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24-04-2005, 22:55
I've been itching to start a 2nd warhammer army, and lately the Blood Dragons have started to really appeal to me. I'm not sure if the concept in my head would be either legal or fun to play against though, so I wanted to get your guys' advice before committing.

I like the idea of having a senior Blood Dragon vampire(lord, count, or thrall) leading his lesser disciples(black knights). I wouldn't mind throwing a few bats or wolves in for bulk (maybe they're attracted to his unholy power or something), but the idea of necromancers raising heaps of undead just really turns me off. No skeletons, No zombies, no ghouls, no Necromancers.

Would that sort of small, fast, elite army be workable? I don't care about winning all my battles, but I'd like to win some here & there. Would it be fun for opponents to play against or just a boring one-trick pony?

And how legitimate are the bloodline army lists in the back of the VC codex? Will I find my choice of opponents limited if I show up places and claim my knights as a core choice?

Etienne de Beaugard
24-04-2005, 23:04
IIRC the Vampire Counts armybook has a Blood Dragon list in the back that does just what you want. The list is 'unofficial' and requires your opponent's permission to use. Since it is published by GW, you'll likely have people letting you use it in casual games, but I doubt you could use it in tournaments.

If you want a tourney legal army, you'll need to use the main blood dragons list. Still, I know of many who have converted the new Bretonnian M@A into zombies of skeletons, thus giving the army a more medieval feel.

24-04-2005, 23:22
Units of Dire wolves=Troops. 3 Units of 5 >/150 pts (+ dire wolves are pretty cool units. Can take out war machines, other Skirmishers, lone wizards, keep missile units occupied & set up flank charges for your Kniggits.)

There you go.

27-04-2005, 21:58
No expert but here I go. They have some nasty close-combat abilities. If you want to use an army w/ no Necros, be my guest, but you'll need a Count then. If you want a magic heavy army, then you go for the Necrach bloodline. I myself was leaning towards the hateful Strigoi. The models stink though.