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09-11-2005, 14:04

Aethedon had been given the sacred task of protecting a young elf (Cephrin) on his journey back to Saphrey where he would under go training from Helglen an Archmage. Aethedon, knew the young mage was important to the Phoenix King, when he saw a unit of Phoenix Guard had been given to him to help escort the young mage from the human town of Mortsburg. Apparently, Cephrin was on a ship which sunk nearby Mortsburg, and Cephrin was captured by some Marauders. During his capture he was able to send his loyal hawk Screamspear back to Saphrey and Helglen with word about his capture. It had been just 2 weeks ago, since Aethedon and his small army defeated the Marauders and freed Cephrin. Now as they near Saphrey, they came across a small patch of woods, and something didn’t feel right to Aethedon. Feeling uneasy about the situation Aethedon ordered half of his army to scout the woods to the East while the remaining unit would scout the woods to the North.

Kemor Greyleaf had seen Aethedon’s army approaching. Kemor was very conscious about his territory and who was allowed to enter it. Kemor had built a small army of other Wood Elves that felt the same as he did. Landor Greyleaf his brother had made a pact with the High Elf envoys to allow the High Elves to gain entrance and exit to the woods, but Kemor had made no such pact. In fact, Kemor hated the High Elves, since it was they, who in years past, had slaughtered many of his friends. Now he had a chance for revenge and he was going to take it. As he stroked his Dragon mount Gordal he watched the elves move on the edge of the forest. Now he yelled and Gordal flew into the air heading towards the High Elf Army…


High Elves:

Aethedon – Prince, Armour of the Gods, Pure of Heart, Blade of Sea Gold -200 pts.

Ulran – Commander, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Elven Steed with Ithilmar Barding, Radiant Gem of Hoeth – 142 pts

Brynar – Commander, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Reaver Bow, Enchanted Shield – 130 pts

Cephrin – Mage, Level 2, Silver Wand

Cephrin’s Guard - 19 Spear Elves, Full Command, War Banner – 259 pts. (Lead by Cephrin)

5 Silver Helms –Full Command – 150

5 Silver Helms – Full Command – 150 (lead by Ulran)

1 Tiranoc Chariot- 85 pts

1 Tiranoc Chariot – 85 pts (Brynar Riding)

19 Phoenix Guard, Full command, Amulet of Purifying Flame, Banner of Sorcery – 385 pts (Lead by Aethedon)

10 Archers, Musician, Standard – 138 pts.

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.

Total: 1999 pts.

Wood Elves:

Kemor Greyleaf – Highborn, Great Weapon, Light Armour and Shield, Forest Dragon(Gordal), Hail of Doom Arrow, Stone of Crystal Mere – 537 pts

Malich- Noble BSB, Light Armour, Annoyance of Nettlings, Merciw Locus – 137 pts

Helena – Spell Singer, Level 2, Calaingor’s Stave, Divination Orb – 175 pts.

15 Eternal Guard, Full command, War Banner – 235 pts

4 Tree Kin, Elder – 280 pts.

12 Glade Guard, Full Command, Banner of Spring Tide – 193 pts

12 Dryads, Branch Nymph – 156 pts

Barkwood – Treeman – 285 pts.

Total 1998 pts.


High Elf Perspective:

Aethedon saw the Wood Elves begin to rank up for battle, he surveyed the battlefield carefully. There was a curved hill in the South West corner and small. Then a small gap between the hill and then a large wood. In the middle of the battlefield, another wood leaving just enough of a gap to fit a few units through. Finally, another wood in the in the middle of the battlefield, but to the East.

Special Rules Pincher Attack:

The attacker could only deploy up to 18 inches in and 12 inches forward, from the edge of his table thus making two deployment zones A and B. Then attacker, the High Elves, had to divide his force and secretly mark down which deployment zone they would deploy in (War Machines didn’t count and could be deployed in either zone). Then, the defender deployed his entire army, and the attacker had to place his unit in the deployment area that he marked down for each unit.


Wood Elves:

First the Dryads deployed next to the hill, the Glade Guard and Helena on the curved hill, with the unit of Eternal and Malich. Then, on their flank Gordal the Forest Dragon and Kemor. Next to them behind using the woods in the battlefield as cover the Treeman Barkwood, and finally between both wood the Tree Kin.

