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30-09-2008, 22:39
Please read this post before replying!

Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the second 2008 Tale of 40K Painters monthly update extravaganza!

For those of you who don’t know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=160506). For those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in the last month (September). Over the next seven days, participants in the Tale should post the work they have done over the last month.

Please don't post anything else in this thread until the 8th of October! Feedback, questions and so on should be posted in the current working thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155584) until the 8th, when all submissions are due in (I'll be a bit stricter this time) and this thread morphs into a new working thread.

For your official monthly post, please try to follow the following guidelines:

You should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit. Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW don’t like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators. If you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted, and of the army as a whole. Photos should be cropped or resized to around 1000 by 1000 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesn’t take too long to load.
A note on pictures: Try not to overdo the photos. The Tale is about showing off your work, but try to do it concisely - if everyone posts 13 different angles of every model they paint, that means the whole thread becomes massive. Try to keep your monthly update to one post (4 pictures) and post links to any additional photos you wish to show - or better still, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread who takes an interest can take a look and give you some feedback if they want to.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc... Feel free to use this post (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1870139&postcount=11) as a template for your update.

If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next seven days, then you will automatically count as having jokered October (I mean it this time... well more than last time anyway. :p).

Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work!

Sam (McMullet)

30-09-2008, 22:41

So far we have:
188 Armies
(of which 174 are 40K, 9 are Epic and 5 are BFG)
332002 points signed up (if everyone who hasn't confirmed paints 1500). So far, we have 28784 points completed, and have used a total of 242 jokers.

This month we painted 11444 points and played 137 jokers.

148 Paint 1 army
17 Paint 2 armies
2 Paint 3 armies
167 Painters in total

By Faction:
25 (13.3%) Chaos Space Marines
11 (5.9%) Daemons
1 (0.5%) Dark Eldar
13 (6.9%) Eldar
16 (8.5%) Imperial Guard
1 (0.5%) Imperial Knights
3 (1.6%) Imperial Navy
11 (5.9%) Inquisition
4 (2.1%) Lost and the Damned
4 (2.1%) Necrons
19 (10.1%) Orks
55 (29.3%) Space Marines
1 (0.5%) Squats
6 (3.2%) Tau Empire
8 (4.3%) Tyranids

And here they are! If you aren't on this list but either should be (i.e., I've missed you off) or want to be (you haven't joined yet), just let me know!

NOTE: If you haven't decided/told me how many points you're planning on doing over the year, I have put down 1500 for the moment. If you want to change this then PM me or post in the thread.

[Glory]Jelmie : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
AdmiralGrave : 40K Tau - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Aenarion : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1500) Month #1: 225 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 225
aenimosity : 40K Tau - (1500) Month #1: 200 ; Month #2: 86 . Total: 286
agio65 : 40K Daemons - (expansion) (2000) Month #1: 374 ; Month #2: 260 . Total: 634
agio65 : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: 235 . Total: 235
Almindale : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: 110 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 110
Anodyr : 40K Lost and the Damned - Slaaneshi (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Arcane_Blade : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Black Legion (2000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 0
Azarkhel : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
azhagmorglum : 40K Tyranids - (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Badgobbla : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1500) Month #1: 235 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 235
Baron_Konrad : 40K Space Marines - Black Templars (3000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
bassmasterliam : 40K Imperial Guard - Traitor Guard, that is (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Ben : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Blagrot Squigbreff : 40K Tyranids - (1500) Month #1: 162 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 162
BLARGAG!!! : 40K Imperial Guard - (2000) Month #1: 650 ; Month #2: 500 . Total: 1150
blazed99 : 40K Necrons - (2000) Month #1: 180 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 180
bloodsbane : 40K Orks - (1500) Month #1: 160 ; Month #2: 240 . Total: 400
burtnernie : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Dark Angels/Chaos Pirates (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Caelas : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Caelas : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Captain Ardias : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Catferret : 40K Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: 200 ; Month #2: 220 . Total: 420
Chicken Pig : 40K Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: 200 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 200
Chicken_Funk : 40K Orks - (1500) Month #1: 172 ; Month #2: 152 . Total: 324
Chris_Tzeentch : 40K Orks - Blood Axes (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
chrismisterx : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Colonel Haizelhoff : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised Mordians (1000) Month #1: 93 ; Month #2: 155 . Total: 248
Coolhand : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: 167 . Total: 167
Copella : 40K Inquisition - Sisters of Battle with Imperial Guard allies (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Copella : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Cypher, the Emperor : 40K Space Marines - Crimson Fists (1850) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Damokles : 40K Imperial Guard - and Space Wolves (1500) Month #1: 322 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 322
Danny76 : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: 0JK ; Month #2: 181 . Total: 181
DarkstarSabre : 40K Tyranids - Hive Fleet Nemesis (2000) Month #1: 165 ; Month #2: 305 . Total: 470
darkstonelich : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: 0JK ; Month #2: 460 . Total: 460
Darnok : 40K Daemons - (1000) Month #1: 177 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 177
dave is the best : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Dazed and Confused : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Dead orc : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Death Korp : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
derv : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: 85 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 85
devolutionary : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 0
Discord : BFG Imperial Navy - (2000) Month #1: 180 ; Month #2: 180 . Total: 360
Discord : BFG Chaos - (2000) Month #1: 180 ; Month #2: 90 . Total: 270
Discord : Epic Orks - (4000) Month #1: 350 ; Month #2: 250 . Total: 600
Doctor P : 40K Tau Empire - (1850) Month #1: 190 ; Month #2: 196 . Total: 386
Drakemaster : Epic Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons (4000) Month #1: 415 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 415
Earthbeard : 40K Chaos Space Marines/Lost and the Damned - Death Guard/Nurgle (5000) Month #1: 245 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 245
Eckshale : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Slaanesh (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Edzard : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: 145 . Total: 145
Enlightened : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1st company (1500) Month #1: 120 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 120
Ethriel : 40K Imperial Guard - ith Witch Hunter allies (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Extension : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
fengor : 40K Eldar - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Fenriz : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: 205 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 205
Fle : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (2000) Month #1: 200 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 200
fluffystuff : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: 225 ; Month #2: 60 . Total: 285
frahill : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels or Black Templars (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Fredmans : Epic Tyranids - (5000) Month #1: 500 ; Month #2: 550 . Total: 1050
Fredmans : Epic Imperial Guard - Steel Legion (5000) Month #1: 500 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 500
Frep : BFG Imperial Navy - (2000) Month #1: ? ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Frep : 40K Dark Eldar - (1500) Month #1: ? ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
G.Hawke : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (1500) Month #1: 100 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 100
G.Hawke : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Lost and the Damned (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Geratsu : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
give_me_a_d : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: 0 ; Month #2: 395 . Total: 395
Gralph!?! : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Green Grot : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
greyseer : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Hauk : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: 216 ; Month #2: 230 . Total: 446
Hawkmoon : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Häxjägare : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: 240 ; Month #2: 150 . Total: 390
Hena : Epic Lost and the Damned - (3000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Hespithe : 40K Necrons - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Hollopoint : 40K Tau - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
IceWind : 40K Imperial Guard - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Imus : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Jim : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters (1500) Month #1: 210 ; Month #2: 213 . Total: 423
jme : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Jonahmaul : 40K Tau Empire - (1500) Month #1: 120 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 120
jpobrich : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1500) Month #1: 245 ; Month #2: 240 . Total: 485
jullevi : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: 112 . Total: 112
kammek : 40K Orks - (1750) Month #1: 222 ; Month #2: 320 . Total: 542
Keadaen : 40K Space Marines - Silver Skulls (1000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 0
kenny3760 : 40K Daemons - (1500) Month #1: 170 ; Month #2: 195 . Total: 365
Keofoxglove : 40K Tau Empire - Kroot (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Khrangar : 40K Space Marines - The Emperor's Word (1000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: 120 . Total: 120
Knighta : 40K Inquisition - Daemonhunters (1500) Month #1: 160 ; Month #2: 150 . Total: 310
kris.sherriff : 40K Tau - Kroot heavy (1500) Month #1: 126 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 126
Kroot Lord : 40K Inquisition - Sisters of Battle (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Krootman : 40K Orks - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Lardidar : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: 370 . Total: 370
Laurela : 40K Necrons - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Lavieth : 40K Inquisition - Grey Knights (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
LemonPotato : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
liamrob : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
LionoftheBegs : 40K Imperial Guard - The Desu Brigade (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
LionoftheBegs : 40K Inquisition - Legion of Ecchi Sisters of Battle (1500) Month #1: 177 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 177
lonepilgrim : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (2000) Month #1: 190 ; Month #2: 255 . Total: 445
lord marcus : 40K Tau - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
LordKhaine : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Deathguard (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
loyalist42 : 40K Space Marines - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
loyalist42 : 40K Imperial Guard - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Maalivate : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 0
Magos Explorator : 40K Imperial Guard - (1000) Month #1: 100 ; Month #2: 100 . Total: 200
malkkis : Epic Eldar - (3000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Max Keeren : 40K Eldar - (1000) Month #1: 115 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 115
McMullet : Epic Orks - (4000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: 475 . Total: 475
meneptah : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Slaanesh (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Metaphorazine : 40K Orks - (1500) Month #1: 167 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 167
meta-ridley : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
MIGHTYPanhead : 40K Salamanders or Tyranids - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Mikari : 40K Tyranids - Genestealer Cult (2000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
MistaGav : 40K Tau - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
MistaGav : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
misterboff : 40K Orks - Deathskulls (2000) Month #1: 167 ; Month #2: 167 . Total: 334
mochi-kun : 40K Eldar - (1000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Mr Feral : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Alpha Legion (1500) Month #1: 105 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 105
Mr. Shine : 40K Inquisition - Grey Knights (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
mrsurgeon : Epic Space Marines - Ultramarines (4000) Month #1: 400 ; Month #2: 400 . Total: 800
nkicik : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Norsehawk : 40K Daemons - (1500) Month #1: 149 ; Month #2: 205 . Total: 354
Norsehawk : 40K Space Marines - (2500) Month #1: 255 ; Month #2: 280 . Total: 535
Norsehawk : 40K Tau Empire - (2000) Month #1: 175 ; Month #2: 224 . Total: 399
Ocid : 40K Space Marines - Fleshtearers (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 0
olean : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1500) Month #1: 240 ; Month #2: 240 . Total: 480
Overt_Spy : 40K Tau Empire - (2000) Month #1: 210 ; Month #2: 204 . Total: 414
Overt_Spy : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1000) Month #1: 145 ; Month #2: 100 . Total: 245
Parthon : BFG Tau - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
penguin663 : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Night Lords (1500) Month #1: 205 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 205
Pite : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1200) Month #1: 130 ; Month #2: 130 . Total: 260
plantagenet : 40K Space Marines - Imperial Fists (1500) Month #1: 130 ; Month #2: 150 . Total: 280
Playwithbob : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels-based (2000) Month #1: 335 ; Month #2: 250 . Total: 585
Rabid Monkey : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines, with Imperial Guard allies (2000) Month #1: 504 ; Month #2: 150 . Total: 654
Radish : 40K Space Marines - Brotherhood of Infallible Iron (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Raka : 40K Space Marines - Deathwing (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Rasmus81 : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
razormasticator : 40K Imperial Guard - (2000) Month #1: 215 ; Month #2: 485 . Total: 700
ReaperOfSouls : 40K Tyranids - (2000) Month #1: 210 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 210
red/winter : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (2500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Romanus : 40K Imperial Guard - Elysian Drop Troopers (1000) Month #1: 231 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 231
sainthale1988 : 40K Imperial Guard - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Scott : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: 528 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 528
Shadowphrakt : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Shadowphrakt : 40K Space Marines - Deathwing (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Shaman Monk : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Sheena Easton : 40K Orks - Deathskulls (1000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: 135 . Total: 135
ShotAtDawn : 40K Inquisition - Sisters of Battle (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
sigur : 40K Orks - from back when they were "Space Orks" (2000) Month #1: 214 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 214
sir.spamalot : 40K Inquisition - Sisters of Battle (1751) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
skidrow : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
skott4991 : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (2000) Month #1: 250 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 250
Slaaaaaanesh : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Solun Decius : 40K Tyranids - Genestealer infestation (1500) Month #1: 133 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 133
Somnicide : 40K Daemons - (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
SonofUltramar : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1st company (1500) Month #1: 130 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 130
spikyjames : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (1500) Month #1: 280 ; Month #2: 100 . Total: 380
ssorck : 40K Lost and the Damned - Slaanesh/Slaaneshi Daemons (1000) Month #1: 240 ; Month #2: 137 . Total: 377
susu.exp : 40K Squats - Varyngr (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 0
susu.exp : 40K Imperial Knights - (5000) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 0
swifty2 : 40K Space Marines - Imperial or Crimson Fists (3000) Month #1: 450 ; Month #2: 175 . Total: 625
syrme : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Tarsus : 40K Necrons - (2000) Month #1: 156 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 156
Tarsus : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised (2000) Month #1: 205 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 205
Tatanka : 40K Space Marines - Angels of Redemption (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Tatanka : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
tehgeist : 40K Orks - (2000) Month #1: 235 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 235
TeldurUK : 40K Imperial Guard - Including Inquisitor (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Temozarela : 40K Lost and the Damned - Mutant Freedom Fighters (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
The boyz : Epic Space Marines - Blood Angels (4000) Month #1: 400 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 400
tortoise : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1750) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
TwoKingMick : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Black Legion (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Verfallen : 40K Daemons - (maybe) (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Verfallen : 40K Eldar - (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Vimes : 40K Space Marines - (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
VoicelessFlu : 40K Tau Empire - (1851) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Voltaire : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Red Corsairs (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Voltaire : 40K Orks - Speed Freaks (1500) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Waddle Dee : 40K Orks - (1500) Month #1: JOKER ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
warflag : 40K Orks - Mad Max/Heavy Metal theme (1500) Month #1: 140 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 140
WickedClown : 40K Space Marines - Scythes of the Emperor (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Wise Guy Sam : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines (2000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
wotsnik : BFG Imperial Navy - and Eldar (3000) Month #1: NO SHOW ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 0
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Daemons - (1000) Month #1: 240 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 240
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders (2000) Month #1: 200 ; Month #2: NO SHOW . Total: 200
Zilgorn_Zeypher : 40K Imperial Guard - (3000) Month #1: 500 ; Month #2: JOKER . Total: 500
Zujara : 40K Tyranids - (1500) Month #1: 155 ; Month #2: 155 . Total: 310

30-09-2008, 22:54
TOTAL PAINTING FOR SEPTEMBER: 150 (125p Vindicator and 25p Chaos Marine with Heavy Bolter)


Recently fallen Chapter with so far no name or symbol that have taken up Khorne as their patron god. A bit more sneakier then regular khorne crazed killers and they actually try to use tactics to win

Pretty much straight from the box, spending more time converting the infantry then these

Didn't have the foundation paints when I started painting this so the red was a real hassle to get to not look like it was smeared on by a monkey.

Sand - Chaos Black - Earth - Bleached Bone - Wolfs Gray - White - Grass and snow!

Once I figure out a chapter icon and or name, It will be added. Got no clue when that will be tho and will probably the last thing I do for my whole army.

Vindicator was pretty nice to paint and the first actual tank I'm happy with!


CSM with HB:




30-09-2008, 22:58
Ahoy! Freebooterz!


Another warband, this time a normal sized one with two additional stands of orks and gretchin, for a total of 250 points. With jolly ork flags and stripey pants. Want to know what's more annoying than painting checkers on epic miniatures? Well, this. And for those who missed it in last month's WIPs, here's a closeup on the kaptin.


And then some pics of my BFG stuff, a gothic cruiser for the navy (180 points) and three iconoclasts for chaos (90 points).



I hope no one minds me painting a little less in points every now and then, I have twelve Epic formations and eleven BFG ships/squadrons for each fleet and would rather display complete formations than mash all cheap stuff into one month, then show the same expensive thing over two or three months, when it's probably less time-intensive to build and paint anyway. Also, I'll start putting in army pics next month, the navy is only two ships right now, so there's honestly not too much to look at yet. Besides, any more pics and I'll need more posts, I don't want to steal anyone's thunder. *nod self*

30-09-2008, 23:11
TOTAL PAINTING FOR SEPTEMBER: 3 Space Marine Terminators (120pts)


Righteous zealots spreading the Word of the Emperor, by book or bolter.

Basically AoBR Terminators except for the Sergeant, who has the AoBR Commander's Power Sword since the one he came with looked too small.

Bone: Menoth White Base with Gryphonne Sepia wash and MWB+White hightlights. Purple: Liche Purple with white added in for highlights.

Sand base painted black and drybrushed codex grey.

Paint chapter badge when I get good enough at free hand.

These models actually painted quite nicely and I didn't have to glue the arms on, so I can change their gear should I need to.



01-10-2008, 00:21

TARGET : 200

Bog standard 10 Ork shoota boyz

Yes they're painted

PVA glue, gravel and some static grass


I love painting Ork skin. Low was trying to paint the details on their chests with the shootas in the way. Still ahead of my target by 85 points.

WIP : next month I should have 2 Deffcoptas painted, that's if I can stop snapping the rotor blades off.




01-10-2008, 00:30
OK, I'm gonna have to stop the 40k side. I got last month's done (no camera though, as reported) but my Wood Elf army, which is my priority, is sucking up all the free time I have. I spent two weeks of my available modelling time building a dragon and had nothing left for Eldar. So my apologies.

01-10-2008, 02:09
Army: Orks 1750

Models done this month:
Warboss (Power Klaw, Twin-Linked Shoota, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Bosspole, ‘Eavy Armour) (125pts)
6 Warbikes (Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole) (195pts)

Points done so far: 542/1750

Highs & Lows: I got far more points done so far than I need. I also got some miscellaneous grots done for fun. But I was trying to get some boyz done for this month but am such a slow painter that I did not get them done. (well there is always next month)

Next Months Plan: To get the 22 Boyz done for the Trukk Units.

01-10-2008, 04:53
Ok, This month for my marines, I painted several different things without checking the points so I am only posting part of what I ended up painting this month:

I completed an Assault on Black Reach Drednaught, and a Vindicator.

Dreadnought - Multi Melta, Extra Armor - 120
Fast Attack:
Assault Squad
Sarge has Power Weapon, Combat Shield, Melta Bombs - 125
Heavy Support:
Whirlwind - extra armor -100
Vindicator- Extra Armor, Siege Shield - 140

Total This Month: 265
Total Army: 480

Next month, I am tentatively thinking about doing a tactical squad to go with the company master who is sitting on my desk 99.5% finished, though I have some scouts that are half started too. We will see.

I also started to use static grass for the first time, so far so good. I am getting used to its properties.

01-10-2008, 05:02
Next up is my Tau:
This month I completed 3 crisis suits (tho I still need to add sand to the base of one of them and touch up his metal a bit on the gun too, and an ethereal that probably will never see the tabletop, but he looked cool.

Tau Empire

Ethereal - 50
2 Crisis Suits, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi Tracker - 124
1 Crisis Suit, Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, Multi Tracker - 50
Fast Attack:
Heavy Support:
Railgun, Gun Drones, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod - 175

Total This Month: 224
Total Army: 399

I am planning on next month tentatively to get some fire warriors done, then I may need a break from painting grey so may work on some kroot or vespids just for a change of pace.


01-10-2008, 05:09
Ok Chaos Daemons, they still have a little bit of work to do on them, I couldn't quite finish them 100% but they are close enough to post, I still need to highlight the green flames, paint the teeth bleached bone then hit them with devlan mud on 2 of the lower mouths and all of the top mouths, and finally base them. Shouldn't be more than 2 hours of work to go.

This month's offering is 5 flamers of Tzeentch.

Chaos Daemons:

5 Flamers of Tzeenttch - Bolt of Tzeentch - 205
9 Bloodletters + Instrument of Chaos - 149
Fast Attack:
Heavy Support:

Total This Month: 205
Total Army: 354

Next month, not sure, I don't have any daemons assembled right now that are ready to paint, I may finish up some things that I started when the painting competition was announced but before the first month started, let me know if that will be a problem, if not, then I can always smash together some bloodletters and/or daemonettes, or bite the bullet and assemble pink horrors or screamers.


01-10-2008, 05:25
Hey mcmullet i got half my baneblade done ;)

I've got a bit more to do on him. Hopefully finish him before the 8th... Although i'm going on holidays in 2 days for a week so i may be a bit late on piccies.

I'm going to change my army to ultramarines old school 2nd company!!! Because i am not happy with my colour scheme for my crimson eagles. Let's just say i drop out and come back in with my goal of 1000 points of ultramarines.... 30 marines 1 dread a pred and a captain. It is stupid of me but it does seem a lot more managable. :P

Oh yeah i will be painting them well :P I promise!

01-10-2008, 13:44
I have actually been painting this month. Been working on a dread, captain, space marine squad and a baneblade. The captain and Dread are pretty much done save for a few details on the captain and the basing. The marines and Baneblade will have to wait but for now a change...

If possible could you take off the Tau 1500 and Dark Angel 1500 for me and change it to 1500 Deathwing. I have a list made and I have gathered a number of the terminators already. In fact I would say it's approx 25% complete already due to the land raider and Predator.

So my goal this week is to paint 8 Terminators with Storm Bolters and Power Fists. I'm gonna try and organise it based on equipment so these guys are the 'rank and file' dudes. So really I have 20 Termis, a captain and it's all done...then a break and then Ravenwing methinks...I'll put up pics of what I did achieve though.

01-10-2008, 14:12
TOTAL PAINTING FOR SEPTEMBER: 130p (125p Dreadnought + heavy flamer)


Dark Angels 3:d Company.

Pretty much straight from the box with some DA-stuff added on from the Veteran-box just to get it more DA:ified.

Pretty much the same as for my Vindicator: Base: DA-green over Orkhide shade. Some freehand done for extra feeling.

Dread-base with some sand and extra bits added from the Urban Basing Kit and some odd Epic-building that I cut up and clued to the base.

The base still need some paint before it's done and I still have some rivets and similar small stuff to paint up before the Dread is completely done.

It was alot of metal-parts on the dread and I really hate to paint metal (a heritage since my Iron Warrior days). I also ran out of yellow so for the last green highlight I really used the last of it. Other than that it was a fun model to paint.



I will post more pics when I have done the base.


01-10-2008, 16:08


5th Company Imperial Fists or Pre Heresy Fists if need be.

Nothing Special.

More Yellow. This time got to do some red for the helmet of the Terminator. Nice and simple. First Mechrite Red, then Blood Red, then a little fiery orange to red and then a little white.

No basing yet. Still not decided how I am going to do this.

4 more terminators to finish the squad...just need to get them first. I managed to get back to the Sergeant and sort out his purity seal to only go and find I had missed the one on the Terminator.... go figure anyway something to do for next month.

I started really well but seemed to hit a sticking point about mid month. Managed to work thorugh it however and get exactly 150 points finished this month. My low I guess was realizing how nice all the models they have done for the Ultramarines are and that it would be a pin to transform them into fists. Still 2 months down and hopefully will get through the next month although my biggest achievement of the month my sons arrival may hamper this somewhat

The question now is should I paint a Cyclone Missile Launcher or a Heavy Flamer for the Terminator squad.... The assault cannon is reserverd for another project.


01-10-2008, 20:26
Hello to all the painters! Some lovely work here, so time to post my own progress for this month.

TOTAL PAINTING FOR SEPTEMBER: dreadnought with assault cannon, powerfist and storm bolter. 115pts.

This is where I need a bit of help. Can someone give me just the base cost of a librarian so I can add up the rest of the points.

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 331 + the base cost of librarian.

