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24-04-2005, 16:19
I recently found out about this upcoming new simulation/god game called 'Spore' designed by Will Wright the guy who made SimCity and The Sims.

It looks REALLY good and inspires the sort of anticipation that Fable did before all the 'cuts' came to public attention.

The game allows you to guide your own life form from it's inception as a microscopic organism too intergalatic exploration. You can fully customise, modify, and 'mutate' your creature and it even allows you to design your own race's architecture, vehicles etc.

The game looks a little 'cutsie' but I invite you to read this gamespy review (http://www.gamespy.com/articles/595/595975p1.html) as it goes into detail about just how open the game is and gives a few screen shots.

One of the interesting things about the game is there is hardly any scripted anaimation rather the game works out how your custom creation moves whether it has 2, 3, or 7 legs/fins.

Anyone else heard much about this game?

I thought I'd just bring it to all of your attention anyway... :)

24-04-2005, 17:42
I read the preview in PC Gamer and even from that I was impressed. It seems to touch all the bases. I'm especially interested in the early parts with the evolution of critters.

24-04-2005, 18:11
I've found a nice forum (http://gamingsteve.com/blab/index.php?board=12.0) with a FAQ (http://gamingsteve.com/blab/index.php?PHPSESSID=5caa590d15a11dd359a7973f303132 2b&topic=173.0) and a image archive. (http://gamingsteve.com/blab/index.php?PHPSESSID=5caa590d15a11dd359a7973f303132 2b&topic=211.0)

Some of the critters it's possible to make look amazing. (http://img144.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img144&image=2005031418442922big5xh.jpg)

The game reminds me of the film 'evolution' - starts of single cell organisms and evolves into fantastic and bizzare life forms eventually becoming tool makers etc.

24-04-2005, 18:28
Wow. If that would be as cool as it sounds i might have to buy a new computer.

24-04-2005, 18:41
Well rumour has it that it's coming out for the XBOX 360 as well but then you'd have to pay for XBOX Live just so you can download other peoples and upload your own creatures, architecture, vehicles, and tools to expand your Universe. Not that you need to in any massive hurry supposedly the data for each creature has been made so small that I read a quote suggesting 10k worth of predefined creatures could be but put on the disk.

Personally I fancy making something genestealer-like but maybe one of the new 'Stealers with feeder tentacles -- some sort of Mind Flayer creature would be cool. ;)

The pestilent 1
24-04-2005, 20:51
with luck, my computer should be able to run thisun.
and with more luck i will be able to make a unicron-esque thing (pre-planet crunching robot ofcourse, when he was organic)
or atleast somthing Akin to "the swarm"

again, cool!

24-04-2005, 21:13
Well, supposedly you can visit other planets and try to communicate with them via a mini game based on the lights and sounds from your UFO (think 'close encounters') which during a demonstartion the designer guy tride out. The aliens on the planet didn't like the presence of the designers UFO in orbit so started attacking it so the pulled back and obliterated the planet which then went on to become a new asteroid belt around the system's star. :D

I think it's cool you can expand into the galaxy, set up colonies, terraform planets, even transplant creatures from other planets onto new ones you've just created and see how they do. You can build on hostile environment worlds and underwater and in such cases the colony in question has a amusing 'glass bubble' over it.

Makes you wonder that if someone comes up with a particularly succesful alien race it could spread and beome really succesful on other people's PCs as allies or enemies.

The pestilent 1
24-04-2005, 21:21
im so hoping that you can make transforming ufos :D
and if you cant, i'll MOD the damn game.

24-04-2005, 21:35
im so hoping that you can make transforming ufos
and if you cant, i'll MOD the damn game.

:rolleyes: :D

Have you had a look at some of these guys? (http://img144.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img144&image=2005031418442922big5xh.jpg)

The big bug in the middle at the back with the tyranid-like scything talons looks nasty, and the second one from the left at the back just looks like a mass of limbs and tentacles. :D

I wouldn't know where to start creating a skeleton for some of these guys (from what I've read and seen it really goes into that much detail). :)

The pestilent 1
24-04-2005, 21:37
ive so gotten me a unicron race :D
but the transforming UFO is another matter...
none of this "blow the planet up and make a nice place to mine" rubbish.
i want to eat any planet that stands between me and absolute power!

24-04-2005, 21:44
I think I'll be a little more 'evil genius' - I'll fly about the galaxy trying to find the most bad ****, vicious, intelligent, monstrous enemy race and abduct some and transplant them on planets I've set up especially. I'll then deliberatley let them grow stronger and then start introducing them to each other and then watch who wins. Hopefully I'll end up with some seriously nasty creatures which i'll breed and splice (yes, I've heard you can splice creatures) with other 'winners' making sure not to let them get to advanced on any 'seed planets' so they can't threaten my star empire. Then I'll use them as biological weapons and introduce them to planets and sit back and watch my hyper advanced killing machines do their work. :D I'll upload the creatures to the online database and try to 'infect' other PCs with them and hope they become infamous as empire killers. :cool: [Inset insane evil laughing]

The pestilent 1
24-04-2005, 21:48
and Unicron will just eat planets.
not quite so complex as your plan i'll admit, but its certainly got style :p :D

Flame Boy
26-04-2005, 19:53
I'm hoping I can get some hulking leviathans or some nastly Lictor-like lanky creature, but I'm not sure... Yeah, I've hear you can add extra limbs at certain points, add extra vertebrae to make the creature longer and more slender... I'm going for about six limbs and making it pretty skinny-looking. Perhaps the second set of arms will come in handy?

Being able to add dozens of mouths sounds fun, and to be honest, I'd like to see if you can create creatures that are hopeless just to test the machine... I mean, if you can make something that looks like a limbless, bouncing pear colonise the galaxy, then it's just going to get silly. I hope there is some built in system in the game to weed out poorly thought out ideas, so that making a practical creature is part of the challenge.

I'm also interested in the downloadable architecture... Who else wants to dwell in castles? Hahaha :)

What about amphibious creatures than can live on land and in water to build settlements? That might be interesting. If all the creatures are only air-dwelling and only thrive in certain conditions then it'll be dull, but the terraforming aspect might be interesting... I do like the idea of splicing creatures adapted to a particular environment and beaming them onto the planet's surface to do your dirty work for you.... :)