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06-09-2008, 16:25
Hello and welcome to my first ever WarSeer Plog.

As have others done before me, I will use this place to show the stuff I did, am doing at the moment, and will do in the future. I am a bit into everything, so you can expect a bit of everything as well.

At the moment I'm heavily into WHF and 40K, participating in both Tales projects. My entries are Chaos Daemons for 40K and Zombie Pirates for WHF; if you follow any of the Tales plogs and have specific questions, ask them here, as the answer is more likely not to get lost, in contrast to the often crowded pages over there. I will also show some more pictures of the models I do here, to give you a feeling of exclusivity. ;)

Other fields of interest are scenery, and as I activelytry to crowd a recently done desert board with fitting terrain, I'll show you some of that too. What else? Well... for example:

a selfmade BloodBowl Orc team
BFG ships and scenery
Aeronautica Imperialis
random stuff!

A word of warning: I tend to only show miniatures I feel I like. Some of them will have different aspects you might not like - it could have been done intentionally nevertheless. So sometimes the answer to an "why did you it in such an ugly way?" is: "because I like it so".


A want to encourage you to raise yoir voice anyway. Please tell me what you think, ask the questions you want to get answered. Input is highly appreciated. This is not a simple showcase, after all I want to improve my modelling and painting skills.

The first few shots stay real life.


A nice "an evening in fall" mood shot from around where I live - Berlin. More of this will follow, and as I live where all the tourists in Berlin go, it might end in a tourist guide fashion. Maybe someone finds it inspiring for scenery building (IG players anyone?).


Cat #1, named Frodo. Gets quite agressive if the purpose is either a) getting food or b) getting a hug.


Cat #2, named Dodo. Sweetheart style. Definetely the more intelligent one of both. Usually does the chaos, hides, and her brothers comes to watch - right in time for one of us to see the scene of terror!

06-09-2008, 16:32
Random stuff! :D


This Nurgle Terminator Lord was converted by my younger brother, and painted by me - some years ago. It's Abaddon with heads of the old metal Chaos Spawn added. I just noted the missing black dots on the bolter... D'Oh!


A Necron Bomber I did for AI some time ago. Almost completely scratchbuilt, with Necron weapon parts and a piece from the Eldar Waveserpent used. I think I have to reshoot the pictures, as it is way too yellow...

06-09-2008, 16:35
Darnoks 40K Chaos Daemons - Painting of August 2008

Unit 1: Herald of Nurgle - 50 points (90+ with reasonable upgrades)
Unit 2: 5 Plaguebearers - 75 points
Unit 3: 4 Bases of Nurglings - 52 points

Total Army Size: 177 points (+X)

Background and Theme

I want my Daemons to be as diversified as possible. The only guideline is: if I use one gods units, it has to have an appropriate leader - so no GUO leading Flamers and Bloodletters. Anything else goes.

For the first four months I want to follow the idea "Herald plus stuff". It is Nurgle for the start, and even with a little legal army! That Nurgle contingent will of course get bigger; the Plaguebearers have to get more bodies, as do the Nurglings, I need a GUO, maybe Ku'Gath, some Beasts of Nurgle... later! And that's only the Nurgle stuff...

Background might be made up while the army grows, battles fought will be a good first inspiration.


The Herald consists of: one Chaos Troll (body), parts of the plastic Chaos Spawn (left "arm" and head) and WHF Ogre parts (right hand). Everything glued together, with some added armour made of Green Stuff at the head and the right arm. The sword handle also got some added "jewels". Unfortunately, while painting the model, gravitiy jumped in, and the model jumped out of my hand, breaking into pieces. I had to reglue the tentacle, and added some GS work to stabilise it a bit more.

The Plaguebearers are pretty straightforward: WHF Ghouls without heads, with swords from the WHF Skeletons, and GS slime. I just head the ghouls flying around without any purpose, and found that their headsocket looked like a big eyeball. So why not use that? I'm now quite happy with the results. Same holds for the slime, which was added only because the swords didn't go into the ghoul hands so easy; stabilisation was needed.

