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11-09-2008, 05:27
...what units, and in what numbers, would you expect to see in a Raven Guard Army?

I want to start a fully fluffy, yet competitive, Raven Guard Army when the new Codex is released in October. I will be starting from the ground up and aiming for about 1500-2000 points to start with and build off of.

Make no mistake, I want this army to be fully fluffy, as accurate as possible to how the Raven Guard are described to be fielded. I am enamored by the chapter's background and I want to be true to it's tactics and abilities. I am however not very familiar with what they typically field beyond a few obvious things I picked up from the wiki page for them.

Things I do know:
-They rely heavily on scouts, and likely take them as troop choices.
-They rely on drop pods for direct insertion of troops.
-They do not frequently use vehicles, if at all, other than the drop pods.
-Shrike is their iconic hero of the chapter, he is equipped with a jump pack.
-Assault Marines are (I think) the secondary unit behind Scouts in the force.

Things I don't know:
-Beyond Scouts and Assault Marines, what other troops do they rely on?
-How does the army typically deal with vehicular threats?
-Tactically speaking, should the army be mostly infiltrated and drop podded?

If anyone can help me with some of these questions and fluff related queries, it would help me on my start to make a very fluff centric and competitive army for the new C:SM release and start planning my purchases for the army I am building from the ground up.

Inquisitor Engel
11-09-2008, 06:55
Honestly, I think the "we deploy by drop pods" is kind of silly for the RG. Having been decimated at Istvaan after deploying by drop pod, I'd say they'd have an aversion to it.

Assault Marines via Thunderhawk though? Oh, yes please.

11-09-2008, 11:21
Yeah i agree with Engel. Drop pods are designed to smash down on an enemy position and Raven Guard are more subtle than that. Raven Guard scouts spend years behind enemy lines so when the deadly assault marines strike the enemy has lost before the battle has begun.

The army should be mostly deep struck or not assault marines and infiltrated scouts. Fully fluff wise they would take out tanks with close combat or short range.

Ravening Wh0re
11-09-2008, 15:22
RG are a codex chapter so they use all the stamdard materiel and tactics. Tacticals in drop pods or rhinos, your choice.
Not every battle has given them time to infiltrate for months (or years) beforehand so storming positions with rhinos, razorbacks and landraiders is still frequently used.
And I disagree about the aversion to drop pods. It's been thousands of years since the massacre and drop pods are still an extremely effective tactic to not use just because they got stabbed in the back once.

By that logic, wouldn't Salamanders and Iron Hands shy away from drop pods too?

11-09-2008, 15:56

what he said.

i have a substantial raven guard army, i use all the normal things you'd have in any codex marine chapter. i just try and use more drop pods, assault marines and scouts than you might sometimes see. the power of a good marine force is in tactical squads and you'll definitely be needing them for fifth edition. scouts simply can't secure objectives well enough.

11-09-2008, 18:29
I think you got the wrong idea of the RG's combat tactic. Even before the legion was decimated during the Heresy, the legion excelled at studying the enemy and attack specific key points of the enemy army to bring down the entire enemy command structure. The attack would be sudden, usually from drop pod insertion, or from RG units infiltrating and all attacking suddenly "from nowhere". Drop Pods, Infiltrating Troops and Jump Packs represent this perfectly.

After the Heresy, all the legion really lost were numbers and armor. Thus they had to focus on their specialized technique and "hit and run" to achive victory. Before the heresy, the legion could afford standard "codex" style stand-and-shoot missions, but afterwards it wasn't an option.

If you're playing a "fluffy" RG army, your fluff won't be just in your army list, but in your play style. If playing Tau, the etherial will be the first target by the RG, who would deep strike/drop pod a number of units near the Etherial and annihilate it completely, causing the entire enemy to fall into disarray. Lightning strikes with your entire army on key points of the army. You'd also take "careful styding and planning to exploit the enemy's weekness" into acount - with the above example, have a lot of units set up to trap falling back Tau units after the etherial falls.

11-09-2008, 18:33
I'd say Tactical Squads in Drop Pods ftw. Forget Istvaan, drop pods is what they do.
In big battles it's really only the Commanders who always take a Jump Pack, maybe with an Honour Guard alongside.
I think the Vanguard's Heroic Intervention rule would suit well too, rather than just an ordinary Assault squad.

11-09-2008, 18:43
As for the models themselves i always thought their veterans would have a fetish for dual lightning claws.

And beaky helmets anyone? yes please

Master Stark
12-09-2008, 09:31
From a fluff point of view, anything is pretty reasonable. If you can imagine in happening at any point in the 40K galaxy, then it fits the background. I'm sure at times the Raven Guard have launched vehicle heavy armoured spearheads, or deployed a large force of terminators, or relied upon long range firepower, or any other variation of a SM army you can think of.