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23-09-2008, 02:13
Okay one of my problems is that i have procrastinated on so many of my projects, mostly because of school. but now that that is finished, and as i search for my job, i have plenty of downtime to finish these projects.

first on the list:
my commission works. over the year i have been working on various friends armies [all tau, and one GK]. the last one (and i'm not taking any more jobs) gave me complete painters freedom, and no deadline so i've been slacking.
but before i tackle my own stuff, i'm going to finish his first.

after wards i'll be working on my own stuff, which will be:
repainting and repairing my standing marine army
finishing my pre-heresy 1k sons dreadnought diorama
working on my admech armies
and hopefully get some good start on my nurgly army
...the last three in no particular order at the moment.

i'll post progress photos of the tau tomorrow, when i finish my lightbox, as lighting in my room is dull and won't capture the colors well. yes i will finish it, here's the materials:

24-09-2008, 18:26
hmm, well didn't have all the materials i needed after all...
anyways here's a few of the WIP shots of the tau, i lucked out it was sunny today.

the advantage to macro on cameras is they capture great detail for small things. the problem is they capture every detail, but leave room for where i need to improve.

squad shot

individual fire warriors

24-09-2008, 18:56
Hi there,

To me it looks like the macro mode didn't quite work on some of the photos as the model is out of focus. Also, to be brutally honest the Tau doesn't do it for me. The black and blue don't go well together and overall it lacks detail and precision. I'm sure your friend will be happy with this if he is used to your work.

24-09-2008, 19:29
honestly doesn't do it for me either, but that's the scheme he wanted. otherwise i'm pretty much free to take the scheme where ever. also i don't think i'll take him as a client again, as he has a few illegal builds, and has no parts to repair/replace...

more photos:

and two squad angles