View Full Version : Wanting to start a league in Boise, Idaho. Help wanted.

12-10-2008, 21:46
I am looking for anyone that might be in the Boise, Idaho area that is interested on starting a league for Blood Bowl! I have tried a few time at our FLGS, and I know there a lot of people out there, but have never been able to get a proper league started. Any one out there?
Any other ideas of where to go? What has worked for everyone in the past. How do you start leagues?

17-10-2008, 12:58
Try over at Talk Blood Bowl (talkbloodbowl.com). When registering be sure to read the announcements forum which tells you that your registration confirmation emails aren't being sent, so don't wait for one, just log yourself in after a couple of days.

Other than that there is also NAF (bloodbowl.net), but membership costs you about $10 (but you do get a nice pair of block dice...).

Good luck, and don't give up on trying to get the league started!

17-10-2008, 15:20
Boise,....you got to do a custom pitch done up like the "Blue Carpet of Death" and a Dwarven Deathroller as a Maintenance Man.

26-10-2008, 07:03
I can't believe I've never thought of that....
My favourite team is dwarves, but I can field about 10 differant teams.
Now, If I can just come up with a hometown that starts with a B, I'll be set.

26-10-2008, 09:23
I am a member of a 34-man league in Vancouver, British Columbia. For much of the league's early life, it averaged about 8 players a season, with one season boasting only 6 coaches. We play a schedule though so every team sees 10 matches each season against pre-set opponents. My opinion is that this regular schedule is a plus as well as a minus: it enforces discipline and makes the league into a bigger thing than the beer-league atmosphere of pick-up games; however it also means that you have a chance of scaring away less-committed coaches.

In time our league grew to the size it is now, with divisions that favour a separation of high and low TV. I recommend playing half-games with your friends to get them interested, as well as talking about it with folks you may know who play WHFB and 40K. It may take some time to get your league going full-swing, or to grwo to a decent size, but trying to get a regular thing going will take a bit of networking.

Also, be sure to collect reports of every game and oversee the development of every team. In my experience most gamers are terrible with paperwork and it's helpful for the league commissioner to stay on top of that.

Good luck!