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10-09-2008, 20:37
Every year for the past 3 years we have run a gaming league in our local gaming store.

This year we have managed to get a grand total of 18 participants, the highest yet! So we have had to do something a bit different.

I have attached the 'league pack' to the post to maybe inspire others and to get feedback/advice, or to maybe provide advice for anyone who wants it.
If you have any suggestions/stories/anecdotes about leagues then feel free to chip in.

The draw for the divisions was completed Tuesday and if anyone wants to know the results then Ill post them up.



10-09-2008, 20:46
Looks interesting.

In the second year, what did teams get penalised for?

10-09-2008, 21:14
We had a fixed list league, but to allow slight tailoring for the different armies you could alter them for a points penalty.

Here is the complete list with explanations
'The Basic list can be changed in between games. However the following penalties apply: -
1. For every point changed in your army list your league points are deducted the same amount. For example: - I want to replace a unit of 20 Swordsmen with command with a unit of 20 Spearmen with shields with command at the same price. Therefore I lose 165 points from my points in the league. If I chose to replace the Swordsmen with 20 Halberdiers with command then I still pay 165 points even though the Halberdiers cost 20 points left. However I now have 20 points to use on another unit if I so wish.
2. This includes changes to magic items or equipment on characters or units, but only the equipment or magic item cost is charged. For example: - I change my Sword of Striking for the Sword of Might. I therefore pay 30 points from the league for this change.
3. Wizards in the army list must state which Lore they are using. To change the Lore between games a point value equal to half the basic cost of the Wizard without equipment rounding up is paid. For example: - A level 2 Dark Elf Sorceress costs 130 points. I therefore pay 70 points to change her Lore from Dark Magic to Shadow Magic. A level 1 Sorceress costs 90 points and therefore pays 45 points to change Lore.
4. Changes can take you to minus points. However it would be very embarrassing to finish on minus points.
5. At one point in the league each player can play a Joker card. This allows all changes in the list to be made for free with no penalty. This is one use only so use it wisely.'

I also made a rather silly error in Excel when adding up my Dark Elf, missing a Dragon from the autosum in compete ignorance. (Never lived this down). Therefore I was penalised around 1500 points for being a fool.

It worked ok, but I think its a bit rough around the edges with the magic lore changing being a bit too harsh in the end. Havn't used it since as fixed lists have been used with just the joker, which worked great last year.

10-09-2008, 21:20
I like the idea a lot : )

If only the club up in Fort McMurray was bigger...

Gazak Blacktoof
10-09-2008, 21:23
I like the idea of the penalty system for list changes though as you said the magic lore penalty is probably a bit harsh, though it forces people to retain a theme which I do like.

Does the army list "reset" after a game or is your new list the one which you will work from during the next game? [word needs re-installing on this laptop so I can't read the document]

EDIT: I might shamelessly steal the idea and try to write up a similar penalty system for our might empires games. Free list changes aren't allowing for any continuity between games which is a bit sad.

10-09-2008, 22:59
Once you had changed your list it was permanantly changed, i.e. you would have to pay the points again to change it back.

This was one of the reasons I think it was harsh on magic lores, and now with paid for abilities like Forbidden Lore and Master of Sorcery to choose lores it wouldn't work as well.

However the swapping of troops and upgrades helps, especially if you are half way through a league/campaign and want to use your newly painted/converted unit you spent a month building.

Steal away, just improve on the idea and let me know.