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Death Korp
02-10-2008, 21:01
Right, i am a Git.

I totally forgot to put a new thread up for the TOPs. So for that, i'm giving an extra 2 days for painting (so meaning that Septembers stuff has to be in for this Saturday) as an apology to you all :)

Continuing on:

Hello, and welcome to the 5th month of the Tale of LotR Painters! This is where the people who joined up to this post their WIPs for August and Julys Finished Models.

Your WIP models are NOT put into one post like the other TOPs, as I donít want to be restrictive, and I want to have as many posts of piccies in these threads each month as possible.
At the beginning of next month, you will have ONE post showing 3 pictures of models you have done, and 1 picture with the army so far (in the same format as the TOPs threads), but the posts of WIPs after that are unrestrictive like this month. This is to make sure that I can see who has done their models for that month.

Hope you understand that!

Here are all the people who have joined and what army/ies they are doing:

(EDIT: I'll get round to deleting the guys who haven't posted in the past month, as they are not part of this any more :( )


Corai: Osgiliath Vets.
Daredhnu: Gondor
Hermanesq: Arnor
Kettilman: Gondor
Kroot Lord: Dol Amroth
The Emperor sucks: Gondor
Tombking: Grey Company
Intrepid Adventurer: High Elves
Crisis_Core: Rangers and Tower of Ectilieon
Sartarius: Fiefdoms
Ben: Dwarves


skuller: Numenorians and Black Numenorians


Death Korp: Easterlings
arobe: Serpent Horde
C-Coen: Cirith Ungol
cerealkiller195: Harad
dax: Corsairs of Umbar
GabrielAngelos: BaradDur-Angmar Alliance
heldane: Moria
lorelorn: Black Gate
stonehorse: Uruk-hai
Leviro: Mordor
Temozarela: Angmar
cerealkiller195: Harad/Serpent Horde
Sniper Kelly: Black Gate
ice: Uruk-Hai
75Hastings69: Moria
petesamd: Mordor (new guy, misses joker (i'm too nice )
Mr. Feral: Umbar

And for all you people who donít knowÖ


The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to complete a 500 point LOTR army in the next six months.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 100 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 6 months. Starting with the first day of June 2008.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc., they get one 'Joker'. For one month within the six months you can Ďplay a jokerí and rather than post an update they can post saying, "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 5 Months they have to come up with (approx) 100 points of painted and based figures. 100 points for 5 out of the next 6 months.

In six months time we will all end up with a finished 500 point army.

All chat, questions, discussion, WIP, painting advice, encouragement, tutorials, etc, etc, should be on this thread.

A new thread will be opened on the first day of each month (and will remain open for a week) for each painter to post one, and only one post with the next 100 point Ďupdateí for the army they are painting and a picture of the army to date.
(OR one post for EACH army for those nutters painting more than one army!)

I will just take this opportunity to thank all the painters who have signed up for their interest and enthusiasm and for their ideas that have helped shape this project. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope this project is a big success for everyone involved. I also hope all you Warseers enjoy these results of all the work of the painters involved.

Cheers and have fun!

Death Korp

02-10-2008, 23:16
Army: Corsair Fleets

Units: 5 Corsairs with Pikes, 6 Corsairs with Shields.

Conversions/Painting/Basing: I had to convert 1 Corsair with pike as Iíd used all of the bald Corsairs for the Raider conversions (to be painted this month) and I didnít want to use yet another of the other spearman poses. I removed the sword and shield and replace the sword with a pike shaft made from plasti-rod then glued a Pike tip to this. The left hand was replaced with a bowmanís left hand with the bow removed but it looked a little odd so I added the dagger as well. Everything else is standard and painted in my regular scheme with the usual bases.

Highs: Woohoo all the Corsair troops are done just Dalamyr left.

Lows: Iím so sick of painting Corsairs!!