No conversions were done on the Nurglings.


Different greens and browns, washed with green and sepia ink. Pretty straightforward as well. Horns and spikes on all the models were left black, and will get gloss-varnished later. If you look at the eyes, you'll notice irregular pupils. This is intentional.

The bases are Khemri Brown over the black basecoat, highlighted/brushed with Bleached Bone, and washed with Ogre Flesh Wash. The models are meant to fit with the desert board I did recently, and the result is okay.

Still To Do

They need varnish, matt overall, and glossy on certain areas (horns, eyes and slime). Maybe I'll add some kind of static grass, but so far I have not found a fitting sort.

I also need to figure out a method of making better pictures. Especially the Herald lost lots of details and depth of colour. It is said easyily, and sounds stupid, but the models look so much better in real life...




06-09-2008, 16:37
Some shots from different angles:




06-09-2008, 16:45
I'm loving the Plaguebearers. Great use of the plastic ghouls there. I think the hunched look is far better for something that disease ridden, instead of the straight up pose of the metal ones. The frog-style eyes are an interesting choice. It looks a little different (in a good way).

06-09-2008, 17:41
Darnoks WHF Zombie Pirates - Paining of August 2008

Unit 1: 2 Deckhands (getting the original unit from 18 to 20, and thus legal) - 12 points (120 now for the full unit)
Unit 2: 4 Bloated Corpses - 120 points
Unit 3: 1 Carronade with crew - 70 points

Total Army Size: 310 points

Background and Theme

Details will follow, but the main idea is to have a normal ramshackle zombie pirate list, with chunks of "press ganged" units form the Imperial East Lustria Trading Company - only one of the PotC references to come.


The Deckhands are pretty normal, WHF Zombies mixed with WHF Imperial Somethings. A shaved WHF Ogre was added as a unit filler. At some point I'll do an Animated Hulks unit, with more ogres, but this one will always stay in that unit.

The Bloated Corpses were easy work as well. WHF Zombies with heads from the WHF Ghouls, and bloated bodies made from bits and Green Stuff.

The cannon is a WHF Imperial Great Cannon, with added zombie heads. The base got some additional love, with a palm tree and a skull on the cannon balls.


Almost all of my ZP units get the same basic treatment: black basecoat, follow by two drybrushing of dark and lighter grey, and a wash with Vallejo Sepia Ink. The sepia only comes onto the models, the bases stay grey (and are from there mostly done, static grass follows after varnishing). Anything living/undead then gets green skin. Together with details like weapons and differently painted clothes(extras, those parts get another sepia wash. Eyes are done in Snotling Green, hairs tend to be grey/white.

The cannon comes from a former ship of the infamous East Lustria Trading Company, and gets the related "uniforms". I found muddy yellow and red to be imperial enough, and contrasting to the green skin (without hurting in the eye), so whenever you see those colour elements, you know where the unit comes from.

The Bloated Corpses got some more blood on them, after all they are falling apart while lurking around. They also got some very subtle green highlights (Snot Green), to make them a bit more distinct from the normal zombies. But infact those highlights are so subtle, you don't even see them on the pictures!

Still To Do

The models aren't varnished yet. Things like the blood will get the usual glossy treatment. There will also be some static grass to be added.

As said elsewhere my skills in making photos of models... needs work. I hope to soon find a method to make better pictures, as at the moment I lose quite a lot of the colour depth during the process.






06-09-2008, 17:42
Some more angle shots:





11-09-2008, 02:56
Nice work!

I especially love the ghoul/zombies. I may need to try that myself one day.

11-09-2008, 09:36
I am absolutely in love with that Necron AI model. It fits SO well into the feel of the army. As much as the Necrons are metal monstrosities with no soul, but with a definite purpose, so too does this ship feel that way. The "night vision" picture just makes the whole theme even stronger.

As for the zombies... You chose bold colours. I personally think they are a little too green, but that's a matter of taste, I guess. As far as the execution goes, they look good.

11-09-2008, 09:50
As for the zombies... You chose bold colours. I personally think they are a little too green, but that's a matter of taste, I guess. As far as the execution goes, they look good.

