together and primed one of my old SM "shoe boxes" and an old Mark I Predator.

And, here you have to believe me, i finished the marine squad, with the exeption of the bases, as i will paint those in one go when the army is complete. Pics of theese will follow tomorrow.

Compliments to all of you for the great submitted armies.

18-09-2008, 22:28
A freebooter kaptin and some maties, looking for booty. The rest of the crew are on deck swabbing duty and will pose for a group shot in next month's thread.

18-09-2008, 22:50
A freebooter kaptin and some maties, looking for booty. The rest of the crew are on deck swabbing duty and will pose for a group shot in next month's thread.

The amount of details on those Epic minis is impressive. Excellent work! Would you post that stuff over in the ToPP plog, for more Arrr!-y pirateness?

19-09-2008, 11:41
Aye. Consider it done.

Doctor P
19-09-2008, 13:43
I've had a change of plans regarding what I'm painting this month. I was planning on getting a Hammerhead done, but due to problems with my test camo scheme (It looked rubbish :() and general busyness at work, I've had to sub in a squad of 3 fireknife Crisis Suits instead. Hope to get some progress pictures up this weekend. I hope to get back on the Hammerhead for the next set of points.

19-09-2008, 15:37
I like the dark gritty look where appropriate!! My night goblins are lovely & bright (well apart from the cloaks & so are my lizardmen but i think that some things look better without really bright colours. Those deamons are really nice agio

19-09-2008, 16:14
My FoW German Panzergrenadiers are dark and gritty, my 40k armies .. not so much :D

I find that dark and gritty doesn't fit with 28mm at all, it is way too tempting to paint everything in fluo-orange.

Mr Feral
19-09-2008, 16:18
Discord, I'm going to "borrow" your Freebooter colour scheme if you don't mind because it's so garish and ostentatious. I love it!

19-09-2008, 22:32
Glad ye likes it, go ahead and take whatever ye be needing!

I can't really take credit for it, since in the spirit of the day I pilfered it from the second edition ork codex myself. :angel:

20-09-2008, 12:30
Thanks for the compliment on the banner, I am really proud of it.
I think the graininess on the letters is from drybrushing probably, especially on the hellblades. In real life the bloodletters themselves look pretty smooth. I always use halfords sprays for priming now and think they give really good results, I'd recommend them to anybody over the GW ones.

20-09-2008, 12:49
Awesome tiny Freebootaz Discord. Nice work.

I'm really falling behind this month. I was away visiting family for a week and then we were called back to work a week early so my planned painting time disappeared. I now don't have much time to get anything done but will aim to get my marines at least 3 colours and based by submission time.

21-09-2008, 04:42
Well, this month, I was planning on doing some scouts for my marines, but they just aren't coming together quite yet. I also am working *slowly* on a few tanks and the dred that came with the black reach box. I think those are coming together nicely. If i need to make up points, I can finish up a company commander as well. He is sitting on my desk glaring at me to finish him. I also made good progress with the free terminator, but he doesn't have a squad to hang out with yet.

As for the chaos daemons side, I just primed up a 5 strong group of Flamers, and basecoated them as to what I am going to do, they shouldn't take much longer, depending on what I decide to do with the flames on them at least.

Tau, ugh, not doing well on them at all, I'm leaning towards 3-4 battlesuits, one is done, one is near done, a 3rd is getting close but I don't know where one of his arms got off to, and the 4th has been primed.

21-09-2008, 12:52
I think I've made my points limit this month already...



Well, more painting anyhow. Looking forward to the end of the month too so I can take the group shots!

22-09-2008, 12:45
Dear Painters and Harry,

I'm sadly going to have to bail on the 40k painters project. Sadly, I don't seem to be able to find the time to work on my Fantasy Painters army, my Imperial guard, AND my Tau. Since I'm hoping to take my IG to Seattle Indy GT in January, I'm going to bail on the 40k TOP and try next year. I'll still be in the fantasy one, though.

