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13-10-2008, 16:33
Title says it all really, Im thinking of getting into BB after reading the novels by Matt Forebeck, they were pretty good imo, so i'd really like to play the game.

Also, the ucoming Cyanide game is begging me to get into BB :)

So, obviously, downloading the rules would be a start, but what then? how do i get the models, do i need the board/counters?

Any help would be much appreciated


13-10-2008, 18:50
Yes, you need the board, templates and counters.
While you could make these yourself getting the box has the advantage that it comes with two teams (humans and orcs), which are great to learn the basics with, even if you choose another team later on.

13-10-2008, 19:02
hi, let me start by saying welcome always great to get more Bloodbowl players.


ahem, appearantly you can get the boxed set from GW so get it, get it now, for all the reasons already said by EmperorNorton

2 teams (orcs and humans which are best for beginners)
board (who was i kidding when i said you could make it no no no this is much easier)
templates (such shiny nice templates must have them)
counters (always handy)
2 dugouts (which might be considered a template, counter or board but you need them)

well yeah get it, it's great value for money too.

enough rambling from me.

14-10-2008, 01:03
The box is expensive to buy, but you really do get everything to start playing. THE best way to play good blood bowl is to find other players.

If not, then start a small league to get people into playing blood bowl. If you want to quickly learn the basics of the game, the online blood bowl FUMBBL is great to get a lot of game under your belt quickly. Plus, I have used the game to play by myself to work out offensive or defensive moves.

Blood bowl really excel when many players are committed.

Good luck

15-10-2008, 18:28
Don't buy the box from GW, check eBay or other online stocklists, where you can get it much cheaper than the 50 you'd have to pay. You don't need the rules or cards that come in the box, as they're out-dated, and the up-to-date rules can be downloaded for free from GW. The only thing you really need in the box are the pitch, templates and perhaps the dice. The models are nice to have, but, unless you play with a bunch of [CENSORED] they can easily be proxied until you decide which proper team you'd like to play.

A few months ago I picked up a boxset which had pitch, templates, dice and figs for 10 plus p&p, so look around.

16-10-2008, 13:19
A few months ago I picked up a boxset which had pitch, templates, dice and figs for 10 plus p&p, so look around.
Wow thats a great price! I got four sets of ebay last year for 22-26 shipped for the people in our league, a couple of them even had the figures as well.

17-10-2008, 11:49
Also be sure to pop in over at Talk Blood Bowl, its a good place to find out about leagues/clubs in your area.