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06-09-2008, 22:09
I've been reading through this forum, and from what I gather, you guys love BloodBowl, and tbh, it seems like I'll love it. But I'm wondering, how many guys/teams does it take to play a decent league? Because, me, my dad and my bro are the only local people who play wargames!

Also, how easy is it to play? Is it a longwinded, hard to understand game? Or an easy one, where you can quickly play through a friendly game?

Tbh, all I want to know is, is it worth taking up? Will I enjoy it?


Cirrus the Blue
07-09-2008, 04:45
Let me put it this way. Out of all the tabletop games I've ever played (and I've done plenty), this is the only one I neeeeeed to play. ;)

As for a decent sized league, I'd say the bare minimum would be 6, but those are my thoughts on the subject. You can have a really tiny league still with 4 people even, or even just yourself and your family. :) There's no 'set' number, but going from experience, 6 is where things start to get really fun.

As for gameplay, it's very straightforward and easy to learn and pick up. Especially with the new video game HOPEFULLY being released by the end of the year, this'll make things all the more easy to pick up quickly and painlessly and start playing practically right away! There's a few good aspects about the video game. First, being an easy way for newcomers to pick up a 'copy' and try it out to see if they enjoy it instead of blowing a bunch of cash on board, team, dice, etc. Second, it it's got the 'mechanics' already built-in, so you don't have to keep scrambling through the book to check to see "Now, where the heck does the ball bounce to now?!" or "Does Leap help me make an Interception?" or little finnicky questions like that. (Although, you'll eventually pick all this info up down the road anyway just from playing it enough. ;)) The only significant downside to the video game (besides the obvious - it being a video game - which is an amazingly good and kinda crummy thing at the same time.) is that there inevitably won't be all 24 teams available to play with. I think there's only going to be 8 to start and possibly 8 more, still leaving the rest on the tabletop. It's definately a good place to start out though when that happens.

The rules section isn't that big until you start putting in the Skills list which can basically be learned as you go through the game instead of NEEDING to beforehand (although I'd still reccomend taking at least a skim through before your first match). To put it another way, you can easily read through practically the whole book in about 30 or 45 mins and start playing with little difficulty to understanding gameplay and have a great time with it right off the hop!

Welcome to Blood Bowl!!! :D

- Cirrus

07-09-2008, 05:50
Games take about two hours each, athough they will be slightly longer to start with as you learn what you are doing.

Our first league had only five people in it and you can always run two teams each to make up for lack of numbers. You may also be able to intise a few more people into playing - you never know!

12-09-2008, 02:46
ah, the coming of age of blood bowl.

amijp, especially here, you will find plenty of very happy BBer.

I got back into BB last year after a 10 year hiatus. I have been a fantasy and 40K wargamer for a while, and the great thing about BB is the easiness of it all: 1 team, 12 models: a piece of cake to paint. It' s not even a unit! A weekend of painting and you are DONE...feels so good!

Rules are actually fairly easy to learn and remember.

I would say the more players, the better. Blood bowl really does shine in a league context. It is fun on a 1 game off, but it is so much better as you earn skills, cash and your players start dying...ahaha. It is a lot of fun.

Just dont feel bad about loosing. It took me forever to be on par with good players. There are lots of little tricks sort of like chess, where you can set up your players for certain situations. If you dont recognise those, someone will quickly come through and score a touchdown. It takes a while.

Welcome to the BB community

13-10-2008, 12:33
Best game GW ever released. Not the most objective of opinions but I have not a bad word to say against the game of the gods.