High Elves:

Aethedon split his forces. In deployment zone A, the North West, A chariot with Brynar riding, along with a unit of Silver Helms led by Ulran, behind then the archers. In deployment zone B, the Northeast, the other chariot the Spear Elves led by Cephrin and the Phoenix Guard led by Aethedon. With the Repeater Bolt Thrower behind the Phoenix Guard finally, the other unit of Silver Helms.

09-11-2005, 14:05
To Battle:

Aethedon had loyal friends in his army and that his leadership was not in question. Aethedon gave the signal to the musician of the Phoenix Warrior and with a loud blast of his horn the battle had begun.

Aethedon’s Phoenix Guard moved forward leaving the Repeater Bolt Thrower a perfect view the Tree Kin unit across the board, between the two woods. Aethedon’s, unit was flanked by Cephrin and his Spear Elves, Aethedon hopped the boys magic potential could be used in this battle to gain a victory, but only time would tell. The Silver Helms and chariot all moved forward also protecting Cephrin’s flank.

On the other side of the battlefield, Ulran’s unit and Brynar’s chariot moved forward slightly the archers wheeled towards the two ranks of Glade Guard on the hill and fired, their aim was true and 3 elves fell dead. Brynar also unleashed 3 blazing fast shots with his Reaver bow and 3 more elves fell, but the strong leadership of Helena kept the Glade Guard from panicking. Brynar held aloft summoned a fireball and directed it at the Dryads in front of him. Helena tried to dispel it, but the fireball had too much power, and in seconds 2 of the dryads burst into flames and turned to ash. The Dryads quickly moved behind the hill to avoid any more fireballs.

Across the Battlefield, Cephrin has seen the destruction and began to wave his hands and chant, suddenly fired spurted from the ground beneath him and his unit. They were able to leap away from the flames, but Cephrin and the Winds of magic were not expelled. Aethedon looked over at the small boy who nearly incinerated himself, and thought “This is the almighty powerful wizard.” He realized, the boy was not ready yet for his responsibility, and was only an apprentice.

Kemor had seen the boy’s misfortune and decided to take advantage of it. He pulled the reins and Gordal, his Forest Dragon, flew into the air. He directed his mount over the woods and landed on the flank of Cephrin Spearelves next to the Chariot, and behind the Silverhelms. Gordal breathed a green gas towards the Spear Elves and Cephrin, 4 Spearelves grabbed their throats and gasped their last breaths. Cephrin was lucky not to be hit by the gas. The chariot crew nearby turned and fled from the massive beast.

Kemor then notched a glowing arrow and fired at the Phoenix Guard and Aethedon, the arrow split into many smaller arrows and 4 Phoenix Guard were killed.

The Silverhelms continued forward ignoring the Forest Dragon and wheeled towards the Eternal Guard and Malich.

At the same time Barkwood and the Tree Kin moved forward. Barkwood then howled loudly and the wood near Aethedon’s Phoenix Guard and Cephrin’s Spear Elves uprooted and moved forward towards the elves attempting to cut the Phoenix Guard off from the Chariot, Cephrin’s Spear Elves and the Silver helms.

Across the battlefield on the hill Helena had heard and understood Barkwood commands, she raised her Stave, Cephrin attempted to dispel it, but Helena concentrated all of her magic energy into the spell and it overpowered the elven mage, and suddenly the woods sprang to life again moving farther then before and cutting off the Aethedon’s Phoenix Guard from the rest of the units visible, only to Tree Kin unit.

Helena, then ordered her Glade Guard to open fire on the Elven Archers. The Glade Guard fired, but the tough elven cloaks kept all but one arrow from wounding, and only one elven archer fell.

Aethedon knew he was now cut off Cephrin’s and the other units he saw a possible path at the end of the woods that may let his unit get back to help Cephrin, but he saw the Tree kin unit blocking the small path. He moved his unit forward to block the woods from being moved anymore, but this now meant they would surely be charged by the Tree kin. He only hoped Cephrin could hold on until his unit could help them.