Good luck everyone!



Doctor P
22-09-2008, 21:42
Just a quick WIP update from me, first my Stealth Team with their bases done:

Turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself. :)

Here's the Crisis Suits I've been working on:
I've got to do the highlights and the detail, as well as the basing. I think I've got enough time left. :p

23-09-2008, 13:28
@ Doctor P, man those bases look kickass! Sort of similar to my Ice Drakes.

Good work so far,
@ Darkstar.. .love the color scheme on the Nids man. Looking good.

23-09-2008, 15:33
Nice Stealth team already. I know its just the flash but the highlighting looks nice :D

25-09-2008, 00:04

Ok so i know i'm really late this month with posting however RL has been mad and hasn't given me a chance to get any modelling done. What with the supposed move and all. Which looks to not be happening anymore.

Anyhoo afraid its a joker from me for august and highly likely to be one for september aswell :( But i've started building the first 200pts so october i will have stuff done i hope.

Great work so far everyone. If i get enough time at one go i'll go through and comment on everyones posts.

25-09-2008, 00:05
Hello everybody. This has turned into a mighty fine thread indeed. I am no great painter, but I have some comments for all of you (based on impression rather than techniqal advice).

@Playwithbob: Those RT:s bring back fond memories. I remember the release of that Dark Angel’s Chapter Master (am I right?).

Hmmm...not sure if you are or not.

In my Citadel Miniatures catalog 1986-1991 the 2 figs I think you are referring to are listed as "Hooded Tabard and Power Sword", and "Lieutenant".

I have seen the Hooded guy listed as an Inquisitor as well.


25-09-2008, 10:57
Hmmm...not sure if you are or not.

In my Citadel Miniatures catalog 1986-1991 the 2 figs I think you are referring to are listed as "Hooded Tabard and Power Sword", and "Lieutenant".

I have seen the Hooded guy listed as an Inquisitor as well.


My bad. A friend bought and used it as an Inquisitor, but painted it in Dark Angel colours. In those days, Inquisitors were pretty scary on the battle field.


25-09-2008, 20:45
In keeping with tradition for my chosen political party, I'm flip flopping on my Marine army again. But read my lips: No More Changes! Salamanders from now on:

Anyway's pics of the BR captain (he's still WIP, needs to have his bolter finished, backpack, banner, and the other side of his cloak)



One thing I'm going to do, which most Sallies players don't, is subdue the whole flame motif. Now I understand how important fire and all that is to them, but for me personally, I don't really enjoy the whole bright orange and yellow clashing with the green and black and gold. This should not suggest that flames aren't going to be on my green's but, just not really bright, and not all over the place. Kinda like how the flames are on my cap's loin cloth, flames but not bright and distracting like.

As always, great work, and keep this log movin'!

25-09-2008, 21:33
Right! I'm home and (pretty much) un-jetlagged, so I've had time to go through all of your submissions. First up, I'd just like to say well done, in terms of both the quality and quantity of the work! We have 103 of 188 individual army updates this month, and to be honest I was quite prepared for half or more of you to forget to post...

So well done to most of you, and for the 83 unposted armies, I hope their owners manage to escape from the toilet cubicles they've locked themselves into, the desert islands they've been marooned on and the pubs they've been distracted by in time for next month. ;)

Also, well done to almost everyone for posting the right stuff in the right place! It makes the book-keeping a lot easier for me if you post your updates in the update thread (the one that goes up on the first of the month, not the previous working thread) so I can find it easily, and include the points cost of your work as it'll take me all month if I have to work that out for myself. :)

Here's the summary as it stands:

188 Armies
(of which 174 are 40K, 9 are Epic and 5 are BFG)
329002 points signed up (if everyone who hasn't comfirmed paints 1500). So far, we have 17846 points completed, and have used a total of 24 jokers.

This month we painted 17846 points and played 24 jokers.

