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09-09-2008, 04:24
I am really thinking about starting a WoC army, the new models look so good but I have a couple of questions and maybe some of you more experienced gamers can help me.
1. Do chaos mortals usually have demonic limbs and claws? If I were to start the army I would like them to not be so mutated.
2. Is the army viable if you don't include these mutations or are they basically asthetic?
3. I haven't noticed any new marauders and I have read several posts so I don't see anything new in the pipeline for them. I really dislike the marauders models but I have an idea for a conversion so it's not a big deal.
4. This one is purely fluff but I remember reading during the Lustria campaign about tribes of northmen and they were more viking-ish barbarians. That's how I would like to portray the army if I built it, I realize giants and shaggoths and the like are available and I like them and would include them just not so much as mutated half-men. I'm not saying that it's wrong or anything, just my personal tastes. Thanks for any help in advance.

09-09-2008, 05:44
We are glad to help...
1: No demonic limbs and such mutations are kinda uncommon unless your a spawn, a gifted lord (which even then doesnt have to be a limb or such) or a servent of Tzeentch generaly.
2:Yes the Army is viable without mutation they are up to you what they look like.
3: ya sorry they aparently are not changing the Marauders.
4: That would be an insanly cool idea, would love to see the end result!
Hope that helped, any more questions feel free to ask away!