Attempting to protect Cephrin the Repeater Bolt Thrower, fired at the Forest Dragon and Kemor, but a magic aura stopped the bolt as it was about to hit the Dragon’s hide, and the bolt dropped harmlessly to the ground.

Cephrin attempted to summon the flames on top of the Dragon and Kemor, but his magic was so weakened by the miscast that he failed.

The chariot that fled rallied and attempted to catch up to Cephrin’s unit.

On the other side of the battlefield, Brynar and Ulran’s unit move forward to flank the Glade Guard and Helena on the hill. Brynar fired his Reaver Bow once more and 2 more Glade Guard died. At the same time the elven archers, fired a volley at the Glade Guard and 2 more Glade Guard fell to the elven arrows. Ulran then summoned a fireball, which Helena failed to stop it and 2 more elves perished in flames.

Meanwhile, Kemor had decided to he caused enough havoc and flew into the air landing the flank of the elven archers on the other side of the battlefield, and once again used his gaseous breathe against the archers, 4 of the archers fell to the ground clutching their throats, but the rest of them held their ground and turned to face the beast.

Malich and the Eternal Guard moved forward and turned to face Cephrin’s unit and the Silver Helms.

The Tree Kin and Tree Kin Elder charged into the Phoenix Warriors and Aethedon. The Tree Kin swiped at the Phoenix Guard with their massive limbs, but most of their attacks were turned aside, by the parrying skill of the Phoenix Guard. However, 4 Phoenix Guard were killed by the attacks. In return, Aethedon Blade of Sea Gold chopped into the Tree Kin’s thick hide case sap flew from the wound. The Tree Kin were outnumbered and could not hold their ground due to the ranks of Phoenix Guard pushing forward. The Tree Kin fled, only to be cut down by the pursuing of the Phoenix Guard and Aethedon.

At the same time Barkwood charged through the wood into Cephrin and the Spear Elves, the brave elves held their ground and 4 of them were clubbed to death by the Barkwood. The elven spear failed to wound the Barkwood in return, but the shear number of elves and the magical war banner. Barkwood was overwhelmed, but continued to fight on.

The Glade Guard and Helena fired at the Chariot, but Brynar was such a skilled driver he avoided the arrows. Helena then summoned the mystical spirits near Barkwood and they began to encircle him and protect him from harm. Helena then pointed her Stave at the woods between the Phoenix Guard and Cephrin, she was attempting to block the only path the Phoenix Guard and Aethedon had of reaching Cephrin, the wood began to animate, but Cephrin reads from a scroll he was carrying the woods stopped moving.

Barkwood continued his combat with the Spear Elves and Cephrin, but this time he directed his attacks at Cephrin, the small boy was able to dodge four of his attacks, but was wounded badly by the last one. The Spearelves attacked back and two of their spears pierce the wooden body of Barkwood, but the mystical aura surrounding him quickly healed his wounds. The Spearelves continued to surround him.

09-11-2005, 14:05
Aethedon moved his unit of Phoenix Guard into the path between the woods, but they even though they could hear Cephrin and his unit fighting the Treeman they still could not see them. Aethedon hoped Cephrin could continue to hold on. Cephrin concentrates and flames erupt from the ground on the Glade Guard and Helena. All of the remaining Glade Guard, die instantly. Helena continues to burn and falls to the ground trying to put the fire out, but she succumbs to the flames and stops struggling. Cephrin then summoned flames from the winds and they gathered on his sword, soon his sword was a flaming inferno.

The eleven archers now turned their arrows on Kemor and the Dragon, but none of their arrow could penetrate the beasts hide or Kemor magic stone protecting him. Failing to stop him Kemor and Gordal charge into the archers. Gordal swallows 2 elves whole while Kemor kills two more. The remaining archer flees, and is hacked down by the pursing Kemor and Gordal.

In the middle of the battlefield, the Silverhelms charge into the front of the Eternal Guard at the same time Ulran’s Silverhelm unit charged into the flank of the Eternal Guard unit and Brynor’s chariot charged into the Dryads behind them and on their flank.

Brynor’s chariot slammed into the Dryads, and 4 Treespirits were crushed under it’s wheels, while Brynor killed 2 more with his Greatsword, the few attacks back did nothing and the Dryads broke and fled from the battlefield. Brynor attempt to hold from pursuing, but his steed refused the command and he chased after them.

