View Full Version : Carnifex sprue pictures.

25-04-2005, 19:25
Carnifex sprue pics!!! It is HUGE ******* awsome. And to those who say the legs are to small look ay an ant or gras hopper Big bodies tiny legs...




25-04-2005, 19:29
wow, im not a tyranid player but i think ill have to get one of these just for the conversion capabilities

ankara halla
25-04-2005, 19:33
Wow, eleven heads...

25-04-2005, 19:36
Wow, eleven heads...

No all but the bottom left regeneration head are in two halves.

Lozt_1 calm down please, I've edited your large font and will delete your other posts on the same subject. I know they are good but don't spam.

25-04-2005, 21:23
Awesome. All it needs is a mini gun :cool:...

25-04-2005, 21:25
WOW thats so awesome i almost crapped myself, so many options ive got the feeling my wallet is going to be hungry for a very long time.

Black Ambience
25-04-2005, 21:26
Hmm, on reflection... it really is a lot bigger than I first thought!! So tempting...

25-04-2005, 21:53
Thank you GW for getting me broke... again!

Imagin no guns but pure ripping Nid force. Need more hack slash. :D

25-04-2005, 21:57
Damn this looks SEXY!!!

Is that really an imperial guard against the heads spru..... (Not a photoshop intrusion) if so then this is huge as the head is half the size of a 28mm figure.

It also looks that if you buy a second body spru you will get a 2nd carnifex.... you could even get a 3rd with limited weapons (or just a spare old monsterous weapon spu *GRIN*)

26-04-2005, 07:54
Yeah: looking at that Guardsman I realise how absolutely massive this model is. Scary!

26-04-2005, 08:01
hmmm... verrry nice indeed....
as for conversion capabilities, with ALOT o chopping, and resculptin, dyou reckon it'd be possible to make this guy into a really beefy tyrant?

26-04-2005, 19:25
*wishes he couls see the constructed model next to an imperial guardsman* My... god... no words... should have sent... a poet.

26-04-2005, 21:28
I'm just glad they included two sets of scything talons -- they could have easily not bothered knowing GW...