This is the Ultramarines 2nd Company. Contrary to the fact that the latest Ultramarines are being in the second company with the upcoming release of the new Marines dex and Captain Sicarius, I actually planned this about a year ago. I painted the first test mini about a year ago.


Just the standard clip from sprue, and cleaned up with a needle file.

1. The Dreadnought.

I assembled the Dreadnought into 5 stages. I started with the legs and assembled them in a separate unit. Then I assembled the torso into a separate unit, then the two arms into two separate units. Then I assembled the exhausts, and then it was ready for priming.

2. The Librarian.

This was pretty basic. I cleaned the mini up with a needle file and all the other separate components

Basecoated both mini's with Chaos Black. All the blue areas were done with a first coat of 1:1 Midnight Blue and Blue Ink. Ultramarines blue was slowly added to this mix to bring it up to the final colour.

Exhausts on the dreadnought were first drybrushed Boltgun Metal and the tops of the exhausts were drybrushed Tin Bitz.

Nothing yet. Will get around to it eventually.

Transfers on the librarian shoulder pad. I suck at applying transfers so it takes a while to get it right.

I enjoyed painting the librarian very much. I was very happy with the end result as it was the first metal mini I had painted, and I was quite happy with face.

the Dreadnought was very fun to paint. I think I overdid the battle damage.

Not much lows to be honest. I quite enjoyed painting the two models





More pics to follow.

Nice work everyone.


Brother_Chaplian Raimo
01-10-2008, 20:34
All the stuff so far is quite nice, but...

Mad Props are hereby awarded to Plantargent for an awesome collection of awesome Imperial Fists.

01-10-2008, 22:31
TOTAL PAINTING FOR SEPTEMBER: 8 Berzerkers inc. Champion w/ Powerfist 213 points

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 413 points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Pre-Heresy World Eaters

BUILD/CONVERSION:Kitbashed from a variety of stuff including Space Marines, Chaos SM, Forgeworld Red Scorpions, etc...anything that looks pre-heresy!

PAINTING:First couple I painted turned out a bit 'gloopy'...but I have thinned my paint and taken more time with the last few and am pleased with how they look.

BASING: Sand and pebbles with a few odds and sods added on to make them interesting. Drybrushed from Calthan Brown to Dheneb Stone

STILL TO DO: I am waiting until towards the end of the log to add World Eater transfers - downloaded from Bell Of Lost Souls site - I'm a bit scared to do them now so going to wait until I've practiced a bit more!

HIGHS AND LOWS: I found an easier and better way to paint the white armour towards the end which I think is how I will go. I sometimes get too impatient and I need to make sure I take my time to get better results. Also with a couple of them I added too much blue ink so the blue areas have gone really dark - I may have to repaint these.






See you next month!


PS @ fluffystuff: I love your Orks...you've made me want to go out and buy some Boyz...DAMN YOU!!!

02-10-2008, 01:34
I regret I must play a joker...

I got laid off from my job last month and just managed to find new work so I've been far to busy to paint....

02-10-2008, 06:45
darkstonelich's Chaos Space Marine: September 2008

Unit 1: 10 Chaos Space Marines, Upgraded with:
1 Power Fist, 1 Plasma, 1 Melta, 1 Plasma Pistol, 1Heavy Bolter, 1 Flamer
also include: Mark of Nurgle
Cost: 295
In fact I want to use them as Plague Marine, and this unit is not legal too(too much special weapon). But the extra special weapon will be used in other CSM units. So I think it's fine.

Unit 2: 1 Chaos Rhino, Upgraded with:
Havoc Luncher
Cost: 50 points

Unit 3: 1 Chaos Terminator Sorceror:
Cost: 115



Red Corsair... I like Huron's model and of course I will paint him, though I don't like rules for him. So I may use Abaddon or a Daemon Prince to lead this army. Besides, I want to paint a purely "Red-Gold-Black" Red Corsair with multi cult marines in the army. So I decided to use the Icon to specialize them (There are five kinds of icon in the CSM box, just what I need.)

No coversion at all... or maybe just a little. I useed some magnet to make the hatch and havoc luncher be interchangeable. So I can choose whether use this weapoon or not when go to battle. The Sorceror's weapon options are also interchangeable, so I can use him as a Terminator Lord if needed.

Painting this army cost me about 2 weeks (1 marine per each workday nights, and Rhino/Sorceror in the weekend), and they give me a lot of fun when painting them. I black undercoated them and basecoat the red area with Mechrite Red, then paint Blood Red to complete the Red Armor of Red Corsair. The Gold area are basecoated with Dwarf Bronze and highlighted with Shining Gold. The metallic areas are painted with Bolter Metal and drybrushed with Mithril Silver. The Skulls are basecoated with Bleach Bone, washed by Brown Ink and the Drybrushed with Bleach Bone again. The rock under Sorceror's feet was drybrushed with Shadow Grey, then Codex Grey, and finally Fortress Grey. There are some little details left, but generally, that's all.

Sand. In fact I didn't do the bases yet. They will be finished all together when the army's done.

More details!

Highs: Complete my first 40K squad! And first HQ!
Lows: Don't have black spray, so I have to paint the black undercoat one by one.....

Besides, I think 460 points can earn my first Joker back? If so, Thank you, because next month will be very busy for



Here is Unit 1, 10 Chaos Space Marines:



Here is Unit 2, Chaos Rhino:



02-10-2008, 06:47
Sorry for double post, IMG limit

Last PIC of my Rhino:


Here is Unit 3, Chaos Terminator Sorceror/Lord:




02-10-2008, 07:46
Sadly work has been taking up my time with odd shifts and overtime, this month i'm unfortunately going to have to play a joker

02-10-2008, 07:53
Army: Tyranids

Units: Zoanthrop with Warp Blast and Synapse, Broodlord with Extended Carapace and Toxin Sacs

Points so Far: 310/1500

Painting: Sprayed white, then based with Iyanden Darksun then drybrushed with Golden Yellow then a light brush of Sunburst yellow, then washed with Gryphonne Sepia and highlighted with Sunburst Yellow. Carapace done with Vermin Brown washed with Badab Black then highlighted with Vermin Brown.

Basing: Vermin brown, then glued on modelling sand and brown inked it. Drybrushed on Bestial Brown, Vermin Brown then some highlights with Snakebite Leather. Stuck some static grass in a few places as well.


02-10-2008, 16:53
Playwithbob's DA based DIY Space Marines: September 2008

Unit 1: 1 Stock Land Raider
Cost: 250 points



I give you "The Lost Legion" The chapter symbol is a yellow sun with an inverted Y embossed in black. The sun represents the light that is the Emperor and the inverted Y are 2 hands pressed together in prayer.
Thousands of years ago they were marked as "Lost" and were cut off from any logistical support and have had to make do with what they had.

These old figs dont require building so much as cleaning. Many were painted and needed stripping before they could be worked. I decided against converting to preserve my collection in their original poses. While I could have chosen any space marines for this project, I limited myself for figures made before 1992. That date was selected so that I could include some terminators that I have in my army.

I plan to select and build figures based on building a legal, field able army list.

The Land Raider was in bad shape when I started. It needed to be stripped and reconstructed. The Lazcannons were in pieces and the Heavy Bolters were missing. So I got out the dremmal, hit the bits box and knocked out the dents.

I am a LAZY painter. I primed white then quickly brushed on a light coat of white over the entire fig. I blocked on the green then picked out the details on each fig. NO dry brushing, blending, highlighting, lining, or any other civilised technique. Once the color was blocked on and some touch up done where I noticably went over the lines, every fig got the dip. I dip first in clean water then in water based min-wax wood stain. I have found this method works well for me on everything I paint.

When everything is dry (24 hours) I base the figs then seal with Krylon Matt.


Nada, this batch is table ready.

Highs: Finally getting to these guys. I have been collecting RT era SM for years and finally, they will get to see action.
Lows: Nothing really. I wish I had more time to paint, but slow and steady will get me through.

Land Raider

02-10-2008, 18:07
Been a crazy few months (moved, lost my devilfishs, lost my job, grandfather died etc) so I don't have anything to post tau wise, but next month (if all goes well) I am going to have some Marines to post up Silver Skulls if all goes well.

<a href="http://s221.photobucket.com/albums/dd191/keadaen/?action=view&current=Joker.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd191/keadaen/Joker.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

02-10-2008, 19:36
lone pilgrim's Blood Angels: September 2008

Unit 1: Land Raider
Cost: 255 points



Bought when the new kit was first released (how many years ago was that?). I obviously didn't put it together very well because there are gaps where the outer armour meets the hull above the tracks.

I had painted the interior some time ago but the exterior is all new this month. It was undercoated black then sprayed Blood Angel Red (I used the last of my can for this). I highlighted Blazing Orange on the edges and inked with Brown Ink.


Highs: Finishing on time despite a three week holiday in California.
Lows: I had to forgo the 'mud mix' on the tank so the Land Raider isn't quite as weathered as the rest of my vehicles. I've also just signed up to a 1000 point tournament and it's unlikely I'll squeeze the Land Raider into my list!






I'll be painting up Tactical Marines for the next instalment.

Doctor P
02-10-2008, 23:05
Doctor P's Mech Tau: September 2008

Unit: 3 Crisis Suits
Upgrades: Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-tracker, Shas'vre
Cost: 196 points


No conversions, this month, although I had to pin several parts back on.

Painting was similar to the Stealth Suits from last month, except I added a grey accent to some parts of the Crisis Suit. These patches were coloured using a Codex Grey base and a Codex Grey/Fortress Grey highlight. I also tweaked some of the highlight colours I was using. I used an Ice Blue / Regal Blue mix for the blue area and for the black area I used the same Codex Grey/Chaos Black I'd used before, but I increased the amount of grey in the mix.

Basing was done as follows. First I glued a couple of large rocks onto the base, which was then dipped in sand. This was sprayed and a layer of Codex Grey/Chaos Black was applied. I drybrushed on a layer of Codex Grey followed by Fortress Grey. Glue was then applied to small areas of the base, which was dipped into into snow effect. Finally I added a few patches of static grass.

Varnishing, unit markings.

Highs: Another unit down, I think my painting is getting slightly better.
Lows: I had a large case of butter fingers this month and so had to repair a few models I had dropped. Highlighting still a pain.


Crisis Suits ready for action:


A close up, look busy!:


Army progress thus far:


Hammerhead (no really!)

02-10-2008, 23:36
Ahoy hoy!
Overt_spy's Salamanders Space Marines: September 2008

Unit 1: Brother Captain Noctus
Cost: 100 Pts


TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 100 / 1,000 pts or 345 / 1,000 (No longer doing BA, so my other captain is replaced, or their sharing commanding duties, likely in such low points games, I won't be using both of them though.)

Salamanders. Green Armor, Black skin, and lots and lots of flames and meltas!

Captain from the AoBR box set, not the fluffiest Sallies captain, since he has no means of setting stuff on fire, but eh, that's why we have two HQ slots right?

Nothing too advanced, I cleaned him, primed him with Krylon black primer and used a palette of only citadel brand colours. A few custom colours that I made and stored were used too, but they too are just mixes of citadels colours.

Same as my tau, a generic Earthen type base, with some static grass added. I may try to do some fancier things with the bigger models, but I like to keep the bases simple, keeps the emphasis on the model (plus the less themed the bases, the more table's they work on ;))

A bit, I plan to do some sculpting, mainly on his cloak, just cut little thin slices of green stuff and arrange them so they look like scales. I may rework some of the metallics, as I see the gold went on pretty thick. Overall though, he's ready to go and deliver pain (just as soon as I get his codex :))

Highs: Salamanders Space Marines! Green, black, and Gold! Dunno why, but I absolutely love their colour scheme,
Lows: Not to sold on the metallics, nor the jet black skin. I like the way black skin sounds, in theory, but it's hard to make it look or seem "fleshy". Overall, pretty pleased with how he turned out, nice contrast to my earthy looking Tau.



I totally intended to write "Nocturne" (the Salamander home world) on his banner, but by the time I'd written "Noctu" I realized I had no more room for the 'r,' the 'n,' or the 'e,' so I finished it as "Noctus" and thus, Noctus became his name.

Keep it going everyone! (Applies to me too, I'm under the gun to get my Tau finished for this month!!)

03-10-2008, 04:10
my submission for the month.

Points Painted This Month: 500
Points painted Total: 1150
# of Models Painted: 1
High Point: actually finishing in time
Low Point: not starting until the week before the deadline

i now present to you.... the Hellhammer Super Heavy Tank Balthazar of the 12 "Armoured Strike" Squadron of the Death Korps of Krieg



*EDIT* sorry for the ****** pics, im still getting the hang of the whole taking pics thing.

03-10-2008, 09:49
Sadly I will have to play a joker this month as real life has been taking a big toll lately with me stating a new job etc. But I do plan to be able to buy this joker back over the next few months as the workload starts to drop a bit. But to prove hat I have not been completely inactive I will post you a bit of a teaser, namey the WIP of my first test base for the army. I still need to fix a few minor details on these rippers before applying a coat of varnish and finally adding water effects to the base. But I think you get the general idea.




03-10-2008, 10:05
agio65 Ork army : September 08

Unit 1: 10 Moscha Boyz w. boss,pole 75pts.
Unit 2: 3 Nobz w. pole,klaw 90pts.
Unit 3: 1 Kopta w. rockitts and saw 70pts.

army total: 235/1000

theme: i´ll plan to go red ( cause that´s faster ) in the future even with a low numbers of vehicles atm. But don´t expect me to do this to clan-style because imo. the newer mini´s look far better in a rag-tag modern military style.

build: mostly right out of the box to get the numbers up fast.

paining :
starting with a white basecoat i first paint the skin :
orkhide shade * dryb. gretchin green * dryb. cameo green ;
at this point the clothes are done , in different combinations of :
*trollblood highlight ( p3 )
*battlsdress green ( p3 )
*thornwood green ( p3 )
*khemri brown
*snakebite leather

all red is done with mechrite red ;

all metal parts are done with :
* pig iron ( p3 )
* coppermetallic ( ral partha )
*brazen brass
all that done i do the first wash with * devlan mud ,then the metal get´s a * badab black wash .

then the skin get´s another highl.with * gretchin green , the theet get a coat of *tausept ochre .
this is followed by a final wash of the complete miniature with * devlan mud.
Boots are simple black , dryb. with dheneb stone .

still to do : well paint more boyz of course.

highs and lows : had so much fun i nearly forgot to start painting any deamons ( here´s hoping to finish them before the deadline. )

now Pictures :



and the army so far :

For Oktober i plan to expand the Nobz Mob , do some Balla Boyz and some Lootas.

now i go back to finish my deamons , but not without a well done to all who keep this project running .


03-10-2008, 13:25
McMullet's Very Small Orks: Month 2

Formation 1: Normal Evil Sunz Warband, with two extra units of Stormboyz: 250 pts
Formation 2: Half an Evil Sunz 'Uge Blitz Brigade, inc. 1 Soopagun: 225 pts



They're Orks. The theme, as far as I have one, is to have pretty much everything in transports, so while it's not quite Speedfreeks the army is pretty mobile.

I'll have a proper mix of the Klanz in this army, everything will be represented except for Snakebites (for the moment). The leader of the Warband will be a Goff Warlord in a big Goff Warband.

Absolutely standard. The Soopagun is a very old model (old enough to be poisonous).

White undercoat, paint the red, green and yellow bitz. Re undercoat eveyrthing else black, paint metal bits metal and then wash everything with Badab black (infantry) or Valleho smoeky ink (vehicles).

Sand, applied and sealed with PVA before undercoating. Painted with thinned terracotta, wetbrushed parasite brown and drybrushed fiery orange.


Highs were painting the freehand bits on the Wagons and Nobz. It's surprisingly easy at this scale. Discovering the Warband was 50 points more than I thought was pretty good.
Low point was nearly finishing all these last month, but not quite.




Detail of Nobz:


Blitz Brigade x 0.5:


Everything so far:


03-10-2008, 13:31
Right this month guys i have a bit of a problem.
As i've mentioned in the Fantasy thread, i have no camera till the start of next week, but i want to get my entry in, and i'll add in the photos soon.
So here is my month 2 entry.

PAINTER: Danny76
ARMY: Orks


UNIT 1: Warboss w/ Bosspole, Klaw, Combi-shoota of some kind, eavy armour - 100
UNIT 2: Deffkopta w/ rokkits - 45
UNIT 3: Nob w/ eavy armour - 24
UNIT 4: Ork Boy - 6
Which added to last months (measely) 6 gives me 181 for the end of month two.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Haven't got one yet but i am not following one of the main mobs or anything. so colours and theme is a bit unknown currently.

BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversions, they are all from the Black reach box so are pretty standard. though i did put a few transfers on the kopta.

PAINTING: I have painted the skin with orkhide shade then a mix of that and goblin green over with final highlights of goblin on the top. And a thraka wash.
The metal is just boltgun with a black wash.
Browns are a mix of basecoating various foundation browns with drybrushing over and then sepia washed over. or insomecases black or devlan mud, for variance.
I've also painted a checkboard pattern onto the boys choppa woth the plans to put that throughout the army on several models etc.

BASING: None yet as i do them all after. once i have a theme for them too..

STILL TO DO: Just the bases on these ones.

PICTURES: Hopefully i'll have some pictures by next friday if not before.

03-10-2008, 14:09
Army: Brotherhood of Steel Space Marines
Unit: 10 man Tactical Squad w/ Veteran Sergeant (Powerfist) and 2 Specialists (Plasma Gun/Plasma Cannon)
Painting: Battle worn green/grey armour as month 1.
Still to do: Squad/Chapter badges
Highs: Getting the squad done faster than expected
Lows: God damn, these guys are boring... :rolleyes:
Points: 220
Points Total: 420/2000


Sorry for the bad pics.

Sheena Easton
03-10-2008, 17:26
Sheena Easton's Fabulous Deathskulls.

This months painting:
* 1 Looted Wagon with Boomgun, Rokkit Launcha, 'Ard Case, Armour Plates & Grot Riggers (135 points as riggerz have gone AWOL)

* Another incarnation of my old RT Deathskulls (who were last seen fighting in Hive Tempestora 8 years ago so now have lots of nice loot liberated from the 'Oomiez). Full background will be presented later.

Build / conversion:
* Was originally bought and built as a stock (looted) Leman Russ when I first started planning the army back with the old codex, but with the new codex decided to try and give it a more classic Orky feel - removing the turret (repalcing it with the door of a Chimera) and chopping down the battlecannon to fit in the hull. Minor conversion to replace sponsons and side access panels with various bitz salvaged from the bitz box including a gravestone and a bit of stuff to give the rear a bit more detail and an access point. I wanted to give the impression of something salvaged from a factory and modified accordingly.

* Lots of blue. First attempt at using foundation paints and new inks so some parts didn't quite work out as expected... Overall looks quite sloppy but can be touched up over the next few months.

Still to do:
* Riggerz - the ones I was going to use (converted Gnoblars) didn't look right so am waiting on some Snotlings to use instead. Some fine details (stowage / loot, a shield and a few gllyphs including a suitable skull for the front) need to be added. Will probably repaint the red parts in grey or silver and add some more battle damage as it isn't really visible from the pictures. The skulls already featured on the model could do with a touch up of bone as they look too white.

Highs & Lows:
* Highs - the conversion itself and taking the original model apart without damaging it was a nice challenge and trying to find suitable bitz kept me amused. Am really pleased with how the Boomgun turned out and with the Gravestone.
* Lows - I kind of gave up on the painting as I found it very frustrating.The new paints didn't give me the shades I was looking for (I thought Necron Abyss would be lighter and more metallic) and I'm not very good at painting flat surfaces so the paint job isn't up to what I'd expect. I think replacing the reds with a more muted colour and a few washes of black / brown ink will be an improvement alongside a few more highlights. Still this is the first model I have painted in years...





03-10-2008, 18:14
Give_me_a_d's Chaos Daemons (No longer 1500pts, now 2000pts): September 2008

Unit 1: 12 Plaguebearers with a Chaos Icon and an Instrument of Chaos
210 pts

Unit 2: 12 Plaguebearers with an Instrument of Chaos
185 pts

Total Painting for September: 395pts – 2 months worth! Getting that Joker back.

Current Army Size: 395pts

The ever expanding (Now doing 2000pts rather than 1500) warhost is/will be largely based around nurgle daemons due to the fact that my main army up to now has been Death Guard. Theme and background in terms of fluff is still to be worked out.

The majority of models are 'straight from the box' with no conversion work. More detail of the 4 conversions see my Daemons log. I'm most happy with the bell ringing Instrument of Chaos guy as he has turned out very nicely. Also I think the Chaos Icon is pretty good.

I have largely stuck to a modified version of Skulliz Nurgle Daemon Speed Painting Formula that can be found here: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152269. Again for more detail see my log.

To be left until the end so I can do all of them the same way. Currently leaning towards a lightish grey with the odd bit of slate, maybe some snow!

Still To Do:
I may go back and add a few little bits of red and purple washes. I may also white dot the eyes. That will be done if I think they need it when I do the basing

Highs And Lows:
Highs: Having the conversions turn out as well as they did.
Lows: Realising I hadn't done the red bits on the icon bearer. Half way through the washes realising they were going to turn out quite dark.


Conversions -

Unit 1 -

Unit 2 -

Army Shot -

Next time on TO40KP...
At this stage it is likely to be some Bloodletters, or maybe if I'm a bit more pushed for time (Still have to put some of them together) one of my greater daemons. I'll also be (hopefully) finishing off conversion work on some more Plaguebearers for a third and final unit.

D out.

Death Korp
03-10-2008, 19:10
Looking awsome everyone! I'll get my Chaos Marines up on Monday :)


03-10-2008, 21:46
Well, got over to the game shop today and picked up a copy of the new Space Marine codex, and it looks like what I have got cheaper.

I went from 35 points in the green (535 points painted so far) to 20 points in the red, current point value is 480. Will adjust accordingly.

04-10-2008, 02:05
Posted by proxy, brought to you courtesy of McMullet...

mrsurgeon's Epic Ultramarines

Formation 1: Assault formation with Chaplain - 225 points
Formation 2: Assault formation - 175 points






Everything so far:


04-10-2008, 12:41
Just a quick note to let you all know I'm not dead :)

I have month 1 and 2 ready to be posted tomorrow when I get my hands on a camera.

If I could be counted as a Joker for month 1 that would be fine but I will be posting 370pts worth tomorrow.

Good work guys, everything is looking good.

04-10-2008, 12:51
Well camera issues prevent me from getting the pics on time, so I have to play my 3rd
as well as my 4th

for both the Varyngr and the Knight household projects.

My camera should be back on track in the comming week, also and the Jokers regained under the umbrella of army creation.

After all, I´m a

05-10-2008, 04:14
12 shoota boyz
rokkit launcha
nob with big choppa

2 Nobz with 'eavy armor


BACKGROUND/THEME:No background yet, just a basic Ork army

BUILD/CONVERSION:Straight out of the box for the shoota boyz. The Nobz are fantasy Black Orcs with sluggas .

PAINTING:same as last month

BASING:basing will be done soon, I hope!

STILL TO DO:Nothing on these orks, except for the bases

HIGHS AND LOWS:Highs, how nice the Nobz look. Lows, nothing really!

Shoota Boyz
Group Shot of the Orks so far!

05-10-2008, 11:33
Hive Fleet Nemesis : September 2008

7 Spinegaunts - Spinefist, Without Number - 56 pts.

Crusherfex - Crushing Claws, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands (WS, I), Bonded Exoskeleton, Reinforced Chitin, Extended Carapace, Spinebanks, Scythe Tail, Regenerate, Tusked - 249 pts.

Total For September 2008: 305 pts.

Overall Army Total 470 pts.

