View Full Version : How are Black Templar players getting on

Smiling Banshee
09-09-2008, 12:43
Just wondered how you Black Templar players are finding 5th. In the run up to the new edition i noticed lots of comments floating around various boards saying how poor they would become, and it put me off starting a BT army what with the new SM codex coming out and all. After re-thinking im still very keen to start a BT army, i like the colour scheme and especially the fluff. I just don't want to be severley disadvantaged when i play. I know i could just use the new dex as count as but it doesn't seem right to me and im not all that bothered about all the new toys either. So how are you guys finding things, on the flip side have you played against Templars in 5th? Did you find them to be a walkover? Thanks.

Templar Ben
09-09-2008, 13:26
Not being able to consolidate into combat hurts. It takes away from RZ.

The wonky LOS rules has less effect on BT because we don't have any non-LOS weapons.

Strangely it means BT often play better as a gunline in my experience. Move-Run-Move-Shoot-Assault works but only if the opponent is good about putting his army in a position to keep you from being wiped out the next turn due to his shooting.