Thanks for the critique, it's appreciated. :)

The "it's too green for my taste" came up from others as well. In my defense: the process of making the pictures killed some of the more earthy shades on the skin; as I said, it is washed with Sepia Ink, and in the real world it doesn't look that "in your face". In the end I decided for a method to paint them fast, and which I liked. I am quite pleased with the results, but I am well aware of its limits and shortcomings too.

11-09-2008, 10:25
I'd like to see more AI stuff, don't often see much of that displayed. Also, I love your kittahs.

11-09-2008, 14:40
The plague bearers are very good and very well painted. same goes for the herald, looks very gribbly.

And that necron bomber is ace mate! really nice

11-09-2008, 18:36
'I just noted the missing black dots on the bolter... D'Oh!'

Yeah thats the main problem ;)

My conversion on him as a mindlesses even youngster was horrific!

Cool zombies! I loved the priate ideas, I always wanted to do them.

08-11-2008, 12:54
My goodness, it is all dusty here. But I can't really complain, with leaving the Plog alone for over eight weeks. Anyway... gets off the dust... here we go!

Darnoks 40K Chaos Daemons - Painting of October 2008

Unit 1: 5 Plaguebearers, including a model with "Noxious Touch", and a musician - 90 points
Unit 2: Beast of Nurgle - 35 points

This Months Painting: 125 points

Total Army Size: 302 points (+X)

Background and Theme

More Nurgle stuff this months. With the Plaguebearers now ten "men" strong, and the added Beast, I think the current army is a suitable following for one Herald.

I wanted to do something else next month, but due to a special person I stay with Nurgle. "Project Rolf" is in the works...


See post #3 for details of how the Plaguebearers were done.

The Beast of Nurgle is an older GW Chaos Spawn, with a proper "sludgy" tail, which is simply a shell I found at the beach. Too much glue was used on the joints of claws and body, as well as on the base, to give the impression of slime bursting from its inside and dripping on the path it takes.


Nothing different than from the first few models, Different greens and browns, sepia washes, black for the horns and claws, greens and blues for the slime. I tried some source lighting for the glowing eyes of the Beast, but I don't think it turned out that great, I need more practice for that...

Still To Do

They need gloss varnish on certain areas (horns, eyes and slime). And I have to deal with the light snow effect the matt varnish has left on some areas...





08-11-2008, 12:56
Some more shots of this months Plaguebearers and the Beast of Nurgle:



I have to make the matt varnish work properly, this white stuff on some areas is not on purpose... :cries:

08-11-2008, 13:02
That snaily-beasty thingy is great! Nice work on that. Trip to the seaside involved?

27-12-2008, 18:57
I am still alive, at least I think so. Christmas with all its buzz is over, and the presents I have been working on are presented. Time to show some pictures of it, right?

My grandfather is a great fan of insects and in general anything related to nature. It is usually hard to find something to give to him, as my grandparents have everything they need, and I usually can't afford those things they need and don't have. I had the idea of building something related to both his interests and mine, namely insects and modelling. One miniature from the Starship Troopers range made the cut, the Mantis Bug. The painting followed an attempt to stay naturalistic, something I do'nt usually do. I am not that happy with the results, but it was recieved well, and that is all that matters. The same holds for the plants and the base itself; if I would do it a second time, I would take much more time and care. Anyway, here are some pictures of it:





27-12-2008, 19:16
Great stuff. I like the 40k plaguebearer conversions and I positively love the Beast of Nurgle.
The color scheme is distinctive, and very vivid. It has a kind of lurid darkness to it that I quite like.
Well done. Looking forward to seeing more.