Still nothing. Me painting Tyranids. Nothing particularly special needed, nothing particularly marking this hive fleet out as special. Maybe more sector specific background at a later date.

Spinegaunts are spinegaunts. The carnifex...now that was something. The main conversion lies at his chest. Spines on the front filed flat, ribs greenstuffed in to a degree to make it look fused and barrel-like and then a spare Spinebanks carapace fitted to the front which sort of makes him look like a small tank of armoured carapace. The head os the standard 'Regenerate' head with tusks added from a Tusked head and a single horn.

Still cheating. Still using my wash and white undercoat method which surprisingly enough worked out really well on the 'fex. The new challenge this month came in the form of working out what these things bleed...green. The bloodied face is a fun, splattered mix of gloss varnish, dark green ink, dark angels green and thraka green wash. The toxin sac green (represented on the adrenal gland...I hate having too many fidgity upgrade components) is snot green, washed and highlighted. Simple, like the purple tubing. There was one other change...a bit of blue ink was used on the larger joints as the wash didn't quite give a deep enough colour in that sense.

Still the same as last time. People like my basing the most it seems.

Nothing. Maybe base details later but for now they're done.

Again, big high with the colour scheme. The carnifex was an absolute joy and looks like a big and terrifying monster as it should! It's not too dark as I thought it would be with that much carapace!

And again, gaunts are the low. God I hate gaunts.


Here goes.


Group Shot of everything painted this month. Ain't they cute?


The completed spinegaunts with their buddy from last month. Another minimum size unit but at least it's now game legal and painted.


If I don't show this picture off enough.....I love this angle on the 'fex. The blood looks ick.


And finally, army shot of everything done the past two months! Now it's looking good.

Coming next month?

Gaunts. Yes, I said it. I want to get the Termagants and Spinegaunts to 12 strong broods. Then I need to paint up some combat elements for the army...Hormagaunts and Genestealers....I also want more Warriors....

05-10-2008, 11:40
I'm really sorry guys, but I got seriously side-tracked this month. And hence:


Is there any consensus yet on whether or not you can earn back jokers?

05-10-2008, 13:41
Bloodsbane's Bad Moons: September 2008

Units: 3 Killa Kans with Rokkits 150pts, 1 Deff Dredd with 2 Eavy Shootas n Armor Plates 90pts


Scratchbuilt 1 rokkit launcher, beyond that they're stock models.

Oh man. Such a messy rush-job. I got em to this point within the first week of september and stood em to the side to have some fun with plasticard. Then suddenly time was up. I'll keep working on these guys quite a bit 'til I'm happy, but this is what they look like now. My yellow is from a black undercoat, but starting with a heavy white drybrush. From there, it's Sunburst Yellow - Fiery Orange - VMC Smoke. Highlights picked out with VMC German Yellow.

Really basic stuff, a few pebbles n sand. Painted snakebite - bubonic brown. Stones picked out in grey, then everything heavily drybrushed with bleached bone.

Lots of details still to pick out, n metals need to be rusted.

Highs: Quite a chunk of points I can plonk down on the table done fairly fast. Also, I've got a much better lighting setup for the pics since last time around.
Lows: Wanted to get em to a much more finished state before snapping pics.

Deff Dredd

Killa Kans

Aand everything so far, looking crowded:

Coming next month: Hopefully another troop choice. With a little luck, a fair bit more spectacular than what's come so far.

Colonel Haizelhoff
05-10-2008, 15:40
Ok guys, I've come to a conclusion with the infantry. I was starting to redo my old commandos, after reading to Gaunts ghosts novels and thought it was crazy doing 2 separate armies. I could have continued the tanks as mordians but the color scheme didnt fit IMO. So on this thread I will not be doing mechanised but and actual Armoured company (using the online rules) and will see in the new IG codex how much of that I will be able to put into the whole infantry commando army. Here is a pic of my new leman russ, along with a veteran squad from the 31st Krik Intelligence Corps. Plz comment on the russ, and the idea I explained earlier.


1 Leman russ w/ lascannon

155pts. (55 pts. over the monthly minimum)

Painting: Chardon granite over black for the armour, Scorched brow, bestial brown, devlan mud on the tree bits and sand, catachan green for the camo net.

converting: scratchbuilt. Almost to the standard I am aiming for, but then again it was my first template leman russ

Highs: The converting
Lows: Not ending up just the way i wanted

Army total : 248 pts.

DA PLAN: I'll use some of my black infantry to put into the chimera. A second leman russ is also en route, after which I'm planning on a demolisher. Next off to repaint my chimera and do a dozen more leman russes :D

U guys might be getting better images after the month 2 submissions


05-10-2008, 16:15
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: September 2008

12 Sluggaz inc. Nob w/PK and Bosspole, Rokkit
Truk w/Rokkit+Ram

TOTAL PAINTING FOR AUGUST: 167 POINTS (if I spread my 2000 points over 12 months with no Jokers then I need to do 167 points per month - how lucky is that?)


No good thievin' Deathskull gits - plain and simple. Lots of blue faces and the occasional sign of something looted from another clan or race...

The Boyz were pretty much straight from the sprue. The Nob uses some parts from the Warbiker Nob, and the Truk's Big Shoota has rather crudely been replaced with a spare Rokkit.

After getting a test Boy finished earlier on, I settled on the following:
Skin: Orkhide/Goblin/Camo
Face: Necron/Enchanted/Ice
Black: Chaos/Adeptus Battlegrey
L.Brown: Tau Sept/Bubonic
D.Brown: Calthan/Snakebite
Metal: Boltgun/Black Ink/Mithril

The clothes are a mix of black, light brown and dark brown to give them a rag-tag look, but the Nob has managed to loot a few bits (and a Truk!) from some Bad Moons.

Piece of squig-cake. Simply painted Vomit Brown then covered with Citadel Sand straight from the Tub.

Varnishing the Truk, but it's raining at the moment and it can wait...

Highs: Having the minimum Troops requirement of 2 Mobs.
Lows: Still taking about 2 hours per Ork! I've had a play withs the new washes and drybrushing, and after next months Mob I might change my scheme a little bit...

Next month, the same again, but I will be mostly looting Goffs...


(Check out the To40kP - Orks WIP thread in my sig)

[Boyz, Truk, Mob, Army to date]

06-10-2008, 06:54
Painter: Knighta
Army: Daemonhunters
Model Count: 7
Points ~310

Unit: 1 Grey Knight Grand Master/Brother Captain Stern (~150 points)

Painting: Nothing special, followed the guide from the book. The blade was basecoated blue. Then inked, and while this was still wet, i ran some white paint through it, creates some swils and unnatural looking blade (represents force weapon)

Basing: Isnt done yet, im waiting on a purchase. Will try and get them done ASAP

High and lows: I like the cloak and sword a lot, really happy with them, as with the face. No real lows other than the bases not done.




Next month: Try and get some terminator retinue for Stern

06-10-2008, 11:15
Got to joker im afraid my cameras lost in the warp. :cries:

06-10-2008, 21:31
Aenimosity's Red Gribblies

Total painting for September: 86 points. (Short, but I was 50 points over last month, and to make up for it, this month will be over again - I hope)

Total painted so far: 286/1500

Still to do: A couple of highlights here and there.

Highs: Nothing really.

Lows: Falling seriously low of the 150 point target, but I'll be making up for it.


Up next: A carnifex.

06-10-2008, 21:38
Septembers Painting.

UNIT: 5 more termies


BUILD/CONVERSION: As previous month: part new plastic termies, part old plastic termies converted to match new ones. AC converted from HF arm.

PAINTING: Most parts undercoated with Fanatic Army Painter red spray, then a quick brush with Blood Red. Some arms undercoated with cheap silver spray, then Mechrite Red and Blood Red. Cables etc Charadon Grey (?). Guns and other metal parts Mithril Silver. Waterslide transfers treated with Sol/Set. Then the entire minis where washed with Badab Black, certain areas (eg shoulder pads, top of back) where quickly swapped of most of the wash with a wet brush to give a lighter colour. Used fine tip black nib pen around parts of detailing where the wash wasn't dark enough - great success!

BASING: None, will do all in one go later.

STILL TO DO: Sergeants head, one shoulder pad left at friend's house. Bases, maybe some light touchups on armour parts when I see how other squads turn out later in regard to colour hue. And army shot!

HIGHS: Keeping my schedule - thanks to quick painting scheme!

LOWS: Still getting crappy pictures because of my current camera situation.

POINTS: 240, total so far 480

ARMY LIST: All infantry, much Jump Pack goodness.


07-10-2008, 07:14
Due to real live springing alive last month, with a new job, and no chances of it getting better with starting lectures next week, I first have to downgrade my Deamons to 1000 points. This is mostly because I don't want to stop them completely, and the will to stay in both Tales projects.

On a second note I have to joker this month nonetheless. I managed to get my WHF stuff done, but those Deamons... well... time for the fancy pic:


I do however plan to regain that joker as soon as next month, with a unit of Deamonettes and a Slaanesh Herald on steed.

07-10-2008, 10:11
Amost forgot about this months submissions.

finished my first drop pod

and got the tac squad up to full strength

so thats a drop pod and 4 more tac marines so its just shy of 100 points so i'm still on track, in fact i'm a bit over now the new codex is out, i'm just shy of 500 points in total.



07-10-2008, 10:40
Well guys it seems that i will have to play a joker this month as I didn't get either of my sentinals completly finished.

Cheers, Rom

07-10-2008, 11:14
agio65 Deamons

first of i´m sorry for beeing so late , but try painting with a cold ( it´s a hard race i can tell you ..)

so let´s see :
Unit 1 : Soulgrinder w. tounge 160pts.
Unit 2 : The Masque 100pts.

so a total of 260pts. painted for September.

Build : So far i did only minor conversions for my deamons, so i left the Masque as "he/she/it " was . The ´Grinder got the weapon i listed.
ah yes nearly forgot to mention that i based him on an old cd.

painting :the Masque was done using the same coulors as my deamonettes ( see last month )
for the metallics on the `grinder i used pig iron ,beaten copper and molten bronce. The flesh is meredius blue(p3) highlighted with meredius/snow white(vallejo) and washed with asuriman blue.
The armour parts were done in red and silver to tie him to the preheresy t-sons.

still to do : varnish both , it´s way to rainy these day´s.

high and lows : painting with a running nose ( always these close call between her and the brush ) is a clear down , but having them finished is still great.

and now , let´s have a look :

and a loseup on my favorite weapon for ´Grinders


so fellow painter´s that´s it for this month and because the last armyshot has only the Masque missing i will do this next month . This gives me more time to experiment with my new tripod to get better pic´s , and 4 shot´s (same mini diff angles ) of the KOS i´ll already started assembing is lame.


07-10-2008, 11:16
Sorry ladies and gents, but due to Uni and Work...


I'll try and win back a joker next month. Speaking of which, are we able to do that with this?

07-10-2008, 11:50
This month I filled out the previous Tactical and Assault squads to 10 men each. I still have to apply decals and clearcoat the lot. This should be pretty easy as we are now in Autumn and humidity is relatively low.

This month:
5 Tactical Marines - no upgrades (75)
5 Assault Marines - plasma pistol, power weapon, combat shield (165)

Total to date:
10 Tactical Marines (180)
10 Assault Marines (290)
470 points

Next month I will paint up a squad of Scout snipers and start work on a character model.


07-10-2008, 12:17
Right, well what with moving house over the last few weeks its looking like I'm probably going to have to joker this month. I'm not going to definitely commit myself to jokering at this stage though - this month's models are built, converted, based and undercoated, so if I manage to get a fee evening over the next week I should be able to finish them off quickly, and next month's planned painting is nice and easy so I won't end up falling badly behind. So I'll have to see what happens over the next week...

07-10-2008, 14:00

sorry, but my computer died keeping me very busy with getting a new one and installing/configurating everything during the last week, which I had initially planed on being my painting-week, so unfortunately I have to play a joker for this month even though I have half finished miniatures lying around.

07-10-2008, 17:12
Hey everyone, sorry this is ridiculously late, but camera trouble has prevented me posting until now. Here is what i've painted for september, chapter master pedro kantor armed with a power fist and dorn's arrow, he equals to 175 points, bringing my total so far to 733 points.

Sadly as a result of photobucket being really annoying I don't have an army shot, however i'll try and get one ASAP.

Next month i'm hoping to finish 10 scouts and a unit of scout bikers, also if I have the time and money i'll try and do a land speeder storm.

Jan Polder
07-10-2008, 18:40
hey Guys,

Very nice submissions. Sorry but I have to play a joker this month. Almost but not quite finished my falcon so I'll earn it back next month!



07-10-2008, 20:51
Hey folks. Excellent stuff so far. Keep it coming. Will comment fully tommorow when we are allowed to.

Afraid again this month i'm going to have to play my 2nd and last joker. Although i hope to be able to buy it back next month(Of which can we buy them back?). Should have 400 points painted up Tac squad + Chappy or for 500 points 2 Tac Squads. Gotta love the BA points costs :D

Working on my test mini atm. Shocking after 2 months now i know but should have pic up in a day or two then its full steam ahead.


08-10-2008, 00:05
Ssorck's Slaanesh Lost and the Damned/Daemons/Emporers Children

I'm working on a combined force of 3 armies:
1) Slaanesh based Lost and the Damned (Will use Witchhunter rules since GW canned the LatD ruleset

2) Slaanesh based Daemons

3) Emporers Children CSM

Unit 1: 8 daemonettes, with Chaos Icon
Cost: 137 points


LatD (Witchhunter rules) - 240 POINTS
Daemons - 137 POINTS

Started this army eons ago - going to try and make some major porgress finally. Theme is to do a very large combined army (Apocalypse anyone?) that can be broken into 3 seperate armies for smaller gameplay.

Theme is basically a Slaaensh based horde from a daemonworld - a mix of Beastmen and Daemons. They have been joined by a Emporers Children warband.

Nothing on these beauties, stock models. There will be a significant conversions in the coming months.

Skin is done from a base color and a lot of successive layers added a little white to each layer. I use very thin layers - use alot of water in my painting.

Blue is basically the same technique.

Gems are standard GW style.

Metals are a dumbed down version of the metal master Jakob Nielson technique.

Gold is a layer of Shining Gold, Shaded with thin purple ink, highlight with layer one Shining Gold, layer 2 Shining Gold mixed with Mithril Silver, layer 3 Mithril Silver. Then I hit glaze Tamiya Clear Yellow and a final highlight of Mithril Silver again.

Silver or Steel is a basecoat of Boltgun Metal, followed by a wash of thinned Chaos Black. Highlight layers Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, Mithril Silver. Next hit with a very thin glaze of Purple and Green ink mixed. Final Highlight Mithril Silver.

Both metals take a bit of time but I'm a big fan of the result. Again, all the credit goes to Jakob Nielson for the technique.

Will eventually be based with snow/winter bases - I like to do my basing at one time so will likely wait until I have a sizeable chunk to base.

Finish painting 4 more daemonettes (another 56 points) to bring the unit up to 12 models (sacred #'s of course)

Just varnish, again will wait till I can d oa good sized batch.

Highs: Getting some more models done
Lows: Not getting enough of them done

Coming within the next day or so...

Finish the other 4 daemonettes for this unit, and will probably paint a DP or a couple of heralds - next month have some travelling so time will be tight.

08-10-2008, 03:37
Overt_spy exhaustedly presents, D'Yanoi Sept Tau: September 2008

Unit 1: 5 Vespid Stingwings, led by 1 Vespid Strain Leader
Cost: 102 Pts

Unit 2: 5 Vespid Stingwings, led by 1 Vespid Strain Leader
Cost: 102 Pts


TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 412 / 2000 Pts

Tau of the D'Yanoi sept. The world of D'Yanoi, which was one of the first Tau expansion planets is noted as being treated as backwater by the rest of the Tau empire as it is on the empire's farthest reaches. It is also the closest settlement to the Vespid home world, and as such, the armies sent from D'Yanoi would work close with the Vespid, and so I am including two units of Vespid in my army.

Straight out of the box(es). One of the Strain leaders has an Eldar rune thingie on it's base, it came from the 40K basing kit released a while ago.

Used krylon primer, then Citadel paints, a few of my own custom colours for the more bright highlights.

Generic Earthen bases, as stated in my Salamanders entry for this month, it's nice, simple, and focuses on the model more than the base.

Nothing, these guys (and gals) are for all intents and purposes done.

Highs: I love the Vespid as a race, so I'm pumped that I'm done with them, and from the get go will be able to field them all painted. They look alright, and their blueish-grayish skin contrasts quite well with the brown of the Tau armor, since most of the army is Tau, these units will help break up the dull colour scheme.
Lows: Hard to paint, I used the same techniques as when painting Tyranid chitin, but the colour palette made it kind of difficult as there are sharp differences between the colours used. Also, there is a lot of detail on these guys, so it was a pain when I realized I had missed areas.

The first vespid Squad

The second squad

The lot of them, chillin'

The complete army as it stands right now.

What's next? First, a break! I moved into Uni early in september so it took a while till I got situated, and for a time I was participating on our division one rowing team, which I ultimately decided to quit when I found out how little I enjoy that sport, but I had put it in nearly 3 weeks of 6 day practices which lasted over 3 hours. I literally did 10 Vespid in the course of less than a week, which was quite a strain, but overall, they turned out fine, so I guess it was worth it :-D

What will I be painting next: Shas'O general, and one of his Shas'vre body guards, they're quite loaded out with killy things, so the two models account for roughly 200 points. I'm excited because I like the crisis suits, and they shouldn't take too long to paint, just can't procrastinate this time. Keep it up, comments coming tomorrow!

08-10-2008, 07:39
hi guys!

joker for me this month...I have not managed to finish my 200 points - I've had coursework and an exam but all that is behind me now so full steam ahead with the marines.

I managed to get a Rhino finished & about 50% of the tactical squad that goes with it, I'll hopefully get some pictures posted this week of my work so far!

well done everyone else though!

08-10-2008, 13:29
Since I made NO SHOW during the first round of updates, I'll post these now and USE 1 JOKER.

Painter: Jullevi
Army: Eldar
Goal: I'm trying to paint one unit a month until I run out models or sanity. The amount of space elves hidden in my closet should be enough for at least two years worth of Tale, but I'm not too confident on the sanity part...

UNIT 1: Fire dragons (7 models, one not pictured):



Pros/cons: They are almost finished, missing only gems and matt varnish.

NEXT MONTH: Rangers <no picture yet>

08-10-2008, 13:35
*sighs*. Joker it is...


08-10-2008, 13:59
Wooo, it's the 8th, comment time:

Häxjägare - Nice scheme, the metallic is reminiscent of the Iron Warriors, now that's a scary combination, heavy guns and single minded rage!

Discord - Amazing work on the epic orks, I can't even imagine how steady your hand must be to get details at such small sizes. Great looking BFG ships too, I really like the colour scheme on the imperial ships.

Khrangar - I'm a big fan of the colour purple, so I really enjoy your marines. A very unique looking chapter, something which is missing a lot now-a-days with Space Marine players. Kudos on making a unique chapter.

fluffystuff - I'm at a loss for words at how incredible your orks look! The skin, the leather, the metal, it's all fantastic! Every time I look at your boyz, I get an urge to do my own force! Keep it up, you're army may very well be the finest looking one when all is said and done.

kammek - Good looking greenskins, I like the darker tone of the skin, more realistic looking. Nice choice with the Kult of Speed (or thats how your army is looking at this stage at least)

Norsehawk - Very crisp painting on the marines. Good call on making the Dread's base a little more elaborate, pity the Blackreach box didn't come with the same base the normal dreads do.

Norsehawk - Nice Tau, I like the urban-esque colour scheme, again, very crisp and clean.

Norsehawk - Vibrant looking daemons you've got there. I like 'em, there's a kind of subtlety to them, they're bright, but not distractingly so.

Pite - Good looking Dread, your painting is very, very crisp and clean. Good job with adding Dark Angels grubbins on him, does the job, but it doesn't look like half the weight comes from decorative add-on's.

plantagenet - Wow, I can't believe it, you've made yellow look badass. :p Impressive Imperial fists, they're shaping up rather splendidly.

Hauk - I really like your librarian, he's turning out real good. The dreadnought is great, the battle damage doesn't look overly-placed, looks good because it's even placed around the whole model, not like one half is ragged and the other one pristine.

Jim - I dig anything Pre-heresy, so big thumbs up from me for that alone. Good job with the weathering, and bloodening, look like I imagine the World Eaters, too damn aggressive to care about appearances.

darkstonelich - Good looking Red Corsairs, I like the red you've painted them as, vibrant, and almost has a blood-like quality to it's hue. Very chaosy.

Zujara - Bugs! I like the old school Zoanthrope (spelling?) always a trip for newer players like me, seeing the way things used to be in 40k.

Playwithbob - Respect and props for keeping your 40K old school. I enjoy your updates since I came into this hobby in 2006, so seeing old models is really interesting. They're different, and yet oddly familiar, props again for having a 'period' army.

lonepilgrim - Crisp and solid colourscheme. The red looks really good, as does the weathering done to the LR. It's subtle, but it makes it look like it's been used, not blown up and shot at yet, an in between phase from pristine and destroyed. :p

Doctor P - Impressive Tau, I enjoy how all your crisis suits are in a flying / floating pose, really helps capture their whole jump troop capablities. Your army is shaping up very nicely indeed.

BLARGAG!!! - Cool looking baneblade. The camo scheme almost seems like it's "explosion" camo, which come to think of it might be pretty useful with all the firepower the guard can unleash.

ReaperOfSouls - Shame about jokering, Tyranids are one of my favorite armies, and I enjoyed your earthy scheme. Better luck with next month, those rippers look like it'll be a promising update.

agio65 - Unique looking Orks, they really have a 'gritty' feeling to them. They look great together, also, I just noticed you actually gave them eyes! Impressive work!

McMullet - Impressive work on those tinee-tiny orks. The freehands on the banners and the flame work on the vehicles are fantastic, I really don't see how you and Discord can get such details on the 'epic' scale.

Catferret - Good work on your marines, they don't look boring, the glowing effects on the plasma weapons really draw the eyes to the figures. In fact, the simple colour scheme works well, since it doesn't feel overly bright or anything, and as such make the glowy bits all the more glowy.

Sheena Easton - Definitely has the feeling of a looted ork vehicle, but methinks it could use some more Deathskullz grubbins. For example, where's the green? The death skulls may think blue a lucky colour, but still there's something to be said from the old Ork montra that "Greenz iz da best." I'm looking forward to see what else your Deathskulls steal... I mean scrounge up ;)

give_me_a_d - Nurgly looking plaguebearers you've got. I like how your daemons colours range from vomitty-brownish yellow, to putrid blueish-green. Papa nurgle would be proud, you've captured the look of his minions perfectly.

proxy - Epic looking Ultramarines, it really does boggle the mind how you actually managed to paint shoulder markings on both shoulders. Very nice looking force already.

Chicken_Funk - Aside from the great user name, great orks and great conversions. The Black Orcs work very well for nobs, particularly nobs with those heavy whuts-it plates. Nice skin hue too.

DarkstarSabre - Hoooray for Nids! Cool colour scheme, haven't seen nids that look like that yet. Your swarm already looks like it's shaping up nicely, keep going, I can imagine it's tough to go through all those little bugs, but once they're done, you get all that monstrous creature goodness.

bloodsbane - Oy, fancy schmancy toys your boyz got. Nice seeing a bunch a cans and dreads together, you got the grimy looking metals that I'd expect to see from orks, even those rich ones.

Colonel Haizelhoff - Your scratchbuilding really seems to be improving. Very natural and earthen look to your soldiers. Sounds like you're going to have quite an armored force when your done.

misterboff - Good looking thieves you've got going. The blue really stands out, and makes for a very orky looking force. I look forward to seeing what your boyz manage to get their hands on next.

