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12-09-2008, 23:21
Alright Boys & Girls, GW has officially selected the SCGWL’s SoCal Slaughter to join the Games Workshop 2009 GT Circuit. With this news, we are pleased to announce open sign ups for this year’s 2nd Annual, SoCal Slaughter.

The event will be held November 1st & 2nd at the Garden Grove Community Meeting Center, with registration and open gaming to be held on October 31st. First rounds will occur at 9:30 am each day, under a tight schedule. On site food and refreshments will be available for purchase, at reasonable prices. The venue has ample free parking and picnic space. We will also be providing some open gaming space.

Fees for the tournament are as follows: Standard admission will be $60 with a $3 handling fee for paypal. Members of the Chosen and SCGWL will be charged $55 plus the $3 handling fee. Lists are required to be submitted by email no later than Friday, October 24th. Lists that are submitted after this point will be considered walk ins for the purposes of judge assessed comp.

Scoring will work similar to this year’s GW GT Circuit. There will be a total of 100 possible battle points, with the same point system used in Vegas (17 for a massacre with up to 3 bonus points per game). Painting will be scored in identical manner to this season’s GW GT Circuit, with a maximum of 40 points being scored off of the checklist. Sportsmanship and Composition will be based off of a 12 point player checklist system, for a maximum of 60 points over the course of the tournament. Judges reserve the right to review suspect Sports/Comp scoring on a case by case basis.

Armies must meet the standards of this year’s GW GT Circuit (2250 and approved army lists)with the additional restriction of no special characters (or unit champions) being permitted. All GW FAQ rulings will be honored as they are posted at the time of the tournament. Submitted lists will be assessed by the tournament judges and given a 3-15 composition score. This score will be used solely to pair opponents for the first two rounds of the tournament and have no impact on the scoring of the tournament itself. Walk ins and people who submit lists late will be given a zero comp in the judge assessment and paired accordingly, but this will again have no effect on their overall scoring. The intention is to cultivate a competitive, but sporting atmosphere so that all participants may enjoy the hobby equally. Questions regarding scoring may be directed to commissioner@scgwl.com, including “Slaughter Rules Question” in the subject line.

To sign up, email the lists to commissioner@scgwl.com. Be sure to include your full name and address. Paypal payments should be directed to pay@scgwl.com no later than the due date of the lists. Blocks of hotel rooms have been reserved at the nearby Embassy Suites for our event, so contact the commissioner at the above address for more information regarding lodging. The event will take place at the following address:

Garden Grove Community Meeting Center
11300 Stanford Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 741-5262

13-09-2008, 00:27
This is awesome. I literally live 5 minutes walking distance from here. While I don't have an army ready to go (as some of my previous posts indicate, still in the middle of deciding on an army), I would love to maybe drop by and take a look. Is it free for the public to come and go to observe?

13-09-2008, 03:45
^ I second that question. I live in the area, but don't really play that often (or that competitively).

13-09-2008, 04:38
This is cool! I want to play dark elves!

13-09-2008, 17:53
This event will be open to the public and have a lot of prize support, as well. Touradj (aka The Dark General) is the main judge for the event, also, so its a great chance to come meet him without having to be stomped by his Daemons in a game! Also, slight clarification, the "no unit champions" reference means no named unit champions (ie changling, ect) that have been introduced in the more rescent books.

13-09-2008, 20:01
I live no more than a 25 minute drive away, I'd also like to come and just hang out. I haven't had much luck finding other players in south county where I live. Nearest GW is at the Block, which is usually more driving than I'd like to do on a regular basis, or in hopes of finding someone there willing to play a game of fantasy.

Used Car Salesman
13-09-2008, 20:48
Yeah this is pretty cool and it would be nice to play some people other than the 4 in my group. One question though, is the WD Chaos list useable? I'll probably get trounced, but I don't have an army otherwise.