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04-09-2008, 22:02
Ok im deployed to Iraq currently and my IG army is collecting dust. I am just curious to any suggestions on what to get when i get home to add to my army. This is what I already have:

1 Hq Squad (the actual boxed HQ squad you can buy)
1 Commisar Yarrick (who is awesome btw)
1 HellHammer
1 HellHound
1 Sentinel
3 Basilisks
3 Leman Russ's (one of which is modified and doubles as a Vanquisher)
1 Chimera (this is not an actual chimera but a modification that also doubles as a salamander scout vehicle)
4 Complete Infantry Platoons
1 squad of Ogryn
a mess load of snipers
6 Mortar teams
3 Lascannon teams
3 Missile launcher team
1 Auto Cannon Team
1 Storm Trooper Squad
Some spare troopers that are used for harden veteran squads (no more to make two squads)

I think that about covers it

Templar Ben
04-09-2008, 22:03
Have you considered aircraft?

04-09-2008, 22:20

Marshal Caligula
04-09-2008, 22:43
More sentinels

Toe Cutter
05-09-2008, 01:07
Some rough riders and some hell hounds.

More chimeras so you can make a mech guard list perhaps.

More storm troopers so you can make a grenadier list.

Loads more russes so you can go all apocalyptic and get a tank company followed by an armoured battle group (salamanders, bane blades, super heavy tanks, bassilisks etc etc).

Maxis Lithium
05-09-2008, 01:35
I agree with the entinals. with out-flank and giving them some Auto-cannons or Lascannons (perhaps 2auto, 1 las) you can make a mess of enemy anti-armour come turn 2 (with improved Coms at your disposal.)

I also happen to like Demolishers. They provide excellent close support for advancing troops as well as something to hide behind. they are more vulnerable to assaults that way, but back AV11 makes them much more lily to survive. I tend to equip them with heavy bolters all around, not caring for over priced sponsons, but wanting some good anti-infantry fire when someone inevitably blows off teh turret. Also, the AP2 plate makes a mess of Termies and other AP 2 targets you don't want to waste las-cannons on.

I'd also go with either a Conscript squad (if the flavor doesn't feel right for you, call them milita, reservists or simply green troops.) or some more Storm troopers. Stormies are an effective unit that can move around more freely then standard infantry squads, and do very well advance on objectives more in the open. I tend to prefer them in a Chimera, allowing them to have a mobile wall of metal to cut down sight lines to them. I have, in the past, purposely gotten my Chimera blown to scrap so I could march a unit into it's wreckage inorder to use it as cover while sitting on an objective.

The Conscripts work well as a living coversave for your other units. just make a wall of bodies, and toss an independent commissar or the 'old man' himself in there to keep them from turning tail, and they'll force your enemy to make a tough decision. Waste shots on a unit that's obviously expendable or take shots at the squishy units behind them, and give them the cover save.

05-09-2008, 02:20
Tey are so cool to see en masse. But, is all this stuff painted? I would care more about that. And if yes, painted well?

Marshal Argos
05-09-2008, 07:51
hmmm.... IMHO

1. Baneblade, or one of it's variants from FW. Especially if you play on Apoc size games.
2. Sentinels, for all the reasons listed above.
3. Chimera's, why not go Mech Guard....

After my first year over there I had saved up enough to start a whole new army... So I thought I'd pick up Tau. Bought 2000pts worth after a year at home, and a 2nd deployment I finally sold them with only having about 300pts painted. Whatever you do make sure it's something you want!

05-09-2008, 08:10
more chimeras and hellhounds

05-09-2008, 08:12
I'm prety sure that a Hellhammer is a Baneblade variant...
That looks to be covered already.

I'd agree with more Chimeras or Sentinels. And when they come out, Valkyries.