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17-10-2008, 09:33
well you dont stop distributing things that sell well do you...............

Fantasy Flight Games announced today that it will no longer be distributing new releases for Rackham’s AT-43 and Confrontation collectible miniatures games. FFG will however continue to supply backstock on those lines while supplies last, but FFG will not be supplying any product from Wave 8 that was originally supposed to ship to retailers in late September. FFG is encouraging retailers and distributors interested in obtaining the new Rackham releases to contact Rackham directly.

FFG took over distribution of Rackham’s CMGs in August of 2007 (see “Confrontation Goes Pre-Painted”). Two years earlier ACD had been named the French company’s U.S. distributor (see “ACD Named Master Distributor for Rackham).

In a statement announcing the end of its distribution arrangement FFG expressed its appreciation to the retailers and distributors who carried the Rackham lines under FFG’s tenure and “to Rackham for allowing us to distribute its beautiful range of games and miniatures in the past months.”

ICv2 contacted Fantasy Flight Games concerning the reasons behind FFG's decision to stop distributing Rackham's games, but a spokesperson for FFG declined to comment on the situation or respond directly to the questions from ICv2 other than to say, "We wish Rackham the very best."

17-10-2008, 09:43
Mr Jean Bey has promised good things as of November (god knows us R fans need cheering up), so I reckon (hope!?) they are back on their feet and working on self distribution again.

FFG have seemingly done great things for everyone except R. Releases have been really poorly sorted and many waves are now running very late.

We shall see when R puts out their communications next month... I hope its good.



17-10-2008, 14:01
Well FFG can't get their crap together on Wings of War either. Releases are usually 6-9 months late, there is never even stock.

Seems like their boardgames do really well, but the schmuck running the pre-painted minis division needs to be punted in favour of someone who knows what the heck they are doing.

On the Rackham front, this surely spells doom and gloom for them.

17-10-2008, 14:49
it's equally possible that Rack decided to start distribution once again, and gave FFG the finger. not that i care mind you, never played and never will from the look of it any of their games.

17-10-2008, 15:10
could be that, but then you would expect to see the press release from Rackham stating that rather than from FFG saying they arent doing it anymore. they infers that it is their decision not Rackhams

17-10-2008, 15:18
could be that, but then you would expect to see the press release from Rackham stating that rather than from FFG saying they arent doing it anymore. they infers that it is their decision not Rackhams

I am leaning towards this as well. If it was mutual or in Rackham's favour, Rackham would likely have said something. Like the prior poster, I couldn't care less about Rackham. They had the most amazing miniatures to go with a virtually unreadable games system, with so many franglais traduction erreurs that it was almost funny. And their Cadwallon world was so ridiculously expensive I couldn't justify it.

Au revoir, Rackham!

21-10-2008, 08:08
This was FFG's decision.

Seems that the MC thingy might have bit them in the ****, and their strategy to go painted 54mm, went kaput! right in front of their very whiskers.

That takes money... Sorely needed to get Rackham shipments to their doors on time. Money that should have been invested in some other place or trying hard to get up to speed. Too many pies, too many finger on 'em, one heck of a crisis all over this mudball... Not enough brains to manage the ensuing chaos, it seems.

Rackham is not likely to go anywhere, mind you, but might have a SERIOUS try to start supplying vendors in the Americas or just stick to selling to the French, German and Spanish public (which have gotten them to where they are now, and they still sell reasonably well there)...

So, no. Rackham is not doomed, nor gloomy... Just no longer available through FFG.