Knighta - Glad to see some Inquisition armies still kicking! Neat effects on the power weapons, really makes 'em stick out. Question though, why is Stern on an inverted base?

aenimosity - Cool looking colour scheme on your Broodlord, clever too. I think you could get away with using him to represent Skulltaker or any other khorne daemons, getting two armies in one that is!

olean - Wow, I really like your red, it's very rich and smooth. Fantastic looking Blood Angles you've got.

spikyjames - Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Your Ultramarines look fantastic, I especially like the very deep blue you've used, it makes them really stand out.

agio65 - Very vibrant Daemons you've got going. Captures the nature of the daemons perfectly, very slaaneshy. Those deamons will sure stand out on a tabletop.

jpobrich - Cool looking Dark Angels you're working on, I really enjoy the cream (or are they white) shoulder trim, helps them stand out, the original DA scheme has just too much green, so you're trim works well to distinguish them.

swifty2 - Awesome, I think the new Pedro Kantor model is one of the best new models in the Space Marines range. Fantastic work, can't wait to see the rest of the Crimson Fists.

jullevi - Yay for Eldar! I think those are the only Eldar this month! Very smooth lines you've got on your Fire dragons. Very clean, very Eldar-y. I really like the bases too, simple, but very well done and clean, yes, clean would be the way to describe those models. Great work

The boyz
08-10-2008, 14:11
I'm going to have to play a Joker, I'm afraid. I was hoping to finish of my Epic stuff this weekend. However, I seem to have been struct dowm with 'man flu'. So I have been un able to complete this months painting.

Congratulations to everybody else though, who has managed to finish a second months worth of painting.

08-10-2008, 14:48
As usual, here's what's cooking for this month.


Flightsticks, flightsticks everywhere. *groan* I just hate assembling them. I'm dreading the month when I need to do not only the usual BFG stuff, but also a flight of fighta-bommerz. I have to confess I haven't even started painting these, just managed to force myself into assembling them and undercoated them yesterday. At least the worst is over now.

Why are they so bad? I haven't shown it in any pics, but every single flightstick I do nowadays is detachable, to facilitate easier transportation and make them less prone to breaking all the time. Means lots of drilling. But if I go through all that pain now, I'll know half of them won't break on the way to a game. Also makes Epic transport planes able to actually land.

Aaand comments:

fluffystuff, I expected you'd dirty up every single one of those orks to the same standard you did with Ghazghkull's checker patterns and metal bits. Well, you should, and no complaining about it being a lot of work. ;)

McMullet, good to see someone else rolling out teensy orks. They're nice and bright. And if you think those freehands are easy, I've got a job for you involving lots of 6mm nobs...

Catferret, I really like them space marines, even though I'm not generally a fan of marines. They look suitable for a grim and dark universe. I especially like them glowy green bits. But an army consisting of mostly flat surfaces painted gray, boring? Who would've guessed? :p

bloodsbane, that group pic looks like a great start for an army. Wouldn't want to run into a mean-looking group like that in a dark alley.

Overt_Spy, yeah, one does need a steady hand. A good brush and some thin paint won't harm, either. It's not really that hard to do, but time-consuming. Any rushing and suddenly red-striped pants are completely red and the skulls look like blobs. On the bright side, freehands for 28mm miniatures won't seem too daunting after this.

Solun Decius
08-10-2008, 15:30
OK, I'm playing this joker:


Actually, with a newborn child, if I'd have met the deadline ... what would that say about me as a parent?? So it's a mandatory Joker ;)

Please check out my genestealer log though to see what I still managed to do: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2993881#post2993881

@Häxjägare: Nice Vindicator and good khornate theme, without all out blood craze!
@Discord: Those orks are too tiny to paint that well ... stop it! :D
@Khrangar: Good marine paint scheme and well use AoBR termies.
@fluffystuff: Those boyoz are really well painted. Love the skin layering. The eyes could stick out more (yes, I nitpick at the really good stuff)
@kammek: Very impressive army. Bike boys are super tough and I love the AoBR Warboss.
@Norsehawk: Three comments at the price of one! Very neat and clean painting. Maybe you could deepen the shades in the Crisis suits, maybe that's also just not your style. Either way, good stuff.
@Pite: Excellent DA draed. Well executed extreme highlighting.
@plantagenet: Very good yellow. Also clean and neat paintjobs which is very fitting for so brightly colored marines. Good faces on the scouts too.
@Hauk: Dread is good. Nice weathering. Makes it more alive!
@Jim: Pre heresy WE's, good stuff. I like the pose conversions, unique looking stuff! Photos are a bit grainy but paint jobs look OK.
@darkstonelich: Very good looking army. Nice and bright red, sticks out on the table. Good rhino too. Khorne actually pops into the head rather than nurgle, but I'm all for DIY style anyway. Excellent use of magnets too!
@Zujara: Got tyranids! Nice zoanthrope and the broodlord is of course right up my alley, nice stuff!
@Playwithbob: YESSSS, old school land raider. I've got one of those too, loving it!
@lonepilgrim: Nice raider, very good red color, subtle but effective highlighting. Good freehand too.
@Doctor P: Good job on the crisis suits. Grey parts make them pop nicely. Sorry about all the dropping minis. That's a pain!
@Overt_Spy: Really very nice salamander captain and excellent use of the AoBR cappy! Lots of detail and every little thing gets it's attention and a seperate color. Really like that. Aaah, and nice vespids too. I'll bet you're exhausting yourself with all this painting!
@BLARGAG!!!: Photos are a bit blurry but it sure is impressive though.
@ReaperOfSouls: What's the point cost of that swarm ? 10 pts? Nice paintjob though, and hopefully we can both earn back our joker.
@agio65: Nice orks and good kopta. AoBR put to good use! Oh, good daemons too. Kudos on doing two armies!
@McMullet: Too tiny man, too tine. Freehand on that stuff is just brilliant ... BRILLIANT! Marines are excellent too!
@Danny76: Good job painting, hope to see the photos soon.
@Catferret: Very good marines. Sorry to hear you're not enjoying the repetitive paint jobs. It'll be worth it in the end.
@Sheena Easton: It's orky, it maybe a bit too colorful for my taste.
@give_me_a_d: Like the horde of nurgle. Good job. Photos are a bit dark but the paint jobs seem very nice.
@Chicken_Funk: Nice army. Love the black ork nobs, very fitting.
@DarkstarSabre: Yay! Another tyranid painter that can stick to a deadline. Very nice paint jobs and impressive army. The fex is brutal!
@bloodsbane: Great machanisation of the army. Nice weathered look on the dredd and kans!
@Colonel hazelhoff: Can't say I like your scratchbuild style but the russ is looking better now than it seemed it would in the WIP shots.
@misterboff: Very nice and bright paintjobs. I really like it. I even think your second mob is better than the first, if only marginally. Both are excellent.
@Knighta: Nice daemon hunters. Lots of cool detail in the captain's paint job. Good metal color on the knights, rugged and shaded.
@aenimosity: Ooooh, another broodlord. I'm cool with that! Like you say, it can use some extra bright final highlighting to make it pop. Good clean painting though.
@olean: Nice bright blood angels. Not much else to say, good stuff!
@spikyjames: The drop pod is sensational! Your paint job on the marines is also first class. Very nice and very pro!
@jpobrich: Nice scheme and impressive army. Pretty good green color too!
@swifty2: Cool model! Very detailed and very shiny and nice paint job. The line-highlights might be a bit thinner and the eyes more presice, but very good all in all.
@ssorck: Congrats on making the deadline. Hope to see the photos soon!
@jullevi: Very very nice highlighting on the Fire Dragons. I'm impressed! Nice and clean paint jobs are very well fitting for the eldar.

Good luck everyone for the next month. I for one will have more time for the stealers. I actually did alot of painting last month, just not the stealers. Now they have all my focus!

08-10-2008, 16:15

@ Häxjägare – good looking stuff from you

@ Discord – cool looking epic & BFG stuff there, I’m sure painting checks on epic miniatures must be rather frustrating!

@ Khrangar – cool looking Terminators & I’m liking the colour scheme you’ve chosen, looking forward to seeing chapter badges

@ fluffystuff – those Orks are awesome, that Warboss especially, I can’t wait to see this army in it’s completion

@ devolutionary – sorry to lose you dude although having seen your WIP of your dragon i know we're getting a treat over on TOFP

@ kammek – those Orks are awesome & the army is looking very impressive already only two months into the Tale. Any chance of some closer up pics of those warbikers please?

@ Norsehawk – marines: excellent painting on both the dreadnought & the vindicator, tau: also some excellent painting, seems a strange mix of weapons you have gone for on the suits though? Deamons: probably my favourite from you this month, some really excellent stuff there, a good colour scheme & good painting skill to go with it too

@ Pite – excellent dreadnought there

@ Plantagenet – gorgeous imperial fists there, may I ask how you painted the yellow please? I’m thinking of starting a marine army soon & torn between IF & Brazen Claws

@ Hauk – nice dreadnought & librarian

@ jim – I’ve been reading all the horus heresy books recently & it’s really cool to see some pre-heresy world eaters, are you using Marine or CSM rules for them?

@ darkstonelich – really nice looking red corsairs there, looking forward to seeing them with the bases done


@ zujara – nice looking nids

@ playwithbob – awesome looking land raider, really nice to see some old school marines

@ lonepilgrim – another awesome land raider!

@ doctor p – cool looking suits

@ overt spy – a very nice looking captain, it’s ok if he can’t set stuff on fire, he has lackeys to do that for him!

@ Blargag – an interesting colour scheme for the tank but it definitely works

@ agio65 – really nice Orks from you, really like the skin tone that you’ve gone for

@ McMullet – more nice epic stuff, both for the Orks & Marines

@ Catferret – awesome marines there

@ Sheena Easton – nice conversion & a very colourful tank!

@ give_me_a_d – very nice looking plaguebearers there even if the bases do need finishing!!! Congrats on buying back the joker!


@ Chicken_Funk – lovely looking Orks from you there, really like the BO’s as Nobz although I would’ve thought with the new Black Reach set everybody had the new Nobz coming out their ears!!

@ DarkstarSabre – seem a few WIP shots of these gribblies & it’s really nice to see them finished, the army is looking very imposing already! PS I love the scenery piece in the background! Really need to get me one of those

@ Metaphorazine – hey, that’s me!!

@ bloodbane – awesome looking dread & kans, your army is looking very impressive already after only 2 months & I really like the dirtied yellow look that you’ve gone for

@ Colonel Haizelhoff – cool looking Leman Russ

@ misterboff – excellent looking Boyz & Trukkz, the Ork armies are really popular & they’re all looking good, I really like deathskulls too so looking forward to seeing your army develop

@ knighta – 1 miniature entry over on TOFP and a 1 miniature entry over here too, your standards are slipping boy!!!! Nice looking grand master all the same but damn it I expect to see more from you!!!

@ aenimosity – excellent looking broodlord, gribbly gribbly gribbly!!!

@ olean – seems like a simple way to paint the army & it’s looking very good

@ spikyjames – drop is looking excellent & along with the marines the army is looking very impressive

@ agio65 – a very vibrant colour scheme & some more cool looking deamons

@ jpobrich – excellent dark angels & an impressive amount of miniatures painted already
@ swifty2 – cool looking pedro kantor


@ Overtspy – I’m not a fan of vespid in game so don’t have any myself so it’s nice to see some painted up. They look really good too!

@ jullevi – gorgeous fire dragons, very vibrant colours, very neat & excellent highlighting

@ solon Decius – I guess we can let you off!!! Congratulations on becoming a father

On my own stuff, i haven't got it painted yet but i've been in hospital & only been back a week & everything i do makes me so damn tired (including painting - go figure!). I have been doing a bit the last 2 days but have been working on fantasy stuff, i am hoping to do some 40k stuff & as my entry is only 4 models hope to have pics posted tomorrow or the day after to avoid jokering.

08-10-2008, 16:58
OK everyone, well done for getting in on time if you have, otherwise I'll give you until tomorrow lunchtime (I guess breakfast time in the states...) to get in. Then it's joker time...

Also, yes, you can earn back jokers (no one seems to have objected and I don't mind).

Hauk: The battle damage may be a bit OTT but it does look good. Good job on the librarian, especially the staff. I think the tabard could do with neatening up a bit though, either that or some freehand patterns.

Jim: Nice work again, the occasional gore splatters are well done and I like the kneeling guy.

darkstonelich: Good work, the red is very smooth.

Zujara: Nice painting and basing. Good call on getting rid of the Zonathrope's stupid tentacle balancing act tail as well. :p

Playwithbob: It feels wrong to say it, but that old Land Raider looks very nice. :D I guess the weathering helps.

lonepilgrim: Textbook job on that Land Raider. The subtle weathering is just right.

Doctor P: Nice! The basing really sets the colour scheme off.

Overt_Spy: The Captain looks great, but you're right about the black skin. I'd stick with the dark brown if I were you. Well done on getting the Vespid done as well, they look excellent!

BLARGAG!!!: Nice job. Is that track link wonky or not glued on though?

ReaperOfSouls: Looking forward to the rest of the Rippers.

agio65: Nice natural Ork skintone. The 'Kopta looks class!

Danny76: Look forward to the pics...

jullevi: Great stuff, I love the colour on the dragon cloaky bits.

Catferret: Marines are looking great. The OSL on the plasma cannon is very well done. Did you somehow obtain a load of Mk 8 torsos or are they converted?

Sheena Easton: That is one colourful wagon you have there. :D

give_me_a_d: Daemons are looking good - the photos could do with a bit more light though.

Chicken_Funk: Good stuff, the checks look great.

DarkstarSabre: Fex is looking delightfully ick. And... gaunts. Hooray.

bloodsbane: They're looking great. The army is very cohesive whilst looking properly Orky and shoddy. Good work!

Colonel Haizelhoff: You're definitely improving at this scratchbuilding lark. :)

misterboff: Trukks and boyz are both looking good. Red ones might go fasta, but blue ones explode less...

Knighta: Very clean looking, and the freehand cloak is a nice touch.

aenimosity: Good job. Don't worry about the points btw, as long as the average is 1/10 you're good.

olean: Good job, the spray paint seems to work very well.

spikyjames: Superb as ever.

agio65: Good job on both. Everything is looking properly colourful.

jpobrich: Really like your highlighting, and the bases are very good.

swifty2: Ah, I love that model. Looks a bit shiny though, it could do with some matt varnish in my opinion.

ssorck: Look forward to the pics...

Solun Decius: I guess that's a pretty good excuse for jokering. Congratulations!

Thanks for the comments on my stuff. Discord, I guess you got me there... But I think the tricky part isn't painting all those Nobz' banners, it's coming up with a separate design for each one.

By the way, the Epic Ultramrines are mine, they were painted by mrsurgeon and I'm posting them on his behalf as he can't get on Warseer at the moment. I'll pass your comments along to him.

Keep up the good work everyone!

08-10-2008, 17:49
Comments time, I'll try to be direct and to the point, and please don't take offence at any of my comments, I try not to pussy-foot around, so apologies in advance.

Actually I've decided to not comment on anyones work. Everyone has different standards, but what counts is that YOU are happy with your own work.

OK.............my top 3....
ReaperOfSouls, lonepilgrim, spikyjames ( my favourite for this month).

Happy now................well tough;)

08-10-2008, 18:59
A lot of people so I think I'll limit my responses to fellow marine players and a couple of others that jump out at me.

Pite: Always good to see more Dark Angels, especially nicely painted ones.
Plantagenet: Those are some great Imperial Fists. Excellent yellow.
Hauk: I like the electric shade of blue on the Librarian. It's very suitable for a psyker.
Jim: I like the mixed armour look you have there. Nice grimy look to the armour too. Good work.
Playwithbob: Great work on that classic. I miss the old days when those came two to a box.
Lonepilgrim: Great solid red on that Landraider.
Overt_Spy: I'm sure he's got a handflamer holstered under his cloak for burning stuff. ;)
Knighta: The swirly force weapons turned out well. Good job there.
Olean: That's a very bright red. I would like to see them with the bases painted so it doesn't look so overwhelming. It will be far easier to see the rest of your work then.
SpikyJames: Nice work as always.
jpobrich: Great Dark Angels. Interesting to see all the running legs on the Tacticals and standing legs on the Assault Marines. Any plans to mix the legs up on the next units?
Swifty2. Over 700 points by the end of month 2? Blimey!

Now I can respond to people's comments.

Overt_Spy, Discord, Solun Decius, Jonahmaul: Cheers. :)

McMullet: I acquired a lot of MkVIII torsos for this project. Whole army has them (except the scouts). I even have enough leftover for a further squad if I feel so inclined. I tried converting them but it took too long and didn't look as good.

Colonel Haizelhoff
08-10-2008, 19:34
Ok so out of the 17 enlisted IG painters I'm gonna give some comments to the 1 other painter on top of me who got something done.

@BLARGAG!!! Very nice looking camo scheme. The pic is a bit blurry so can't make out too much detail, but on a tank like that it looks cool anyway:D.

There were some great entries and thx for those guys who commented on mine (and havent lost their temper on my horrible looking tanks:))

08-10-2008, 20:26
This time for real:


Terribly sorry, but I couldn´t get around to finish paintig. Waaghböss and two koptaz built, ~230points, but that which counts, the paint, I failed.

I´ll earn it back. As soon as this log is open for new wip stuff I´ll post some.

Everyone else: Great stuff, you all!

Solun, best joker thinkable!


08-10-2008, 21:07
Comment time i guess.

@Haxjagare: Vindicator looks sweet.

@Discord: Heh are those really epic orks? Painted far too well.

@Khrangar: Loving that colour scheme.

@Fluffystuff: Fine orks you've got here. Looking forward to your Defkoptas.

@Kammek: Those bikes are damn fine. You doing Speed Freeks?

@Norsehawk: Quality Vindicator. What can i say i just wub the damn things.

@Pite: Crisp highlighting and some simply awesome gem work.

@Plantagenet: OMG are those old skool scouts?

@Jim: Always been a fan of pre-heresy WE. And yours are no exception.

@Darkstonelich: Nice red. Really like the cloak you have on your Lord.

@zajura: Nice sickly tyranids you've got here. Definately a colour scheme you don't see to often.

@Playwithbob: Sweet RT marines. Got any of the bikes in the works?

@Lonepilgrim: Its Blood Angels nuff said :D

@Doctor P: What blue is that?

@Overt_Spy: Going from BA to Sallies tut tut.

@Agio65: Very nice Ork Army. Love your Kopta.
@McMullet: Epic Speed Freek Orksies sweet.

@Catferret: Your plasma cannon/gun is simply stunning. Love the pulsing effect you have achieved on them.

@Sheena: looted wagon looks good. Very orky in that it looks like its been bashed together.

@Give_me_a_d: Go fully Nurgle.

@McMullet: Ha more epic stuff. love it.

@Darkstarsabre: Excellent scheme you have here. Like how the blue looks over the black. Is that green blood coming out from under the fexes carapace?

@Bloodsbane: Bad moons?? Thread winner here. :D Can't wait to see any BW's you do.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Nice camo on that Russ.

@SpikyJames: Do you really need to be told how awesome these are?? But anyway your choice of a darker scheme for the ultra's is much much better.

@Agio65: Those eyes on your Soulrgrinder scare me lol.

@Swifty2: Excellent Pedro here. Only thing i'd suggest is a matt varnish. Unless the glossy look is what you are after.

@Overt_Spy: Never seen those models before. 40k stuff? Either way they are excellent.

Why do i have to look at so many good painters compared to the stuff i can do.

08-10-2008, 21:30

Had a bad month:(

08-10-2008, 22:01
I'm lazy. I cannot comment on everyone so I shall say this.

@Everyone- Huzzah for updates. This thread is definately inspiring and seeing how all our forces are piecing together is great.

And in reply...

@Everyone- Cheers. And yes Ocid, that is green blood visible underneath the carapace on the 'fexes skull. I figure their blood may as well be green.

08-10-2008, 22:36
Here is my update, thank the Emperor no joker this month! Moving houses & starting at a new uni took way more effort then I thought it would.. I still have unopened boxes in my room :D


TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 145/1500pts

I don't really have a background set, but I have though of a few names and stuff for my SoB order & mission.. I'm thinking about a SoB force sent out to find a lost relic (Indiana Jones Sororitas if you will)

GW primer, Vallejo paints, GW washes.. and CRAPPY brushes. For next month I will buy new brushes, the ones I have now are okay for most stuff.. but my smaller brushes have really died.

no basing yet, I suck at basing so I am hesitant to ruin my first squad right away.. not that ruining the entire army in one swoop would be any better :(

A purity seal on the VSS the lenses & teeth, it will have to wait untill I have a new 0003 brush.

The sisters are nice models, it is easy to find out where to put paint and I think they look fairly impressive now.. even though I would consider myself no great painter.
On the other hand it takes a LOT of time to get the red just right, also the vast amount of small details is sometimes a little much.
This month I will not be batch painting them, but will try to do 2 at a time instead, and instead of finishing units I think I will just paint models.




I will post a few better pictures tomorrow when there is daylight again.

Everybody else: Great work, I will try and comment tomorrow.. keep it up, only 10 more months!

09-10-2008, 00:18
@ everyone: thanks for the comments, for this month, i have slated a squad of ogryns and a squad of tainith ghosts and gaunt. wish me luck!

@ mcmullet: yeah, that track link is quite wonkey. i just couldnt get it to sit right, so after about an hour of playing with it i said "screw it, ill juts glue it on" and did just that.

09-10-2008, 04:45
Well I will let you all be the judge of my Tank. Its not done, but its table top standard. A bit sloppy, and sans weathering and battle damage as of yet.
But the turret, rear end and rear back side as well as the tracks and the heavy flamers as well and the stubbers are pretty much complete.

You all be the judge.

I am posting a joker since its not finished, its a centerpiece so I am really taking my time with it. I would say its more than 75% done.
So like I said, its all up to you.

If you likey, well then thats fine too. It still needs much more work. But Its getting there. I threw the commissar in because all he needs is basing.

1 Macharius VMB, 1 Commissar
Cost: 405 points + 80 points for the Commissar


1 Regimental Command Squad
1 Hardened Veteran Squad
1 Fire Support Autocannon Team
1 Superheavy Macharius VMB
1 Commissar

I pinned the heavy flamers and heavy stubbers for more durability.


For the Macharius, I followed the GW tutorial for the Snow Camo approach.
I like how it kept alot of the shading and blacklining in place.

So its a Chaos Black Prime, Scorched Earth Drybrush, heavy. Then You dry Brush white with a Blister foam insert. It works great. Tighten up add details and your set. The tracks, heavy flamer and the like were done with a dry brush of Vallejo Hammered Copper, then GW boltgun metal and a 50/50 wash of Ogryn Flesh. Go over the barrells of the flamers and stubber with a black really dry and chalky dry brush for carbon build up. Same with the Exhausts and Barrells of the Guns.


None, its a tank.
Commissar, same basing as the other infantry. Graveyard Earth, then Commando Khaki, then Skull white, Static grass and Boom. Based.

Finish blacklining the body, tighten up the white. Add the details and the divison markings, then weather and battle damage it.

Highs: The Turret really looks kick ass if I do say so myself.
Lows: Blacklining, weathering, and all the detail...



Rest of the photos:
Rear and Exhaust Detail

Hvy Flamer Detail

Wrap up the Macharius, the Commissar and Infantry Squad 1.

Which should be well over 600 points. So If I need to buy back my Joker so be it.

