View Full Version : Using the new SM codex, I can add....

07-09-2008, 04:42
For those who roughly know the codex, you can play this game. Well, if you play BA/DA/BT/SW, just use the new points for your marine codex and see what more stuff you can add, and what you have to remove to fit it in. I'll show the first example

I can add...
5 tacticals with PC (added on to a 5 man squad)
Predator, TLLC, HB (replaces my baal)
8 Vanguard, 2xPW, 1xTH
1 powerfist to another vanguard squad

I need to remove...
Baal, TLLC, HB
8 DC
1x meltagun, 1x flamer from other vanguard

I think the new marine codex doesn't give me such an unfair deal. Basically, I lose *VERY ROUGHLY* 5 tacticals with a PC compared to the new codex. The rest sort of matches up, and I use my DC as a firemagnet/tarpit more than a killer assault unit, so its slightly less than that for me.

My point is, that while its not very good that we don't get a lot of new toys, it seems to me that our effectiveness might not have gone down by a lot, it looks really bad on paper how much the new marines are getting at discounted prices, but once you write up a list, it doesn't seem as bad. I think I might be wrong on certain cases, so I just want to look and see....

Either way, I won't be switching till BA gets squatted or gets a new codex.