View Full Version : The Malcador- Overpowering?

14-09-2008, 06:22
Hi guys, I haven't bought any of the IA books yet, but I was talking with my friend about the possibility of me using a Malcador in normal battles. He's fine with it, as it's not like a Baneblade or anything of that sort.

But still, I'm asking because I want to know if:
A. The Malcador is worthless/not that great
B. If it's too powerful/overpowering
C. It's neither under/overpowered.

In the best case scenario I'd love for it to be C, but things are rarely like this. Or perhaps "A", but it it's B then it's out of the question and I won't even bother.

Thanks for your help!

14-09-2008, 06:32
The Malcador is overcosted and would be fine in a normal game. I think it shouldnt have 2 structure points, it should just be a heavy vehicle able to fire all of its weapons.

14-09-2008, 07:11
Thank you for your input. This is what I was hoping for the best-case scenario to be. (I.e. My friends won't call it cheesy as it is overcosted.)

It'll most likely be house ruled that it can just move and fire all weapons.

14-09-2008, 07:23
My friend has a Malcador he uses in normal battles, it isn't overpowered at all. It's still good though, don't get me wrong.

14-09-2008, 07:40
All the M class 2 structure point tanks fit fine in normal games.

All super heavies can move and fire all standard weapons- there are occasional limits/special rules associated with some of the titan levels of weapons.

14-09-2008, 10:05
Noone of the malcador variants have any titan class weapons, just normal weapons you find in most armies.
So in therms of firepower they aren't that much worse than say a normal leman russ.

16-09-2008, 09:18
The Malcador's structure points make it resilient, but this is countered by it's slightly weaker armour, which makes it vulnerable to being shot at from the front by weapons to which a Leman Russ would be impervious (autocannons for example).

Also, be aware that because fire arcs matter now, all the Malcadors will have difficulty bringing more than two guns to bear on a single target. This is why it's crucial that they have the multiple targetting ability.

(Is hoping to see placcy Malcadors/Macharii in a new IG codex....probably won't happen, but a guy can dream...;))

16-09-2008, 09:41
I've played against a Malcador and it was fine. Even though I was using Tyranids. It's firepower isn't easy to make the best use of and the cost is high. However it's pretty tough and durable plus it makes a great focal point for the army.

I like them. I doubt anyone will think they break a game.