Points this month: 88 pts.
Minis: 11

Points to date: 405 pts. (not including the Ballista and Crew)
Minis to date: 38

5 Corsairs with Pikes


6 Corsairs with shields


Army shot to date


To be painted this month:

Ballista Commander (Corsair Captain) - I'll post a pic of the conversion in a few days.
5 Corsair Raiders
5 Corsairs with Bows
If I have time Ė 2nd Ballista and crew

02-10-2008, 23:23
As I'm nearly finished the Corsairs and having just painted Elrond I thought I'd do a quick 500 pts of Rivendell. If it's not alright o add this now Death Korp let me know and I'll remove it. Only 20 mini's to do so I should finish at the end of November as planned.

Army: Rivendell

Units: Elrond, Master of Rivendell

Conversions: None Ė straight out of the blister, I had intended to do something with the left hand as it looked weird in the official GW pics but itís actually fine in real life.

Painting: I was going to paint the robes with Dark Flesh with a bit of Terracotta added but I found a bottle of Vallejo Cadmium Maroon (Black Red) when I was searching for the Dark Flesh (which it turns out I donít have) so I used that instead. Itís highlighted to Vermin brown first then Tau Sept Ochre and finally Tau Sept Ochre/Bleached Bone (basically a very pale lemon colour) gives a nice autumn/rust colour effect. The sleeves are done in what Iíd call a faux NMM gold. I was looking for a similar effect to NMM gold but I still wanted it to be gold looking cloth rather than metallic looking gold if you know what I mean. I deliberately left out the pattern, as it just looks too busy. I had to be really careful on the face Ė the GW mini suffers from the bad shading around the cheeks and I nearly fell into the same trap (itís the way theyíre sculpted) but I managed to reign it back in Ė I donít think itís possible to make it look like Hugo Weaving though.

Basing: My usual basing sand/ink/drybrush add some static grass/leaves. Elrondís robes cover a lot of the base so no real chance to do anything fancy here.

Highs/Lows: The robes just werenít turning out how I wanted them and I nearly gave in at that point but it turned out that I just hadnít pushed the highlights far enough. Other than that I really enjoyed painting this mini and Iím particularly happy with the gold sleeves.

Points: 205pts.
Minis: 1

large pic and actual size pic as the higlights look a little odd when I enlarged the pic.


Other views:


Total Points to date: 205pts.
Total Minis to date: 1

To be painted this month:

Elladan and Elrohir (unarmoured versions)
2 Elves with spears
2 Elves with bows
2 Elves with Elven Blades

03-10-2008, 13:14
Ok guys, last months work, a morgul knight and 7 morannon orcs (plus a glued leg on my dark marshal):



And my total from past months:


This month Im making up for last month, 5 morannon orcs and 4 morgul knights, and now im better and ready for painting theyll be done soon (aslong as black reach doesnt get in my way...)

Death Korp
03-10-2008, 19:07
Dax: Yeah, i'll add another army on to your name. Corsairs and Elrond are looking awsome mate!

Levirio: Now they are starting to look like a horde!

As for my Easterlings, i'll get them up tommorow :)


04-10-2008, 13:50
Already basecoted this months stuff, and finnishd a morgul knight, still no black reach, so more mordor today

Mr Feral
04-10-2008, 16:02
I have some bad news for you all, I'm going to have to pull out of the Tale :(

I've lost interest in LotR, that and my painting time has been fully dedicated to 40K and Epic.

I'll be watching you all still, the progress made has been great!

05-10-2008, 05:43
Great work Dax, I'm loving how the Umbar army is turning out.

Leviro, I'm keeping a close eye on your army as I'll be painting my own Morannons and Black Numenoreans next year.

Having switched to Rohan to better tie in with my painting priority this year, I've made some good progress, but sadly the pic below is out of date. I've now painted an additional Outrider and four extra Riders of Rohan, and I'm putting the final touches on another four RoR. I'm confident of getitng the 500 point force finished this month. I'll post another pic when the force is completed.

