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04-10-2008, 21:13
I've managed to geather a large Dwarf army over the years, think it is about 6,000 pts. Trouble is I've never got around to using it as Warmaster isn't that well played in my area (this is somehing I'm addressing my buying a second army to do demo games with). Here is a 2,000pts force I wrote up the other day on a lunch break, any feed back would be great.

2 Heroes
4 Warrior units
2 Handgunner units
2 Ranger units
4 Trollslayer units, one with Sord of Fate
2 Cannon units
2 Flame Cannons
2 Gyrocopters

Total 2,000pts.

I'm not a big fan of magic items on Dwarfs as I think their stats are high enough that they can manage without them.

04-10-2008, 22:13
Too many commanders.
Dwarves have good command so no need to max out on the heroes.
In our 2k games it is often the case that only a genereal and a runesmith get taken.
Use the surplus points to raise your BP.
I would also drop the number of slayers.
I only use Magic Items to use up spare points, like you have done here.
Also the amount of artillery/machines will enable a cunning opponent to make you hit your break really quickly.
I would probably up the amount of rangers and warriors.
Unless you want a more shooty army then add handgunners instead of warriors.

4 Warrior units
4 Handgunner units
4 Ranger units
2 Trollslayer units, one with Sord of Fate
2 Cannon units
2 Flame Cannons
1 Gyrocopter

Break of 10.

Might have to nip up the M1 for a game one day.
But I hate playing against Dwarves ;)

04-10-2008, 23:23
Thanks for the tips, I'll have a re think.

I'm planning on getting an Orc army, so if you do come up to Leeds I could use a different force, I do think there is a Chaos player at the club as well, with a bit of luck I may be able to convert some more of the folks over to Warmaster.

05-10-2008, 13:57
Only joking, it is just that I always get beat by Dwarves no matter what.
That I cannot win with the 3000 points of them I have.