145 Paint 1 army
17 Paint 2 armies
3 Paint 3 armies
0 Paint 4 armies
165 Painters in total

By Faction:
23 Chaos Space Marines
12 Daemons
1 Dark Eldar
13 Eldar
17 Imperial Guard
1 Imperial Knights
3 Imperial Navy
10 Inquisition
5 Lost and the Damned
4 Necrons
18 Orks
55 Space Marines
2 Squats
7 Tau Empire
8 Tyranids

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Now some comments...

Discord: Good work, well done on the BFG and good job on keeping up the Ork end! Love the Freebooterz too.

Overt_Spy: Classic Tau colours, beautifully executed. Good stuff. The Blood Angel dude looks good as well, considering you don't think you paint metallics well...

Häxjägare: Good work, is the flamer fuel pipe a conversion?

tehgeist: Photos are a bit blurry but they look great - the Mek especially.

Catferret: As I've said before, great scheme and I love the glowing visors.

skott4991: Good start for your army!

Solun Decius: Great painting and good idea to mix the new/old models like that.

Magos Explorator: Nice job on that command squad, quality painting and they look very characterful. Shame you had to stop the Daemons, the spawn was a great start.

Zujara: Good natural scheme you have there, nice and subtle and well exectuted.

fluffystuff: Beautiful job on Ghazghkull! All there is to say.

kammek: Good painting on the trucks. I like the way the metal looks a bit dirty but the white and red bits look like the grots have been polishing them - very Orky.

BLARGAG!!!: Nice work! You do know you have a year to finish, right? :p

Scott: Nice work, especially the blending on Skulltaker.

plantagenet: Great looking Imperial Fists!

Rabid Monkey: Very smart looking Ultras - just as they should be. The black on the Chaplain could do with being a bit darker in my opinion.

As for posting it all up... in the spirit of the tale I would prefer it if people kept extra stuff under wraps until they need it. At the end of the day though, I'm not going to have a go at anyone who posts up a couple of month's worth in one go. If you do it every month then I'd have to wonder why you even need to be here of course... :D

misterboff: Klassik Deffskullz!

swifty2: Always good to see some fellow Crimson Fists! The only real crit I had was the Captain's teeth, which you've already fixed so just well done!

Metaphorazine: Photo is a bit dark but they look good to me, especially the red on the Trukk.

Mr Feral: Good work, the snow bases set the models off well.

DarkstarSabre: I feel your paint regarding the Gaunts. They look great though. Good call on the purple gun ick! This month's Megafex looks good too.

Norsehawk: Very smooth painting on all three armies, excellent stuff!

agio65: Great stuff, especially the Horrors. They look just right!

bloodsbane: Very gritty painting! You've really got the modern Ork look to a tee there, and some of the detailing is excellent (the black flames and weathering).

ssorck: Excellent work on the Daemonettes!

aenimosity: Nice job on the stealers, good choice of colours too.

Zilgorn_Zeypher: Nice colour choice for the Baneblade, looks very nice!

kris.sherriff: Cool theme, and I really like the bases! Very detailed and Krooty.

spikyjames: Stunning work... as usual! Good call on the vehicle sprue bits for the ammo.

Fle: Good painting, I like the weathering!

blazed99: The grass on the bases was a good idea to liven up those 'Crons.

Pite: Nice Vindie, the highlighting was worth the effort!

lone pilgrim: Great stuff, the mud splatter on the Rhino is very realistic.

Chicken Pig: Good painting - the red trim is a nice contrast to the metals.

Damokles: Very nice work, the Aliens-esque weapons are a nice touch.

Fredmans: Those nids are really cute. And very well painted! The IG are equally well painted, if less cute...

Aenarion: Great looking Dark Angels, very spiffy highlighting.

Playwithbob: Loving those old Marines!

Danny76: Nice Ork... but I think we'll have to call that a joker for the month. 50 points either way is fine, but 6 points for a month's work is taking it a bit far. You can get it back easy enough next month.