28-12-2008, 20:59
The snail thing is bloody awesome, the mantis is too... But I am still missing a Daemonic Dungeon, as per your topic title! :O

28-12-2008, 21:12
I am still missing a Daemonic Dungeon, as per your topic title! :O

But it is quite daemonic in here, right? You have a point though, and as I type this, I had quite a cool idea. It will have to wait a bit, as I need some bits from the upcoming LM Stegadon, but after that... expect something (hopefully) nice. Thanks for making me think, I do like my idea. :D

28-02-2009, 22:38
As you can see in the Tales of WHF Painters thread, I painted something, namely an undead sea monster. For details, check the Tales thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3329662&postcount=148), otherwise enjoy the pictures:





In the near futere I think I'll paint some more zombie pirates, and maybe start to build a Ku'Gath conversion, based on the FW Nurgle daemon prince (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/ndp.htm).

01-03-2009, 02:36
The seawater looks dead impressive. Makes a lot of sense given the monster doesn't look like it would be happy too far inland.

01-03-2009, 12:26
The seawater looks dead impressive. Makes a lot of sense given the monster doesn't look like it would be happy too far inland.

Yup. From a certain point of view it makes no sense at all (like having water around you wherever you move... :wtf:), but than that is the same as with all scenic bases. Heroes usually have there private little rock to carry around, so why shouldn't a seamonster have something more fitting? And it makes for a more interesting base.

16-03-2009, 13:20
Here are a few pictures of last months entry for the 40K Tale. I'll post more later (or tomorrow), including a battle report with my army so far.

This is a Herald of Tzeentch, with a daemon of flight, and the psychic power "Boon of Mutation", for which I converted and painted a Spawn of Chaos (the possible result...). Sorry for the pictures being blurry in parts:





15-04-2009, 15:19
For this months 40K Tale I painted five more Daemonettes of Slaanesh, including an icon, bringing the unit to ten "men":




And there is more...

15-04-2009, 15:27
For the same month I painted four Flamers of Tzeentch, and I must say that I am quite happy with them as a group. Each has its own personal faults and imperfections, but together they look impressive - at least to me. They were painted with "use complementary colours" as the main concept, meaning rd body with green flames, yellow with blue, etc. Eyes were painted plain white, because I didn't want another colour to mess with the main ones. Those teeth were painted golden (Tin Bitz => Beaten Copper => Shining Gold), like the metal parts on last months herald.

Here are the pictures:







Right now I'm painting (or trying to get me motivated for it) some character models for my Zombie Pirates. They need to get done these days, and I will post pictures - hopefully soon. For the Daemons some Pink Horrors are next on the schedule. We'll see how that plan turns out in the end...

15-04-2009, 16:32
I thought I should add some supportive comments. I immediately reacted upon the complementary colours of the Flamer in the 40K tale post and found here that it was on purpose. It looks appropriately Tzeentch to me, freakish, striking yet pleasing to the eye. Great stuff. I love your conversions from last month, too. That Herald is truly inspiring stuff. The Sea Monster looks great too, I just wonder how you built it? Guess I will have to check last month's Fantasy tale.


16-04-2009, 17:09
The Sea Monster looks great too, I just wonder how you built it? Guess I will have to check last month's Fantasy tale.

Or I just reply here. :)

The model you are looking for is Skarath (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/shop/index.php?cat=WG775&product=PIP75016&sid56B6977983A2499CAB608BB33B945735=34990e616f0efb 6a754276adee07e323) from the range of miniatures for "Hordes" by Privateer Press. It is just the beasty right from the box, no conversion work was needed. The floating sea water is made from Green Stuff and sand (for the white wave toppings).

The WHF Tales post in question is this one (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3329662&postcount=148). Hope it helps.

16-04-2009, 17:33
My, talk about a massive improvement in painting skills! The Undead Snail is teh awesomeness!!

16-04-2009, 23:53
Those flamers are really pretty.

29-04-2009, 22:55
And now for somethig completely different...

For this months WHF Tale I painted only two models, partly because of lazyness, partly because I wanted to do them. One of them is this pretty Siren, being Clarissa from the Warlords range of models (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/shop/index.php?cat=WG991&product=REA14274&sid56B6977983A2499CAB608BB33B945735=ef867d2d3065a6 a51e0a9da9c9d1a2c7). I tried to achieve a ghostly look, painting her with negative accents, for that "glowing from the inside"-effect. I don't think I did very well, but so what? Learning is about trial and error, I'll do better next time. Anyway, here are the pictures:






Sorry for the length of the post, I'm lazy with editing my pictures. :D

29-04-2009, 23:00
The second model for this months WHF Tale is Razig, also from the Warlord range (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/shop/index.php?cat=WG991&product=REA14029). He is still WIP, but fulfills the "at least 3 colours on the model"-requirements. And to be honest, I'm not thrilled by the model, he may or may not remain in this state for quite some time...