Shown below are:

Gamling, mounted with Royal Standard (110)
Erkenbrand, mounted (75)
3 Outriders, mounted (45)
3 Royal Guard, mounted, throwing spears (56)

The additional Outrider and the four Riders of Rohan add 69 more points for a current total of 355. Time to paint more Riders of Rohan!


Sniper Kelly
07-10-2008, 21:40
Hi all,

Some great stuff posted this month everybody!

I'm having problems with my internet connection at the moment, so I'm not able to post as much as I'd like. I am still up to date with my painting though and I'll try to post some pictures as soon as I can.

I've just got some Orc warriors and a captain to paint this month and I'll be pretty much finished, but I might add some more stuff for the final month.

11-10-2008, 16:44
Lorelorn those Rohan look great

Leviro glad your still with us nice Mordor armry some more basic troops and you'll be well on the way.

Some WIPs for this month

First the Corsairs

Ballista Commander (prepainting)


and painted


3 Corsair raiders still have to do the Horses


I've finished Dalamyr but I'll save him for the end of the month.

11-10-2008, 16:47
and Rivendell

Elladan & Elrohir:


Some simple conversion work on the plastic elves to make them match up with Elladan and Elrohir more - added belts, sashes and had to extend some jackets.



12-10-2008, 09:05
Those riders and the ballista commander look great Dax.

I take it you are planning to paint those elves in the same grey/brown as Elladan and Elrohir?

15-10-2008, 05:54
dax your work never stops to amaze me
well folks this week as i told before im doing my last axemen and the start of pikemen
i shall have pics up as soon as possible sorry for the delay

20-10-2008, 17:20
lorelorn yeah the elves will be painted in the same scheme as Elladan and Ellrohir.

Right the Raiders are done bar the bases which I'll do next week.


Need to make a start on the Elves soon.

21-10-2008, 17:58
I don't intend to paint anymore until next Sunday, give the hand and eyes a break - doesn't mean I'm not going to convert though.

3 more Reavers to add to the 6 I did before the tale started. The scenario Raid on Anfalas needs 9 Reavers so I figured I'd do 3 more. I had enough left over parts. These will be part of Novembers painting but I wanted to get the conversions done and out of the way.


22-10-2008, 19:31
Right the Raiders are done bar the bases which I'll do next week.


Those horses are familiar- are they Perry American Civil War?

22-10-2008, 20:06
Yes they are Perry ACW Horses, the legs are also from the Perry ACW Cavalry

28-10-2008, 12:22
Those are fantastic horses dax, would you be able to tell me the recipe for them? I was in the middle of painting up my horses for my KoMT and am having trouble finding some new schemes.

In other news, I unfortuantely have to pull out of the tale as finals are coming up and so I need to concentrate all my energy towards those - which unfortunately means that 3 weeks of study and stress takes over painting. I wish the best of luck to everyone and I thank DeathKorp for creating the monstrosity in the first place :)

On a side note, I'll continue the lotr happiness in my log. After exams *shoots self*.

Best of luck to all!

28-10-2008, 14:32
The Horses are done as follows:


Basecoat Calthan Brown
Shading with Vallejo Smoke Ink - just paint it into the recesses and wet blend it on the horse with the calthan brown to create a transition in colour.
Highlight add more and more Bleached Bone to Calthan Brown until the final highlight is pure Bone on the highest points.

Dark Browns:

Basecoat: 1 part Calthan Brown mixed with either 2 or 3 parts Scorched Brown depending on how dark you want the brown.
Shading with Black Ink in the recesses (Blended as above).
Highlight add more and more Bleached Bone to Basecoat mix until the final highlight is pure Bone on the highest points.


Basecoat: 1 part Battlegrey mixed with 1 part Astro Grey
Shade with Black Ink in the recesses (Blended as above).
Highlight add more and more white to Basecoat mix until the final highlight is a shade off pure white on the highest points.

I've converted a sixth rider as rumour has it the new War of the Ring Supplement requires units of 6 Cavalry so I need one more and I have enough bits left over.

Good luck with your finals Crisis_Core