ReaperOfSouls: Very nice, especially the carapace. The texture comes across really well.

LionoftheBegs: Interesting choice of colours!

Romanus: Good painting, the weathering on the Sentinel is very good.

Colonel Haizelhoff: good effort on the scratchbuilding!

sigur: Cracking work as ever, the checks and black and white hair are stand-outs.

Jim: Very characterful painting. The banner is excellent and I think the white armour looks fine.

derv: Outstanding work on the Eldar. Very crisp painting.

Earthbeard: Is that Earthshaker barrel shortened?

Doctor P: Good suits! The highlights on the black could be a bit thinner I think, but the lenses are very good.

Blagrot Squigbreff: Looking OK, but it's hard to tell formt he pics. Try looking for the macro button (usually indicated by a little flower) or searching the forum for photo tutorials.

Badgobbie: Good stuff, I like the way you've done the back. I'd leave the snow off the bases personally, they're pretty light coloured and it wouldn't really contrast enough in my opinion.

Max Keeren: That yellow is very old school! Great painting.

Knighta: Nice work on the GK. Don't worry about the bases.

Darnok: Excellent conversions throughout. Great ideas. Nice painting too!

Chicken_Funk: Like the freehand on that slugga!

SonofUltramar: That quartered shoulderpad looks good through the blur...

The boyz: Very smart Epic guys.

penguin663: Bad luck, but everyone knows newly-painted models die in their first game.

jpobrich: Great work, the back banner is very well done.

olean: Those sprays look like they worked really well, might have to look into this!

warflag: Very orky-looking. The theme suits the army perfectly. As I've said before, 50 points under is not a problem so you can call those 7 guys done if you like.

razormasticator: Loving that blue armour as ever. Well done on getting them done.

G.Hawke: Good weathering on the dread, I like the way you've done the power scourge too.

Almindale: Great Autarch, the gems are superb!

Drakemaster: Nice job, the jetbikes especially!

Fenriz: Nice colour scheme!

Zanzibarthefirst: Good work on the daemons - the Sallies are fine but the highlighting you mention seems like just what they need.

Hauk: Nice work on the Ultras!

Enlightened: Very nice Vindie. Liking the freehand.

Jonahmaul: Good job on that white armour.

tortoise: Brilliant sculpts, brilliant painting. As for quantifying how much work you've done: If you plan to sculpt and paint something over the course of 3 months, say, just divide the cost of the model by three. Or divide it as you see fit. It's your army, so you're quite entitled to decide how it's progressing. I'll put you down for 150 for the moment, not sure how that fits with you but it fills a gap in my spreadsheet. Deadline-wise, you have a whole week to post, and it's the first week of every month, so that shouldn't be too hard...

Tarsus: Nice Hellhound, nice bases.

liamrob: Very clean looking Baneblade!

kenny3760: Good work on the Daemonettes, steady on with the Khorne guys though you've a week to spare yet! The banner really stands out though.

Everyone: Keep up the good work! I'm back to my Orks

I'll update the 1st post with the list of who I have signed up, and what they've been doing. Let me know if there are any mistakes.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
25-09-2008, 21:55
McMullet strikes!

Since I'm not quite so dedicated, I'll just say Mad Props to everyone. I've got to get in on the Tale someday...

26-09-2008, 21:52
Häxjägare: Good work, is the flamer fuel pipe a conversion?

Correct! Cadian flamer and the back is fueltank. There are minor conversions allover, but well.. I can't talk about all of them:) Next is a pretty standard Vindicator of Khorne tho! Thanks for the comment!

26-09-2008, 22:06
Well I have to be honest I lost track of both what I was doing and where the project was going. I didn't know where to submit my WIP stuff and I couldn't remember what stuff I was painting, to paint and trying to stick to a points limit. In the end I wound up with my own plog and just painted anything to my liking.

