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Captain Plowman
04-10-2008, 10:27
ok guys, i've been playing blood bowl only a short time. i play a Norse team. recently i had been getting badly beaten up. a lot of my players have been K.O'ed or cas'ed. anyone got any tips on how not to get beaten up?

04-10-2008, 13:27
This is a a bit unusual as Norse teams tend to deliver the beating and not receive it.
What team(s) have you had trouble against?

Cirrus the Blue
05-10-2008, 01:00
It sounds to me like it's simply a case of cursed dice or figures. ;) Seriously though, give it a few games and your luck should pick back up at least enough that your guys don't keep dieing or getting KO'd all the time 'cause that's difficult to do to any team besides Halflings, Goblins or Snotlings due to the fact they have the Stunty trait. Consistently breaking armor isn't always very difficult to do. Consistently seriously injuring or killing players most definately is!! So... Something's wrong with your luck factor methinks, especially if you're playing Norsca.

That being said, give this tactic a try and you'll see significantly less casualties per game. Do your best to make it a point to keep your guys AWAY from the opposing team as much as you can at the end of your turns, even if it involves a dodge or two to accomplish this. This will force him to use up a Blitz to hit any one of your guys - and even then, it's only ONE of them that'll get hit! ;) Granted, your opponent will be trying his damndest to get his team in your face, but you need to try and stay one step ahead to manoevre your players around his and most importantly - to make sure that the drives END!! Preferably with you scoring TD's, but either way, as soon as the whistle blows, it means your guys stop getting hurt. ^^ If he's about to score a TD with his guys and has a beefy cage set up, CHASE HIM ANYWAY!! Chances are practically zilch that he'll want to risk a scrum and fail his TD by running out the clock if you were to just stay away from his guys. If you're about to run in a TD, DO IT!! Don't screw around with 2 and 3 dice blocks, 'cause we all know that can go VERY wrong VERY quickly. haha

If you can't afford to dodge half your team or more away from his guys though, double up your players next each other (Guard will seriously help with this and is one of the greatest skills to put on a Norscan team) so that they'll be receiving 2 dice YOUR choice blocks instead of the other way around. Give this tactic a shot until your guys develop a little bit more with skills like Guard and Mighty Blow to be able to properly back themselves up. If anything, it'll force your opponent to think a little more about how to deal with your defensive strategies instead of just beating your players to a pulp as easily. Good luck! From the sounds of it, you could use every drop for the time being. hehe

One more thing. Give it time and your game will improve. It's an extremely difficult game to pick up on the tactics side of things, so be patient with yourself and learn from your mistakes and try to figure out how to fix them in future matches. For many, this can take a very long time to accomplish to become an exceptional coach (sometimes even choosing a different race altogether! After all, the team that 'looks' the best might not in fact be the best team for 'you'. ;)), but like I said, give it time and don't give up!

- Cirrus

Captain Plowman
05-10-2008, 06:38
i got seriously beaten up by a goblin team (granted they did have 2 trolls, a fanatic and a guy with a chainsaw), an orc team, and funnily enough, a skaven team :S

thanks for the tips cirrus. i will keep them in mind. cheers mate.


05-10-2008, 19:44
i got seriously beaten up by a goblin team (granted they did have 2 trolls, a fanatic and a guy with a chainsaw), an orc team, and funnily enough, a skaven team :S

AV7 is the problem for Norse, if you're knocked down, you're likely to get hurt. Against teams with little or no Block, that's not to much of a problem, but:

On the goblin front:
Fanatic = 3 dice = good chance of knocking you down = ouch.
Trolls = 2 dice = a reasonable chance of knocking you down, in which case, mighty blow = ouch.
Chainsaw = ignores your advantage (Block skill) and goes straight for your disadvantage (AV7 + chainsaw = BIG OUCH!:skull:)

On Orc front:
Orcs have players with Block, which negates your advantage, and others with ST4, so a good chance of getting you down. Orcs are tough for most teams.

On Skaven front:
Well, we all have bad games.;)
Seriously, a well played Skaven team can run rings around most teams, and get many 2D blocks, especially with the Blitzers, which can all start to rack up the Cas. In one of our older leagues, my Skaven were 2nd highest Cas scorers, just behind a khemri team, and I hadn't taken the Rat Ogre. Add that in, and it's not a nice place to be if you're playing bare-chested.