View Full Version : 750 points of Wood Elves

Lord Hurin
11-09-2008, 17:01
Thranduil - 90pts
Legolas with armour and Elven cloak - 105pts
3 Sentinels - 75pts
22 Wood Elves with spears - 176pts
10 Wood Elves with hand weapons - 70pts
9 Wood Elves with throwing daggers - 81pts
17 Wood Elves with Elf bows - 153pts

63 models, 6 Might. 750 points exactly.

Sniper Kelly
11-09-2008, 23:16
That's a good list. The only thing I'd change would be to drop some Elves to make way for a banner.

Are you going to use the plastic wood elves with elven blades and just count them as hand weapons?

Lord Hurin
12-09-2008, 00:33
Yes, I'll just go for the Elven blades and say they're hand weapons. Since all of my blade-armed Elves are hand weapons it shouldn't be a problem