26-09-2008, 22:10
Danny76: Nice Ork... but I think we'll have to call that a joker for the month. 50 points either way is fine, but 6 points for a month's work is taking it a bit far. You can get it back easy enough next month.

Get it back next month? By that do you mean post both month 1's work and month 2's work in the next entry?
Thats what i'm planning to do, to avoid the joker, so i can use them when i need it.

27-09-2008, 02:27
@McMullet: yeah i know, but i wanted to get a bunch out of the way in the first month so that i might have an excuse to drop a joker for september if i needed to. also, with ~5k of IG to paint, i want to get as much of it done as possible.
thanks for the heads up though


27-09-2008, 10:35
MistaGav: Fair enough :) Feel free to jump back in next month if you like, when the next submission thread goes up. There's no need to post WiPs here if you want to leave them on your log.

Danny76: Exactly, if you post double points for September then you get back your joker for August.

27-09-2008, 11:43
DarkstarSabre: I feel your paint regarding the Gaunts. They look great though. Good call on the purple gun ick! This month's Megafex looks good too.

So that explains the fingerprints! Feeling my paint are you?

And yeah, everyone who's seen the purple gun ichor has responded about the same. It is delightfully ick and all the more organic. The fact that it's a different colour from the 'nid blood on the Fex also shows that the weapons are in fact different creatures in themselves.

But my god, painting gaunts is tedious. 3 more to have a minimal sized brood and then 4 more after that to up it to 12.

27-09-2008, 14:46
@McMullet - Yep all my bassies have cut down barrels for the more SPG look, than long range artillery.

Fits my renegade fluff and forces more, alongside my modified russes works quite well.

Update wise - Just finished basing 100 odd guardsman with about another 60 to go, got to do some last minute convo's and some greenstuff work before they get sprayed. But if I don;t get them done, I've got 8 Leman Russes, 6 chimera's amd 4 more basilisks to do.

My poor Squats have fallen to the wayside and I may just do them as the odd unit for my renegade guard as opposed to a whole army, just time consuming to do as conversions (satisfying though) got a 10 man squad with shotties that can easily work as hardened vets.

Death Guard wise, i'm having real trouble deciding on final paint scheme for these fella's, I really like the pre-heresy white colour all dirtied and nurglified for modern day DG, but at the same time I would like a closer tie into my renegade guard, who are going to be mostly a grey/orange colour.....

My thought was possibly doing the off white and one orange shoulder pad, to tie them in more?

Any thoughts anyone?

27-09-2008, 15:22
How about keeping the white armour, but weather it with grey (oil from joints/vents etc, dust) and have all the pus/sores/exposed guts orange? It's chaos after all...

Mr Feral
27-09-2008, 16:38
McMullet, can I be really inconvenient and change my choice of army? I'm finding my Daemons too much to handle what with all the conversion work, so can you put me down for 2000 points of Alpha Legion instead please? :angel:

Post-heresy of course..:evilgrin:

ps. I can still use the Plaguebearers I've done so far as Lesser Daemons :)

Magos Explorator
27-09-2008, 16:51
Is this thread still for month 1, or do we post finished month 2 stuff now too?

27-09-2008, 17:12
Mr. Feral: No problem. :)

Magos: This thread is for WiPs for the moment, there will be a new thread for you to post finished work on the first of October.

27-09-2008, 17:59
@ McMullet :- i´m glad you like them Horror´s
- as for posting more than the min needed , yes i admit i´m guilty.
But it keeps me from armyhopping ( only concentrating on my newest army).
as all can see this is allready more than 200 pts. of orkieness, and i still have more

and let´s not forget some Deamon´s PIP

28-09-2008, 20:01

More gaunts. I refuse to say anything more.

Ok, maybe one more thing as this really doesn't seem like I painted a lot this week and makes me look lazy....

Look! A Distracting Space Marine!


I shall plow back on with the 'nids now.

