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Boss Zagstruk
08-09-2008, 11:34
I collected chaos space marines and built up a noise marine army a few years ago. I still have a soft spot for chaos but with the new rule book cant decide which mark is best. Which is your favorite mark? Personally im torn between nurgle and khorne.

Nurgle. Death guard are tough and reliable and great for taking and holding objectives. T5 terminators sporting power fists are amazing not to mention the forge world possibilities. Lots of 7 man death guard squads with flamers, plasmas or meltas :)

Khorne. Combat orientated killing beasts. The +1A for the mark lends itself to any unit which makes them nice and killy.

Slaanesh. While they were my first army i dont know what to do with them.+1
I makes them combat orientated but i love noise weaponry so am not sure about the multiple roles this army can leand itself to. Especially now that only my troops can take objectives. In the past id leave my troops behind laying down a hail of fire while other units get into combat.

Tzeentch. Well they are kool but just not my cup of tea. I have my own vision of thousand son space marines and its certainly not the GW version. Sadly i lack the conversion skills to make them. Personaly id take advantage of terminators and possessed and those lovely 4+ inv saves.

08-09-2008, 11:49
Isn't terminators normally T4 and with mark of nurgle would make the T4(5)?

My favourite mark is Tzeentch, not using 1k Sons, as it really annoys opponents when they're using power weapons or AP3-1 weapons. Sadly Tzeentch is often cruel to me, first I pass 3 of 5 Inv. saves and then one gets killed by a lasgun.

08-09-2008, 11:57
Well, I play undivided but use each of the marks in my army. I find that the "best mark" is dependent upon which unit you put it on. I use the following:

Lord with Slaanesh as blissgiver is fantastic versus multi-wound mobs such as ork nobs along with a squad of raptors with slaanesh - hitting first versus many mobs is very helpful

lord with tzeentch on a bike with a squad of bikers with tzeentch - makes the unit incredibly survivable

khorne berserkers - what's not to like? or failing that an extra attack on units like raptors, possessed or termies can be great fun

chaos glory is helpful on regular csm units

icon of nurgle adds that extra boost to squads and is great for holding objectives at a slightly cheaper cost than plague marines

08-09-2008, 12:02
The Mark of Tzeentch of course!
The only Mark with two bonuses to characters :p

4+ Inv. is lovely, now we can compete with that damned Rosarius. And having next to everyone able to psychic shooting power then Warptime/force weapon people is just icing on the cake.

08-09-2008, 12:08
Favourite as, in best I would say the +1T from Icon of Nurgle.

It is most useful, since it always comes into play wether it is shooting or it is close combat. +1A or +1 I only shines in CC. Mark of Tzeentch only comes into play vs attacks that ignores armour and even then it possible to get a better 4+ inv save from terrain in 5th edition instead.

Then again icons are so easily removed in 5th edition making icon of Chaos Glory very attractive since it is so cheap.

Favourite Chaos God is ofc Tzeentch.

08-09-2008, 12:15
I like the Mark of Slaanesh. I tend to take shooty Noise Marines and the +1 initiative is a nasty surprise. Most people think they're just a shooting unit but they have I5 and 2 attacks each when charged.

Thinking Objectively though, the Mark of Nurgle is the best. T5 is always useful.

08-09-2008, 12:18
Mark of Nurgle. I like the back ground story and all the modeling possibilities.

08-09-2008, 14:23
Nurgle. Though it is overpriced, especially on terminators.