View Full Version : Where did all the "real" tyranids go? old school?

Chaos Warlord
11-09-2008, 19:41
Hey there! im not normally a 40k player, tough i used to be back in the days when there still was "real" tyranids out there, all i see nowdays are red, white, green? and all kinds of wierd colurations on the beloved organisms, while i played back in the days, the "pure" colur was purple!, real old school tyranids were always purple/bluish with white fangs and claws!

all you veteran players out there know what im talking about!

http://r.vinot.free.fr/spacehulk/images/logo.png - this is about the best picture i can find anywhere on the net, wich makes me a bit sad.

i really cant see tyranids any other coluration than that purple, i mean ive always been feeded with that purplish colur scheme, from the first time tyranids entered gw, and it suits them so damn well too!

where in the warp did all the "real" tyranids go?! is there anyone that still uses the old school purple-scheme?

/best regars Chaos Warlord