Ulran’s killed 2 Eternal Guard, while his unit of Silver helms killed 3 more, the other unit of Silver Helms killed 2 more, but their champion was slaughtered by Malich. Even though the Eternal had been badly beaten with Malich they stubbornly refused to flee.

Meanwhile, Cephrin and the Spear Elves saw the magical aura protecting Barkwood fade as soon as Helena was killed. Cephrin struck out with his flaming sword twice, both strikes hit the Barkwood and he burst into flames, seeing this the rest of the Spear Elves attacked, Barkwood was too worried about the flames and didn’t defend himself, amazingly 3 spears pierced his thick hide and he perched backward to the ground still smoldering from the flames.

Across the battlefield, Ulran’s Silver Helms and the other Silver Helm unit continue their battle with Malich and the Eternal Guard. Ulran killed two more Eternal Guard, but the rest of the Silverhelms could only kill one more. In return 1 Silverhelm was killed by Malich. Once again Malich units had lost, but there stubbornness to leave combat continue to hold.

Kemor heard the thud on the ground and knew what happened to Barkwood. He turned Gordal around and flew toward Cephrin and the remaining Spear Elves landing behind them. Gordal breathed his green gas again 4 elves fell dead and as the gas was heading towards Cephrin the spear elf champion grabbed him and threw him out of the way, succumbing to the gas himself instead.

Just then Aethedon Phoenix Guards wheeled around the woods and into view of Kemor. Their eye’s locked in a mortal stare both of them knew they would meet each other on the field battle again and at that time one of them would die. Kemor pulled the reigns and Gordal lifted him into the air and they both left the battlefield passing over the Silverhelms and Eternal Guard locked in combat there shadow loom over them and all the combats stopped fighting for a second. Malich then withdrew his remaining Eternal guard from the battlefield following Kemor and his Dragon. Ulran ordered, “Both of his units to let them go and care for the wounded”


Seeing Kemor fly off the battlefield, Aethedon rushed forward looking for Cephrin, he found him standing tall, wounded in his shoulder, with a flaming sword still in his hand. Aethedon, thought to himself “Now I know what Helglen sees in him.” Then he asked Cephrin, “Are you ok?” Cephrin responded, “I’ll be ok, but the man who threw me to avoid the gas was dead.” Aethedon simply stated “He was just doing his duty.” Aethedon then said “Let’s get you to Saphrey, Helglen will be waiting for his apprentice.”

Final Score:
1140 pts for High Elves
835 pts for Wood Elves

A minor victory for the High Elves.

What does everyone think?

10-11-2005, 00:54
Nice report! Always like to see ones with some story behind them.

11-11-2005, 14:31
Thanks for the compliments

12-11-2005, 02:04
Not bad on the High Elf part (still some errors, though). Although your fluff was way out into left field from my perspective.

And why did you take Phoenix Guard? There are plenty of better choices available to you in Rare slots. I'm actually surprised that they lasted as long as they did.

26-11-2006, 11:18
Do you have any pictures?

EDIT: 700th pot - yay!

Move Fast Hit Low
26-11-2006, 16:14
Yeah great report, thought for the most part that you did a pretty good job but what would i know? If i might ask why with Phoenix Guard? Take them out and put in another RBT, 2 eagles, and some shadow warriors. With the eagles and shadow warriors you have 2 possible mage killers.

Lathain Evaenarion
26-11-2006, 22:46
Sorry to say this, but some of you are just too narrow-minded. Have it ever occured to you that he chose the Phoenix Guards because he thinks they look cool, of he wanted to try something new, or something else aside from powergaming? I have never used them myself though, but just because I haven't had the time to paint a unit.

Nice battlereport, and well fought! Surprised to see you winning againt that tough Wood Elf list! Really well done, congratulations!

27-11-2006, 02:21
Congrats on the victory. I personally have a phobia of dragons...lol. Glad to see you eacked out a win.

Good for you for using the PG as well!!


29-11-2006, 08:26
Congrats. I don´t understand however where the wood elves´points came from. Could you explain please? Thanks!