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21-09-2008, 16:52

I've been on/ off collecting for ten years, but three years ago I out and out stopped and sold all my miniatures. Earlier this year I stumbled upon a blog post that sparked my interest back up. Oh how I missed Warhammer.. opening a new blister pack is such a good feeling!

And so, I find Warseer ll these incredible painting blogs everywhere are so insipiring! Harry, Sigur, everyone.. you get so much done, at a really good standard!

So, It's my 21st birthday today and I've had enough of the little guys staring at me with their empty, lead eyes. J'accuse! I've probably got more than I can paint anyway, but I'm going to start!

21-09-2008, 17:01
Might as well start with something big! :D


This will be Prince Imrik when he's done.

I wanted an epic base for this guy beacuse the old one was just the Dragon standing there. Ooh.

Chariot bases are expensive, so it's the good old 'shove 4 cavalry bases together and swear lots as you try to fill them with green stuff' approach. To be honest, the duct tape makes things a lot easier.


This was quite tricky, as the duct tape was still squishy. The 'ruin' is just polystyrene cut into shape. The column is entirely made from wood filler! And that poor High Elf Spearmen sacrificed his life to become a ruined statue. *Sniff*

More to come!

21-09-2008, 18:40
An ambitious start! I'm looking forward to see how that base ends up.

22-09-2008, 08:52
Right, did some more stuffm and finished off the base!


Green stuff added, smoothed out...


With sand and Dragon! I can't attach him to the base yet though, mostly because of the feet. Hmmm. :cries:


Other side. Right.. I'm off to make up archers while watching Jeremy Kyle.

22-09-2008, 08:52
An ambitious start! I'm looking forward to see how that base ends up.

Thanks! I'll try my best! :D

23-09-2008, 16:46
1st lot of 30 archers assembled and based!


25-09-2008, 20:59
Okay, did a little more work. The base is now completed, after trying out about five colours for the ruin, dark gray turned out the best. The plan was originally cream with blue marble veins, but gray and gray works alright I suppose.


And from the side...


More soon!

28-09-2008, 12:57
Been a bit busy over the last few days- managed to finish off the High Elf Archers movement base, and started some work on some Skitarii.

28-09-2008, 17:11
That base turned out better than I thought, really nice. :)