09-10-2008, 04:46
Here is my update, thank the Emperor no joker this month! Moving houses & starting at a new uni took way more effort then I thought it would.. I still have unopened boxes in my room :D


TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 145/1500pts

I don't really have a background set, but I have though of a few names and stuff for my SoB order & mission.. I'm thinking about a SoB force sent out to find a lost relic (Indiana Jones Sororitas if you will)

GW primer, Vallejo paints, GW washes.. and CRAPPY brushes. For next month I will buy new brushes, the ones I have now are okay for most stuff.. but my smaller brushes have really died.

no basing yet, I suck at basing so I am hesitant to ruin my first squad right away.. not that ruining the entire army in one swoop would be any better :(

A purity seal on the VSS the lenses & teeth, it will have to wait untill I have a new 0003 brush.

The sisters are nice models, it is easy to find out where to put paint and I think they look fairly impressive now.. even though I would consider myself no great painter.
On the other hand it takes a LOT of time to get the red just right, also the vast amount of small details is sometimes a little much.
This month I will not be batch painting them, but will try to do 2 at a time instead, and instead of finishing units I think I will just paint models.




I will post a few better pictures tomorrow when there is daylight again.

Everybody else: Great work, I will try and comment tomorrow.. keep it up, only 10 more months!

The Sisters look really good man!

Rabid Monkey
09-10-2008, 05:12
I didnt manage as much this month as last. I got the dreadnought from the black reach box set finished (with magnetized alternate arms) and the razorback bits finished to swap out on my rhino. I dont have a points update as I havent picked up the new codex yet. I'll do it next month.



Group shot so far...

09-10-2008, 05:36
Can you tell me how you painted your Ultramarines?

09-10-2008, 05:47
There is some crazy talent here. Thanks for sharing all. Jobs well done.

Thanks for the kind words as well.


09-10-2008, 06:24
Going to be a joker from me folks.

I've been working a lot on various stuff, but the paint and brushes have consistently avoided my hands! Too much procrastinating on my behalf.

To make a few amendments to my list of work.
McMullet can you remove the Squats from my list and roll the Deathguard(chaos marines) and the lost and the damned into one 5k army of Chaotic Nurgle Allegience? I'll even be adding in some BFG stuff to compensate a little!

How do we go about earning back jokers? I'm determined not to fail this time!

Looking through the thread now with comments and critique, expect a big edit soon.

09-10-2008, 07:36
@Edzard: Hey man. Good to see those sisters coming along.

@Rabid Monkey: :eek: Those marines look fantastic. Out of curiosity, and I'm sure you've probably answered this question last month: How did you do your basing? It looks really good. Is it foamcore?

09-10-2008, 10:08
Fredmans' Epic Tyranids:

Painted this month: 550 points
Attack Group: 2 Hive Tyrants (200)
Assault Spawn Cluster: 3 Haruspex (175)
Assault spawn Cluster: 3 Malefactor (175)

Total Painted: 1050

Build/Conversion: No conversions. Straight out of blisters.

Painting: The idea was to keep the two camouflage patterns established last month (red-brown/camouflage green), but I tried to mix them a little on the assault spawns. One dominant, and yet traces of the other as well.

Bases: I have not decided on whether to base my vehicles or not (and the same goes for the Guards). Hive Tyrants are simple Scorched Brown, drybrushed bone white and patches of static grass.

Highs: It was rewarding to work the schemes on larger models.

Lows: The crustacean spawns killed my two favourite brushes, and I had to buy new ones, nearly blowing the dead line. If you look carefully, I keep the brown Hive Tyrant out of focus, because it has not received its final highlights. Then there are some spikes and stuff sticking out on the Malefactors that I will finish tonight.

PICTURE 1: 3 Haruspex Assault Spawns.

PICTURE 2: 3 Malefactor Assault Spawns.

PICTURE 3: 2 Assault Spawn Clusters led by 2 Hive Tyrants.

PICTURE 4: Illegal 'Uge Brood.

Great work, everyone who managed to make it in time, and I will try to comment on an individual basis later this week.

@McMullet: I will joker my Imperial Guards this month. May try to catch up next month with some batch painting (tanks and artillery).


09-10-2008, 10:12
@ Edzard - really love the colour scheme that you have chosen for those sisters & they've been painted to a high standard too

@ razormasticator - 'finished' means three colours & based which i reckon that thing is so wouldn't have thought you need to joker?

@ rabid monkey - gorgeous looking ultramarine stuff, very bold & neat colours & the army is looking really good. where do you get your magnets from? i've been toying round with the idea of trying to magnetize my tau suit weapons

@ fredmans - awesome looking gribblies!

The boyz
09-10-2008, 10:48
@Edzard. Nice work on those Sister's of battle, they look very nice. I like the colour scheme.

@Razormasticator. I cant wait to see the rest of that Macharius, the turret looks great.

@Rabid Monkey. Those Ultramarine's are looking great. I like the tone of blue you have used, for their armour. Got the startings of a very nice looking army.

@Fredmans. I'm loving those Epic Nid's, they look superb. The colour scheme looks great, fantastic paint job as well.

09-10-2008, 10:50
@Razormasticator: If you are doing superheavies, you can break the points into multiple months. You can say that you painted '200 points worth of macharius" and leave the remainder to paint the next month. For example, if you were doing a baneblade, and a 2000 point list, you can do 200 points the first month, 200 the second month and the last 100 (or 200) the third month with no problems.

09-10-2008, 11:39
@Razormasticator: If you are doing superheavies, you can break the points into multiple months. You can say that you painted '200 points worth of macharius" and leave the remainder to paint the next month. For example, if you were doing a baneblade, and a 2000 point list, you can do 200 points the first month, 200 the second month and the last 100 (or 200) the third month with no problems.

Thats cool. I think I met my goal then. I will delete the joker but continue to work on everything.

Here are some more shots

Overhead Shot

Full Frontal Destruction



09-10-2008, 11:42
Sorry some of the photos were so washed out guys. I was trying something different with the camera. And it didnt work out that well.

Solun Decius
09-10-2008, 11:42
Ah, Fredmans! I'm glad to see more tyranid painters defending our honor.
I'm still jokered but since I believe some people are interested to see if I can keep up with the frog-pattern stealers I wanted to submit this as WIP photos for next month:


And to the latecomers: Good sisters, good super heavy turret and great machinery for the ultras!
This is pretty good month for the Tale although the jokers and no-shows are abundat as well :D

09-10-2008, 11:43
@rabid monkey, those are some of the nicest looking ultra marines i have seen in a long time man. great work!

09-10-2008, 14:36
First let me congratulate Solum Decius to the best and unique Joker :)

now at least a couple of comments :

@ Discord and Fredman : fantastic stuff, and i envie you around here no one play epic
@ McMullet : you have to much time man - brilliant banners
@fluffystuff: yeah , tell me about chest details . yours are brilliant.
@ norsehawk : impressive getting 3 forces done, But the flamers are my favorites.
@pite : stunning , can´t wait to see more
@ plantagenet : nice and simple dosn´t do your yellow credit.
@ Jim : just love your stuff
@ Blargag : so i´m not the only one who´s still trying to get decent pic´s;)
@ colonel haizelhoff : love DaPlan !
@ spikyjames : best ultra´s ever

and a little update :

keep it up everyone

Colonel Haizelhoff
09-10-2008, 15:52
@razormasticator: I like what youve done. I've seen a lot of your army over on your plog and that super heavy will be a great centerpiece. On the commissar it's a bit too bright (the photo) but i'd say the wash on atleast the boots has been a bit too thick? I'm sure it looks good on the tabletop, but was that wash the GW wash or your own brew:D? Great work from you!!!

09-10-2008, 16:16
@razormasticator: I like what youve done. I've seen a lot of your army over on your plog and that super heavy will be a great centerpiece. On the commissar it's a bit too bright (the photo) but i'd say the wash on atleast the boots has been a bit too thick? I'm sure it looks good on the tabletop, but was that wash the GW wash or your own brew:D? Great work from you!!!

Thanks man. Actually the boots are chaos black then terracotta dry brush.
The photo is for crap though.

I am going to be working on my photo stuff for the next month.

09-10-2008, 19:30
'Ere we go!

@ Häxjägare: Looking good, the Vindicator looks really great. I think you should take pictures like the first one of your vindicator of all the stuff you finish, because that way we get an idea how the stuff looks on the table. Also good work posting your work first =D

@ Discord: Very nice tiny stuff, the freehand on that banner is amazing!

@ Khrangar: You have a very clean looking group of Terminators, While I always found the models to be a bit bland the highlights and shading really makes them look cool.

@ Fluffystuff: I know how hard it is to paint enough Orks, and to a standard you paint them I can only imagine.. Really beautifull models.

@ Kammek: 542 points of Orks in 2 months.. everything looks super, and I like the biker bases :)

@ Norsehawk: Really clean Marines you have there and the same goes for your Tau, your Deamons look really cool (Washes?)

@ Pite: Supercool Dred, nice highlights and cool knightly stuff hanging all over him.

@ Plantagenet: Big challenge to paint yellow and you pull it off wonderfully, congratulations! :)

@ Hauk: Nice dreadnought, the weathering and little writings really add to the paintjob of this model. Also the lenses are nice, the librarian looks cool too, nice highlights!

@ Jim: White Marines.. Impressive to pull it of so good, the mud also looks very cool and the blood is 1000% awesome =D

@ Darkstonelich: Cool marines, there is a squad like those in the new rulebook isn't there? The lord is especially great!

@ Zujara: Cool 'nidz, I like the broodlords little tongue =P

@ Playwithbob: What a funny model that old Land Raider is, you did a super job on it, the tracks really stand out. Good weathering there.

@ Lonepilgrim: Invictus is a good looking little Landraider, you have reason to be proud!

@ Doctor P: Very Tau-like painting all round, the Crisis Suits fit in with your Stealthsuits perfectly. Also you have done a very good job basing!

@ Overt_Spy: Very nicely painted, the skin is a little getting used to but is pretty cool =) Keep it up!

@ Blargag!!!: 500 points painted and it looks GREAT, but did it hit a bump because the track seems to be loose?

@ Agio65: Very gritty looking Orks, their skin looks really 'reptelian' very cool!

@ McMullet: Tiny and yet very nicely detailed, the Blitz Brigade looks especially cool =)

@ Danny76: hope you get pictures up soon, one can never have enough Orks.

@ Catferret: Brotherhood of Steel, are you looking forward to Fallout 3 as much as I am? The marines are painted well, especially the lighting on the plasma weapons.

@ Sheena Easton: That is a funny little Ork vehicle =)

@ Give_me_a_d: Those Deamons look sick, well done!

@ Mrsurgeon: Tiny marines, do I spot markings on their tinytiny-eye-strainy-shoulderpads? Amazing..

@ Chicken Funk: Orks Ere we gooo! Painted not much unlike my own small Ork band, the checks on the Nobz look good btw!

@ DarkstarSabre: Nice looking 'nidz, the blood on the Carnifex is totally gross. Well done =)

@ Bloodsbane: Well painted, I noticed the green slots on the 'kans.. awesome =)

@ Colonel Haizelhoff: Respect for building tanks out of paper, I kinda like the battle hardened and used look.. better then I expected it to be. Nice one.

@ Misterboff: Good Orks, they will no doubt serve you well =P

@ Knighta: Robe looks great, as do the swords, the words on the bottom of the robe are crazy. The metal is a little bright, but then again they are Grey Knights =D

@ Aenimosity: Cool model, simple paintscheme but effective.

@ Olean: Aaaaaah the red it burns us! Crazy popping on the red, very nice!

@ Spikyjames: Amazing weathering on the Droppod, the Tac-Marines look super too, smooth painting I like that.

@ Agio65 (again) : Great skin on the Soulgrinder, and the Masque looks sweet too.

@ Jpobrich: 470 points in 1 month, is that a record? And such a great standard, very neat =)))

@ Swifty2: That is one badass model with a badass paintjob

@ Overty_Spy (again): Well well, quite the worker =) The Stingwings are looking superb.. will you actually field them? ;)

@ Jullevi: Too bad about the Joker now, but you do have talent. Those Fire Dragons look smooth, I like the bases a lot too.

@ Edzard: hey thats me =)

@ Razormasticator: Nice Commissar, I have that model twice and it is one of my favourite GW models.
The tank looks amazing, white is a hatefull colour to paint.. but you pull it off.

@ Rabid Monkey: Wow, now those are some great looking Marines. How did you do the blue?

@ Fredmans: I have NEVER seen those models before, they look very good! Especially the dark red ones.

@ Solun Decius: That is really original having the frog patern on those, cool.

Phew, that was a write :D Well done everybody! The coming month I will finish 2 months worth of SoB (Seraphim & Canoness) for a tournament I am participating in =)

09-10-2008, 19:53
Edzard: I've been waiting for another Fallout 3 since "Van Buren" was cancelled. :D

Magos Explorator
09-10-2008, 20:03
This month I managed to complete a unit of Ratling Snipers (don't have the Codex to hand, but probably slightly shy of 100 points).



Time's been short this month (work and trips around the place), so that's all I've done. I also don't have an army shot, but there are pictures of other models in my blog (link in sig). The sculpts are still great, despite their comparative age, and being small meant they were quite fast to paint!

I'm quite pleased with how these guys worked out. Black undercoat, highlight through various browns, ink wash. I imagine Devlan Mud mixed with Badab Black would give a similar result. The only problem is the static grass sticking to the sergeant... perhaps he took a walk through the undergrowth! I think my photography is getting slightly better, too! No flash on these for once; I tried to use my lamp to get natural lighting (being autumn and working limits real daylight).

In the next few months (hopefully): some Sentinels and another Tech-Priest (with some servitors). I've decided that as my painting time is quite limited and I don't really play much, I may not go for a legal 1000 points but try to get ~100 points of stuff done each month.

09-10-2008, 20:11
Edzard: I've been waiting for another Fallout 3 since "Van Buren" was cancelled. :D

That makes 2 of us :p (I even bought that silly Xbox game called Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel..)

@ Magos Explorator: Funny models, cool that you actually managed to do the eyes :)

Magos Explorator
09-10-2008, 20:30
Edzard: They're small but worth it. :)

Also: I am keen to see Fallout 3, too! I imagine it's quite popular among people who like other sci-fi stuff like 40k.

09-10-2008, 20:38
@ Magos - cool looking ratlings, i love these models & the paint scheme is really nice, just get a paint brush & you'll be able to get those bits of static grass off the sergant

i can't wait for fallout 3, i've got the special edition on pre-order, i loved the first two so much & even enjoyed brotherhood of the steal (it's a good laugh if you play with a mate while drunk i assure you!), i hope to get lots of painting done before it's out as it will be taking over my life!!! (there's also fable 2, far cry 2 & dead space out this month - too many game, too little time!!!)

09-10-2008, 20:43
@ magos, those ratlings are some of the nicest I have seen. really good work.

09-10-2008, 20:47
I bought that PS2XBox Brotherhood game as well. Least said about it the better... Fallout: Tactics was good though.

I bought a new PC in readiness for this new one. Only cost my soul... :cries:

09-10-2008, 22:35
lol, i have been considering buying a new pc for ages, especially with fallout 3 & far cry 2 out so soon but i figured that as my 360 would run them perfectly & most games are only £30-£50 it would take a hell of a lot of games before i'd justified the outlay of a new pc!!! anyways, we digress from the thread!!

I didn't manage to get any painting done today due to the fact that i went out to do food shopping for the first time & it knackered me out so much i had to take a three hour nap afterwards!! As such i haven't managed to get any painting done so i'm gonna pull a joker this month. I think i'll get the miniatures done in the next few days but hopefully that'll give me plenty of time to get another 150-200 points done & then i can always double post next month to buy back the joker. On the plus side i've found a good alternative to the GW spray gun that never came out so i can start thinking about painting my tanks (and maybe using it for the crisis suits too).

EDIT - and would you believe it, the day i order the alternative spray gun i find out that GW's one is going to be released after all & next week at that! it's also going to be cheaper than the one i bought! god damn it!

10-10-2008, 13:24
ok guys (and gals?), since I couldn't contribute any painted miniatures this time, I can at least give you some comments, but first a little plan of what I'll be doing this month, I plan on finishing the primed bases and the heavy bolter squad, as well as attach all the base-less but otherwise finished models to their bases, and get going on the rocket launcher squad, if I manage to pitch in a chimera and/or commissar that wouldn't be too bad either

ok now to the comments:

@Khrangar: nice and clean paintjob you have there. looking forward to the chapter badge application

@fluffystuff: excellent shading, paintjob looks solid and still orky if you know what I mean

@kammek: good progress! also one must love the AoBR miniatures

@plantagenet: nice yellow-tone on your fists, I guess it is pretty difficult to get the right kind of shiny

@jim: good to know that one can have a good looking pre heresy army without the upscaling

@overt spy: really interesting to see the AoBR smurfs look convincing for other chapters as well, nice paintjob

@Chicken Funk: cool how you used the fantasy black orcs for the conversions, like it a lot

@everyone else: also great work, I just couldn't take the time to comment on every single painter, but congratulations to everyone who is not as lazy as me (on the painting-front at least)

10-10-2008, 18:06
I collected the mini's I will be painting this month, 10 Seraphim & a Canoness.. I still have to strip some paint from a few of them.. it will probably be a hard job finishing them all in time :P the 8th of next month is the tourney where I am bringing them..

The boyz
11-10-2008, 09:22
@ Magos Explorator, Nice work on those Ratling's, they look great. I really like the paint scheme.

11-10-2008, 12:24
I'm afraid I have to use a joker as well. I got off to a good start (see accompanying pics), but then I had a lot of work so the painting stopped completely.

So, how would this system of earning jokers back, work? If you paint double your points in a month you get one back?

Well, I'll be trying to earn one back in oktober.

Here's what I managed to do so far:


The plan was to paint Corbulo and 5 marines, but I got trapped halfway.

11-10-2008, 12:36
Hello, First of all sorry about month 1 for one reason or another I didn't manage to get the pictures online in time. Although they were painted I will have to use up a Joker for month 1 and post everything I have done now.

TOTAL PAINTING FOR SEPTEMBER: 140pts (Chaos lord with daemon weapon)


Iron Warriors, I used to play Iron Warriors back in the day but gave up 40k around 4th edition.

I replaced all the bolt pistols with bolt guns as I was trying to figure a way of getting all the kit the CSM come with on the model, In the end I decided I would not a able to and will do this unit with bolter/CCW the next pistols/CCW and the last just bolter this will give me all the options and should hopefully silence the WYSIWYG crowd.

The champion has been given a rather oversized combi flamer but I think he just about carry s it off.

All the basic marines have horned helms while special marines have not-horned helms this will help me quickly sort them for allocating wounds.

Its a mix of brass, chainmail and gold. The whole model is coated in Devlan mud, this is my first use of the new washes and I have to say they are fantastico.

Basic sand .... Bestial brown with a bleached bone dry brush.
Goblin green paint is used to stick the flock down and the rims are black.

I am happy enough with the unit but the chaos lord will be having his hammer replaced with something that will come from a box bought later in the tail.

High - I like how the metal turned out for such a simple method and how the hazard strips look.

Low – Getting those bloody hazard strips in a straight line I'm still not 100% happy but I'm sure with more practise Ill get better at it.

Low – The lords weapon, for some reason I just could not paint it to look good, so have decided to take it off in a few months when I get some parts from another kit.






11-10-2008, 13:37
@ Lardidar. Really nice painting there, the metallics look very realistic. I agree, the new washes are fantastic, especially on metallics. The champion has a nice pose which makes him look like he's struggling to lift the combi flamer, I think you pulled it off quite well. As for the lord, I think he needs to be holding the hammer further down the shaft, to balance his pose out a bit ,oh and remember to paint the rivets on his tabard;)

Dunno if it's your lighting, but they appear to have a bluish/purple wash in the second and third photo, very similiar to heat-treated stainless steel.

11-10-2008, 14:17
Well I'm guessing I'm too late by now, not having a camera of my own is a gripe. So looks like a joker for me this month, but I'll be earning it back! :)

11-10-2008, 16:55
@ Badgobbla - good looking WIP shots. I think McMullet has OK'd a buying joker back scheme as that's what a few people (including me) are doing when they've only fallen a little behind & know they can catch back up & save those jokers for months when they really have no time at all to paint

@ Lardidar - awesome looking Iron Warriors, excellent painting skills & the new washes certainly seem to have done a good job on them

12-10-2008, 00:37
Today saw me start to put my first squad together in about 6 years.

Lotsa fun but the mold lines on a few of the models were horrific. Given its my first attempt to remove the mold lines aswell i'm not too sure how they'll turn out. If it ever stops raining hopefully i'll be able to get them undercoated and see how they turn out.

Failing that though i'll probably just work on my scheme a little bit with some OLD 2nd ed boxed set minis that have been undercoated black since i last undercoated a model. Aound 6 years lol.

@Jonahmaul. Alundra is a damn fine game, damn fine. One of my fav ps1 games for sure.

12-10-2008, 08:58
@ Ocid - yeah, it is awesome, i haven't actually played it for over a week as i've been playing on my 360 since i got home but i'll be picking it up again soon. I'm playing it on the PSP so it actually looks really good too because it's on a small screen. The reason i bought a PSP is to play old PS1 games so i've been enjoying the delights of Suikoden & Vandal Hearts all over again as well as having Alundra, Breath of Fire games etc. to play!

12-10-2008, 11:44
@ Ocid - i know what you mean , i´ve been working for 2 days now to get this together:http://i524.photobucket.com/albums/cc329/agio65/wh40k/DSCI0195.jpg
best reminder imo why GW needs to redoe the greater deamons asap.

By the way i wanted to say thank´s for not sending the rain into my area before the base is dry and i can prime :D:angel:

12-10-2008, 14:20
Righto then, I should've posted to close submissions for the month last week, but I forgot, so I'll accept all the stuff that's been posted over the last couple of days for this month. ;) Next month though, let's try to get everything in by the 7th.

Now, let's say everything REALLY is done for the month - everyone else gets a joker (sorry). I'll update the first post (please check it in case I've made a mistake, or rather in case the inevitable mistakes pertain to you).

Edzard: Good job getting the sisters done. They look great, very colourful.

razormasticator: That's more than enough for a month's painting mate. :) The tank looks excellent already, can't wait to see it done.

Rabid Monkey: Excellent blue on the Ultras, it's very smooth and rich. Did you use the new washes? I think what you've done comes in around 165 points so I'll put that down for the moment.

Earthbeard: 'Tis done.

Fredmans: Those nid beasties look awesome. I've looked over the old books and I always dismissed things like them as classic, but silly looking models. The way you've painted them they look great, really natural-looking (as far as nids can be) but still colourful.

Solun Decius: Good to see you're still finding some time for painting! Stealers are looking excellent.

agio65: Good to see you're getting some work done already (I haven't even thought about what I'll paint yet...). The Trukk looks good.

Magos Explorator: Excellent job on the Ratlings, they look very cute. :p

Badgobbla: Looks like you've got a good start for next month anyway - the priest dude looks very good.

Lardidar: Nice work, the metals look very smooth. It makes a nice change to see clean, bright Iron Warriors instead of dirty, weathered, rusty ones (not that there's anything wrong with rusty IW of course...). I like the way you've snook the yellow and black into unusual places as well.

Everyone: Keep up the good work.

Also: EARNING BACK JOKERS: Yes, all you have to do is paint double points for next month. It's that simple.

12-10-2008, 19:50
I should have commented earlier and I'm not going to comment on everyone's handy work except to say that there are some really great armies out there and everyone should be well proud of what they've done so far.

Some specific comments -
@McMullet - Many thanks for sterling work as always organising everything, it is very much appreciated. One thing though, since updating the list you have me as a no show this month. Please check post #36. You commented on them in post #73 and yes the photos are a bit dark, hope to do something about that next month.

