View Full Version : Old Zogwort

12-09-2008, 20:44
Question about this Orc nutcase. Is he worth taking at all ?
Also how does he works with 5th ed ? his special power says that
"Choose an independant character model that is within 18 inches and line of sight"

Does this means that he can pick an IC if its attached to a squad ?

12-09-2008, 20:50
Yes, you can pick the IC. That said, the odds of it working aren't exactly fantastic.

I don't believe I would ever use him. Not much better than a regular warphead!

12-09-2008, 21:15
He turned my Nightbringer into a squig :-(

Note that you must provide the squig model. If you don't have a suitable squig model, his power doesn't work.

Herman the Heathen
12-09-2008, 22:25
He also has (kinda) high potential of letality in CC.

He has 2 attacks at I2, another D6 attacks at I4, they are poisoned and wound on 2+. When rolling for a psychic power in CC a roll of 1-3 means he counts as having a power weapon and since he's a warphead he can reroll the roll for psychic power, giving him a fair chance for the power weapon...

He has furious charge so those D6 attacks will be at I5 when charging.

That he's T5 doesn't hurt in CC either...

He's unpredicteble like most stuff in the ork list, but woe the enemy which can't instakill him on a higher Initiative in CC, he's most likely gonna get hurt...

He's gonna cost you another 60 points compared to a regular Warphead... haven't tried it yet so can't say if it's worth it.

He's prolly gonna be a terror in CC against MEQ if rolling high on that D6. Killing them on 2+ with no save on I5, ouch...