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22-09-2008, 14:39
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With most people's scenery collections needing the addition of a few pieces of TLOS-blocking terrain, I thought this thread could be a place for putting your budget ideas in. Let's keep it cheap and simple!

Top tip #1: Pound-stores that sell tool boxes. You can get tool boxes in most pound stores. Remove the lid (they usually snap off anyway moments after you buy them) turn it upside down and it looks pretty good as instant building. Just detail and spray.

Simple walls. Rather than barricades, which do not block TLOS, repositionable walls could do the job. They would need to be 3" high at least to block sight to some of the larger minis (eg Crisis Suits) that might want to shelter behind them.


Thin base (eg. 2mm MDF) cut to size (say 8" by 3")
10mm thick blue foam (foamcore not suitable)
PVA, sand & grit
A coarse stone, about thumb sized

Cut the foam to a 4" height, about 6 or 7" long.

Snap the piece in half, turn each piece around so that the flat ends are now touching and glue them together. The snapped parts are now the ends, and make the wall look properly broken.

Cut notches in the top of the wall an inch deep and an inch wide, and leave about 2" between them. These represent the bottoms of windows. For the rest of the wall snip or pinch away chunks of foam along the top to leave it broken-looking.

Take your stone and press it hard into the side of the foam. This leaves an impression behind and textures your wall for you. Keep doing this all the way along both sides of the wall. Rotate the stone randomly to avoid repeating the pattern.

Glue the foam to the base with PVA (rather than PVA I use hot glue for foam, but PVA will do the job), then apply the sand and grit to the base and the top of the wall as usual. Add the bits of foam you pinched off - it makes great rubble. If you have more stuff lying around suitable for rubble piles glue that on too. Paint as usual.

I will stick up some photos, but I hope you get the idea. With a few of these you get all the benefits of TLOS-blocking ruins without anything like the hard work (I should know, I am working on a full CoD table right now!)

Top rubble tip: there are companies that sell plaster mould kits on Ebay. Ask them for any broken stock they have - they will usually sell this for postage. When it arrives beat it to death with a hammer - instant rubble in huge quantities.


22-09-2008, 16:35
Heres my scenery blog:

First post has 0.50 LOS blocking shrubs.