30-04-2009, 21:06
With the siren, perhaps it would have looked better working from a blue base to white on the more obtrusive points, if you know what I mean.

I love the inventive conversions in your Daemons, especially the Nurgle herald, they've certainly given me some ideas.

Zombie pirates combine two of the best thins in the universe- zombies and pirates- and so automatically gain my approval. The Razig model looks very promising so far. I'll definitely keep an eye on this log, thanks for sharing.

static grass
01-05-2009, 14:44
I love the colour scheme for the flamers! Complementary colours can be hard to get right but I think you have done very well. I like the idea of having all of these different colour figures in the same unit. Great work!

23-10-2009, 09:57
I know, this Plog is all dusty and so, but forgive me. To get a bit more life into this, I'll add my final entry for the ToFP project:

Darnoks Super-Late Entry: Zombie Pirates of 2008/2009

Well, I just don't have it with deadlines I suppose. One of the reasons why I shouldn't try this whole venture again. :o

Here are a couple of shots of what really got finished through this Tale. It is nowhere near the aimed 2000 points, but it is a good portion chewed away - and that is a great thing. I might finish this army to a playable standard (2000+ points that is) sooner or later, probably later, but not for now. I think I have a suitable model for the vampire captain at last, but when it will be done... who knows.

All in all I had fun doing the zombie pirates, even though some parts were more frustrating than others (#*%& rats :mad:). It is nice to see a project nearly done in the cabinet, as I now can do other things without the ever-returning thought of "well, you should do those pirates first, right?". And maybe one of my other dozen projects gets done now as well...




And a final shot at home in the cabinet, including WIP models as the Big Bess:


23-10-2009, 10:13
Moved to Random Plogs.

23-10-2009, 11:47
Wow, that really is an army to be proud of! Really unique. And that corpse cart/cannon device is shaping up very nicely, really looking forward to seeing more of this!

Magos Explorator
23-10-2009, 19:34
Well done with what you got done. :) I enjoyed watching these guys through the last Tale.

05-04-2010, 14:28
What better reason for threadomancy than zombies? Well, as you may remember, I did a special model for Easter last year. The Zombie Easter Egg Hunt:




Edit: Eek, next time I'll dust off the model before noticing it on the pictures... :shifty:

05-04-2010, 14:28
It was meant to be a laugh, nothing special, But, oops, I did it again. :eek:





Again, nothing special. An Ogre Leadbelcher, some GS for the "hat", the gutplate, the eggs and the little bunny tail, and a little Snotling (OOP I think) for base decoration.

The painting is nothing special either, again I went for a colourful look, the same flower pattern on the trousers, and some additional leave pattern on the belt. Hat and gutplate were differentiated by being copper. The smiley on the Snotling sign is a nod to my brother, as he'll be returning next week from Australia after being there for a year. He'll notice it, and that is all that counts. :)

Well, I wish I could show some more painted models, but time constraints are heavy since some time now - and I doubt this will change much. But I'll try my very best.

05-04-2010, 15:09
Ha, genius Darnok. I'd forgotten about that one from last year & it just made me chuckle again along with this years entry! Is your OK army going to have that colour skin throughout? i really like it when people play around with Ogre's skin colours. I'm thinking of going for Blue skin when I get around to doing my army (based on Ice giants from D&D novels).

05-04-2010, 16:21
I love the Easter Bunny Ogre - made me laugh!...Thank you for posting in the WHB Tale and bringing a smile to my face!


05-04-2010, 17:13
Somehow reminded me of the Rabbit Gang in the early Dragon Ball mangas.
Thanks for making me smile.

Oh and nice painting! :)