@Overt_Spy - thanks for your comments. I think you've done a great job with the salamanders and vespid.
@Solun Decius - thanks hope to do something about those photos next month.
@Jonahmaul - Thank you.
@Ocid - I've thought about doing all Nurgle and while I will have some really foetid interpretations of daemons of other powers I think to keep up the painting it just won't be possible. Besides which I've got some of the first edition flamers that I think are just amazing.
@Edzard - Thanks

If I've missed anyone who commented on my daemons then sorry and thank you.

Progress this month is ok. Going for the Bloodletters as I said before. I've got about 75% done on 3 more to go with the test one, so I will need to get a bit of a shift on, possibly using the 1st and 2nd of November to finish off.

Keep up the good work evryone!

12-10-2008, 20:18
@ Ocid - i know what you mean , i´ve been working for 2 days now to get this together
best reminder imo why GW needs to redoe the greater deamons asap.

By the way i wanted to say thank´s for not sending the rain into my area before the base is dry and i can prime :D:angel:

Never tried putting together a greater daemon before. Maybe if i ever do that Deathguard army i've always had niggling at the back of my mind. However if it was anything like the tac squad i've just done i think the warp would take my now fragile little mind. Nice work so far anyhow look forward to seeing it done.

Glad i could be of some help atleast in keeping the rain away from you.

12-10-2008, 20:29
So let me get this straight...

the Submissions from September to october are done and now we are working from October to November 7th?

I've really made a doozie so I'll try and make it up by doing these Deathwing marines.

12-10-2008, 21:02
@McMullet - Many thanks for sterling work as always organising everything, it is very much appreciated. One thing though, since updating the list you have me as a no show this month. Please check post #36. You commented on them in post #73 and yes the photos are a bit dark, hope to do something about that next month.

Sterling organisation indeed. :p I've fixed that now.

Obviously this was a deliberate mistake to ensure that you were all paying attention. Well spotted! :angel:

So let me get this straight...

the Submissions from September to october are done and now we are working from October to November 7th?

I've really made a doozie so I'll try and make it up by doing these Deathwing marines.

Yup, and yup. I'm afraid you missed the boat this month. Hope to see you during October. :)

13-10-2008, 11:12
Sorry I havent been able to post anything for this or Start painting. I got a new job in September. (well the person that got the job in apirl quit and they needed a quick replacement and I was dumb enough to take) So now that everything has settled down with that I have finally got around to being able to paint. So I would I still be able to play my jokers for the first two months and rush something in for the 7th of November? if so can I change my army to Witch Hunters?


13-10-2008, 11:31
Yep, no worries. :)

I'll update the first post.

13-10-2008, 13:44
Apoligies to everyone that enjoyed my painting but i have to pull out. I have 1001 points of Wood elves (lotr that is about 90 models) to get done (i'm going for best painted) before the end of December and a lot of presents/display models before Christmas. :'(

I promise that i will be in the next one and will get a marine army completly finished. I will also have a definate colour scheme then as well.... :'(

Good luck and i will still follow everyones elses army progress.

13-10-2008, 14:48
Yes, finally a fellow Witch Hunter :) Good luck ShotAtDawn.

Edit: not worth any points but I think it turned out pretty cool, my objective markers: http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z199/Edzard1986/Warhammer/IMG020.jpg

13-10-2008, 23:07
@Badgobbla - Doing Fleshtearers? They are damn fine. Actually making me reconsider the red scheme i thought i had settled on.

@Lardidar - Nice clean IW. Something you don't see too often.

@Edzard - Cool objective markers. What they made from?

Well with it not raining today but being so windy priming is still proving to be a failure. Tommorow maybe?

Anyways decided that i'd paint up my foot slogging chappy this morning if only to feel like i was getting something done. Spent most of the day on him and was actually quite proud of what i'd done to him though not great by any means. Was good to paint to something up fully rather than playing around with some test schemes. However about an hour ago decided i had a better idea. Change wargear, paint scheme and a converted crozius. 5 mins later he found himself in a bath of paint stripper.

Regretting it now lol.

Chicken Pig
14-10-2008, 11:19
Am I too late? Ah who cares, here goes:


THIS mONTH: Dreadnought with multi melta, Captain with Relic Blade and Artificer armour.


BACKGROUND/THEME: Doom Eagle Space Marines.

BUILD/CONVERSION:Dark Angels Grand master with head swap, Dreadnought straight from AOBR.

PAINTING:Mithril Silver, badab black wash and lovely lovely blood red detailing.

BASING: Sand and static grass. Drybrushed black to codex grey to skull white.


HIGHS AND LOWS: Being away from my camera so I was not able to get the pictures up on time. I am loving my Space Marines so much that I am in a quandry as to whether to abandon the tale and make a 2000 point army in less than a month or so. Any hints/tips/suggestions or advice is welcome:





14-10-2008, 11:45
liamrob: Sorry to lose you mate, good luck with the woodies.

Edzard: Nice objective markers!

Ocid: Ouch. Well, that's certainly very dedicated...

Am I too late?
Yus, I'm afraid so. You'll have to save that lot up for next month. Lookin' good though. :)

Chicken Pig
14-10-2008, 11:52
Oh well, consider me withdrawn from the tale then.

14-10-2008, 12:31
You don't need to drop out Chicken Pig, just count as using a joker & then buy it back next month by double posting, that's what i'm doing this month as i just didn't have time to paint. Would be a shame to lose your stuff from the Tale as it's excellent

Chicken Pig
14-10-2008, 12:35
It is not that really JonahMaul (on reflection my last post looks like I am throwing a hissy fit and taking my ball home). As alluded in my post I may move my Marines to a log of their own where I can progress more quickly. In all honesty I already have a Terminator Squad painted up and half a tactical squad. I am just progressing a lot faster with my Marines than I ever imagined.

14-10-2008, 12:51
Oh dear, I've been so busy not-painting lately, I wonder if I'll manage to pull it off this month. Luckily I don't have much to paint, but still. If not for the tale, I'm sure I wouldn't finish them anytime soon. Hopefully I'll get back on track and manage to paint something special I've planned for halloween, too.

Anyhow, here's what's done so far, a little paint on the freebooter ride. Still needs red wings (to keep with the garish scheme of the infantry), lots of rusty metal and some details.


And here's something I baked while bored.


What does this have to do with minis? Absolutely nothing, but they turned out yummy. :p

14-10-2008, 12:58
Chicken Pig: Indeed, you can always post double next month if you like - but if you're getting along faster than 200 a month then you don't really need the ToP deadline hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles. I do, that's why I'm here, and that steady (and enforced :p) progress is the idea behind the ToP, which is why I'm being a bit stricter about the deadline.

Anyway, if you want to stay in (even if you think you might finish a bit sooner) that's fine by me. You might suddenly lose all motivation to paint tomorrow, in which case the tale might be of more use to you... If you finish your whole army in the next 3 days, well, happy days.

Discord: Nice job on the Landa, looking forward to seeing it done (I'll be doing one in a couple of months I guess). Look like nice pastries as well.

14-10-2008, 13:52
mmmm pastries

14-10-2008, 14:06
Nice pastries, cool marines too especially the El Capitano, he looks mighty.
Also that Ork shuttle will turn out great no doubt :)

My objective markers are normal 25mm bases with Rhino door decorations painted in Bronze with 2 washes (Gryphonne Sepia & Delvan Mud) Glad you like them, I am really satisfied with them too :) Maybe if I can get a hold of more of those decorations I can use them as Faith Points..

I have nearly finished my first Seraphim, and she will turn out fine. Same scheme as the normal sisters, a little more bronze & metal. I redid her base, as those floppy "look at me not fly" metal struts look pretty ridiculous.

Picture up tonight hopefully :)

I have a game tomorrow, 500pts of SoB.. that will be awesome!

14-10-2008, 15:10
OK. Last month is a wrap-up. Good to see that so many of us managed to follow-up last month's effort, and if I may say so, in such splendid style. There are armies in this tale that simply make my jaw drop. This year's tale looks really promising, both in level of painting, but also in character.

I want to share a few comments, questions, praise, suggestions and impressions much in the style of last month to everyone that managed to submit in time:

Häxjägare: The tank looks really good, the metal parts look suitably dusty and dirty. Red can be a bit of a hassle, but it looks good nonetheless. It is difficult to paint on black and even more difficult to highlight (you do not want to go pink). It feels like some parts could use a little more definition to make them stand out more, like the khorne brass icon on the side of the vehicle. A thinned-out wash of brown or red/brown would make it stand out against the red (like the icon on the dozer blade, which looks great).

Discord: I love your orks, and the freebooterz have a special place in my heart. Are you planning a "jolly ork" landa as well? It looks like it, and I would certainly use one in an ork list. When my two epic armies are finished, I intend to paint up my orks, and I am thinking of a goff landa with extra nobz. Your BFG ships look great too. I love the Imperial paint scheme. For the Chaos fleet, I eagerly await your possessed ships. You are a great painter with a knack for conversions.

Khrangar: Welcome to the tale. Good-looking Terminators. Both the white and purple look great. Do you intend to reverse the colours for your regular marines and paint the Terminators like a deathwing?

fluffystuff: Your orks look great. I love the tongues and checker pattern shootas. Keep it up. You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

kammek: Wow. The Ork team certainly looks strong this year. I love those biker boyz and the warboss looks spectacular. No criticism, just keep on painting.

Norsehawk: First of all, I am impressed with the standard of all three armies. Some models stand out for me. I love the dreadnought. It has a certain rugged look to it. As for the Tau, I think the suits look good. They have a distinctive working colour scheme. But the work of the month for me (as for last month) is your daemons. Your flamers have that spooky, irreal feeling to them. If I would have to add some criticism, your Tau look a little "dry", or "dusty", but that may just be the picture or even the primer.

Pite: If the Vindicator was your first vehicle, this cannot have been your first dreadnought. Great job, and I like the base too.

Plantagenet: That yellow paint job is great, and I think you use red, black and metal as contrast colours in an extraordinary way. This will be a treat for the eye.

Hauk: Another excellent Dreadsmurf. Great detail on both the librarian and the dreadnought. Also, great free hand texts on the dread's right side. However, the I:s and II:s (?) on the left arm could use a little trimming with a fine detail brush and some blue paint.

Jim: I love the way you pose your marines to make them individual. It really gives them that something extra. Great mix of bloodstains and mud, and you have got some simple, yet really effective conversions going on.

darkstonelich: At first, I had to get used to the idea of red nurgle marines, but now I really like it. I also like that you did not compensate for it, by painting the icon green. I gather you plan to assemble and paint five squads in the same way, and I think it will work out well. The models are neatly painted, and the rhino looks really crisp. My only concern is if they are too neat for emerging from the eye of terror? The magnetized chaos sorceror/lord is a very clever way of getting the most out of the box.

Zujara: I love the warm, yet nasty feeling your colour scheme convey. And the old school zoanthrope looks great in it. My only concern is the green glands (?) toxin sacks (?) on the broodlord's talon elbows. I think the green colour looks a bit out of place, and I would suggest a colour that works better with the other colours, like the tongue, for instance, which looks great.

playwithbob: *sniff* now, that is a land raider.

lonepilgrim: Your painting is awesome. On the other hand, I agree that the mud mix would have been that little "extra". If you would not have used it last month, I never would have missed it. Now, I find myself looking for it.

Doctor P: The suits work great with the stealth suits. I love the way they float and I think they show off your painting skills better than the stealth suits did. On the other hand, the stealth suits suddenly look a lot more "stealthier" when seen in the army shot. Great work.

Overt_Spy: Great Captain. However, I have to agree that the skin looks "funny". It is a good thing that most of your marines will have their helmets on. Your Vespids look great to me. To be honest, I have never liked the models before, but your paint job has changed my mind.

BLARGAG!!! Painted tanks look great. On the taking pictures issue, try getting as many lamps as you can gather and let them light up your miniatures. If it is too dark, the flash will mess up your picture (like the first one). In the second picture, it looks like your own shadow. As a result, your camouflage pattern looks to bright in the first. If the "real-life" pattern looks more like in the second picture, I think it looks great. If it looks like in the first, I think it is too bright.

agio65: Your ork army is shaping up nicely. I love that you use brown in your shading of ork skin. The rust and dirt looks great too. Simply put, another great ork contribution. Your daemons look great, too. You are really good at painting colourfully, something that is hard to achieve. The only part of your daemons that I think look weird is the Soulgrinders tongue. It is a bit too red for me.

McMullet: I love your Sunz, the old school paint scheme and the details are simply amazing. Cannot wait for next month. Great use of the old Spleenrippa as well.

Catferret: Nothing but praise from me. The Marines are great, but how many of these do you intend to paint? Great poses, great weapons and great painting.

Sheena Easton: The conversion is great, but I think the paint work does not really do it justice. I would reduce the number of colours. Obviously, blue has to stay, but I would try to make it darker (inks or washes). Then I would keep red (after all, there is a little Evil Sun within every Ork) and instead remove the greens. Some parts could be metallic or grey as well. After all, there is an imperial vehicle somewhere beneath the improvements. This would "gritty" it down a little and make it look more orky, I think.

give_me_a_d: Great looking daemons. I like how you use different colours and still make them feel like units.

mrsurgeon (by proxy): Good-looking Assault Marines. I like the little details like the helmets and shoulder pads and the chaplain.

Chicken_Funk: The black orcs fit perfectly as nobz. Another great ork army. You all make me want to go green.

DarkstarSabre: The army looks more and more impressive with every creature. The carnifex looks great. I love the slime/blood.

bloodsbane: Somehow, the rushed paint job in itself looks suitably orky. I am sure it can be touched up, but they look great in the army shot.

Colonel Haizelhoff: Having scratchbuilt Ork vehicles myself (back in the days when White Dwarf provided the templates), I know the work that goes into them. In my experience, it is important to add bitz to them. Having a large bitz box is helpful, otherwise cutting out card rivets/imperial eagles etc is another way to improve the finished tank. Remember, anything can be everything as long as it is made of plastic or metal.

misterboff: Now your army looks twice as good as last month. Orks always look good in numbers.

Knighta: The power sword looks ace. The Grand Master as well. Cannot wait for you to paint the bases. Black bases + lots of metal make them look unfinished, even if they are not. I think they will look great when you are done.

aenimosity: Effective scheme, but I think the grey areas could do with another highlight. By the way, I think the carnifex is shaping up nicely.

olean: If black bases make the miniature look unfinished, red bases do the same to me. Otherwise, the red looks great and vibrant, which is a hard thing to achieve, and the rest of the paint job looks great, too.

spikyjames: What can I say? If I had Space Marines and could paint like you, you just copied my work and put it on the Internet.

jpobrich: That is a good paint scheme, and they look great in numbers. Eagerly awaiting characters, and some terminators perhaps?

swifty2: The paint job looks great. However, the finish looks somewhat glossy. Is that varnish?

jullevi: Great Fire Dragons. Eldar look great when well painted.

Edzard: The Sisters look great. Striking colour scheme for striking models. Keep it up.

razormasticator: I love superheavies. Seriously. Great contrast between the white paint and the weathered metal.

Rabid Monkey: Another Ultramarines Golden Demon army. Your army looks great.

Magos Explorator: I love the ratlings. Great miniatures, great paint job.

Lardidar: Fantastic paint job. Will follow your army with interest.

Some replies to comments on my work:
@Jonahmaul: Thank you. Will gribble further this month.
@The boyz: Thanks a lot. I love the synergy a persistent colour scheme with variations produces within an army.
@SolunDecius: Thank you, but remember, Tyranids do not defend honour, they devour the honorable. By the way, great frogs.
@agio65: Thank you. You should try to convince some friends to pick it up, and I also have to agree with both Discord and McMullet. Although tedious at times, it is surprisingly easy and rewarding to paint in 6mm scale.
@Edzard: The Tyranids were one of the last releases in the Epic: Space Marine era. The assault spawns were designed as Tyranid close assault tanks. I have seen an Armourcast (?) version of the Haruspex for 40K play.
@McMullet. I totally understand you. I, myself, have held them somewhat in disregard. I am glad my realistic intentions with them came through and I am pleased with the result.

@everyone: Good luck this month. I am busy finishing my Fantasy part of the tale, but will try to post an update of this month's work sometime next week.


14-10-2008, 18:01
Are you planning a "jolly ork" landa as well?

Yeah, the back side of the landa is black with the logo on both sides and I'll use the same colours as with the freebooters. Speaking of which, there was some stuff on tv just now and while I was sitting around and watching it, I nearly finished the landa as well. Just needed to kick myself back to work, it seems.

For the Chaos fleet, I eagerly await your possessed ships.

Sorry, I already finished the one I converted and aren't planning on doing anymore, I need some ships I can actually rely on, too! ;) For those of you who haven't seen it and are curious, it's in my painting thread (link in sig).

14-10-2008, 18:21
Hi all

just thought i'd show you all what i'm aiming to have done by the end of the month, hopefully i'll have a bit more done to.

Scout squad
these are almost finished:)

and the assault squad

I also have a squad of sternguard built so i'll be starting them as soon as i'm finished these 2 squads



14-10-2008, 18:32
I'm surprised those pastries haven't got Harry over here!!!

@ spikyjames - your marines are one of my favourite armies so i'm looking forward to seeing all that stuff painted

14-10-2008, 19:56
Fredmans: Glad you like the Orks. :)

spikyjames: Looking good so far, I like the silencers on the bolters.

Here's what I've decided on for this month:


A nice easy 360 points, which should leave me time for some Fantasy stuff too, as well as work...

14-10-2008, 21:21
Woot woot, WIP shots! My Seraphim looks like she is crying, and she probably will.. when I play a game.



9 more of these Battle B*tches to do =D

Also I will be painting:


And here a total of what I have now:


14-10-2008, 22:07
Those sisters look ace,

I always wanted to do an army of them but never got round to it, love the colour on yours.

14-10-2008, 22:16
Tossing y'all a bone here... this is a small sample of my 'working on' pile that I have, one of the chapter masters has yet to be based, and other figures are awaiting the rest of their squad to be painted before I add them into my painting log fully...


Row1: dev missile launcher, DA limited edition company master (iirc) 30 beakies for 30 bucks marine (old skool!) Former DA Standard bearer, now company champ or vet sarge (or something else entirely) AOBR Freebie Termie.

Row2: DA Company master, AOBR captain, 2 aobr tactical marines

Row3: 4x AOBR tactical marines

Row4: 2 AOBR Tac marines, Tac Missile Launcher, AOBR sarge

Clump at the end: 4 scouts (5th is somewhere on my desk) 3 assault marines, found the 4th after I took picture, still missing one. DA vet (aka vanguard/sternguard whichever one is the bolter carriers) (I plan on using DA vets for both (considering that I have 60 of them, mostly still on sprue)) 2 missile launcher guys, one of which was in row 1, and same company master.

Haven't started with Tau or daemons in a concentrated manner yet, might do fire warriors or pathfinders (sans fish) For Daemons, if I can find him, epidimus, skulltaker, or a box of 'nettes or 'letters, maybe screamers, plaguebringer command, or a combo.

Sheena Easton
14-10-2008, 22:37
I suppose I should make some comments about other people's work. Unfortunately, there are several posters whose submission pictures I am unable to view - I suspect I am adblocking something that has meant it is also adblocking your pictures so many apologies.

@ Häxjägare: Good job on the red - very crisp. The Marine looks great as well.

@ Discord: love these and a good job on putting so much detail into those tiny minis.

@ fluffystuff: Excellent stuff and great skin tone. You might want to try painting the body and arms seperate before glueing them together.

@ kammek: very nice - a good simple yet effective paint scheme and a lovely bright red.

@ plantagenet: Well done on the yellow.

@ Hauk: Stunning! You'll have to tell em how you did the battle damage / chipped paint on the Dread as I can never get it to work.

@ darkstonelich: Another very well done red army. I like the dynamic poses you have used as well.

@ Zujara: a different take on the Nids to the usual - but I like it. I'd perhaps give the claws / talons on the BL a bit more of a hightlight.

@ Playwithbob: Nicely done! I love the RT Marines and LR.

@ lonepilgrim: another brillaint red paintjob. I especially like the subtle weathering

@ Doctor P: nicely painted - very neat and clean.

@ Overt_Spy: Another fine model, love the story of how he got his name too. Looking forward to the rest of the Sallies

@ BLARGAG!!!: I love the colours and how they fade.

@ agio65: More Orky goodness. Love the Kopta. The Boyz are nicely painted but the skin looks a bit slimy to me.

@ McMullet: Love the details on the Nobz and the old Spleenrippa.

@ Catferret: very well painted, and I like the "glow" from the Plasma coils. I think a little bit of detail (on the Chests for example) would give them an extra "lift" and help you with the boredom.

@ Sheena Easton: repaint the crappy bitz with metals and greys and sort your riggerz out.

@ mrsurgeon: good job

@ Chicken_Funk: Excellent looking boyz. I'm not convinved at BO-as-Nobz at the best of times, but they seem to look alright.

@ DarkstarSabre: love the colour scheme and great highlights

@ bloodsbane: those look fantastic - the dirty yellow in particular

@ Colonel Haizelhoff: nice concept, but while the rest of it is nicely painted, I don't think the track guards look right - do they have sand on them?

@ misterboff: nice deathskulls

@ Knighta : very good. Love the detail on the cloak.

@ aenimosity: love the colours. Perhaps paint the claws to match the chest?

@ olean: good work

@ spikyjames: excellent job

@ agio65: sensational Masque. The green glowing eyes on the Defiler are brilliant. I'd remove the plants from the base and repaint them as they look to much like plastic fishtank bits.

@ jpobrich: Stunning paintjob

@ swifty2: Nice, I particularly like the banner, but he looks a bit glossy (I assume it was the flash)

@ Overt_Spy: I love Vespids. Great colour scheme and excellent job overall.

@ jullevi: lovely painting. Though the blue scarf on one looks a bit out of place.

@ Edzard: stunning looking Sisters. The highlights on the blue especially.

@ razormasticator: will comment on the tank when you've finished it. Love the Commisar - very strinking.

@ Rabid Monkey: brilliant work, very clean & crisp.

@ Fredmans: very nice - I love the way you have reversed the colour scheme for each brood.

@ Magos Explorator: I love the Ratling models and you have done a fantastic job on them

Again, apologies to those who I didn't comment on as I can't see your pictures for some strange reason which I will try to fix.


Thanks to all those who made comments: I shall reply to a few:

Sheena Easton - Definitely has the feeling of a looted ork vehicle, but methinks it could use some more Deathskullz grubbins. For example, where's the green? The death skulls may think blue a lucky colour, but still there's something to be said from the old Ork montra that "Greenz iz da best." I'm looking forward to see what else your Deathskulls steal... I mean scrounge up ;)

Ta. I plan on adding a few more gubbinz as well as a skull glyph to the front. There is already green on the sides which I'm going to repaint grey / gunmetal.

@Sheena: looted wagon looks good. Very orky in that it looks like its been bashed together.

Thanks. I didn't want to do the usual LR with shootas swapped for HB and a grot stuck on.

Sheena Easton: The conversion is great, but I think the paint work does not really do it justice. I would reduce the number of colours. Obviously, blue has to stay, but I would try to make it darker (inks or washes). Then I would keep red (after all, there is a little Evil Sun within every Ork) and instead remove the greens. Some parts could be metallic or grey as well. After all, there is an imperial vehicle somewhere beneath the improvements. This would "gritty" it down a little and make it look more orky, I think

I agree, the paint job really is terrible, but that was my own fault for trying to rush it in to meet a deadline instead of going for a few Boyz to get my hand in first. I can't see the red staying at all as it looks far too pink. The Greens and lighter blues will be repainted grey / similar to the Boomgun at some stage. Thanks for the advice.

