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29-09-2008, 14:34
Howdy folks,

Since the printed release of Epic: Raiders, a lot of things have been taking place both behind the scenes and on the forum. The fan-made supplement has met with what I consider to be good success, having been downloaded many thousand times. In addition, over 100 printed books have been purchased by customers in twelve different countries which to me is remarkable considering the content is free online.

The gross sales from Raiders, however, has put me in a difficult position as the money had to be declared as income. This had very bad tax consequences for me and could have easily pushed me into a higher tax bracket. (No good deed goes unpunished as the saying goes). The result of this 'income' is that I have now had to incorporate under the name "Raiders & Crusaders, Inc.", a non-profit organization with the same mission as I had set out for the book: to raise money for the American Cancer Society (http://www.cancer.org). The applications for incorporating have not been cheap with state fees running $120 and the IRS 501c filing fee at $300. This means much of the money that was donated in excess of the book costs will go toward fees instead of going to cancer. If there was any other way to do this I would have but I either had to incorporate or roll the dice on my own money with the IRS.

Are you writing a supplement? If so, and you want to put it into print, you will be faced with the same obstacles I am faced with. Ex. The gross income from Raiders is over $3100 which can easily push many people into a different tax bracket, not to mention how your governments will interpret the effort if you are audited. This combined with the printing fees and upfront costs make it a daunting task.

I am willing and interested to open up Raiders & Crusaders Inc. to other gaming supplements that the community would like to put out. This will be mutually beneficial as it spreads the various fees associated with such an effort over several books which will in turn mean more money going to charity. This will far outweigh any shipping considerations, especially given the exchange rate for the US Dollar right now. At this time I am inclined to stick with Epic and Battlefleet Gothic, but if you have any other ideas just let me know. I have contacted the ACS and they are excited about this effort.

There are a number of fan-made supplements that are currently in the works and at various stages of completion. The Mossino Campaign is one that actually preceeded Raiders and will be ready soon. Black Crusade, Xenos, and a handful of other ideas are just getting started.

If you are making a fan-made supplement for Epic or BFG that you would like to arrange through me, I have some requirements that I think most people will find easy to meet:

1. The publication must be GW friendly. No mixing of Intellectual Property. No items that might be contrary to how GW sees the 40K universe. In other words, don't do anything to irritate the multi-million dollar company with an army of attorneys. You can always contact me if you have any questions.
2. Do not use images from GW in your publication. Artwork that draws on GW material is one thing, but copying it outright (illustrations, paintings, or model images) is a no-go at this station.
3. Your publication must indicate that it is fan-made and unofficial in every way.
4. You must make your supplement free and available for public download.
5. Communicate with me. If you want to do something, just ask. Having gone through the supplement building process from beginning to end, I can probably give you some insight.

The benefits of us working together should be obvious. For anyone who isn't aware, I paid a $395 fee with Mills Press which allows me to print five books with them for five years. That is a one-time cost that has almost been completely paid off with the sale of Raiders. I can buy shipping materials in bulk, have shipments from the press consolidated, and customers can order multiple books at one time, reducing costs even further.

A separate website is coming soon which will allow people to purchase the book(s) and make donations. I look forward to getting some of your feedback and I am excited over the prospect that we could be making these supplements available to gamers world wide.


William Sturtevant aka Moscovian