View Full Version : 40k Starter Set: Worth it for Orks?

06-09-2008, 16:48
I'm newish to 40k and VERY new to 40k Orks, so my friend and I were considering getting two starters, so we can each have the rules and models, and trading minis so I get all the orks in it. It seems to me that having lots of Ork Boyz is a good thing, but what about all those deff kopters? Worth it? Should I just get one starter set with him?

Templar Ben
06-09-2008, 16:58
Well this will allow you to have both template sets and you each have a rule book so that is good.

If you don't think you want the deff kopters you are always able to trade those to someone else either for Orks or for something else that you would like.

06-09-2008, 17:01
The Starter sets are worth it even if you don't use the Deffkoptas.

Where else will you find 40 Ork Boyz, 2 Warbosses and 10 Ork Nobz for that price?
And, like Templar Ben says, you'll both have a set of rulebooks, dice and templates.

06-09-2008, 17:02
i agree with templar ben, if you get one each you'll both have the rule book and templates and hell trading the marines for 20 more boyz 5 nobz and another warboss is still a good deal even if you don't need/want the extra koptas

edit: beaten to it :P

06-09-2008, 18:00
It's definitely worth it! AoBR is arguably the best deal ever to come from GW, or at least in my time playing both 40K and fantasy. As the others have said, even if you don't plan on using all the Deff-kopta's you should be able to trade for some more orks or something. If you do keep the deff-kopta's though, you'll be well on your way to making a rather mekky ork army, which would no doubt look cool, but be tons of fun to play.

Regardless of what you plan to do with your armies, this set is a great deal.

bork da basher
06-09-2008, 18:09
ive just started orks again and the black reach set is real value for money which is a rarity from GW these days. i picked up one and a friend another, he took the marines and i got the orks, both got rulebooks, templates, dice etc and we both baught it discounted so 40 boyz, 10 nobz, 2 warboss' and 6 defkoptas plus all the extras for 30 is a steal.

i added 20 more boyz and a big mek and called it 1000pts for around 50 which is pretty great. this isnt a game i'll play much and i didnt want to commit alot of cash to it so this was perfect.

06-09-2008, 18:22
i think you will find the koptas handy even if you dont need them. they are great for future convertions.

Templar Ben
06-09-2008, 22:34
If you are in the US PM me about the Kopters. I can take care of that for you.

06-09-2008, 23:59
keep the kopters, you'll probably find a use for them eventually, if you get round to going apocalypse with them, thats an extra unit to use.

07-09-2008, 08:32
Konvert da extra Deffkoptorz into bikers?

07-09-2008, 14:09
I bought 2 boxes and swapped all the Marines for more Orks. What do you think I think? Hell, even the way-too-many Warbosses are fine because I can make a Bully Boyz apocalypse formation! (it's made up of nobz squads, each lead by a warboss!)