28-09-2008, 20:33
I'm almost ready with my Dread, I "just" need to highlight the green och fix some last touch-ups and fix the base then the Dread is ready. This weekend I tought that I would get more done than I have but alot of stuff got in the way. I stopped by the local club to put some paint on some terrain that I'm building, Got to sand down some balcony furniture and put on some new oil on them, and alot of other life-relaed stuff. But I still got a couple of days before the deadline...

There has been alot of nice WIP-work reported here and all I can say is keep the good work up and may your brushes never get dry (unless you are drybrushing).

Pite, a tired painter.

Lame Duck
28-09-2008, 21:08
I'm afraid I'm dropping out, as there just wasn't enough room in my luggage.

Hope everyone else keeps up the good work though.

30-09-2008, 22:46
Well done guys, sorry to hear you're leaving us Lame Duck. Best of luck when you get around to the Marines.

There's a new submissions thread up: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=164556

Please feel free to get started posting up your work... Mine'll be done in a couple of days (honest). Continue to post WIPs and feedback here until the 8th.

01-10-2008, 05:35
It will be a tight one for me, I finished 1 out of 10 SoBs but the others are not far behind. I think I underestimated the amount of work that goes into the red robes :D
Next month I will be painting my Canoness and a few seraphim.. I have a 500pt duo tourney coming up and really want to play my painted SoB so that should get me motivated ;)

01-10-2008, 13:50
I should have a teaser update tonight... the rest to follow in the next few days.

01-10-2008, 17:11
Edzard: Good luck. I know what you mean about the red, all that layering takes aaaages.

razormasticator: Good stuff! Look forward to it.

Häxjägare: The red worked out well, I like the Khorne symbol on the 'Dozer blade. The gold looks really good and contrasts nicely with the smoother metal on the blade. Have you thought about weathering the models? I think a bit of dirt (not too much, mind) would suit them.

Discord: Love the freebooterz. I wish I had the time or the will to put so much work into my own Orks, you're putting me to shame here! The ships look good too. I think after month 1 it's OK for the monthly post to start getting bigger or smaller, as long as the average is 1/10 of the army I'm not fussed as long as everyone else is happy.

Khrangar: Nice scheme and nice painting, the purple is very well highlighted.

fluffystuff: The Orks are looking great all round. Skin, tongues, metals, checks... all good. So, er, keep up the good work. :)

Dev: You still have a joker spare, no need to drop out just yet if you don't want to.

kammek: Cracking warboss! I see some Marine bits there, I think, and a custom power klaw. How much of it is converted?

Norsehawk: Nice dread! Good basing too, both for the dread and the Tau. The Daemons look suitably Daemonic, I wouldn't have said they look unfinished.

liamrob, MistaGav: Both get slapped wrists for posting in the wrong thread. :p

I'll make a note you might be late with the pics Liamrob, and that you changed your army.

Mistagav, I'll put you down for the Deathwing.

Pite: Nice highlighting on the green, it reminds me of 2nd ed. style Dark Angels! Looks like a good base too.

plantagenet: Very nice, that's going to be a really smart IF army. Might be an idea to crop your pictures a bit, so we can get a proper look at them. ;)

Everyone: Keep posting (he said, hypocritically). I'll be posting pictures of my stuff (nearly done) in a day or two, and mrsurgeon is coming over for a game at the weekend so I'll take some decent pics of Ultramarines then (as he's still camera- and internet-less).

01-10-2008, 20:13
I'll hopefully be finishing my entry tomorrow and get some pics up in the new thread in the evening.

01-10-2008, 22:05
I thought I posted in the right thread...I'm now confused

01-10-2008, 22:31
Häxjägare: The red worked out well, I like the Khorne symbol on the 'Dozer blade. The gold looks really good and contrasts nicely with the smoother metal on the blade. Have you thought about weathering the models? I think a bit of dirt (not too much, mind) would suit them.

Thanks mate! :) Yeah I have thought about it, went so far to look at pictures of tanks to see where the dirt would end up if was a real tank.. but so far I haven't tried it. Might try it when I do my first rhino.. which will probably be in November or December I think.