15-10-2008, 00:08
@McMullet: Heh! dedication or just plain stupidity? Having had a day to think about it i think the idea may not be as great as i had initially thought. I'll wait and see though. Probably put him together tommorow.

Hoping to get some PIP shots up in the next day or two to give everyone a good larf at my painting. Stopped raining around an hour ago so i'm praying it stays dry till the morning so i can get these guys primed and some paint slapped on them.

15-10-2008, 00:32
Ocid: Nothing stopping you spraying at this time. Just stand at your front door with the light on. I do it all the time. :D

You have to take any opprtunity as it presents itself in Scotland. :D

15-10-2008, 01:06
Hah you know Meowth(Catferret) that sort of idea never even crossed my mind. Now that you mention it however it seems so damn obvious.

I'll go get that done just now. Cheers for the tip.

15-10-2008, 01:33
It's not like there's much else to do at this time of night. Well, aside from sleeping I suppose...

In other news, I have almost finished November's model already. WiP pics in my log. Means I can make a start on some other random projects.

15-10-2008, 02:45
First of all,

to all commentators: Thanks for the feedback, I'm definitely going to look into the skin on my Salamanders, however, I'm doing a five man squad for the next update, so I don't have to work with skin, but when I get some free time, I'll play around with it.*

As for my Tau, I've made some work on the Shas'O and one of his Shas'Vre body guards. Pics:

Here's the commander by hisself, I constructed him a few months ago, and I don't like the pose, but I'm not about to dismantle the whole thing to change it. It's nice and dignified, as the leader should be.

His bodyguard is already much better posed, my second time pinning models, I like the effect it's having so far.

Nice not to feel totally rushed when working on my Tau, I just don't look forward to the month I paint 15 kroot and 6 hounds, or the 20 remaining fire warriors.

* This is all subject to change, yes, fickle thy name is me. It seems Salamanders have shot up in popularity recently with the release of C:SM, and there may be a few people (or more than one) starting up in the club I'm going to be attending. If this is the case, I'll pick another chapter, so as to remain suitably underground and unique :p The question remains, what chapter? Well, we'll just have to see, but once I decide, I will truly stick with it, and change....... "never more." :D

15-10-2008, 08:39
@ McMullet - that is a nice easy effort to get painted this month so I expect to see a lot of work on your Stegadon over on TOFP!

@ Edzard - very nice so far, i really like your army & am looking forward to seeing some more from you

@ Norsehawk - i know how you feel about in progress stuff, my desk is littered with it! Hope you get your stuff done soon & looking forward to seeing pictures

@ Ocid/Catferret - I live in Wales so it's always raining here too so I often spray just inside the house spraying to the outside, i really should buy a mask to protect myself a little bit! I've just bought a basic airbrush too but that really needs it to stop raining as takes a bit more time to use

@ Overt_Spy - nice painting on the commander but what's happened to his head?!

15-10-2008, 09:47
@Sheena Easton: Why thank you! How I did the battle damange is quite easy. I have no grey coloured paints, so I added some Skull White into some Chaos black until it was grey enough. Then I painted the area's on the model that were likely to get worn in battle blah blah etc. Then when all that was done, I painted inside the battle damage with Boltgun metal to make it look metallic.

@McMullet: Hey man. I picked up the new codex yesterday so I'll add up the right points for my progress so far.

WIP pics of my Command Squad to come later on.



15-10-2008, 11:24
Got stuff undercoated this morning so hopefully painting will begin shortly.

Jonah wha!?!? You need to use an airbrush outside? Got myself one aswell earlier in the year and haven't used it yet but i thought that you could just use it inside provided you wore a mask.

Or is it just your preference to do it outside?

15-10-2008, 14:21
@Sheena Easton- thank you and your right the plants are plastic and not painted jet .
@ Norsehawk - i like this bone :D
@ Edzard - the sisters do really come along nicely ; and good luck for the game.
@ McMullet - if everything goes as planned i paint next month what i assambed during this month .
@ Fedmans - around here FOW and this
is en vouge .
@ Jonahmaul / Ocid - i also prime at the open window

@ everyone else keep it coming.;)

15-10-2008, 15:57
@ Overt_Spy - nice painting on the commander but what's happened to his head?!

Oh that, I just don't really care for the proper 'square' heads, so I used an idea I saw in an old White Dwarf, where they used the multi-tracker bit for a head. I think it looks better, plus all my suits use the multi-tracker, so it's still keeping in WYSIWYG.

Although, with regards to WYSIWYG, I was hoping I could get away with keeping the shield drone on his shoulder, I mean, technically you can't specifically target the shield drone, and no matter what it would protect the suit, basically it's just adding an extra wound. I'll probably just paint up another drone, just in case.

15-10-2008, 20:55
@ Ocid - i don't have any sort of station for airbrushing or a mask which is why i chose to do it outside. it does spray all over the place so unless you've got some sort of station for catching the excess I would spray outside (although you also have to factor in the wind factor not just the rain!). on the positive note i seemed to have cleared some sort of blockage that was in my nozzle so i'm hoping to have a better experience with my airbrush next time i get a chance to use it!!

@ Overt_Spy - fair enough, i'm a big fan of the square heads but that definately seems like a good alternative. They may be arsey with you in a tournament but if I were you & I put that on the table & someone said I couldn't use it as a drone I'd be picking my army back up & refusing to play such a k**b!!

15-10-2008, 21:34
I thought I'd update this as it's been some time but I have had other things going.
So first of all the commander and dread are pretty much done. Commander needs some work on the flag, bolter and head. Then they both need basing. I'm also working on a 1500 Deathwing force which pretty much involves painting 20 Deathwing Termies...NOT FUN!





15-10-2008, 21:35
And then the deathwing...My aim is to paint the first 8 'bog standard' termies and then work on the other specialists later.


Here's the first two. They look ok but I need to try and smooth the bone out and perhaps make them a little cleaner. I don't Know what to do afterwards though, perhaps a highlight of white mixed with bone. Then the minor details.

...and then these 6 dudes.

16-10-2008, 02:49
Sam, you've got me down for a no show on month 2, but I posted up a unit of daemons, it's right there in post 156 of last months thread. Perhaps I was too late for them to be included.
I have models ready for this month, is it too late to post them up to be included, if so put me down for a joker and I'll do a bumper submition next time.

16-10-2008, 10:09
Eh up Kenny, Month 2 stuff was meant to be posted in this thread, during the first week of the month. ;) I probablyh missed your stuff or thought it was a WiP.

Month 3 isn't due until the 1st-7th of November so you've plenty of time. I'll dig out your stuff from the last thread and update the first post.

MistaGav: Making good progress on the Termies there :)

Blagrot Squigbreff
16-10-2008, 10:23
I meant to do this earlier but forgot, sorry.


I put 3 fingers out of joint in an accident and I'm only just getting the full movement back in 2 of them, fortunately I did paint half the entry last month so finishing it should be straight forward :).

16-10-2008, 17:57
Huh, a few days ago I wasn't sure if I'd manage to finish my stuff and today they're all painted and photographed, ready for the next thread. Funny how that goes.

16-10-2008, 22:05
Gah thought i was going to be able to post a PIP pic tonight but disaster struck while painting. In that nothing went right tonight.

Paint was either too thin or to thick. Looked funny when going on then when attempting to highlight the colours didn't mix properly and left different coloured streaks. Don't know what the problem was. Might have been because i was trying out Vallejo paints tonight rather than GW ones. Going to give it another go tommorow however with GW paints and see how that turns out.

Hopefully much better than todays efforts :(

17-10-2008, 06:27
@Ocid: I have converted to Vallejo myself, mostly for the bottles. You have to shake them a lot, 10 seconds upside down, and then 10 seconds right side up. Then your consistency problem should disappear.


17-10-2008, 09:39
Fredmans is correct about the Vallejo bottles, shake them upside down and right side up, hold them at the nozzle and really swing it.

My vacation started today so I will have some well deserved time to really get CRACKIN' :)

17-10-2008, 11:10
You can also carefully pry off the nozzle and add a small piece of scrap pewter into the bottle to act as an agitator which really can help a lot. The tops are designed to come off but you have to wiggle them a bit back and forth to get them off.

17-10-2008, 11:24
i'm slowly starting to go over to vallejo when my GW paints are running out (except foundation paints or where i've already started an army in one colour). I'm hoping to have almost 500 points of Tau to post this month (i only posted 120 first month but i'm hoping to get 2000 points done by end of the Tale & i'm buying back my joker from last month). My etheral went really badly so is waiting for paint stripper but i rarely use them in game so i'm not overly concerned.

I've got 3 stealth suits done & plan on doing another 3 & my airbrushing is coming on a bit better now (managed to clear a blockage) so i'll have a couple of piranhas, a crisis commander & a hammerhead basecoated ready to chose from to recieve painting treatment. I am somewhat aghast on the amount of paint you actually need though (i've already used a whole pot of denheb stone & haven't even finished basecoating what i've got) & i definately need to invest in a compressor soon (i was waiting until i was a bit more experienced using it but it seems that i'm gonna need the compressor to get that experience!)

17-10-2008, 16:11
Sorry gents I'm going to have to withdraw from the tale... my working situation is so messed up right now so I'm unlikely to get around to painting...

Sorry again gents

17-10-2008, 20:33
No worries Sam, you should no be now nothing ever goes to plan for me. I'll get my stuff in on time next month.

17-10-2008, 21:01
Wow thanks for all the tips of the Vallejo paints guys. Much appreciated. I'll add the scrap piece of pewter aswell to a few of the bottles to see if that helps. As i think one of the problems with them was that they have been sitting unopened for almost a year now. :eek: and the mixing agent?? (not entirely sure what it is tbh. White/clearish stuff) was sitting ontop of the pigment. I shook them for about a minute yesterday and thought i had managed to mix it all back in.

However this morning when i took a look at the bottles again it was sitting back ontop. Will the bit of pewter help mixing this all back in or do i need new paints? Also just read in the general MP&T bit that Vallejo's don't need thinned as much a GW's paints do.

Once again thanks for all the tips and i'll be putting them to use tommorow.

On another note however after yesterday i'm not entirely sold on the paint scheme i was thinking of initially. Not sure if it was just because of yesterday. Will be giving it another go of course but i've got another 3 test models lined up to try out a new one i thought of along with 2 schemes i've seen before and liked.

Hopefully be able to find something i like shortly so i can get something done for next month or i'm afraid i'll need to drop out of the To40kP :(

EDIT: Good to see you cleared that blockage Jonah. Look forward to seeing how the airbrush is working out for you.

17-10-2008, 22:37
Blagrot Squigbreff: Thanks for checking in. :)

Discord: good to hear you're as organised as ever.

Ocid: I think the others have it covered, Vallejo paints are good but the shaking issue can be a pain. Often the nozzle gets a bit clogged and then all the shaking in the world won't help the few drops of acrylic medium (the white stuff) and pigment trapped in the end. I find you can usually see whether it's mixed well by looking at the nozzle after shaking: If the colour is uniform you're probably OK. If not, stick a bit of wire down the hle and have a good root around. This happens a lot with paints that've been left for a while.

Jonahmaul: Sounds like a big month for the Tau!

Zilgorn_Zeypher: Fair enough, good luck with the real life stuff. :)

kenny3760: Ain't that the truth! :D I guess as long as it doesn't end up with you walking down a trunk road at 4AM everything's going well... Don't sweat it though mate, you did better than the hundred or so people who didn't manage to post anything at all - in fact you were early...

I've primed my stuff for the month now, and made a start on a Stompa:


Bit rough for the moment but OK for half an hour's work.

18-10-2008, 14:17
ReaperOfSouls - Shame about jokering, Tyranids are one of my favorite armies, and I enjoyed your earthy scheme. Better luck with next month, those rippers look like it'll be a promising update.

Glad you like the scheme and I hope you are right about the update. In any case I'm starting to pick up some speed again so i should be able to finish this months share at least.

@ReaperOfSouls: What's the point cost of that swarm ? 10 pts? Nice paintjob though, and hopefully we can both earn back our joker.

I'm actually gonna be a bit tricky and play them as armed with spine fists. With one spine ripper per base it should be ok with wysiwyg imo if I tell my opponent. Next batch of swarms will get enhanced senses scuplted them aswell, which should put them all at 12 points a base iirc.

ReaperOfSouls: Looking forward to the rest of the Rippers.

Might have to wait a bit longer as I'm focusing on bigger stuff this month. ;)

OK.............my top 3....
ReaperOfSouls, lonepilgrim, spikyjames ( my favourite for this month).

I'm flattered, but I'm not sure I deserve it as I only managed to almost finish 12 points this month...

And now some proof that I'm back to work again. Here is a wip picture of Rob, the tyrant guard. More pics can be found in my log.


18-10-2008, 17:36
Thanks to everyone who commented on my Landraider. It does look pretty nifty and I can't wait to get it on the tabletop. I haven't varnished it yet so I may yet go back and add the 'mud mix' to the tracks.

It may have to wait a bit, though, because I've signed up to The Gauntlet tournament on the 23rd of October so I'm trying to put together 1000 points of painted Blood Angels. I've ploughed straight on with another 5 Tactical marines which will go toward my third month's contribution, and I'll add that to a few other models I had already painted.

Anyway, since I got some good feedback I thought it would only be fair to comment on the other models that have stood out for me so far.

@Discord - Great Orks! Stripey trousers on 6mm figures? Are you insane?

@Fluffystuff - more great Orks. Really nice skintones.

@plantagenet - Seriously cool yellow!

@Jim - One of my gaming buddies has some pre-heresy World Eaters too. Great colour scheme. I particularly like the gore.

@olean - Another BA painter. Nice Termies!

@spikyjames - Stunning Ultramarines. That Drop Pod looks like a ridiculously detailed kit.

@Rabid Monkey - More well painted Ultramarines. The group shot looks fantastic.

@Badgobbla - Keep on keeping on. Nice highlighting and shading on the greys. I'm looking forward to seeing that finished Corbulo.

18-10-2008, 18:09
A very brief update today. I have finished the first Scout. It's been a while since I painted one, so this was mostly an exercise to see what colours I wanted on the pants, holster and other accessories. I am pleased with this guy and I hope the others turn out just as well.


18-10-2008, 20:52
Great Orks! Stripey trousers on 6mm figures? Are you insane?

Come on, only two fifths of them have stripey trousers, the others just have plain white ones. That's still normal, right? Right? :p

19-10-2008, 08:10
@ McMullet - looking good so far, how do you do the yellow? I'm starting an Imperial Fist army so trying to get as many different ideas before I start painting them.

@ ReaperofSouls - umm, Rob (?!), is looking excellent so far looking foward to seeing it (him?!) finished!

@ jpobrich - excellent looking scout, looking forward to seeing the whole squad

@ anybody who can help - does anybody know any good webites for picking up modular bases. I know back to base-ix do some really good stuff but i'm concerned about import tax so am ideally looking for UK based businesses (if anybody knows any UK stockists of these it would be great!). Forgeworld & Wargamesworkshop do have some but they're quite expensive (£4 for 4 and £4 for 5 respectively). also could anybody tell me how many bases that you could do with the citadel basing kit & any experiences they've had of it as this is also an option i'm thinking of. Thanks folks :D

19-10-2008, 08:52
Jonah: You can do a lot of bases with the basing kits. The trick is not to go overboard and just use a few of the resin and brass parts per base and fill the rest with the slate chips or larger slate "rocks".

19-10-2008, 09:30
Jonah if you go onto ebay you can pick up the back-to-baseix bases on there. Along with a few other choices aswell.

Linky to a bunch of em (http://toys.shop.ebay.co.uk/items/Wargames-Role-Playing__resin-base_W0QQ_nkwZresinQ20baseQQ_catrefZ1QQ_dmptZUKQ5f ToysQ5fWargamesQ5fRLQQ_flnZ1QQ_sacatZ16486QQ_trksi dZp3286Q2ec0Q2em282?_trksid=p3286.c0.m282)

Hope that helps

19-10-2008, 10:55
Cheers Ocid, that definately helps, don't know why I didn't think of ebay :wtf: Looks a lot cheaper as well so just need to decide whether to go for ruins or industrial now!

Colonel Haizelhoff
19-10-2008, 12:17
hey guys.

Heres an almost finished entry for this month: a salamander scout vehicle. i still need to find myself a suitable sized heavy bolter for the front gunner, i thought of maybe using a heavy stubber and making it a count as HB.

Som1 through a question about trackguards on the leman russ. Well they arent trackguards the tracks go all around, and thats why there is sand on there.

19-10-2008, 13:26
After 2 Jokers, I think I should at least give you a WIP shot of one of the Varyngr. It´s in a rough shape, prior to cleanup, skin highlights and details like eyes (and basing of course), but it shows the color scheme and the basic conversion - based on an idea from Warseers own absentmindedfish.

The beard has been sculpted with acrylic modeling paste, which I think is a great medium to model fluid organic forms with. It´s basically marble dust mixed with acrylic medium, dries like paint, doesn´t require premixing and you can create of lot of texture with a brush (and unlike GS you can lick your tools without getting irritated).

20-10-2008, 16:56
Quite a funny little chap you have there, would be cool to see an army :D

I'm working on my canoness, the red is being a b*tch.. I also have 5 more Seraphim basecoated.. and 4 more to do after those :)

20-10-2008, 17:22
Hi, after having taken the Joker last month here is finaly something from me.:)

I painted up the first 5 terminators of my Crimson Fists in desert colours. So i'm now up to 420 points. And more has already been started upon.


I wanted to paint the small shields with some actuall coat of arms. Althou italian i grew up in Bavaria/Germany. So i thought that this could work on them, especially since the Crimson Fists derive from the Imperial Fists, the only chapter from Earth. By recieving those terminator suits, the Crimson Fists inherrited some traditions, which they still keep.
Those shields depict in order of appearance the coat of arms of the regions:
Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria), Unterfranken (Lower Franconia), small state coat of arms of Bavaria, Niederbayern (Lower Bavaria) and Oberpfalz (Upper Palatia).


The pics have been made with only artificial light, so the terminators loose a lot.

20-10-2008, 17:26
And here the sergeant:

And the proof, that i already started the models for next month.:p


As you can see, i took the advice from Razormasticator by heart and panited the bases appart.

20-10-2008, 19:58
@Vimies - da legst di nieder.. I mean awsome , just awsome

20-10-2008, 20:57
I'm progressing...slowly. I may not be able to get a few hundred points done. It's been a long and wierd month but thankfully I booked a week of November off.

Of course, it could be due to the fact that my additional RAM showed up and I can now play WAR. *Cough*

Solun Decius
20-10-2008, 21:36
@Vimes: Those Fists are excellent, very nice yellow. I love the little cote d'arms although a closeup of those might be extra cool. Very good looking bases and nice progress on next month's work too!

I think I've managed to evade another joker myself although I'm meaning to paint up at least a couple more patterned stealers before the end of the month.


You better get your stuff together DarkstarSabre or the painting police will have to confiscate that computer! :p

21-10-2008, 01:13
Sorry for the late entry, didnt realise entries had to be in for a certain time. Anyway here are my two armies.
Daemons were another boring month, a few plaguebeearers and some nurglings giving my 21 pl;aguebearers with command and 5 nurglings.
Next month im going to be painintg up a seocnd command squad to make 2 plaguebearer squads.


Salamders invovled painting up the Assault on Balck Reach models. My chapter master has a relic blade and a bolter. Not sure if im gonna waste points on hellfire rounds. Tactical sqaud is a normal one with flamer and missile launcher.
Next month i've got 2 dreadnoughts, a melta one and a siege one. Also got another tactical squad.


21-10-2008, 20:44
After two months of being unable to paint I have finally made a start. After surfing ebay for cheap models I picked up 20 Strom troopers, Rhino and a Inquistor set.

So I have started with the Rhino(FW inquistor doors and Icon) for the Strom troopers. Painting the inside first in red and black then may add some Imperial guard bitz to the inside to make it less space marine(going to take a photo on Thrusday). Hope to get the Rhino finished this weekend, then start on the Stromtrooper.

21-10-2008, 23:14
Hey folks.

Great work on being shown for next month particularly fond of the Crimson Fist termies you've done Vimes.

What i had come here to say initially was that i was going to be dropping out of To40kP for a number of reasons.

1. I just can't get the red i'm now after looking over Tcraigens blod of BA awesomeness (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130142) once again. Basically he convinced me to drop the dark red i was aiming for and go with the bllod red scheme. Really like how his look over a black undercoat. Unfortunately out of 4 test models i only managed to get 1 looking right.

2. I really like the Vallejo paints. The brighter colours cover better than GW's IMO. Problem is the Bloody Reds i have just don't mix properly. I'm thinking it was a bad batch i got with those reds in it as a few of the others i got along with those reds all have the mixing agent at the top and it won't mix back in properly comes out the bottle pink then begins to seperate again on the pallette.

However i bought some previously and those are fine. Will buy the reds again but it will need to wait till the first week of november.

3. Won't be able to get the airbrush set up until start of november either (when i will have a few spare pennies to spend on some hobby supplies. woop.) Won't be painting the tanks until i have this going and if problems still persist with the red then i'm thinking that using the airbrush to get the basecoat done might help alot. However i can't be sure on that one.

I've not decided to drop out though. I'll be spending the next 2 weeks working on 2 HQ's so i have 200 points to post next month. I've got no jokers left but would like to stay in the tale.

Cheers guys and if i get started on Corbulo tommorow i may post some WIP shots. Even if its only the basecoat that gets done just to show that i do actually paint something from time to time.

21-10-2008, 23:26
Is there any chance on extending the deadline for submissions to 2 weeks given how many of us are enterred?

21-10-2008, 23:37
I'm open to suggestions... :)

The problem with extending it is two- or three-fold (as I see it).

1. The idea is to work to a monthly deadline, to motivate ourselves. The more relaxed the deadline becomes, the lower the motivation is.

2. A one-week submission period allows us to concentrate everything into the start of the thread, which means you can go back month-by-month and see everyone's armies growing without having to sort through lots of feedback posts.

3. Currently, I give people an extra few days. If you say "the 7th", there will always be a few people who don't quite make it in time for some reason, and I don't want to kick people out because they posted a few minutes late or something. Now, if we make it 2 weeks plus a few days... That's most of the month. ;)

So for me, I don't see the advantage; however many people are in the tale, they ought to be able to get online sometime over the course of 7 days.

Like I say though, if the majority disagrees we should go with that. :)

22-10-2008, 00:07
I'm against relaxing the deadlines any more than they are and agree with McMullet on all points. The ToFP lost all it's appeal to me once there was no pressure to get stuff done. I lost all motivation so didn't see the point carrying on.

If you can't meet the deadline then you play a Joker. Personally, I'd allow leeway in extenuating circumstances like an accident that prevented painting or some crisis at home. That kind of deal.

22-10-2008, 00:33
Hey again guys!:)

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about this whole project. I can only tell from my (good) experiences from participating in the Tale of Fantasy Painters last year. The advantage of this version was that everyone agreed on painting 2000pts and deadlines were taken seriously. Of course, there were fewer participants but I think that especially with the more flexible rules of participating armies (which is a nice thing for us) there is an absolute need for regulations.

Deadlines should be taken seriously by the participants and executed rigorously by the people who run the whole thing. It's impossible for McMullet to keep track of who entered 400pts this month and therefore believes he doesn't have to enter anything next month or people who are in the whole thing for two months and still don't know the rules and similar things.

