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13-09-2008, 14:46
I came back to the hobby when the new ork codex came out after a 5-6 year break, so I havnt played apocalypse yet! I just want to know are all the apocalypse rules in reload or do I need the original book aswell? I just wanna know before i order the reload book so i can get the first at the same time if needed ( along with a green tide deal and a forge world big squiggoth. :D )

13-09-2008, 15:00
Reload dosnt have the 'special' Apocalyse rules, you'l have to borrow or buy the main core Apocalypse book

both books have alot of Ork content :)

13-09-2008, 15:11
thanks mate. lots of orky goodness is always a bonus