01-10-2008, 22:44
MistaGav: The first week is supposed to be for everyone to post one "formal" update on what they've done. So either pictures of what you've painted for the month, or a joker. The idea is to make the first few pages of each thread a summary of what everyone has been up to without any other posts. :)

03-10-2008, 03:43
Teasers as promised.... I am going to need till the 7th/8th to finish though.




Commissar & Macharius Vulcan Mega Bolter... gotta love a titan weapon on a tank....

May I present the Valorius, VMB Pattern Macharius of the 163rd Logres Prime Arctic Wyrms Heavy Armored Corps.

03-10-2008, 09:35
Tut tut... painting the most fun bit first eh? :D

Very clean white, the blacklining/shading looks excellent.

03-10-2008, 10:51
@ McMullet - thanks for the comments but the armour no white!! it is denheb stone with white for the very extreme highlights, maybe it's just the pictures!

03-10-2008, 13:08
Tut tut... painting the most fun bit first eh? :D

Very clean white, the blacklining/shading looks excellent.

Well I am working on the tank as well... but I figure with weathering, and paint chipping etc. Its going to take me the extra time.

But yeah, I guess I am painting the most interesting portion of the tank first.

And thanks for the comments.

04-10-2008, 15:46
A PIP (well sort of) update this time. I've done a test Bloodletter.

For a description of how I did this guy check out my Daemons log. I think they will fit in with the Plaguebearers nicely.

So here is a pic (not the greatest to be fair but ok for PIP) -

Mr Feral
04-10-2008, 16:07
I'm going to have to play a Joker this month:


I've changed armies from Daemons to Alpha Legion, which is providing much quicker to do.

Still, I'll have about 500 points of new shiny stuff to show you next month. Anyone who likes turquoise is in for a treat ;)

ps. McMullet, you have me down for 1000 points when it should be 1500.

06-10-2008, 01:12
So since this is still the working thread (for the next 3 days at least), I'll post what progress I've made on my Tau.

First complete Vespid Squad:


Now, I just need to bang out 2 more vespid a day, to be finished by the 8th! This'll be close

07-10-2008, 10:22
Great stuff in the submission thread. Will comment later. I "almost" managed to finish my Epic nids yesterday, but those assault spawns totally ruined my brushes so I have to pick up new ones today in order to apply the last highlight.Will post pictures tomorrow.

My Leeman Russes are still only primed, so I will most likely Joker them this month. I am juggling three armies at the moment, one for the fantasy tale and two epic armies, and I only seem to cope with two a month. Either I will have to drop one or pick up the pace. Maybe new brushes will help. Going for sable (?) this time. Tired of hooks and ruined tips.


07-10-2008, 11:02
Sorry ladies and gents, but due to Uni and Work...


I'll try and win back a joker next month. Speaking of which, are we able to do that with this?

07-10-2008, 17:28
I have a bit of work still to do.. and I have no classes tomorrow :) I will finish my squad and do the Seraphim & Canoness next month (more then 300pts worth, needed for a small tourney :))

07-10-2008, 20:11

This will be my entry, highlights still to do.. and metals and touchups/small things. But as you can see, the red is done :D

08-10-2008, 02:47
My tank will be up tomorrow night for sure. I realize I was pretty vocal about posting by the 7th last time but I figure 1 day isnt going to kill me.

Besides I have posted a progress shot. I just have chosen not to finish the commissar and focus on the Macharius.

08-10-2008, 06:40
So I'm one of the people who have to joker this month.


With uni, moving to London, etc. there was not enough time to finish the models the way I want them. Seeya next month. :)

08-10-2008, 16:07
OK, this thread is over. Comments, questions, WiPs and so on may now be posted in the new thread. I'll give everyone another day to post up (shall we say 12 noon, BST tomorrow) and then you get jokered. ;)

And yes, you can earn jokers back next month if you forget or anything. :)