For doing us a favor (I presume), McMullet decided that people could enter armies of various sizes and even different games systems. We really have to get this whole thing in shape, I can hear the TOFP guys laugh about us from here.;)

Unless someone comes up with a real smart way of cleaning up this mess, I suggest: We should all really agree to enter our ....entries by the 7th of each month at the latest (if you're later, you better have a darned good excuse). Anyone who doesn't enter by then (or has an excuse any less than alien sheep abduction) plays a joker. Jokers can NOT in any way be regained. When entering stuff, aim to enter 1/10th of your total pts size of your army.

This whole thing isn't a game and those who get through this with doing the least work don't get a prize. This is about getting proper armies painted poperly. Keep that in mind. The big goal is to get your army done. Properly.

22-10-2008, 01:32
I am against extending the deadlines any further. I bust my ass typically with all the rest of the things I have going in my life to get things done on time. And I'm doing 3 armies.

That said, this month is going to be a rough one for me. Marine side is looking good, Tau and daemons, not so much.

22-10-2008, 02:34
I'm also against moving the deadline, and like Norsehawk, I'm doing more than one army. It is a challenge, but I thought that was kinda the point of doing the tales.

If you can't keep up, then just start your own log, keep the same principles, but on a more flexible schedule for you. If you can't keep up with the pack, then forge your own path.

As for me, Tau are coming along swimmingly, the second battle suit is well on it's way, and the Shas'O is 100% complete. I expect no problems for this month.

Sallies (yep, I'm sticking with 'em, bandwagon be damned!) should be done on time too. I really enjoy painting them, so it's no chore working on them, and since I only need to do 5 to get 90 pts, (and that's before upgrades), it won't be a problem.

Pics coming tomorrow, or later tonight, depends on how I'm feeling...

22-10-2008, 05:56
I am also against extending the deadline. I mean after all, what do we realy gain from it? If you finish last months work around the 15th to 20th, what are your chances of getting the next month done on time? All an extended deadline will accomplish is to further spread the submissions out until we end up with everyone submitting once every month but anywhere from the first to the 31st, which would be really messy and kinda defeat the purpose of the tale.

22-10-2008, 06:38
Even though I have used a joker, I am all for the 7th deadline. I totally agree with ReaperOfSouls that pushing the deadline leaves you in a tight spot for next month. After all, we are still allowed to earn back jokers. I like the uninterrupted (except for jokers) flow of army pictures at the start of the month. Off to paint tanks.


22-10-2008, 07:43
I´m also against extending the deadline , and i think Sigur and Overt_Spy said it all .

I hope to get the bling done so my KoS is finished this weekend and then i just have to do some boyz


22-10-2008, 08:47
I too disagree. You're supposed to finish october's painting in october. If you do, one week is plenty of time to put up your pics. If you have to finish painting in november, well, it isn't october's painting anymore, is it?

I can't speak for anyone else, but my personal painting deadline is the last day of the month. The first week of the next month is the deadline for putting up pics of them, not finishing my painting. If I haven't got them finished by that time, I've failed in my monthly goal.

22-10-2008, 09:41
Well, the problem I'm having with my tau is that I no longer like the paint scheme that I am doing on the fire warriors, it's too much of a pain in the butt to paint since it is 'too light' of a scheme. I am trying out some alternatives that won't change the look of the army too much but so far I am having trouble finding something that looks great. As far as daemons, I haven't even primed them yet. Once I do they should come along pretty well though.

Solun Decius
22-10-2008, 09:51
OK, I think everyone pretty much agrees here, as do I, that we need a tight deadline.
One point that hasn't been mentiond (I think) is the fact that this isn't one deadline, it's a series of deadlines, so if it's put later in the month, that will only give you more time the first time you use it. After that it's always one month till the next deadline. Whether it's 7th to 7th or 31st to 31st doesn't matter. So best to keep it 7th so we have proper updates the first week and comments and WIP after that.
Regaining Jokers is also a moot point. If you paint enough to regain a joker, you can also just save that for a later date, instead of playing a joker. Also, McMullet isn't a machine (I think) so if you've been getting more than 10% in many months and are up to like 1200 pts or something when you have to play your third joker, I doubt he'll kick you out and slam the door "'cos thats the rules!" I believe most 3 joker players will be weeded out in the first 6 months or so. After that there will be fewer people and more room for leniency.
Long reply about something everyone agrees on anyway :D but well, my 2c!

22-10-2008, 10:57
It's good to see that we (pretty much ;)) agree here.

Here's what I suggest: On the 8th of the month, the submissions thread will become the WiP and feedback thread. We'll make the submission a slightly soft deadline, so if you post by, say, the 10th, along with some kind of excuse (broken camera, internet, whatever) then you won't get jokered, though you will, of course, run the risk of your update being lost in the static of the feedback and WiPs. If you post after the 10th, you get jokered, no matter what.

How does that sound?

As for regaining jokers, I would sort of prefer people to save excess painting up and post it later on, instead of using a joker. On the other hand, I think everyone is eager to show off wht they've done as soon as it's ready. How about this: You can earn back one joker if you've already played both?

Bear in mind that all of this will go out of the window in 6-8 months. There are lots of people dropping out now, and it's not a great loss if they do (to them or to us). When there's only 20 of us, and we're all three quarters through our armies, it will seem more of a big deal to quit. Likewise, towards the end we'll all have played most of our jokers, and we'll also have done the easier stuff (like me with my Stompamob this month), meaning that if something serious comes up we're less able to work around it.

All that means that things will, undoubtably, end up more relaxed towards the end of the tale. Expect to see more flexible deadlines and people posting 50 points for a 200 point update next June...

A few comments on WiPs now...

ReaperOfSouls: Great guard. I was all set to steal de Selby's 3rd ed Carnifex-Warrior hybrid idea but I might just steal yours instead.

Jonahmaul: I do my yellow by painting Scrofulous Brown (Vallejo's Vomit Brown) over white, followed by Bald Moon Yellow. Here's another site selling bases by the way: http://www.barrule.com/Workshop/bases/products%20-%20bases%20-%20round%2025mm.html

Colonel Haizelhoff: Nice work on that. Excellent kitbash.

susu.exp: Very cute! Looks like a simple conversion but it really works. The beard is maybe a bit rough though, I'd aim for a more "combed" look myself.

Vimes: Yellow Bavarian Crimson Fists is a pretty random idea, but they look excellent!

Solun Decius: Looking ogood there, I'm impressed you're managing to keep up with the painting after your new arrival!

Zanzibarthefirst: The sallies look good and I really like bases on your Daemons.

22-10-2008, 11:18
I agree with the rules, earning back a joker if you have 0 left especially (because, I have read some people are having a rough start) Good work :)

I'm painting my Canoness, naturally a little extra effort goes into her paintjob ;) I have a few friends coming over for the weekend and it will be a play & paint'o'rama, I'm still confident that I will finish 500pts by the 3rd month.

22-10-2008, 11:48
And here I was hoping to earn a couple extra jokers so I could slack in the future. Ah well. :)

22-10-2008, 11:53
At the end of the day, painting double the amount then keeping it "in hand" (i.e., not posting it right away) is the same as getting a joker back. It just means you have to wait a while before you show it off...

22-10-2008, 12:20
I support McMullet in all that he says in posts 206 and 209. I decided to do this as I recognised that it was probably the only way I'd get a whole army painted and not to stick to the deadlines defeats the purpose.

By way of illustration I have decided to switch to doing my Bloodthirster this month instead of Bloodletters as I won't get 10 of them finished in time. The thing is I'll only be able to do that once more (I have a GUO as well) so towards the end of the tale and those easy choices are done its going to get tough. But I face that challenge and say bring it on!

22-10-2008, 12:57
It's good to see that we (pretty much ;)) agree here.

Here's what I suggest: On the 8th of the month, the submissions thread will become the WiP and feedback thread. We'll make the submission a slightly soft deadline, so if you post by, say, the 10th, along with some kind of excuse (broken camera, internet, whatever) then you won't get jokered, though you will, of course, run the risk of your update being lost in the static of the feedback and WiPs. If you post after the 10th, you get jokered, no matter what.

How does that sound?

As for regaining jokers, I would sort of prefer people to save excess painting up and post it later on, instead of using a joker. On the other hand, I think everyone is eager to show off wht they've done as soon as it's ready. How about this: You can earn back one joker if you've already played both?

Sounds good to me :)

ReaperOfSouls: Great guard. I was all set to steal de Selby's 3rd ed Carnifex-Warrior hybrid idea but I might just steal yours instead.

Well, if you are gonna steal it, then you can at least be a good McMullet and stea it from the guy I got the idea from, ie Moloch. My tyrant guard is simply a less good version of his stunning conversion, with some small modification:

Original tyrant guard by Moloch (http://www.hivefleetmoloch.de/pics/Tyrant_Guard_02.jpg)

22-10-2008, 14:46
Wow hot topic.

While it would help me out this month with an extended deadline i say keep it as te 7th as has been established now but hey thought i'd throw my opinion in there.

Also like the idea of being able to buy back 1 joker if people have used both alreasy. (In no way swayed by the fact that i've used the both of mine up)

Atm i'm stripping off my corby so he can be undercoated and get work started on him. Hopefully get some WiP shots up at some point tonight.

22-10-2008, 16:56
I think it's important to keep the deadline as it's important that we have something to aim for otherwise what's the point as had been said. I probably could've got stuff posted this month a few days after the deadline but i'd been in hospital having major surgery so jokered because I couldn't make the deadline. The reason the deadlines faded in TOFP last year was because there were only about 10 of us left in the end so it was quite casual by then & we just wanted everybody to finish their 2000 points.

I have been trying to paint as much as possible to buy back a joker but I agree with McMullet that we shouldn't be able to buy them back until we have used them both & we really need to buy back to avoid dropping out of the Tale, otherwise jokers seem pointless! I'll just keep the extra stuff i'm painting back for months when i don't have motivation or much painting time (i'm going away almost every weekend in November for example so I'll probably use them then) & i've effectively bought back the joker then as stated. So basically I agree with everyone else & McMullet is the boss!!


@ Colonel Hizelhoff - awesome looking scout vehicle, really nicely converted

@ susu.emp - that's an awesome conversion, where is the idea for the army from? i've not heard of Varyngr?

@ Vimes - gorgeous stuff from you there & the badges are particularly awesome, can I ask what method you used for painting the armour please?

@ Solun Decius - well done for avoiding the joker & some very nice stuff from you

@ zanzibar - very nice looking stuff, especially the nurgle stuff, the paint on the marines looks a little thick but i think that's the photos?

@ McMullet - thanks for that link, that will be very useful

22-10-2008, 18:58
Less yibba-yabba more WIP pictures!


Finished the red :P

22-10-2008, 19:06
@ Ocid - sorry to hear that you want to drop out.

and here is a little teaser for what´s to come next , because i don´t feel like waiting till next Feb.;)


22-10-2008, 20:03
Coming this Saturday, Saturday, Saturday....

DSS shall paint!

Yes. It is true. I plan on non stop painting. I may even get a silly amount done this weekend. Then I can be all NOM NOM NOM and happily not use a joker.

Why oh why do gaunts have to be so cheap?

22-10-2008, 20:47
@Agio i don't want to drop out. I was thinking that i would have to because i've used both jokers and won't really be able to paint my troops until next month probably just as the deadline approaches.

However agio i think your idea of daemonettes riding cold ones is sweet btw. Nice job.

@Edzard please don't tell me thats blood red over a black basecoat. If it is... I hate you :P
However then i realised i could paint up 2 HQ choices and make 200 points for the deadline so i wouldn't need to as they don't feature much of the armys main colours and the 1 bit that does on Corbs i wanted the bright red over the white undercoat anyway so it should be fine.

As for me have just managed to get the paint off of corbs. Dunno what varnish i used way back in the day but it didn't want to budge in the end nitro mors came to the rescue.

22-10-2008, 20:54
Why oh why do gaunts have to be so cheap?

Not as cheap as Grotz!

You could always give them 'Without Number' to bulk out the points for the purposes of the Tale...

I've just finished the Nob for my third Deathskull Trukboyz mob. He's been looting some Goffs - they put up a good fight though.


[Deathskull 'Goff' Nob]

22-10-2008, 21:02
@ Edzard - looking good so far, looking forward to seeing it finished

@ agio - awesome stuff, looking forward to seeing it painted up & with some mates!

@ Darkstar - get to that painting!

@ Ocid - try not to drop out dude, it'd be a shame. You only need to post 150 points as playable 40k armies are normally 1500 points, 2000 points is a luxury! And if you've used both already then you can buy one back, but just the one!

@ misterboff - gaunts ain't as cheap as grots but that ain't no grot!! looking good all the same though

22-10-2008, 21:08
Ahoy, as I sed, I have some WiP shots for this month.

First up: one of my Shas'vre bodyguards:


As you can see, he's yet to be armed, nor fitted with his jet-pack thingie. He's also lacking some sept markings, but he's coming along fine. I really like his pose, I tried to make it look like he just landed, and I think it turned out fine.

Now for my marinez:


Hah, it's my multi-cultural marine squad. From left to right we have a Raven Guard marine, the remains of a former Space Wolf, my Sallie sarge and tac marine, and finally a White Scar test. Suffice to say, they'll all end up green by the end of this month, but as you can see, I had some trouble deciding whether or not they'd actually stay green. (Truth be told, I'm still not sure, I really like the idea of playing Raven Guard...)

Good work everyone else!

agio - Heh, chicks (or something relatively close to a chick) riding dinosaurs. Simply awesome, can't wait till that update!

22-10-2008, 21:52
@Edzard please don't tell me thats blood red over a black basecoat. If it is... I hate you :P

:D It is! Worked up from red-brown, I do use Vallejo and believe they may have a little more pigment ;)

Good looking pictures everybody, keep it up. I like the Tau, they are very clean and neat.

The lizard-crab-punker-woman is a little scary, cute what you did with the bases too :)

23-10-2008, 12:21
@Vimies - da legst di nieder.. I mean awsome , just awsome
Danke...Thanks, your Demonette on the saurus is great. How you gonna paint it?

@Vimes: Those Fists are excellent, very nice yellow. I love the little cote d'arms although a closeup of those might be extra cool. Very good looking bases and nice progress on next month's work too!

Thanks Solun Decius:)

Great work on being shown for next month particularly fond of the Crimson Fist termies you've done Vimes.

Thanks Ocid and it's great, that you didn't drop out.:)

Vimes: Yellow Bavarian Crimson Fists is a pretty random idea, but they look excellent!

Thanks McMullet, but you know, Obelix knew us well: They're crazy the Romans.:D

@ Vimes - gorgeous stuff from you there & the badges are particularly awesome, can I ask what method you used for painting the armour please?

Thanks Jonahmaul. The base colour is an old spraycan from GW in bubonic brown as primer. Flesh wash, or brown ink for the recesses, bleached bone for the highlights. Since they don't produce that colour anymore, i would suggest to use white as primer and then spray/apply bubonic brown over it. The red is red gore, devlan mud all over, first highlight again red gore, last highlight blood red. Thats it

23-10-2008, 12:38
@ DarkstarSabre - i know what you mean ,comming Jan I will paint gretchins ;)

@ Vimes - the rider will end up same as my other rendergang :) don´t know yet about the dino´s.

another WIP update

but first i´ll finish this:

@ Overt_Spy - these Marines look fab. I´m bouncing between Ultra´s and Red Scorpions myself , but that belonges to a other Tale...

23-10-2008, 13:03

Great stuff. So this idea really works, good. I have enough to do for my Daemons until February, but otherwise I'd definetely copy that. :)

23-10-2008, 14:12

Let my brightly coloured Cup-D-Canoness pop your eyes out.

Not really a flattering picture, but I tried to get the highlights to pop more by mixing up some colours. You can't see it clearly but when I hold her next to a normal SoB or Seraphim you certainly do see a difference.

23-10-2008, 19:17
I love the Red Edzard, and the D-Cups :)

23-10-2008, 19:25

Smaller batch this month. Just 10 marines w/ special and HW to flesh out the 2 5 man Tac squads I painted in August.

Not sure yet for next month. Terminators, Bikes, or Dreadnoughts. Perhaps a command squad.

Also, I approve the date changes/clarifications.


23-10-2008, 19:46
:D It is! Worked up from red-brown, I do use Vallejo and believe they may have a little more pigment ;)

*Calmly puts down his brushes steps away from his desk and goes into a.. MAD BLACK RAGE hell bent on exacting revenge for sangiunius as the visions of chaos gods mocking him come over his fragile little mind"

Damn you Edzard lol. I agree with you though. I think Vallejo are better for bright colours i just think the blood reds and dark fleshtone VGC pots i bought came from a bad batch. The acrylic mixing agent just seperates from these 2 even after shaking for a long time while its on my pallete. The blood red has a slightly pinky tinge to it that makes it just not red enough.

Will be buying another pot of the stuff when i've got the money early next month to see if that works out any better before i try using an airbrush to get GW blood red over a black basecoat.

Thanks for the vote of confidence anyway guys. i didn't get a chance to paint today but i'm all day tommorow so work will begin in earnest on Corbulo.

@Jonah yeah i know i only need to post 150pts :) Problem is theres nothing in the BA codex worth around 50 points that doesn't require me to paint it red :( Only reason i'm doing 2 HQs. Chappies are a dark grey and corbs is mainly white with some red. Found a RT bike chaplain torso today so i think i may try and do something with that tommorow while the white layers are drying on Corbulo.

In actual fact i would paint a sniper scout unit to go with Corbs if only i had decided on my basing method for the army. Torn between 2 atm. More indecisions arrggghhh!!!

@Edzard: Good looking Sister you have there. You try to tease me with that red? :P

@Agio: Unit of Daemonettes looks great. Dare i say it... even better than your Daemon Prince which is awesome in itself.

@Overt_Spy i know your doing Sallies but i think that unit looks great with the mix of chapters in it.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
24-10-2008, 00:27
It all looks great, of course, but the prestigious Mad Props goes to...

Overt_Spy- You're a bastard, you know that? I'm now legally obliged to repaint all my Tau, thanks to you...

24-10-2008, 00:56
Well, next year I think I'll try and do this! Very nice guys!

Lame Duck
24-10-2008, 16:26
I'm still on the list, even though I pulled out. Thought you might like to know. I did mention it before though.

Keep up the good work everyone.

24-10-2008, 18:53
@McMullet: Well, the technique I use for beards doesn´t work well for a combed look. I´ve thought about giving them a cleaner appearance and then went with this.

@Jonahmaul: In August 2006 hellebore created the "The death of the Squats..." thread in background. Over the past 2 years it evolved into a project re-developing a 40k race based on the Dwarf-archetype. We tried to find out what made the Squats fail in 40k and build a background that fits with the current 40k fluff. One of the things changed was the name and with some pride I can claim that the one we adopted originated with me. The thread begat some more threads in other sections, rules dev threads for 40k and BFG, a concept art thread... I´m building the army to playtest the rules discussed in rules development and to put art ideas into model form.

24-10-2008, 19:02
October is done.

Full information will be in the new submissions thread after the first of the month, but I'd thought I'd share.


I think some elites for next month are in order.

Death Korp
24-10-2008, 19:42
Great work guys, i like the RT marines especially Playwithbob :)

Well i have finished my guys, with WIP shot to prove they were done this month :)




24-10-2008, 19:55
Ok for a number of reasons I will only be posting a rhino this month.

I have had the month from hell with a broken cooker to use up all my cash and the passing away of a relative to use up all my time ... so it will be a mear 40 odd points this month.

Still its 40 points closer to done than last month so, yey :)

24-10-2008, 20:52
I'm afraid that i don't have the spare time or energy to carry onn with Tale of Painters, I quit :(

Everyones stuff looks lovely though :)

Solun Decius
24-10-2008, 22:13
Good work all round this month.
Mad props to Playwithbob for doing the whole Rogue Trader thing. Land Raider looks excellent. I've got one of those too, athough I'm going in quite a different direction with it!

24-10-2008, 23:53
Thanks for the kind words.

This is what I spent my afternoon on.

Very rough, but makes me smile none the less.


Still need to find 2 hunter killers.

25-10-2008, 00:02
I suppose if it's alright I'd like to join (I'll use a 'joker' if need be). I'll be going with Space Marines, I'll say, 1000 points, so sign me up!

Oh yes, and here is my joker picture, the roflcoptor which goes soysoysoysoysoysoysoysoysoysoysoysoy:

25-10-2008, 00:30
Playwithbob: Nice dread. What style of Hunterkillers are you after and where are you located?

25-10-2008, 00:41
Playwithbob: Nice dread. What style of Hunterkillers are you after and where are you located?


I have no idea on the missiles. I have some stuff off of old mech warriors figs that I could use, but they look more like a cyclone ML then 2 H.K.s. I'll find something, somewhere.

I'm in California, U.S. of A.

25-10-2008, 00:55
Ah, a bit far for me to send some missile then. Never mind. I'm sure you'll find something suitable.

25-10-2008, 04:37
I may not have to take some jokers this month after all. As I expected the marines finished up with plenty of time to spare (It's nice to have an easy to paint scheme) I still have to start my daemonettes, but the plus with them is that they are done almost 100% with washes. and I am narrowing down some options for the tau to make a paint scheme that is quicker to paint on the fire warriors since the layering to get a good even grey is a pain in the butt to mass produce. I've got some various test models drying and I will figure out what I like the best soon and put it into production :)

Oh, side note, ideas on the color of Tau blood? one of the figures I made is a walking wounded and I want to get a concensus on what color the blood is, I am kind of hoping aqua since it would look decent

25-10-2008, 08:34
Hmm well after leaving the house at 10 yesterday to pick up a prescription i got back at 3am this morning and actually think it was a god send. Despite not getting anything done on Corbs yet again (i think the world is conspiring against me) i had a quick go at the red again on some sprue i had primed black. Saves using countless test models.

I think i've nailed how to do red over a black baseoat without using any colour under it \o/. Phones off, curtains are drawn and painting is about to begin.

Be working on a Furioso today to see if the red looks right. If i can get it on a dreadnought i can get on regular marines i hope.

27-10-2008, 02:21
well, i am pretty impressed with myself. i actually managed to pull together right before the deadline and get my 200 points painted. ill save what i actually painted for next weekend.

the bad news tho, is that i have almost run out of tanks to paint, and that means that i have to get my act together next month and paint a whole lot of guardsmen and sisters of battle. (i plan on painting a full platoon minus HWs for november).

hope everyone has had a successful month of painting.

27-10-2008, 16:12
So far i've managed to get over 300 points painted this month, still a few days to go:D


Magos Explorator
27-10-2008, 23:34
I've sadly not had time for anything for Month 3 yet! I guess that's what Jokers are for.

28-10-2008, 01:51
So, I'll announce that my Tau are done for this month (well 90%, I'm playing it safe and painting up some "proper" shield drones, just in case I need to have them for tournies or whatever, and can't use them as modeled on my suit's shoulders)

My marines are more or less in the same place. I'm just really having a hard time deciding on which chapter I want to do. I was set with Sallies, but now I'm considering doing Orks later on, and Orks are a really similar shade green to Sallies. Plus, it seems as though a lot of players are starting Salamanders recently what with the new 'dex. I really enjoyed painting my Raven Guard marine, and they seem to be one of the less popular chapters.... argh, I'll figure this out, hopefully in time for the next update

28-10-2008, 03:29
A bit behind since I got sick for a week, but getting back on track. Dakkafex completed, now I just need to do 4 Hormagaunts to make this months goal.


28-10-2008, 11:37
So the month is drawing close and some excellent wips have been shown so far. I'd like to wish everyone good luck for completing their individual goals this month. Myself I'm currently trying to get the head for my tyrant guard finished along with painting up his Hive Tyrant friend who weighs in at 160:ish points. Hopefully they will be finalized during the weekend with plenty of time left before the 7th :)