View Full Version : Warmaster Anicents at GW's Games Day UK

12-09-2008, 14:57

just a note to mention that there will be at least two Warmaster Ancients display/participation games at Games Day this weekend at the NEC.

Punic Wars and a Wars of the Roses battle.

So, if you need a break from Space Marines, come on by!


13-09-2008, 18:27
I'm running a participation game for my club (see signature) and I'll try and get time off to see this.

Warmaster Ancients is really a thing of beauty, which companies range of minatures are you using

17-09-2008, 10:37
It truly is the "beautiful game", isn't it? So easy for players to pick up during a demo game, too!

Kallistra Wars of the Roses range. Really a joy to paint.

In fact 5/7 of the miniatures are from the manufacturer's collection.

I'll post some images of the Wakefield 1460 display (once I figure out how to!)

I actually got a chance to wander around a bit this time-- which game was yours?

17-09-2008, 17:22
Mine was a kill team 40K Space Hulk hybrid in a Bio-Dome. Imperial Guard against Hormagaunts, which went quite well.

I may have spoken to you up in the canteen, as I spotted a few chaps wearing Warmaster T-Shirts, and I needed directions to where the games were held. I was wearing a green polo shirt with a yellow and black Owl logo on the left chest area.

Ah, Kallistra they do nice figures, I have quite a large Spacedreadnought 3000 Altaran fleet. I may have to get a few of those.

Did you use the Extremely Heavy Infantry and Extremely Heavy Cavalry unit rules in the back of Warmaster Ancients?

17-09-2008, 17:54
Good ol' Space Hulk! Sorry I missed that-- so much to see, such tiny eyes.

Did you see the oragami paper Titan? Craaaazy.

You probably spoke to one of my crew at the canteen.

Essentially yes; extremely heavy inf/cav with a few tweaks, it's all in the Warmaster Ancients Medieval Armies supplement which is due out in November.

Have you been to the Warhammer Historical Weekend at WW?


18-09-2008, 09:48
I keep meaning to go to the Warhammer Historical Weekend, my club has a large number of historical players, I may have to see how many would be interested in going.

Looking forward to that Medieval Armies supplement, I may have to buy a selection of figures to paint up for it's release so I can demo it at my club.

08-10-2008, 15:14
The WHW is hands down the most relaxed, colourful and fun historical gaming weekend I've ever attended.

Which manufacturer are you considering?